Big Pharma Director Predicts A New COVID Variant That Will Evade “Vaccines” By November

by | Aug 1, 2022 | Headline News


An Indian big pharma director of Bharat Biotech (BB) International Limited says that a new COVID variant that evades “vaccines” is coming no later than November of this year. But we’ve already seen literally everything evade the four COVID shots being injected in whoever is naive enough to take them.

Fully Vaccinated and Double Boosted Biden Tests Positive For COVID-19

Double Vaccinated and Double Boosted Fauci Tests Positive For COVID-19

Fully “Vaccinated” And Boosted Obama Gets COVID

Fully Vaccinated & Boosted Hillary Clinton Tests Positive For COVID-19

Dr. Krishna Ella, who is the director of Bharat Biotech in India has advocated nasal vaccines as the next step for the protection of the upper respiratory system as injectable vaccines can protect “only the lower part”. Surely they will work as well as the injections:

4 Out Of 5 Canadian “COVID-19 Deaths” Are In The “Fully Vaccinated”

Speaking at the 43rd Vikram Sarabhai Memorial Lecture on “innovation and entrepreneurship” at the Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA) on Saturday, Ella said, “People who took the injectable vaccines are protected in the lower (respiratory system) part so they still get the infection because upper part of the lung is not protected. The nasal vaccine gives upper lung protection… We are optimistic that both injectable and nasal strategy will work,” said Dr. Ella. –The Indian Express

Dr. Ella claims that a new variant capable of escaping “vaccine protection” (which is hilarious considering the fully vaccinated and boosted are by and large the ones getting sick and dying of everything right now) will surface by November. This vaccine escapable variant will be stopped by…you guessed it…a vaccine!

It’s becoming laughable what the ruling classes insist we believe. Not too long ago, the United Kingdom tried to sell polio vaccines to the public after warning that vaccine-derived polio was found in the sewage system, so the people not vaccinated for polio should be to protect themselves against those spreading the virus via the vaccine. You can’t even make this up anymore:

National Incident Declared After Polio Was Found In UK Sewers

The lies are getting more apparent and more obvious. Are we finally done being ruled by others or should we continue to be subjected to these obvious logical fallacies designed to socially engineer society the way the masters want?

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