Budget Talks Stall As Politicians Reach Impasse Over Spending Cuts and Debt Ceiling

by | Jun 20, 2019 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    One of the most threatening issues facing the United States today is the government’s massive debt. Instead of figuring out how to fix the problem, politicians want to spend more money selling future generations into slavery to do so.

    Budget talks have stalled as the political elites fail to figure out how to live within their means; or not spend money they haven’t yet stolen from the public. “We are taking sequester off the table. We are prepared to do a one-year CR (continuing resolution) with a one-year debt ceiling,” said Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. “The president has every intention of keeping the government open.”

    Democrats are blaming Republicans and Republicans are blaming Democrats for both the soaring deficits and the inability to reach an agreement to “keep the government open” yet.  Keeping it open would come with massive deficits, soaring public debt, and money printing to fund the debt. It will also mean that in the near future, the United States will pay more for interest on the debt than they do for defense.

    The dollar’s value is doing to decrease rapidly in the coming years in the wake of the government’s disastrous spending, especially as other countries continue to devest and stockpile gold.

    Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) panned Mnuchin’s plan and blamed Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for sticking with the White House position. “A one-year CR is bad policy, it’s bad politics and it’s a fallback. We should be negotiating a bill,” Schumer told reporters. “We want to do better.” Democrats have further said that Republicans were reluctant to do anything to get ahead of President Donald Trump, while Republicans said they couldn’t get a serious counteroffer from their Democratic counterparts, according to a report by Politico.

    The only thing both parties agree on: spend more money. Both parties in Congress will avoid cuts of $55 billion to domestic spending and $71 billion to defense spending. But there is sharp disagreement over how to do that, with the administration seeking to keep spending from rising any further given the yawning annual budget deficit. But by proposing a continuing resolution, the administration would scuttle the annual congressional appropriations process, a key bipartisan priority in the House and Senate.

    Republicans have said that Pelosi is inflexible. Her chamber is moving its own spending bills that seek to raise domestic spending. An administration official said Pelosi made no counteroffer beyond sticking to those numbers; Mulvaney said Pelosi was asking for more money than she was a month ago when budget negotiations stalled.

    Regardless of the outcome, the government’s debt will rise and eventually be too big to kick the can down the road any longer.


    Americans have become far too comfortable with selling their children into slavery to the government because of the debt, and they continue to be oblivious to what they are doing.


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      1. Once again my belief in term limits is confirmed. I have always thought that the biggest mistake the framers of the constitution made was not including term limits. It’s not a cure-all but at least scum like Pelosi and Schumer would only be able to infect the rectum of America for a short while if they were subject to term limits.

        • What MOST Americans do not realize is the powers that the different branches/different named offices within a branch are written down. Those powers cannot be given away to another branch, to another office, though an agency can be created that ASSISTS those who are to use those powers, the agency has to be actually “assisting” not creating/carrying out/etc.

          The US Constitution states in writing that ALL (every single law that is binding on the American people) be created by those who actually serve within the House of Representatives and Senate.

          US Constitution, Article 1, Section 2: “All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.”

          Once again, they may be ASSISTED while doing their duty when serving, but they may NOT give those powers away, assign them to another, etc. Those who are actually serving within the Congress must create them on their own. Someone else can do and bring to them the research, copy them, etc, but all LEGISLATION (except for treaties which is assigned elsewhere) MUST be actually created by those who wanted to serve within the House and the Senate.

          If the legislation was created by an agency, by another branch of the government, then it is NOT LAWFUL, nor is it lawfully binding on the American people. What one then has is domestic enemies and traitors, though it may be through ignorance of knowing the contract that they are bound by, it is still criminal on their part at all and any level of government.

      2. Start by cutting Congressional salaries!

      3. War mongers working towards war. Will not be cake walk.
        Two front war? North Korea / Iran?
        USA Troopers still in Syria, Iraq, Afgahnistan, Africa.
        What about China-Russia? Think they will sit out?

        The Endless Wars. Never ending. Always a made up bad guy of the moment. Look at American History. Always in a war since inception of USA. Of course American History and American Civics no longer taught properly. “Might offend someone.” USA education controlled by COMMUNIST.

        Your War mongering, no free speech, liar politician, liar media, False Flag 911, broke, buried in debt, country USA. Is endless wars/endless lies, endless debt, ….tell me…”Is this freedom?”
        War is Peace.
        Freedom is Slavery.
        “volutary” tax system at end of the uniformed thugs gun.

        – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        CENSORSHIP. No free Speech. No open Discussion. No Decenters. No real time communication. Like your “new” “changed” shtfplan web site and controlled internet? Will only get worse. Welcome to the Tech Monopoly Bully control freak grid controlled by antiAmerican, pro NWO leftist Commies.

        I DARE YOU TO LOOK AT THE NUMBERS. Not for the faint of heart. Go to this web site for an ulcer and reality check.
        – – – – – USdebtClock.o rg

        Debt chickens will one day come home to roost.
        Judgement Day

        Comment likely censored. Just like all others.

      4. It is already too late to right the nation’s financial ship. The debt and deficits are a monster that they have no ability to control. It is just a matter of time before it all really begins to implode. There is going to be pain at some point whether they actually step up to try and reign in the budget (never happen) or just let the money printing roll on. It is all just political posturing at this point by our worthless congress for the 2020 elections.

        • Trump could audit the Fed then declare the debt loan sharking and write it off. Wipe the slate clean. We sont owe that debt. Go to the war machine hawk contractors. Its their debt not ours. I never voted for war.

      5. Come-on Congress-critters, at least make an attempt to pass a responsible budget. Many of you brain-dead-fools cannot reconcile a checkbook and/or Daddy’s trust fun made the task unnecessary. If you don’t understand the danger of out-of-control debt, get your a** out of Congress (House of Representatives or the Senate) and allow someone with real-life experience to take your seat. Yeah, Shiff, Swallwell, Ocasio Cortez, Crazie-Mazie, Hillebrand, Maxine Waters, and Omar, I’m talkin’ to you.

      6. Hey mac can you post an article about the Canadian gun confiscation.
        Yes folks you heard that right trudope is coming for our guns handguns longguns and sport rifles.

        • They can die trying to take my liberty tools.

      7. x

      8. If no one voted nothing would change. If everybody votes nothing will change. So why bother? Just to say you had an impact on a fixed outcome?

      9. I agree with Kosh. there isn’t any viable solution. anything they do will be too little too late. Be realistic congress will never be fiscal responsible. There isn’t now never has been and never will be any Political or ballot box solution. A great world wide culling is needed. Grid down will do a good job of culling in the USA. If the UN lost the use of the USA military all those other places the people would cull each other. Too many Takers and too few Makers is the problem.

      10. The use of the word “impasse” in relation to Congress is as good as it gets. Music to my ears. The best of all possible situations.

      11. Stalled budget talks are good.
        The very real problem we have and both parties buy into this,
        “government spending is itself a component of gross domestic product”.
        More spending by the government is counted as an increase in GDP( a good thing) Never mind that government doesn’t produce any tangible products. This GDP figure is why they are more than willing to over-spend and borrow money.
        The cost of Federal debt is already more than the defense budget.
        Keep in mind most of the interest payed out on Federal debt goes to Americans as we hold the vast majority of our debt.
        Think about that.
        My Tbill matured two days ago. Part of the taxes I paid last year, paid the interest I earned on this Tbill, and I’ll report that interest as income on my 2019 taxes.
        Is the system is “gaming us”, yes, but simply looking at the Federal budget like you and I look at our personal budgets is like comparing apples and oranges, given the “system” that we have allowed the government to develop, is so convoluted.
        The debt is never intended to be paid back, ever.

      12. I was on this site 10 years a go and everybody was talking about the stock market crash was real close and to get food together because grocery stores would be looted etc . What happened ? No shyt hitting the fan yet , Gerald Celente has calling for the crash for how many years now, Maybe one one these years he will be right on BUT he sure missed many years of growth in the market . Well I guess I will sneak out of my bunker now maybe it is safe now . All my food and water I stored is old and I am getting sick of replacing it with fresh, Is the shyt ever going to hit the fan ?

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