Bird Flu Kills MORE Sea Lions In Argentina

by | Aug 31, 2023 | Headline News

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    Along with the ramp-up of new COVID-19 variants, come reports of more sea lions dying of bird flu in Argentina. An unprecedented global outbreak continues to infect mammals, raising fears it could spread more easily among humans.

    Another “50 dead specimens have been counted … with symptoms compatible with avian influenza,” read a statement from a Patagonian environmental authority. This is not the first time that the bird flu has jumped to sea lions. Previously, an outbreak killed over 3,000 sea lions in Chile.

    H5N1 Bird Flu Has Killed More Than 3,300 Sea Lions In Chile

    Animal health authorities have recently reported dead sea lions in several locations along Argentina’s extensive Atlantic coast, from just south of the capital Buenos Aires to Santa Cruz near the southern tip of the continent. Authorities have asked the population to avoid beaches along Argentina’s roughly 5,000-kilometer coastline where cases have been reported, according to a report by VOA News. 

    There is no treatment for bird flu, which spreads naturally between wild birds and can infect domestic poultry. So far, the bird flu hasn’t been widespread or mutated to infect human beings.

    Research Funded By Fauci And Gates Could See Bird Flu Become The Next Deadly Pandemic

    “Some mammals may act as mixing vessels for influenza viruses, leading to the emergence of new viruses that could be more harmful to animals and humans,” the World Health Organization said in a statement.

    The current bird flu outbreak has infected several mammal species, such as farmed minks and house cats, and the WHO warned in July this could help it adapt to infect humans more easily.

    At Least 9 Cats Have Died Of H5N1 Bird Flu In Poland

    The ruling classes have also been working on bird flu vaccines to inject the population with if this infection does start to impact human beings. The rulers are ready to push these new injections on us whenever they want.

    Bird Flu “Vaccines” Are “Authorized” & “Warehoused” As CDC Demands Human Surveillance


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