More Preplanned Election Chaos: Trump Says The Supreme Court Will “Sort Out” The Election

by | Sep 24, 2020 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Forecasting, Headline News | 4 comments

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    The preplanned election chaos is ramping up.  President Donald Trump says it’s important to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat on the Supreme Court because the “highest court” will have to “sort out” the presidential election, and it’s important to have nine justices.

    They are advertising an election that will be the fall of this country. It will not matter who wins.  This will be ugly, they have promised us that already. Neither side will accept defeat, and both sides are going to make sure this plan plays out.

    Trump has also made comments calling the Democrats’ efforts to expand voting by mail “a scam” and “a hoax,” adding that having the full Supreme Court bench would be “very important” because of that. “I think this will end up in the Supreme Court. And I think it’s important we have nine justices, Trump told reporters on Wednesday, at a roundtable with state attorneys-general at the White House.

    Trump seemed determined to fill Ginsburg’s seat before the election because he wants to make sure the court is on his side if/when this contested political theatre goes all the way to the top. When asked about the timing of the confirmation, he said it was “better if you go before the election” and that it would be “fairly quick.”

    Democrats are opposed to any nomination, arguing that Republican refusal to consider President Barack Obama’s nomination in 2016 has set a precedent for SCOTUS nominations in an election year. Republicans have countered that their refusal to consider Merrick Garland was different, because the Senate and the White House were not controlled by the same party, as they are now. RT

    Trump will likely be successful in filling Ginsburg’s seat which will cause an uproar and further advance the division between the right and left. This could end in horrible violence if we don’t realize what’s going on.  Both sides in the left vs. right paradigm are saying that they won’t accept the election results and their followers will get overly angry about which president is selected this November.

    And it’s all preplanned. This is by design.


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      1. Hi Mac,

        As I understand it, we want a supreme court with an odd number of people. In most cases, the Supreme Court hears cases appealed from circuit courts. If the Supreme Court is tied, the circuit court’s decision stands. A odd number of justices prevents ties. Can anyone with actual knowledge of this topic confirm my understanding?

        You said, ” This could end in horrible violence if we don’t realize what’s going on. Both sides in the left vs. right paradigm are saying that they won’t accept the election results and their followers will get overly angry about which president is selected this November.”

        I’m thinking that there are countries who don’t want a stable United States (Russia, China, Iran, possibly France & Germany) and they are expending a lot effort to agitate both ends of the political spectrum. I am not completely discounting your concern but I doubt that the US will descend into chaos following the election. There will be violence and there are those who want us to think “chaos” but between the general malaise, a large dollop of plain old common sense, and ordinary everyday stuff like paying bills and mowing the lawn, I think we will mostly just keep on keeping on. My powder is dry but I doubt I will need it.

      2. Here is Andre Vltchek reporting a tragc tail of utter despair and hopelessness traveling around the world in 8 days at the height of the lockdown hysteria over the coronavirus in a world that has totalyy ceased functioning as a result of it clashing with health problems common to world travelers, in Andre’s case, parasitic infection contracted in Borneo. This was obviously far more serious than an eye infection and Andre also was suffering diabetic attacks and was telling everyone that he was sick. He chose not to see a doctor. I believe that he suspected that he was targeted for murder by the medical mafia, otherwise, he probably would have seen a physician. Andre was writing a book about Borneo. 21stCenturyWire has not commented on or reported on Andre Vltchek’s death. Andre Vltchek was a frequent contributor to 21stCenturyWire and the Sunday radio show by Patrick Henningsen. They may be too grief stricken to comment, or might be investigating. 

        I believe that Andre Vltchek died from Gnathostomiasis and diabetic complications, whether it was deliberate or not is a mystery that we will never have the answer to.
        Andrea Iravani

      3. I just watched a Biden interview on the evening news. Biden stated about the election and rejecting the results as “when it happens” the tried to correct himself to “if it happens”.
        Letting the truth slip out accidentally?

      4. Hypothetical schedule:
        (It just seemed to be self-reinforcing, aimho.)
        — The USPS had already patented a system of voting via block chain (leaving a permanent data trail).
        — Before voting day, Project Warp Speed would have placed all willing participant’s data profiles in the same block chain, via vaccination records.

        Technically, you can’t retrace every vote, back to a single voter, under an assumption that the ballot is secret.

        Whomever wins would know whether you supported him, were neutral, or in political opposition.

        Again, I say that the Stalinist right and Leninist left are both dangerous Communists. Communism comes in a permissive, degenerate stage, and hardcore, utilitarian stage.

        If you do not run afoul of the present administration, due to your permanent record, what about the next one?

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