China Is “Rehearsing” For When It OVERTAKES The United States

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    China has begun their dress rehearsal for when they overtake the United States. The communist country just outpaced the United States in attracting foreign direct investment for the first time.

    According to a report by CNN, as 2020 was drawing to a close, China signed a trade agreement with the European Union with the aim of boosting growth and giving European companies greater access to its 1.4 billion consumers. “China emerged from the Covid-19 shock earlier than the rest of the world and authorities are already planning for the long term,” wrote Françoise Huang, senior economist for Asia-Pacific at Euler Hermes, in a report last week titled, “The world is moving East, fast.”

    President Xi Jinping, who declared himself ruler forever, has already made it clear that he sees China taking the lead position in the coming year and beyond. With Americans blindly and willfully obeying their masters to destroy their economy and decimate their currency, it is only a matter of time until China surpasses the U.S. in every aspect of geopolitics.

    China’s relative economic strength is hard to ignore. Top global funds such as Fidelity and Invesco have just committed hundreds of millions of dollars to a TikTok-like Chinese app, while American brands such as CostcoTesla and Starbucks have been investing more aggressively there, too. The country was able to borrow at negative interest rates for the first time last year, drawing biginvestorsfrom around the globe — including in Europe and the United States. –CNN

    And of course, let’s not forget that China has come up with a more “accurate,” albeit invasive way to check for COVID-19:

    Nasal Swabs Were Only The Beginning: China Rolls Out Anal Swab COVID Tests

    “In and out of lockdown ahead of everybody else, the Chinese economy powered ahead while much of the world was struggling to maintain balance,” wrote Frederic Neumann, co-head of Asian economics research at HSBC, in a report last week.

    Given China’s rapid growth over the last few decades, many economists were already predicting that it would overtake the United States sometime after 2030. But the country’s ability to enforce draconian measures and create money out of thin air has helped the “weather the pandemic” and is accelerating that trend.

    This sure sounds like an authoritarian piece of propaganda designed to get the average American on board with their total enslavement and subjugation.  “Be just like China and accept your place as a slave” is what it sounds like to me.


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      1. Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fengh is attributed to have said, “Of course, right now it is not the time to openly break up with them yet. Our reform and opening to the outside world still rely on their capital and technology, we still need America.”

        There are also creative, individualist, and even Christian Chinese, with no apparent need for outside capital or technology. (Shame on CCP. How did you survive, before complicit Democrats and RINO’s?)

        In charismatic prophecy, vengeance against Mystery Babylon belongs to God. The East Bloc does arrive, here, but is turned away by Earth changes.

      2. The Chinese play the long game.

        We in America have nothing to worry about – We have Joe Biden!

        • I am so sick of the Chinese. They breed like rabbits then think they can rule the world.

      3. Relax. China isn’t going to attack the US. Jeeeeezzzzzz

        Oh, yea. And a 2 minute video of a pair of gloves is supposed to convince me China is ‘doing anal swabs’?

        Oh. Okay

        I happen to have lived in Asia. and I talk with people around the world. They’re often VERY surprised when I tell them what their country is supposedly doing, because it’s news to them.

        • Agree. Asians are too busy making money to bother with war. Asians also have more fun working than Americans. Chinese like to party, drink good wine, and have lots of mistresses.

        • EXACTLY.

          Creative story writing.

      4. China doesn’t want to invade the US. Why bother when you can just buy up America and use the brutal police state and military industrial complex directed by woke authoritarians to do the dirty work?

        China is on a roll and knows all the trends are going their way.

      5. Many writers and reporters are hallucinating.

        They think very lowly about the Americans.

        All day they talk about the Chinese invasions and PLA appear out of no where like their defense is a failed grade.

      6. Pooh Bear had a constant smirk on his face after listening to the imbecilic rants of the orange Man for four years.

        He knows nothing much will change with the new grifter in town…except those stupid tariffs might be taken off.

        China makes five year plans…the US bosses only sees things a quarter at a time.

      7. For thousands of years China was an isolated country. Their ethnic race has remained basically intact. Their global ventures are relatively recent. They also have an abundance of arrogance. They were a third world toilet until Nixon opened trade relations with them in the early 1970s. Now they are a world super power. As our corrupt politicians have sold them tons of military technologies over the years. But I think their empire will be relatively short lived. However they are a real and present danger. One good thing is they have to contend with India,and Russia is only friends with them for convenience,kind of like Hitler and Stalin were for a while. I think China will cause their own undoing.

      8. China Is “Rehearsing” For When It OVERTAKES The United States
        So is Joe Biden, he will need his excuses ready.

      9. Chinese people aren’t even human. They are worse then animals.

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