Barack Obama’s Third Term: Biden Considers Rahm Emanuel For Ambassadorship

by | Feb 2, 2021 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    Does anyone else get the feeling the Joe Biden’s first term is Barack Obama’s third term? All of the players appear to be the same as it’s reported that Biden is eyeing “never let a good crisis go to waste” Rahm Emanuel for an ambassadorship in this new administration.

    Biden is considering former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel for a high-profile ambassadorship, potentially to China, three people with knowledge of the discussions said according to a report by NBC News.  Becoming the United States’ ambassador to Japan is another option that Biden administration officials have discussed with Emanuel, one of the people with knowledge of the discussions said.

    The State: Use an Existing Crisis, or Create One

    Emanuel has been neck-deep in scandals and corruption since day one as a politician, not that all other politicians aren’t at least somewhat corrupt.  But Emanuel is terrible at hiding what an actual psychopath he is, famously saying “never let a good crisis go to waste” about taking basic human rights away from people.

    Brandon Smith: “A Full Spectrum Crisis Is About To Take Place… Public Will Be Completely Distracted While The Elites Push Their Agenda”

    Emanuel, who became White House chief of staff when Barack Obama took office as president, has a reputation as a sharp-tongued political street fighter. He is a tyrant who seeks power over others and isn’t ashamed to admit he wants to be the master. If you still think this is a “free country” I suggest you wake up sooner rather than later. Before much longer, we won’t be able to do anything about this totalitarian enslavement of the human race by the ruling class.

    Biden is considering Emanuel for a key diplomatic position as administration officials look to fill dozens of vacancies in capitals across the world, with decisions expected in coming weeks.  A tyrant for every position.

    Another person familiar with the discussions said Emanuel’s name had also been floated internally for U.S. ambassador to Israel. But, this person said, the idea was deemed unworkable because of Emanuel’s notoriously rocky relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, dating to his time as Obama’s chief of staff.


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      1. Great,I turn on the telescreen and I see Emanuel Goldstein. I guess it’s time for five minutes of hate.

      2. The more I see and hear from this new Administration the more I see a complete arrogant failure coming in short order.
        The question you need to ask is how long will Americans tolerate a federal government that is obviously at war with them and treating them like serfs and second class citizens.
        The people do have some memories of the very successful policies of the trump Administration enacted that Biden is taking away from them.
        I only see big trouble for Joey and clowns!

        • @Jakartaman, you are wrong about me,Prez Bidet and my partner in crime Her Ass.In my defense,I will say that in only a few days,my administration has done more to , uh , I meant for the people than any other president in history. I only ask for your support as I continue to rebuild Amerika, I meant America.(Honestly).

      3. This is just what we need – Yet another tyrant joining the ones already in office?

      4. Ideas are what matter. Politicians are for the most part, pretty much irrelevant. Ron Paul.

        Try my brand of understanding… Take out all the names of the players. They are now just faceless politicians.

        And I’ll ask you. What’s new?

        Vote with your wallet. Vote with your feet. Same as it ever was.

      5. His picture is in the dictionary, alongside the word “sleaze”.

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