The Deep State: Use an Existing Crisis, or Create One

by | Feb 8, 2018 | Headline News | 45 comments

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    Rahm Emmanuel was/is (in)famous for his alleged attribution of the quote “Never allow a good crisis to go to waste.” Nevertheless, in the manner that Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales” is an “English echo” of “The Decameron” by Giovanni Boccaccio, the quote assigned to Emmanuel is a paraphrase of words emitted by the equally-nefarious Milton Friedman:

    “Only a crisis – actual or perceived – produces real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around. That, I believe, is our basic function: to develop alternatives to existing policies, to keep them alive and available until the politically impossible becomes politically inevitable.” – Capitalism and Freedom,” by Milton Friedman, Preface, Univ. Chicago Press, 1982.

    Although he was an Economist (so-called), Friedman’s Marxist economic endeavors (germinated by the Frankfurt School of Economics “alumni”) were cracked akin to a whip throughout the world and used by the U.S. to further imperialism and fostered dependence by third-world nations. Such “dependence,” it must be added, took the form of loans through the IMF and World Bank…backed by military force. The “dependence” is almost that of the Helsinki Syndrome, in which the kidnapped captive becomes psychologically dependent upon the captor…but the captivity remains. Protection and extortion in the same vein.

    These same “entangling alliances” were warned about for the fledgling United States by the Founding Fathers. Such forced alliances are easily seen for what they are: the creation of vassal states through force projection and intimidation. Even when we’re not directly involved, we “underwrite” the actions. The latest (and largest) prime example was the ousting of Ukraine’s president, Yanukovych, in 2014 and the attempt to force Ukraine to become a part of NATO, as well as another IMF-vassal in the NATO-Euro-hegemony.

    Such activities continue: in Syria, in Yemen, and throughout the world…a continued bolstering of U.S. military presence, backed by an ever-smiling line of “Rockettes” willing to “invest in a country’s future” with our almighty, fiat Petrodollar. Friedman’s actions as an economist can be seen enmeshed in virtually all U.S. foreign policy for the past five decades: they form the basis for the actions of “Economic Hit Men” as described by Perkins in his book.

    The coerced economic policies within the imperialism of American foreign policy are not the center of this piece.  Here is something relayed by Newsweek as reported by the New York Times on 2/2/18, an article entitled White House Pressures Pentagon for North Korea Attack Plan, Report Says, by John Haltiwanger that bears reading:

    “The White House is butting heads with the Pentagon on North Korea as senior military officials appear apprehensive about presenting President Donald Trump with military options against the rogue state, The New York Times reported Friday. White House National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster is reportedly concerned with drawing up a specific military plan in order to reinforce Trump’s various threats to the reclusive nation. Unnamed Pentagon officials are seemingly concerned the president is moving toward the use of force too quickly and worry that additional options will increase the probability Trump will move forward with an attack, according to the report. Dana W. White, press secretary for the Pentagon, told The New York Times the defense secretary “regularly provides the president with a deep arsenal of military options,” and claimed that the reports of reluctance in that regard were “false.”

    What can be gathered from this is the media is trying to paint a picture of confusion within the military command structure between the Pentagon and the administration. It is also more “predictive programming,” designed to “show” how the President wants a war: this to make him foot the blame when and if a war commences. Obviously, the United States and North Korea are still in a standoff with neither side backing away from their position. But just picture in your mind: the Emmanuel’s and the Friedman’s…smirking and smiling on the sidelines, knowing all this orchestration of the media is for the public to gulp down…knowing all of these crises have been acted upon by those of their ilk.

    We have a President who has ordered the release to the public of some very sensitive information on FISA (more appropriately labeled “DISA,” as the surveillance is directed toward the zeks formerly called “American citizens”).  An article came out on Lew Rockwell by former Justice Andrew Napolitano on 2/1/18 entitled Lying, Spying, and Hiding. Here is an excerpt of that article that I recommend reading in its entirety:

    “The abuse summarized in the Republican memo apparently spans the last year of the Obama administration and the first year of the Trump administration. If it comes through as advertised, it will show the deep state using the government’s powers for petty or political or ideological reasons.

    The use of raw intelligence data by the NSA or the FBI for political purposes or to manipulate those in government is as serious a threat to popular government — to personal liberty in a free society — as has ever occurred in America since Congress passed the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798, which punished speech critical of the government.”

    So, to keep something from coming out of this magnitude, do you see the big picture? What is the best way to “deflect” attention from something such as this? War, naturally. I submit that the powers that be who are within the Deep State will either commence their lackeys to start a war or will create the conditions that will lead to one…not necessarily starting with North Korea, but possibly one of the other theatres where tensions with the U.S. are running high.

    I also submit that under such circumstances, it may not be the President who is responsible for the start of such a war: it may be a contrived crisis that the Deep State will not allow to go to waste that propels us into one. Nothing is beyond their capabilities, except to act with compassion and take into consideration the rights and welfare of the average citizen. The Deep State will allow millions to die in a war before being held accountable, especially to the American people.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. There are numerous bad things happening to us caused by the scum worshipers of satan that control the wealth and power. The USA is daily being made more of a 3rd world shithole by importing African and middle eastern filth to breed here, thus changing everything in the years to come. If we don’t stop this our children and their children will be in for a bad time. When I look at congress and the house minority leader praises scum illegals for actually breaking the law it makes me furious. Before my life is over I will show them what I think of this.

        • Count me in
          Who is John Galt

          • I’m glad there are some Patriots.

            • Theres some,
              But to what end?
              Honestly im thinking best strategy will be to be counted amongst the sheep but be a total PITA

              • Maybe true. I’m just not a very good sheep and I suspect you’re not either.

                • Menzo, I’m so rotten at being a sheep the wolf kicked me out of the flock. He said I wasn’t worth having, LOL. let the deep state bring it on. Got plenty of bullets waiting.

                  • What is your definition of a patriot? Someone who unconditionally supports the flag of a facist country or pledges their life to the NWO wars? Someone who is called a right wing conservative? Someone who spouts off right wing media type shit? Somebody who buys any bullshit wrapped in an amerikan flag? Some dumbed down brainwashed dolt with no critical thinking ability that thinks the legal system is lawful? Some knuckledragging dumbass that obeys orders no matter if it’s right or wrong? Is that what you mean? A yes man just following orders nazi fook with momma and apple pie?


                    • I think your looking for follows the Constitution of the US, lawful orders and holds those accountable who do not. This doesn’t include the bloated legal system that is based on money and several subsequent laws and their interpretations that set precedent. I’ve been watching these forums and several others. There isn’t any common sense discussion.

                    • genius you are right

          • Hey Nailbanger
            I am tryin to figger out how to operate here. I offered my hillbilly opinion once just feelin around.

            • Depends on where here is

              • hellbilly, just operate like you normally do. People here hate fakes and posers. Try and fit in? That’s a collectivist/statist way of thinking and you won’t do well with that. Just say whats on your mind and don’t lie…. you’ll be fine.

                • Genius, but many here are fakes and posers, then what ? Many here will not do diddly squat ever, except talk shit. That is well past obvious for many valid reasons. It always comes back to that 3 to 5%.

                  The easy way to tell is who is actually fit and capable and not just talking crap, that filters it all out very quickly. So far I have seen a lot of talk and no evidence of any actual capabilities as in provable photographs of fitness and training and real capability as a warrior. Much less any actual experience in anything except flap jaw bullshit and a lot of sales hype for junk ?

                  As I have said before several times there are 3 to 5% here just like everywhere else here in USA today. Lets see some proof tough guys and not just your standard talking crap. I gave proof from day one and all is verifiable !~ Nut up or shut up people ! Many of you are only fooling yourselves and that is not a good game plan ever, for any reason. Why live in fantasy when reality is readily available ?

        • MenzoB. we all need to put this jig-saw puzzle together. You’re right in all you say; but, there’s more. Our economy is collapsing contrary to the rainbows and unicorns flying out of the media’s and POTUS’s butts. We are steadily approaching a military tipping point in NK, the Middle East, with China in the shipping lanes, with Russia and their increased military potential and the loss of any real support from our so-called European allies. What’s to come is going to be unparalleled in any lifetime upon this earth. It will make all the World Wars and intervening conflicts pale by comparison. So, just be ready on your own home front. For it will be all you, me, any of us have in the end. The fight is coming to us.

          • I’m ready as I can be, brother. I just hope there are enough of us to matter. My family is worth dying for to me.

        • You Will Be Assimilated……..

          • Our scum government does kinda remind me of the Borg.

            • Menzo, I literally threw up when I heard Nazi Pelosi praise the illegals for coming here and breaking our nerves, then has the gall to claim the American people owe something to these foreign scum. Congress can’t preach to we the people about anything. The day is fast coming when our weapons will be speaking for us.

        • Genocides of the Goyim is the destiny of the Gentiles (Goyim) according to the satanic Talmud. Almost all Jews are Zionists. That means, Israel at any and all cost! According to the satanic Talmud, the gentile (goyim) has been brought on earth to serve the Jews and after doing their service to the Jews, they must be destroyed by killing them. First world war, second world war and if the Zionists can start one today, the last and the 3rd. world war, will be the prophecy of the satanic evil Talmud come true as it is repeatedly commanded to each and every living Jew of the world, that after the total destruction of hundreds of millions of people through the deceptions of the Zionists’ hands, final peace will be in the hands of the Jews who would, then forever, be the only masters of the world to reign their peace through their power and dictats! Soon Talmudic Zionist controllers of the United States will usher upon a plan through false flag of an unimaginable destruction to turn the sheeple of America to go on a war so America can be saved from some imaginary self created enemy like Russia through North Korea. Ultimate goal of the Talmudic Zionist has been and still continues to be the “Oded Yinon” or for the sheeple’s consumption known as the PNAC. After their prophecy of the largest destruction of the world (armagedon) Israel’s final destiny will be to rule the planet earth through Judaism!

      2. Never heard friedman associated with marxism before. I will have to check that out cause everything i have ever read from him touts free market principles.

        • I kind of feel that Friedman was a capitalist. I have read several of his books and he has always been kind of a role model to me!

      3. That was the first time that I heard someone call Milton Friedman a marxist. Friedman was thought to be conservative in his day.

      4. This article should be taken seriously. I believe many points in this article are valid. Everyone says watch for after the Olympics.
        I have wondered what would happen if a false flag event took place at the Olympics. Very dangerous times.

        One thing I do know for sure. Many commanders in the service have been given a book and told to study it. It goes over the culture, terrain, climate, capabilities ect. of North Korea. These are not special forces commanders either. Everyone knows we are preparing for war. China and Russia are too.
        Pay attention to every little detail you can over the next few months. Dangerous times.

        • Mike in VA , read the tea leaves !

          Recently Trump said we have reached the end of the road with NK, there is no more road ? A bit esoteric, but he does that a lot and was telling us something is coming very soon !

          This is how I easily make money in the markets by simply paying attention to many matters. It is also how I plan and prepare accordingly. Paying attention, it is free !

      5. The UN is still at “War” with North Korea.
        Only a truce was declared.
        Let them fight the war.
        We have to honor our treaties
        and I’m fine with that.
        Treaties are Law.
        Since the NORKS boast of having nukes,
        the first launch of a missle over or into
        the territory of one of our allies, we
        have no idea if it is armed,
        obligates us to obliterate
        the North Korea leadership.
        Once control of the airspace is
        obtained, drop food.
        When a big enough crowd gathers
        kill it.
        After a time let the Koreas re-unite.
        Problem solved.

        • The biggest problem towards reunification are the several generations of idiots raised on total bullshit, similar to the democrats here in the US, they actually believe the bullshit and think it is Gods word,,,

          • Sad thing is those idiots will be running things shortly. Glad I don’t have kids to apologize to for making them live through the hell this place will be in another 50-100 years.

        • Treaties are law? Not if they are repugnant to the constitution (void where prohibited by law). Besides, how many treaties have WE broken? Treaties are a joke…

        • “Treaties are law”? Really? And whereabouts in la la land do you reside Herr Killer? The state of self delusion would also welcome you with open arms.

          America broke 500 treaties with native Americans. Or do these not count? Because, like, it was a long time ago.

          More recently America has not ratified at least ten international treaties. Or are treaties only valid when they serve one particular nations interests?

          ht tps://

        • rellik, first launch is too late, ponder that simple fact ?

      6. I’ve never welcomed a crisis into my life, my home or my neighborhood;a crisis is an unwelcome guest. The US is better off without them as well. You can minimize them with watchfulness and care. Too many people see as an opportunity to further some objective. Mostly it backfires on them.

        • I have to say……I agree with what you just wrote.

        • Well if they want a crisis, they’re going to get one, with all the shitstain low class uneducated useless eaters they keep giving asylum to. They are turning this country into a gigantic shithole with their low brained “we’re a country of immigrants” nonsense.

          Make America White again, or wipe your ass with immigrants and Democrats.

      7. The writer lost me when he said Helsinki Syndrome. There’s no such thing. It’s Stockholm Syndrome. It’s not even the same country.

        Maybe he gets his info from movies.



        • Archivist, so how do you know the writer is even a real person much less a supposed special forces type ? Just curios what is the proof since he writes with a name de plume ?

          And precisely what makes Daisy any expert of anything ? Reasonable questions to be sure.

      8. Very muddled work. Where are the editors for this site? The lurking vet needs to retire to his cats. He is not a journalist. Let him post a blog and his hardcore followers (two or three, plus the cats) can reread his confusing rants all day long.

      9. The Helsinki Syndrome is when Russians show up in your country in the Winter and you shoot the snot out of ’em for three months till they sign a peace treaty with you.


      10. They’ll need something more then a stain on a blue dress to divert attention? And the FBI has the capability to make a big boom? Being more and more convinced that a motorized bicycle is an essential prep item . 65 pound , 30 mph ,100 mpg , with peddle assist for more power. You can hang it on a bumper rack. Take it on a row boat, With a rope you can pull it over a brick wall. Carry it through a swamp, Parts are dirt cheap. Shield an extra electronic ignition. And your good to go , about anywhere?

      11. Whatever happened to the mass of peoples voices opposing war and the government listening. That’s right it never happened. MLK Jr. was about to pull off a million person March on Washington D.C. in 1968, how convenient that never happened either.

      12. Can’t say I agree with labeling Friedman a Marxist either.

      13. Marx called for “Centralization of Credit in the hands of the State.”

        This means in the hands of (((The State))) [Chews].

        So Friedman put our Free To Choose circa 1980. That’s why he always hated the banking monopoly, especially the Federal Reserve. . .but wait. . .Friedman- Doctor Friedman. . .never did call for freedom in banking. He merely criticized the Fed’s policies. . .The Fed always was [tacitly/secretly marxist]. . .it is the bank that marx envisioned in the communist manifesto.

        You folks who think Friedman was a believer in freedom- just because he said so- are a bunch of Kool Aid consumers. He was lying. He was controlled [fake] opposition in a good cop bad cop routine.

        The PTB [“bankers”] needed an excuse to inflate. The excuse making “theory” is called monetarism. They wanted a stable price level. If production was going up at 4% [yearly] the the money supply should be inflated at the same rate, to provide a semblance of stable prices.

        Now, be real alert here. “Should be inflated” is an honest admission of what is being done- Friedman never said that. He said “The money supply should be increased by roughly 4%.”

        Older/honest definitions of inflation meant an increase in money supply- regardless of any change in price levels. There, inflation was considered to be adulteration [of good money] and therefore a CRIME. Modern definition of inflation is- rising price levels. Yes, Friedman said inflation is always monetary BUT ONLY IF THE PRICE LEVEL RISES. These Friedmanites and their banker buddies get a free ride. They can inflate BUT CALL IT AN INCREASE IN MONEY SUPPLY- that way they can avoid accusations of evildoing. . .A way to inflate without the rubes finding out.

        Pop Quiz- do not take out a paper and pencil.

        Say production rises 4%. And money supply rises the same amount [4%]. The price level is unchanged [stable]. What is the inflation rate?

        A) Zero

        B) 4%

        Everything we’ve been taught over a lifetime says the answer is zero. The real [honest] answer is 4%. “Increase the money supply” should be called “adulterate the money supply.”

        To say adulterate is to acknowledge criminality.

        Those of you who believe Friedman was a good guy are only partially red-pilled. He was hired to rationalize the commie federal reserve.

      14. Deep State could not have found a more willing puppet than Trump to start more wars.Syria,NK,Iran,Russia,China are all possible adversaries now.And he campaigned on non-interventionism/better relations with Russia.Bait & switch.

      15. The cashless One World Government (the throne of the Beast)is ordained to come to be. It can’t be stopped. The Globalist want it’s opposers to use temporal weapons. Those who oppose the Globalist with temporal weapons will be annihilated. Satan’s Pope led Globalist are preparing the throne of the Beast. One should aspire to “overcome the Beast” …. and to do that requires faith in Jesus and His Revelation. Not temporal weapons. Revelation 13->forward reveals soul saving blessing conveying information found nowhere else.

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