Brandon Smith: “A Full Spectrum Crisis Is About To Take Place… Public Will Be Completely Distracted While The Elites Push Their Agenda”

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    The following article was originally published by Brandon Smith of at Personal Liberty.


    The Real Reasons Why Trump Has Flipped On His Campaign Promises
    By Brandon Smith

    Back in December of 2016 I wrote an article titled ‘Trump Is Exactly Where The Elites Want Him’, which I think was very difficult for a large part of the liberty movement to read and accept. In that article I outlined the future of the Trump presidency; a future dominated by Washington insiders, Goldman Sachs internationalists and Neo-Con warmongers. Trump, at the very onset of his administration, broke one of his most important campaign promises — to “drain the swamp.” Instead, he filled his cabinet with all of the same swamp creatures he originally attacked; the same swamp creatures Hillary Clinton was notorious for serving.

    I also warned in numerous articles that because of this initial broken promise, conservatives should not expect that Trump would fulfill most if any of his original plans. In the BEST CASE SCENARIO, Trump is surrounded by enemies dictating policy from every corner and corridor of the White House.

    This article, of course, triggered quite a bit of wrath from hardcore Trump supporters. And, of course, time has so far proven I was right yet again.

    The only argument at this point in defense of Trump is that it is still very early in his first year and that no president should be expected to accomplish much in just a few months. Okay, I’ll entertain that notion, but let’s be realistic here and look at the current circumstances.

    As I write this, Congress is on the brink of forging a spending bill which essentially removes ALLbacking for Trump’s original projects, including the southern border wall. Now, given, the bill only provides funding for government until the end of September, but we have witnessed very little resistance from the Trump administration so far. Are we about to see the Republicans roll over yet again in the name of avoiding a government shutdown? I would say yes, for now.

    This is one area where Trump could light a firestorm. By forcing a government shutdown, a real fight for conservative national projects and spending cuts could take place. Yet, we are still struggling with the broken monstrosity of Obamacare, we have yet to see any plan for defunding Planned Parenthood, the border wall looks to be a distant dream and military spending is slated to increase by $54 billion. At this point Trump supporters are left wondering where their limited government pit bull negotiator disappeared to?

    While Trump recently indicated that a shutdown in September may be a good thing for the U.S., I’m just not buying it.

    On the foreign front, Trump has been backing off of his threats against NAFTA. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Trump explained his decision by saying that he is “a nationalist and a globalist.” Yikes.

    Trump has now also refused to label China a currency manipulator, which was an action many originally thought he would pursue. This decision, in my view, is likely in preparation for a strike on North Korea; a war no one asked for and which America cannot possibly afford at this time. China’s move to step back from its protective stance with North Korea supports my longstanding argument that Eastern nations are completely tied to globalist geopolitics; meaning, they do what they are told. If China remains hands-off, a conflict with North Korea is nearly a certainty.

    This kind of saber rattling would be contrary to Trump’s position on Iraq during his campaign, which was, to summarize his many remarks, a quagmire, a mess of a war that made little sense and gained America nothing. If Iraq was a mess, then what will North Korea be with its far better armed military and more ideologically dedicated soldiers? A war in North Korea would take twice as much time and capital to complete, but maybe that is the point…

    So, the question is, why has Trump flipped so completely and so quickly on is political positions since November of last year? I believe there are at least two identifiable reasons.

    First, it is important to note that Trump was placed in office as a means to scapegoat all conservatives and the principles of sovereignty and limited government for the disasters that will inevitably follow. This is the premise that I used to successfully predict Trump’s election win, and it is the premise that I used to successfully predict Trump’s behavior and policy shifts up to this point. Trump is in office for one reason — to destroy the name of conservatism for all time.

    That said, Trump’s support from many conservatives has not been as blind and faithful as the globalists might have hoped. We remain rather critical, and thankfully, ever watchful. We are not a zombie mob that can be easily exploited by some fearless leader on a white horse; unlike Obama’s sycophantic army of liberal followers, we still retain our principles.

    This does not necessarily save us from being scapegoated by internationalist propaganda in the years to come. I have heard many argue that Trump’s sudden flip-flop negates the idea that Trump is a conservative scapegoat because “he is not acting like a conservative.” These people are oblivious to human psychology.

    The fact is, Trump ran on a conservative nationalist platform, and his rhetoric continues to fuel his nationalist image, even if his actions do not. The globalists will paint him as a conservative and the majority of people around the world will continue to accept this narrative because rhetoric is often more powerful in people’s minds than tangible results. Liberals in particular will never let go of the idea that Trump is a conservative because they desperately long for vindication that conservative principles are “evil.” Every mistake Trump makes, though not conservative at all in nature, will be blamed on conservatism and nationalism as a whole. From what I have seen so far, the only people that are rationally critical of Trump as a conservative are actual liberty minded conservatives.

    Yes, we despise the crazed cultural Marxists of the social justice cult, and we are rightly concerned about the liberal population’s shift towards full bore communism. Plus, we do not like Islamic extremism and won’t tolerate it within our borders. But we also are not too keen on the idea of being puppets for a fake conservative government, either.

    This is one reason I believe Trump has suddenly flipped; the globalist scheme to co-opt the liberty movement and constitutional conservatives has failed.  It is a scheme I warned about months before the election in my article ‘Clinton vs. Trump And The Co-Option Of The Liberty Movement’. At this time, there is no point in Trump continuing to play his role as a stalwart of sovereignty. We have not been won over in a way that makes us easy to manipulate, which means we might not support certain globalist initiatives like martial law in the wake of a crisis, a national federalized ID card in the name of immigration control, regime changes in Syria or North Korea, etc. We may even organize in opposition to such measures.

    This leads to the next reason why I believe Trump has so swiftly reversed his positions: Perhaps he and his establishment handlers no longer need to maintain the conservative sovereignty facade because a full spectrum crisis is about to take place; a crisis so consuming that the public will be completely distracted while the elites push their agenda forward and blame conservatives at the same time.

    The move against North Korea may be part of this event. By itself, North Korea would be a very cumbersome regional war that could bankrupt the U.S. (officially bankrupt as opposed to technically bankrupt). The level of determination to increase tensions with North Korea is truly astounding. I have not seen such senseless rhetoric from the White House since the Iraq War.  Obama was a war crazed lunatic, but with Trump and North Korea, there doesn’t even seem to be much of an attempt at an explanation as to why a war is suddenly necessary.  It just seems to be scheduled to happen.

    However, I continue to believe that a greater crisis is brewing that is economic and global in nature. With numerous financial bubbles artificially inflated over at least eight years of central bank stimulus, the question is not “if” but WHEN the system will enter the final stages of its ongoing collapse.

    The behavior of the Trump administration may be nothing more than poor timing or poor planning on the part of the globalist establishment. Perhaps they just didn’t play this part of the long game in an expert manner. But, I tend towards caution rather than naive hope and unicorns.

    The record setting flip-flop by Trump should not be taken lightly or simply treated as aimless schizophrenia on the part of the White House.  While the Obama administration flipped on numerous campaign promises, they did so subtly while maintaining their lies in a strategic way for two full terms. This is not what is happening today. Trump’s dramatic change, in my view, should be taken as a signal that a much greater game is afoot, with far higher stakes. It should also be treated as a sign that if a crisis is on the verge of being engineered, then it will be happening rather soon, perhaps before 2017 is over.

    There will be ongoing arguments as to whether the Trump White House has been hijacked or if it was a controlled element all along. I lean more towards the position that it was controlled all along. I have seen little to no resistance on the part of Trump against the establishment, only rhetoric. And, as I have said so many times, rhetoric is meaningless, only actions matter.

    It is exceedingly positive in a way that Trump’s reversal has been so fast and so complete. It shows that conservatives and liberty champions have not been subsumed into the so called “alt-right” (a made up term designed to pigeonhole and demonize all true conservatives); that the elites miserably bungled their plans to co-opt us. That said, for every success there are consequences. It may be that our refusal to “buy into” the Trump momentum and cast off our skepticism has caused the establishment to adjust their timetable. And, when the elites do not get what they want, they tend to fall back on their tried and true tool kit of violence and disaster.

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      1. I thought from the beginning of the primary season that he was fake. At least we got Gorsuch instead of Garland. That alone is at least a temporarl reprieve on the assault on the 2nd ammendment. If he gets one more justice and it’s at least a pro 2nd ammendment pick that is about the best I could expect from our totally corrupted political system.
        The elites are fully in control. Obama had both houses democrat in his first two years and I thought we were done but the total end never happened. Trump has both houses and the swamp is just as swampy. The world government types are just moving the heavy refridgerator of world government accross the kitchen. A liitle to the left, a little to the right, a little to the left and before you know it it’s in place.

        • And I read Justice Kennedy is retiring..anyone know??

          • And this POS Zionist- Trump’s Son-in-Law (((Kushner)))Failed to Disclose Soros, Goldman Sachs Ties, & $1 Billion Debt.

            Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal reports,
            President Trump’s son-in-law and top White House adviser, Jared Kushner failed miserably in disclosing the most pertinent information conceivable — business ties to billionaire globalist and manipulator, George Soros, PayPal co-founder, Peter Thiel, and Goldman Sachs — and that he owes fully $1 billion in loans.

            “Mr. Kushner’s stake in Cadre—a tech startup that pairs investors with big real-estate projects—means the senior White House official is currently a business partner of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and billionaires including George Soros and Peter Thiel, according to people close to the company.

            “The Cadre stake is one of many interests—and ties to large financial institutions—that Mr. Kushner didn’t identify on his disclosure form, according to a Wall Street Journal review of securities and other filings. Others include loans totaling at least $1 billion, from more than 20 lenders, to properties and companies part-owned by Mr. Kushner, the Journal found. He has also provided personal guarantees on more than $300 million of the debt, according to the analysis.”

            Link: Read more at ht tp://

            • Brandon Smith,

              I get the feeling that Trump does not operate by the usual ‘rules of engagement’ and thus has not been predictable per the pollsters and all the other soothsayers and naysayers. He has made promises that would be impossible to keep considering all the opposition he has encountered not only from his enemies but from his own party and yet he is slowly but surely checking off the list of promises. There is a sea-change occurring in the national and international scene that is not ‘business as usual’. You may need another set of glasses to see what is really going on, like those stereo-optic glasses that they provide at a 3-D movie to appreciate all the nuances of the various activities being generated by President Trump and his crew. Swamp creatures, like the ‘Honey-Island Swamp Monster’, never just disappear and go away. They may be real like the Loch Ness or imaginary like the Big Foot (I personally believe they both exist!) but they are deeply embedded in our psyches and will not be readily purged. We need to give Trump and Team a chance to keep their promises but at the same time keep Alert, Awake, and Oriented X 3.

              Just saying,

              Louisiana Eagle

            • Thanks for the link and I hope you realize WSJ is also co-opted and part of PRAVDA/MSM.

              Kushner concerns me as well and it is clear DT is getting lots of bad advice from him and Ivanka. The worse of which is this explained in detail. If they continue, they will lose many millions of supporters and it will be the end of Trump and crew. Assange is no criminal, but we all know we have plenty of real criminals walking around freely and living large off taxpayers !


            • More on Kushner: judaism DOT is/news.html

          • Heard the same thing

        • Of course TPTB want us to retain our 2nd amendment rights, I’m sure they determined long ago that taking away the guns of the American people was an exercise in futility. With every mention of “gun control” gun and ammo sales have gone through the roof. Either TPTB are stupid or they want Americans to be armed to the teeth for the coming civil war. We will annihilate ourselves. Then when this country is divided and people are hungry and desperate and 90% of the population is wiped out, the few that remain will mount little resistance against the coming communist invasion.

          • TPTB control the Main Stream Media. The MSM is anti gun. I don’t agree with your premise. Unarmed people are easier to control. Control is the goal.

            Its all about control.

        • Yes,we got Gorsuch which was a big win, the trouble is that the Globalists can get rid any SCOTUS justice like they did Scalia.

      2. Brandon,

        I agree the elites will use Trump as the scapegoat whenever possible.

        Keep prepping everyone!

        • Good fear porn?

        • Ooohh, a crisis is coming? Wow, haven’t heard that one before.

          • BlackMoe haha you cum to this site for fear porn just like everyone else. Hope you are enjoying it?

          • Amen BlackMoe! The URL to this site should be

        • I would be more concerned if Trump changed his hair style ?

          • Be particularly concerned when a woman goes for a completely new makeover!

        • Brandon, thanks for another great article. It was a bitter pill for me to swallow concerning Trump, but life goes on and so does my prepping.

        • Only thing is, the ignorant leftists are already on board, while those awake are not insignificant, and are growing daily. Brandon may or may not be right, but even if he is, this is not a slam dunk for the fascist left.

          • the left is not fascist, the corrupt politicians are

      3. With or without any help or assistance, Americans can and should work towards creating a better and stronger Country.

        1. Women are 50% of the population and have the ability to make the biggest changes. By becoming homemakers and homeschooling their children, the government loses tax money. The government can not corrupt your child. You can have the time to have a garden and cook wholesome food for your children. Women can recognize the serious psychological trauma caused by having abortions, and just say no.

        2. Men can stop being victims. Take your proper place as provider and protector of your family. Start a business. Self employment is challenging. Begin small out of your garage while you are working for a check. Use the business to write off your mortgage, utilities, car payment, etc. advertise by putting an ad on your truck or car. Let your Church, friends, and family know what product or service you can provide them and ask for their help in spreading the word about your business. Prepare for a sudden burst of orders seemingly out of nowhere.

        3. Stop expecting government to do anything good. If they surprise us, good. But mostly government is a hindrance, but not the ultimate power. You are the power.


        • B from CA,

          Good post!

          We downsized and some years ago and have a home based small business.

          I wish we had done this earlier. We have less overhead, less stress, and make more money.

          Yes, we do have time to grow a garden and bake our own bread.

          • B from CA,

            I like it too!

          • I make quick flat bread w/ Amaranth flour, salt, oil and water in the skillet. Also make amaranth and almond flour cake using Kerrygold butter, which I did today. Friends have nice garden several miles away so we get stuff cheap. We are downsizing after retirement to soon move into two bedrm cottage in town.

        • Govt only has one purpose, to keep the slaves in line so the bankers can bend them over.

          • Gandhi, I never bend over for anyone, don’t care who it is. Sheeple will be distracted by anything, but NOT people like us.

        • WOW B of CA.

          I agree 100%

          Old fashioned, as some say I am, the number one J O B for moms is in the H O M E.

          • “Old fashioned, as some say I am, the number one J O B for moms is in the H O M E.”

            I tend to agree with this sentiment, but I am also a hard boiled pragmatist. The simple and, yes, ugly, reality of Amerikwa circa 2017 – is that the cost of housing, food, fuel, electricity, water, health insurance and all of the other basic necessities of life have been deliberately driven to such painfully high levels – that it is next to impossible for a traditional family to get by on a single income. This was not an accidental shift in the traditional American society, folks. It was done intentionally and the list of sinister motives behind why it was done are many, but perhaps the most diabolically evil motive was to lower (and eventually zero out) the ability of White European Americans to afford to have children. All other racial groups breed like cockroaches and their bastard children are paid for by the White tax payers, who, because of the endless tax burden on their income that is stolen from them to support the parasite class – can’t afford to have children of their own, or to make a decent life for themselves on a single income.

            • Agree Tucker, blue collar workers I knew (we are now retirees) had wife working and family member watch the kid(s) or no kids. We both worked (blue collar cleaning svc, sales, & HVAC), knowing about globalism for forty years, chose to be child free. I endorse home schooling if wives can afford to stay home. Not many women stay home now, like mom’s did post ww2 and sewed clothes, canned, baked from scratch even garden.

        • B from CA, A lot of women don’t realize or don’t believe that abortion is linked to breast cancer.

          Now I am not at all suggesting that all women with breast cancer have had an abortion, but the experts have made a definite connection and in many cases it applies. For one example my 70 yr old aunt has breast cancer and she never had an abortion. Unless the abortion takes place within the first few/3 weeks (which it usually doesn’t) it interrupts the hormonal cycle and sets the woman up for breast cancer.

          On another note, leaving toddlers in daycare is disgusting and sometimes traumatic for the child. It sets the child up for future brainwashing later on because they aren’t at home with mom, the mother isn’t home strengthening the bond with her child. She is instead cultivating workplace relationships.

          Another problem today is that many couples can’t afford to have a child unless they have two incomes. So there’s that too.

          Sadly, today’s child-bearing generation will not listen to a word of your insightful and spot on post. They take their lead from messed up in the head celebrities and people like Ivanka Trump who are all terrible role models for today’s young women. Ivanka isn’t even bonded with any of her three children, setting a poor example for today’s young women. That is what this generation is role modeling.

      4. Fear porn to sell gold, but good fear porn. When it breaks plan on things going primal, anything different will be a bonus.

        • I automatically tune out when the “informative article” ends with a shill for something.

      5. Bring the crises,,, i care not

        • I wish Selco would tell a new good story about diving behind cover during a gunfight and landing on a dead body. Those were the good ol’ days. sigh…?

          • Gotta wonder if Selco is just another fabrication internet marketing sham ? There are many that are simply made up and claim to be experts or some such thing.

      6. Same shit we have been reading for months just worded differently,but I appreciate the entertainment.

        • I have to disagree BDOB,

          For the last 8 years we have had doom porn based on the actions of crazy Obama who thought up a new way almost daily to terrorize the American people. A lot of Obama’s attacks were real, including murdering ranchers, running illegals into the US, running guns to criminals and drug gangs, we could go on.

          Those were insane days, but Obama is out.

          We are looking at a new administration, but some of the systemic problems created by Obama and a tax and spend congress.

          The debt is still there and is still a huge threat.
          The economy is a bit better, but is still fragile.
          Foreign relations are in absolute shambles. Obama made sure N Korea and Iran had nuclear weapons.
          The justice department, IRS, FBI and other alphabet orgs are still in many cases following the Obama playbook and just stalking Americans for having political opinions while ignoring with their beer goggles the real terrorist groups.
          Yes, we still have a lot of threats.

          It’s fertile ground for doom porn, read it and weep. But also have a great time fact checking and calling BS when appropriate, but why don’t you just go away if you are going to just whine about it without an intelligent argument.

          • Agree on all points except this
            “The economy is a bit better, but is still fragile.”

            With the new spending bill and another trillion added, I do not see any manner in which the economy is better. Even before this bill it was all just a giant illusion and the Trump ramp was no different. The simple truth is that USA is insolvent, nothing new at all and I doubt DT can solve that part. So far just more kicking the can down the road with a completely false economy and markets !

      7. Did it ever occur to you that the vampire squid that is all our trade arrangements / treaties / FSA obligations are propelling us forward with the steering wheel club-locked straight? It’s been occurring to me since Bush 2.

        Maybe what you’re seeing here is someone inexperienced at lying his ass off to such a large audience. Over commits, gets schooled on why it won’t work, shuts up and flip flops. I mean you saw this during his campaign as well if you’ll recall. There were days where he was himself and days where he was restrained, as if someone was telling him to shut the fuck up.

        I don’t think that’s Reptillians, I think that’s his advisors…

        • I need better fear porn, MSN tornado reporting is pretty good.

          • Yea, i know, its feeling a little like ive read all this somewhere before,,,,
            Hows that saying, SOSDD

        • TheGuy you are right. Club locked straight for a speeding train ?. Trump…geeze. He is an actor and not a very good one at that. But when this all falls apart, I get the pretty girls.

        • Guy, good post. Since Bush2, yeah, often wondered WTF was up with him. Seemed like 2 different people..

      8. Hey Brandon Smith, I heard this the other day. Do you know what is the best thing about Trump’s first 100 days? It wasn’t HILLARY’S first 100 days. Would you rather have her?

        As long as he secures our borders, stands behind the 2nd Amendment, and gets (hopefully) one or two more SC appointees then I don’t care what he does.

        Be thankful for what we got. It could have been a lot worse.

        One more thing, he’s still making his appointments to government agencies and replacing federal judges and it may take up to a year to get everyone in place, as has been true of most presidents. If in a year or so there is no clear progress in cleansing the Obama admin out of government then he’s doomed both the GOP and America.

        • And he just had the Louisiana VA director fired…Yeah, that’s a start.

      9. Anything Donald Trump says or does means nothing to me. 5 year old kindergarten bullshit talk is for youngsters, not people like me who face reality head on everyday. I don’t live in a fantasy land.

        No one, no man can get elected into the white house unless you have taken a luciferian oath, and you must be a high level mason, PERIOD. ALL PRESIDENTS OF ALL THE MAJOR COUNTRIES ARE MASON, I KNOW THIS FOR A FACT BECAUSE ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS IS A MASON, A 32ND DEGREE WHO DO YOU ALL THINK I AM GETTING MY INFORMATION FROM. DID YOU KNOW, DID YOU ALL KNOW THAT. I HAVE THE BOOKS, I HAVE SEEN IT ALL, AND I KNOW ALL THE SECRETS ABOUT HOMO CAPENSIS THE PYRAMID BUILDERS. I HAVE READ ALL THE BOOKS, AND YOU would not believe what I know. Albert Pike is where you all need to pay attention as to what he said was needed, a third world war. My mason friend is moving from Houston to live in nowhere ville and he is getting ready to leave by years end.

        And you hear Trump talking about the UN all the time, and its obvious that he recognizes it and even appointed and ambassador who lied on national Tv, just like how he lied also about the gas attack by Assad which did not even happen.

        They have ran out of options, and Trump was suppose to keep us under control to give the rothchild and there partners time to position military soldiers and assets to kill the American people once the war started in the middle east. Because of Russian, they were not able to start the war, so now a new option ” Trump” fooling us was on the table as the last back up plan to convince the white Americans that we are taking back our country. Humans cannot take back something that Extra terrestrials own, that have a massive ship, the moon in orbit around the planet. WE ARE NOT GETTIN ANYTING BACK, NOTHING. we are already dead. From what I have been told is if we exit the city, go to the middle of nowhere, and stay there the aliens are not concerned about us causing trouble, so they don’t need to send the militaries out in a desert to kill you, because out numbers are too low. Dr James Garrow talked about this, that if we are able to that no one will be coming after you. So I am buying land out in the middle of the dessert of Texas somewhere. For 10 acreas of land at 3k, this is my ideal place to live. You guys may think I am crazy and I can tell you this much, even if no war breaks out this year, in the country of gloablally, it will not change my plan, it just means that I have more time to find the right place in bum phuck, and start to send all my stuff out there. The scientist has already told me that Trump is a fraud. He even laughed at the preppers who stopped prepping.

        Mr Trump does not know that and American couple got the UN with guns up in their faces recently? Or he does not care. I think he does not care. What man in his right mind would give a rats ass about me and other like me, when he has management companies after peoples asses every month forcing them to pay rental income in the billions. People wake the hell up.

        coming Tv lying about health care reform and talking about that on national TV is designed to make us think that we are being taken care of, and its all distraction. You people on this site don’t know whats going on, its far worse than you can ever imagine.

        Karen Hudes exposed the 2nd specie on one of her interviews and talked about it, and commenters bashed her, and she is telling 100% the truth.


        We will not be making it and this is a fact of life so we better accept it. I do.

        • HCKS – whatever happened to your Spetnazi buddy and your Scientist friend and your other make believe pals? Have you dumped them, like you quickly dumped your adoration of Trump?

          Now your best buddy just happens to be a Mason – how long is this new best friend going to last?

        • Houston, can you shorten your post. I can’t read that much without going to sleep. Try something like…”I ain’t buying their B.S.”

        • HCKS; You don’t know shit about Masons. You’ve been reading a bunch of crap made up about them. Being a 32nd degree Mason doesn’t make your friend any more knowledgable than anyone else. go do some real research. Take a chill pill while you’re at it.

        • Houston…..i agree with you. For many yrs i have believed that the Aliens are at the very Top of things, that they are in our government and THEY are controlling things. I also believe that the chemtrails are terriforming/changing our atmosphere so that the other aliens can come here and breathe our air. You make a lot of sense even tho i may be the only one who agrees with you. I say it again…the Aliens are at the very Top and are controlling everything here!

        • Holy cow, get back on your meds and stop listening to Coast to Coast every night with Alex!

      10. Have been prepping for so longggg do not care anymore. I will deal with whatever happens when & if it happens

        • Waiting is what it has come down to. Keep carrying on like normal until it ain’t normal no more.
          Waitng is hard; hope it’s worth it.

      11. Just as I stated about Syria years ago , there won’t be a war in Korea …..a guy on here years ago said if I was right he would disappear and disappear he did

        • he just took a different name.

      12. How can you drain the SWAMP when it’s nothing but a OCEAN of SHIT anyway???????????

      13. We got a USSC Constitutional Originalist and for that I’m glad. Otherwise I have a core unwavering belief, “I don’t”.

      14. I read that 50 of 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were freemasons. Makes sense.

        • aljamo; Many of those masons died broke and in battle. They were patriots and created a great country.

      15. God I love fear porn!
        I realize all of this is BS, but nonetheless it makes me pay attention, make determinations and look at the world with open eyes.
        There is really only one way to drain the swamp and it isn’t pretty. Once we have accomplished this goal and set up a new government actually based on the Constitution the first thing we install is term limits, no pay and benefits. And anyone caught accepting “Lobbyist money” should be tried for accepting bribes just like would happen to anyone of us and be promptly hung in the town square.
        I am ready,,, what about you???

      16. Aljamo aint lying. I told you all didn’t I. That is one sickening fact of life. I Know me and boy jamo get into sometimes, but its true folks, they are all Masons, but you have to good one and the bad ones, the order has a split. The white hats is what they are called.

        A bank is found on both sides of a river, its called a river bank. Banks direct the flow of the water, its called currency, its called cash flow. Banks do not lend people money, it says in their charters, its called debt, that means you ass is below the surface of the water. We the people are dwowning in debt and they got us by the balls.


        Meritime admirality law at its finest.

        Tyrany, don’t you love it.

        • You’ve got some balls, Katy.

        • Hcks..I still call BS on you.

        • HCKS, you are remarquably well informed!
          However, better hurry up moving to the desert, we won’t even make it to the end of the first half of this year!

        • Omg I know exactly what HCKS is talking about. He is literally listening to David Wilcock and Drake and Wilcock interviews a guy who talks about admirilty law. There is a women on youtube RISE TOGETHER who espouses these same concepts about Natural Law. HCKS keep prepping because the reset is coming but lets hope there are good guys aka white hats working on our side.

      17. HCKS:

        Good info about “$___$$$$__$$”.


      18. your a bunch of snowflakes argueing about nothing go shine up your gear or something

      19. Obviously I have been banned or blocked from this site. Every comment I have made today has not shown up and nothing on my end has changed.

        • This makes sense. Since this sowed up I can only assume we are being sensored.

          • How long does it normally take for a comment to show up?

        • JAS…bye

      20. Just a disappointment. All that can be said. I don’t vote, didn’t vote in this election but I did have a faint hope that Trump was real. Outsider, telling it like I would, calling out the bullshit, but like I knew he’s just another puppet. Another puppet to make us think we have a choice.

        • I do not think he is a puppet at all. Just has many alligators to fight at every turn ! But I do have some misgivings to be sure, mostly about the advice he is receiving from others. DC is a cesspool of bad actors and bad deals. And the other option of Hillary would have been far worse to be sure.

          I will keep observing and telling what truth I see.

      21. Gandhi, Blackmoe, and Ppod are trolling shills……I remember Brandon’s article as it was right at the time of my peak emotions of really rooting for trump because he refused to be politically correct and said things exactly as I and many others refrained from saying out fear of obummer and of culture labeling. I also remember me telling myself not to get too emotionally bent and stay objective. And once I did I started to see it was all hype and fluff…..I would hear him say “it is gonna be huge, and great, just great” without ever providing details and no plan at all. We were so sick of obummer, and losing, and snowflakes we wanted to believe. I read Brandon’s article and believed he was absolutely put in there to quell and uprising from real patriots. They knew it would be a real civil war, bloodbath if hitlery got in and they were not ready. If she did get in the plan was war with Russia….if trump was in its war with Russia but via NK as it would seem damn odd the snowflake media still running the narrative trump and Russia love each other so they needed a catalyst hence Kim dum suk. This is real and moving forward only the sheep or blind cannot see it….I can only imagine they wait until 95% of transportation is driverless cars and then there will be complete lockdown zero freedom, no travel fully tracked. Many neighbors will be made an example of across the nation to strike fear in anyone even thinking of rebelling. It is over folks without a shot fired…..we are screwed and got outplayed. I fully blame the lying conniving republicans How else could obummer get everything he wanted for 8 years. Wake the fuk up people……

      22. Trump has been a total waste of time. Most Americans do not realise they live in a highly controlled global system that is manged by the Pentagon and all the security agencies. And these agencies do everything based on gamed out plans and computer models. What is happening is happening because it is planned to happen. Trump can only be the chump who has to go on TV and explain it.

      23. We are 3 sidewalk blocks from the Venezuela situation, but people are too dumb to see the obvious…..Praying for the EMP, the ONLY equalizer people have against government, every government and the ELITE those governments serve…..

      24. Hope no one buys into what this clown writes. How many years can you call for an economic meltdown that never happens before everyone just moves on. And then there’s the ad for precious metals at the end. The whole article wasn’t anything but an intro for that ad.

      25. Jim in the VA, you don’t know shit about masons. I have a really good friend who is a real 32nd degree mason. One my Business partners who passed away 2 years ago was a real mason. This is fact. I know what they know about history and the banking system. You need to chill. You do not know any real ones. I am not talking about black thug niggers walking around with mason symbols on chains, watches etc. Most of the real ones do not put stickers on cars. I can ask a mason one question and if he cant answer it, he is not a real one. I have made asses out of the black mason wanna bees many times. They are a joke. You don’t know the people I know. I have read the books that are not available to the public. You don’t understand why trolls are constantly attacking, its because of my content, and everytime truth comes out, they attack. Ever gotten death threat phone calls, I have. Have you? no you have not. So just shut up and cut the crap.


        • I happen to be a Mason. The blacks are an entirely different group. you sir have been misinformed about a lot of things. Each state is different too. Like all organizations we have some bad apples too but do a lot of good in our communities and are filled with patriots and many are preppers. Don’t believe all that conspiracy crap you see on the internet…just because its on the internet doesn’t mean its true. We are no better or worse than the average joe out there,we may try harder to do so.

        • Hcks
          My name is David I have a certificate of my grandfather. He was a 32nd Freemason. He died when I was little. My father was not a mason and he did not talk to him much. Is there any way I could talk with you to find out more?

          • I meant to say did not say much to my dad about Freemason stuff. I will send u pic of certificate I have in a frame

      26. XboneSxx, welcome to the board, You are right on the money.


        • HCKs – do you think people here are stupid? A quick ULR check shows that XBoneSxx is you!

          Even the style of writing is you! Welcome to the bored indeed….you really are a complete and utter phoney.

          • Anonymous, I picked up on that right away…look at the time between his post and the SX…4 minutes..
            Sneaky, HCKS.
            Now I wonder about you even more.
            (But I won’t spend much time on it)

      27. Good one Frank, educate these dumb fucks.


      28. April 19, 2017 Run for Your Life: The American Police State Is Coming to Get You

        Daily, all across America, individuals who dare to resist—or even question—a police order are being subjected to all sorts of government-sanctioned abuse ranging from forced catheterization, forced blood draws, roadside strip searches and cavity searches, and other foul and debasing acts that degrade their bodily integrity and leave them bloodied and bruised.

      29. Don’t think Trump is fake. Fake News is another issue.

        Like any good leader, he is adjusting to new information and battlefield conditions. I think his end goals are the same.



      30. The supreme “shxt” soon to hit the fan is the end of the current world order that Satan’s Pope-led Globalist cabal has been working toward for decades.

        The major coup de gras upon the current world order
        “sovereign” nations will be nukes exploding ….
        as predicted by the Vatican’s FAZZINI scupture … the

        sculpture named “Christ rising from crater of nuclear bomb blast”

        Satan’s Pope led Globalist caused Trump to become POTUS so a Nationalist Republicanish Christianish Straight (far as we know) White Male would be captain of the ship when the ship goes down.

      31. Brandon is missing one thing, he’s NOT trying to save the system from collapsing. He never was he did what he had to do to get in and now he’ll bring the system down and blame the Fed and Banks. just look to the Andrew Jackson picture on his wall. he’s telling you , are you listening?

      32. Jim in the VA. Your lying you are not a mason..anonymous, a quick URL search does not show that I am another handle. Mac the owner of this site would have already gotten rid of me. You are the one that the phony .

        Jim in the VA, what did Moses tell the Jews right he stood in front of the Jews within th first few days of settling in Israel .?.

        What happend 150,000 years ago on earth that would start tj Banking system. Also what the another word for bank..?

        There are two laws that govern earths Banking system, name them?

        You said that you are a manson.. Which God do your worship .. Name the two gods that masons worship..?

        What is name of the small door that all judges walk through before sitting om the bench?.

        Name the law of the land and the law of the water? Some Mason, name them..?

        You see. You are not a Mason.. masons have real power and are above the law. All judges are Masons..

        Come on answer the questions. you just lied your ass offering I was a liar I would have said that I was a Mason.. My friend is a real one. And he showed me the proof..his father was Mason. And so was his grandfather. Your going to fail this test Jim in the VA..


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