“20 Million Could Starve To Death In Coming Months” As Bio-Systems Of Earth Are Imploding

by | Dec 6, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Headline News | 47 comments

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    Geoengineering expert Dane Wigington is suing to get NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration) to give up its climate engineering information. But he’s hit a brick wall, and it’s all because the powers that be seek to hide this information from the public for a long as possible.

    Wigington contends, “There is no hiding from what’s coming. . . . NOAA is not returning our FOIA’s, Freedom of Information Act requests.”  He also says that this has been going on for 70 years, and was ramped up about 20 years ago. “This is the Orwellian world we live in,” said Wigington.  A team of attorneys working with GeoengineeringWatch.org and Stop Geoengineering Minnesota is suing to get NOAA to release the information requested.

    “They are legally required to give those to our attorneys, and they are not doing that.  In fact, NOAA, in essence, flipped us the middle finger by sending back FOIA’s saying they know nothing about any sort of weather modification anywhere ever.  Think how absurd this is when there are 300 regional weather modification programs that NOAA is required to sign off on every single year (in the contiguous 48 states).  They are denying all of it.  This is the biggest cover-up in human history, with the largest most extensive operation in history, with the cooperation of governments around the globe.  That is not speculation.  You have to look and understand the gravity of the situation that is unfolding.  Countries around the globe, whatever you are focused on, if it’s not saving the life support systems of the planet, everything else amounts to arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. . . . This is the single most destructive endeavor ever launched by the human race.  Mathematically, it’s the greatest threat we face short of nuclear catastrophe.” –Dane Wigington

    According to USA Watch Dog, Wigington contends that the situation is much worse than most yet understand and climate engineering (not to be confused with the propagated and manufactured climate change which was invented in 1998 to cover this up as a “solution” to climate change) is a primary causal factor. Wigington explains, “Our situation is far more dire and immediate than anyone yet comprehends, and climate engineering is making it worse, not better.  Official statistics say 20 million people could starve in the coming months, and that number will increase exponentially.  The biosystems of the planet are imploding.”

    “They (many disinformation sources) have to control the message, they almost exclusively use the term ‘chemtrails’ because that term leads to a dead end (conspiracy theory and hoax definitions).  It’s not a scientific term, and they want us to use that term.  You don’t see them using the geoengineering, climate engineering, solar radiation management and aerosol injection term because they (mainstream media and disinformation sources) don’t want people to understand the legitimacy of this issue.  Why the Senate hearings?  Because the elephant in the room is now all but impossible to hide, and they are trying to pacify populations until the last possible moment.  They want to tell the population what they want to hear–that this is only a proposal… We have massive toxic aerosol, heavy metal spraying in our atmosphere that could not be more visible.  It’s blotting out the sun. . . . These programs are completely out of control. . . .We are on the road to planetary omnicide. Climate engineering is the greatest and most immediate assault we face.  Climate engineering, look at it like this, like the pharmaceutical approach to planet earth.  Hide the symptoms even if you are making the overall situation exponentially worse.  That’s what they are doing.  We have had these radical whiplash weather scenarios where it goes from 80 to 90 degrees to snow in a day or two.  This weather whiplash is not natural in any way, shape or form.”

    It’s time to prepare for what’s coming. Learn to grow your own food and be self-sufficient. It could make all the difference.


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      1. “We have massive toxic aerosol, heavy metal spraying in our atmosphere that could not be more visible. It’s blotting out the sun.”

        I haven’t seen it here, nor in any place I’ve visited in the eastern half of the US.

        “This weather whiplash is not natural in any way, shape or form.”

        It happens a lot here in eastern NC. If you don’t like the weather today, just wait a day or two.

        It was comfortable outside yesterday. Friday night we have a chance of snow.

        We have roses blooming in our yard today. Saturday morning, they might have ice on them.

        • i need to lose a few pounds anyway

        • They spray the shit out of the west. An almost daily ritual. Good bye blue sky….. It is so obvious an idiot could see it. Some town in cali was trying to ban the spraying, look up Mt. Shasta it is horrible there. Last count I saw was 14 times the limit of aluminum in the runoff water. Why else would monsanto develop aluminum resistant crops? Research is your friend, for more info go to geoengineeringwatch dot org.

          • I live part of the year in Saudi Arabia, part in Olympia Ws. Last year when I was in the States it seemed like there were chemtrails in the sky almost every week. Several times my son and I were out and we saw some planes spraying quite low we were both looking up in disbelief, while people out were just looking at their phones. I don’t think they even noticed it but it was very brazen. I really noticed it because in all the years I have lived in Saudi I have never seen this there. Strangely one night two cessnas circled over out apartment complex, one high and one low for almost two hours. The left for about 30 minutes and then came back and did more. I Asked my brother about it and he said it happens sometimes and he had no clue as to who or why.

        • its obvious something is going on…im a heavy equipment/auto mechanic and transmission specialist…my repairs require me to have proof of the situation before i fix it…what the hell is it going to take for everybody on both sides of the climate debate to see shit is not normal….for the one side that says its government….they are breathing the same poison you guys say they are spreading….and for the other side that says everything is fine…..there is no logical answer dealing with oposing sides of stupidity ….looks like human extinction coming

      2. It believe it’s very possible Chemtrails are slowly destroying the fertile soil making it close to impossible, and eventually totally impossible, to grow produce outdoors. Along with Fukishima and chemical/mercury dumping in the world’s oceans, seafood is also going to become scarce and limited, a delicacy for the rich only.

        If TPTB had nothing to hide about the spraying, and CT’s in general, why have they not been forthcoming and spoken openly about it. There is no mention of the reasons for the spraying on the news or anywhere in the media, and for over 20 yrs now.

        Given the secrecy about CT’s over the past two decades, it’s hard to believe they aren’t doing this for some nefarious purposes and not for beneficial reasons or climate control.

        Maybe they are trying to destroy the food supply (except of course for their own personal supply) so that we have to depend upon the Satan-worshiping Monsanto Crime Family for food that produces cancer-causing GMO Frankenfoods, along with their toxic, carcinogenic Round-Up pesticides.

        The Chemtrails may quite possibly make the soil useless, unless of course you use their cancer-causing fertilizers and pesticides. I wouldn’t put anything past these evil psychopathic devil worshipers.

        • exact!!

      3. Bring it on. We need a mass CULLING of the Herd/Unless eaters anyhow.

        • Go for it. We have over 7 BILLION people living right now — which is about 5 billion more than desirable. With most of those being useless feeders incapable of ever contributing anything of the least value to the human race.

      4. Well, Mother Nature may beat us to it. All the volcanic activity would put to shame if a big one or two blows compared to man’s efforts to destroy this world… unless nuclear hell is unleashed that is. Kind of odd…. I’ve a buddy who is really an expert on bee-keeping. He’s been having one heck of a hard time getting his newest hive ventures to thrive. I’ve come to be interested in what he’s doing. And what is going on just is not normal.

      5. “Official statistics say 20 million people could starve in the coming months”

        World wide about 154,000 people die per day. About double that are born. I don’t think we are running out of people in an earth with 7.6 billion people or so.
        My weather is fine, a little wet this year. I can grow food with no problems.
        The world is awash in wheat, I have a years worth of wheat berries stashed. It was very cheap this year. I don’t people are going to starve in America.

        • At this point preppers have a years worth of wheat and other foods stored up.

          Clinton sold off the US wheat reserves decades ago, that were to feed the American people. There is no stored food for John Q. Public.

          If the SHTF, I will dig in, with a hidden entrance. Search my house, I won’t be there, you won’t find me or food there.

          • That reminds me of another craigslist score I made lol. I got 20 – 50lb. bags of double bagged triple cleaned long term storage wheat for 5 bux a bag. 1000 pounds for 100 bux. Thats a lot of bread for a little bread 😛 Now if I can just figure out how to make booze out of it lol.

            • The answer is sugar, buy sugar, lots of sugar. It’s a number one barter item in the SHTF.

              Or just cut out the middle man and buy grain alcohol. And store a few cases.

              Always leave a half bottle of JD on the kitchen table that has two dozen deadly nightshade berries mashed in.

              Certain items will be gold in the SHTF.

              When I say I will dig in, it will be with a case of Giridelli chocolate brownie mix. I won’t be loosing any weight.

              Ahhhhhhaaa, I’ll rule the world. Climate change my arse.

              • you’ll be fine if you got all this sh*t.
                so i’m going to list a few things I THINK are important to surviving when the time comes, and the premise will be that you will stay in place, fighting off a few desperadoes occasionally….but no serious “army” rolling over your place(it’s a real leap, i know)…so here’s what i want, to be able to survive…keep in mind SOME items have MANY uses, and you might not realize how important some of them are.
                pinto beans
                pinto beans
                canned fruit like peaches, fruit cocktail, pears, apricots
                peanut butter
                tomatoes and tomatoe sauce
                sugar, brown sugar
                tabasco sauce
                BBQ sauce
                popcorn and seasoning
                olives, black
                canned chilli
                canned soups…my favorite, cream of mushroom
                milk, dried, evaporated, and condensed
                cake mix, 7up or sprite, and canned fruit…to make cobbler, apple or cherry is MY faves(google that)
                canned veggies
                shortening/corn oil
                soy sauce…teriyake
                beef/chicken bullion
                baking soda, baking powder, yeast
                pepper, garlic salt, chilli powder, italian seasoning, cinnamon, ketchup, mustard mayo.
                instant coffee, tea..creamer
                hard candy, chocolate
                tuna, spam(don’t stack it very high)
                powdered eggs
                well, that’s enough for now….u guys add to it and i will see if i want to add anything to MY stores…remember, this list is like a thousand lawyers chained to eachother at the bottom of the ocean……a place to START…

      6. Rellik and Archivist, let an EMP hit us and we’ll have 90% of our population dead within 3 months.

        • Since ~80% of Americans live in Urban areas there would be a significant die off in the event of a Nationwide EMP attack.
          A number of 90% seems a little high. Though, I’d be happy if 90% of the Democrats died.
          My location is unlikely to be affected by an EMP attack, but never the less, I prep for a complete loss of electricity for an extended period of time.

      7. I was driving south on 295 around Richmond, VA last month, Nov. 10th to be exact, it was at sunset. As I looked towards the west there were planes flying and chem-trailing the sh*t out of the sky to the horizon in all directions. My first thought after looking at the scale of it was “my GOD, what are they trying to do”. There were geometric shapes of trails including X’s, several rows of neat parallel lines, lines crossing each other at right angles, and something I had not seen before – at least one semicircle. I have seen chem-trailing before here on the VA/NC border area, but not like that evening. My wife looked up and a minute later asked me what are the planes doing up there. She made the obvious observation and comment that geometric shapes in the sky are not a product of nature, therefore it is human activity, and since it appeared so well coordinated it has to be intentional.
        These aerosols being sprayed have highly toxic chemical compounds not found naturally, and loaded with a variety of heavy metals. Who in the HELL is putting those poisons in the sky, and why are they putting that poison in the sky? It is not just over the USA but all over the world, but especially over the parts of the earth that have modern societies and economies. This poison eventually falls to the earth, into the soil and ground water, and no doubt contaminates the food chain on land and in the seas.
        I never saw this phenomenon before the 1980’s, no one I have ever known hasn’t either. So don’t tell me it’s just condensation of vapor from jet exhaust. Not only that, but there are many more cloudy days each year now. The bands they spray expand until it forms a film like cover across the sky. I suspect that the goals of all this spraying is far more detrimental to humans than we can imagine.

      8. B.S.

        20 Million???? There is almost 8 Billion on this earth. Those numbers won’t make MSM head lines. If thing keep going like they are in Shitcago they will get to that number way before he thinks it will happen.

        Now we got a Bobby Kennedy’s kid running for Gubenor. He wants to take all the guns out of the state. (Play hell getting mine.)

        Now back to the 20 million. I’m looking at almost 2 years worth of food and other items for 5 people. I really don’t thing I’m going to have a problem.

        Off Topic.
        Now speaking of problems. Just had a complete physical. Everything was perfect until the EKG. Just had one 6 months ago to make sure I could get a couple of finger fixed that I messed up. SHOCKER. They think I had a heart attack sometime in the last 6 months. So I’m going through a battery of test and nothing is jiving with each other. Cardiologist can’t put his finger on anything yet. Had Cat-Scan today and waiting for info. If OK I’m done, and the test were messed up, If not a camera into the heart. So please guys keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks All.


        • Prayer. I hope you will:

          Keep off a vegetable oils bar EV Olive oil. Eat sunflower seeds 1lb per week, not toasted.

      9. Oh…..my……GOD!

      10. 20 million is only 3/10’s of 1% of the total population on earth. So what…..I would have thought it would be higher than that, naturally. Nothing here. Move on please.!!!

        • Not so good though if you are one of the 20 million.

      11. Let’s see. First comes the complete crash of the petro-dollar which causes a catastrophic financial collapse. While the cities are a blaze with the rioting, looting and other thuggery, the folks in rural America sit on guard waiting and watching. In comes the Calvary, the little fat guy launches an EMP using one of his new -15 ICBMs which completely destroys the grid, the transportation industry and every thing remotely associated with electricity. I am prepared to handle it but cannot fathom how I will endure without my mailings informing me how I can save 10% on something marked up 50%. Or even better, the lawyer from Kenya (I know what you are thinking…) telling my my rich uncle bucky left me 37 gazillion dollars and all I need to do is send him a grand to secure it. Sarcasm off. Dang, if it all collapses tomorrow, I better go get some boxes of wine before it’s too late… God Bless America

      12. My posts disappear regularly again but this company’s site looks like roses and unicorns..they probably have something to do with it.
        weather modification dot com

        • Sorry, I did that.

          Oops, perhaps not!

          Sorry, my mistake.

      13. The problems are getting worse, even without a conspiracy. Fresh water, soil quality, soil contamination, etc boil down to a looming crisis. A conspiracy like this hastens when it will happen and not if it will happen.

      14. Yes, what is this article about anyway? I bet that many starve every few months anyway. Trying to blame it on something wrong with the bio-system of the Earth is stu.pid.

        • the undead brain eaters will survive unless they live on this site.

        • In the US people do starve. Very sad!

          But, it’s entirely avoidable. The government is more than willing to be your mommy.

      15. Everyone is guilty. Everyone will pay. Physically speaking.

      16. Those who refuse to accept the facts are doomed to reap the result. Chem-trails are real and I see them everyday, I have always been healthy as a horse and now have a subtle persistent cough after living beneath them…I am very pissed off.

      17. 200 million could starve to death if the government pulled it’s tits back inside it’s bra.

      18. NOAA; Educated Ass-O.
        They think they are Above it ALL.
        You will Die, like the rest of US.
        They are FAKE Science, all they want is your MONEY.

      19. Dane Wigington deserves to be Person of the Year. His research and data are impeccable.

        It does take a few minutes to grasp the concepts and science but he is understandable and his integrity is outstanding. He is to be taken seriously.

        • Also, I would nominate Michael Janitch of the Dutchsinse website. Both of the guys are genius investigators. Too bad not enough people listening.

      20. There is zero doubt that geoengineering is going on. Sorry, but anyone over a few decades old knows what a passenger jet vapor trail looked like a decade or two ago, and now. Nuff said.

        I was in Cannon Beach, OR. a year ago, and watched some geoengineering jet leaving a massive spray trail coming north, the make u-turn over the town and head back south.

        Oh wait! That wasn’t a geoengineering jet… probably just a passenger jet that turned around to go back because somebody forgot their wallet at the originating airport.

      21. Only 20m. Try a couple of billion if the global food supply chain collapses.

      22. If it rains my crops grow. If it don’t rain I water them and they still grow. What many folks don’t take in to account is everything in on or about the planet is a natural thing. go pick the wrong mushroom and that natural thing might kill you. A newt salamander is a natural thing. A group of hunters where camping one when to a nearby mountain stream and scooped up a coffeepot of that clear sparkling natural water. And scooped up a Newt also. And the entire group dies.

      23. it is written in the bible scriptures already, there will be famine, peace taken among human. and that is it, weapons are now being manufactured more than foods. we should heal the
        world and not to destroy it

      24. I think the collapse of the Petro Dollar and the coming global depression will all many more.
        Let alone if the Golden Golem of Con pisses off too many more folks in the world.

      25. Sounds good to me. It will be the bottom feeders dying off anyway.

      26. Getting sick of all this SHTFBS!

        • probly not as sick as WE ARE of it.

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