Cities Across The Country Board Up Windows Ahead Of The Election

by | Oct 31, 2020 | Headline News | 17 comments

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    Many cities are anticipating election chaos and violence after the election takes place on Tuesday, so business owners have been boarding up their windows to prevent as much damage as possible. Small businesses are being systematically destroyed and this could be the end for so many more.

    Regardless of the outcome, businesses are concerned about the public’s response to the winner. From San Francisco to New York, major cities are taking precautions and shuttering their doors and windows to prevent theft and damages. After a spring of economically disastrous lockdowns and a summer of protests, looting, and rioting, storefront businesses across the country are bracing for a potential wave of social unrest related to the election.

    In Chicago, several businesses along the Michigan Avenue shopping district have boarded up their windows in preparation for Election Day, Adam Skaf, a spokesperson for the Magnificent Mile Association, told NBC News. The group also partnered with the city government to participate in an auxiliary command center on Election Day, when it will share real-time information to businesses.

    Walmart has also taken a controversial step. The store said this week it would remove all guns and ammunition from its sales floors as a precaution, after seeing some “isolated civil unrest.” Walmart announced Friday it had reversed that decision, however.

    Another Secret Model: A Contested 2020 Election

    While President Donald Trump has repeatedly suggested that he will refuse to participate in a peaceful transition of power in the event he loses to former Vice President Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and others have suggested the Joe Biden refuse to concede no matter what.

    This election has been promised to be chaotic at best. Prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.  You cannot control the actions of others, but you can prepare for the rabid hoards of people that are likely to take to the streets the night of the election and for days, if not weeks afterward. Be where you want to be and make sure you are safe. This has been promised to be ugly, and with so many Americans impoverished thanks to lockdowns, people are going to feel backed into a corner, and they may think fighting is the only way out. 

    Texas Governor Orders 1,000 Troops For “Post-Election Disturbances”

    Don’t Vote for a Psychopath: Tyranny at the Hands of a Psychopathic Government


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      1. Somewhat O/T here…but perhaps not.
        Relative to the ongoing Media “Certified Legally Blind” situation which is ‘Bidengate’ perhaps the following is apropo,

        NBC….Nothing But Crap (Broadcasting Corporation)
        ABC…All (for) Biden Channel
        CNN…Communist News Network
        MSNBC…More Shit, Nothing But Crap (Broadcasting Corporation)

        Want to get a glimpse of the future of the World under the loving Globalist who are so concerned for us and the environment? Look no further than Great Britain…the entire population outside of the Noble/Otherwise Entitled class pussy-whipped under that system are little more than the ‘Plantation Niggers’ of the American 1800’s.
        There’s z reason that the Founders wrote as LAW that none holding a title of ‘Nobility in any Nation on Earth could ever run for any official office higher than dog Catcher…because Hereditary Nobility is actually a Cancer upon everyone so entitled; a Cancer of the Spirit.
        “Noblese Oblige”…translated as ‘Noble Obligation’ is the rationalization all such use to rationalize their hereditary status, basically running as, “Oh the poor dears are so subhuman that they can’t possibly choose for themselves…we’ll have to do it for them.” THAT, after that entire class has so circumscribed every natural opportunity that anyone might avail themselves of otherwise via the utter monopolozation of Lands, Legal Authority and etc.
        Look at Australia…look at Canada. It’s no simple coincincidence that everywhere that the Citizens owe fealty to the Queen that they are a permanent, perpetual underclass.
        Early last century an organization calling itself the ‘Fabian Society’ conceived a vision to perpetuate the English system and it’s dominance over it’s wayward Colonies ‘remotely’ as if by Adam Smith’s oft quoted ‘Invisible Hand’. The details of this were recently laid out in a multi-part series appearing several weeks ago.
        To make a very long story short, the Fabian Society in the mid 1930’s rebranded itself as the Rhodes Scholars program…and thereafter began training (read as ‘indictrinating’) candidates from the aforementioned countries and then returning them home thereafter whilst subtly assisting those in securing positions within their respective governments.
        FWIW, all the foregoing was very cleary detailed in the previously mentioned piece at ZH. After WWII, the Rhodes program began accepting AMERICAN candidates…and that’s about the time that the Corruption of these United States can be traced back to.
        Think not? Why then is our Intelligence Community bound up in the ‘Five Eyes’ Intel sharing agreement with the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand?
        Effectively,the US was suborned back to colonial status via this mechanism. Congratulations my fellow Americans, our DARLING FRIENDS, the British re-conquered us…and all are now HAPPILY one great big HAPPY family under British rule as we always should have been (except for that nasty little Revolution thing of course). The upshot here we’re being incrementally turned back into one big Plantation for the betterment of our ‘natural Lord’s…
        and all their corruption has spilled over into America, ie, “The British Cancer”.
        Just watch the BBC sometime…it’s all GAY, it’s all ‘Diversity’…
        it’s all, “…and do as Thou wilt shall be the WHOLE of the Law.”
        Donald Trump is nothing – more or less – than an existential threat to the existing, established ‘Pecking Order’, hence the seemingly endless series of machinations to neutralize him BY ANY MEANS CONCEIVEABLE. Any wonder that MI6 was apparently directly involved in the creation of the Steele dosier?
        Food for thought perhaps?

        • But, when I go out in public, in my blue state — think Greater San Bernardino — most people should live on a plantation.

          Not that I want to work for King George, necessarily, but how can you say that a democracy makes perfect sense, if all the town has to be boarded up?

          At least, the ancient example had more rules, as in who was capable to participate in formal society.

        • You Loot, We Shoot. No warning shots, then S-S&S.

      2. Wonder which group will do the most damage after the election? Those upset their guy lost or those “celebrating” their guy won?Either way, hopefully the damage won’t be too severe.So many businesses have already suffered so much due to the closings and lockdowns.None of us deserve to be living in constant fear,so,here’s hoping no matter who “wins”- things won’t get any worse.I think we already have enough to deal with as it is with this phony 19 b.s. “virus”. Really hope no more businesses people have spent time building will be damaged or destroyed.

      3. Revenge of The Manchurian Candidates
        We know for a fact that the goals of the Manchurian Candidates are trying to obtain our DNA and intellectual property and physical property through lock-downs, testing hysteria, and data through spying since they are obtaining our DNA through testing and intellectual property through spying, and property through forced lock downs that resulted in bankruptcies. Everyone knows that covid does not warrant such illegal and unconstitional measures.

        Are we supposed to believe that it is just a coincidence that they wound up with our DNA, intellectual property obtained through spying, and physical property obtained through lock down induced bankruptcies but that it wasn’t actually their goals to end up with all of that?! Please tell me that nobody is stupid enough to believe that that was not the intended goal for them to end up with all of that!!

        But it is even worse than that! 

        The Manchurian Candidates Want To Own Our Thoughts Via Mind Reading Technology

        Only mentally incompetent psychopathic serial criminals would waste their time and resources in an internationally orchestrated campaign of fraud to gain acess to our DNA via force, coersion, or fear based on fraud, in addition to mass surveillance also based on scientific fraud. There is a God given reason that they do not have our DNA and thoughts, and they simply refuse to accept it. They cannot gain access to our DNA via natural selection, so they obtain it through the medical mafia using scientic fraud as a means of extorting it. Gynecologists also steal ovums. Do not go to them unless absolutly necessary! It is completely unnatural for a woman to be implanted with the ovums from another woman! It is also completely unnatural to try to genetically alter DNA. Do not get a colonoscopy either unless absolutely necessary ( although I can’t imagine what reason that might be, especially considering that prior to 1990 they did not even exist! ) since they use anesthesia and nobody has any idea what they are doing to all of these seemingly healthy people that are willingly subjecting themselves to colonoscopies every year just because the government said that it is good for them, like yearly gynecological and prostate exams, and mammograms, which really ought to be setting off alarms in everyone’s heads!  If that is what the government has to offer us, I politely suggest that they shove their tests up their asses!

        They want to mine our brains and own our thoughts and intellectual property and creations as their own:

        The psychopaths in control also want to convince us that they are not responsible for their behavior and they would like us to believe has resulted from MKUltra mind control programs.

        Others have stated over and over again that a person under hypnosis cannot be compelled to do things that they are morally opposed to doing. :

        Psychotronic Weapons 

        I believe that the power structure is trying to evade responsibility for their crimes of the inside job of 9/11  with the full cooperation of all government, large corporations, financial institutions, media, and universities, and now for the Health Scare Scamdemic by attempting to persuade people that others are remotely controlling them with MKUltra techniques. Everyone knows how weirdly Hillary acted with Secret Service agents reaching in their pockets and pressing buttons on a device, and how strangely Pelosi, Schiff, Trump, Fauci, Biden, and Gates are acting, like circus freak show acts. Also recall the way that George W. Bush used to just blank out mid-sentence and gaze off into space, as if he was having either petit mal seizures or TIAs
        (or check if you are too young to recall.)

        Illegal surgery and MKUltra techniques have been performed on me and have tortured me and resulted in sleep deprivation and an inability to cry, as well as reduced concentration from the obvious fact that I am being terrorized with DEWs and EMF radiation. It produces extremely horrible sensations, as if my brain gets magnetized, because it actually has been with the EMFs. Despite the fact that these DEWs have been used on me, they have been incapable of controlling deciscions that I make, asking me to give things up, or move out of the neighborhood, This has been done to approximately 300,000 people according to anesthesiologist from Austin Texas, Dr. John R. Hall on his website International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies:

        Froedert Hospital in Milwaukee is also managed by James Brunnquell who is also the Village president of the village that I live in Grafton, Wisconsin even though he does not work any hours at all at the village and he does not have voice mail at the village, and Brunnquell keeps running for office and has been in the village government since I moved here in 2000 is coincidently involved in such a project.:

        They obviously want to get away with criminal behavior by saying that they were remotely controlled to commit crimes as Manchurian Candidates. Well, the technology is being used on me, and I do not commit crimes, and I do not do what they tell me to do, in fact, I do not even believe in the Lock Downs, distancing, masks, covid vaccines, or social and travel restrictions, and I am not going to vote for any candidates, because they are all totally corrupt. Only a totally delusional person would take orders from an anonymous, cowardly, psychopath that is using DEWs on them. The Son of Sam was probably a victim of it, and he was definitely delusional, and definitely insane since he murdered people because his dog commanded him to do it!  The DEW users have threatened me as well. I simply refuse to obey the DEW criminal psychopaths.

        Devices were illegally implanted in me while unconscious at Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee on March 27th, 2014, I have barely been able to cry, despite intense feeling of sorrow resulting from a serious of personal tragedies and losses that few would be able to survive, all tragic events were a cascade of losses in such a rapid succession and of such grave consequences that to say that it is truly a series of horrors would be a gross understatement. I used to cry constantly. I am simply unable to express it as a result of psychotronic weaponry, it is not that I do not feel it. It started with immediate sleep deprivation and extremely loud tinnitus in my left ear, and the inability to cry. They turned my brain into a three way transistor radio with devices implanted in both ears and in my nasal cavity. I have written about this in the past and have told many people and informed law enforcement, politicians, and health care at all levels, and all notifications have been ignored, laughed at, and even resulted in threats against me by St. Mary’s staff. Immediately after my first phone was hacked in June of 2017, someone started using DEWs on me. The DEW users repeat non-sensical chants and sexually harrass me and ask me to give up things to them, none of which I have given up. I do not hear it if music is playing, or listening to the radio because the radio waves are larger than the microwaves and displaces them like ripples in a pool from a boulder would displace ripples from a pebble. It is the most offensive and grotesque personal invasion concievable and I have been raped by a stranger, prior to this, and this is much worse, because it never stops, it is an invisible, cowardly, brain-raping, parasitic, psychopath that will not stop. It is total rape by  total coward(s) and  total monster(s) that belong(s) in a federal pennitentiary for life. I do not know how many people are involved. Anything with a motor also repeats these chants, as well as anything with plumbing because the microwaves can jump to copper pipes. Since I have experienced it miles away from my home, with or without cell-phone, I have concluded that it is beamed from a satellite, and are frequency specific to the illegally implanted devices. My house is constantly broken into and things stolen and vandalized as well as neighbors that stalk and spy and gas-light and have even placed things in their windows that they had stolen from my home including curtains, and small round globe colored lights which the lights have been removed and placed back in their windows dozens of times. This terrorism has conicided with all of the tragic losses that I have endured since 2014. I have lived in this neighborhood since 2000 and never had a single problem with a neighbor until then. New neighbors have also moved in around me since then on three sides. Two of those neighbors have placed items stolen from me in their windows. 

        There is a terrorist network in my neighborhood. The people involved in this are not from a particular political party or religion. Some of the individuals involved that lived here prior to 2014 are Republicans, some are Democrats, some are Trump supporters, some are Christian, and some are Jews. The only common link that I am aware of is their criminal behavior. I have lived in this neighborhood for longer than all of but four other households. Many new neighbors have also moved into the neighborhood and the majority of the men and women do not have jobs, so how they can live here without jobs is unusual. This was all pre-lockdown.

        Vault7 technology is also being used on me. My smart meter was hacked as well as appliances and people remotely control my lights, thermostat, and appliances at their whims. This could only happen to someone living in a shit-hole neighborhood, in a shit-hole village, in a shit-hole county, in a shit-hole state, in a shit-hole country, considering all that have been notified and that have refused to prosecute and imprison the psychopathic terrorists. Notifications have gone from the Grafton police, all the way up to Donald Trump. We Energies ( Wisconsin Energy ) and technology companies have also been notified and other than We Energies replacing my smart meter after it was hacked in Februrary of 2016, and read ddd-ddd for a default code, all refuse to find the culprits and have them arrested for the hacking crime spree that continues to this day.

        Gang Stalking is a common problem in Wisconsin:

        The only reason that I have not killed myself is because I want to expose them and have them permantly thrown in federal pennitentiaries where they can no longer harm people because they pose extreme dangers to society.

        Here is documention that Psychotronic Weapons do exist by written author Mojamir Babacek:

        This invasive brain raping technology is being implemented throughout countries around the world ranging from America, China, Iran, Sweden, you name it! There are numerous international collaborative human brain interfacing with technology projects, in addition to projects by the Medical Mafia, Militaries, Universities, and private corporations. They claim that these technologies are being developed to help those with neurological problems like Parkinsons, which I believe that they deliberately caused, because there is a direct correlation between EMFs and Parkinsons as well as other neurological diseases. It is Super Man Complex, otherwise referred to as Munchausen’s Syndrome, where they provide both the disease and the cure and often for profit as well as other benefits, in this case intellectual property. Is it a coincidence that Stephen Hawking had ALS? Is it a coincidence that Michael J. Fox developed Parkinson’s Disease at such an early age which is basically unheard of and has used his voice to request such technology? Is it a coincidence that anti-psychotics cause Parkinsonism and mirror the effects of Parkinsons disease supposedly by attaching to dopamine receptors and blocking dopamine up-take, and that it is suspected that Parkinson’s is caused by the brains inability to uptake dopamine, but when levadopa is administered there is an initial improvement followed by an extremely rapid decilne in functioning as well as an extremely rapid increase in Parkinson’s symptoms? 

        I demand Truth and Justice, which would entail that the evil, sadistic, psychopaths that have tortured and terrorized me and have committed a litany of the most offensive crimes against humanity against me concelievable to be permanently thrown in federal pennitentiaries where they are no longer free to continue their sadistic crime spree against me. These individiuals are involved in a massive organized crime ring and have proven themselves to be serial criminal psychopaths, incapable of living within the law in a manner that does not entail violating my rights and property. They have destroyed my life, as well as a lot of my property. They pose grave dangers to humanity over all. They are psychopaths unworthy of even negotiating with. I refuse to reward them for their illegal sadistic behavior by dignifying them in any manner. Hopefully, they do not have the audacity to believe that they are even entitled to associate with me in any manner that would involve any sort of reconciliation. They are evil, destructive, serial, criminal, psychopaths that do not deserve escaping imprisonment for their barbaric crime spree. I would rather die than talk to them. I am not exagerating in any way. They are not worthy of my recognition. They are not worthy of being listened to. They are not worthy of being trusted. They are not even worthy of the respect that would be required to reconcile with anyone. They have destroyed my one and only life, in a pre-medidated, organized crime spree with the deliberate intent to cause harm by committing physically destructive and psychologically abusive crimes against me and physically destructive property crimes against me, and to be direct beneficiaries of the illegal harm that they have caused, and there is no reconciliation for that. They are terrorists in every sense of the definition. I demand that they be sent to prison so that I will be able to live the remainder of my life in the liberty and safety that their terrorism and crime spree has prevented me from doing.

        Andrea Iravani

      4. Pepe Escobar said that Biden means the return of the Blob. A hacker prevented me from posting this on Unz:

        I thought that they were still there and just kind of regurgitating themselves onto society. I didn’t know that Bolton and Elliot Abrams were not part of the Blob, and of course, Blobman Sachs has been occupying the White House since 1993.

        Andrea Iravani

      5. Beverly Hills brawl breaks out as 40 BLM attack hundreds of Trump supporters that have been rallying every weekend in support of Trump. If Berverly Hills isn’t the establishment, what is? People keep saying that it is Trump or the establishment, and the people that are saying it are part of the establishment, which is hillarious! Trump and Biden are both part of the establishment. It is not possible to become a multi-billionaire if you are not part of the establishment. Even the musicians, actors, and artists in America are for the most part too intimidated to get real and tell it like it is, from the limited view of them that I have witnessed, other than many threatening to leave the country every election if a Republican wins, but they keep deciding to stick around anyways.

        Andrea Iravani

      6. Arrest all who do violence in the cities. It will save on lumber used to board up windows, Prosecute those who are arrested. Prosecute those county and state attorneys that refuse to prosecute. State legislatures needed to be thinned out of those that pass “:no bail” legislation. NO FREE PASS.

      7. Owners of business need to stand in front of their stores with a 12 gauge shotgun. They also need to shoot to kill with 00 shots.
        No warning shots – it is real hard to buy 00 shot.

        It is just as basic as that – Oh, a K-bar knife on their belt would help also!

      8. I never thought I would ever see this country like this.
        I guess its our turn just like Europe.

        My only question is when is this going to stop ?
        Or are we headed for violence on a astronomical scale ?

      9. I have discovered the evil psychopathic hacker that is the culprit of Sputnik radio shows being abruptly stopped while I am listening to Sputnik, in which the goal of the psych was to attempt to convince me that Sputnik was using DEWs on me, despite the fact that Sputnik’s radio frequency in DC is occupied by a Milwaukee radio station where I live. That is how retarded the psychos are! I was listening to it while monitoring my network, which for some strange reason under the on button, shows a list of users whose wifi is for some reason being flooded into my home and bombarding me with their toxic wi-fi signals, sometimes over a dozen users appear, which showed that as soon as a psycho with a user ID name appeared above
        my user ID, the reception immediately stopped.

        Andrea Iravani

      10. The Great Reset. Nobody believed me. Now the MSM is talking it up as the best thing ever. Time magazine has come out with a full cover and major story on the “Great Reset”. Hint….You ain’t gonna like it.

      11. Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has written a letter to Trump, and in this letter has used language that I have not heard until today, “The Deep Church” and in this letter condemns Pope Francis, referred to as “The One Who Occupies The Chait of Peter” for supporting the Great Reset globalist agenda of destroying liberty entirely along with the implications of enslavement of the world population and total tyranny. This is really earth shattering!

        Andrea Iravani

      12. There will probably be some violence, destruction, and social justice looting after the election regardless who will win. Not so much worried about all that where I am, so long as they just keep it in the urban areas. I can definitely tell you it won’t go over in my town. Though the boys around here want them to come and try, the troublemakers would be quite foolish to do so.
        What I want to see, after DT wins reelection, are all the videos of the butthurt people. All the videos after the last election of the broken up snowflakes were outright hilarious. The videos after this election are sure to be even more entertaining. On an other note, I am fully convinced should the Dems. win they will have succeeded in cheating and stealing the election.

      13. Historically …August is the preferred month for rioting.
        Riot season typically runs from may-sept. …there have been exceptions but most are short lived and contained to warmer areas like Miami.

      14. What did I tell ya about the g*dd*m white women in this country. It seems the single biggest demographic voting for the Dems. are those entitled, self-absorbed, American white women who will expect to have the same quality of life and standard of living after the Dems. take power.
        They like to vote for candidates who promise to give them preferential treatment and make taxpayers subsidize them in a variety of ways. No, I don’t want to pay for your abortion(s), your health care, your kids, your education, your job training, and all the rest they wring from the taxpayers.
        Many, if not most, working women also vote Dem. They vote against their interest too. They’ll see their taxes go up and cost of living increase should the Dems. take control of the gov’t. Be sure to then blame white men for it.
        Has anyone else seen these white women from affluent families living in affluent neighborhoods. They acknowledge they don’t know dick about the issues, but said they are voting for JB just to cancel out the Repub. votes of their husbands and fathers, and to see the expression on their faces and to p*ss off them off for fun. Isn’t that wonderful, they vote against their own families and communities interests, but by god, they insist they better continue having the life style and safety they are accustomed to.
        No wonder many white women all across the US are complaining they find a husband. We white men are refusing to marry in massive numbers and don’t want children either – good.

      15. What have you been up to? I am fascinated about covid19. Can you talk about it? If the same thread is opened please redirect my post :). Thanks :).

        PS: I don’t know any people with covid and you? rambo 😀

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