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US Citizens Have Even Less Freedom Thanks To Alleged Russian Election Meddling

Mac Slavo
October 3rd, 2018
Comments (19)

The United States’ trek towards complete Communism is well on its way.  Thanks to the alleged Russian election meddling, citizens living in what hasn’t been the land of the free in over a century have even fewer freedoms than they did a mere two years ago according to a report.

According to an independent watchdog that measures political rights and democratic institutions around the world, Americans now have less freedom since electing Donald Trump and because of the alleged Russian election interference, reported Business Insider.

The United States’ political rights rating declined … due to growing evidence of Russian interference in the 2016 elections, violations of basic ethical standards by the new administration, and a reduction in government transparency,” according to Freedom House.  Overall, the US’s freedom rating dropped from 89 to 86 because its political rights dropped from 36 to 33, according to the annual Freedom House report. The “land of the free” only the 58th freest country in the world, making it a joke to even pretend we are free.

The report stated that the current administration’s defiance of ethical standards and Robert Mueller’s Russian election meddling investigation heating up are the specific reasons American citizens have become less free.

In terms of defying ethical standards, Freedom House specifically mentioned Trump refusing to release his tax returns, “promoting his private business empire” in office, and “naming his daughter and son-in-law as presidential advisers.”

As for making major policy decisions with little consultation or transparency, Freedom House mentioned Trump’s January 2017 executive order banning seven Muslim-majority countries from traveling to the US, and his July 2017 executive order banning transgender people from the military. –Business Insider

Read Freedom House’s 2018 Freedom in the World report here, and its explainer of the US’s freedom here.

This is not to say that we do or do not agree with how Freedom House determines the level of freedom, because taxation (government theft and the most obvious violation of basic human civil rights) rates were obviously not a factor in their rankings. Nor were the number of government services the public is forced to fund at gunpoint whether they use them or not taken into account.  It appears they judge only on a few very social layers. But read the reports and see for yourself.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: October 3rd, 2018
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Dragyn88 says:

    More nonsensical, leftwing drivel. Liberty is the ability to take back your country is need be from tyranny. We elected a president to do just that and the commies thwart him at every turn. The time for revolution is here. The reds next door must be dealt with or there will be horrific consequences for out future. I don’t care about the reds overseas unless they parachute into Colorado.

    • I agree. I looked up “Freedom House” the organization which produced this report. It looks like an extension of the deep state funded 86% by the US Govt. Their staff is not even very bright, telling us there are 531 electoral votes (actual number 538). Looks like a bunch of Georgetown underachievers who couldn’t get a congressional job.

  2. 57th in Freedom

    That’s petty bad. But Trump is not why.

    We rank at the top in infant mortality and at the bottom in education.
    And it was that way before Trump.

    The Federal Reserve Bank was the sinking of the Titanic American Dream.


  3. NunyaBidness says:

    So weird how all these independent thinker outfits always seem to rate all their favorite socialist countries higher than what the capitalist side of America has done.

    It’s always the more limited govt side that’s continually rated as failed and backward and bad.

    Weird how that happens.

    Yes, America is already long since doomed. The only that’s really the same as intended is the name.

    Let yourself be disarmed at your peril.

  4. We “started” moving away from a constitutional republic 153 years ago. But the real definite move away and loss of freedom came 105 years ago. Since then, it’s all been theatrics and an illusion.

  5. No Russian meddling on behalf of Trump. Maybe on behalf of Hillary. Obama was better at transparency than Trump? Really? Hillary was in Obama’s administration. So was Clapper, Brennan and Comey. BS article.

  6. aljamo says:

    All of the presidents of the past 50 years have sucked. Name one that has not. They have all been treasonous bastards supporting the Fed because their life and presidency depended on it. The ever growing police state is the result to protect the ongoing treason which is escalating daily. The non reaction from the people is sad revealing just how bad things are heading overall in the incremental stripping away of freedom and justice. It is approaching a full force assault with little pushback and time for massive nonviolent protest publicly, otherwise we have a nation of helpless prisoners.

  7. Wait a minute.

    “Thanks to Alleged Russian Election Meddling”??

    I don’t think so.

    George Bush, Jr. started RESTRICTING our freedoms and DECIMATING our Bill of Rights with the UNpatriot(ic) Act!

    That’s in ADDITION to his converting us from Analog to DIGITAL thus allowing your DVR and Flat Screen to audio and visually RECORD you.

    Don’t even get me started on his treasonous lie about Saddam having weapons of mass destruction which sent scores of our young service people to their deaths. Years prior, Saddam sent a hit team to kill his father which fortunately got intercepted. So he avenged his father, at the expense of all Americans including those who gave their lives. And at 911truth.org, you can learn all about the REAL truth about what brought down the twin towers, and possibly whom.

    Then Barack Obama gave the Russians and Chinese OPEN access to our GRID Infrastructure; check out Grid Ex I, Grid Ex II. Look it up.

    Then Secretary Clinton sold tons of Uranium to Russia. She and Barack also let our Ambassador and Marines DIE NEEDLESSLY at Benghazi. A General DEFIED their orders and went in to get them but then found himself ARRESTED because the NSA, who listens to all communications, alerted the President of his actions.

    Who committed Treason here? Clinton and Obama, who sold them out? Or a BRAVE General who did the RIGHT thing?

    Moreover, why hasn’t ANYONE asked what Russia HAS on Secretary Clinton? They obviously did not want HER to be President.

    So let’s be honest here: Russia “meddled” because they knew our world was in for much DARKER times if Secretary Clinton got elected.

    So were all of us.

    And now, by EXTERNALIZING the blame onto RUSSIA, we CONVENIENTLY avoid the above mentioned facts so as to BRAINWASH readers here and other U.S. citizens to “blame the Russians.”

    I don’t think so, good people.

    Are the Russians Saints? Hell no.

    And neither are we.

    Note to Aljamo: one reason of several John Kennedy got his head blown off was because he had the balls to stand up to the 9 privately owned banks known as the “Federal” Reserve.

    – the Lone Ranger

    “Truth never damages a cause that is just.”- Gandhi

    “Truth needs to be repeated as long as there are men who disbelieve it.” – Gandhi

    “Always tell the truth, it will astonish some, and gratify the rest.” – Harry S. Truman

  8. Anonymous says:

    More nonsense
    Articles here are no longer worth reading

  9. Kevin2 says:

    Every “threat” (and they’re created) necessitates greater control which collaterally (or intentionally) manifests in less freedom. The Bill Of Rights doesn’t have, a “and, the and but” in its language but the conservatives and liberals while disagreeing on abortion agree that the NSA spying on everyone isn’t a violation of the clear as a bell to layman, 4th Amendment.

    Its said it matters little if the boot on your throat contains a communist or fascist foot. The reality is the boot is communist but inside of it, the foot, belongs to TPTB, who are fascist.

    • kovran says:

      An exceptional German race with the help of second-rate nations decided to rule the world. It was called fascism. The exclusive American nation has gathered to rule the world with the help of the same second-class nations called democracy. What will be the finale of this exclusivity?

  10. “Russian meddling” is a myth. A myth can’t affect freedom. The way Deepstste is USING the myth of “Russian meddling” is a real and serious danger to freedom.

    Trump’s unethical behavior is real, but ethical behavior by leaders has NO connection with ordinary freedom. Often people are more free to live their lives when government runs by open bribery instead of “pure” ideology.

    Trump’s vague and brief attempt to SLOW DOWN the FBI was a very slight INCREASE in freedom because FBI has been the center of real lethal tyranny since its founding.

    Government transparency, like ethics, is am irrelevant and generally inverse variable. When governments are forced to have “open meetings”, they find sneakier ways to be secret.

  11. Felix says:

    I’ve followed many of these international rankings for years, both professionally and out of personal interest.

    While I tend to agree with the position rank of the U.S., it’s utterly laughable the review Freedom House gave of Trump and the last presidential election.