“Burn Them and Their Families”: As Islamic State Crumbles, Vigilantes Are Running Amok in Iraq

by | Jun 8, 2017 | Headline News | 91 comments

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    It’s hard to appreciate the effect ISIS has had on ordinary Iraqis and Syrians who wanted nothing to do with the terror group. There are cities in these countries that have been ruled by these monsters for several years. Monsters whose cruelty and depravity knows no bounds. Most people in the West can’t imagine what that must be like, because the vast majority of us have never lived under those conditions.

    So what does happens to people who have been living under ISIS for so long?

    Well, try to imagine what you would do if a bunch of lunatics had been running your community for several years. Imagine if they had cut you off from the outside world, tortured and killed family members and neighbors, sold female relatives into sexual slavery, and indoctrinated your children.

    Some people manage to move on with their lives after those conditions pass. Others do not. In Iraq for instance, there are now vigilante groups that have risen in the wake of the Islamic State’s collapse, and they’re targeting members of ISIS, as well as their families.

    Eleven suspected jihadists who were recently found blindfolded, bound and shot to death on the side of the road 20 miles south of Mosul are some of the victims of the group, which on its Facebook page tells supporters to ‘burn’ the families and homes of ISIS members.

    The vigilante group, which has dubbed themselves the Hammam al-Alil Revolution, created a Facebook group to launch revenge on ISIS members in May. It now has 650 members.

    ‘Soon we will start our operation, we are now locating Deash families,’ read the first post on the page from May 28. ‘We will make them regret joining. Good luck everyone,’ it signs off.

    This is what happens when law and order breaks down. People don’t just mete out justice. They are free to go on bloody rampages.

    ‘Today we targeted Mohammad Atrash, we threw two grenades and attacked the family with gunfire, as they did to us,’ the post said.

    The Facebook page posts the addresses of dead and imprisoned ISIS fighters, encouraging its members to go after them and their families.

    The group told its followers last month to ‘burn them and their families’.

    One member of the group told The Telegraph that it was carrying out attacks as revenge after his cousin was killed by ISIS militants.

    The man, only identified as Omar, said: ‘It’s a reciprocity. They hurt my family, now we will hurt theirs.’

    So these people, who have had their families shattered by ISIS, are now doing the same thing to the noncombatant families of ISIS fighters. It reminds me of a famous quote from Friedrich Nietzsche. “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.”


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      1. Let the sandniggers bring it. 100,000,000 gun owners are standing by in this land to give them ‘lead poisoning’.

        • Why do idiots keep saying that there are all these amerikan gun owners that will fight the enemy. Most of them will be shooting at each other.

      2. Ain’t I been saying it

      3. I bet if you shot a mooselimb in the suicide vest his turbin would fly like that refrigerator door?

        • PSTY, yep, there would be a lot more than a turban flying, bank on it.

      4. Have you seen . Captain Clay Higgins?

      5. I think when my neighbors go WROL it will be time to sit on my roof with a peanut butter sandwich and a good 308 Win.

      6. How can there be anything better in this life then to destroy evil?

      7. Nothing new here….the muslims have been behaving this way for a thousand years. This is all that they know. It’s who they are.

        • The mooselimbs would get more upset about taking their camel ? jumping privileges away. No peace no camel sex… simple as that. We should threaten to spray bacon grease on all their cammel’s a$$es.

          • pSTY We could threaten to dump pig waste on Mecca and medina.? They would have to get non Muslems to clean it up. PSTY your a genius.

          • And the no go areas could be littered with bacon?

          • Bacon bombs?

      8. Payback is a Bitch…ain’t it!

      9. Happened all the time in the Pacific.

        Very few POWS taken, much easier to burn them alive with a flame thrower.

        Islam will learn that lesson too.


      10. I don’t believe in going down to the same level as another criminal. It is not necessary, and often backfires.

        What happens when someone whose 20 year old male cousin is dragged away and killed by ISIS after being tortured. If you find the guilty party and put them in front of a firing squad, it is fine. But if you go to their families home and behead a baby, we’ll what are you? You’re a Damned baby killer!! That’s what you are. That’s all. A Damned Coward who murdered a baby!! Your cousins death is no justification. Your enemies love this as it makes you the bad guy and they the victims. The fake news will spread the story like wild fire. You give the enemy ammunition with which to annihilate you. Bad move.


        • Fuck them. Nits make lice. These savages were happy to inflict as much suffering as possible upon their victims. This discourages future jihadis from joining.

        • Then cowards bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki cowards fire bombed Dresden? Tie our hands? We can’t do anything because we might hurt a child?If given the chance what would they do to ours?

        • B of CA. I think you fail to see the point. If ISIS family members are also held accoutable. Dont you think they will help keep their family members in line? Just like when a kid in the US does something bad, the parents are held responsible. Why create generation after generation of loosers. Eliminate the entire tribe. When a cockroach eats your food do kill just that cockroach for being a bad boy or spray the entire nest of cochroaches to eliminate the entire problem? Hello Orkin Man bring the big truck. What is taking place in Iraq is pure public justice and what needs to happen in every country. Help the police eliminate the scum. Imagine 75% less crime in the USA with Real public justice delivered in real time. Want to save a country? Restore prompt peotic justice.

          • CrackSomeSkulls,”If ISIS family members are also held accoutable. Dont you think they will help keep their family members in line?” YES!

            That is the only justifiable reason for targeting an enemies family. I always thought that if someone targets family members it meant they were without honor and should be treated with no mercy.

        • Death has a ZERO recidivism rate.

          To argue is a tribal society for the tyrannical rulers now out of power should not suffer a similar fate to the oligarchs in the French Revolution is ridiculous.

          I would end all their bloodlines. I’d go to the countries they came from and finish it.

          You talk like a man comfortable in his slavery. I hold you no grudge, but step aside and let the men deal with it.

        • ‘B from Ca’, I have to disagree. As a man who raised 2 sons, has 4 grandsons, I’ve given this advice to those young men who attained the age of majority; 2 of which, who served in the military…… one of which is now interred @ a Veteran’s Cemetery near my home. That counsel is/was: In a fight, the winner is the one who is willing to inflict more damage, more hurt, more pain on the other regardless the cost. For in a fight, a battle, a war … the victor is the one who walks away from that fray still alive. In the end, nothing more matters than survival. You don’t survive, you lose. You may lose your soul, your heart, your morality or ethics; but, you are still alive to right those if you’ve the strength left to do so. To beat savagery, you must be more savage than your enemy. We effected a surrender in WW2 by the Japanese by the use of 2 nuclear weapons, we did the same to Nazi Germany by massive aerial bombardment of cities containing ……. their entire populace, not just soldiers; and, the horrible sacrifice of thousands of our own young men on beaches and battlefields to take back inch by inch land occupied by – had Germany won – an ideology that would’ve been catastrophic for mankind. No sir/ma’am – to win unfortunately we must be seen as and most probably do far worse than ISIS. And that is what war is.

          • @ Heartless, Allow me to say “AMEN”

        • B from Hell – You don’t believe in going down to the same level, just going down…

        • Ultimately, all morals derive from biological considerations. If you kill a baby’s father, you might make it impossible for the baby to survive, so you shouldn’t kill a baby’s father. All kinds of rationales exist why you shouldn’t kill anyone. So let other men kill you. Is that not cowardice?

          • Bravo ! rrrr.

        • By taking out the families you drain the gene pool. It also sends a strong message to others that may wish to join ISIS.

        • Kill them all and let Allah sort them out. Screw it.

          If you came and hurt my family, I would kill your whole family, everyone I can find, from Granny on down. Your DNA will cease to exist period. I don’t care how wrong or immoral it is.

        • They Kill mine, i Kill Theirs. Thats it!!

      11. Sometimes you have to take on a monster’s persona in order to deal with a monster. Sometimes that’s all a monster understands. No, you don’t want to become a monster in the process. The NWO released these monsters on the world to help escalate their agendas. The NWO is perhaps the worst monsters of all, and they will have to be dealt with sooner than later, so be prepared. Keep prepping and keep training your children and anyone else who will listen. God put in us knowledge of right and wrong and self preservation, and we make the choices.

      12. harsh justice “you kill my cat I’ll get your dog” is what keeps society in check. If there are no consequences, why do criminals carry weapons? They could just ask politely?

      13. Not a vigilante group, but a street justice group.

        • In America the Justice Group was called the KKK. Then the Commie lefties shut that down and why 75% of the crime in America is caused by that particular race group. Europe needs amother good ethnic cleansing program to restore their culture, society and freedoms against the chaos makers and darkies. The KKK was correct and so was Hitler in Europe. Otherwise the result is complete society breakdown and mayhem like we see today accross the globe. And just like the mess we have here in the USA today. Its time we face the facts. If you fail to be civil productive members of society you deserve to be elimated for the good of the whole. They had 60 years with equal rights and to assimilate and failed 75% bigtime. Same with corrupt politicians. Time to give them lead and crack sum skulls. Just locking them up in peison with free housing a food costing tax payers $75K a yr to house them is not the solution. A Firing squad is. Complete elimination. Face the fact or expect the same failed results which the problem mounts daily. Stay armed and be vigilant. Situational awareness is key for your survival.

          • The American Justice System is messed up here in the USA. When a Criminal commits a crime, we reward the criminal with free room and board at $75K per year and a cost to Tax payers. I am tired of rewarding Criminals with free room and board. What we need to do is through asset forfeiture, is confiscate the entire families estate, to pay to house their offspring in prison. However, The family gets a choice, choose either death penalty for the family criminal or surrender all your assets to pay for the housing of your criminal family member. Your choice. Pick one, but stop victimizing Tax Payers to house criminals. Time to hold the entire family responsible for a family members crime.

            Why should the people of America be victimized even more to have to pay to house the criminal, as well as be a victim to the crime? It makes absolutely no sense. That is not Justice at all. And when you have criminals like the Clintons, and lock them up, you confiscate and seize their entire family’s estate wealth to help pay for the housing of other criminals, who have no assets. You break the Law, you loose it all. Chelsea Clinton lives a life of a lie. Her wedding was paid for by the Clinton Foundation (Violation of Charity status) and she was paid like $5 Million a year to be a Token employee of the Clinton Foundation. That is I’ll Gotten Gains all under the guise of the Criminal Acts of Pay to Play. So confiscate all of their $40 Billion is assets including Chelsea’s $5 Million Dollar Apartment in Manhattan. If the Government wants to play the asset forfeiture game, then do it like that. And stop charging and victimizing tax payers to house criminals. Want to see your taxes go down, that’s one plan to help do it. And I am talking about major crimes, a speeding ticket is not a high crime or death penalty. 1st degree Felonies are.

            You want too see crime drop big-time, elect me as the New Sheriff in Town, I will crack sum numb-skulls.

            • there is no justice in this country, the leaders are bigger criminals than the criminals in the street and decent people are victim of both fukn groups. Its time to get rid of the filth and scum where ever it is found.

              • Yeah, been saying that myself for years. Get you to fight one another so they can amuse themselves.

                And to think most belong in psychiatric hospitals is quite funny and amusing to me.

            • The main thing wrong with your suggestion is that decisions reached by judges and juries are often unjust.

            • Having been convicted of a first degree felony, for which I wasn’t guilty of, I can tell you before you enact any of your suggestions you need to look at the so-called “Justice System”. I was giving a hitchhiker a ride, and she had a meth lab in her backpack and meth on her, so I get convicted simply because I was driving and didn’t search her before giving her a ride, and wouldn’t even let me call witnesses nor present evidence in my behalf. Would it be justice to send my family into poverty because of that? Or ANYONE’S family for that matter? No, because because the “Justice System’ doesn’t seek justice, but rather seeks to enslave as many as they can and get federal dollars. If anyone came after my family for getting that charge, I would find a way to go after their’s in return. Is that what you wish? To have every slightest event create family bloodshed of innocent people? My family didn’t make me drink or drug in my younger days. They also didn’t make me enlist in the Marines. Those were ALL decisions I made. It IS, however, different when it comes to families that raise their kids to be terrorists. But you have people not raised to it, who were taught by their family instead to abhor it, who decide to join the terrorists. Should that innocent family be slaughtered, then? No. You won’t get them all, and in killing them, you will create the very monster that will come after YOUR family.

              • True, you should not judge all the family members by one other family member’s misdeeds. If that was the case then I would have been judged on my brother’s and sister’s lawlessness they perpetrated. Also my mother and father would have judged by my siblings criminal actions. We were law abiding people, don’t know what happened to make my brother and sister go down this path. Sorry for your unjust punishment. Our justice system does not always work. It is a criminal entity in itself. Waiting

              • You made a fatal decision by giving a meth junkie a ride. So what did you learn Jay? Stop picking up hitch hikers. You are lucky she didnt pull out a gun shoot and kill you and steal your wallet. You sound like a moron and you were thinking with your dick and not your brain. Or you are lying to us and got busted.

        • Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson) would be proud.

          • They don’t make them like that anymore!

            • Wildey’s here !

        • In WWII, Americans were shocked by the Japanese fanaticism, but after watching their friends be slaughtered and seeing the aftermath of countless families mercilessly butchered, got past their revulsion and did what they had to.
          Seems the American soldiers didn’t become monsters. They came home and built the nation we enjoy today.

      14. they just now decided to fight back?
        kill them all they are ok with it.
        the only good muslim is a dead muslim.

      15. The Prince cautions that when dealing with enemies who harbor vitriol hatred, the only sure answer is to eliminate them in their entirety. You need to kill them all; sisters, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, grandma, grandpa and the family dog. Leave no one to seek revenge. In fact age requirements were specifically counseled against.

      16. Cool! May they kill each other till none are left standing and all get to see Allah.

      17. Mission accomplished. TPTB want oil rich nations in chaos, ungovernable. Such nations do not dictate what currency their oil is sold in, how much is pumped.

        • Hillary Clinton, Obama and the Bush Family should all be convicted of Nation Destroying and War Crimes against Humanity. They prosper while the millions of people suffer. Its Immoral. Where is the real justice?

          • you forgot chump. he is up there with the best of them, they are all the same family

            • School is still out on Trump. We’ll see. Clinton and Bush, same pie different slice with the Bush slice in the oven longer since Prescott.

      18. Much like Black on black crime, as long as they’re killing each other… I do NOT care.

      19. It’s called justice and unfortunately acts as a reminder to those savages that they and their families as well are not immune from the worst in man.

        • Their families will be more than likely radicalized if the head of the household is. What to do? Waiting


        Feds drop BOMBSHELL: Up to 100 girls may have had their genitals cut in Michigan

        From Steve Quayles Site-Actually linked to Pam Geller’s site.

      21. Sorry everybody—–SHTF STUFF MOVING INTO HIGH GEAR

        Turkey Is Sending A Massive Military Force (10,000 Troops) Near The U.S. Military Base In Qatar Forming An Ottoman Muslim League In Fulfillment Of Bible Prophecy. Saudi Arabia Is Toast —FROM BBEFOREITSNEWS.COM

        Not that every article on this site is creditable, it is Little Qatar thumbing its nose at the world as a sponsor of
        Terrorism and THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD.

        Interesting reading this article is.

      22. Skull Crusher…until the elite see the error of their ways and stand up for “the little guy” this will not happen. The elite’s tell their subordinates (politicians, lawyers, judges, police) what is right and what is wrong. The rule of law is gone…they make the rules and therefore interpret the law. So the elite are not going to kill the golden goose that lays the golden eggs. If you take action… you will be destroyed by them as they own the narrative. This country (world) needs a total reset which will cost lives (ours and our families). Other than the reset there needs to be a systematic purging..elections won’t do it.

        • Wojo, with “the rule of law gone” it is no telling how bad things will get. There will be no limit to the depths we will sink without the rule of law.

          We will REGRET murdering “Equal Protect” on the alter of affirmative action and group rights.

          FerFal said that the last thing you ever wanted to do was call the police, because then you had two problems. What options does that leave someone with, be a victim or “avenge death”.

        • have you lost your fukn mind, the elite seeing the error of their way, thats a fukn joke, the politicians, lawyers, judges, police are just like the elite.

      23. good for them !

      24. Karma is a bitch.

      25. In this situation, you MUST kill the families. They will want revenge otherwise.

      26. This is why it is so damn important to NEVER ever give up your Firearms, at least you stand a fighting chance. No guns = NO luck Charlie Brown.

        • True about disarming. ISIS was a “juggernaut” only while they were attacking people who could not fight back, and ISIS had tons of first-fate American military hardware. The Kurds did quite well, considering how poorly equipped they were.

      27. And people in the U.S. best wake up to what is happening here and abroad. . .

        • Amerikans perpetually hit the snooze button on the alarm clock. No need to wake up the 43 million on welfare.

        • ??? We buy 20+ million guns a year, and GOK how many billions of rds of ammo, Wal Mart is selling 25 year pack food, We elected a nut job like Trump (Yes I voted for him) and you think we need to wake up? Earth to you, Earth to you: “We” is awake.

      28. Actually, Nietzsche got it wrong. What he should have said is, “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he himself becomes a bigger monster, and better soon than late.”

        • All I know is that in a street fight for your life you do whatever it takes. Eye gouging and groin stomping are NOT “The Marquess of Queensberry rules” but damn if I’m not employing them, either that or get ready to loose.

          Being unwilling to do whatever it takes in war IS why we have not won a war since WWII!

          • That and an integrated army, are why we have not won a war.

            Think about it before you respond. Blacks have felt oppressed by our system for a long time. How willing, on average, were/are they willing to give 100% (make the ultimate sacrifice) for the White guy next too them and the Country that oppressed them?

          • We did not win WW II, we just took credit for it.

            • Japan was largely an American fight so the US defeated Japan. Germany was about 70% defeated by the USSR so they should receive credit. The losses on both sides on the Eastern Front were staggering.

      29. Alien or Biblical concept of “an eye for aye” retribution..I can’t see an issue with it being employed…

      30. this whole mess is the fault of George W Bush’s foolish War.

      31. I read that in the stadium after Katrina the mostly black cops told the white men to form a circle and keep the white women and children inside ( except for the feminists and LGBT whatever’s ) And to take them to the bathrooms in protected groups. If we had a nation wide disaster??? .we would have to block off our neiborhoods to them the same way? But they would seek in on foot to rape and murder and kidnap? Would we have to abandon our homes and all hold up like the Alamo? Under siege by these people? And who gets into the Alamo ? Fully stocked preppers or people with nothing? Get a old trailer , or something to move your preps to the Alamo.

        • Many neighborhoods will become new Alamos. Most of us will be forced into uneasy alliances when things go tribal in USA. “Multicultural” societies always end up going tribal.

          “Diversity” is a deathtrap.

          “Diverse” neighborhood=Time period between first black family moving in and last White family moving out.

          “Cultural enrichment”=Chasing down the last White guy.

      32. Two Words for you: Los Pepes.

      33. Karma, thou art a heartless bitch.

      34. Wish I could join this group and help to kill these bastards. The tactic is absolutely right. Target and KILL their whole families.

      35. Look everyone dies, both good and bad. So the terrorist decide their lives are not worth living by the actions they take lets hasten there departure from Earth, they we always going to die anyway. Hunt them down anywhere in the world and assassinate them.

      36. Good.
        I hope they win.
        I hope they get all of them.
        I hope they get all of them and free their land.

      37. “Imagine if they had cut you off from the outside world, tortured and killed family members and neighbors, sold female relatives into sexual slavery, and indoctrinated your children.” That’s what this civilized culture we call “government” does to us. We just are so comfortable with it, we don’t see it for what it is and what it does to us.

      38. “This is what happens when law and order breaks down. People don’t just mete out justice. They are free to go on bloody rampages.” This is actually what government does–go on “bloody rampages”. It’s called “police action” and “war”. Self-practicing free people, on the other hand, have their own defenses and countermeasures for such “bloody rampages”.

      39. Fuck your law and order. armed righteous men are the law and order. Cop and soldiers and gangs are order following killers, organized criminals that need to be executed. All lawmakers and order givers and takers are breaking natural law.

      40. How does the old saying go? En eye for an eye, to me that means also a cousin for a cousin, a wife for a wife, and so on. Whatever you do to me I will do to you, and maybe more depends on how I feel that day.

      41. Nietzsche was an optimist. I’d rather summarize the Art of War: Never leave any enemy base alive. Once you find it, ddstroy it so they are no longer a threat. Nothing personal, just the mathmatics or War. So sorry ISIS, Karma is a real thing.

        • “Well, try to imagine what you would do if a bunch of lunatics had been running your community for several years. ”

          I live near Washington D.C does that count?

      42. Lots of tough talk here about taking out the evil in our country and world. Look at yourselves and your neighborhoods. The terrorists are starring you down right now and we are loosing. They are in the schools,music TV, movies, etc…These “homeland terrorist” are trafficking in heroin and other drugs that is causing more casualties then all the pipe bombs, IEDs. Your “Homeland Terrorist” run your neiborhoods without fear. The cops are to busy making sure you get a ticket for doing 7 over the limit. Rise Up People and take this out with such vengeance so that the source will be exposed for what it is, for it is USa. Profit from the manufacturer and import and profit from from the rampant spread of rehabs. The new economy. Where are the Social Justice Warriors…Rise up and take back the streets.

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