Cashless, Your Loan to the Banks: Who Gets “First Access to Your Money”

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    This article was written by Lauren Wright and originally published at Activist Post.

    Editor’s Comment: Talk about control. The coming era of digital, cashless money is one in which the banking institutions and money creators hold all the power. No longer will cash and personal holdings do it; everyone must go through the system, and hold an account, just to do business.

    All transactions are automatically under scrutiny and de facto suspicion; everything you do is monitored and traced. Meanwhile, the purchasing power of that money once again resides largely with the banks, the fractional reserve system and the power to lend on fiat indefinitely.

    In A Cashless Economy, Your Money’s Never Idle Money

    by Lauren Wright

    The global financial crisis opened the world’s eyes on how dependent we were on the big banks. Today, we could be held as much hostage to the banking system as we were before, if not much more. As several countries push for a dematerialization of payment means, have we already forgotten the lessons learned after the crash?

    Many of the major banks in the U.S or in Europe still haven’t recovered fully from the multiple crashes and the collapse that shattered the system worldwide. At the time, many citizens realized how fragile the banking system was and they lost their trust. After Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy many swore that never again they would allow the banks to play with their money like they had in the past. At the time, masses of several countries rushed to their banks to withdraw their assets and keep it in the form that seemed safer to them: cash.

    Today, however, the prophets of media and governments around the world have asked us to start saying goodbye to physical money. They want to go cash-free. The idea seems wonderful, no more heavy coins in our pockets and no more ‘cling cling’ sound from the laundry machine. Instead of it; cards, mobile wallets, e-payment systems. We would live in societies where all of our assets are kept in banks, but not physically.

    “When we deposit money in a bank, we are making a loan”(1) says Anat R. Admati professor of finance and economics at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.  “JPMorgan Chase, America’s largest bank, had $2.4 trillion in assets as of June 30, and debts of $2.2 trillion: $1.2 trillion in deposits and $1 trillion in other debt. It was notable for surviving the crisis, but no bank that is so heavily indebted can be considered truly safe (…) outside of banking, healthy corporations rarely carry debts totaling more than 70 percent of their assets. Many thriving corporations borrow very little,” he added.

    After the crisis we received implicit guarantees from governments that the banks would not be allowed to continue such practices. Today “the tendency is go the same way that we were going before but with some speed limits” says Stephen Olaffson, professor at the University of Reykjavik.

    Even Ben S. Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve, has acknowledged that the “too big to fail” problem has not been solved.

    Yet, by going cashless if that’s the road we decide to take, banks will again be the only option we have for our assets. For them, the interest is tremendous in seeing governments voting regulations on cash and overall seeing less banknotes and coins in circulation. In addition to the benefits of having fewer employees there is one more incentive for banks to adopt the cashless closed system of banking. Since banks make money with money, “the more money a bank can control, the more profit it can make.”

    Presently in U.S dollars alone, there are untold millions, if not billions of currency in circulation that are not under the control of any bank. This wealth is therefore in what we call the open monetary system; the system that would precisely disappear in a cashless world. All this money in circulation, under the mattresses, in pockets, piggy banks, dresser drawers and who know how many other places, would become history. In the coming cashless society, in order for one to be able to buy and sell, all money held by an individual must be deposited into the system regardless on how much trust the individual has for the banking system This means that all of the wealth that is now held by individuals will then be controlled by the banks and other financial institutions.

    Do we want to live in a society where we keep allowing banks to have the same practices that caused the collapse that all hurt us, this time with all of our assets? Today, the transition is already happening. And we can start to ask ourselves the question ‘whose money is it anyway?’. Many people have their paychecks and other income deposited directly into their financial account, have loan payments, bill payment made by electronic fund transfer. Once this closed system is fully implemented and, we, have become cashless, all deposits and payments will be done electronically. Individuals will no longer be the first to have access to their money.

    It is as scary as it sounds and banks love it. Pastor Guest wrote: “These are a few of the ways banks can make use of the cashless ‘closed’ monetary system to improve efficiency, security, and overall profitability. No doubt there are many other ways the banks and other financial institutions will be able to utilize the closed monetary system to maximize their profits.” It’s worth to think about it twice: whose money is it anyways?

    This article was written by Lauren Wright and originally published at Activist Post.


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      1. The black market would take over – tangible assets to exchange ie coinage/specie

        • I foresee this having a lot of unexpected consequences and knock-on effects. For instance, how would you live in a cashless society in places where infrastructure and electricity are unreliable or nonexistent, such as Alaska? It would be easier to just trade in booze and cigarettes and snow machines up there.
          Also, what happens when the power goes out during a major storm, such as Superstorm Sandy? How would you pay for goods and services if the internet and power grid are down? It could take days or weeks in some cases to get power up for some people. Do they just starve til’ their EBT cards work again?

          Privacy and tax avoidance also become an issue.

          So does hacking. Hackers could counterfeit or destroy fortunes with the press of a button.

          I think the most likely result would be much, perhaps most, “money” would immediately be spent on physical goods and traded between people. I read in the Appalachians, welfare recipients buy 2 liter bottles of soda to trade with each other. I’ve also read ghetto residents are/were trading in Tide detergent jugs and the jugs had become a hot commodity on the streets. In WWII prison camps, cigarettes were a currency. In prisons today, I recently read cans of tuna fish are used as a currency. So we could conceivably see staples, alcohol, tobacco, jewelry, consumer electronics, or even Amazon Gift Cards being traded for goods and services.

          I’m reminded of Gresham’s Law of Money, which states bad money will drive good money out of the market. Could this potential preference for trade in physical items drive goods right out of the market place and cause wide-spread failure of electronic currency? We could see mountains of electronic money dumped on banks and stores because nobody trusts it or wants it.

      2. I don’t care. I don’t keep a lot of money on the bank.


        • Same here. I wish my employer would let me get at my 401k. It’s about to be worthless.

          • You can quit your job and take the distribution. 20% Federal withholding off the top.
            You know Uncle Sam has to get his cut. They usually cut you a check within 30 days
            of your termination date. I’ve been down that road before. At one of my jobs we used
            to joke that people would see the 2nd coming of Christ before they saw their 401K money.
            Hey, it could happen.

        • If a cashless system is established you will have no choice, and that includes money you are currently keeping elsewhere you will have to put into it if it is to be of any monetary value to you.

          You won’t be able to pay your various bills (mortgage, rent, utilities, healthcare, taxes, etc.) with anything not in the cashless system.

          • Here comes the CHIP, just like the Bible foretold.
            No Chip no food, rent, end game.

        • “I don’t care. I don’t keep a lot of money on the bank.”

          You should care. One day if they get that cashless society done, you will only be able to buy what they allow in quantities that they approve of. They have the capacity to determine what the banks accept, what money is.

          None of this operates in a vacuum. Its collateral effects are greater than its specific.

        • A digital monetary balance in a digital account is just a number. In an EMP, EME, or some kind of computer disaster, those numbers COULD disappear…. forever.

          The same holds true for BitCoin. It’s just digital fiat. It’s no better than digital tulips. It’s a Ponzi scam. 🙁

          • Nobody owns me or my weath or my assets. Only those who want to submit and be slaves can do so. Thats why everyone needs to stop feeding this beast. All they want is your toll booth lunch money for every transaction you make as you pass through their gate way ro make a transaction with their mark of the beast money changer system scam.

            Well here’s a clue folks, get off their highway and take the road less traveled. Only slaves amd sheep follow the herd to slaughter. You don’t see Mt Goats down in the valley locked up in a pen run by the wolves do ya?

            Solution: Exchange your worthless IOU phony fiat paper debt instruments in now for Gold and Silver and set yourself free.

            Take a new stand man, Drop off the key Lee, get off the bus gus, dont need to be coy Roy get your self free.

            • Hermes said..

              Solution: Exchange your worthless IOU phony fiat paper debt instruments in now for Gold and Silver and set yourself free.

              Ok. At the surface, sounds good.
              I now hold gold and silver (coins, bullion, etc).
              I go into a store, select some goods to purchase.
              I go to cashier to pay.
              I attempt to pay bill, hand over equivalent amount of
              gold, silver, to cashier.
              Since this metal is not in the “cashless” system, my
              metal will not be accepted.

              The cashier will not have a cash drawer.
              There will be a card swipe machine, etc.

              So my question is how do I spend gold, silver?
              What company will accept it?

              Not to mention private ownership of gold was banned
              a few decades ago, what prevents it from being banned

              Please, I would like some serious thought given to my
              Just how would my economic transaction using gold,
              silver, transpire?

              Please and thank you.

      3. There are two groups of people; those that see all of this and those that cannot see. All one needs to do is look, observe and rudimentary connect the dots. Intellectual honesty doesn’t allow one ignore the dark picture it paints because it is undesirable. When discussing the above article and similar those that disagree are either intellectually dishonest or have no foundation knowledge.

        Because of the above we, “preach to the choir”.

      4. An add for pull out kitchen cabinets made to order wholesale. Great way to use the money after you take it out of the bank. Fill with long term food and spices. Increases the value of your home. It is an investment which may increase the value of your home more than the cost.


        • ? ad (not add)


          • B,tis all right,you are “adding” to your preps!

      5. Please start a pro-cash petition rightaway!

      6. And the fraud marches on.
        March of the Fraudsters.

      7. We urge you to start an online pro-cash petition rightaway!

        • You still dont get it. F@ck Cash and their mark of the beast monitary system entirely. Thats why many states are moving entirely off this Fed system and now making it legal to make payments in Gold or Silver as legal and tender for commerce or to pay debts. So if you want to petition. Petition for Gold and silver for legal transactions. It circumvents the Rothchilds mark of the beast slave system.

          • Remember the Golden Rule. The man with the Gold Rules. Any questions? Then get your self some, or Silver and stop bitchin.

      8. If you live on Social Security you have no choice but to deal with the banks. You can not get the funds any other way. If we were paid in all silver coin, lawful money, then life would be better. As far a I am concerned all banks can go straight to hell.

        • Not to Sheol, not to Hades, not to the River Styx–straight to Hell!

      9. Any excess money left after bills are paid each month is removed from the bank. The paper is converted into physical improvements to our home like the addition of solar panels, Stored food stocks and other items that will help to increase our ability of exist without outside resources. The value of all these items will not depreciate over time or become worthless if there is a financial collapse..

      10. think of all the fun things can be implemented with RIFD and cashless!

        Clerk: “Sorry, Mr. Idiot. The system will not allow you in/purchase/travel/go/piss here. This has been logged and the authorities will be notified on the next infraction. The door will let out, but not in again. Good day, Idiot.”

        Computer voice: “Mr. Idiot. The bank has suspended your credit. We have taken control of your vehicle. The vehicle will automatically drop you off, and will be auto impounded. Do no attempt to re-enter the vehicle. The trunk will remain open for five minutes to collect your belongings. Have a nice day.”

        Land lord on speaker phone: “Mr. Idiot. You no pay rent. You lock out. Door not work till you pay. You pay in 30 day or I take all.”

        Voice to skull chip: “Citizen. Your account is now negative. You have been assigned to FEMA duties at the standard rate to bring credit into good standing. Your location is being tracked. Please wait for the automated escort. Please do not resist or leave to avoid bio-metric shock discharge.”

        • Guess I’ll be sleeping under a tarp in the woods. Maybe under a railroad trestle.
          You sure painted an ugly picture. Hey Christians, you may have to accept the
          mark of the beast to pay property taxes. That could also mean you are homeless.
          I’m thinking theres going to be quite a few Christian hobo camps out there.

      11. The power and wealth must be transferred back to the people, if we are to keep our freedom. The central bank, the fed, and the fractional reserve must be eliminated. If not, and they get the digital currency (and eliminate cash n coin), we will become slaves on the very ground our forefathers shed their blood for freedom. I fear the bible was correct, in that the day will arrive that you shall have the mark of the beast….or you shall not buy, nor sell (survive)… And I fear we will accept the mark by default. It will be so much easier and convenient to swipe a card, than carry cash. We’re almost there now. It has been happening slowly but surely; and one day you’ll wake up and find that its happened; not with a bang, but a whimper.!!!!

      12. Cashless society enforced upon us as a country,see that as a “Fuck It’ moment,and games get earnest.

      13. Aaron Russo warned of a cashless totalitarian society where The New World Order will require everyone to be chipped.
        In the below videos William Pawelec talks about chip technology.
        Please note William Pawelec had nothing to gain from the interview, which was released after his death as he requested.
        First link excerpt from full interview.
        Second link full interview.

      14. If I had a business, say a grocery or department store; I would commission engineers to design a cash register system that would read bar codes and figure the daily value of silver dimes relative to Federal Reserve Notes so that I could accept silver dimes as payment.

        I could sell the system to others as well. Whoever does this first is going to get rich. Should also work for Bitcoin. We don’t need the banks of we switch before they do. What are we waiting for. There must be truly patriotic Americans who are smart and who also recognize the old adage, “inside every problem lies opportunity”. Like a pearl inside a clam, waiting to be discovered.


        • Smart Guy B from CA. Actually a full POS system that had a weight scale and analyzer/ coin counter, so when a customer came to checkout the cash register, the total amt due for purchase would give cash amount, PM amount, etc. The customer could pull a few 1 OZ silver rounds or junk pre 65 coins, set them on the tray to be counted and added. The POS point of sale could then weigh and measure silver content and immedietly balance the weight and calculate the current market price of the PM’s, to offset the value of goods being purchased. Even a combo of PMs and cash to even out the sale value amount. Necessity is the mother of invention. Jump and patent that idea. Any excess PM value over the amount owed could be stored on an instore gift card for future purchases creating loyalty and return business. Its a win win invention. And make this entire transaction only take less than 15 seconds. States are creating No Tax on PM exchanges. Screw the Fed and Rothchild banking cartel of theives dicking Americans over daily.

          Hermes- The Greek God of Commerce. I’m on it.

      15. The banking industry, at present, pays very little interest on deposited funds, but has no problem charging excessive interest rates on loans, and charging “fees” for maintaining accounts.
        Once a digital system becomes a reality, there will be nothing to prevent them stealing all of the “currency”.
        No. I do not trust the banking industry.

      16. I have an Indian neighbor, in India they recalled all large bills and went electronic. Everyone had to open bank accounts so they could buy or sell. It was the equivelent of eliminating anything equal to or larger than a fifty dollar bill.

        This was a globalist world bank experiment, and the nation of India went for it with little complaint.

        Many people lost small fortunes because they kept cash in the mattress. Limits on deposits froze many people out. Their cash became little more than toilet paper.

        One saving grace. In America, the average person has but an ounce of gold, in India the average person holds a kilogram of gold.

        When the dollar replacement happens, expect it to be just like India, a big fat surprise.

      17. Congress needs to put King’s portrait on the $100 bill and Malcolm X’s on the $50 bill and perhaps reintroduce the $1000 bill with Rosa Park’s portrait and the $500 bill with Sitting Bull’s portrait or some other well known American Indian. No politician or banker would have the courage to even to suggest removing these bills from circulation for fear of being called a “racist,” the most feared word in America.

      18. Type in open Banking and see where it’s all going……..

        The EU are pushing it here (UK) and no doubt the sheeple will think it’s great.

        It’ll be on it’s way to America before long.

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