Civil Unrest? Trump Believes ‘The People Would Revolt’ If He Is Impeached

by | Dec 12, 2018 | Headline News | 92 comments

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    President Donald Trump commented on the possibility of impeachment on Tuesday waiving any concern at all.  He added that he believes “the people would revolt” if he is impeached.

    During a White House interview with Reuters, which was Trump’s first since federal prosecutors in New York filed a sentencing memo for Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney, he commented about the possibility of impeachment. “It’s hard to impeach somebody who hasn’t done anything wrong and who’s created the greatest economy in the history of our country,” said Trump. “I’m not concerned, no. I think that the people would revolt if that happened,” he said.

    Prosecutors are still on their Russian election meddling witch hunt, and many Democrats believe that with control of the House of Representative in January will come an opportunity to impeach Trump. Federal prosecutors in New York said last week that Trump directed Cohen to make six-figure payments to two women so they would not discuss their alleged affairs with the candidate ahead of the 2016 presidential election, according to Reuters.

    [Prosecuters] said the payments violated laws that stipulate that campaign contributions, defined as things of value given to a campaign to influence an election, must be disclosed, and limited to $2,700 per person.

    Democrats said such a campaign law violation would be an impeachable offense, although senior party leaders in Congress have questioned whether it is a serious enough crime to warrant politically charged impeachment proceedings. –Reuters

    Trump’s attorney Rudolph W. Giuliani also declared in August that the “American people would revolt” against impeachment. “President Trump is completely cleared,” Giuliani said. “You’d only impeach him for political reasons.” Even though dedicated democrats believe Trump is impeachable, they have an uphill battle to actually convince a Republican-held Senate after the newly elected political elitists take control. Impeachment requires a simple majority to pass the House of Representatives, where Democrats will take control in January. But the removal of the president from office further requires a two-thirds majority in the Senate, where Trump’s fellow Republicans hold a majority still.

    Investigations by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III and federal prosecutors in New York have been escalating seemingly since the 2018 midterm elections. Documents have allegedly all but named Trump as an unindicted co-conspirator who helped deceive American voters during the 2016 presidential election. (But let’s be fair: every single politician ever elected has deceived voters. It’s the only way to gain political power.  If politicians were honest and came right out and told voters the truth, it would sound more like this: “We’ll control every aspect of your life and take what little freedom you have left and steal your money to make it happen!” And if they did that, the government wouldn’t exist.


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      1. Millions of supporters would hit the streets.

        • Highly unlikely.

          More likely, millions of supporters would gripe and bitch and make vain threats on obscure internet forums while doing nothing real in response.

          As they do now.

          • I am not wasting time on impeachment…that is the job of leftist demonrats…a pure waste of time.

            Fact is – No POTUS has EVER been removed from office for ANY reason. PERIOD

            No POTUS has EVER been imprisoned. PERIOD

            It’s all a leftist wet dream…and everyone with 2 firing synapse knows leftist are full of $hit !

          • Until the combat military veterans.. you know..the people who have actually killed other people decide to get involved because they see that their votes no longer matter

          • If the Pres says show up in DC with a gun, ammo, and rope. I’ve got 600 ft of yellow polly rope and the rest. I’ll be there.

            • #Metoo !!!

          • We are at the service of our elected Commander in Chief Donald J Trump.

            If our President needs our help. All he needs to do is ask. We will assist our Commander in Chief in any way, he sees fit.

            Loving God of Jesus Christ. Beloved Family. Great State of Texas. Wonderful United States of America.
            We are the proud to be called “deplorables”, because we love and support ALL the above, with our life, blood, sacred honor.

            OathKeepers, to “defend the United States against all enemies Foriegn and Domestic.”

            Clear enough?

          • Trump had better lock down the borders with military and military hardware. He needs to nationalize Fed. Reserve, gold and other precious metals backing bank notes, divorce the US from the UN and Nato, lock box for Soc. Sec. Shut down mosques and deport Muslims of any race tothe middle east. If some of this isn’t address and “fixed” conservatives will figure he is a globalist like other Rep. politicians are.

        • Millions of supporters would hit liberals in their shrunken feminised scrotums

          • Anon: Problem in France and other protesting countries they ain’t got any (gelded and feminized as children.) I wonder about Oath keepers, our local group shut down, I was not a member. Have they been infiltrated like many groups?? Will dull apathetic Americans fight if Trump is removed? Here is what must be done if it happens, and quick:

            • Thanks for quoting Louis. Great man!

        • Millions of supporters would be GRATEFUL to finally getthe go signal to join the already in progress Civil War 2.0 to END it….permanently. I’m bored anyways with my work, so I need the excitement of doing some feral Commie hunting.

        • The reason the democrats want border security but not a wall is so they can choose to not enforce the border like obummer didnt. Catch and release then provide amnesty. There is an actual war going on right here right now and we are being invaded with the help of democrat traitors. I forecast within 10 years an uprising that would make the yellow vests in france look like a kindergarden march for cupcakes after lunch. They have not awakened the american beast just yet, but its coming. I fear the immigrants would be targeted as well as many in power, riots so bad the entire economy would be shut down and some future democrat president calls out marshall law and bans gun under some emergency statute that never ends and guns are gone forever. It will not be pretty because all their bullshit will be noticed even by the sheeple and then there is no going back until there is a clear winner: the american patriot or the globalist. It is going to get much worse before it gets better. It is coming thats a guarantee. The breaking point must be like france, when people have nothing to lose or see there is no Turning around their agenda and they will lose everything. They must choose to fight before they lose everything or fight after they lose everything. That is the only choice that one must make in the near future because these globalists are empowered and full march towards nwo, one govt, one currency, no borders and splitting rich/poor, male/female, race, and gender to keep us distracted. They fear us as one. They dont fear us divided. They should fear us either way (will be their biggest mistake.)

      2. All of rural KY would rise up and a good portion of Louisville and Lexington. It’s so bad that it’s either support Trump or the country is destroyed by the Democrats. The latter would bankrupt the country, annhilate what is left of industrial capacity, vastly increase homelessness, AND flood us with illegal aliens and economic migrants and refugees.

        How could Americans possibly cope as a purely socialist nation? Christianity would be entirely under attack and ruined as has happened in most of Europe and Christians themselves would be violently assaulted by atheists and Muslims.

        • Maranatha, my fall back location is around Lexington. I really like that area and I feel like I am surrounded by like minded people.

          I’m heading down there in a couple of weeks and plan to drop off more supplies. Just in case I have to beat a hasty retreat.

          • As I have said many times before, any conservative could relocate to Kentucky and find a decent inexpensive rural homestead with moral neighbors that I bet you would be glad to call friends. It has low population density and based upon its location, far enough away that IF the SHTF and urbanites fled from the coastal areas, they most likely would NOT get to rural Kentucky based upon many logistical obstacles. And it has about as good a lengthy agricultural season being subtropical in essence, meaning significantly boosting its attributes for surviving by raising crops or livestock. And we have no aquifer issues and adequate rainfall. Plus we fully support natural rights to owning and carrying “arms”.

            The genuine conundrum is why you are not already in Kentucky?

            • Maranatha, that’s a very good question. It’s between Kentucky and Idaho. The argument against Kentucky is having ALL of the families eggs in one proverbial basket. The argument against Idaho is being so far away from family.

              I am hoping time will provide clarity.

            • The genuine conundrum is why you are not already in Kentucky?

              Reason #1 is because it’s a commonwealth (state) and i have seen the most prejudicial,malicious,perversion of law in small Ky
              municipalities than anywhere else in the United States.

              • I noticed you made a claim while providing zero evidence, therefore the burden of proof is on YOU.

                • Apologies for the delay ,my burdens are many.

                  ht tps://

                  ht tps://

                  ht tps://

                  • Four charges??? Whoop de doo. Compared to what? Texas or California or Illinois? My gosh, you are being absurd.

                    Whereas I bet if you asked the average Kentuckian about the judicial system, you would find it is fair to a fault UNLESS you really are a miscreant.

                    The average Kentuckian who has a minor issue with the law the first time, has the charges dropped or reduced.

        • That’s why I am a Christian Dominionist.

      3. I won’t. Trump was preferable but still an authoritarian. Rand Paul was my preferred candidate. Regardless such an act will reinforce (although it needs no reinforcement) that as the Princeton Study showed the US is an oligarchy. Maybe this act will awaken more people to that conclusion.

        h ttps://

        • Rand Paul vs. Hillary, not that would have been the election of the century wouldn’t it?

          Paul would have easily gotten 75% of the vote and the country would be unified prospering today.

          • Paulbots never die – they just moan away!

            • lol…you’re right…and I have to admit I am one.

              • Rand Pauls Libertarian bent reached into true conservatism and into the liberal left’s view of individual liberty. Rand Paul would have mopped the floor with Hillary. Trump should have made him his VP to “protect his six”. Trump actually took much of Rand Pauls platform making it his own however on foreign affairs it went largely missing in application.

          • Anonymous, if Rand Paul ever decides to run I’d vote for him.

        • I also think very highly of Rand Paul, but doubt he would have succeeded right now. Trump has the confidence and thick skin to stand a chance with what they are putting him through. And let’s not forget about the personal fortune and many valuable contacts he has made in his lifetime. I think lots of people have problems with his bombastic personality but I think that is keeping him in the game right now. Well, that and the fact that it has come to the point that if Trump doesn’t prevail, they will absolutely bury him and his family to send a message to the rest of us.

          • “President Trump: “I like taking the guns early … Take the guns first, go through due process second.”

            Remember this? Not to mention several other things.

            • Yep, Trump has never been a genuine supporter of the 2ndA.

        • Kevin2, I would’ve chosen Rand Paul just because I supported his father’s campaign. Too bad his father got coerced into dropping his campaign. He would’ve been a great POTUS, IMHO.

      4. The Republicans’ NDAA shredded out Bill of Rights. ‘Patriots’ did jack. That was 7-1/2 years ago.

        “Americans may have hundreds of millions of guns and metric tons of ammo but the question is do they have anything they will fight for?” – A. B. Prosper

        • Tyranny is being taken in masse to re-education camps or worse. There is a lot of room remaining in legal, lawfully exercising of rights through voting. A mass protest to “Petition The Government For Redress Of Grievances”, of a million people in Washington, .03% would need to occur long before.

        • …more Feminism is all I have seen them fight for. Feminism is acceptable Communism because it based around a vagina and White knights cannot help themselves.

          Go MGTOW and sanity.

      5. Trump’s dirty. Has been for years. His big mistake was taking a job where his past would be scrutinized. That, and his first instinct is to go for graft when he sees the opportunity. He just can’t help himself.

        I’m just waiting for all the “rule of law” Republicans and others twist themselves in knots explaining how committing felonies shouldn’t matter in his case.

      6. It remains to be seen. Just like the wall, it might happen, it might not. Then again Yellowstone geyser might spit a humungous loogy and place us all into darkness.

        • The geyser is the more likely of the two scenarios.

      7. Impeachment aint gonna happen…there’s no way to get 2/3 of Congress on board. If that happened, it would be a revolution in itself. And many of those Congressman that voted YA would be gone in the next mid-term.!!!!!!

      8. There would be some protests, but I do not believe there would be a mass uprising, even by conservatives, of the magnitude of that happening in France. Any protests that did take place would be met by larger numbers of Antifa minions with the complicit approval of jack booted law enforcement. Most people are just tired of the political drama going on in Washington, even a lot of people who voted for Trump. They are more worried about their day to day lives. People in the US have become pretty docile over the years and I believe it would take a major societal disruption to light a fire under their ass.

        • I believe the Liberals are right! The 2ND Amendment “is” just about hunting. And people will always have an excuse not to take a stand. Ron Paul and/or Rand Paul would have been good but they’re not the President, and neither would have taken the Stand that President Trump has taken. No he won’t be Impeached!!! Trekker Out.

      9. Most of the American people WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS.

        If it does happen, if he is IMPEACHED I fear WE will be like FRANCE.

        • Who cares, the Senate will not convict him. Let the worthless House of Reps impeach him. So what.

          • DNJ, Clinton was impeached but never removed from office.

      10. If Trump is impeached, burn it all down! Show the commies you mean business. Get more matches. Resist.

        • And then vote more Democrats in and Republicans out, just to show them you really mean it.

          Like the last elections did.

          • Anon, were they really elected? Fraud votes, too. Plus the voters had to deal with non-stop anti-Trump propaganda. Most voters aren’t sophisticated enough to see through it. That’s why the country was set up as a constitutional republic, limited franchise. Meaning, not everybody gets to vote.

            • Isn’t that kinda like the Democrats asking if Trump was really elected?

              They obviously haven’t accepted that he was yet.

      11. The scary part is that the office always bounces back and forth between parties so all this stuff everyone is saying if the dems are in power that will destroy us (immigration, socialism,gun confiscation, etc) is coming regardless.

      12. Also, did anyone see the meeting between Trump, Pence, Pelosi and Schumer yesterday? The future republican candidate for the presidency, Pence, sat there and didn’t say a word. Didn’t back up the president. Time to dump Pence.

        • Yes I noticed that too, it’s like he wasn’t even there. WTH, speak up Mr VPOTUS.

      13. Not that this matters to the Ds…

        Impeachment and the Senate Trial is a Constitutional method of dealing with “high crimes and misdemeanors” allegedly committed by the President (and others) WHILE IN OFFICE.

        1.) If paying hush money is a crime, it happened before (during 2016) Pres Trump was in Office. If the payments were illegal they may be prosecuted, but it has nothing to do with his Presidential actions or behavior.

        2.) If collusion occurred (show me the the section of the Federal Code that it violates) and is a crime, it happened before Pres Trump was in Office.

        3.) Real Estate deals and bribes in Russia by the Trump Org. Again, this story is about a Trump Bldg in Moscow that never went beyond the talking stages and it all occurred before and/or during the Campaign. Pres Trump was not in Office.

        That means the new Standard is that if you ever committed a crime before you assume the Office of President, then you are subject to Impeachment and Conviction while in Office.

        Clearly this is un-Constitutional.

        If the Constitution means anything to anyone in the Senate, they could hardly vote to convict, but we know with Politicians, in general, and Dems in particular – “The End justifies the Means.”

        I do believe (and have from the beginning) that the key to punishing Pres Trump by the Deep State is to prosecute him for crooked behavior as a Real Estate Developer. I think they will do this whether or not he serves his full term(s) or not.

        I don’t think you can build multi-million projects in any Big City without paying off the big and the small – everybody from Politicians to Plumbing Inspectors to ‘Git ‘er Done.’

        They WILL make an example of him (if he lives long enough), his Family, and Organization.

        The message is DO NOT CHALLENGE US ! We WILL ruin you.


        • Impeachment is also the only way to kick a federal judge off the bench. Seldom done though.

        • bb in GA, absolutely right! “They WILL make an example of him (if he lives long enough), his Family, and Organization”.

          In the future when you look up the word PATSY you will see his picture!! Always remember that to get away with a crime you ALWAYS need a “fall guy”.

      14. If Obama was not impeached – No president will ever be impeached

        • J-man:

          Impeachment of Pres Obama would have been treated as the Ultimate Racist act by Republicans.

          I mean everyone was roasted as Racist for the most minor policy disagreement with him, I can’t imagine the sh!tstorm that would accompany Impeachment and the Senate trial.


          • BB, the ‘minorities’ would’ve burned down the cities if anyone had TRIED to impeach Obama. He’s STILL their hero. Obama could’ve shot someone on national TV and no one would’ve cared.

            • Minorities burning down cities? You say that like it’s a bad thing…

      15. It would all depend on the military in the end. The people would rise up and lynch the Democrat leadership literally. There comes a time when like France things go to far and the people snag with rage and anger. The people are sick to death of Mueller and that horse crap. There is a lot of pent up rage and that would create another Concord. We have rope and there are trees like the line in the movie Lives of a Bengal Lancer said

      16. Unfortunately the right won’t do anything because we don’t have the time between work, citizenship, and our families we won’t have the time to protest. The left with their lack of family values, no job (unless being paid by Soros), and being all about me will have lots of time to voice their agenda.

      17. I am building a liberal guillotine in my garage as we speak

      18. It REALLY troubles me that he says it’s hard to impeach a President; “who’s created the greatest economy in the history of our country,” said Trump.

        It begs the question…well what about when the economy tanks? Is it okay then, because that is exactly what is going to happen.

        I believe nothing that happens in Politics. It’s ALL Kabuki theater. “They” are in control do not attempt to adjust your TV sets. JUST PREPARE LIKE YOU AND YOURS LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!

      19. if Trump is impeached I would hope for massive civil uprisings by the normally silent majority, blocking roads and stopping food deliveries to the large dimocrap cities. Everyone should go to the demonstrations armed, regardless of local laws, the “authorities” wont be able to do anything about it. Strength in numbers.

      20. Trump suffers from Don Imus disease…its just a matter of time before be makes a nappy headed hoes comment and the whole thing goes down the shitter anyway.
        I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already.
        The tweeter in chief needs to stop letting the petty
        Pos fake media get to him.

        • That’s exactly why I don’t agree with those who think Trump is thick skinned. He’s not. At all.

      21. This country drifts hard right no matter which party occupies the white whore house. If you like your rights you can’t keep them. Trump serves the same forces that got us here in the first place. The course won’t be altered.

        • aljamo Agreed. “Trump serves the same forces that got us here in the first place” no truer words spoken here. Look at all the posters here in denial who still don’t get that. They need to get real.

      22. Dumb plan that would allow mass round up to reeducation camps. Brute force against LEOs and soldiers can’t ever win. It’s partisans acting wisely in small groups until the LEOs and soldiers join to act as sergeants and officers. My guess is most sheriffs and troopers would join then some of the polce would follow suit. I would bet 70% of the military would support the partisans as well.

      23. Rather than restoring the social contract for white knights, you have told us about the good jobs numbers and moral equivalence of leftist interests.

        So far, I have never seen any example, in which an honor code spares the “primary aggressor” from prosecution.

        In general, the praetors are assumed to have a legal monopoly on the use of force, you can’t tell them apart from cultural Marxists, and any breakaways are presumably illegal.

      24. So far, I have never seen any example, in which an honor code spares the “primary aggressor” from prosecution.

        Violation of the Hypocratic Oath contains no such means for prosecution in and of itself….

        • In the case of a doctor, you would have an example of qualified immunity, being afforded to an elite, social caste — not for a private practitioner.

          So far, plebs are hearing radicalizing words, yet have never been shown any guarantees of legal protections, even for the most trifling annoyances.

          • Absolute gibberish


              Then, ask about my logic, politely.

              I am writing purposefully.

              • It was clear to me.

                • Thank you.

                  I know good Samaritans, who reported their bravery in good faith, and were sent to jail.

                  The ‘authorities’ consider it mutual combat, if not favoring the Marxists, outrightly.

      25. Can’t just go around shooting up people you hate. Protest yes, make your voice heard, sure. Shooting Libs and Dems sounds lovely but you can’t do that or start your own civil war either, likely killing innocent people along the way. Good way to get yourself injured or killed. Or end up rotting in the slammer for decades.

      26. Trump will be the last elected president. When they impeach him, with full Republican support in the Senate, the very Senate that Trump caused to be elected, Civil War 2.0 will follow. And there is nothing the US Government can do about it. There is no one to follow Trump…No one.

        • The Federal Reserve is the Permanent President.

      27. I want you to try it because it would finally once and for all show what you really are. Power mad and a bunch of brats.

      28. Een soviet russia swamp drains itself.

        Give them enough rope to hang themselves with.

      29. I wouldn’t revolt! I would be happy to see the idiot gone!! He’s destroying what little economy we had; he’s making Putin feel like shit (not good!) by constantly cancelling meetings (when Putin has doing nothing wrong!) And he’s a million times worse than Obama when it comes to “gun control” measures— he said to take the guns from the people and THEN decide if it was needed… What the f… is there to like about the moron??! Good bye and good riddance if the elite want him out– which they don’t! he is doing their bidding! At least when Obama was president, guns sales went up!! Geesh!!

        • Trump is at war with the Deep State. He has a lot on his plate right now.
          As far as destroying the economy goes, it has to come down to be reset.
          The trajectory we are on cannot be sustained long term.
          If you are paying attention, you would be aware that Trump wants the Federal Reserve gone. Nationalized. Can he do it? We’ll see. Never say never.

          Thats why there has been at least 12 attempts on his life since becoming number 45.
          The elite have a huge dilemma with him. He is threatening to break up their system.
          Their system, which is the central bank globalist system, needs to be destroyed.
          We The People have been in bondage to the central bank system since 1913.
          The Petro Dollar System which was set up by the Deep State is coming to an end.
          This current economic model is in the terminal stage. Get ready.

      30. The US is overloaded with bootlicking cowards afraid to lose a fucking paycheck. No Russian collusion has been found, and there won’t be. It is reported Trump and the Alliance already have enough evidence to send key deep state operatives to the the hoosegow. This is an internal battle for power within the government.

      31. Napoleon said something about becoming a leader. You must be weak to get to power , and strong to keep it. Or something like that? Hopefully Trump is playing the enemy, until he gets positioned for the kill?

      32. Doubtful a revolt would ever take place. Only 10% of us have balls enough to stand up and fight. The rest of the people would just bend over and take the insertion with a grimace on their faces.

        • I think that alot of these offices and the responsibility are mainly ceremonial, and they are like spokespeople with handlers.

          Yes, these families have their temperamental quirks and opinions, but I get the distinct impression that they’re tourists, on a vacation.

      33. This message is for all the experts on this site. If they try to indict and or impeach Trump, we will burn it all down, and every Democrat responsible will be hunted down and dealt with accordingly. Say what you want and think what you want, you may want to stock up on popcorn so you can wait back and watch the show.

      34. Through advocacy of LEOs and soldiers/veterans, you can help turn this thing around. That is what has to happen for a revolution to work: calm unswerving persuasion that appeals to the patriots who risk everything in these public service occupations.

        Otherwise it’s halfass, ragtag, and doomed to fail. Few revolutions are armed conflicts. Jesus Christ and 12 barely literate men changed the entire world…and not with weapons but ideas, persuasion, personal testtimony, and genuine friendship.

        • I can’t endorse demographic replacement or the concept of victimless crime.

      35. Fact of the matter is I will fight. This means absolutely nothing, as they will come for us singly. I expect to last 5 mins from breach, anything after that is god’s time. Hence the problem. We will not be allowed to band together at first. And I won’t be with any of you who make it to resistence point.

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