Battle Hardened Russian Spetsnaz May Tip The Balance In Syria: “They Are Formidable Opponents To Be Taken Seriously”

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    Jeremiah Johnson is a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne) and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).

    spetznaz-training(Image Source: Spetsnaz Training Compilation – Youtube)

    The last installment gave the readers a picture of how Russia and the United States are positioning their Special Forces assets, posturing for a potential Ghost War between the two elite groups.  The previous article also presented the basic role of the U.S. Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Recall that Green Berets function as “force multipliers” designed to optimize civilian human resources in an unconventional (guerrilla) warfare capacity.  These resources are drawn from local indigenous personnel within the combat theater of operations.

    But what of their Russian counterparts, the Spetsnaz?  Not too many people are aware that the Russian warriors have a long and distinguished history that effectively begins with WWII (although their inception as deep reconnaissance battalions stem further).  Spetsnaz is an acronym for (phonetic) Spetsialnoygo Nazhacheniye, or Special Reconnaissance-Intelligence units.

    Spetsnaz units in combat primarily operate behind enemy lines either overtly (in military uniform) or covertly (in civilian garb).  They can be inserted by parachute, submarine, or travel inconspicuously to the LD (line of departure) to their destination by whatever means they see fit.  Their primary missions involve assassinations of government officials and military leaders, destruction of enemy command and communication centers, intelligence (spying), counterintelligence (that involves hunting down and killing spies), and sabotage missions (hydroelectric plants, transportation hubs, airfields, etc.)

    The next higher elite unit among the Spetsnaz are GRU-Spetsnaz, and the acronym GRU, or Glavnoye Razvedyvatel-noyi Upravlaniye, or Main Intelligence Directorate.  Where Spetsnaz are the Operators, these men are the Specialists: extraordinarily cross-trained in the most precise and surgical techniques of assassination, demolitions, espionage, and special intelligence operations that combine all of these phases of instruction.  The missions these men run are usually task organized by three man teams, or cells.  Larger missions may have several cells working in conjunction with one another; however, for the most part Operators work as individuals or as cells.

    Finally, there is the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia, the SVR, and this group has a special unit that is even more elite and closely-guarded (information-wise) than the previously-mentioned Spetsnaz units.  The unit is the elite Special Forces unit called Zaslon, and the very existence of the unit is denied thoroughly by the government of Russia.  Zaslon means “Shield,” or “Barrier,” and their mission is covert, operating under deep cover.  All of the operatives are Spetsnaz qualified, having served in the two former units prior to their service in Zaslon.

    The unit is used to provide protection for Russian ambassadors, conduct deep-cover intelligence and contact development, top-level assassinations, and the most delicate of all such terminations: the ones the autopsies rule to be “a death by natural causes,” leaving not a shred of evidence to the contrary.  These highly trained, experienced operators have decades of experience in the former two Spetsnaz units.  Handpicked for their intelligence and physical prowess, the Zaslon operatives are all fluent in several languages with extensive foreign service under their belts.

    Although they answer primarily to the SVR, the Zaslon team members will sometimes be tasked as advisors or instructors (in an operational capacity, for planning and leadership control) to GRU-Spetsnaz for especially sensitive or “hairy” missions.  Their equivalent(s) in the United States Military and Intelligence Services can be found in the Tactical Support Teams (TST’s), and in SAD, of the Central Intelligence Agency.

    Currently in Syria, Spetsnaz has been deployed (shifted) from the Ukrainian theater of operations; therefore, in essence, redeployed, as Spetsnaz units that are not training are operating.  They have been conducting raids with air assault (helicopter) deployment, in addition to intelligence gathering.  Such intelligence requirements invariably involve “snatch-and-grabs” (kidnapping) for a subject to be interrogated, along with acquiring documents and photographic evidence.  Their targets are reportedly “ISIS/ISIL,” but in reality they are after anyone or any group fomenting dissension or rebellion against Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

    In the Northern part of the country, in areas such as Raqqah, Tel Abyad, and Shadadeh, the Rebels (whom the U.S. supports) are the primary opponent of Spetsnaz and the coalition they are directing comprised of (for the moment) Iranian Republican Guardsmen, Lebanese Hezbollah, and Syrian regulars serving the Assad government.  The Syrian Army (after many decades of partnership with the former Soviet Union, now Russia) has many Russian-speaking operatives to assist in the operations of their ally.

    The main Rebel points spread out in an upside-down crescent at the Northern border of Syria running the full length of the country and halting at Derek and Darbasiyeh, where the Kurdish forces in the Northeast hold sway.  The Spetsnaz units have been conducting ground strikes on the Rebel command and control centers, as well as assassinations of key Rebel military personnel.  Key areas that will come into play later as action intensifies are the Shadadi Oil Fields of Northeastern Syria, as well as the Omar Oil Field in the Southeast.  In the center of Syria lies the Shaer Gas Field, a huge natural gas repository that the U.S. and NATO would love to secure for the purposes of undercutting the Russian supplies to Eastern Europe.

    Zaslon (the unit that Russia has denied the existence of) has existed…and has been operating in Syria since at least May 10, 2013, as a small group of operators deployed there when Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry were trying to work on a brokered peace deal.  Zaslon was sent there specifically to keep Assad from being assassinated and/or removed from power.  They’re also in Syria to cover any tracks that may incriminate Russia if things “go south” for Assad, as internal security is one of their specialties.

    To summarize, the Spetsnaz units are top-flight groups of extraordinary warriors dedicated to their profession and they are battle-hardened from their years with the wars in Chechnya, Georgia, and Ukraine.  They are formidable opponents to be taken seriously, and their role in Syria has neither been fully developed nor clarified.  They are worthy adversaries that can very well tip the balance in the region and completely offset any plans the U.S. and NATO has for the region.  In the coming days and weeks, we will certainly see more of their operations and how it may tip the overall balance of power in the region and the Middle East as a whole.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to

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      1. World War 3 has already begun – most people just haven’t realized it yet.

        • Russia= invited

          USA= invaded

          NEED I SAY MORE


          • Isn’t this the same Jeremiah Johnson that wrote articles about Jade Helm? All of his hand wringing for nothing.
            That’s what I thought.

            And he has the stupidity to make it out like the Russians are “battle hardened”, and to be feared and yet US troops have been in continuous combat since 9/11, especially our special ops people. So the Russians are around, BFD Jeremiah.

            • Yeah, during the first gulf war there was much hand wringing over the fact that Iraq’s armor was made up of Russian T72 tanks. OMG we’re going to get our ass kicked because this wasn’t a cheap ass version of the T72. Oh no, it was the exact same version of the T72 that the Russians had for their armored units. And what happened? out A10 Warthogs, that many said were obsolete and needed to be scrapped went in and effin destroyed the Iraqi armored units. I think this JJ must be a real puss to write articles about the Russians as if they deserve our respect and fear. Didn’t a couple of women recently qualify as Rangers?

              • Wilson: Couldn’t agree more, the entire Russian military couldn’t subdue Chechnya, a small province within their own borders. They had to resort to trickery and let the locals have some “autonomy” with a hand-picked local and now he and Putin’s pictures are all over region. If they can’t take a small area within their own country, the Russians sure as hell aren’t going to take Syria and ISIS.

                • You could remember who and when lost and who won this war. Putin came after Yeltsin The Drunkard and his corrupt generals in 2000, and then the Chechnya case was finished up in several months. Russian Army is the strongest land force in the world, unless it’s managed by some idiot or western marionette (Putin is neither). Learn its long victorious history of the wars that fucking cruel and bloody, America and US Army, used to fight mostly half-civilized tribes, have never ever seen.
                  Remember the shame of Vietnam.

                  • Vietnam was lost at the conference table, and in the American colleges, not the battle. But the Russian military is tougher than the American military, because the people themselves are tougher. Plus they can be just as cruel as their opponents, and don’t have to worry about being politically correct. If they take sniper fire from a building, they level the building. We have to be careful of civilian casualties. Don’t put them down. In my long military career I have meet and faced the Russians over gun barrels. They are excellent combat soldiers.

            • yeah, it’s the same one alright. He has 3 cats too, ’nuff said.

          • Exactly so! Russia has been invited, the US has invaded ( like it ALWAYS did)
            I pray god Russia kicks the ass out of the US trained thugs in Syria and elsewhere in the world where the US has demolished lawful government and installed chaos and havoc.

        • You better look right fucking now at your pension plan. Cyprus is the 35th wealthiest country in the world. Cyprus is not some dickwater island. If they can pull that shit there they’ll do it anywhere.

          Why the fuck would I have to pay tax penalties to extract loot from my retirement account and health savings account????


          IT’S MY FUCKING MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Acid, damn good point. I decided long ago not to even collect SS. I won’t accept the feds’ terms for collecting it. I won’t reduce my annual income/standard of living to collect any SS. I don’t let the feds tell me how to live.

          • It’s not yours, AE. If you can’t have it, is it really yours? Us baby boomers and the ‘greatest generation’ have stiffed your generation, but good.

        • Spot on Anonymous.

        • It’s over. US lost.

      2. We are in for a mess in this Nation.

        • That’s an understatement

      3. Friends please remember that if you must go over any, I repeat any bridge getting to your BOL you more than likely will not make after anything starts. Why CHOKE POINT; and if there are more than one bridge crossing well it will be over at one of them. Prepare and if you must go to a BOL leave before anything starts. These CHOKE POINTS do not have to be on heavily traveled routes either, small country roads are just as likely to be shut down by locals. JUST PREPARE and THINK!!

        • Know the major choke points in your region, county and city also. Not just bridges either although they are the easiest to take out. In my county we have 4 major arteries to get out of the county with 2-3 smaller veins. My county is also on the coast so only one major way to head north. On top of that there is one city located just past the county line that is THE MAJOR choke point during hurricane evacs. It’ll be the same when the SHTF. I’ve gone over this in our BO plans and come to think of it I haven’t read anything on this subject either, knowing your choke points during a BO.

          • Remember they will have over watch snipers on both sides. Any Vietnam vet will tell you they never walked a road or path .Selco will tell you too. Snipers on over watch ? Get a good pointer hunting dog . Train him to see snipers and point. You think you can just drive down the road in SHTF .? You won’t last long. Ambush gangs will be on every road and trail.

            • I’m thinking the dog won’t last long. You won’t be hunting birds ya know.

      4. Russia should be our natural allies. White, Christian.

        We are more socialist now than them for Christ’s sake!

        I’m not saying that Putin is some hero or that he is not on the payroll, I’m saying Russian people are tough, get it done people. We have more in common than not.

        So tired of the constant polarity fight. Or even worse, the moderates who refuse to pick a side and just sit on the fence.

        “Combine or unite seemingly unlike things”

        That is the answer to all that ails us, worldwide.


        • Townsaver said ‘Russia should be our natural allies. White, Christian.’

          They are son, they are. Putin knows this well and at every opportunity has avoided the great conflict the dual-passport-holders and neocons that control the US have been trying to get started.

          There are certain groups in the US, UK, and Israel that want to see an end to the ‘white race’, and are using both war and immigration to either kill them off or breed them out (as well as the destruction of the family, economic enslavement, and poor health which all reduce white birth rates).

          The last ‘almost entirely white’ nations such as Sweeden are now under attack by untold numbers of migrants, and thier women are being raped in the thousands (yes really) by immigrants. Most of this goes unreported by the MSM.

          Even Germany, the home of the original white non-Catholic Christian civilisation, is now poised for extermination under millions of migrants and direct confrontation (through NATO) with Russia.

          Russia itself is the last almost all-white nation which still upholds Cristian values, outlaws homosexuals, punishes paedophiles, and stands up for the rights of thier people.
          That is why Russia has been marked for nuclear destruction, along with what is left of the ‘old’ united States that share these same values.

          I hope that makes sense, as the same group that built the Georgia Guide Stones and Denver Airport want this fuse lit like yesterday.

          • The more history I read, the more I am convinced that sections of Germany became Protestant more because of debt repudiation by German princes (opposing the usury and monopolies of the Catholic Fugger family) and their greed (seizures of Church property, including art and sacred vessels) than over theology. Lutheranism merely gave German princess cover for repudiating their debts and looting churches, convents, and monasteries.

            Anyone interested in this history and seeking understanding of our present enslavement to debt would do well to read Dr. E. Michael Jones’ latest tome (1,456 pages), Barren Metal: A History of Capitalism as the Conflict between Labor and Usury.

            • Aiiieee…. auto-spellchecker” “…German princes…”

          • Really well put! It is more than obvious now that any country that is majority white and Christian is targeted for extermination via diversity.

            The sooner people wake up to this the faster real alliances can be formed and the fight back and defenses be established.

            They started by economically hollowing out these countries, exporting any and all manufacturing and wealth overseas. They then used austerity measures to stop household formation and child births. After this was entrenched they then started to claim immigration was urgently needed to keep the economy going and boost birth rates (after spending decades telling white people to have no or small families! to balance government budgets).

            They definitely do not like Russia because Russians are smart and can match any scientific or technological achievement despite having been under economic warfare attack for at least six decades. They also do not like Russia because it is packed with smart, beautiful Russian women who can trace their heritage back to the Vikings. They have not had their genes laid to waste through junk food and GMOs. They should be our natural allies.

        • Here’s how it is for me.

          I don’t even need all of the details to know, that the NWO globalists want Assad out. Why doesn’t really matter to me. If the NWO wants Assad out – I want him protected. It’s the same for the prevailing view of Putin and Russia in general, If the NWO hates them, I LOVE THEM!

          What I SEE, is a strong nation that will not be dominated by the NWO. The fact that the people love their leaders holds sway with me. That includes both Putin and Assad. For me, THE PEOPLE have the final say, not the NWO globalists. THAT IS SOVEREIGNTY.

          I see Russia as a Christian-friendly nation, who does not want to be corrupted by “gay pride”, feminism, Political Correctness and the globalist’s agenda of total diversity and tolerance only for adherents to their agenda.

          Russians are proud of their heritage and who they are, both the good and the bad … Again, their people have spoken, and that holds sway for me. We also have some demerits in our history, but we must acknowledge our mistakes and be proud of overcoming those mistakes, not try to rewrite them out of our history.

          Here’s an interesting contrast between their “guest worker” policy, and our current policy:

          “Russian Penalty for working without authorization

          The law stipulates that any foreign citizen working without a valid work permit may be fined and deported from Russia. The employer will also be fined and forfeits the right to apply for permission to employ foreigners in the future.

          Bribes to local officials work for a time but sooner or later the wrong officials may take notice. Then the party is over.”

          ht tps://

          I can SEE how the globalist agenda is affecting the world, and I don’t like it. Their reasons and excuses don’t matter one bit to me. I WANT THAT AGENDA STOPPED, and if MY OWN COUNTRY won’t do it, the I say – GO RUSSIA!

          Anyone with a lick of sense can see that the MSM anti-Putin propaganda is lies. Putin’s ACTIONS speak louder than their lies. I’m NOT “Anti-American”, but I AM anti-globalist” to the core and proud of it.

          HEY PUTIN, Drop a big, mean and nasty one on a terrorist nest for us American Christians!

          • Hmmm

            Sixpack your general assessment that if the powers that be want something it is by definition almost certainly running contrary to the needs and wishes of the citizenry and therefore should be opposed is spot on.

            Sovereignty to me means independence and self rule working within the framework of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. This is the foundation of our Republic. Sixpack goes right to the heart of war being waged by the NWO against the citizenry. This war is all about forcing us to surrender our sovereignty as individuals and as a Nation.

            The TTP and the pending Trans Atlantic Trade Agreement are going to give the NWO the ability to take that Sovereignty away from us. And in the process that power will be bestowed upon the 147 Multi-national corporations which currently control roughly half of the commerce on the Planet. This is far more telling than many people realize because those 147 interlocking multi-national corporations are all owned/controlled by the very same people that are responsible for the creation of all of these Trojan Horse “treaties”.

            If “our” government, any government for that matter, was actually attempting to eradicate “terrorism” they would start by hunting down and eliminating these dozen or so families and the multitude of leaders in both the public and private sectors which owe their allegiance to them. Nationalize the 5 largest banks in every country and return the powers of the treasury to the people. Cut off the head and cut off the money and at least for a time terrorism, gross poverty and war will quickly fade. All IMHO of course.

            I believe it is self-evident that this “war” which is now unfolding in the light of day, has nothing to do with race, creed, color, religion, sexual orientation or national origin. The use of conflicts between such groups to distract, confuse and neutralize the citizenry is as old as time. It is a war about power and the money that secures it.

            • Perfectly stated, thank you.

          • @sixpack…

            While reading your comments, the thought came to me that of all the candidates in the Republican debate, the ONLY ones who weren’t talking insanity regarding Russia’s involvement in Syria were Donald Trump and Rand Paul.

            As for “dropping a big, mean nasty one” on a terrorist nest……you weren’t referring to D.C. by any chance, were you?

            • If that’s where terrorists gather…

      5. Battle Hardened against who? The Russians haven’t fought a real war since the Soviets lost in Afghanistan. And before than , they hadn’t fought since WW2.

        • Sean says ‘battle hardened against who?’
          You clearly have no idea what Chechnya was about. I assure you that was one hell of a real war. Look it up son.
          Also, if you dont think Ukraine is a ‘real’ war you are watching too much MSN. I suggest you look up how that war has been faught, and how the Russians (often regulars taking leave and ‘vacation’ in the Donbass) faught back the Ukrainian regulars who were backed and supported by US, UK, and Israeli special forces and intellience ops, along with a lot of experienced British and US mercs.
          Only a fool underestimates thier enemy.
          The next major war will be faught on US soil. The Russians have promised that. It is the only way the arrogant and naieve American people will ever learn why most of the world trys to avoid conflict. When your family and your friends, and your your home, and your town are bombed back to the stone age perhaps you will learn what a real war is all about.

          • But that was 20 years ago. And it was still small scale warfare. Same with Ukraine. A few thousand troops at best. Which is fine for small scale war, like in Syria. Against a larger force, or full scale warfare, how good are they?

            • Sean, This is not a video game. Anyone who fights against a corrupt zionist infested regime creating monsters like ISIS is a freedom fighter.

              • ❤ AMEN to that ❤

            • Russia trounced Israeli-trained instigators in Georgia. Russians have not forgotten who killed 61 million Russian Christians. Justice would be served by the Russians liberating Lebanon, Jordan, and Palestine.

            • USA has’t either. Just low intensity conflicts like Viet Nam, Grenada, Iraq x2, Afghanistan (where empires go to die), Syria, and many others around the world.

              Did USA really win WWII? We left the Japanese emporer in place. Japanese war crimes were worse than anything the Germans ever thought of.

          • The US lost the war in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and every where else they go all they do is fuck shit up since they cant win wars they go in fuck up a country and leave read your history and look at Libya, read the history behind it and see who fucked up the country its the asshole neocon AMERICANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • You mean ‘murikuns won’t get to watch WWIII on TV? We’ll actually have to live it?

          • The more I hear about Russia, the more I am coming to admire it. (Is that Politically Incorrect these days?) After nearly 100 years under the boot heel of the oligarchs, they deserve their freedom. I only hope they can see we are under the heel of the same evil oligarchs and that they come to exterminate them, not the garden-variety innocent citizen. They had millions of good people murdered in the gulags and in many pogroms (sponsored by the oligarchs). It could be payback time… and I doubt that the DUMBs are going to protect the oligarchs… a few well-placed scalar weapons ought to finish them off for fair.
            Bottom line is: the oligarchs everywhere have to go, including the Crown.

        • And what wars has America won?

          • Well, we had decisive victories in the Dominican Republic, Panama and Grenada as well as Haiti.

        • Fair enough Sean, … but what has the USA accomplished in it’s fight in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc?

          Have we won anything over there in the Middle East or North Africa?

          It’s a rhetorical question – the answer is Absolutely Not!

          The goal was to never win. The goal was to continue the destabilization of the Middle East, overthrow elected governments on sovereign lands and install US Puppets to govern said overthrown countries.

          I believe Russia, and others have grown weary of the US Imperialism and we are witnessing the blowback of the US Governments doings.

          • FTW-

            Respectively, that is not true. Our military easily won both Afghanistan ans Iraq. THE DUSBA$$ POLITICIANS PI$$ED IT AWAY.

            The Russians however, LOST to Afghanistan…….

            • USMC1982 – agree to a certain extent, yes the US had the upper hand in those regions … but look what happened when we decided to remove US troops from those regions. A lot of ground that was reclaimed back to Iraq/Afghanistan was retaken back by Al-Qaeda/ISIS/ … insert other undesirable towelhead name(s) here.

              It’s not a win if mass territory has been regained by insurgents. I have to strongly disagree with the “easily won” theory you mentioned.

              I say this because thousands of US service personal have been killed, and thousands more wounded. Most of the death toll in those regions weigh heavily on civilian populations in contrast to insurgents, that is not success.

              Again, here I see no winners, just losers on both fronts of the bogus fraud called “the war on terrorism”.
              Whether it be US Military, Insurgents or civilians. These are the people who suffer greatly. Yet those Politicians you mentioned usually tend to live a long, immoral and unethical life in the pursuit of power and rich’s that they have gained in these unethical events across the globe.

              • ❤❤

              • The death toll in Iraq and Afghanistan was lower than in Viet Nam only because of much more advanced trauma care. Most of the horribly maimed and permanently crippled Iraq/Afghanistan vets would have been KIA in Viet Nam.

            • You never won a thing. You will leave Afghanistan like the British and Russians and the Afghans will go back to their feudal and tribal ways. Like in Vietnam the US used B52s and they kept on coming. The Russians had to deal with stingers in Afghanistan. The Russians were nice enough not to provide MANPADS and even with air-cover you could not effectively occupy the country. The same story applied to Iraq.

              • These people have been the Pirates of the Silk Road forever . Murdering and stealing from anyone going down this road . Kind of like a toll booth .You give up your profits or you die. Do they own this road that’s been there forever. Some of them want alittle some want it all. They are highway robbers. Everyone has tried to stop them .Maybe we can maybe we can’t . Should we not try? Maybe not.

          • The goal is to sell bombs bullets and band aids . And make a lot of money.

        • Sean-

          I agree. And they got a$$ handed to them in Afganistan and also Germany was rolling over them until the winter hit and the Germans were caught off guard. That being said, the US hasent faced a real opponent in a while… Not something that Americans or Russians want.

          • ‘Ass handed to them’…what a load of bollocks. They are still fighting and winning back territory as the US and its NATO vassals retreat. The supply of stingers removed Russian air cover. Would like to have seen what you muppets would have done with no air-cover to call on up in the mountains.

            • You obviously have no idea what the US military is capable of. We spend 30 time the next biggest military’s in the world. The US has no equal in military might, not even close. And you are confusing the US and NATO military’s with the dumb A$$ politicians.

              I have news for you, if we get in a real fight those rules of engagement that the politicians here put on our troops, will go out the window.

          • The germans were arrogant. It’s not as though Soviet winters were top secret or anything. That invasion should have been started much earlier in the year. Hitler & co. got impatient with slowed progress on the western front.

        • JRS–You mean it’s all about MONEY? Not ‘exporting democracy’? I’m shocked!! Shocked, I tell you!!

      6. Sean: Never under estimate your enemy NEVER.

        • But the US does and fails to understand the psyche of the Russians (and Chinese). They deride the Chinese for not having carriers and aping the US set up. I think the Russians and Chinese have developed an asymmetrical approach to systems and technologies. You only have to look at the technologies in terms of advanced radars, jamming and a massive range of missile types. After all you don’t need a billion dollar destroyer to kill another destroyer. A million dollar Mach 2 to 3 missile will do quite nicely.

          • If there’s one thing the Chinese are good at, it’s stealing technology and cranking out gobs of copies cheaply. The American MIC has become adept at developing new weapons systems that underperform their predecessors and cost many times as much.

            In a team effort, if the Russians can blind the fabled Ageis system (again), the Chinese can overwhelm any remaining targeting capability with boatloads of missles from every angle.

          • Carrier = Target

          • Exactly! China and Russia worked out a long time ago that you do not win by playing by America’s rules on America’s playing field. You win by breaking the rules and setting up a new playing field. So, for example, both Russia and China either brought US advancement to a halt in Asia (Korea) or defeated it (Viet Nam) or created a quagmire (Afghanistan) and a money pit of despair (the Middle East).

            In Viet Nam, the US deployed machine warfare, super hi-tech total war. To counter that, the Russians simply gave the North Vietnamese the means to start shooting down B-52s. And down they came. Hugely expensive bombers fell from the sky during Linebacker 2. That’s how they fight it: wait for the US to invest on a massive scale in capability, then find a hack that costs far, far less, and defeat that capability.

            • LBJ and idiot politicians ran the Vietnam debacle.
              As long as political idiots run wars, we will lose. The Military Industrial Oligarchs have wars to make money (i.e. pushing brand new helicopters into the ocean off the flite deck). They don’t give a rat’s rear who wins nor who dies (but favor the deaths of our best and brightest lads).

              The Global Oligarchs and the Elders need to be squashed like bugs.

            • I remember during the latter part of the cold war a MIG 23 pilot defected to the US. Or military took the jet apart, AND THEY FOUND VACUUM TUBES!!! This was “supposed to be the counter to our fighters…. Faster and better they said… Smoke and mirrors. I don’t believe they have more advanced technology than the US. They only have want they have stolen from us.

              • Vacuum tubes???? WOW! Brilliant! They survive EMPs.

                Remember, PRIDE COMES BEFORE A FALL and the uSA has it to a fault.

        • You know, I used to think that the govt lies to the people about their true agenda, because they know the people wouldn’t go along with it if they revealed the TRUE agenda…NOW I’M NOT SO SURE.

          Now I’m beginning to think the American public is so dumbed down, so brain dead and morally corrupt that they just might cheer the aggression if the govt just came out and said “we’re murdering civilians in (X) country, so we can get a hold of their resources that our corporations want.”

      7. As someone that starts giving details about there latest bowel movement, I stop them as i am walking away and saying T.M.I.

        That is what I just felt, when i began reading this article.
        Doesn’t mean it isn’t good and accurate info, it just doesn’t mean anything to me. Ya’ll decide for yourselves.

        • Passing wind….
          Exactly how i feel,,,,,,

        • My sentiments exactly ‘Passin –

          I pretty much speed read this article, and skipped a paragraph or two. I’m not sure where the author is going with this … “insight and knowledge of Spetsnaz/Russian fighters?”

          As Richard Head noted at the top of the comments:

          Russia – invited
          USA – was not

          Our current and past involvements in the Middle East are illegal, under the disguise of fighting Terrorism that the US Government created.

          Now, in this day an age with information being brought forth towards the US Government. The endless conspiracies, illegal activity, lies, corruption, bribes and payoffs, and suicides with 3 bullet holes to the chest and 2 to the head, and the complete disregard to the laws of this land…..

          Who in their right mind would want to join or even stay employed as a Military Personal?
          Now with these small units being deployed, Trace Adkins is probably having a massive hard-on in the making. I’m sure he cant wait for more soldiers to die and get maimed so he can write some new songs to add to the rest of his bullshit “wounded warrior” theft project.

      8. Seals….get practicing again,these boys are tough. No rules of engagement for them, no rules at all and no weapons unused.

        • seals….go awol

      9. As far as I see it, Russia can have Syria. They can prop up who they want. No nation is going to go in to the Mideast and change thing these MONKIES have been kill each other in the name of allah for years around 1500 I think.

        Remember this whole thing with Syria is over a natural gas pipe line from the Arabian peninsula to Europe.

        • Sargent:

          I agree. Let the Arabs, Semites, monks, terrorists or whatever, fight for another 500 years; but bring home our boys and girls.

          On another note:

          Jesse Ventura asked Howard Stern to be his Vice President. Funny. I could consider a vote for Ventura but not Stern. It would make Trump look like Betty Crocker.

          • Jesse Ventura is a P.O.S. COMMIE that sues a widow over being butthurt that he got knocked on his ass.

            • That Kyle guy was really tough. Whooped a guy twice his age.

        • No one wanted the US there in the first place and I note more derogatory comments about people whose countries you have trashed and the tens and tens of thousands the US has killed.

          In fact Syria might also be about Israel stealing the Golan Heights and the resources (oil and water). Not hard to do if Syria creases to exist. I think the Russians are putting a big spanner in Israeli plans.

          • GO RUSSIA!

        • Russia doesn’t give a damn about Syria. Just stopping the pipeline. Do you think they’ll ever spend $2B/week in Syria?

      10. Our special forces guys are the best on the planet. But there’s not many of them . And they’ve been demoralized by our government. Moral is very important a game changer. Keep the faith is more important now than ever before. How much more can our guys take? We all know there’s a fight coming . The last word is . KEEP THE. FAITH.

        • Yeah, in every movie, TV show and comic book, the US is #1

        • Keep the faith in what, helping the criminal enterprise that is the “U.S. government” forcibly impose the Satanic “New World Order” on the rest of the planet? If “our” “special forces guys” were really “the best on the planet” they would refuse to participate in the illegal immoral war of aggression that will destroy their own country.

          • Well stated Harold Smith. Well stated.

        • More hubris and arrogance… believe you own bullcrap too much

          • I have no faith in our gov. Or many in the military. The soldiers obeying illegal orders. Or many of the American people ..but I have faith that their is a group in all the above that is waiting for a window of opportunity . Yes we’ve waited long enough already do something . We need a general with balls. Hubris and arrogance = balls. Kind of? Or unlike the movies . We are doomed to be destroyed.? Many of us are paying taxes that are supporting the criminal enterprise that is our gov. Try not paying taxes. That might be easier than not obeying orders. We are all waiting for that window of opportunity to open then its payback time.

          • Nex . I’ll believe anyone’s bullcrap . Over the govs. Bullcrap . Finding the truth is why we are here. It’s complicated bullcrap.

      11. I hope the Spetznas kicks ISIS’s fecking ass!

        The problem I have is the bastard-in-chief who is putting OUR BOYS in harm’s way. Their lives are not expendable because Obamy has a hard on for war.

        • “I hope the Spetznas kicks ISIS’s fecking ass!”

          They are, and it is why the Pentagon/Washington D.C. are not happy.

          “The problem I have is the bastard-in-chief who is putting OUR BOYS in harm’s way. Their lives are not expendable because Obamy has a hard on for war.”

          Agreed, but then again. They are the property of US GOV. and the government will use them in any manner they see fit. Which is why I would never encourage anybody enlisting into the “fraudulent armed services” because the mission is never about protecting America. It’s about servicing Washington D.C.’s business adventures at the expense of ones life.

          • ftw


          • ★★★★★

        • The bassturd in chief and his inept brass that were installed in high ranks within the military,,,
          They are causing the loss of life, especially with their pussyfoot rules of engagement. Total crap

      12. Spetnaze don’t have hot weather training . We will beat them in the south. They wait till its forty below and attack . Study up on extreme cold weather warfare.

      13. IMO, ISIS is the greatest threat to western civilization in the world today.

        I support anyone opposing and trying to stop it.

        I wish Obama did too but it seems more like he is on their side in this.

      14. We all worry that were fighting to keep in charge the people who want to destroy our country. They have us buy the balls. How can we survive and get rid of them at the same time? We win first then house cleaning. But will that work? It seems only a higher power can save us at this point.

      15. They are already here in America…the question is…will they help the American Patriot?
        ht tp://

        Live Free or Die…nostroviya!

      16. We go to war against Russians in Syria a lot of tough warriors will have their lives wasted,we go full blown war with Russia the world a smouldering/radioactive/perhaps pathogen wreck,both countries would have to be insane to choose that,hope history treats the world better in the future.

      17. So let us see how this goes!
        First, we have the Russian fighting force and some of the world’s finest special warriors the Speznaz. All of these lead by one of the toughest men in commander in chief, Vladimir Putin. Who just happened to be a KGB operative by the way.

        Then we have the narcissist in chief who sees a strong navy as being like a donkey standing in a row boat. It was the same with the slick one who saw a strong navy as being like a Huey landed on the forecastle of a tug boat. We sure know how to pick em don’t we. Then we are sending a contingent of Green Berets (also an elite fighting force) but not enough to stand off the Speznaz. We had a saying in the once proud US military that said, “We have the seven P’s of planning.” It goes like this: “Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.”
        Now the boy who would be king intends to send in the donkey in the rowboat to fend off the huge destroyers of the former USSR that still happen to be in commission.
        But don’t worry. Reagan didn’t know what he was doing for wanting a six hundred ship navy so the Democrypts decommissioned over three hundred ships. Remember BO showing off his “vast” knowledge of the navy in the debate with the wimp Romney? So now we only have 230 or so ships to fight the Bear.
        This ought to be good. I only wish that I could watch it there but not here.

      18. US special forces casualties will be reported as training accidents, chopper crashes, natural causes, etc.

        • HP – I wish I could agree, but I just don’t see our Government/Media will report it in that fashion.

          Any death of a US Soldier being reported (factual or not) will be portrayed in a way that Russia acted in a aggressive manner and that it was done deliberately. Thus, giving the reason/excuse for the US Military to go full throttle on deploying massive amounts of troops into the territory.

          The US Government has been caught doing dirty in the Middle East. I foresee them doing anything, and everything in their power to try and regain and keep the lie alive over there. Just so they can continue their business adventures of robbing and stealing of natural resources.

      19. Hcks warned us of these spetzneser long ago

      20. Here’s all I’ll say about Spetsnaz they are mostly pure evil, brutal and cruel. If they live through training they become Spetsnaz. I’d say they are nothing more than trained sociopaths. They are nothing like our Elite forces.

        • “They are nothing like our Elite forces.”

          I’d say you are allowing “pride” get into the way of reality.

          The US Elite Forces are better … who says?
          When it comes to being trained as a Mercenary style killer.
          Who is to say, one is better than another?

          It’s nonsense … point being here is … Whether it be Russian or US highly trained personal. I suppose it would be wise not to mess with either one of them, chances are … it’s bad for your health. No winners, just losers.

          • I say… There is good and evil in this world. We are not talking about mercenaries, we are talking about uniformed soldiers of sovereign nations. Have you ever even seen a Spetsnaz? I guess you’ve seen some of their handy work in the Middle East and Africa in the late 70’s and early 80’s?

            As for my pride; your damn right I’m proud. I’m proud of our humanity to mankind. I’m proud of the lives we saved. I’m proud I never served with anyone who liked to kill. Here’s the difference. If you were having that really bad day coming up against this senior citizen I’d try not to hurt you and show you the error of your way. The Spetsnaz would kill you.

            • Again Patriot One, Did Russia invented ISIS or the US? Did Russia killed more civilians in unjustified wars or Russia? Are the normal Americans are suffering today and in our own country while being looted by the pigs in the WallStreet? How many of the vets died waiting for medical procedures by the VA?

              I used to have lots of false pride but as I am getting older logic and truth are replacing the false and imaginary pride.

        • Patriot One, If I mind my own business and my own life and some bully tries to harm me, I’ll be acting like a savage to destroy the bully. Is anything wrong with that?

          • Absolutely not, I’d do the same thing. I really don’t suffer from false pride, I know what I’ve done, what I can and can’t do. As for the killings, governments killed 170 million people in the 20th. Century, but the United States was at the bottom of the list.

        • Yes….they are ruthless. Ruthless trumps anything else.

          • Not really!

        • Dying empires always use lots of mercenaries. I’m glad USA doesn’t do that. Our CONTRACTORS would never allow it.

      21. Great article, knowledge of your enemy comes to mind. Thanks for your valuable insight into the three tiers that make up the special operations community of the Russian military. Look forward to more of your valuable insights on such topics in the future. SAD, special activities division. Real deal.

      22. Spetsnaz vs U.S Tier 1 SF

        Remove our technological advantage and I think we’d have a hell of a battle on our hands.

      23. I don’t really understand the point of this article. Why should I give a rats rectum that Russia has sent its elite special forces to kill ISIS. Good let THEM carry water in that shit hole of the world for a little while. ISIS is evil incarnate. We had two years when we’re were supposedly taking them out and basically accomplished nothing because our leadership lacked the sand or the motivation to do a good job of it. The leadership of Russia has had enough of it and decided they have the guts and the where with all for the job. Fine they can have at for all I care. It is sickening to me to see our leadership whining like the cowardly bitches they are about Russian aggression when they lack the balls to do it them selves. I lived in Russia for 2 years in the 80’s. They are a proud ,tough ,industrious people. It is a tragedy that we may end up fighting the few folks in the world who are most like us as a people. At least we used to be like them, now not so much. I see little pride, or toughness or industry in America of today. I DONT want to fight these folks, it is against our best interest and frankly I don’t think America has the guts or moral fiber to defeat a country like them any longer!

      24. Yep, they ate very brave and battle hardened.. let’s see how the bastards fare once they attack us in Texas.


      25. As for the killings, governments killed 170 million people in the 20th. Century, but the United States was at the bottom of the list.

        Come off it mate. The direct and covert operations of the US and it’s puppet masters are probably responsible for the vast majority of those deaths. That’s a ridiculous statistic to use in an argument.

      26. I knew a group of SEALs in sandiego team6 in the 1980 s .They would read the bible then do question and answer sheets of what they read. Does faith beat ruthlessness ? Will mercy cause hesitation . .? Is our weakness our decency .? Will only the most evil survive? Looks like we shall soon see.

      27. If putin attacks Isreal and fullfill the Bible prophecy, this means that we in America are next, and his allies who brought in Spetsnaz, did it to shoot and kill the American people are their families. Since the run in with one of them in the Galleria, Fountain view and Westhimer, this is where they are hanging out, for the information to law inforcement.

        I dont need to repeat what the russian did, since i have repeated it a zillion times.

        Any russian in my city will be at risk, once i hear that Isreal has been attacked by russia, then we know what this means for us. I will assume, that the chinese allies will then take down our grid. Lights out all day, means something to me. Time to mobilize, time to get ready, decide to stay in the urban and fight or run for the woods. More than lickely i am staying to fight. I will not run and leave my country men to fend for themselves. I am suppose to take a bullet for them, so if its invasion, running will not solve that problem.

        Calapse my city, invade it, shoot us, then i will phuck your soliders up.



        The only good russian spetsnaz is a dead one.

      28. Yes lolong, the rat bastards are in my city. Everybody thinks hat Putin is saving the day because he is attacking isis.

        He is just trying to make sure that we dont get to cut off his natural gas supply to the EU, to prevent the dollar calapse. The russians have been working on a plan since the 60’s to make the world believe that they are the good guys and that russia and china is now the good guys, and that America is bad. But then again, who the phuck is he fooling. Russia has been selling and arming middle countries with ak’s for years, who do you think they got the guns from, russia.

        Patriot One, and Nexus, thanks for clarifying that. People have no idea what russia is about, and those damn spetsnaz. One of those sons of bitches came up into my face right here in Houston, and they are bold, brave, rude, and dont give a crap. I would hate to see the treatment they give our civilians. My appearance is not exactly nice. I am red neck looking, but serious at the same time. but i know that those phuckers will kill me..



      29. I think those rat bastards are in your head.

      30. What a bullshit of an article. Russia planning and invasion of the US! Russia can barely manage the vast territory already at her disposal. The peace-minded US policy is presumably seeking to bring democracy to the third world countries? Come to Ukraine and speak to ordinary people as to what the US sponcered coup last year turned the country into. We were a relatively stable country with finctioning economy. Following the coup and the installationmof the Nazi government last year a full fldged civil war broke out, economy is collapsing, the nationalcurrency collapsed threefold with living standards falling through the floor, people are brainwashed day and night to hate Russia, dissidents to the ruling regime have been brutally murdered and oppressed. The country is going down the drain and I keep awake at night trying to figure out how to survive and feed my family and a 6-year old child. Thank you, the fucking fascist United States of Murder and Deception. Thank you for brining havoc all around the world and into my once peacefull country. God is patient but your sins have piled up to heaven and you will pay times the price for all the sorrow your fascist regime is imposing on the world. I have nothing against the ordinary people like you here, but the US of brainwashing must be treated like a cancer tumor threatening the otherwise healthy organism.

        • I am so sorry what the neocon evil oligarchs who run Anglo-American Axis policies have done to your country and to many others. They seem to want to control everything from the Baltic to the Indian Ocean. They have no regard for any human life apart from their own tribe.

          The oligarchs are doing the preliminary psyop and economic destruction work here and are almost done. We are next. Please pray for us and I will pray for you.

      31. Welcome to the board, UK, I have to agree, what you just said is the sickening truth. I just have a problems with russian spetsnatz up in my phucking face in my city. Yes, the US is a cabalist facist POS of a regime. But we are busy trying to remove them from the government to stop all the crap. I cant even imagine the sh…t you must be going through with that jackass pupet they just installed in your country starting sh…t with russia.

        Start posting to let us know wtf? is going on in your neck of the woods.



        What a cluster phuck of a world in which we live in.

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