BACKLASH: NRA’s Political Fund Donations SPIKE In Wake Of Parkland Shooting

by | Mar 28, 2018 | Headline News | 35 comments

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    It probably wasn’t the shooting at a Florida high school itself that caused donations to the NRA to triple since Valentine’s Day. But it was more likely than not the wave of anti-gun illogical and emotionally charged outbursts demanding those who are innocent of the shooting give up their rights that did it.

    Supporters of the Second Amendment donated about $779,000 in February to the NRA’s political arm, the Political Victory Fund, according to recent Federal Election Commission (FEC) data. The figure marked a more than threefold increase compared to January when the PAC received nearly $250,000 in donations and was the fund’s second-best month over the last year.

    Last weekend, thousands of people rallied in support of gun control during the “March for Our Lives” protest, with many placards openly attacking the NRA. The increasing onslaught against the organization, however, correlated with more donations going to the group’s PAC.

    According to the Center for Responsive Politics, two weeks before the fatal school shooting, the NRA’s PAC received $27,100 from itemized contributions – donations that exceed $200 – from 51 donors. Over the next two weeks after the shooting, the itemized contributions skyrocketed to nearly $71,000 from 226 donors.

    Most donations to the group – totaling $685,099 – came in small donations that did not exceed $200. This means that normal, average, everyday Americans propped up the NRA in the wake of protests. Multiple politicians are facing the fury of anti-gun activists who criticize them for accepting the NRA’s support and donations. Yet there’s little to no criticism of the Antifa thugs who accept money from George Soros to fund their violent Communist temper tantrums.

    The NRA is obviously not going anywhere, and this wave of marches has only added to their funding.  NRA memberships have been on the rise as well.

    NRA (National Rifle Association) memberships have skyrocketed in recent weeks since the mainstream media has been ramping up their anti-gun agenda. As the media continues to weaponize the news in the form of gun control propaganda, the NRA’s profiting continues to go up. –SHTFPlan

    There’s nothing like a little scapegoating when it comes to placing the blame for mass shootings.  It seems like the blame falls always on the NRA and law-abiding gun owners, not the psychopaths who shoot up schools. And that’s exactly why NRA memberships and donations are skyrocketing.


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        • Perhaps someone will shoot the little bastard hog in his deformed head.

        • Hogg reminds me more of Joseph Goebbels, “the poisoned dwarf” as he was called in Nazi Germany.

      1. The NRA is more interested in Radical Reconstruction, than your uncompromised, natural right to self defense.

        Let’s see any household name, in favor of your rights, prosecute the infringers, formally. Let’s see binding, proper,legal action, which ends the eternal debate, finally. Put an end to the discussion, if you are in authority. Practice your authority, then.

      2. Let’s not knock ANY influx onto our side right now folks. As an NRA member myself, I’ve written and voiced my distaste for many of their policies and moreover recent stances they’ve taken. But…… be pragmatic. There just isn’t any other group powerful enough in this country at this time to do much more than squawk. The more people who by joining ANY pro-gun/2A group the better in my mind. The more people who go out and buy and learn to use a firearm, even more so. What the idiots like the Hogg clan need to understand by facts is that they’re outnumbered, and if people do as I suggest – outgunned as well. Literally, physically and in the core of their beliefs. We must maintain a majority view in this nation or we will eventually either 1. lose our rights or 2. have to die or kill or both to keep them.

        • Agree, Heartless. Proud lifetime NRA member here.

          I donated.


      3. Well okay that is great but I ask what the hell are you people doing? Other than just giving in to the anti gunners for example over bump-stocks? Is the NRA doing anything positive for us lovers of guns and gun rights and more importantly Constitutional rights (2A)??
        This anti-gun garbage is out of control and are rights are being eaten up right in front of our faces people.

        • CC – you’re right. And like I state above, I am a NRA member (if for no other reason it serves me 2 purposes – I must be one to be in the gun/shooting club I’m a member of and by that same, I can buy from the CMP as being in an affiliated club). Too, I was one of those deplorable slobs that actually own(‘ed’) bump stocks for both platforms – AR and AK. They were fun, wasted a bunch of ammo having that fun and actually learned to use and control both rate of fire and achieved some moderate accuracy over the shorter ranges. I think they fell overboard into the swamp though, darn. Just like any firearm I may possess that someday is decreed illegal. In short, call me an anarchist; but, just because anyone creates or passes some law that is unconstitutional or possibly alters MY Constitution to suit themselves does not mean I will ever agree or thereby adhere to an illegal law. The NRA again is the only organization large enough to forestall what’s coming. Whether it will or not we shall see. But for now, we need more people involved in ownership, political action, skill and experience in general with firearms. The NRA does aid in those same things.

      4. Every major gun control legislation was underwritten by the NRA. They are not an effective gun rights organization. The Lairds of Fairfax are more interested in lining their pockets than repealing any anti gun law.

        • NRA = Negotiating Rights Away

          All those donations just enrichen their executives and lawyers. And idiots fall for their scam all the time. Fools and their money do depart.

          • GOA

            • Gun Owners Of America, Second Amendment Foundation, Second Amendment Sisters [for women], Citizens Committee For The Right To Keep And Bear Arms, Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership. Those are TRUE pro-gun organizations that DON’T COMPROMISE on the 2A. Our rights are NOT NEGOTIABLE.

              • Braveheart I don’t disagree but there is Power in Numbers, and some of those org. only have a few thousand members. Wonder why! Trekker Out

      5. I rejoined the NRA.

        If Politian’s are blaming them. They must be doing something right!!!!

        Next week, or so some turd will want to make the NRA a terrorist Group. Just watch and see. Then I guess I’ll just be a TERRORIST, because I’m a member and will stay a member!!!

        • I did too.

        • NRA life member myself, sgt…so didn’t need to re-up.

          I did, however, get me lifetime membership in GOA the day after Valentine’s Day. ??


          • Grunty,
            I’m a life NRA member, but also a GOA member although on a yearly basis.
            I donate to NRA-ILA but not PVF as PVF is useless in Hawaii.

      6. The problem with all organizations is the successful tactic of infiltration rather than opposition. As the enemies of gun rights work from the outside by seemingly stupid arguments on television, simultaneous subversion takes place within an organization like the NRA. Fight the individuals who deceive loyal members, pretending to support the Second Amendment gun rights while working to undermine them. Keep leaders honest. Get the bad apples out who finagle their way into positions of power in our organizations.


      7. I have rejoined my states gun rights organization. AzCDL,voted the best state gun rights organization in the country. However,Governor Doucebag is looking at “sensible restrictions”,he will be a one term governor. Also,read what Ann Coulter has to say about Trump now. Get ready for a Democrat sweep of House and Senate !!

      8. P.S. I’m coming into some $ in a few weeks, never mind a new weapon,getting more “high capacity” mags and ammo

      9. I upped my membership. no wet behind the ears kids are going to deter me from giving up everything to them. they don’t care to negotiate…they want ALL guns gone! No way,get ready for a cat fight.

        • I am a Patron Life member of the NRA, and have heard and also made complaints about the NRA and do believe everyone should join GOA. But the NRA is the 800 pound gorilla in the room, and if they weren’t doing the heavy lifting then they wouldn’t be the one that the Anti-Gunners always attack. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus

      10. The gun grabbers rule by emotion (their feelings) instead of logic or reasoning. They fail to understand, the 2A is about freedom and having the ability to take back our govt if necessary.

        I do not care what you do, how you live, what you think and certainly could care less how you feel. I do not impose my will on anyone. I mind my own business. It is mutual respect.
        However, when you tell me how I should live, what I should do and what you want me to do, that affects my liberties, that is a line you do not cross.

        • AR Sheep Dog, same with me. I’m back at the BOL in GA for 2 weeks of ‘exercising those same rights’. It’s not going to end well for the gun grabbers.

      11. Agree MT, the NRA is working behind the scenes. Without their diligence we would not have the liberties we have now. If you are not a member, now is the time to join. Gun Owners of America as well. USCCA and others are in the fight.

      12. Circle the wagons Martha, put the children in the back then hand me my Winchester. It’s gonna get a little hot around here.

        • BS. Put the little brats in the back and tell them to start shooting. I started when I was 7 or 8. That’s the real reason they don’t want young people to be able to buy guns: They don’t want them to ever learn to shoot.

      13. Circle the wagons Martha, put the children in the back then hand me my Winchester. It’s gonna get a little hot around here.

      14. Support Gun Owners of America today… the only no compromise pro 2A organization in Washington.

      15. Looking at a bolt rifle,soliciting opinions. Mossberg MVP?5.5.56mm with scope

        • southside. take a look at Ruger American and Begara. Both good quality rifles at reasonable prices. the hot rounds now are 6.5 Creedmore and 6mm for accuracy.

          • Gotcha Jim I’ll look them up,however I hope the rounds are not too difficult to find

      16. I watched about 3 minutes of the anti-gun nutjob marchers on Saturday, turned off the TV, and joined the NRA.

      17. I’ve been an NRA Life Member since the mid-1970’s. Granted, sometimes the NRA doesn’t have enough backbone to suit all of our core beliefs…but just imagine where we’d be as gun owners, if there was no more NRA?

        If the Sea Hag Hillary had won the election, that scenario would not be too far fetched.

        Thanks for the Gun Owners of America recommendations, I’m looking into that organization ASAP.

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