Canadian Masters To Slave Children: You’ll Be On Santa’s “Naughty List” Unless Your Vaxxed

by | Dec 25, 2022 | Headline News | 1 comment

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    The Canadian government put out a propaganda video telling the children that they rule over that unless they get the COVID-19 injection, they will be on Santa’s “naughty list.” The propaganda has gone beyond adults, and the sociopaths are so desperate to inject more of the slave class that they are now targeting children.

    Consider The Possibility That This Is Already The Dystopia You Fear

    Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam has issued a new public health announcement for the Christmas holiday. It’s a vaccine propaganda campaign that comes in the form of a 2-minute interview with “Mrs. Clause” from the “North Pole”. In it, children are warned that they could be on Santa’s “naughty list” if they don’t get the Covid-19 vaccine and mask up. Adults too are told that they won’t make the “nice list” if they don’t have their boosters.

    A whopping 80.5% of Canada’s population has already completed their “series” of COVID-19 vaccinations. But only around 23% have been willing to get the booster shot. Parents in Canada also do not appear to be willing to inject their children either, with vaccine uptake in 0-4 years olds at only 3.5%. That’s most likely why the ruling class is targeting children in their newest propaganda campaign.

    Dr. Tam begins the video with the “good news” that the vast majority of Canadians have made the nice list this year after having been vaccinated.

    And “Mrs. Claus” responds: “It just warms my heart to see everyone in Canada, especially kids, working so hard to keep the holidays safe…” The suggestion is that the minority of citizens who remain unvaccinated or without their boosters are “naughty”.  –ZeroHedge

    The message is clear: good children are obedient slaves and get the vaccine when their master commands it. Bad children are unvaccinated.

    Luckily, it appears based solely on the comments, that the rulers have lost the narrative war. People are beginning to figure out that these shots were never meant to prevent the transmission of anything. They were and still are an integral part of a bigger agenda. Which is why the rulers needed a way to panic the masses into taking them.

    The entire message is a guilt-tripping propaganda video so cringe-worthy it’s hard to get through, and it’s only 2 minutes long.

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      1. I would rather be naughty and smart than nice and stupid. ONLY A TOTAL MORON WOULD TAKE THOSE SHOTS.

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