Civil War Is Coming to the U.S.: “Left WILL Resort To Large Scale Violence… To Stop Fascism”

by | Feb 8, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 214 comments

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    This article was written by Brandon Smith of and first published at

    Editor’s Comment: The situation is becoming desperate. Perhaps Trump was meant merely to distract Americans, or perhaps he is doing exactly what is expected of him – by those who placed him in power. Either way, the country is bitterly divided along partisan lines. Many of the most important principles have been abandoned for a cultural war that isn’t likely to stop, or die down, but rather to explode in the volley back and forth between left wing and progressive opponents, and alt right and conservative factions.

    But as Brandon Smith predicts, this narrative will go on not by itself, but in all probability, with the aid a truly stunning attack – perhaps even on American soil. Another large-scale terrorist attack may be need to shock unruly voters and concerned citizens back into their hovels, back onto the reservation. How else would a war with Iran, and more police state actions in the streets be justified? The implications are clear – confusion, violence and especially terror will be used to drive home the message. This is above Donald Trump’s head, beyond the power of the presidency. This is the cynical and very real powers behind the throne, and there is nothing they wouldn’t stoop to.

    Be very cautious in the next few years; not only is society disaster ready and disaster prone, but principled activists, conservatives and gun owners are likely to be tested. There are those who are looking for a response; who are looking for a reason, and who are interested in people seeing their differences, rather than unite around a common enemy. Until more calm and clear thinking comes, confusion and chaos will rule the day.

    Globalists Want To Destroy Conservative Principles – But They Need Our Help

    by Brandon Smith

    For months now, long before the 2016 election, I have been warning about a specific social dynamic which is likely to lead to a form of civil war within the U.S.; namely, the reality that people on the left side of the political spectrum would become despondent at the inevitable loss of their candidate, Hillary Clinton, and that they would react by becoming far more militant. In my article ‘Order Out Of Chaos: The Defeat Of The Left Comes With A Cost’, published November post-election, I stated:

    “When I mentioned in my last article the crippling of social justice, I did not mention that this could have some negative reverberations. With Trump and conservatives taking near-total power after the Left had assumed they would never lose again, their reaction has been to transform. They are stepping away from the normal activities and mindset of cultural Marxism and evolving into full blown communists. Instead of admitting that their ideology is a failure in every respect, they are doubling down.

    When this evolution is complete, the Left WILL resort to direct violent action on a larger scale, and they will do so with a clear conscience because, in their minds, they are fighting fascism.”

    I believed at that time that the social-justice cult would lose mainstream influence but that the existing minority would resort to even more insidious tactics and greater violence to get what they want; and, the so-called “moderate left” would cheer them on.  As it turns out, I have been proven right so far.

    Not that extreme Leftists have been averse to violence over the past year, but I think it is safe to say that the volume on the cultural Marxist machine has been turned up a notch. The riot at UC Berkeley over a scheduled speech by gay, conservative speaker Milo Yiannopoulos is a perfect example:

    Then, there was the raid by SJWs at NYU on a speech by conservative journalist and comedian Gavin McInnes, in which they shouted down all discussion with mindless chants until the event had to be canceled. This was, of course, after they had already physically attacked people outside the building, including McInnes:

    The social justice mantra is changing. At first, it was predominately about forming mobs to “shame” target political opponents into silence. Now, it is about forming mobs to do what they call “punching Nazis.” Leftists are now often seen regurgitating the claim — “This is only the beginning…”

    I agree, this IS only the beginning. The Left is driven not only by the ideology of cultural Marxism, but also a very specific activist strategy outlined in Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules For Radicals’. The very core of Alinsky’s method revolves around one important rule in particular: the ends justify the means.

    This is the key ingredient of moral relativism, and when a movement is motivated by moral relativism, there is no limit to the depths they will sink to get their way. Activists adopting the “ends justify the means” mentality are not interested in being “right,” or wise, or rational or logical or factual; they ONLY care about “winning.” This is their goal, and they will do anything to achieve it.

    It is important to note, however, that all of these protests and the increase in violence is not taking place in a vacuum. As many liberty analysts have noted, Trump has hardly had time to do anything yet that would warrant national protests. Is Trump really the only catalyst? Not quite. The mainstream media and globalists like George Soros have been very effective in agitating or outright paying protesters and provocateurs to generate zombie mobs of gullible Leftists to use as a billy club for harassing conservatives.

    That said, I want liberty activists and analysts to ponder on this for a moment — to what end is this being done? Why is Soros so interested in fomenting leftist rage? Is it designed to overthrow Trump? To initiate mob action and frighten conservatives into silence? Or do the globalists have a greater and more important goal in mind?

    I have been writing often on the idea of 4th Generation Warfare the past month, and I think my readers are now well versed in the concept of the “three-steps-ahead” style of tactics, as well as the concept of manipulating an opponent to destroy himself, rather than fighting him directly. These are not new methods, the globalists have merely taken them to the next level.

    But how do 4th Gen warfare tactics apply to the current Right vs. Left scenario in the U.S.? Well, everything is not as obvious as it seems.

    As I outlined in-depth in my article Clinton Versus Trump And The Co-Option Of The Liberty Movement, globalists and the leftist media have been, in a strange way, quietly cheering for Trump, but only as a tool for absorbing the liberty movement (what they still call the “Tea Party”). This glee is made rather evident in an article published by Bloomberg in August titled The Tea Party Meets Its Maker.

    There is a point I have been trying to make for most of the year that I think has been consistently missed by many in the liberty movement. That point being that the greatest danger to conservatives is NOT militant Leftists, but how we RESPOND to militant Leftists. That is to say, I believe the globalists are using the Left as a cattle prod to enrage conservatives and lure us into abandoning our principles in the name of defeating Marxists.

    Consider this; the argument among most liberty analysts has been that the numerous anti-Constitutional programs put in place by the Obama administration in the past eights years would eventually be used by the political Left and the globalists as weapons to subdue and destroy conservatives and patriot groups. While Obama certainly tested the waters of tyranny over and over again, up to and including using executive orders to assassinate American citizens without trial, it is clear that those extensive powers afforded to the White House are no longer in the hands of the left; they are in the hands of Trump.

    Obama even signed the “Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act” into law AFTER Trump had already won the White House. Trump has now inherited this power as well, which seems to give government the authority to harass or even silence news sources they deem “fake news.” While many liberty activists cried foul and warned of a “coup” designed to shut down alternative news sites and thwart Trump’s inauguration, I warned that there was a much more dangerous scenario in play.

    What will conservatives do in the face of the leftist mob funded by globalists and growing ever more vicious? Well, what do the globalists expect us to do? I think they expect us to look at all the government powers we once admonished as unConstitutional and say “hey, maybe these laws and executive orders are not so bad after all…”

    I think the globalists are handing us the incredible temptation of far reaching bureaucratic power, and they expect us to abuse that power, as almost anyone would.

    As an alternative analyst I am privy to trends in the liberty movement and in conservative circles that might not be immediately obvious to casual readers. Already, I am witnessing calls among conservatives to abuse government power to defeat the Left. I have seen comments such as:

    “Trump should use the NDAA to imprison these leftists indefinitely…”

    “The only solution is to throw the leftists into FEMA camps…”

    “Trump needs to shut down the leftist media…”

    “Sometimes it is okay to bend the rules of the constitution if you have the right president…”

    And comments like this are popping up everywhere in liberty media boards. Now, I recognize that some of this talk is being posted by paid disinformation agents and provocateurs, but, I have heard regular conservatives and patriots, people who are long time proponents of the Constitution, echo similar sentiments.

    I often use the analogy of the “One Ring” from The Lord Of The Rings to describe big government power. I really can’t find a better fictional symbol. Anyone who comes into possession of the “one ring” is eventually corrupted by it. Many good people believe that its darker energy can be contained and directed for good purposes, but they, too, are ultimately undone by it. The only answer, the only solution, is to abandon the ring, or to destroy it.

    Overt government power is very much the same; it corrupts any person or group that comes in contact with it. Every group thinks that if only THEY were in possession of government that they would do things differently. This is a delusion. No person or group is benevolent enough to handle this responsibility, and this includes conservatives. Many groups would commit egregious and heinous crimes to take government for themselves, or keep it for themselves, all the while so many Saurons (globalists) laugh and smack their lips as the masses battle over numerous rings of power.

    As I have noted time and time again for the past several months, Trump is the perfect tool for scapegoating conservative movements for the economic crisis the elites have already engineered. But, this is only one part of the agenda. In the midst of chaos generated by financial calamity, the morals of an entire society can become “malleable”.  The most important target of the globalists is not only conservatives, but the conservative philosophy. They don’t just want to annihilate conservatives today, they want to annihilate conservatives for all time.

    The globalists cannot accomplish this task without our help. They NEED us to adopt an attitude of moral relativism, much like the Left. They need us to turn into totalitarians. They need us to become the monster we claim we want to defeat. Only then can conservative principles be demonized for all time. Only then will history look back on us as a stain on the human record.

    This is the globalist’s long game.

    While Leftists are being encouraged to mutate into wild frothing packs of rabid dogs, conservatives will be encouraged either through temptation or manipulation to respond in kind. The Left’s propaganda train asserts that we are “fascists.” Obviously, we are the furthest thing from this. But, with enough violence and aggressive censorship on their part, we might end up saying “Okay, you want to see fascism, we’ll show you fascism!”

    The social justice cult has no idea what they are being led into. The globalists are going to throw them to the wolves, and WE are the wolves.

    It is important to note that the Left is also not the only instigator for conservatives to turn totalitarian. Islamic terrorism is always a perfect rationale for increased government intrusion in the name of safety. And the worst part is, the threats from the Left and the threats from Islamic extremism are in most cases quite legitimate, and they seem to be working hand-in-hand more each day.  The progressive interference with steps towards more rational immigration policies and their steady defense of Sharia Law leads many conservatives to see them as one in the same threat.  No foreigner is entitled to citizenship in the U.S., but leftists live in a fantasy world of open borders.  The left’s refusal to entertain reasonable and selective immigration will eventually push conservatives towards more drastic measures, which is the ultimate point.

    Very few Americans like Communists, and very few Americans like Muslim zealotry; the justification for totalitarian measures to disrupt such threats is relatively easy for many people.

    This is why I am going to make my next prediction of a major geopolitical event to close out this article — I believe there will be a large scale terrorist attack within the next three months, beyond the mob actions of the Left already in progress.

    It will either be similar in scope to 9/11, or, it will be a succession of many smaller attacks occurring over the course of a few days to a couple of weeks. I believe that the current dispute over border controls and immigration denial will come immediately into play. Trump will blame Leftists for obstructing his efforts for secure immigration. Leftists and the media will blame Trump for “radicalizing” Muslims with his immigration policies, or perhaps even accuse him of staging the attacks himself. Trump will begin taking extraordinary measures beyond the Constitution to ensure immigration denial and the thwarting of the Left, and conservatives will applaud him for it.

    Again, conservatives are being led by globalists into the temptations of power. The only way for us to fight back is to maintain our principles and refuse to support ANY government measure that is unConstitutional, even if it is to be used against our enemies. The only way that the heritage of liberty can be defeated is if the proponents and champions of liberty forsake it. We beat the globalists in the long run by standing by our ideals and fighting back within the bounds of the principles we hold dear. Dominance through government is never the answer.

    This article was written by Brandon Smith of and first published at


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      1. The Democrats haven’t been this angry since the Republicans made them free their slaves!

        • A parting “gift” from Obama…

          Leftover (Secret) Obama Refugee Deal With Australia

          “In mid-November, just after Donald Trump was elected president, the outgoing Obama administration reached an agreement (which was kept SECRET) with Australia to resettle hundreds of refugees to America.”

          Due to Australia’s immigration laws, thousands of immigrants from the Middle East were sent to offshore detention centers on the Pacific island nation of Nauru and Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island.

          Thanks to Obama, refugees viewed in Australia as a “possible terrorist threat” are now headed to the U.S.
          The Obama administration did NOT inform the public of his plan nor even consult Congress about it. Obama knew the plan would NOT take effect until AFTER he was out of office.

          The federal government pays to support refugees for the FIRST YEAR. After the first year, STATES must assume responsibility to support refugees.

          Allah commands that the faithful have many children. With limited job skills, many of the Middle Eastern refugee men find it difficult to find high paying jobs that will support their large families. Many of these refugee families remain on government assistance.

          According to government records, “most foreign workers compete directly in the construction, service, and manufacturing industries where unemployment is the highest.”

          “ALL REFUGEES ARE ELIGIBLE FOR LIFETIME GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE and can draw funds from Social Security and Medicare at Americans’ expense.

          “More than 90 percent of recent Middle Eastern refugees are on food stamps.”

          “As soon as they arrive on U.S. soil they are placed on a fast-track to becoming full, voting citizens.”

          • The cities where the scum live can burn. Come out into the real US and get killed little princesses. If you in any way ask for it we will come into your cities and kill you.

            • They’re not going to leave the urban areas, they are safe there. They will not come to rural or small-town America, they’ll be short work, there, and they know it.

              They’ll stay where they are and make the daily headlines, galvanizing the public into thinking they are winning. Just like the Vietnam War movement, they really don’t have a majority but they make the noise.

              If you want to take them on, you’re going to have to go to an event where they can be expected, with your wife or girlfriend, and deal with them there by way of protecting your family.

              • Here in Wyo you can spot the liberals easy. The gun racks in their pickups only have one gun in it, and they buy ammo by the box, not the case. But we don’t worry we have both of them under watch.

                • Nice one!

                • Paranoid…That’s not fair. I have an old Toyota. I had to mount my gun rack vertically between the seats, and it will only hold one rifle, and it has to be a carbine or AR/AK length. My Truck is the “if I only had 6 inches” poster child!!!
                  At times, depending what I am shooting, I have been known to only buy one box of ammo…Like when I am teaching a lady or young child to shoot…I don’t keep a lot of “Cowboy” loads on hand!

                  To truly see into a man’s heart, ya gotta look inside his gun safe!!!

                  • Nobody

                    “To truly see into a man’s heart, ya gotta look inside his gun safe!!!”

                    Fifteen men on a dead mans chest. Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum.

                    • I love clutch

                  • Better put an NRA sticker in the back window,and a “Nuke Gay Whales” bumper sticker on it or your in trouble boy.

                    • Paranoid…In my neck of the woods (The late grate state of Washington…Pun intended)…An NRA sticker might get your window bricked. By the way My whole family are life members.
                      Libtards just love free speech!

                    • (I’m actually replying to NOBODY here, not Paranoid, but no REPLY button was displayed for him.)

                      NOBODY: Is it really that bad up in Washington? Sad, and hard to believe. I’m in Los Angeles, and for years I’ve had not only an NRA sticker in the window of my pickup, but a bumper sticker saying: “GUN FREE SAFE ZONES – Providing helpless targets for mass murderers since 1991”. Not to mention a TRUMP sticker for the last few months. I sometimes get a compliment, but never a threat.

                      Granted, I’m up in the San Fernando Valley area of LA. Maybe it’s worse down in LA proper or the beach cities.

                    • Ken, right on. I grew up in the SFV, but now live up in Santa Clarita (the SFV north). I agree about the NRA sticker, but someone did key my truck a few years ago for some reason. I had roseonstuff on it so I figured it was a PETA member or something

                    • Liberals are the biggest hypocrites. They who spout “tolerance, love, peace, and Coexist” are the very ones that are intolerant, hateful, violent, and refuse to accept anyone who doesn’t align to their immoral values.

                      Whenever I see one of those stupid Coexist bumper stickers, I want to stick an NRA decal next to it, just to prove their hypocrisy when they discover it and throw a hissy tantrum over it.

                      Doesn’t get much more pathetic than to be a liberal.

          • My Mom:

            Put those nice refugees on Ship and set sail for an iceberg.


            • B from CA, spot on. The refugees can have their own very own Titanic, LOL!

            • Put the Parasites all on a huge Cargo Planes, then fly over the Pacific where the large Floating Garbage Dump is in the Ocean, open the back hatch and push them all out. Put the trash out with the rest of the garbage.

              • We can pack the holds of old supertankers with the scum muslims, tow them out to thousands of feet of water and torpedo them. Allah/devil can sort em out.

                • Scuttle the ship, why waste a torpedo?

                  • Watching the explosion and the result would be more fun.

                    • The Snowflake Lefties carry rocks and sticks, the Patriotic Right carries high powered battle rifles with large magazines and loads of ammo. Do the math. Let the “Great Culling” begin. Time to thin the herds.

                    • The snowflake lefties carry rainbow flags. When it starts, it won’t be long till the end.

              • C 31 transport loaded with shit and dumping.

            • I would prefer to put every zionist on that ship and simply send the third worlders, who are innocent, back to their countries. I dont blame people for wanting a better life, I blame the zionists who are willfully trying to destroy white nations.

              • That is pure semitism! Not cool! A lot of conservatives, such as myself, support Israel. No wonder they think us Nazis if that’s what they’re reading!

            • Wouldn’t that be polluting our future water supply?

            • Nah. Just open the doors in the middle of the Atlantic, Pacific and the Gulf and let them out.

          • It’s a win-win for Obama. If they arrive and stay (worst case for America) they suck up tax dollars while they burn flags, rape, protest and procreate all at tax payer expense. Obama and the socialist left wins. If they’re refused, the media will viscerally attack trump (or anyone else) and use them as “victims”. Again, Obama wins. When Obama and the socialists win, America loses. It really is that simple.

          • Anybody, and I do mean anybody who supports letting in these so called refugees, has a death wish for America. Any government official who says these folks are being properly vetted is lying thru their teeth. According to a new State Department whistle blower who worked for ten years in a lot of these refugee camps, most of the so called vetting (background investigation) is nothing more then interviewing the refugee as they have no known background and they can tell the interviewer anything they want. The whistle blower says Trumps plan doesn’t go anywhere near far enough. The ban should be forever. I totally agree and have been saying the same for decades.

          • Brandon Smith, in ALL his articles, perpetuates that FALSE left-vs-right political paradigm.

            This is what the Globalist are thankful for !

            In this article he is promoting the crazy idea of a “civil war”, which brings division and destruction.

            Implanting this idea in people’s heads, is what the Globalist are thankful for !

            Brandon must be Globalist hack…..

        • “Dominance through government is never the answer.”

          True enough, but governments duly elected by the People have a Constitutional responsibility to protect itself (the People government) from all enemies, “both foreign and domestic”.

          The current radicalism accompanied by excessive violence, extends well beyond legitimate protests to conspiracy, sedition, and treason.

          It is an unlawful attempt by the NWO LEFT to disrupt, destroy, marginalize, and overthrow a duly elected, Constitutional Government ( Color Revolution) through propaganda (fake news), violence, and failure to follow lawful directives for those in government.

          The violent resistance pushed by the NWO LEFT compels the People’s Government to clamp down on violent demonstrations through legal action and with force where necessary.

          Fortunately the NWO LEFT built FEMA Camps intended for Patriots, so there is plenty of space to house violent political criminals.

          Now that Patriots have taken control of the Intelligence Apparatus, the sedition, conspiracies, and illegal, un-Constitutional schemes propagated by the NWO LEFT is “of record”.

          These records will provide the evidence needed to prosecute the NWO LEFT for their crimes: and it will be prosecuted with TRUMP in the Oval Office and Patriots in charge of the government.

          These electronic records are precisely why the NWO LEFT opposes the TRUMP Administration so vehemently and have not graciously given the new People’s Government an opportunity to govern: their crimes are about to be exposed.

          And like the crimes exposed by wikileaks, the perpetrators will find themselves weighed by the scales of justice and found lacking: lacking of any legitimate dissent and then prosecuted under the full extent of the Law.

          Numerous investigations are underway as these words are written. Additional investigations will flow from the initial prosecutions. Other investigation after that will take an additional nine months to a year to culminate in ironclad indictments.

          The violence will increase until the crimes are exposed and the leaders are imprisoned. When the smoke clears America will once again become a Nation of Laws, with no person too BIG to jail.

          The US Constitution works and those who violate it will pay the price. Thank you Lord !!! 🙂

          • And George Soros should be at the tob of the list!

        • fing liberals have turned this country into a third world shithole of crime, filth and disease

          • YUP, and they are just getting started!! either stop them or were are doomed as a country!! Liberal = Muslim, and we cannot survive with them as they WILL get us killed!!

        • Nice post, Him!

          Brandon is right – we mustn’t become like the left. Division of powers is there for a reason. No, unless these people become violent (and some of them are!), then they must be allowed free speech.

          Here’s the thing. I know people are ignorant and short-sighted, but when the worm turns again, we can always point back at their hypocrisy (What? You are against guns? Just two years ago you were all for ‘violence being justified’ ad nauseam0>

          And here is the trump card: There are massive numbers of people who see, and are utterly SICK, of leftist arrogance and hypocrisy, not to mention their violence. Google David Fine. You probably don’t remember him, but leftist “peace agitators” murdered him August 24, 1970, in the Sterling Hall bombing on the campus University of Wisconsin–Madison. The fascist left never recovered from their “we had to kill him to save him” schtict (I’m riffing off the fake Vietnam quote of “We had to destroy the village to save it” fake quote from the fake leftist media of that day). Point is, a lot of nameless, faceless folks – such as myself – who were pretty neutral at the time, saw this hypocrisy for what it was, and slowly – like a crowd one by one dispersing – left the whole leftist bandwagon. I know, as I was one of them (high school at the time).

          So, let these leftist fascists continue their violence, their assault on free speech, their hubris and more, as one by one, fair minded people are leaving their camp. In fact, I just read today about actor Denzel Washington, who identifies as a Democrat, basically dodge the question of last November’s election, with the clear implication, it seems to me, that he voted for Trump. There are MILLIONS more of these folks that the vile, disgusting, violent, evil left is creating with their antics. We just need to *peacefully* communicate the truth, the the filth these people advocate will rot away from the inside, just like the USSR did, when exposed to the light.

          • I googled David Fine as you said and according to Wikipedia, he survived the bombing and was later arrested for the crime. What the hell are you talking about?

            • If you read his posts he will always having you chasing your tail with insignificant or false facts and conclusions he has come to. It’s part of the deception.
              You can simplify his statements when you can see that he has an agenda. He always mentions Brown Shirts, but never mentions whom they were targeting more specifically. He never brings up the “J” word or the “H” word and the 6mil for some reason. But I know why.
              He doesn’t really want you to see how simple things really are today. You know, “Just follow the money”. And that’s from beginning. So what does it matter if you throw labels around to pin on the agitators? It’s what’s going on behind the scenes and who are pulling those strings that matters. Not the most recent useful idiots. And it’s mostly brown people under those masks not brown shirts. No, he seems to have a selective memory and very large blinders on while he is educating. Yeah, he’ll pat you on the head if you pass his test.

        • HIM is awarded.

          The coveted “oh snap” award


        • I think we should all get t-shirts that say this!

        • Didn’t read the article but this scenario scares the hell out of me. I died for 9 minutes Nov 4, 2008 and what I saw kept me awake for the next 2 years, could hardly sleep at night. All I can share with you is to prepare your families spiritually and temporally. Have food storage and means to protect your families. You will be better than 90% of the rest of the population. Stay away from the West Coast and the Northeast.

          • Your short comment caught my eye. I wish you would expand more so the rest of us can prepare. You know, I know, only the few of us that truly think outside of the box read pages and sites like these. You can feel it in the air, you can see history repeating itself, one just has to look at the news. Was this an Angelic vision and visit??

        • “because, in their minds, they are fighting fascism.”
          I agree with this comment that they are whacked and misguided greatly. But realize what we have seen is paid protestors and violence, not necessarily real home grown. The left are mostly sissy’s. Also it is created and that tells a story all by itself. It started during the Trump rally’s. The vast majority of the left will NOT rise up for anything and the vast majority of the right that talk about their guns will also NOT do diddly squat ! So we are seeing another round of largely hyperbole that actually helps create more division and wimpy forms of violence and chaos by playing into the lefts games.

          We have always had the ability to protect ourselves legally via self defense laws. Now we will have a DOJ that will back us up even more so, the game has seriously changed in the patriots favor. I see comments often about how the right is going rise up and finally deal with these left extremist via some sort of action with their guns and I just laugh to myself. They are just as deluded as the lefties except in a different direction. I am not saying we should not be fully prepared to defend ourselves and take on any threat present, quite the opposite. I am simply saying most who talk about such are just talking crap. I know this for a fact from many years of observation and my own personal real life first hand experiences. Most of these people are NOT at all capable of what they claim and just hot air, both physically and mentally. But they think it sounds great on a board with their echo chamber buddies. Sorry to burst any bubbles but it is what it is for many valid reasons. I realize it becomes very counter productive to talk the talk and not be capable to walk the walk. Another point, where were all those guys when Finicum was murdered ? and others brutalized as well all across this country ? Arm chair rebels and part time patriots are counter productive, especially if we actually need to take any real action. And we may, but I do not see any civil war scenario just from our own internal politics. Too many pussies and fat guys on both sides. Perhaps if we see several outlier events unfold that are not fully present quite yet ? If you truly have your stuff totally together and you are completely confident in your abilities you have nothing at all to worry about. In fact you might even be waiting for someone to attack you, knowing your own skills and legal position are intact. I see more lefty fools getting headlines and far less real threats going forward. But it is all relative to our mindset and capabilities. We all know our system is whacked and we are in a struggle between left courts and false paradigms that are entrenched in government VS our constitution and actual laws. There is far better way to think and live !

          • Down to earth you are right. No one resorts to the ultimate acts until they have nothing left to lose. All gunners, and I am one, talk big, but will be more worrried about losing what they have if they take action. Doubt it? How many showed up to counter protests and vagina marches? Few and those that did didn’t do much. 5 armed patriots would have ended those protests at the cost of martyrdom or at least imprisonment. No, until we, they, feel they have nothing to lose, there will be no violent standing up to the left

      2. You have put together in very clear order many thoughts that I have been having lately. Excellent job. Hopefully this information will be far more widely distributed that it seemingly has been to date. Keep articles like this coming.

      3. That’s pretty much what I was thinking….

      4. Nazism, Communism, Fascism, Marxism, Progressivism, et al. all have one thing in common. LARGE government, and large government exists at the end of a barrel of a gun. Large government is of the left. Period. Rights for the government and not for you. Rights for those of the party, and not for you. Rights for the elite and not for you.

        Large government is a feudal force. You serve the government.

        The cycle repeats once again.

        • Yet stupid people keep crying out for more government control of everything and for more services,,, buncha dummies, they are a special kinda stupid and dont get the deal that eventually the government will run out of other peoples money, then what? Ya they dont think about that,,,

        • If Hitler had a Twitter account he would have ruled the world.

        • Yes it is all about bigger government and more control over you and your tax dollars to be used against you in a myriad of ways 24/7/365.

          Here is another thought. We have seen various different lefty protest all across the country on various matters in the recent election cycle and now regarding the EO on limits to immigrants. So why does the right never show up as strongly as the left to let their voices be heard ? and simply sit on the couch getting fatter and placing all of their rationale on their guns ? A valid question that points out a great weakness and a lame perspective that is really a lazy position.

          We would all be far better off to fight back via rational processes of thought as well as protest and boycotting the entities that are working against us 24/7/365. Rather than bluster about our guns. Especially since we are in the right on most points. In many ways the right has proven to be lazy and weak and allow the left to get away with their junk by not showing up.

          • We’re not allowed to slap respect into disrespectful children anymore. The grabbing by the scruff was replaced with allowed to run amok.

            Methinks we’re already in civil war. It’s just no one noticed the starting pistol because of the Molotovs.

      5. Good food for thought here. But I am wracking my brain to recall a real historical example of defeating evil by playing nice. Can someone cite one or two?

          • Ghandi would have used guns if they hadn’t been disarmed.

            • Ghandi would have been footnote if he had gone up against Nazi Germany, instead of British morality…

              • You are correct. Stalin too.

              • Anyone interested in a real life example of non-violent resistance to the Nazi regime can search “White Rose nazi”
                in your favorite search engine.

                They were small and it didn’t end well.


              • Actually, no footnote, smear on railroad track.

        • He didn’t say we had to play nice, he said don’t use totalitarian tactics or go against the constitution.

        • Ghandi?

      6. Honestly, I think Brandon Smith has as good a handle on reality for Americans as any other analyst.

        I think we will all need ‘parachutes’ in the near future. I’m putting my trust in Smith to pack mine.

        • Diane D,
          and i will be there with Wesson, as well!!

          • John Browning is my guy

      7. Brandon, another good article. I know the day will come when I will be tested via a confrontation with someone with evil intentions toward me. That POS does so only at his/her own peril. I will pass the test by successfully defending myself and the POS will be history.

        • So D Braveheart you have never even been in fist fight, hey ? You are making most of my points for me. I hope you are trained out correctly and fit with the correct mindset.

          • DowntoEarth, I was suspended for fighting [in my own self-defense] in school more times than I like to think about. In my posts I’m thinking more along the lines of a possible shootout with some POS. It’s irrelevant what they look like, wear, believe, etc. There’s no benefit in being a pushover for anyone. And yes, I’ve had the correct mindset for my whole life. Some people claim I have a bad attitude or a chip on my shoulder. Caring about an opposing viewpoint has never been one of my concerns. People can have their opposing viewpoints all they want. I don’t have any obligation to submit to the opposing view and change anything about myself to make someone else happy. Personal experience has taught me never to trust anyone with that mindset. My way of thinking is the reason I’m still alive. Take care.

      8. A somewhat muddled article. Things that need to be considered are whether the existence of an armed society with the capacity for far more lethality than the ball and musket days of the civil war, communications and transportation -the availability and the vulnerability, the system of just in time supply and credit and the dependency they create, and most importantly, to which side does the military align? Too many variables, too much uncharted territory to make any predictions.

        • The article was crystal clear to me, just don’t go totalitarian and become a monster to defeat the monster. Simple. Everything else is secondary.

      9. Let the lefties make the first move…….then BAM!

        • They have made their first move, and you have done nothing.

          • They need to come out of their “safe spaces” first. This means come out to the rural areas (small towns)that will not put up with the crap.

        • Today video is completely in your favor, especially if you are attacked. All the more reason to be truly prepared for any event.

      10. moderated? nothing has changed,same name same e mail…what gives?.

        • I guess there are problems with the server.
          Slow to load site

          • Noticed SHTFplan is running really slow – guess this could go into the added of numerous files of “The Russians Did It” …. lol ツ

            • The Russians also hacked the Super Bowl.

          • A
            It just ain’t Mac’s sight. the computers in our squads are running like Crap. Where the wife works they are having trouble also. Something is going on.


            • I noticed a few odd things about the internet late yesterday afternoon and early evening also. At first I thought it was the server at work. Then I checked my cell phone and found that Google maps wasn’t delivering traffic information. Then I wasn’t getting email or able to use the chat service the office has. Yesterday was a telework day so using VPN for doing work became impossible.

              This morning at the office, people were having problems until about noon.

              Something was definitely going on.

      11. Great thought provoking article. I haven’t commented for a long time so here goes.
        So what do we do? I feel that the indoctrination centers (public schools) have to change to instill pride in country and critical thinking. Along with a good education in actual history. Our nation is going downhill fast and I am glad that I am probably not going to be around to see its eventual destruction. But we must do something to stop the insanity. God Bless, James

        • This problem will not be solved by thinking, only by doing. You’re not there yet. When you get there, it will be too late.

          • Partly correct, but you have to think first before any acting. Other wise it is reacting.

      12. Max?

      13. The country is irreconcilably divided after Obama, what do you expect?

        When it’s over one side or the other will be gone, I don’t know which one it will be but if I had to bet on it I would give more odds to the left side than the right side.

        The entire left is willing to move in unison and support each other to defeat the right, the right prefers to fight among itself instead of uniting against a common threat from the left.

        • “The entire left is willing to move in unison and support each other to defeat the right, the right prefers to fight among itself instead of uniting against a common threat from the left.”

          Unfortunately, that’s true.

        • Yea, the organizer in cheif,,,
          Who is John Galt!

      14. I agree. I will also say that everyone should be weary of resorting to violence with violence. It’s not the bottles that are thrown or the mace attack that will be reported. It will be the person who has hit their limit that responds in kind that will be pasted on the MSM. Speak your mind and do so with confidence, be apart of non violent protests but avoid contact with the radicals that are there.
        I can feel it coming. Some radicals go to a conservative rally to spoil the event, they begin physically abusing people and someone gets shot. It won’t be who started it or what was going on that gets reported…. it will be the crazy wack job bible thumping conservative that will be talked about.

        • I think if some left wing radical gets shot at a conservative rally no one would care. How many of use would be upset if they went through the rioters at Berkley with a flamethrower or at left wing rioter. We’re done, fed up, and completely though with this bullshit. Does anyone trust the MSM anymore?

          It is time for liberalism, socialism, communism, ect to die.

          • You cannot shoot anybody unless your life or another life is threatened seriously. But you can fight back if attacked with zero problem if you know exactly what you are doing. Video is your friend when attacked ! Just gotta have the balls to follow thru correctly. Not complicated. Been there and done that more than once and even got paid for kicking a bad guys ass once. Insurance companies pay when their party attacks another person.

        • Let ’em talk- quit wringing your hands.

      15. I’ll tell you what the problem is.

        Who the hell wants to travel 1200 miles to engage these stupid libtards and run the risk of getting in trouble transporting firearms across state lines. Every state has its own Fucked up rules. So if you screw up you lose your weapon and may go to jail and fined. Besides they have the home field advantage and know the turf. Here I can call a few of my Redneck Buddies to join the fun. They will come if there is no NASCAR going on.

        • How about Deputize Hells Angels and send them in to be the Mop up crew and crack some heads for the fun of it.

        • Let them party on in their own back yard.

          When they try to take the party on the road, remember:

          Be concise in your statements
          Leave the profanity in the gutter where it belongs
          And for Heaven’s sake– stay on message

          Those three things alone would have helped the Bundys at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge standoff immensely.

        • Yup,,, plenty of assholes in my own AO,,, when the bullets start flying stateside its time to reduce the local numbers as well

        • Yep, no NASCAR going on. kinda tells the whole story on how committed many are and what is actually important to them.

      16. Take a deep breath. Blacks have been rioting in LA, Oakland/Berkeley, and various other spots for years. They make a habit of attacking helpless innocent whites. The seem to get a rush from setting fires. Really stupid shit by folks who can’t make anything themselves. So, they tear down what they think they can’t have. Take blacks and illegals out of the equation, and what’s left? The “chews” who are the real cause, the instigators behind the scene, the moneybags who pay for and profit from the chaos.

        Repeal The Immigration Act of 1965. Institute 187, passed by a 60% approval by CA citizens to withhold welfare, medical, foodstamps to illegal invaders (erroneously called immigrants). 187 was overturned by the 9th Circuit Court (“chew wish” controlled), the same Court that is trying to stand in the way of President Trumps ban on 7 hostile Countries. Should be 8. Saudi Arabia, 2.

        President Trump should sign an Executive Order for a permanent ban on All Immigration with the right to bring in only ten per month from Christian white European Countries. That would stop the bleeding. Bring back and enforce 187 and make it Nationwide. Then designate a specific area for blacks and one for whites. Only separate states can coexist peacefully. And first and foremost, do something to deal with “THE ‘CHEWS'”. Perhaps we need to revisit Benjamin Franklin, a follow his sage advice, as his predictions have proven correct.


        • Can’t handle the truth. My post is in censorship. So much for the freedom of speech. If it shows up at all, it will be at the bottom and by the time it appears, the majority will be on to another topic.

          Whether right or wrong, all people have a right to think and speak freely in a free society. Obviously that does not describe the USA.


          • B from Ca., the site is messed up. A lot of us were being moderated.

            • HIM

              It happens from time to time. Annoying. Can’t tell if it is my end or Mac’s.

          • even me says the grandee, from time to time 🙁

          • I can handle the truth. I guess you have to see it before you believe it.

        • Rioting is all the blacks know how to do. It’s their jungle habits, it’s in their DNA.

        • ANTIFA is not black as they are recruiting young white males. Antifa pursues ywm who feel left out of system.
          Antifa is Global Marxist Network.

          Antifa even protests with same KKK Fascist chants in Aussieland. Across EUROPE, same thing. Coordinated Efforts!

          They practice DIRECT ACTION! Their statement proudly proclaims SUBVERSION! Florida College has PT classes!

          If you look at who they support is does not take rocket science to figure out what they may have in mind. 1917?


      17. I ran across this article on another site and it is a real eye opener and lays you what we are really up against if civil war comes- I felt it was a must read — “Skull-Stomping Sacred Cows: Reality Isn’t Nice. It’s a 2×4 to the Teeth”. Which is found at

        • DG,the Mosby article was great and what I and a few others have been saying here.To those who missed it do read it,have a live link I posted here yesterday for said article

      18. “The only way for us to fight back is to maintain our principles and refuse to support ANY government measure that is unConstitutional, even if it is to be used against our enemies.”

        This indeed is very sound advice, but … it can also be considered bad advice.

        The days of “playing nice, to go along – to get along, and waiting for change in the Political theatrics” are over and done with.

        If we continue this way of life – nothing will change – just more of the same or worse.

        I’m sure a day, soon enough – people will be taking matters into their own hands. Most will fight amongst themselves – while those who have orchestrated this fiasco get away – which is where the focus should be, and should of been in the first place!

        • Yes FTY. George Washington crossed the Delaware and attacked the British on Christmas Eve . That would be considered pretty dirty today? I wouldn’t dought if there was some kind of undeclared truse?

      19. Sign even get me started with this topic..I might as well chill the fuck out. Oh. Not sure if you guys heard about that contractor in Iraq, one out sht-ferrers did a post with his video. Come to find out he got death threats after Hai face book went viral and must have pissed off Zuckerbergx the Alexis grand son of David Rockefeller, 25,000,000 views, now another video is a showing the Patriot leaving Iraq. Dann.. Someone post that video up now.

        Genius, get that video up you always posting shit. I don’t remember which one of you guys added the vidoe link?


      20. I can’t see the left gaining real political traction with the masses but I’m seeing President Trump doing it. I know UAW workers that think he is the best President in history and these people, before this election, never voted for a Republican for anything ever. I look at these riots as political desperation that are counter productive for recruitment. Top on the list is good jobs and thats tops on the Presidents agenda. Muslims are less than 1% or the population. The general public weighing security verses cordial greetings will opt for security. Burning automobiles and destroying property doesn’t sell your idea well.

        Want a concern? TPTB pulling the plug on the economy causing a crash thats coming anyway and blaming it on the Trump administration.

        • K2, very likely scenario.

        • Very very likely
          These political pigs like everyone to think they are gods gift, they like everyone dependent, they hate Trump because he is wealthy and knows how to not share it with the political pigs, think these dumbass libtards are ugly now, wait till they are starving and sick,,,

          • They want global control, 100% global control. Nationalism stands in the way, individuality stands in the way.

        • I agree and that is why we have to be methodical and serious as a heart attack as well as prepared to kick ass in any event.

      21. Spot on I think. If the left doesn’t figure out they are performing perfectly,being dragged to their fate by false pretenses. I feel like if we cannot separate them from the paid agitators, there will be serious divides that will not easily be overcome. One only has to study the board a short time to recognize “Checkmate”. Is very close, if serious countermoves are not employed. We need to remember the ones in politics are better performers than hollyweirdos. When things look too good to be true?? Swords sharp powder dry, and watch yer topknots pilgrims

      22. Excuse my crappie grammar bit I am in. Hurry


      23. Off topic but Drudge put up a link to Army Trains for Urban Warfare story from SHTF this morning. Many more will see it and come to this site. Loading slowly for me today so maybe they are already here. WTG SHTF!

      24. “Democrats vs. Republicans” Riiiiight. Ok, “Pawn”, keep thinking that way. The wine is chilled, the double-clock is wound and cigars are being lit. The Masters approach the table. The first move, “Divide” is played. The next move, “Conquer” will follow. You can just feel the presence of something over your head… Maybe you should take your eyes off the sites look up?

      25. People on the right have most of the guns. Most of the military experience. Grow most of
        the food. Who or what would safeguard our nukes if there was internal strife? There would
        be external threats at the same time. All the bad actors would try to seize the opportunity
        to vaporize us permanently. If SAC is not functional to keep watch over us when SHTF, we
        will be charcoal and nothing will rise out of the ashes. Civil war is a lose-lose. What we
        have is more delicate than people realize. All that big talking, bring it on, killem’ all BS is
        not very well thought out. People really need to think before they react. All of you big
        keyboard firing wanna be macho men go ahead and start blasting away at me. I’m ready.

        • JBODAB


          Bang, Bang, Bang.

          BOOOOM. Bang, Bang, Bang.


          Had enough?

        • Nukes aren’t as easy to set off as you think, even if you manage to get a hold of one.

          It’s not like lighting the fuse on a firecracker, quite a bit of high level technical expertise would be required to do it with a stolen nuke.

          • I used to work around nukes, they are easy to set off once armed.
            Agreed my experience was around the AGM69A, an old missile, but one armed on the ground in Minot north Dakota in 1975. I had just gotten off that B-52 after performing un-related maintenance on the navigation system. They had to fly in a crew to disarm it as no one in Minot knew how to do it. 210 Kilotons ready to go and all it would have taken is to hit the front of the missile hard enough. The AGM69A had a contact fuse if all else failed, at least that’s what the missile guy told me. A scary day for all.

        • No,,,
          I have thought long and hard about this crap and i am done being nice,, when these leftist pricks start flexing their muscles thinking they will subdue the conservative God fearing patriots like me and my partners they will have a real short life expectancy,, the time is coming for this crap to light and theres lots of us who dont give a fuck and are sick and tired of people stepping all over our lives, our country and our way of life,,, call us keyboard commandos all you want,, come n try me,,, youll pull back a fucking stump

      26. test

      27. I very much agree with Brandon’s analysis. It is totally clear to me that all of the mass media is playing “let’s you and him fight.” Over at is a piece with a long list of fake news items the leftists seem to have swallowed, hook, line, and sinker. I also fear Brandon’s prediction of a large terror attack is highly probable, what with the jihadists and drug cartels working together big time at the MX-CA border. There is firm data that at least half of the silicon valley billionaires are buying/constructing secure bunker hidey holes. Hedge fund manages buying farmland in New Zealand’s south island. And a post at Quayle’s blog about rich Europeans buying up deserted deep mines in Africa, and outfitting them as bunkers.

        One has to ask: what do these rich folks with better intel than we have are expecting? Things that come to mind are 1) social chaos, 2) asteroid strike, 3) engineered pandemic, 4) WWIII. I believe preps best go much beyond “beans, bullets, and bandaids” to include radiation meters, a good microbiology book, alternative comms. Few folks realize how very easy it would be to engineer a pathogen that would 1) be resistant to all known antibiotics, 2) carry the gene for Interleukin 11 to cause the immune system to fail, and 3) form spores that are hard to kill. Such a monster would have 99% mortality, as Australian mouse experiments with immunized mice with a modified smallpox showed some years back.

        If you believe that boiling drinking water is the answer, I’ve a reality check for you: 240 F at >10 minutes is needed to destroy spores. A pressure canner could be a life saver. I’d opine that 15 psi to give a higher T might be a darn good idea. By engineering the DNA to have a much higher % of G-C base pairs over A-T base pairs, even 240 F might be insufficient. I’m a Ph.D. biophysical chemist and I know what I’m talking about.

        • American Canner 921’s for everyone! I love mine!

        • ” jihadists and drug cartels working together big time”

          Why would drug cartels aid jihadists? The answer is they wouldn’t. Its absolutely counterproductive to the prime directive, MAKE MONEY.

      28. Tennessean.

        I think I’m going to die. ;0)

      29. Bring it you democrat turds,,,
        You want a deplorable youll get more than you bargained for, we got no rules of engagement in my AO

      30. I have said well before the election, that the winner for President would decide only if the coming mess will be a civil conflict or a revolutionary one.

      31. The left IS fascism.

        We are already in a CW, just happens to be cold with only one side actively taking part.

        When, well, really IF, the other side wakes up and declares ENOUGH! then it will be interesting.

        I hear snowflakes melt real easy with hot lead.

      32. Civil War Is Coming to the U.S.:
        It is already here the right just haven’t fought back yet. When we do they will beg us to stop.

        Remember to “do unto them before they do unto you”!!!!!
        Do this for your families sake.


        • SGT Dale.

          Many, many moons I was traveling and ended up at the Port Authority Terminal in NYC. Forty Second Street?
          I watched a Policeman being verbally assaulted by an individual. The Policeman listen to him and tried to help with advise but the man became angrier to the point that the officer told him to “Move Along”. He did not and hit the officer in the chest. The response was immediate with a knight stick so fast, that I did not see it. The man was put into a paddy wagon. Not one person on the street said one word. Life went on as usual as if nothing happened.

          Maybe that is what will happen in the future on a larger scale.

          • Those were the good old days.
            One good thing now is That Prez. Trump is on our side.
            I hope it helps us in the future. We are going to need it!!!!!!

      33. I realize some of you have read this before, and some of you neo-Nazis don’t like this. Some of you ask why I keep repeating this: The answer is, that this “fascism” meme is in front of EVERYONE right now, and I am providing FACTUAL information that I hope at least some of you will copy and pass on. If you don’t like what I post, JUST SKIP IT. For the rest of you:

        Nazi stands for the Nazionale Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei – the National SOCIALIST German Workers Party. Was it just a name, as some say? Then why did the Nazi’s introduce the “Reichsarbeitsdienst” – the National Labour Svc that had public work systems; why the “Kraft durch Freude,” where the STATE even took care of the leisure time of workers?

        Here are the some planks of the Nazis, adopted in Munich on February 24, 1920:

        “We ask that the government undertake the obligation above all of providing citizens with adequate opportunity for employment and earning a living… We demand profit sharing in big business… the government must provide an all-around enlargement of our system of public education. . . We demand the education at government expense of gifted children of poor parents. . . . The government must undertake the improvement of public health… permanent recovery of our people can only proceed from within on the foundation of The Common Good Before the Individual Good”

        No the Nazis did not advocate public ownership of production, only that the govt oversee and run the economy, as they knew that legal ownership wasn’t what counted, but rather CONTROL. So, private citizens could hold title – as long as the state had the unqualified right to use their property. I.e., de facto socialism, the STATE still controls. Or, as Carl Limbacher wrote in NewsMax, Dec. 5, 2005, “Benito Mussolini’s Fascist economic policy, which he called the “mixed economy,” tried to combine Marxism with capitalism. What resulted was a dictatorship which allowed limited economic freedom to those favored industries willing to operate under government patronage.” The observant among you will note well the phrase “operate under government patronage.” In fact, private industry was a hostage of the Nazis. They did not hesitate to confiscate Junker’s aircraft business, or threaten the others with creating a government-run business to compete with it. BASF was so created. Hitler also did not hesitate to threaten the lives and families of any industrialist who did not cooperate. Speer allegedly did so when he ran the German economy. Why leftists think ANY private citizen would be able to thwart somebody who literally controlled the power of life and death over them is beyond me. Wages of Destruction by Adam Tooze is one book exploring this.

        The only seeming difference between Hitler’s Nazism and today’s National Socialists is that Aryan racial purity. Or is it? Truth is, the self-proclaimed “elite” are now the uber menschen, and we hoi polloi in flyover country are the new Poles, Jews, bibleforschers (10% of the Dachau concentration camp was made up of Christian clergy, as one example), etc. And of course, as notes, over 15.5 million black babies have been aborted since 1973 – 1,876 babies every single day, while in 2010, the most recent year available, 138,539 black babies were aborted – nearly one baby in three was murdered in the womb in 2010, per

        Then why did Hitler invade Russia? is the standard, unthinking reply. Tell me: why did the Soviets start a brief war with Mao’s China on the Ussuri River in 1969, with the dispute not resolved until the Soviet Union ended in 1991? Why did Brezhnev reportedly ask Nixon that, if he nuked Mao, would the US respond? Why did Red China might Ho Chi Minh’s Socialist Republic of Vietnam in early 1979? What about the full scale invasion of Kampuchea (Cambodia) against the Khmer Rouge, which started Dec. 1978? Why was Trotsky murdered by his fellow leftists? Why was Lavrentiy Beria, head of the NKVD (precursor to the KGB) suddently found persona non grata, taken out, had a rag stuffed in his mouth so he couldn’t whine, and shot dead? Why did Stalin purge his fellow communist generals in the 1930s? Should I go on? Truth is, there is no final basis for ethics in materialistic communism (Dostoyevski wrote, “If there is no God… everything is permissible” – and yes, he DID, in fact write that; rather it is, as philosopher Schaeffer wrote, in their materialistic world it is necessarily the case that “whatever is, is right.). Truth is, to the fascist/communist/socialist left, no one is ever pure enough, and left to their own devices, communism will end with the very last two communists having one murder the other one. Unfortunately, then, that last communist won’t be a communist, as there won’t be another person to live off of.
        The National Socialist philosophy is right out of the Obama/Pelosi playbook., and you can read more about the socialism of the Nazis with any Google search, though exposes a lot about the National Socialist Program which was big on Euthanasia, Eugenics and Social Darwinism , which are big hits with libs today, too.

        • ” Why did Red China might Ho Chi Minh’s Socialist Republic of Vietnam in early 1979?”

          China and Vietnam were historical enemies long before The Communist Manifesto was written. The French colonization and mistreatment of the Indo-Chinese pushed Ho Chi Minh to seek communism s there was no other alternative. Ho Chi Minh was quite salvageable in a Broz Tito sense until the US went back on its word allowing, facilitating, the French reoccupation post WWII as the US paid 95% of the French Indo-China war cost. Ho Chi Minh was primarily a nationalist. Interestingly it was the Vietnamese who put an end to Pol Pot’s genocide in Cambodia.

          Communism was a monolithic block only in the mind of the west as they frequently fought among themselves.

          • What you say is true, Kev, and fairly common knowledge (think Dien Bien Phu and the French, where supposedly Ho asked the US for help). Nevertheless, Vietnam was communist, and the international brotherhood of communism should have trumped that historical division…. along with the Ussuri River war between Mao and Brezhnev, including Leonid’s reported request to nuke Mao, that he purportedly made to Nixon. Point being, Uncle Ho was still a communist, and turned his country into an explicitly communist entity. The point is that internecine war is the worst kind (ask Trotsky, Lavrentiy Beria, or Gen. Arnoldo Ochoa!)

            You always write good stuff, Kev. Alway appreciate your comments.

      34. Civil War? Check for crime reports in Chicago and around the US. It’s disgusting what’s happening.

        • Hey Him, great site. Thanks for referring me the the mountain guerrilla, he really knows how to shake it up!!!

        • The main problem with the inner city murder rate isn’t necessarily the murder but rather the poor aim of the criminals that are killing one another. Dope dealer A killing dope dealer B is good riddance. Missing the intended victim because you hold the pistol sideways and killing he 5 year old is the great tragedy.

          Its unusual for inner city criminals to shoot the law abiding.

      35. The fascist history of the left:

        Writer Jonah Goldberg has exposed the fascist tendencies for the world to see in the National Review, Jan. 28, 2008, p. 36 – 37, where he illustrates how H.G. Wells, one of the leading intellectuals of the early part of the 20th century, and a member of the Fabian Society, was involved with the budding flirtation of the left with fascism. Goldberg writes that Wells– who was a frequent guest of FDR, and had his meetings with him in the White House Oval Office printed as front page news – noted in a July, 1932 address to Oxford University’s Young Liberals that the world needed a “world brain,” one which “would unify mankind under a collective intelligence overseen by special men” (apparently, he forgot the future would include radical, militant, angry feminists) who “would lead and rule from above, making the hard decisions about everything from war and peace to eugenics and economics. The will and ideas of public-minded, masterful people working through a militant organization were necessary to forge a modernized state that would release the human community from the entanglements of the past.”

        If you aren’t thinking of Stalin, the French Revolution, Pol Pot, or perhaps even Hilary, you might want to check your pulse. Wells himself came up with a name for it” Liberal fascism (his term, not mine). No one ever thought to ask: Who controls the controllers? (Apparently, people like Eliot Spitzer didn’t exist back then, perhaps?)
        Goldberg notes that FDR had Hugh Johnson run his National Recovery Administration, one of the cornerstones of FDR’s New Deal. Johnson , writes Goldberg, openly admired Mussolini, and not only had a portrait of the dictator on his office wall, but gave out copies of Mussolini’s fascist book “The Corporate State” to members of his administration. FDR himself stated about his socialism that “what we were doing in this country were some of the things being done in Russian and even some of the things that were being done under Hitler in Germany. But we are doing them in a more orderly way.”

        You see, it wasn’t until Hitler was in full throttle that leftists needed to separate themselves from Stalin’s socialism, a little like Siamese twins being separated. Stalin himself, who didn’t like the schismatic national socialism, anathematized it in contrast to his international socialism. Basically, the same leopard, with different spots.

        American leftists? Goldberg notes Lincoln Steffens returned from Stalins USSR to declare “I have been to the future – and it works!” (and, I might add, if you were one of the perhaps 60 million who died in the gulags and elsewhere, you certainly **did** in fact, work!). Ida Tarbell, another leftist heroine, espoused similar sentiments, and referred to the “Russian-Italian method,” applying to the similar philosophies of Italian Fascism and Bolshvism. Goldberg notes another leftist historian, Charles Beard, wrote in The New Republic that fascist Italy was “beyond question an amazing experiment,” and the first editor of The New Republic, Herbert Croly, not only defended Mussolini’s oppression, but wrote Mussolini “substituted movement for stagnation, purposive behavior for drifting, and visions of a great future for collective pettiness and discouragement.”

        In sum, no one ever seems to have taken to heart Orwell’s dictum that in the socialist workers “paradise” we’ll all be equal, only some of us (think Hilary, Kerry, Ted Turner, any Hollywood leftist you can think of, etc.) will be “more equal” than the others. Perhaps it wasn’t only the Bourbons who forgot nothing and learned nothing – it is also the modern radical leftist.

      36. If the fascist left is going to resort to violence to stop fascism, does this also mean these utter idiots will be cutting off their noses to spite their faces?? Are they truly so utterly ignorant to not know that Nazi stands for National SOCIALIST Workers’ Party???

        Oh, sorry. The left really IS that utterly stupid. I forgot. That’s why they were joining those idiot “Yes we can, Yes we have no bananas” chant ins for Obungler

        Sick of reading me about this issue? Then see article on that idiot Nazi meme at

      37. FACTS FOR IGNORANT LEFTISTS. From the founders of facism, in their own words:

        Hiter’s quote:

        “There is more that binds us to Bolshevism than separates us from it… I have always made allowances for this circumstance, and given orders that former Communists are to be admitted to the party at once.”

        “I am a Socialist, and a very different kind of Socialist from your rich friend, Count Reventlow. . . . What you understand by Socialism is nothing more than Marxism.”
        – Adolf Hitler, Spoken to Otto Strasser, Berlin, May 21, 1930

        “We are socialists because we see in socialism, that is the union of all citizens, the only chance to maintain our racial inheritance and to regain our political freedom and renew our German state.”
        – Joseph Goebbels, 1933

        “Socialism is the doctrine of liberation for the working class. It promotes the rise of the fourth class and its incorporation in the political organism of our Fatherland, and is inextricably bound to breaking the present slavery and the regaining of German freedom. Socialism therefore is not merely a matter of the oppressed class, but a matter for everyone, for freeing the German people from slavery is the goal of contemporary policy. Socialism gains its true form only through a total combat brotherhood with the forward-striving energies of a newly awakened nationalism. Without nationalism it is nothing, a phantom, a mere theory, a castle in the sky, a book. With it it is everything, the future, freedom, the Fatherland!
        – Joseph Goebbels, 1933

        – “The sin of liberal thinking was to overlook socialism’s nation-building strengths, thereby allowing its energies to go in anti-national directions. The sin of Marxism was to degrade socialism into a question of wages and the stomach, putting it in conflict with the state and its national existence. An understanding of both these facts leads us to a new sense of socialism, which sees its nature as nationalistic, state-building, liberating and constructive.”
        – Joseph Goebbels, 1933

        And some more:

        G.B. Shaw, who was a Fabian socialist:

        “Mussolini practices more positive socialism than many of his adversaries whose names are inscribed in the party role.”

        Italian fascism was collectivist in nature, and the fascists were “well aware of the fact that Communism springs from the same collectivist stem as their own system.”

        Ludwig von Mises on socialism and Nazis (N.B.: von Mises fled from the Nazis to Switz n 1934, and then to the US in 1940). His Ph.D was from U. of Vienna, and he taught as several US universities.

        “… Mussolini, the outstanding man in Italian socialism, chose at first the orthodox Marxian position. Nobody could surpass Mussolini in Marxian zeal… the programme of the Fascist, as drafted in 1919, was vehemently anticapitalistic… fascism was not… an original product of the Italian mind. It began as a split within the ranks of Marxian socialism.” (p. 525f, The Socialist Revolution).

        “The philosophy of the Nazis, the German National Socialist Labour Party, is the purest and most consistent manifestation of the anticapitalistic and socialist spirit of our age.” Von Mises, p. 528f

        From Richard Vetterli and Willam Fort’s book, The Socialist Revolution:

        “The collectivist systems of Communism and Fascism belong not on the opposite extremes … their characteristics demand that they share a position side by side on the left” and that Nazism and Communism, in their totalitarianism and collectivism, share “close proximity.” (p.2 – 3)

        • All the quotes , All the accurate history written by the victors and there allies. But the bottom line remains. We helped the communists rape and enslave half of Europe. Deny that ?Our allies where the communists so who were the bad guys? Satan rules this world and his greatest weapon is the lie. Hitler and Musolini fought against the communists . And we helped the communists. What special kind of stupid can’t see that? The children of Satan keep the lie alive.and the idiots can’t see the lie. See the truth it will set you free.

        • Test, one of my favorite recent books is “Invisible Armies” by Max Boot. It describes accurately the current counter insurgency of the Libtards and how they can be defeated…

      38. As I have just demonstrated, those idiot leftists chanting their “Nazi” meme are literally some of the MOST stupid people this planet has to offer. Then their vile, evil hero, Wee Willy Ayers, had the temerity to write this:

        “…we’re also going to make it clear that when a pig gets iced that’s a good thing, and that everyone who considers himself a revolutionary should be armed, should own a gun, should have a gun in his house.”
        – Bill Ayers, leftist activist and confidant of gun control happy Barack Obama, in A Strategy o Win, appearing in New Left Notes, September 12, 1969.

        So… let’s get this right, leftist a-holes (sorry, don’t mean to curse, but these people are as outright evil as they come): You DEMAND campus safe spaces, you chant “hand up, don’t shoot,” you lionize Cyndi Sheehan and her anti-war schtict… then you resort to violence, H8TE and evil the first time you can’t have absolute power.

        As stated, the hard left is pure EVIL. I seldom use curse words, but I am at a loss on how to otherwise express how despicable, ignorant and vile these excuses for human beings are – all funded by the disgusting Geo Soros, the admitted Nazi collaborator.

      39. communist tactics only work in unarmed countries

        • I think its more applicable to say, “Totalitarian Tactics” as it matters little if the boot on your throat contains a communist, fascist, random dictatorial or monarchial foot. Tyranny is tyranny. We had 45 years of indoctrination in opposing communism so the very word for Americans has become synonymous with totalitarianism.

          • … thus, the need to return to a Constitutional government. The separation of powers was meant to prevent that totalitarian aspect of America… but we are close to the edge. The clock was 1 minute to midnite under Obungler; it appears it may be moving back some under Trump, but we need to hold his feet to the fire for freedom. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance, of course.

            Personally, I have a LOT more hope under Trump than I have since Ronnie.

            • I like President Trump and in light of the choices, with the exception of Rand Paul he was the best of the bunch. Unfortunately President Trump is an authoritarian not a libertarian. The Bill Of Rights is certainly a Libertarian text, its damn near a Libertarian Bible.

              Beware abandoning the Bill of Rights against your enemies as one day your out of favor. Keeping the Second Amendment is paramount but eviscerating the 4th, 6th and 10th is no tradeoff.

      40. This 16 second Youtube tells you everything you need to know:

        Check these guys dressed in black with black hoodies and face masks out as they move through the crowd together in a row: For what was supposed to be a peaceful protest, these guys obviously came prepared and seem to be on a mission.

        Wonder what that job description is? We know Soros pays them indirectly.

        Just more H8TE and violence from the fascist left Brownshirts…via Daily Caller:
        “The left-wing group that helped organize the violent shut down of the Milo Yiannopoulos event at the University of California, Berkeley on Wednesday is backed by a progressive charity that is in turn funded by George Soros, the city of Tucson, a major labor union and several large companies.
        The Global Alliance for Justice, based in Tucson, is listed as an organizer and fiscal sponsor for Refuse Fascism, a communist group that encouraged left-wingers to shut down the Yiannopoulos event.”

        • You keep it going there buddy. I have a few positive things to say about you. You know your “chews”, you can name 10 in top government positions, where in the world the fit in to just how chewish they are, you know how to mix apples with oranges, you know how to do the twist, and you definitely know how to baffle them with your Bolsheviks. And those damn Brown Shirts, I bet you were the guy that got Hitler to hate them too. Oh yeah, and you are a good copy and paster.

      41. It’s all part of the plan. Keep taking their goodies away, pushing the envelope until they finally loose it and really take to the streets. Then we can have a general cleansing of America and eliminate a good percentage of them. It’s time to take back what is rightfully ours. It’s time to make America great again. Its time to make America white again.

      42. The liberals are good at rioting and burning but can’t grow their own food or understand common sense. If the collapse comes because of then, don’t dare give them food, shelter or heavens forbid breed with them. They have proven that they are a invasive species so we need to hurry their demise from America.

        • This is why I am for planned parenthood. If a few of my tax dollars go to providing free birth control and it helps keep the liberals and blacks from reproducing, I am all for it.

          • I’m hoping the “save the world” by doing mass murder/suicides of one another, reducing the CO2 to save the planet (from them)

      43. The left that is attacking everyone in there sights are being used as pawns to get themselves wiped out before the rest of the world attacks the rest of USA that are conservatives, Christians, Jewish, Constitutionalist, Tea party, Independents, Libertarians, and so on. WAKE UP people like i said in another post, USA is being set up to clash with each other so the others can invade to take over. WAKE UP USA WAKE UP this is not a joke it’s happening right before your eyes. WAKE UP USA before it gets to far gone to the point it’s your survival for the next 50+ years

      44. The battle of the ages is supposed to be fought over international vs. national socialism.

      45. yup yup yup uh huh uh huh

      46. The domestic enemy brands things with names . Instead of nationalism they call it socialism. We all see what group))) is wanting gun restrictions and mass third world imigration. Only your enemy wants you disarmed? While importing third world savages? Brilliant strategy ? Destroy us from within? The ultra rich want your land. If they have to destroy it to get it cheap they will. Then they hire the survivors to rebuilt it for next to nothing. The buildings were old anyway? When your house is destroyed and your living under a tarp. You will sell your land for pennies to feed what remains of your family? They have been doing this over and over again throughout history .We should be used to it by now.

      47. The Pale Green horseman, aka the Death worshipers, the Little Book of Rev 10, all sounds very much like…

        Think about it, “sweet words on the tongue, like honey, that turn bitter in the belly” is The Little Book of Rev 10. This is the most perfect definition of political correctness I’ve ever read…

      48. Ultimately,
        There are only three ways of fighting evil…
        1. Fight
        2. Flee
        3. Compromise

        We have used #3 for the last 240 years. That’s worked out real well, as each compromise caused us to step backwards one step at a time, until we now stand at the edge of The Abyss, looking back into blackness.

        There is a way, to fight evil, without using the standard methods. The way gov uses to fight those it disagrees with, or wants to silence…
        Disappear them.
        Put them in a dungeon.
        Feed them bread and water, be nice, smile. And their power fades with time as somebody else takes their place. Keep it up, and eventually, they will get the message.
        Its not evil under God’s law, its justice.
        You are hereby advised that the entire idea here is for;
        “Entertainment purposes only”…

        • I wonder if the Luke warm believer comes into this?Whip the money changes out , Tie a milestone around there necks . Burn the Tares . Enough of this Luke warm crap? Let our bimbos hamstring us ? Or burn the Tares? The Tares will burn . Like it or not. Protect a Tare and see what happens?

        • Piper Michael.

          Two Top Priorities.

          Don’t get shot.
          Don’t get capture.

        • Suppose one decides to fight the Lefty Libs.

          Is it okay to give them a dose of their own medicine? To dish out back to them what they themselves have been dishing out? To fight back using their own methods?

      49. Well look at the bright side. Summer is just around the corner. If we waited that long for election day we can make it to summer. Then things might shift gears and get rolling. So we have the time to get ready. Practice your marksmanship. Get the needed material for ballistic protection. Get your gadgets together. Simplify your gear. Have a plan.

        I’m well past the yak, yak, yak and the blah, blah, blah side of the game. Although I do enjoy the debates and exchanged of information I would like to see some results. More push back from Conservatives to counter the obnoxious and infantile tactics of the Libtards.

      50. I just want the numbers of Leftists troops and where are they all at beside the obvious big cities.
        What is the number of invaders?

        Can anyone give a guess?
        I say 250,000!

      51. Anon
        Good point. I hope it holds off until summer that way I’ll have some more firepower set up and ready to go. Going to pick up some more Tanerite in the next few days.

        My wife went shopping yesterday and picked up 400Rd of 115Gr. 9mm for her new Glock 19. and 1300 Rds of 22Lrs. I think I created a monster. Nice thing about it is she used her money to buy the stuff. Can’t wait to get her out on the range so I can brag her up.

        I think it is going to get very shitty over the summer. I hope I’m wrong!!!! If it does I want to be ready.


        • SGT. Dale

          I’m into fabrication. Been in the metal scrap pile again.
          Have an open grassy part of the property that I will insert into the ground, little pointy objects. When the time comes of course. Had to make an installation tool because they are sharp. Like putting your foot on a shovel to dig. One drawback is, once I deploy them I can not cut the grass again until they are removed. Really mess the lawnmower up if I don’t get them all.

          Like I always said, they better not fall down.

        • Mother Natures area denial resource are briar’s. I don’t know if they are easily plantable but if your property had a 50 ft periphery of briar’s you get lots of rabbits, blackberries and no people. Once established stopping their advancement becomes the problem.

          • Kevin2

            Blackberry Briars. That is a good wall if you can get them. If you have a few animals to deposit the seeds on your land after eating the berries you are a lucky person. Most of what I have seen the are located on private land that is posted. What you have to do is go out dig up the seedling plants and replant. If you want good berries you need some shade and plenty of water or the berries do not grow well or become bitter. One thing you have to be careful of is they can draw snakes. They are going after small animals. When I picked them wild, I would always use a solid stick to lift the plants leaves to see what was underneath. Rattlers do not always rattle to warn. Also should mention, water moccasins.
            The best berries are the ones underneath that are shaded by the plants own leaves. Sometimes as big as your thumb.

      52. FYI

        On Hannity, a guest speaker/Lawyer made a statement that he was informed that with the reversal of President Trumps Immigrant Ban, that the “UNITED NATIONS” has done the vetting of Syrians coming into this country.

        When in the Hell does the United Nations determine who comes into our country.

        • It doesn’t, and the UN isn’t making the decisions about our incoming Visa holders, either.

          The UN is providing vetting data to the US Consuls who are reviewing it before their own interviews and such, prior to granting visas.

          This is why Trump issued the order. There is no strong central government in Syria that has good records, and the UN is not a responsible party to immigration controls anywhere.

      53. I find a problem with this analysis.

        IMHO, the Left will likely stop short of serious, widespread violence for a simple reason: they don’t actually have the stones or the training for it.

        Generally speaking society is willing to tolerate some bad behavior in the form of riots. Some people get arrested but very nearly no one seriously thinks that M240B’s and Apaches are the answer to an unruly mob.

        Now, when that mob moves from fairly disorganized violence which is mainly against property and goes to organized violence mainly directed at people they will have gone from rioters to insurrectionists. At that point society in general will lose patience and retaliatory violence to put down said insurrection will have public support.

        Running around smashing the windows on a bank or a Starbucks while dodging teargas and the occasional rubber bullet might be fun for some people but the number of people who will be willing to continue “the fight” when rubber bullets change to regular old 5.56 and 7.62 is not going to be large.

        There’s a reason Lefty agitators shoot fireworks at police instead of bullets. It’s because they know that if they take it too far the police will respond with live ammo and most of these people don’t really believe in their cause enough to kill and die for it. Looting is profitable, rioting is fun. Getting shot dead in the street is neither.

        • That is why you have to keep pushing. Pushing until they have no other alternative but to go violent. Only then can they institute martial law and start interning or better yet killing them off. Then plan is there. The next four years will be sweet.

        • Strych9

          I would say there is some organized violence directed at people when the Knock Out Game is used on White People. You can also say the physical attacks on people supporting Trump is another.

          Sooner or later the fists, rocks and fireworks turn into Knives and Clubs. Finally to guns. There has been gunfire in riots before but nothing like it would be in a neighborhood that is ready to repel boarders.

          I enjoy reading that the Democrats/Libtards are building bunkers and buying land down under to get away from the possible reprisal from conservatives. The Holier Than Thow and I know what is best for you, isn’t holding as much water as it did before.

          I’m looking forward to summer.

      54. It looks like the author is trying to instigate a “right vs left” war for fuck sake, both parties are hopelessly brainwashed. Jesus Christ on a fucking stick.

      55. The MSM creates left and right and the agenda goes straight down the middle. Choosing a side is acceptance to a false narrative. A dichotomy. A false reality. Division.

        Go beyond the false right left and you will see the puppet masters carefully crafting social conflict.

        There is no fair fight especially when you don’t know who your enemy is. This massive confusion is a direct result of main stream media. Follow the money.

        If anyone comes at you with apparent deadly physical force you have the right to defend yourself. Don’t be fooled by the fear porn on TV.

        Pull away from the pack and always find a way out wherever you are in public places. Be aware of who is around you.
        If you are looking at your hand 24/7 you are a target.

        • Kunta Kintay

          Identifying the Enemy.

          The clothes they wear with pictures of Commie’s.
          The slogans they shout.
          The banners they show.
          The flags they wave.
          The assaults on people they commit.
          The property they destroy.
          They hide their faces like criminals.
          They are only brave in larger numbers.
          They justify their actions with lies and fabrication.

      56. Food for thought:

        Civil war is the act of handing the sheep the shears and then coercing them to use it.

        If one were to inspect those shears, you might notice “Mfg. by Darwin and Co., Inc.”

        If you understand the meaning of the above, (be lucky that do), you are of a minority. Therefore, prepare accordingly, involvement is no voluntary.

        The Ides of March are nearly upon us.

        As always, don’t eat the tuna, and make sure your BOL is high up where the goats live. That is all. Carry on.

        • Problem Reaction Solution.

          The people who create the problem get you to react the way they want you to react and have the solution to the problem they created.

          Its the oldest trick in the book and the gig is up.
          The new war order is failing so expect order out of chaos.
          The order this time will not be the new world order.
          It will be we the people.

      57. America has been a Fascist nation for over one hundred years and if you read the Act of 1871 you will see what I mean and just now they are claiming they want to rid America of it’s Fascism? Get real people!

      58. There is nothing civil about war, regardless of the causes the participants use to justify their their involvement. If there was any genius in the American experiment in government, it was the care with which the first generation sought to enhance deliberation in the course of design and redesign of governance. Revolution is sometimes necessary to rid ourselves of the inevitable incrustation of tyranny over the surface of civilization, but should always be a last resort. Sudden change is always accompanied by violence and destructive forces. Governance is very much like volcanic activity, heated rhetoric builds force behind cooled and solidified conservative structure until it fractures and disintegrates.

      59. In the aftermath of the unexpected election results, Soros and the Muslim Brotherhood have attempted to form a coalition of black, brown, ME, and leftist/anarchists to oppose the Tea Party.

        Rather than buy in to their rhetoric, the Occupy Movement and the Tea should recognize they have a common enemy in the status quo, which is resisting the Tea Party candidate, DJT.

        Sanders supporters, the Occupy Movement, must recognize this common enemy, and support Trump. If not, Trump will fail, and so too, will government by the people.

        This is not a game, nor is it a test. These millenials need to grow up and recognize who is the true enemy, the government bureaucratic military industrial complex of which we were warned against by Eisenhower. The American people are tired of being lied to, by Ronald (smaller govt) Reagan, GHW (no new taxes) Bush, GJ (all things to all people) Clinton, GW (incompentent or a liar or both) Bush, and BH (never told the truth) Obama. Trump has promised he will not lie, nor forget the American People. What other choice do we have but take him at his word, and hold him to it. He deserves at least that much, and Sanders supporters need to get on board, or risk losing the populist movement. Yes, we can, means holding members of Congress to stop governing against the will of the people, or they, too, will be voting out in two years.

        Now is the time to take a stand for our Constitutional Republic, for representative democracy, and for government by, for, and of the people, the status quo be damned.

        • Muslim Brotherhood? WTF no its zionist corporate entities, god you are lost. go to daily stormer to find the truth

          • Err, no. Throw in the khazars and the dynamic is still the same. However, they’re not included in the coalition of anarchists I’ve listed. They ARE part of the status quo, who are the enemy. What I’ve stated is don’t buy in the the rhetoruc, Occupy and the tea party both want the same thing, a sustainable society, not the destruction of it.

      60. So, in order to “align” with the Globalist scheme, and, after vetting those coming to our country, why not trade one liberal for one refuge? Serves multiple purposes: other countries will immediately “improve” based on their wisdom and experiences. Another, the liberals can show how tough they can be “slinging six shooters” in desperate situations – you know, based on video game proficiency.

        This would be an “opportunity” for them to be true globalists. (This also forces their “hand”.)


      61. Agree: Civil war is coming. Disagree: maintain the status quo. You summarized: “The only way for us to fight back is to maintain our principles and refuse to support ANY government measure that is unConstitutional, even if it is to be used against our enemies.” Translated: keep using the slow moving legislative processes and unreliable court system to stop a fast evolving radical enemy.

        Next, you argue: “We beat the globalists in the long run by standing by our ideals and fighting back within the bounds of the principles we hold dear. Dominance through government is never the answer.” Again, I’ve been suffering through this, ‘turn the other cheek’ and ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’ philosophy for 30 years and things have gotten worse. How about this quote from the Bible, “There is…a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace.” What if your wrong? What if this is the time and we don’t react to it?

      62. well, that’s the Soros(o’bama) plan to “fundamentally change” (destroy) the country!

      63. ARREST SOROS

      64. ARREST SOROS

      65. Consider the fact that the U.N. globalization Program is to spread Islam all over the globe and eventually coalesce into the Caliphate or One world Govt.While I’m not a Trump devotee,I thank God for placing him in the breach like a modern day Moses(that should get some feedback!)and stemming the tide for now.

        • “Consider the fact that the U.N. globalization Program is to spread Islam all over the globe and eventually coalesce into the Caliphate or One world Govt.”

          The UN is the tool of TPTB globalists. The Islamic Immigration destabilizes governments making them controllable. They have zero desire to deal with a powerful anyone. Islam’s job is to destroy not solidify. Russia is extremely vulnerable to Islamic Fundamentalism due to their large indigenous Muslim / Islamic population in their southern area which just co coincidently has (Drum Roll Please) OIL.

          • Consider the Islamics what Lenin, or was it Marx called, USEFUL IDIOTS.

      66. it is time to declare an open season on liberal idiots. When they try to disrupt someone, taser them, spray them with mace, beat them with batons. Make them bleed, a lot. I used to try and be understanding, but the more I hear from them, the more I see of them, I am ready to grab guns and powder and join in the patriot army to destroy them.

      67. I am predicting an attack on our grid this summer. It will be done first in CA then roll eastward. Might be ‘lone wolf” terrorism,or, most likely,a left-leaning group. I don’t know which,or even why I’m posting this. I just got a bad feeling about this summer.

        • At Antifa website their tactic it to interrupt events where they feel nazis etc congregate. In plain speak; Town hall events, Conservative Conventions etc.. This way they stop people from participating with fear tactics.
          MILO at UCB, Gavin at NYU, Deploraball, etc… They felt these were successful. These groups are seen togeher wit AntiFa: BLM, LaRaza, MS-13, Probably Islamic Jihadis, just add anyone else they support and who supports them. Democrat Party, Neocons, Elite GOP, Hollywood, Corporations, and MSM.

          RIOTING will be incremental unless BIG Push back from WH. Stay alert. Patriots, our forerunners did more with less.

          None of this is good. I feel for the young, the old, the sick and police. The rest of us have our work cut out for us but I have a feeling good shall prevail!

      68. Just an FYI without need to suggest anything:

        CNN Washington Bureau
        820 First St NE, Washington DC 20002

        George Soros home
        136 Cantitoe St. Katonah, NY 10536-3804

        Soros Fund Management LLC
        888 Seventh Avenue
        33rd Floor
        New York, NY 10106

        Open Society Institute
        400 West 59th Street
        New York, NY 10019 USA

        Open Society Foundations
        224 West 57th Street
        New York NY 10019

        Open Society Foundations
        1730 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, 7th Floor
        Washington D.C. 20006

        Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Google, Facebook)
        1456 Edgewood Dr,
        Palo Alto, CA 94301.

        • Add SPLC and ACLU as well as ACORN and BLM, Google and Twitter

      69. Brandon over thinks everything.

      70. If you read and look at history. The Left is using tactics the same way the Nazi Machine did…right before it came to power. We need to put America first and our small, sometimes personal squabbles last…and unite against this. Peacefully, if at all possible, but meet any violence with a firm resolve. Germany fell to this leftist type of ideology and to the tactics that were used. Let’s not do the same.

      71. Patriots…It will be a call to arms. Whatever your age or experience…Practice at the range is a perishable skill. Go to the range at least once per month! We will need to depend upon one another to subdue the violent liberal hoards.

      72. The truly sad thing is this. Those who cry the loudest seem to speak as if they ARE the majority. Peace,freedom and a society ruled not by ” a chosen few” but by TRUE STEWARDS of our constitution should be the goal of all who would call themselves Patriots. The oligarchs (Soros,Rockefeller, Rothschild et. al. ) profit from the quarrels of common folk. The clashes between the FAR LEFT and the FAR RIGHT are a syptom while they are the actual disease.
        In the middle are mostly folks who listen to the bombastious provacatuers instead of finding thier own voice and willingness to select people over party. We need true stewards of the constitution for TRUE freedom to be achieved.
        God bless us as we find our way.

      73. I am against Trump and his movement because I have morals which I will not sacrifice. You won’t make people like myself sacrifice their morals. “Moral relativism” is the stuff of the right. You can continue to call me a Marxist though I denounce the writings of KM. You can continue to say I’ve been paid to protest though I lose pay to be at protests. Your side will not win because you are using lies to mislead your listeners, who are supposed to be your friends, not your puppets. Eventually everyone wakes up. Good luck to you in escaping the unfortunate mentality of hate. -JQP

      74. This author is full of crap. He takes credit for “predicting” so many events and the current state of affairs, but he only predicts after the fact. He warns conservatives not to react in any meaningful manner while strenuously avoiding stating exactly how we should react.

      75. The Commie snowflakes seem to forget that the America Loving, Red Blooded, Red Neck Americans have all the guns.

        The want a civil war? We will cleanse the gene pool of Commies.

      76. It is impossible to unify America due to the demographics. The country will descend into cataclysmic violence as order breaks down.

        They are using the ‘fascist’ label to justify their violence against us. Their logic will be that all Whites are ‘fascists’ therefore all Whites must be killed.

        The (((bolsheviks))) did the same thing by calling the White Russian middle class the ‘bourgeoisie’ or ‘enemies of the people’. If you want to see what they have in mind for us look for a film called The Chekist.

        The biggest danger is that our response will be insufficient once the genocide is fully underway.

        Please share with all your true friends and loved ones.×4-to-the-teeth/

      77. I’ll say it again look at the Ukrainians genocide against the DPR if you want to no about taking on a large backed army the small state of Donbass is kicking there ass’s and holding off Soros funded Ukrainians.
        Study how a small groups of gorillas in Ireland on a small island held off the intire british military,so yes Americans can unite better than anyone.
        Study there tactics and force multiply.
        The D.P.R started with WW2 weapons out of museums killed there enemies and took tanks and more modern firearms.

      78. Liberals are incapable of critical thinking, they believe all of the Fake Mainstream Media propaganda they see and hear. They have been indoctrinated for years, under the new Political Correctness movement, spured on by the Muslim Brotherhood who’s goal is to destroy America and the Western way of life. The Democrats and liberals were the easiest prey to side with, because they want everthing free. Hillary Clinton, promised $15 an hour, Free College, Free Childcare, without telling them, how the government was going to fund all this free stuff. They bought it all, hook line and sinker. The Democrats would have painted anyone running against Hillary Clinton, a fascist, bigot, racist, homophobe, islamiphobe. Bill Clinton, did the same thing to his toughest competitor Ross Perot, who was also a businessman back in 1992. Hillary Clinton, never expected Bernie Sanders, to give her a challenge, so they fixed the primary. Hillary Clinton, and Obama, never thought Donald Trump could ever win, as much as they impugned his character. There is so much corruption in DC. they will do anything to stay out of prison. Then, with the Muslim Brotherhood who planned for 40 years to take over America, are not going to lay down easy either. They are all like a pack of wolves, in lockstep. Democrats to stay out of prison, and Muslim Brotherhood to take over America. We are living in the most dangerous times in American history. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

      79. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are working well.

        The global cultural and economic collapse will kill billions.

        In Gulag Amerika the grandchildren of the Bolsheviks have begun the Red Terror.

        One hundred million unneeded slaves, useless eaters, and dissidents will die in the coming years.

        Out of the chaos of World War Three the Earth will finally be theirs.

        However, as they collapse this civilisation every nuclear, biological, and chemical horror will be released.

        Their Golem – Plutonium – is the ultimate Frankenstein monster.

        The Sun will burn out before there could ever be life on Earth again.

        The parasite has killed the host and itself.

        In that we can take some consolation.


        Fukushima – Burn Baby Burn 🙂

        • Well said.

      80. Defending yourself or the Republic, for that matter, is not fascistic, but of course is and would be mischaracterized as such. But is everyone going to buy the fake media’s opinion on that? Is that now the highest law of the land, criticism.drom whomever has the biggest bullhorn? Not in America, it shouldnt. The problem here is too many people do are not tough enough or grown up enough to see that at some point the Constitution itself calls for “righteous violence” against it’s enemies. Remember watering the Tree of Liberty from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants? Read the Federalist Papers, which is the thinking that went into the Constitution’s development. Citizen Militias are part of the answer, and govt crackdowns on crime are appropriate when justified (rather than crackdowns for speech the Left didn’t like during Obama years). And when the local authorities become lawless, the Feds step in, and for once, justifiably so. Again, lawlessness should not be tolerated in a Republic. And the remedy isn’t pretty. People will remember that the Left should have sat down and shut up… but they keep poking and stirring and violating the rights of others. Real Americans won’t stand for tyrants, not even among the average citizen who won’t respect the rights of others. If they want war, they’ll get it, and they’ll lose…and the victory ALWAYS write the history, so the Left will be, and should be, demonized for all time!

      81. The One Ring analogy is a good one – if you do not forget that one of the Ring’s purposes was to “in the darkness bind them”.

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