Biden Claims We’ll See 600k-660k Deaths Before We “Turn The Corner” On The Scamdemic

by | Jan 27, 2021 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    Joe Biden claims that we are still fighting the scamdemic, even as states reopen and the vaccine is available. But we’ll see many more deaths if you believe Biden before we “turn the corner.”

    He says we’re still a long way from beating COVID-19. There’s going to be more deaths, Biden said. “We’re going to see somewhere between 600,000 to 660,000 deaths before we turn the corner in a major way.” This comes as Dr. Anothony Fauci, another tyrant who wants to keep this narrative going, says we should be wearing two muzzles at a time.

    Dr. Fauci Says Wearing 2 Face Masks Is “Common Sense”

    But the mainstream media is even admitting that the vaccine won’t necessarily prevent you from getting COVID-19, so you’ll still need the mask and social distance. So what’s the point? What does this vaccine actually do then? Why isn’t the media asking these questions? Why do they need people afraid and in a mental state that they’ll take this vaccine even to their own detriment?

    It looks like this coronavirus hoax will be used to coalesce every agenda the ruling class needs to usher in the Great Reset, The New World Order, and the totalitarian technocracy they want to control the masses.

    Stay prepared and alert and listen for hints from the mainstream media.  While we know it’s all propaganda and a part of the ruling class’s dog and pony show, they do give us little hints as to what’s really going on.  This could be a clue that this scamdemic rhetoric is going to be ramped up in the coming days.

    Stay prepared and aware.  Make sure you have what you need and use discernment.  There is so much deceit and intentional misinformation that things can become confusing. Learn some skills, and most of all, don’t live in fear.  These psychopaths feed off of our fear.

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      1. (The ferret poison that also works on lemmings.)

        They’re saying it’s fake vax, in case any problems come up, later.

        • “600,000 to 660,000”

          Can I get a 666?

          • Suggested independent research;

            Average daily death rates. State, national, worldwide.

            People die, they die by the thousands daily in this country. It’s just a fact of life. Living in fear is the real enemy.

            This thing barely ticked the number, which can be explained with failing mental health which leads to immediate deterioration of physical health. And the stats guy IW hired, identified the covid curve follows the pneumonia curve exactly, except the pneumonia is now almost non existent, as covid diagnosis replaced it. Covid cured regular flue and pneumonia, it is indeed a medical miracle.

            I’m going out the hard way. That means one of these days the cigarettes and beer might come back at me, the pot of coffee every day, on top of the million injuries and bad health decisions of the past. I’ll do something idiotic and fall off the trail into the ravine or something. I’m not going out afraid of some germ, volunteering to go to the hospital while I’m still breathing and walking, get real. Hospitals are where sick people go and I’d rather just not know if that is possible under reasonable conditions. What’s this big push ‘to know if you’re sick’?… It seems all those pharma commercials have a more profound effect on psyche than people realize. Bring back the marlboro man on television!

            Also someone should spam this site around more, bring more viewers. And let the trolls in, why not. They’ll just trip over themselves. Sell me a SHTF dot com bumper sticker already.

            • Mr Yesterday,great comment. The pneumonia stats you mentioned are so true. And wearing a mask all day(now some are saying wear 2 or 3 masks) the mask can contribute to bacterial pneumonia big time. And the same amount of people die every year plus or minus a few. How easy it is to deceive the masses.

        • It is the vac that is giving the Covid symptoms and the death rates. Old people have been prioritized first because they want to get rid of the useless eaters but all will be effected as their goal is 500 000 000 people.

          Anybody for the death drug for the old and sterilization drug for the young, please state your age before so that they can give the right batch for you?

      2. If only Creepy Joe would “turn the corner” with Commiela in tow and never return.

      3. So,touchy feely prez Bidet says there will be more deaths.Yeah,just like all those “deaths” of people none of us know.Incredible how they say so many people “died” of covid,with covid,looking at covid,or just while thinking of covid and yet we never hear the names of these “casualties”,or see photos or ever see the mass funeral services?With so many victims – wouldn’t we be tripping over the bodies outside on an ever increasing basis??Biden and his minions just keep announcing new “death” numbers to keep the sheep living in fear of the phantom “virus”. As you often mention,these people have to continue pushing the false narrative anyway they can.We are almost a year into this covid tour de farce and I don’t know ANYONE who has died from it. In fact, I don’t even know ANYONE who has even had it. We supposedly have a raging pandemic on our hands and yet,you see no obvious signs of anything of the sort anywhere.Go figure?

      4. I heard somewhere that last years 2019-2020 regular flu shot contained some nano particles that would make this years covid test to show up positive. Folks these genocidal chumps set this up long ago to rack up the numbers to roll out more deadly vaccines.
        Also radio talk show last night, said that you need to avoid all food products with “Gluten” in them because the Gluten when in your digestive track blocks the nutrients like vitamins to absorb into your body system to enhance your immune system. So if you eat say wheat products or oatmeal with Gluten and you take vitamins, the vitamins will be blocked by the Gluten in your intestines. So some oat meal products if produced and manufactured in the same factory as they produce wheat using the same machines, the gluten residue in the wheat machines many carry over into the oatmeal. I called an oatmeal CO today and we had a discussion. If the package says Gluten free, then that oatmeal is produced in separate facility or separate machines than the wheat. PS. NEVER take the JAB>

        • Well then, crush your One-A-Days and snort em…

      5. And he’ll be one of those deaths. Soon.

      6. Perhaps his own, Kameltoe’s and Piglosi’s will be among them.

        If you’re gonna dream – dream big.

      7. Slo and the Ho,The Dynamic Duo. The Country has never been in better hands.

      8. Biden Claims He Will Insure 600k-660k Deaths Before We “Turn The Corner” On The Scamdemic

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