Bad Financial News Keeps Pouring In: 14 Facts That Just Might Scare The Living Daylights Out Of You

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    Will the bad financial news ever stop? A lot of people in the financial world were hoping for a much better fourth quarter after an absolutely disastrous third quarter. Well, if Monday was any indication, October could end up being a really rough month for global financial markets. So much bad financial news keeps pouring in that it really is a challenge to try to keep track of it all. Greece seems to get closer to defaulting on their debts with each passing day, and it appears that Germany is not going to contribute any more bailout money beyond what they have already committed to. Major banks on both sides of the Atlantic are on the verge of collapse, and investors all over the world are afraid that we may have another “Lehman Brothers moment” soon. Shares of American Airlines dropped a staggering 33 percent on Monday as rumors that they will soon be entering bankruptcy swirled. Yes, things certainly are getting interesting. Back in 2008, the governments of the western world saved the financial system with gigantic bailouts that were absolutely unprecedented. If the financial system crashes again at some point in the coming weeks or months, will the political will for more bank bailouts be there? If not, what is going to happen to the banking system?

    On both sides of the Atlantic, the big banks are highly leveraged, they have taken on a ton of risk and they are very deeply exposed to derivatives. It is as if virtually nobody learned any lessons during the financial crisis of 2008. Once again we are facing a situation where if a couple of financial dominoes fall it could send dozens of others tumbling to the ground.

    Some very significant things happened on Monday. But the media has gotten so used to reporting on tremendous financial instability that Monday’s events mostly got brushed to the side. Instead, Amanda Knox captured most of the headlines.

    But the reality is that some really, really monumental stuff has been going down.

    The following are 14 facts that just might scare the living daylights out of you….

    #1 On Monday, the Dow was down 258 points. Lately it seems as though the Dow has been going up or down by several hundred points almost every single day, and that much volatility is not a good sign for the health of the financial system.

    #2 Shares of Wall Street banking giant Morgan Stanley fell by another 8 percent on Monday. Overall, shares of Morgan Stanley have declined by more than 50 percent since February.

    #3 Bank of America stock dropped down to $5.53 a share on Monday. Just a few years ago, it was trading for more than $50 a share.

    #4 There are reports that Goldman Sachs may actually show a loss for the third quarter of 2011 and that yearly bonuses for employees may be slashed to next to nothing. Yes, not too many people are going to have sympathy for Goldman Sachs, but this just shows how bad things are getting out there for the big Wall Street banks.

    #5 Normally Goldman Sachs is quite upbeat, but lately they have been coming out with some really frightening reports. For example, a new report from Goldman Sachs declares that there is a 40 percent chance that we are entering a “Great Stagnation“.

    #6 Shares of European banking giant Dexia plunged by about 10 percent on Monday on rumors that it will soon need a significant bailout. The stocks of major banks all across Europe have been getting absolutely hammered for weeks.

    #7 Shares of American Airlines fell by 33 percent on Monday on rumors that the airline is about to enter bankruptcy. Amazingly, trading in the stock was stopped 7 different times on Monday.

    #8 It is being reported that approximately 240 pilots for American Airlines have retired in the last two months alone. All of those pilots are retiring so that they can shield their pensions from the upcoming bankruptcy filing.

    #9 Nearly the entire airline industry got hit really hard on Monday. Shares of United Continental, U.S. Airways and Delta were all down more than 10 percent.

    #10 Overall, U.S. stocks fell by 14 percent during the third quarter of 2011, and now the fourth quarter is off to a very rocky start.

    #11 The incoming head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, has publicly admitted that major European banks are having “funding problems“. Just like back in 2008, we are rapidly heading for a giant “credit crunch”.

    #12 A shocking new Bloomberg survey has found that approximately one out of every three international investors expects a “global economic meltdown” within the next 12 months, and 70 percent of them believe that the global economy is “deteriorating”. Perhaps they have been reading The Economic Collapse Blog too much.

    #13 Financial markets in Europe were rocked on Monday when it was revealed that Greece is not going to hit the deficit reduction targets set for it either this year or next year despite all of the severe austerity measures that have already been implemented. Needless to say, a lot of financial authorities in Europe were very displeased by this news.

    #14 German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble is publicly declaring that Germany will not contribute any more money to the European bailout fund.

    The truth is that the political will for more bailouts has totally dried up in Germany.

    The recent vote by the Bundestag to approve money for the European rescue fund should not be misinterpreted.

    That vote simply approved money that was part of a deal that was agreed to over two months ago.

    What is more important is what many major German politicians said after the vote. Essentially, the overwhelming consensus is that Germany is done contributing money. Once the money is gone from the current bailout pool (which is not anywhere close to what is really needed), there will be no more money from Germany.

    That means that the era of the bailouts in Europe is drawing to a close.

    In a recent editorial, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard described the situation in Germany in this manner….

    The furious debate over the erosion of German fiscal sovereignty and democracy – as well as the escalating costs of the EU rescue machinery – has made it absolutely clear that the Bundestag will not prop up the ruins of monetary union for much longer.

    Horst Seehofer, the leader of Bavaria’s Social Christians, said his party would go “this far, and no further”.

    Let that last phrase sink in.

    Basically, what politicians all over Germany are saying is that Germany has now done all that it is going to do.

    The implications of this are huge.

    Ambrose Evans-Pritchard recognized this in his editorial. In fact, the usually reserved journalist actually used all caps for six straight sentences and broke out some very strong language that is very uncharacteristic for him….

    Repeat after me:







    Get used to it. This is the political reality of Europe, since nothing of importance can be done without Germany. All else is wishful thinking, clutching at straws, and evasion. If this means the euro will shed some members or blow apart – as it almost certainly does – then the rest of the world must prepare for the day.

    Basically, this is his way of saying that “the sky is falling” and that the financial system of Europe is doomed.

    If you have followed the writing of Ambrose Evans-Pritchard for any length of time, then you know that he is one of the most respected financial journalists in the world and that he is not prone to indulge in much “doom and gloom”. For him to say what he did is very significant.

    But even if there were no financial problems in Europe, the United States would probably be slipping into another recession anyway.

    Right now our economy is a total mess, and all kinds of people are coming out of the woodwork and are trying to take credit for “calling” the upcoming recession.

    Some of the pronouncements are so bold that you would think that some half-crazed blogger wrote them. For example, just check out the following quote from a report recently put out by the Economic Cycle Research Institute….

    “Here’s what ECRI’s recession call really says: If you think this is a bad economy, you haven’t seen anything yet.”

    But do the American people really need some experts to tell them that we are going into another recession?

    The American people know what is going on.

    According to one recent poll, 90 percent of the American people believe that economic conditions in the United States are “poor”. According to another recent poll, 80 percent of the American people believe that we are actually in a recession right now.

    So perhaps the American people are actually ahead of most of the so-called “experts”.

    In any event, economic conditions in the United States continue to get worse. The average American family is having a harder and harder time getting to the end of each month. According to a Harris Interactive survey taken near the end of last year, 77 percent of all Americans are now living paycheck to paycheck. In 2007, the same survey found that only 43 percent of Americans were living paycheck to paycheck.

    At least Barack Obama is not talking so much about an “economic recovery” these days. When asked recently if Americans are better off today than they were four years ago, Obama said the following….

    “Well, I don’t think they’re better off than they were four years ago.”

    Finally, something that we can all agree with Barack Obama about.

    Sadly, things are about to get even worse.

    Pay close attention to all of the bad financial news that keeps pouring in.

    Just like in 2008, something really big is happening.

    When the current bailout fund in Europe runs out in a few months, things could really start to unravel.

    If Greece (or any other eurozone nation for that matter) defaults, it could set off a chain of financial events so catastrophic that it just might scare the living daylights out of all of us.

    Let us hope for the best, but let us also prepare for the worst.

    Tremendous fear and panic has gripped the financial world, and the underlying problems causing this crisis are not going to be solved any time soon.

    We are about to enter unprecedented territory.

    Hold on tight.


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      1. #15 lloyds of London pulling money out of euro banks reported yesterday. I wonder where they stashed it?

        • They aren’t the first either… Several stories/rumors suggest there is a massive behind-the-scenes run on the banks happening right now.. The big players are pulling out… If I understand it correctly, many are shifting their cash from “private” banking institutions into the European Central Bank, and probably into US Treasuries (the last bastion of safety, of course!)… Bad things this way come.

        • Really? I wonder too! By the way you should all check out this video on youtube. Really opens your eyes to what is going on, if they are not open already~

          • Shane —that was awesome..but
            I am Anonymous…and we…are…armed!!!

        • #1: A 258 point drop in the DOW is never a big deal. Analysts have been predicting a major correction for months.

          • Never measure the economy by the direction or magnitude of the market. It will make you look stupid. Viotilty equals profits.

            • Profits for the Gangster Banksters. They love viotility.

      2. Now, more then ever, Americans need to take time to prep for the coming collapse. If you have been ideally sitting by while our Government has been taking care of this financial crisis, you are way behind.

        Get OFF your couch! Turn OFF your TV! Get to Costco or your favorite big box store and get some food, medical supplys, water and protection (guns/ammo) put away for the future. Keep on buying and prepping, know one knows how or when it is going to happen. We only know it is going to happen.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

        • Agreed, Mona. At this point, we can forget any sort of government assistance in the event of a financial/economic collapse. Who will help you when your 401k or pension is wiped out? Who will help if prices on essential goods triple? It comes down to each individual at this point. The social safety net is being torn apart, and if you don’t plan right now to care for your own family when these events accelerate, no one else will. That’s the bottom line.

          • Once these safety nets and nest eggs have been annihilated, you will see more families co-habitating under one small roof and eating cat food (or possibly the family cat) while dismantling their furniture for firewood to survive. That is of course those families who did not prepare for what is coming. It ain’t here yet but it is definitely in the mail.

            • Good night John Boy…….

            • Thanks for the alert. I’m going out for more furniture, and lots more cats, right now!

            • Before I start burning my furniture, I’ll dismantle the house next door. It has been empty and apparently abandoned by all for over 11/2 years.

        • Yes I agree. I met a nice gentlemen this morning who sold me 5,250 round case of 22LR for $165. I consider it a trade commodity based on what I already have, and for him I guess it will help with the $3200 mortgage. It’s sad for him.

        • The beauty of prepping is that even if by some miracle the s doesn’t htf, then you can still eat or drink your preps (provided you store what you will eat). You can go to the shooting range & use your ammunition.

          It doesn’t even cost a cent in the long run!

          But the cost of not doing it if the s DOES htf…….is life. The most precious gift of all.

          • It actually saves you money. We spend 1/4 of what the “average” family does for regular monthly groceries. Only downside is everything is from scratch, so the one commodity I run low in is time.

            • MLG – where we spend less than most people is cleaning supplies. Vinegar and baking soda cost a LOT less than all those fancy spray bottles, and do the job just as well. For more heavy duty cleaning, I’ve found Old Dutch Cleanser to be superb. Been around for years and still made in USA. You can’t beat the price – only 50 CENTS for a large canister.
              You mentioned groceries. Some of the foodstuffs on the shelves these days are…well, hilarious. Have you seen the packaged apple slices that come individually wrapped? How about the small cheese cubes that sell for 2x as much as a block of cheese you can cut up yourself? Or the pineapple chunks in a little plasic bowl with chopped nuts in a SECOND plastic bowl on top of the first one? And then there’s the celery – yes, CELERY – all cut up in same-size sticks and sealed in a clear plastic container that, again, sell for 2x what an entire stalk goes for.
              Reminds me of a woman I used to work with. She was on a diet and would purchase all these Lean Cuisine entrees at $2-$3 each, then complain how much she “had” to spend to lose weight. I suggested that she eat an apple for lunch once in a while – healthy, fiber-rich, etc. She looked at me blankly and said (I kid you not), “But it doesn’t say on it how many calories it contains.” Some people are so lazy and so spoiled, they have no IDEA how to live on a budget (and don’t want to learn).

            • The health benefits for your family because you are cooking from scratch are worth the time. That’s right you know what you are feeding them and that is huge. I use the crock pot a lot, I use the dutch oven a lot and I’ve been using the bread maker a lot lately. I’m a single working mother and try to do the same. My new project is having the kids each cook dinner once a week and it will be from our cupboards and pantry not the store.

        • Mona, bless you dear–but as I just emailed my friend trying to store in is too late for some—like the S>S. and Calif pensioner across the street…they just bought a few boxes of oatmeal and ground beef(freezer) and I have been telling them for 2 years!!!
          Direct tv which we haven’t had in years, and bank fees for checking (free here for years) and trees, mulch, flowers, etc, trips to Pa. and Calif…….just wouldn’t listen!!
          All on credit cards.

      3. It’s coming, what I don’t know. I do know we are already at war with the PTB. To understand this any and all battles are fought in the spiritual realms first, because we were created as spiritual being first, secondly the flesh goes back to the earth. This is the greatest time in history, its gonna be even greater when this system of Satan is defeated, we can and will. Ok Im stepping down from the soapbox, please send your love gifts and donations directly to S.H.T.F. plan, thanks and good night.

        • Copout,

          Deep inside you know what is coming. It may be in a different form than my demons. But you know.
          Trust your power, your guts, and your brains.
          Just stick together with the family. Give them everything and take also. Live those weird days like as if there’s no tommorow.
          An when it comes, just face it standing up, smilling, and defying it.
          Our fear gives it shape and existence.

          We are together in this. Don’t hesitate even for a second.

          • Manos: I have the skills and the will, be safe brother!

      4. We can only hope that the death of the corp will bring about a rebirth of the People as masters of themselves.

        Let the corp die, let it’s paper become worthless. That is the best thing that can happen. For those dumb enough to still be in government paper, they will merely be paying for an education that we all got for free.

        Death to the the gov corp and it’s bankster minions will be a blessing on humanity. Many will lose a lot, more will gain a lot, and the bankers will lose everything.

        All will be as it should be.

        • Your hope is all good, and I guess I’m quite a pessimist but I can’t see a lot of good coming the peoples way after SHTF. The elite will have grand asset protection in land, gold, farming, energy assets, etc, etc. They will also have battle hardened mercenaries when needed with experience in Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa. I think the chances of a socialist / communist hybrid state with a protected elite class coming forward is quite real.

          • Jim: If God be for us who can be against us, they will never, ever Stand! It’s already been written, beginning to end.

            • AMEN TOO THAT COPOUT!!! be well

            • Copout: Amen. Folks, with all the financial issues being reported, we are seeing the uber rich/elitest starting to panic. Putting their money in U.S.Bonds? With the financial take over plans of our present government, investing in U.S. Bonds isn’t too smart.
              Pulling out of the EURO farce just makes sense. Germany is finally realizing the mess of EURO banking. Next, will they bring back the Deutsche Mark?

          • The odds are on our side–125 million households with half armed.

          • Can they REALLY trust the mercenaries who actually have the guns?

          • so the Romans thought that, and the mongol hordes and barbarians came storming the gate…when the top 2 % have all the money, and those troops to defend them on the top of the mountain, I intend to kick it on the coast, live lean and clean and off the grid…can’t keep all of us barbarians chained up…would take a mighty amount of resources to do that…
            Beans, Bullets, Bandages and Beautiful shiny metal…

            • Let’s hear it for the Huns, Vandals, Ostragoths and Visigoths and Celt,s Iceni, et al who were kicking the Romas asses 2000 yrs ago. Romans piss me off. Not modern ones( except Jersey shore idiot tarash but old one. Some of my folkss were from Venicia. And the aforementioned Barbarians. Barbarians with firearms and a well seasoned bellyache at being crapped on for the turds and deadbeats of this country for the last 50 years. OPax Romanus? Igot your Pax coated with cupronickel jackets.

      5. #15?

      6. The system is so corrupt and so broke that a complete collapse and rebuilding of the system might be the best option. That is as long a socialist regime doesnt have the rebuilding done their way.

        • Tony, you hit the nail on the head. The marxists & communists are frothing at the mouth for this to happen. They will rebuild us as they see fit. It will be ugly.

        • Loki,

          Thanks. It’s a favorite.

          Be safe.

        • Beautiful

      7. As James Westley Rawles has always said….be prepared to give charity to the unprepared, to give until it hurts…

        You can’t save everybody but you can help a few friends, family or neighbors if this thing gets as bad as it could…

        If people begin going hungry here in fortress America, especially their children, all bets for law and order and a smmoth transition to austerity are off….be ready to help others until you cannot give any more without compromising your own security…

        • i am prepared but it will never come to that! In a doom and gloom scenario it sounds great but in reality it won’t happen.

          • If you think, no if you “know” it won’t happen then why are you prepped??????

          • Ah yes, Denial is the most serious form of self loathing Rich!!!

          • I like your tone today RICH 99….no personal slights, no insults…something we all can work with so I will respond to you.

            I hope that you’re right about this. But whether you called it correctly or not, as a prepper of over 10 years I’m already invested in a future being far more austere and far less friendly than it is today. IMHO there are just too many issues attacking our debt-financed prosperity than solutions.

            So if I never need my preps at all (which would be nice) I can at least bank on my children and their families needing them in the future. The food, the weapons, the gold, the solar, the property, the seeds, the know-how, the tools etc. these things will be far more valuable to them than a stack of printed paper when my time is done.

        • You give one can of beans to 10 people and they will keep coming back until you are out, or until they kill you for what you have left…

          They will justify killing you very easily..

          One will say.

          “He does not have kids, I do….he now must die, so that my kids can live”

          Sounds harsh, but the minute you give other people life sustaining items, they will come back to sustain their lives, until you are dead…

          ..and they won’t think twice about killing you….

          • exactly right, you give one person something and they’ll use that act of kindness as a sign of weakness and take everything you have.You have to chose who is going to survive, you and yours or them and theirs, after the first yr,before planting time, if they want to work and join up, that should be up for discussion if you think they would fit in,an extra set of eyes and hands are always helpful.
            if there’s any doubt, tell them to keep on trucking.

          • That’s why you have:
            1) weapons and ammo
            2) ziploks with rice

            Call me names; whatever you want…but one day afer church I went to the buckets of rice, put them in ziploks, and then in totes.
            That is my give-away…nothing more, nothing less.
            And maybe some powdered milk for the babies.
            God come smite the evil that caused us to be in this situation. Amen.

            • Just a suggestion. We are planning on giving out food, etc. from our church so nobody knows where it came from.

          • While the picture you paint is terrifying and realistic, it’s a decision that I, personally, cannot abide by.

            As long as it is within my power, I will continue to do everything I can for those less fortunate. If you survive at the expense of others, then you have not survived with your humanity intact.

            It doesn’t matter that someone else behaves badly – it’s important, especially in dire circumstances, to do the right thing. Morals and ethics are what separate us from animals and criminals. I know it’s a risk, but I’d rather take that risk and be able to look at myself in the mirror.

            JMHO. I certainly understand why others might not feel this way.

            • Daisy: Correct I will give what I can, when a man asks for a fish would you give him a stone? Think about this friends would we, me be any different than those that have looted, plundered, sent our sons and daughters to die in wars that should not be? All this, everything around us belongs to God, he just put in charge of the garden. I can defend myself three ways to Sunday, and like one if my brothers used to say, I will hit you three ways, Hard, Fast, and continually! Help if you can, don’t let your heart turn cold.

            • I understand your view and your desire to be able to respect yourself. However, my one regret in preps is my early lack of keeping my mouth shut. How will you be able to look in the mirror if you have jepordized the welfare of your children for the welfare of grown adults who need your preps due to there poor choices today. Just food for thought. Charity starts at home. From there I will be smart and choose carefully how to help others.
              Today, I go to work and then after work I go and volunteer my time. This way I’m taking care of my responsiblities to provide for my family and helping less fortunate individulas. It would be no different in a SHTF scenario.

      8. While not exactly a fact, I read a rumor the (U.S. funded) hacker group Anonymous has promised to wipe the NYSE off the internet on Oct. 10th.

        We’ll see, eh?

        • Just the NYSE Website??? Come on, why dont they shut down the electricity, trading system at the stock market, control all the stock prices to crash them, etc. they can do better than just putting the site down!

          • Turns out the rumor was a fact.

            TooBad wrote, “…they can do better than just putting the site down!”

            Anonymous Threatens to ‘Erase NYSE from the Internet’

            “Others felt that would only be a minor setback for the NYSE and guessed that Anonymous was planning a larger attack, perhaps even an attempt to actually disable trading on the exchange.”


            • LOL – I read they were going to crash Facebook on Oct. 10. Hardly in the same realm!

      9. Did you read these two articles? Wow.

        The Day America Died

        “September 30, 2011 was the day America was assassinated. … The only future for Americans is a nightmare.”

        Will Uncle Sam Go Postal in South Asia?

        “A blow-up between Pakistan and its sometime American patron would be a calamity for all concerned. Expanding a war into the intersection of the interests of four nuclear-armed powers is the height of irresponsibility and manic behavior.”…

        • Clark: More PROPAGANDA from LOU ROCKWALL? Don’t you ever tire of shilling for that NWO FUCKING GLOBALIST?

          • Ha, so funny. Don’t you ever tire of commenting on stuff you don’t bother to read? Let alone analyze.

            I’ve read so many things these last few days that show how you’re the one spewing the NWO line that it isn’t even funny.

            • Clark: I have been to LOU’s site a number of times and I have read enough about LOU ROCKWALL and his views to know that while he exposes personal liberty to the masses like a Libertarian;

              he pushes the FREE TRADE of the GB’s which is neither FREE or FAIR, and is in fact a demonic managed trade system designed to strip the wealth of the American middle class and let it be siphoned by the uber rich and GBs.

              He is trying to sell this managed trade system to Americans and others as a FREEDOM, as if it were akin to a garage sale transaction. It is not. That is the “logical fallacy” of his argument and yours.

              Who do you think funds this fascist? I say fascist because his promotion of personal liberty is a lie to sell Americans FREE TRADE as a FREEDOM.

              Personal liberty and the managed trade of the Gangster Banksters are mutually exclusive.

              One cannot truly believe in personal liberty and promote the managed trade of the GB’s which is designed to make economic serfs of the American middle class, and limit their rights and freedoms.

              This guy is a FUCKING GLOBALIST! If I died tomorrow I would meet my Maker as a happy man for exposing this asshole, liar, and hypocrite for what he is. 🙂

            • In one comment DK takes one view, in the next the exact opposite, He is either bipolar or, as I am convinced of, is a disinfo agent, probably not a professional one, just some JA who has to refute what ANYONE says for his own sick pleasure.

            • DK, it seems you really do Not understand how the website works. It’s Not just one man, it is many individuals writing about freedom and liberty.
              Imho, Even if you disagree with something, you should stop disrespecting the man and spell his name right and quit acting like you’re in tenth grade.

              If you have a disagreement with writers such as Paul Craig Roberts or Eric Margolis you should dispute the facts.
              In this case these two men seem like they know what they are writing about and have the experience to back it up. You, you’re just some joker named, Durango Kidd. Where’s your bio?

              Lew Rockwell is Not trying to sell a managed trade system to Americans. You look like a crazed Person claiming he does any such thing.

              To label Lew Rockwell a fascist is even more bizarre than anything you have written so far.

              Spend some time reading the website before you hit the keyboard.

            • Clark: I am specifically talking about LOU. If I were talking about other authors on his site I would mention them. I have read HIS posts, I have reviewed HIS video interviews that he has given to Russia Today and others.

              LOU’s own words convict him.

              HE SAYS that the international trade system in place since WWII is FREE TRADE. That’s a lie. It is managed trade and it is managed to the benefit of the GB’s.

              That’s why there is 16% real unemployment in America; why 45 million Americans are on food stamps; why 42,400 factories were transferred offshore in the past ten years using American taxpayer deposits to construct these factories; why trillions of dollars of lost GDP will never circulate again within the American economy to reduce OUR debt.

              It is why WE have a $300 billion dollar trade deficit with China. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

              LOU SAYS this trade system is “garage sale economics”. As if global international trade is akin to buying an old picture frame at a neighbor’s yard sale. LMAO! It is not. That is a “logical fallacy”!

              The FREE TRADE of LOU ROCKWALL IS the managed trade of the GB’s. HE SAYS IT IS. It is crony phony capitalism. It is corporate fascism to benefit the uber rich and GB’s.

              True free trade is fair trade.

              You are a FUCKING SHILL for LOU and LOU is a FUCKING SHILL for the unber rich and GB’s who fund his institute to spread their PROPAGANDA disguised as a FREEDOM.

              And that is what makes it so despicable.

            • Let’s see, I posted a link from two authors other than Lew Rockwell and Durango Kidd responds: October 4, 2011 at 5:40 pm

              “Clark: More PROPAGANDA from LOU ROCKWALL?…”

              Huh? I don’t see where you are mentioning the other authors? Or any facts to refute them.

              You did say, “If I were talking about other authors on his site I would mention them.”

              You must have been just attacking for the sake of merely attacking, I suppose, with no real point other than… to what, smear and mud-sling?

              You really are confused. I’ve shown you before how the international trade system in place since WWII is FREE TRADE. No one is forcing People to decide to buy a Honda or Toyota over a G.M. product.
              Really, I gave you examples.
              The individuals obtained the benefit.

              Also, below I showed you how you are wrong to think unemployment and food stamp numbers are due to international trade.

              Did you Not read the article, Free or Fair? by Walter E. Williams?

              No, of course not, you dis viewpoints without reading about them.

              For some reason you persist in thinking mercantilism equals freedom, goberment schooling really has messed you up.

            • ANON: Give me an example of what you are talking about. If you cannot give me an accurate example of the “discrepancy” then you are as full of shit as Clark!

              Don’t be bashful ANON, spit it out!!

      10. It doesn’t scare me! We have been hearing this bad news for the past 5 years and nothings new!

      11. The “living daylights” have been (scared) out of me for quite a while now, what is the next level known as?

        • When “living daylights” turns to “dead darkness”.

        • Tennessee, it’s chit.
          Sorry, he asked.

      12. #15 3/4

      13. #15 OFC in the bucket for every house!

        • Obama fried chicken???

          • Chicken in every pot.

            • In Orygun we have pot in every chicken!

      14. I’m gonna live it up. Fixin to buy me a new motorcycle. I have plenty of guns and ammo and One trip to sams club and i’m set. I just don’t give a shit anymore.

        • I keep hoping that the banks go under & chaos ensues. Then I won’t have a mortgage holder anymore.

        • They call them bikies in Australia. Are you in a bikie club? Please get a HD.

          • I rode harleys for years. i’m sick of harley. I want something different.

            • King crazy: Got a Kawasaki Vulcan Classic 1500D, full dress, dance and hines double barrel straight pipes, 1997. Doesn’t leak oil like HD, complemented all the time. Got it for 5 grand. Harleys are nice but some riders have jackass attitudes. Go for it!

            • Sorry, Vance and hines, lol

            • Ive owned and built many harleys.. not one of mine leaked, or ran bad…cheap shot copout
              how patriotic is it to ride a jap cycle and bitch on here how this country is going down a rat hole?..kinda hypocritical

      15. Well on a happier note, so glad to hear the white house has picked out thier Christmas Tree. Will be delivered to Michelle the day after thanksgiving.

        I hear the theme this season is “let them eat cake!”

        • VRF: I have no beef with you, in fact my life does not revolve around you or what you think. I buy what i want, when i want, and from who i want. Riding a Bike made in another country has nothing to do with my Patriotism,its all i could afford. Harley, Smarley, who cares, you should feel better about yourself now, or maybe it the former cop thing you got issues with, sorry brother, if you want problems find someone else, my comment was not direct at anyone in particular, got it, GOOD!

          • I ride a Harley and have many buddies that ride jap bikes. To me its not what you ride, As long as you ride.

            PS I also ride and race a KTM. America has never build a good dirt bike other then the ATK which I raced for 4 yrs. And btw the only part on that bike made in the USA was the disk brake.

          • I ride a Harley and have many buddies that ride jap bikes. To me its not what you ride, As long as you ride.

            PS I also ride and race a KTM. America has never build a good dirt bike other then the ATK which I raced for 4 yrs. And btw the only part on that bike made in the USA was the disc brake.

      16. We can warn them until we are blue in the face. Articles can be printed. Experts can give testimony.

        But the sheeple simply will not wake up. Normalcy bias has them in its grip.

        It’s gonna be very ugly when reality wakes them up. There will be massive mental problems. I have a hard time dealing with this & I’ve been prepping for over 3 years!!!

        • There are people in my own family that will be calling me once the water stops or the power is gone for some time. I’ve bought them copies of the “Patriot” and other books, sent them links to this and other web sites, and when my dad died they were all happy I wanted the desert land in Nevada and they took the condo elated in their “deal.” At least they rent the condo, but too bad they don’t spend the money on preparing some.

          • We used to do the same with family but we have given up. They ignore what we sent so we just stopped sending. I guess they’ll be on their own or if they seek us out they’ll be working 16 hour days to earn their keep.

        • I will not cheer for a bunch of useful idiots occupying astroturf. These morons want a living wage whether they have a job or not, minimum wage of $20/ hour and free college education.

          I’m closing in on 60 and I’ll be damned if I am going to support anyone else’s kids anymore. If they wanted to protest corruption and crony capitalism they should’ve been out at our TEA party rallies protesting uncle O’s bank bailouts.

          These lazy fools just want free STUFF.

          • PO: There’s free stuff to be had? Where? 🙂

      17. I have tried and tried to get it across to co-workers to keep some cash around, buy extra cans of tuna, buy a little junk silver, instead of buying 2 cans of beans buy 6. Plant a couple of tomato plants, some peppers etc. Instead of buying 2 pounds of rice buy 10 pounds, anything at all, but all I get is “Well maybe I should or Why I live 1/2 mile from Wal-Mart?” It’s not crazy it’s just common sense. I just want to scream “WAKE UP AND DO SOMETHING!”

        • TX, Don’t waste your time! They will probabley wind up at your doorstep soon enough! God Bless, James

      18. The occupy wall street protestors are useful idiots being used to force the coming insurrection and communism on us. The George soros new world order is warming up. Be prepared for dipshit to go all executive order crazy and declare martial law. The tea party people wouldn’t riot to give them the excuse to do it. So they use leftists and unions to get the ball rolling.

        • Why are others having such a hard time seeing this?

      19. Well, headline on Drudgereport is that Our Glorious First Lady only spent $432142 on her recent vacation.. which I suppose, included the cost of her kids going since they were listed as “Senior Staff”.

        Guess that explains our Glorious Leaders policies.. straight from his “Senior Staff”.. a couple of pre-teen or early teen kids. Yup. That explains it.

        • I liked the “Glorious Leader” part 😀 add Russia accent to that…

          • I always refer to Our Glorious Leader as our Glorious Leader.. picked after that nasty little man who runs North Korea; whom I am sure, our current Glorious Leader idolizes..

            I spit in his general direction.

      20. Mac – why did your BOFA report just get removed ? Did you find out it was horse hockey ?

        • The article also disappeared from The Daily Crux site…

      21. What happened to the Bank of America article?

        • I was wondering the same thing. Did the agents of the PTB overrun Mac’s compound?

      22. I don’t see any black helos.

      23. For those of you who have been hearing this for five years and nothing happened yet reminds me of the joke about the man who jumped off the Empire Statre building and was heard to say as he passed the 10th floor “so far so good”.

        The problem is that the government can defer certain events. The can print a trillion dollars and hand it out or build roads, whatever and it changes the economy somewhat for awhile. This is what we are seeing right now and it is working, that is it is deferring the inevitable. It’s like musical chairs for politicians; that is as long as they are out of office when TSHTF it doesn’t count. Defer, defer, defer, tax, borrow, print. But the thing to remember is all of this ONLY defers the inevitable AND makes it worse when the SHTF. If we had allowed companies, banks and individuals to simply go bankrupt in 2008 instead of deferring the inevitable we probably would gotten past this by now and be in a recovery. Because we didn’t let the dominos fall and instead added dominos the crash will be worse. Make no mistake there is no “good” way out of this. WW III would probably revive the economy but that is hardly a “good” solution. Prepare, it is later then you think.

        • GWTW–the biggest problem I see is the welfare, assistance group, food stamp recips.
          When you read every week that 3 working families are supporting 7 non-working families…how can it not compute??
          This party is shutting down…it must can’t go on forever…and do ‘they’ see jobs at the end of that unemployment line??
          That is the most puzzling of this disaster…the mentality of??.

          • yup, and with all the added joblessness, and the home loan anchor..this number is growing by the second.

            even those of us still with jobs, its getting hard to carry this weight.

            that train wreck was steaming along from its begining..and most normal thinkers knew it was going to someday hit the wall at 100 mph,

        • I agree GWTW

          the way the international banking and political powers scramble & shuffle debt every month to prop-up the fading illusion of prosperity is starting to look like a global rendition of a Chinese fire drill.

          Every quarter it gets more absurd, even with the MSM trying to whitewash it all. Sooner or later they will run out of wiggle room and then things will get sour very quickly.

          That doesn’t factor in external stressors to the internationl monetary circle-jerk like Peak Oil, terroism, the bird flu, the Arab Spring becoming a bitter winter etc.

      24. Hank Jr for president! Piss on the SportsWeenieNetwork.
        I always wanted a Studebaker Avanti…one of the slickest cars ever made! I had a Fiat car once. Pretty crappy automobile, but all things considered, no worse than the fiat I paid for it.

        • I have a Fiat now – the new ones are pretty cool. 😀

          • In the interest of fairness, I must admit- it was an old mid 70s model. And about half worn out when I got it. So,yes, it was actually better than the fiat I paid for it. At least it was a REAL car!

        • Customer of mine has a maroon one, very schweeet.

      25. ~~~The truth is that the political will for more bailouts has totally dried up in Germany.~~~

        Their printing machine broken?? Wanta borrow ours??

      26. looks like the euro will win the race to the bottom before the dollar. don’t buy any euros. lol

        Preps for this week aka signs of economic freedom:

        got extra 2 cans of Bushes grillen beans. (love the steakhouse and brown sugar flavors).

        got some chunky soups (even had coupons for that plus it was on sale.)

        ordered a few ounces of silver. also got a bar of nickel coming.

        getting more shelving for basement.

        • Rachel: The nickel was not a good idea. It is not really fungible. Its your money, but please do not buy more bars of nickel. Buy something else instead.

          When the SHTF you will be the only one with a bar of nickel, and probably the only one who wants it; if you need a paper weight.

          • keep in mind that in a total collapse senario any metal will be worth more. your change will be so valuable it will be wighed for the metal content.

            actual hard currency only makes up 3% of total monies. out of that 3% most of that is in paper currency. Worthless!

            any metal: copper, nickel, silver, gold, zinc, any of it will be worth far more than what it’s currently worth.

            there for there will NOT be enough actual metal in the form of change to account for the monies needed once the dallar falls.

            yes, I have been saving nickles as well as copper pennies. but knowing there is NOT enough metal in existance there will be a sevre shortage. any mteal will be worth far more.

            • Rachel: As a man of many metals I must disagree. There are six noble metals, silver, and copper which may have more value after SHTF than before it does, but of the six noble metals who is going to identify or use, iridium, osmium or rhodium? No one.

              So of the noble metals gold, platinum, and palladium will be most valuable, but who knows what to do, or how to identify platinum or palladium? Very few.

              Gold will be the metal to own as it is most valuable for many reasons, and fungible. Silver as a poor man’s gold is useful for small purchases. The general public knows how to identify gold and silver and they are commonly accepted as possessing intrinsic value. Copper is the third metal with considerable value after gold and silver. Aluminum and tin would follow copper s these metals could be fashioned into useful products. Nickel not so much.

              Save your beer cans. Sell the nickel bar when you get it and cut your losses short and get something useful for it.

              Trade the nickel now for ammo and plan on melting the nickel down and using it in a reloader. They won’t be making any more lead after the shtf.

            • At least you’re in good company, rachel.

              Plus, it’s highly unlikely your nickel will ever have zero value.

              “…Investor Kyle Bass has already made millions from the credit crunch… Mr Bass,… has also bought 20 million nickels for $1million. He said the metal inside each coin is worth 6.8 cents.


              “…However I would like to emphasize that at some point, prices for industrial commodities will also collapse and this irrespective of how much money our friends at central banks around the world will print.”


        • Don’t buy nickle in bars. Go to the bank and buy nickles. They are worth more then the 5 cents they cost you. The best kept semi-secret out there!

          • Exactly. Save your change.

            • Don’t understand the thumbs down Durango, it is the truth!

            • Claymation: I am going to get at least three thumbs down no matter what I post. I have a “following”! 🙂

      27. #2 While the share price of MS has dropped significantly since February, MS is less exposed to the PIGS, and /or derivatives than the peers on Wall Street. What their current position on Silver might be I don’t know, but I suspect they liquidated their shorts in the last major correction.

        In the parlance of the street, MS appears to be oversold. More details will emerge on or about October 15th. While it may be troubling to shareholders it does not reflect their known financial position.

      28. #3 BA has been in the toilet since the FED forced them to take Countrywide. They didn’t want to but really had no choice. The other major banks had already gobbled up the best of the rest.

        Recently, BA transferred foreclosed assets to Fannie and Freddie. As they continue to dispose of these bad Countywide assets, the stock will pick back up, but I wouldn’t buy it here either.

      29. #4 & 5: I have no sympathy for GS, or any other GB for that matter, but WE should look at the situation realistically. WE are still in a recession, GS is not going to make as much money as before. So what? No big deal.

        It is not a retail bank and holds no deposits.

      30. #6: Shares of European banks should take a haircut. They have been mismanaged and the institutions, managers, and investors who have allowed it to happen need to discover a large hole in their pocket.

        Seems only fair, but it is not TEOTWAWKI unless the Euro zone politicians cannot agree to an orderly write down of PIG debt.

        The uber rich will suffer. So what? They deserve it.

        • Sigh.

          Stop debunking. You’re sucking all the fun out of TEOTWAWKI. Geez.

          • Daisy: This is not TEOTWAWKI. TEOTWAWKI will be very, very ugly. There is lots of time before TEOTWAWKI.

            This is good experience for people to get their head and ass wired together before TEOTWAWKI.

            Having said that, I do believe WE need to put things in proper perspective and that’s what I am trying to do.

            • Yeah, I know the sky isn’t falling. I was just teasing.

              You are quite serious today!

            • Daisy: I am coming down from a Red Rock high. Its a long way down! 🙂

            • Hiking?

            • Daisy: Getting my chakras tuned! 🙂

            • Ohmmmm……………. Ohmmmm………….

            • Daisy: Found the perfect BOL: Seven Canyons!!! Its better than Geronimo’s Stronghold!

      31. #7&8: So AA enters bankruptcy. The airlines use bankruptcy as a tool to lower costs and wipe out salaries and pensions of the pilots all the time. Why would it be any different today?

        Again investors are hurt. Smart investors are not in airline stocks and haven’t been for the longest time.

        Lets see, if AA folds totally, how many TSA agents lose their jobs? See? It can’t be a bad thing.

        • DK wrote, “The airlines use bankruptcy as a tool to lower costs and wipe out salaries and pensions of the pilots all the time.”

          What’s your definition of “all the time”?
          I woudln’t say it happens “all the time”

          Seemingly, at least your ok with the TSA job reduction. That’s a surprise.

          • Clark: You are grasping at straws today, aren’t you. If you do not like ‘all the time” you can use whatever verbiage you like.
            It has happened repeatedly. so repeatedly its regular. so regular, its seems like all the time to me.

            • No straws, repeatedly does not seem to equal ‘all the time”.

              I guess it’s your opinion it happens so repeatedly its regular. It does not seem that way to me.

              It’s Not an everyday occurrence.

      32. #9&10: What goes up must come down. What comes down, comes down farther and faster than what goes up. Analysts have been predicting a major correction for months.

        This is not news. Its not even a bad sign. Its the market searching for equilibrium. Its a normal, healthy thing.

        • DK wrote, “Its the market searching for equilibrium.”

          Is that the same Free Market you so often trash and claim does not exist?

          • Clark: The stock, bond, commodities, option, and currency markets are not free markets. I didn’t say they were free markets.

            You did.

            These markets (note I did not say ‘free markets”) are highly regulated in favor of the market makers. Who are the market makers?

            The GB’s are the market makers. Didn’t you know that? The odds are always with the “House”. The table is tilted.

            Try again. 🙂

            • So, what you’re saying is: The GB’s, the market makers in the highly regulated market, are the market searching for equilibrium and its a normal, healthy thing?


              Why would a market that’s highly regulated be searching for equilibrium? And, how is it normal?

              Either it’s highly regulated, Or it’s searching for equilibrium. Which is it?

              Definition of EQUILIBRIUM
              a : a state of intellectual or emotional balance : poise b : a state of adjustment between opposing or divergent influences or elements
              : a state of balance between opposing forces or actions that is either static (as in a body acted on by forces whose resultant is zero) or dynamic (as in a reversible chemical reaction when the rates of reaction in both directions are equal)

            • Clark: I didn’t say, “the market makers in a highly regulated market are the market searching for equilibrium and its the normal healthy thing”. Those are YOUR words.

              I notice you didn’t quote me on this comment Clark. 🙂

              Nice try, but that is not my comment :-). It is yours. Typical tactic. You try to redefine my statement and then have me argue against YOUR redefinition of my words. It doesn’t work that way Clark.

              Pathetic. Really. Why don’t you debate the issues in your own words instead of trying to redefine them or post a link that I am suppose to debate? Eh?

              The markets are highly regulated to the benefit of the market makers. Market makers do not want equilibrium. Market makers want viotility because they make bigger profits up and down when spreads are greater. Market makers lead the market. Traders and investors chase the markets.

              If traders and investors believe the market (maker) has taken the price too far up or down and the market is either “over bought” or over sold” they will short the asset. Its that simple. That is when the market (defined by traders and investors) pursue a fair price (by their assessment) of the asset.

              With respect to market exchanges, that pursuit of a fair price is the pursuit of market equilibrium. (Definition 2)

              I’m going to have to start billing you for my time Clark. The banks paid me well for my expertise. What can you do for me on that Ad Sense income? 🙂

            • I didn’t try to redefine your comment, I simply clarified it. Simple English, dude.

              You wrote, “Its the market searching for equilibrium.”

              How can that be, if:

              “The markets are highly regulated to the benefit of the market makers. Market makers do not want equilibrium.”

              Which is it? It cannot be both.
              Is the market searching for equilibrium, or are the markets highly regulated to the benefit of the market makers?

              Or, perhaps the manipulators are working against Free Market forces? That seems to make much more sense than your goberment trained banker garbage explanation.

      33. #11: The man stated the obvious. It is common knowledge that the European banks need to reload. Some of them are at a 40 to 1 leveraged ratio.

        No news here.

        • DK wrote, “It is common knowledge that the European banks need to reload.”

          I certainly wouldn’t call that common knowledge.
          Maybe for bankers it is.

          • Clark: Evidently you are not spending as much time at zero hedge or any number of other financial and/or economic websites as you would like US to believe.

            Don’t you read the news? Get you hand off your game boy and get that mouse clicking son.

            • No, evidently you do Not understand what the phrase, “common knowledge” means.
              Yeesh, don’t you ever get tired of writing like a tenth grader?

            • Clark; Common knowledge is information that is generally available to a particular community. I thought you were an economic genius.

              What happened? 🙂

        • clark says:
          October 5, 2011 at 2:35 am
          I didn’t try to redefine your comment, I simply clarified it. Simple English, dude.

          Clark: Of course you tried to redefine my statement that’s your MO. My words were clear enough. When you cannot debate the issue you try to change the issue by redefining it. Its a tired ploy that you always try and one that I always call you on.

          Clark says:
          You wrote, “Its the market searching for equilibrium.”

          How can that be, if:

          “The markets are highly regulated to the benefit of the market makers. Market makers do not want equilibrium.”

          Which is it? It cannot be both.
          Is the market searching for equilibrium, or are the markets highly regulated to the benefit of the market makers?

          Clark: Of course markets can be regulated to the benefit of the market makers while the market makers do not want equilibrium. These are not mutually exclusive ideas; but complementary ideas.

          Why don’t you explain your position that they cannot be both in your own words and edify US all? Your response would be enlightening I’m sure. 🙂

          Explain your position Clark!

      34. #12; A “shocking” Bloomberg report states that TWO THIRDS of all international investors DO NOT believe a global meltdown is imminent in the next 12 months.

        Its the Economic Collapse blog people. Do you think their perspective is fixed?

          • Clark: Eventually,with enough guesses, Celente might get the timing right. He hasn’t been right on the timing yet, has he?

            If the European financial ministers DO NOT get their banking house in order, Celente might be right on the timing this time; but I suspect that between now and November when Greece says it will run out of money, that the EU ministers will have devised a plan to mitigate the losses when Greece defaults.

            I personally believe the best solution for Greece is to exit the euro and reestablish their own currency.

            The crisis is a problem to be solved. A complicated problem to be sure given the hair on the ball, but a problem nevertheless. Any problem men can create men (and women) can fix. Nothing is as yet cut in stone. The situation is fluid and any number of things could occur.

            Celente is selling fear on a subscription basis. There’s a lot of money in selling fear, or sex for that matter; which is why clothes and shoes and sunglasses are “sexy’. That’s fine if that is the way he wants to make his living and he can find enough sheeple to follow him.

            Its nothing new. There was once a guy named Joe Granville. He was a doom and gloomer. And then there was a guy named Ruff. Eventually they were “right” too.

            The Economic Collapse Blog is PREDISPOSED toward collapse. With a name like that, its called “begging the question”.

            What should they do if the EU ministers solve the problem? Change their name or go out of business?

      35. #13: Did any of you, or anyone else for that matter, really believe that Greece was going to make their target?

        Just a delay to prepare for the orderly transition of Greece into default and fence the banks. One down. Two to go.

        This will be a good thing for Greece after a year or two of distress. Their currency will be cheaper, investors will move into Greece and create jobs towards an export economy. Sorry China.

        There are 27 members is the EU. There are what, 17 members of the euro zone? That means 10 nations do not use the euro but belong to the Union.

        Greece needs a shave and a haircut if it is to compete globally. That’s the hard truth. Everyone gets their turn in the barrel to deleverage.

        • uh, weren’t you Just saying the other day that Greece wasn’t going to be allowed to default? Something about a ring around the rosy?

          • Clark: No I never said that Greece would not default. I have said that there would be no collapse when it did. You are free to search the archives on the site to prove me wrong.

            Cut and paste; that’s what you do best isn’t it? 🙂

            • Pointless ad hominem is what you do best That, and spewing the NWO line, while pretending you’re not, at the same time simultaneously claiming others are when they are not. …And, using straw-men.
              Such a twisted man.

              I could be wrong, but I’m pretty certain that’s what you wrote. “They wouldn’t allow it” or something like that. How about You cut and paste what you wrote? You Do know how to do that, don’tchya?

            • Clark: YOU are the one making the claim as to what I have said. You do the cutting and pasting. I know what I have said.

              Ad hominen attacks are valid if the person challenged has neither the knowledge, education, experience, or special expertise to support their arguments. You don’t.

              You cannot even post a logical explanation of anything in your own words. You post a link and expect US to “talk to the hand”. How stupid.

              You are a fraud and it shows in your posts as you have not had the basic facts about so many things like the FED, real, estate, or history as examples.

              You are only a shill for LOU ROCKWALL which is why you post his link everyday and push his bullshit. That’s ok with me because then I get a chance to expose your lies and his.

              “You could be wrong?” Clark you are always wrong! Its what I live for Clark! You make my day! 🙂

            • Sure, DK wrote on October 3, 2011 at 11:15 pm “Default yes. Collapse no…”
              However; isn’t the following a form of collapse?: “Greece runs out of money about the third week of October (unless they can sell those Greek islands to China or Turkey).”


              Durango Kidd says: September 27, 2011 at 7:30 pm, “Mr. B: I saw that video previously. He believes in a collapse because he doesn’t believe the Euro zone can work out its problems via the Bernanke Doctrine.

              It appears to me that they can. Whether they do or not is still debatable. I think they will. Here’s why: …”

              “… It appears to me that they can… I think they will…”

              Is that Not saying there will Not be a default? Hmm? A bit of flip floppin’?

              Durango Kidd says: September 27, 2011 at 5:52 pm “Bill S: I disagree. The reason I disagree is because the EU Banks are going to put a “ring” around Greece and other PIIGS and recapitalize their losses in ADVANCE so that when Greece does go belly up, the too big to fail do not fail. … The EU emerges stronger, more cohesive, and more powerful from the crisis.”

              That last bit is totally a NWO meme: “The EU emerges stronger, more cohesive, and more powerful from the crisis.”

              Your ad hominems and straw-men are childish. You are So like those who said there wasn’t a bubble in housing in 2004. To a T.

              To People such as you, anything that’s not in your official goberment textbook is a fraud. Only problem is, the textbook has been wrong time and time again.

            • I did not intend to post that last one.

              At any rate, DK wrote, “…if the person… has neither the knowledge, education, experience, or special expertise…”

              That’s another NWO meme, that *Only* the Technocrats can solve and understand the worlds prob;lems.

              Ha, you lash out at the night because you do not understand anything other than what the goberment textbooks tell you.

              Lately the things Paul Krugman writes jives exactly with your own words. Funny, that.

            • Here, this will get your dander up:

              “…The Fed is NOT an entirely private institution. To argue that the US government has no influence over what the Fed does is incorrect in our view. The US political system has a good deal of say over who populates the Fed and in fact, the Fed only came into existence after the passage of enabling legislation.

              To maintain, as public money critics do, that the Fed is entirely a private entity is simply not correct. It has considerable public exposure and public opinion, and Congressional criticism has an effect on policy (a variable one to be sure), as we have seen throughout this latest crisis.

              The reason to label the Fed as “private” is because people like Brown and Zarlenga want to propose “public” solutions to the problems caused by greedy “private” bankers. The entire debate is structured this way in order to provide socialist solutions…”

              [A good comment:]

              “The Fed is neither private nor is it a government institution. It is actually a money cartel, just like a drug cartel or an oil cartel. Cartel is coalition of political/governmental and special-interest groups, where the special interest groups hide behind a government facade.”


              So stuff that in your goberment loving sack.

            • The thing I like about the words of others is, they often say it perfectly and save me the effort of typing. I suppose NWO types like Durango Kidd don’t appreciate that though, especially when supporting links are provided. Also, it’s not as if your arguments are in a vacuum and original all to you and you alone.

              For instance here, where it is shown how China is not the problem when it comes to job losses, much to the dismay of those such as Durango Kidd:

              …”The problem with a strong currency is that a nation’s exports become very expensive for the rest of the world, while imports from other nations become remarkably inexpensive. Indeed, much of the hollowing out of the US economy that has occurred over the last 15 years is arguably the direct result of the strong US dollar. Because the value of the dollar is high – US workers have not been able compete on a fair basis.

              Because US workers are made so expensive by a strong dollar, they have difficulty competing when it comes to producing the goods which are consumed in the United States. Therefore, the shelves of the big box stores are filled with goods manufactured overseas either by foreign corporations – or by US corporations which have sent their jobs and factories overseas. When we talk about shipping entire industries like technical support overseas, again it is a matter of a strong dollar.

              … Here is a key quote, and be sure to follow the link if you would like a more detailed understanding of the crucial worldwide jobs impact of a collapsing euro:

              “The full price for the European crisis might be paid in American jobs, with four categories of job losses imperiling the US economy and threatening the standards of living for millions of people. If you are employed in the US, UK, Canada, or Australia (among other nations), don’t pity the continental Europeans, because it may be a European that ends up taking your job.”…”



      36. #14: Did any of you really think that the Germans were so stupid as to throw good money after bad? Didn’t think so.

        Germany may very well exit the euro zone too. Then there would be eleven nations within the European Union instead of ten, who are not members of the euro zone. So what?

        So, German marks eventually become one of a “basket currencies” currency in the overall scope of things, or their currency becomes too strong like the Swiss and they lose their manufacturing and export “competitiveness” so they fix their mark to the Euro in some fashion.

        Lots of options, many possibilities. I don’t know how it all falls out, but I do know that these 14 points don’t add up to jack!

        But they do add up to BS!

        • clark says:
          October 4, 2011 at 11:45 pm
          Sure, DK wrote on October 3, 2011 at 11:15 pm “Default yes. Collapse no…”
          However; isn’t the following a form of collapse?: “Greece runs out of money about the third week of October (unless they can sell those Greek islands to China or Turkey).”

          Clark: And your point about ALL of my posts is what? Default is NOT collapse. Trying to redefine my position for me Clark? It won’t work. 🙂

          I have been very consistent in each of these posts. I believe that Greece will default. I do not believe that Greece’s default will trigger a financial “collapse”. I believe that the EU finance ministers will mitigate the losses in advance and devise a plan that stymie a collapse.

          • Durango Kidd says: September 27, 2011 at 7:30 pm, “Mr. B: I saw that video previously. He believes in a collapse because he doesn’t believe the Euro zone can work out its problems via the Bernanke Doctrine.

            It appears to me that they can. Whether they do or not is still debatable. I think they will. Here’s why: …”

            “… It appears to me that they can… I think they will…”

            Is that Not saying there will Not be a default? Hmm? A bit of flip floppin’?
            Still trying to redefine my position Clark? My position is clear. Greece default is not EU financial collapse.

            • Durango Kidd says: September 27, 2011 at 5:52 pm “Bill S: I disagree. The reason I disagree is because the EU Banks are going to put a “ring” around Greece and other PIIGS and recapitalize their losses in ADVANCE so that when Greece does go belly up, the too big to fail do not fail. … The EU emerges stronger, more cohesive, and more powerful from the crisis.”

              That last bit is totally a NWO meme: “The EU emerges stronger, more cohesive, and more powerful from the crisis.”


              I believe that the EU stronger, more cohesive, and more powerful from the crisis because that is Bible Prophecy not “NWO meme”.

            • Clark Says: “Your ad hominems and straw-men are childish. You are So like those who said there wasn’t a bubble in housing in 2004. To a T.”

              “To People such as you, anything that’s not in your official goberment textbook is a fraud. Only problem is, the textbook has been wrong time and time again.”

              Is this the best you can do Clark? Now you are trying to misdirect the debate to 2004? 🙂 How pathetic! If you can’t win the debate on the facts you try to redefine the argument, relabel, or misdirect. When that doesn’t work you lie! anything to protect your daddy LOU! 🙂

              It is your textbook Clark that has been in error. You were wrong about the FED, you were wrong about the content of gary north’s article, you were wrong about ‘mercantilism”, you were wrong about nonviolence, you were wrong about the history of India, you were wrong about real estate, and you were wrong about FREE TRADE.

              Clark, you have been wrong about everything! LMAO! 🙂

            • Clark:

              clark says:
              October 4, 2011 at 11:46 pm
              I did not intend to post that last one.

              At any rate, DK wrote, “…if the person… has neither the knowledge, education, experience, or special expertise…”

              That’s another NWO meme, that *Only* the Technocrats can solve and understand the worlds prob;lems.


              That’s not about the NWO, Clark. That’s about YOU! Do not try to blame the NWO for YOUR inadequacies!!! 🙂 You do not have the knowledge, education, experience or special expertise to qualify as a knowledgeable person. I cited common knowledge about the 40 to 1 leverage of the european banks and it was GREEK to you!

              Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun!!! 🙂


              Clark says:

              Ha, you lash out at the night because you do not understand anything other than what the goberment textbooks tell you.
              Clark: The last “goberment textbook” I read was The Geology of Ore Deposits. It was 900 pages. I read it 3 times and then I got MINE! 🙂

              Clark saya:

              “Lately the things Paul Krugman writes jives exactly with your own words. Funny, that.”

              Why aren’t you laughing Clark? I think its hysterical! YOU never respond to my statements or arguments directly. YOU always try to redefine, relabel, misdirect, lie, or try to label me as someone who you believe is unsavory. The last time it was Adolf Hitler. You mean I am only as bad as Krugman now?

              Guess that makes me a Keynesian too? LMAO, Clark! 🙂 You are too funny for words really!

            • Dk wrote, “I believe that the EU finance ministers will mitigate the losses in advance and devise a plan that stymie a collapse.”

              Funny you write that, it Is a NWO meme.

              It’s interesting you mention Bible Prophecy, as if the Imperial Christian links I posted the other day have no meaning what-so-ever and you are the perfect Person to tell us what Bible Prophecy is.
              You did read the links, didn’t you? No, of course not.

              I have lied about Nothing.
              You simply cling to the official goberment line about the Fed, mercantilism, non-violence, the definition of Opting Out and ignore the facts about India and real estate while applying your lack of reading and comprehension abilities.

              And, most especially, you’re mostly wrong in your positions about Free Trade.

              I’m not LMAO @ you, I’m a bit sad that you refuse to understand anything.

              If you’d scroll up you’d see that when you “cited common knowledge about the 40 to 1 leverage of the european banks and it was GREEK to you!” you are way off base.
              I wrote, it’s Not “common knowledge”,… don’t you know what that phrase means?

              “Common knowledge is knowledge that is known by everyone or nearly everyone” – Wiki. A.k.a. a Person does Not have to have special expertise to know about it.

              So there, smarty pants.

              And, not Only are you saying the same things Paul Krugman does, you take every opportunity to support the NWO memes when you can.

              Live and learn, jerk.

      37. All this stress. If it’s happening it’s happening. Not much you can do about it. Like riding out a bad roller coaster ride …. Eventually it’ll pull up. You just have to remain flexible. And seriously, flexibility is the key to survival. Nothing else, just the ability to be flexible to any situation and circumstance.

        • Spin and Fall when Hit wrote,”…. Eventually it’ll pull up.”

          Yeah and what if “eventually” equals twenty years? That’s a lot of flexing.

      38. The Eu will overcome, right? Spoken like a true banker.

        Also, your comment seems clueless, or misleading:

        “Germany may very well exit the euro zone too. Then there would be eleven nations within the European Union instead of ten, who are not members of the euro zone. So what?”

        Yet another NWO theme you’re pushing, knowingly or not.

        “Dominant Social Theme: It is challenging, considering that half of Europe is bust and the other half doesn’t want to make a bailout. But these are incidental problems if we have the will. Politics always trumps the market and any other result is merely the result of a lack of leadership.”

        • Clark: Whether the EU will overcome or not I don’t know. I do know what the Bible says about the EU 2,000 years before the EU was formed. I was just pointing that out for everyone to read.

          Again Clark, COMMON KNOWLEDGE.

          Maybe the EU ‘collapses” and then reorganizes later like Putin is trying to do with the old Soviet Union under a euraisn federation.

          Maybe the EU doesn’t reconstitute for 20 years. I don’t know. But the Bible says that the EU grows stronger and more powerful at the End of Days.

          I believe that WE are in the Last Days for as long as they … well … last! 🙂

          You can try to label ME a globalists all you want. I doubt that anyone here will buy that.

      39. about nine hours ago I forwarded this article to everybody on my e-mail list whom I regularly communicate with. Only one person e-mailed me back.

        Just like the three-million people who downloaded “Lights Out” from the internet before it was actually published…..only one percent or so will ever “get it” before it hits us all like a freight train.

        Just like the Jews in pre-WW2 Germany….the danger was staring them right in the face….closing in every day and most of them were far too confident in their position to realize until it was too late to escape.

        I just hope I can get a retreat built before things get Yougoslavia-like….

      40. Death N Taxes wrote, “…one person e-mailed me back.”

        Same ratio here.

        Heh, This was a great line:

        “I’d like you to remember the 1990s, when the stock market was “here to stay”, and depressions were eliminated for all time, according those who almost opened one history book, but failed at the task. Then there was real estate, solid as a credit card on a rock.”

      41. Oh, and I thought this real word example of a comment was really good. It showed how People (such as Durango Kidd and maybe some others in various countries) who are making claims that China is stealing all our jobs, is quite false:

        “This is why there is the principle of comparative advantage. While $2 per day labor in China is scary on the surface, there is actually much more to it than the pure labor cost.

        I work in the publishing field. Book printers in the U.S. have invested capital to make more highly automated systems and eliminate labor cost (by investing capital). The result is that for black ink jobs, the U.S. is highly competitive with Chinese and other Asian printers. For color work, the Asians tend to cost somewhat less, especially when the press run is shorter. On a 3000 copy run, an Asian printer can print a full color book for about 1/2 the U.S. cost. (This includes shipping), but on a 20,000 copy press run, the difference is hardly noticeable. There is more labor in the set up of a full color job and the Asians have a cost advantage there.

        However, don’t think that Chinese (or other Asian) print employees are getting just $2 per day — and they are highly skilled workers who receive pay toward the top tier of their labor market — just as printers in the U.S. tend to receive pay in line with other skilled workers.

        When you look at the other cost factors: Printing presses are an international market — therefore, no one has any particular advantage in acquiring that equipment (and the related bindery and other equipment) — Paper, the other primary cost in printing — is also an international market — and there is no advantage to a Chinese, Italian, or U.S. printer, because paper of the same quality is competitive throughout the world. SInce the U.S. is able to substitute capital for labor (an automated book binding system runs 24/7 without breaks, etc.) then the labor component is lower in the U.S. — while the Chinese printer may use more mid-level (lower cost) employees instead of spending the capital by using semi-automated machinery that requires more labor. In the end competition continues.

        For other jobs — such as those in the fabric and sewing industries, these require relatively low skilled workers, and are often the first jobs used to create wealth in poor economies. These jobs have almost entirely disappeared from the U.S. economy because they are simply able to be done at lower cost elsewhere. But that frees our workers to do MORE VALUABLE work… (This presumes that our workers are willing and will make the personal effort to be educated and trained to do jobs beyond “unskilled” work.)

        Not all jobs are equal… and by moving low-paid, low-value work to places where it is cheap to perform, it (1) gives those overseas economies a chance to move up and become more productive (example: China is losing textile industry jobs to Sri Lanka.) and earn higher incomes. (2) international trade generates many very good, high-pay jobs in the U.S. in the transport industry. (I once worked for a railroad — and railroad workers earn VERY good livings hauling all that “stuff” from China around the U.S. — as do trucking companies and all the other transportation-related companies.

        When a factory closes — and the “work is moved overseas” — you see the very visible “losers” who lost their jobs. What you don’t see are the widely dispersed jobs that are created to handle the merchandise coming into the US. And our economy benefits from being able to buy “cheap stuff” so that we have more money left over to buy more stuff made here (or elsewhere) that creates many other jobs.

        You won’t find “slaves” producing much of any value. So that is a false argument. Your comments simply show a rather poor understanding of economics. I can suggest Thomas Sowell’s Basic Economics as a good beginning text.” – Friend_of_John_Gault

        • Clark: Globalism at work. Thank you for the post. No slaves? No economic serfs? $2.00 a day, 12 hours a day? Workers jumping out of windows and committing suicide ….

          Globalism at work. My point exactly.

          • That makes no sense, DK. Are you saying blacks in America are better off under welfare than they were prior to the advent of welfare and minimum wage laws?
            Seems like the family unit was a bit more stable prior to welfare and minimum wage laws, et al.

            I don’t think you are even reading what you comment on.
            Did you Not see the sentence:

            “However, don’t think that Chinese (or other Asian) print employees are getting just $2 per day…”

            Or did you simply not comprehend what it says?

            Where the heck do you come up with, “Workers jumping out of windows and committing suicide”?

            Do you Not understand what he means when he writes, “…that frees our workers to do MORE VALUABLE work…”?

            That is, they don’t whine and complain, they adapt and move on. Go tell that to your buddies in misery over at Sh-where-ever-it-was where you said they were complaining about job loss to China. … It Just isn’t so.

        • First, you’re full of it—just because low wage earners lose their jobs, doesn’t mean they are gonna jump on the band wagon to be re-trained…re-trained in what?? Hell, that’s why they lost their low-paying job..other countries perform those with lower wages than the lowest wage earner here. What?? we gonna train all these unemployed to push papers and answer phones for insurance companies, or state positions?? They’re getting pink slips now, I read.
          How’d you miss the point that there are no jobs here.
          Now, trucking is one thing I know—hey, let’s add a few more ridiculous regulations so NOONE can be independent.
          You make it sound like any idiot can easily jump in a truck and start running–is that why the industry is begging for 200,000 drivers??

          • Clark–have you lost your damn mind?? What in the hell are you talking about–frees our workers to do more valuable work?? Where?? Detroit? Chicago?? What work??? Name ONE industry begging for workers …except the trucking industry…whose restrictions and regulations are gonna continue till that also becomes a federal-controlled industry.

            • JJ asked, “Name ONE industry begging for workers …”

              See: CNNMoney

              Double your salary in the middle of nowhere, North Dakota

              “Believe it or not, a place exists where companies are hiring like crazy, and you can make $15 an hour serving tacos, $25 an hour waiting tables and $80,000 a year driving trucks.”…

              See also:

              Texas farmers uncertain about fulfilling labor needs with E-Verify

              “…“We pay fair wages; we just can’t find enough legal U.S. workers to come work in the fields,” Bruce Frasier, owner of Dixondale Farm in Carrizo Springs, Texas, said.”…

              See also:

              “…The Packer, a newspaper “covering the fresh produce industry since 1893,” regularly reports similar stories with similar quotes: “Local residents just won’t pick apples, regardless of the unemployment situation, said John Rice, president of Gardners, PA-based Rice Fruit Co. ‘[Double-digit unemployment across the U.S.] doesn’t help us,…”

            • Clark…you need to take two Valium and re-comment in the morning.

        • Clark: The following quote is from the Economic Collapse Blog.

          ” The only way to have a healthy economy in the long run is to create wealth. But how can America create wealth if our industrial base is being absolutely destroyed?

          According to Forbes, the United States has lost an average of 50,000 manufacturing jobs per month since China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001.

          Hundreds of formerly thriving industries in the United States are being totally wiped out. China uses every trick in the book to win trade battles. They deeply subsidize their domestic industries, they openly steal technology, they blatantly manipulate currency rates and they allow their citizens to be paid slave labor wages.

          So yes, the products coming from China are cheaper, but in the process tens of thousands of factories in the U.S. are shutting down, millions of jobs are being lost and the ability of America to create wealth is being compromised.”

          Talk to the hand! LMAO! 🙂

        • Clark: The following quote is from Patrick J. Buchanon from an article at WND:

          ” As he has each February for years, Charles W. McMillion of MBG Information Services has compiled the stats on the industrial decline of his country under our free-trade presidents. Here are but a few numbers for the decade from December 2000, the month before George W. Bush took the oath, to December 2010, the end of Obama’s second year.

          In that decade, America ran a total of $6.1 trillion in trade deficits, more than our entire economic growth. To finance those 10 years of deficits, America had to borrow $1.553 billion every day.

          And we wonder why China owns America.”



          • Ah joy, you’ve learned how to copy and paste. From that same article: “Paul Otellini, CEO of Intel, has half the answer. “We should offer tax credits or a five- to 10-year tax holiday to companies, domestic or foreign, that want to set up or expand a factory in the U.S.””

            Nothing wrong with tax holidays. Better yet, eliminate taxes altogether, or at least by 10%.

            But where things go wrong is increasing the cost of goods for Americans by, “As most foreign nations impose value-added taxes averaging 20 percent on U.S.-made goods that enter their countries, put a tariff of 20 percent on all foreign goods.”

            Just what everyone needs, a 20% increase in the cost of the goods they buy, on top of the increase from inflation. Psft. Some plan that is.

            China owns America because American regulations and taxes drove the businesses away. China didn’t “take” anything. Remove the regulations and taxes and the businesses will come back.

            You are seriously whacked if you think Lew Rockwell,”IS A FUCKING SHILL FOR THE NWO GLOBALISTS” … seriously whacked. There are not many People who promote liberty and freedom more than he does.

            • Clark: “ah joy”? Are you some kind of fag? Where did you learn word usage like that, and “smarty pants”? LMAO! 🙂

              I didn’t say it was a “PLAN”, you did. I was just stating the facts. China is the “mercantilist”. Pat Buchanan, Economic Collapse Blog, and FORBES say so.

              Even the US Congress says so. Everyone says so but YOU! 🙂

              Clark, LOU IS a FUCKING SHILL for the NWO. He says the managed trade of the international gb’s is FREE TRADE. That is a lie. IT is a system designed to destroy America.It is neither free or fair.

              LOU preaches personal liberty as if he is a Libertarian, but tries to sell the Managed Trade of the gb’s to Americans as a FREEDOM when it is a system designed to siphon the wealth of the American middle class and destroy the American economy.

              The evidence is in: LOU is a fucking liar!

              The managed trade of the gb’s and personal liberty are mutually exclusive. The managed trade system of the gb’s is anathema to personal liberty as it is an attempt to economically enslave the American people and destroy their personal liberties.



              THAT IS WHAT LOU IS DOING. HE IS EXPOSED!!!!!! 🙂

            • Clark: When are you going to explain your position? When are you going to respond with an answer instead of avoiding any discussion of the questions you ask?

              Remember this one? 🙂

              “Clark: Of course markets can be regulated to the benefit of the market makers while the market makers do not want equilibrium. These are not mutually exclusive ideas; but complementary ideas.

              Why don’t you explain your position that they cannot be both in your own words and edify US all? Your response would be enlightening I’m sure. ”

              Com’on Clark please enlighten US. Don’t ignore this question, RESPOND!

      42. And, here’s one more, you know, real world perspective, not banker-speak:

        “Wage differentials are only meaningful if everything else is the same. I charge ten times what a mud hut dweller can charge because I can produce more than ten times what he can in a day. A large part of that productivity difference comes from the nature of the economy around me (capital-intensive industry and highly specialized experts available to make just about anything quickly, plus unlimited power, parts, quick shipping, water, etc.). A government that uses tariffs or any other taxing power along with regulation to effect social or economic goals destroys that productivity, every single time. When enough of this is done, the capital that used to finance our productivity tools and eventually the tools themselves move to where there is less predation and more freedom. Once the mud hut dweller can take advantage of the capital that is driven offshore, THEN the wage disparity matters. After the horse has fled the barn. More of the same will only make the situation worse. The bottom line is that the tax is wealth taken from producers and consumers alike. WE are the ones who get impoverished by it.

        It’s government picking winners and losers, especially if the goal is to counteract some subsidy we thing the mud hut dweller is getting. If our own government weren’t cutting us off at the knees, they could never be a concern to us, because a government that subsidizes an industry will be killing the rest of their economy to do it.

        The only way the case for funding government from tariffs can be made is if the tariffs are low and evenly applied. Our civil war shows that the temptation to do social engineering with tariffs is stronger than political will.” – J.D.

      43. You’ve Got to like the title to this one:

        James Bovard on His Famous Libertarian Books, America’s Failing Freedom and ‘Why Life Is too Short to Drink Bad Beer’

        “Government cannot make trade more fair by making it less free.

        “Fair trade” is a moral delusion that could be leading to an economic catastrophe.

        The myth of fair trade is that politicians and bureaucrats are fairer than markets – that government coercion and restriction can create a fairer result than voluntary agreement – and that prosperity is best achieved by arbitrary political manipulation, rather than allowing each individual and company to pursue their own interest.” – James Bovard

        “We believe a free people will build a more successful, prosperous and innovative society than one that is supported by slaves.

        …the whole point of Murray Rothbard’s criticism of Adam Smith (a criticism that shows his genius more powerfully than almost anything else) was that Adam Smith wrote about the WEALTH OF NATIONS instead of the WEALTH OF PEOPLE.

        It is people who make wealth after all. You want “nations” (and what are they but agglomerations of people often led by sociopaths) to protect “industries” (run by corporations) with tariffs. But who is to organize all of this? The union leaders who represent their industries don’t really give a damn, as history shows. The politicians equally so; the corporate leaders would just as soon move industry abroad.

        No, you cannot solve anything with tariffs these days; anything that is implemented will only make matters worse. You have to get rid of corporate laws and enabling acts, substitute private and limited partnerships and return to private and clan (common) law within the context of private money and competitive banking.

        More production, much more, would be domestic, probably. And more people would have a chance to prosper.” – DB

      44. Clark; Thanks again. My point exactly. China imposes a 25% import tariff on ALL US manufactured products. Then it manipulates its currency another 25% to protect it’s exporters.

        Global export manufacturing is moving to Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and elsewhere by DESIGN. The design of the gangster banksters. I mentioned that here last month. There is no invisible hand of the market for this, expcept the market to exploit slave laborers.

        The PLAN of the gangster banksters is to move global export manufacturing now from China to other nations like Turkey (in exchange for Assads head), Nigeria, and Egypt because these are the most populous regions and they want consumers working and transferring a portion of there income production to the GB’s. Imagine billions more consumers adding to the coffers of the CEO’s of multinationals.

        How about devising your own commentary and WE can debate that? 🙂

      45. Clark: I have to call it a night. I have an early tee time. But feel free to post anything you want towards me and I pick it up tomorrow if you want to continue.

        Sweet dreams! 🙂

      46. Dk, in the past you have claimed mercantilism and tariffs were the solution to correcting the job losses in America. I have shown you how that is false.

        You, and People like you, really have a hard time understanding, “Government cannot make trade more fair by making it less free.”

        You can pretend your arguments exist in a vacuum all you want, it just isn’t so.

        • Clark: You have not shown me squat! China is the mercantilist by your own definition of mercantilism, because it imposes a 25% tax on ALL American manufactured products.

          If China wants access to OUR markets while they deny fair access to theirs, then they need to pay to play. Fair is fair.

          Call me a “mercantilist” all you want! I believe in defending American markets from unfair trade practices. I gladly accept the label. Indeed I am proud of that label!

          China’s manipulation of its currency has gotten soooooo bad that even the US Congress has decided to step up and name them a currency manipulator. If the US Congress is going to bitch about it you know its not just bad, its terrible!

          The job losses in America are DIRECTLY linked to the FREE TRADE (managed trade) of the GB’s. That’s a FACT and undeniably so. That you try to hide it, cover it up, and spread misinformation about it, only proves what WE all know: you are a GLOBALIST AND FUCKING SHILL FOR LOU ROCWALL and


          You don’t think he is operating that thing with his personal fortune do you?

          • The Real Currency Manipulator Is the USA Not China

            …”Washington is the real currency manipulator, harming both the United States and the rest of the world by its policy of dollar depreciation and destruction. Their long-term goal is to destroy the dollar so America can pay back pennies on the dollar for our $14 trillion dollar national debt. These actions will impoverish the US and destroy trillions in foreign reserves and private wealth investment in US Treasury securities. Thus the real currency crime here is the US policy of currency manipulation and destruction rather than the Chinese monetary policy.”…

            See: Ron-Holland-Will-Congress-Declare-A-Trade-War-Against-China

      47. …”China is experiencing the fastest economic growth in history for a large nation. Yet it did not begin to grow until Deng Xiaoping freed up agriculture from socialist controls in 1978.


        There have been lots of reasons offered by economic historians [and People such as DK] for this transformation, but these have all been called into question by economic historian Dierdre McCloskey, who began working on this issue as Donald McCloskey three decades ago. In a proposed six-volume set, The Bourgeois Era, McCloskey is exploring this question in detail. Two volumes are available. They have presented the problem. In volume 2, Bourgeois Dignity. McCloskey refutes the prevailing explanations one by one.”…

      48. **YAWN***zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZ……….

      49. Clark, why do you feed the troll?

        In one comment DK takes one view, in the next the exact opposite, He is either bipolar or, as I am convinced of, is a disinfo agent, probably not a professional one, just some JA who has to refute what ANYONE says for his own sick pleasure.

        • ANON: Be specific about my positions and how they “differ” or FUCK OFF!!!

          If you do not like my posts don’t read them.

      50. I have to tell you MAC, I rarely read the comments here anymore because this idiot durango kidd ruins it for me.

        His need to try to make others look stupid even if it means taking the opposite view of a previous stance is intolerable at best. Can’t tell if he is insane, playing a childish game meant to rile people up,or possibly (albeit a slim chance,), he is a real life disinfo agent.

        Do you people really think that a “self made millionaire” would spend so much time here trying prove to people how brilliant he is??? Millionaires are out making millions, not wasting their time on a webpage comments section, no offense to you Mac.

        • ANON: Show me the “opposite view of a previous stance” or shut the fuck up!

          I have the luxury of doing want I want, when I want. That is the result of my life choices. I worked 60-70 hours a week, seven days a week for the better part of thirty years. While many of you were building families, I was building capital and developing my business knowledge.

          While many of you were attending birthday parties and taking your kids to the zoo, I was reading corporate reports, partnerships in oil and gas leases and writing syndications; or taking more than 1,000 hours of continuing education and seminars.

          Now I can do what I want, when I want, with my time.

          I am a believer in the SHTF / TEOTWAWKI. I have had an understanding of that future for a very long time, and probably know more about it than you. I have no doubt that you will cry and whine like a baby when it does hit because you are pissing and moaning about me, now. FUCK YOU!

          So while I believe We should prep and prepare, I do not believe that WE need to panic and succumb to the hysteria, and hyperbole that is sold to US by a monthly subscription by fear mongers.

          Neither must WE accept the propaganda of those corporate fascists on the right, who have wrecked the American economy and try to sell US FREE TRADE as a FREEDOM when it is a demonic system designed to strip America of its wealth and power, and Americans of their liberties.

          Neither must WE accept the propaganda of the global socialists on the left who have pushed “multiculturalism” and a social welfare system upon US in the name of wealth redistribution, environmentalism, and one world government.

          Both sides looking for the American middle class to fund their program for US.

          I am an Ex-Marine and Viet Nam Vet. America is my country and I will defend it; I have defended it, while others in government lacked the courage to put their life where their mouth is. You are probably one of those.

          Today there are many enemies within spreading lies and propaganda trying to undermine US and spread their agenda to US. I have the luxury of time to address that propaganda and I will use it as I see fit.

          Recessions and depressions come and go. Life goes on.

          Quit pissing moaning, crying, and complaining. Show me the “opposite view of a previous stance” or shut the fuck up! 🙂

          • …”In order to really increase the fairness of “Wall Street” one would have to do away with central banking and the ability of the great central banking and their enablers to print money from nothing. This is the spark plug that fires the cylinder of the money business. This is the mechanism of Money Power. No fairness, no equity will ever return to Western civilization until Money Power is eradicated via the removal of central banks.

            When you see people pointing their collective finger at “corporations,” “Wall Street” or “bankers,” you should know instinctively that you are being led astray. You are being focused on the wrong irritant.

            … The idea is to get the “little guy” really upset over the inequities between Wall Street and main street. The more angry people are with Wall Street, essentially a transactional business of intermediaries, the less they will notice the “men behind the curtain” pulling the levers of power.

            This suits the great central banking families of the City of London that want to INCREASE regulation and laws because the more laws there are, the more control they have … given that they THEY control the governments behind the scenes. Mercantilism is the method, and if Money Power can get people really worked up, they can pass more laws and gain even more control over societies and their economies. The more control, the easier it is to move toward one-world government, which is the ultimate goal.”…

            See: Occupy-Wall-Street-Turns-Into-1930s-Populism

            …”Soros wants our youth to believe that capitalism is the enemy within, while in truth it is the Federal Reserve.”…

            See: oath-keepers-and-the-wayseers-to-occupy-the-occupation

            • Clark: Yes, the markets are essentially transactional in nature, the actions of buyers and sellers chasing prices; but these buyers and sellers are not “Wall Street” as you would have US believe. That is a lie!

              Wall Street IS the puppet masters pulling the strings behind the scenes that control the markets with laws, rules, and regulations.

              These puppet masters are the Uber Rich, political elite, the heads of major multinational corporations, and the central bankers manipulating the system, in a co-ordinated effort, to their benefit.

              THEY are Wall Street, so it is legitimate to point the finger at Wall Street. Point the finger? No give them the finger!

              They control elected officials and have integrated legalized corruption into the political arena and economic system so that the table is tilted in their favor. T

              hat corrupted economic system is the “FREE TRADE” system of the GB’s of Wall Street that passes as International Trade, which is MANAGED TRADE.

              And that is why LOU ROCKWALL is the most dangerous man in America. He says that the international Trade system of the GB’s of Wall Street is FREE TRADE.

              I repeat. HE SAYS it is FREE TRADE, then likens it to garage sales economics. The International Trading System of the GB’s is FAR from yard sale economics. THAT is the logical fallacy of his argument and yours. That is propaganda!

              LOU is the most dangerous man in America because he is a devious FUCKING LIAR! And tries to sell the international managed trade system of the GB’s to Americans as a FREEDOM.

              It is not a freedom. It is a demonic scheme designed to tilt the table of wealth and power to the GB’s of Wall Street.

              To be a libertarian believing in the personal liberty of individuals, is and must be, mutually exclusive of a mamaged trade system designed to benefit the few.

              LOU cannot be a believer of personal liberty and promote a system that is designed to make economic serfs of Americans, unless he is a liar and a hypocrite!

              They are anathama to each other. Personal liberty and the managed trade of the GB’s cannot co-exist without the freedoms and personal liberties to which true libertarians suscribe are trampled upon.

              That is exactly what We are witnessing in America today.


            • “They” the Uber Rich, political elite, the heads of major multinational corporations, and the central bankers are Nothing without The Fed.

              Understand that?

              The rest of your distorted rant isn’t even worth commenting on, you are seriously whacked.

            • Clark: The FED is the American Central Bank you fucking moron!!!!

            • DK, you’re so myopic. There’s more than one central bank in the world and not All central bankers work at The Fed.

            • Pat Buchanan has an interesting new book out. I guess some People are going to think he’s a shill for the NWO now though. Ha.

              Here’s the name of the book, via LRC:

              “… It’s Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025? I look forward to reading it. And thanks to Pat for his nice inscription: “To Lew Rockwell, in admiration of his energy in advancing his many causes, with many of which the author agrees. All the best from his friend, Pat Buchanan.” …”

            • Clark: Yes you FUCKING MORON, thats why I wrote central bankers (plural), to include them ALL. You are the one who wanted the FED included when it already was included.

              You are a fucking moron!

            • Clark; If you think that inscription to LW was an endorsement of LOU’s promotion of the GB’s FREE TRADE by Pat Buchannan,you are seriously deluded. I doubt it very much.

              I have no doubt that Pat Buchannan supports LOU’s position on personal liberties, however, I suspect that Pat does not endorse LOU’s position on FREE TRADE and that LOU’s position on FREE TRADE is among those positions that Pat does not endorse, as Pat said “many” but he did not say “all”.

              LOU does not have my endorsement because I know he is a hypocrite and a liar and every time I see you post a link to that FUCKING LIAR I will post to expose him.

              FREE TRADE is managed trade. Managed trade is corporate fascism. Corporate fascism is anathema to personal liberty.

              LR is an agent of the NWO Globalists spreading propaganda to sell Americans FREE TRADE as a FREEDOM when it is actually a system designed to make them economic serfs!


      51. I have to say I am scared a bit. Just recently have I been storing up food for a SHTF scenario and after reading this thread I’ve gotten even more freaked out. I used to be “right” then “left”….then “right” again. Now I call myself libertarian.. We all know that different media outlets proclaim different things. I want an internet site that is the reality, not swayed by any political leanings. Could someone please tell me a complete libertarian (not right leaning) news website?

        • kt: I read a lot of news and commentary from a lot of websites. All of them have some spin. You are going to have to separate the wheat from the chaff for yourself.

          The SHTF America landing page has lots of links to lots of sources for lots of topics. I use it as my home page.

          Eventually you will find those that resonate with you. Good luck.

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