Build Your Own Home DIY Without a Bank Loan: “Avoid Regulation, Crime and Floods”

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 26 comments

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    Want to build a hideaway homestead, or establish your dream home?

    If you set it up right, you can get everything you want out of the deal.

    But there are some practical things you need to know, to make sure you will need be restricted by zoning, utility policies or legal trouble.

    If you account for all these factors ahead of time, you can establish your home fortress with the maximum freedom and the best trade-offs for your area.

    via the Homestead Prepper:

    The best way to be prepared for a natural disaster or national emergency is to live in the manner you would hope to survive in. Self-reliant homesteads, ideally with their own sources of water, energy and food, and other necessary items.

    Gardens and livestock pens can keep you sustained, but only if you put years of work into building them up, and improving your skills at managing the vital areas.

    The best defense will be distance from major populations, areas carefully screened to avoid high crime areas, neighbors you can trust and rely upon, while maintaining a healthy distance from. Settling into an area with minimal restrictions and zoning laws can give you the freedom you need to build, but if poverty proliferates in the area, your regulation free homestead could quickly become a target.

    You must find the healthy balance, do what you can, and plan for everything you don’t want to go wrong.

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      1. Isolation location. It looks like somebody built a resort out in the middle of “nowhere”. So where do they park the helicopter?


        • In the WalMart parking lot of course.

          • Wait!!!!! Build a house, and be self sustained for water, food, shelter, without a criminal banker (a bit redundant I know) having his, or her, jackboot pressed down on your neck? Perish the thought! Sarcasm off

            • In the Video, I lived on that Map a block from Tampa Bay iin the 8 ft flood zone. My house 1st floor slab was just 8 Ft above flood zone. And Hurricane storm surges claimed many times 8 Ft Above high tide for storm surge. And why I moved out of there. Besides wasting a ton of money on Flood Insurance every year. Now I see my old house there at $300+ in value for that tiny 1500 sq ft POS over priced property to some stupid person who thinks living by the Gulf is a good idea. Its all a waste of money in insurance, etc. I live 45 to 48 Ft above the Sea level now up in the country, safe and secure and I am self-insured all off the grid. All I have in living expenses now is a cell phone bill, a few hundred dollars in annual Property taxes, car insurance, Satellite Internet, and things like food, and gas. Everything else I have is fully paid off. Cheap living is out there if you Make a plan, then work your plan.

              • 45-48 feet ASL?

                fuck that!

                Im not happy being 623′ ASL

          • Wally World parking lots will be full of RV’s who have run out of gas and diesel. The good news is that they will have 24/7 working toilets until the TP runs out.

            BYOR. Bring your own roll !!! 🙂

            On a more serious note, if you have a bugout homestead like the picture, you may want to form a “Church”. In Arizona that requires three people. How many adults in your extended family ???

            Lease the property to the church to avoid taxes on the property. You can in Arizona. Just saying. 🙂

        • NOT isolated. Note the power distribution wires in the background.
          Isolation is a double-edged sword anyway.

        • Hope you never need an ambulance.

          There’s a reason why towns were invented. Of course now it’s all gone to shit and turned into the equivalent of Las Vegas… in terms of cost / tax / upkeep / etc.

          But the point is. I think you will be needing other than “Grizzly Adams”.

          Of course the ultra rich need nothing… best adapted to their world, aren’t they? Hate it but it’s true.

          • My off-grid retreat is in a low population density area 100 miles from a city of 50,000, but there is a rural hospital just over the mountain. Real estate taxes are $37 a year. It’s too remote for cell phone service and cable TV, but natural gas is available because there is a nearby well.

      2. How cum no one will buy my SHTF canoe? It is a great tsunami retreat, it would be a great FEMA coffin, or you could just float away during the next flood and live like a king. Even good for Viking burials.

        • Maybe you priced it too high. My $65 16′ Mad River Canoe provides hours of family fun for day trips, access to free camping on overnight trips, and like you said will be there if the river ever gets 100′ higher.

      3. You can run but you can’t hide.

        • A proper Nordic sendoff cannot be done in a cheap ass canoe!

      4. Building your own place is hugely satisfying, even better if you are a craftsman and have a solid foundation in the trades,,,

      5. Wife and I built both of the two houses we’ve lived in the last 40 years. First was a small ranch style, we save up half the cost, borrowed the other half, paid it off in 5 years, sold it few years later for enough to build the current house for cash. Did have owner financing on the land, but paid that off in 8 years, and have been mortgage free for over 25 years now. Only way I figure for the average Joe to really get ahead of the game and beat the bankers.

      6. For anyone here who is not an old fart (30 something, IOW) please learn from your elders.

        If I could go back in time and undo one thing, it would be building the big home in the city. What an unbelievable waste of my life, energy, and money. I spent those 30 something years, when I was stronger and had a lot more energy, paying the criminal bankers, because I thought I had “made it”. What a crock. Don’t do that. I lost the best years of my life in that rat race, and recovering has been a bear. I cannot get those years back.

        Now living in the mountains, debt free, but no where near where I would have been had I not made that colossal error earlier. In my business, I encourage my clients to think about how much they spend in terms of YEARLY budget, rather than monthly. You know, $1800 per year to watch TV. $1800 per year to have the privilege of providing all your information to the NSA with your “smart phone”. That list starts to add up quick. Don'[t spend money on crap. Everything is now a subscription. Ditch the subscriptions. You can save thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of dollars a year this way.

        So, kids, don’t do what I did. Do what I WISH I did. Ditch the idea of the McMansion in suburbia, and plan now to have that homestead, debt-free, and for life. There is great security in being mortgage-free and debt free.

        Buy (with cash) your land now. Start building your house. Start small, and expand only as needed. You would be surprised at how little you really need. Save your energy for living, not being a slave. Get a garden going. Get some livestock. Learn, learn, learn.

        • I wish I had taken that route earlier as well, but I’m on it now!

          Great advice.


      7. We also… lived in “town” for many years. Our last house was a 400K money pit that kept sucking us dry even after we paid it off. Costs a lot to maintain a home with manicured gardens. Moved way out… still have an HOA here, but they are very relaxed. Lots of space between homes. Serious churchgoing community. Serious hunting/fishing community. We have a nice home with NO mulched beds. My azaleas grow right out of the ground. Imagine that. No illegals on my property anymore either. Hasty LA Vista, baby.

      8. One reason we are in trouble is the loss of respect for human life. Particularly when it comes to the most vulnerable in our society, the unborn. Survival Sherpa noted today , “In 1452, born a bastard son, Leonardo’s future was bleak. No formal education was offered to illegitimate children in his day. Apprenticeships to professional guilds was out of the question. He had no choice but to bootstrap his way out of a situation which he had no control over. In spite of all the obstacles, da Vinci reached genius status as a painter, engineer, botanist, scientist, anatomist, sculptor, and inventor.” Yep, a few hundred years ago, he would have been aborted, his body parts sold by the vile Planned Parenthood for bucks. Exaggeration? Hardly.

        Here is the most recent “babies for beaucoup bucks” video to come out. 5 min. exactly. Dr. Mary Gatter negotiating baby parts for dollars. Basically, our own modern Joseph Mengele.

        Per Joe Miller’s website today:
        “Planned Parenthood has trafficked in human organs. We know that they don’t merely “donate tissue” but negotiate the sale of baby body parts. Just ask Mary Gatter, the Planned Parenthood doctor who once joked that she “wanted a Lamborghini” while haggling over the price of a dead baby’s organs. Dr. Gatter is the Medical Directors’ Council President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. She isn’t a fringe figure in the world of abortion providers — she’s the leading light. And she has a starring role in a new undercover video from the Center for Medical Progress (CMP).

        Dr. Gatter is as eager as ever to talk price points and “specimens” with a tissue buyer she has just met at a conference. She cuts right to the chase. Identifying herself in her role with the clinic at Planned Parenthood of Pasadena, she asks:
        “What kind of volume do you need, and what gestational ages?” Her eye gleams as she raises an eyebrow to the tissue buyer. She explains that she “did it in L.A., I’m committed to it. I think it’s a great idea… you have to pay a little money for use of the space, but we’re not greedy about that.”

        For use of the space is weasel-speak used by abortion profiteers. It means blood money, and it’s very different from a shared rental agreement. When the prospective buyer asks about what she’d expect “in terms of compensation,” Gatter explains the numbers: “Per specimen, like $75 a specimen, or $50 a specimen?” The buyer explains that he’s been quoting $50. Gatter is quick to correct him on the current state of the fetal tissue market. “Fifty is on the low end. Fifty was, like, twelve years ago.”
        Cited from

      9. Another key ingredient (usually goes with the territory) is very low property taxes. That’s one thing fer sure that you don’t have control over. Things have to be completely SHTF before the government stops collecting property tax.

        That’s the one thing that can put you off your land that you own free and clear if you become delinquent. That might be another reason to have some form of PMs or something of value that the government will accept for their pound of flesh.


      10. Most people are limited in being able to do this because they have to work and need to live where the work is.

        And only a small percentage of working people can afford a second home somewhere in an isolated location, much less having the time to build it themselves.

        But the rich can, so in the end only the rich survive.

        • My second home only cost $10,000: $5,000 for a few wooded acres on a dead end road off a dead in road that I bought after a year of searching from a guy who was ordered by the court to sell it and give the proceeds to his ex so he listed it cheap; and another $5,000 for the materials to build a small cabin with a loft, rainwater catchment, wood & gas heat, instant water heater, & a small solar system big enough for LED lights, communications, and a pressure activated water pump. Much of the materials came from Craigslist or the Habitat for Humanity Restore. I built it slowly on weekends for the cost of a car payment while sleeping in a hammock. You have to be rich or smart to get ahead, but you don’t have to be both.

      11. Most of those beautiful mountain retreats have been claimed by wealthy Hollywood or Silicon Valley types. Try to build something off the grid and watch Swat Teams show up. They won’t let you bring the price down on their investment. Find a semi-remote place and put a travel trailer on it. No zoning problems. If you get too far out and have a health problem, regardless of age, you might not make it. When I was in my 20’s, my friends and I, would go fly-in fishing in northern Ontario. The outfitter drops you off and comes back in a week to pick you up. No radio or phone. No comms. Appendicitis, bear attack, heart attack, broken leg, no problem. You’re screwed. There was an incident where a group was dropped off and the first day the propane heater blew up. Killed most of the guys, but the survivors had 3rd degree burns. Had to suffer for a week waiting to be picked up.

        • Choose a state like I did where a lot of people are already poor and building are only in force when adopted locally per state law. It’s too far out for cell phone or cable TV, but there is a rural hospital just over the mountain and I can contact rescue on their own repeater using my Ham radio. You can make excuses or you can make progress, but you can’t make both.

      12. Living an isolated life away from people isn’t as great as it first sounds. If you read about past economic collapses in other countries, farmers were a favorite target for break-ins. It was thought that they must be hoarding food and were tortured for non-existent food stores. Their isolation only made this easier.

        • Choose an isolated community or as we call them here “hollers.” I agree about large farms being targets, but you can have both subsistence gardening and community protection on smaller parcels within rural communities.

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