Backdoors… for Everything: “Citizens Should Have No Secrets Gov’t Can’t Access”

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    Surveillance Expansion Across America and the World

    This article was written by J.D. Heyes and originally published at

    Editor’s Comment: The Thought Police are here, and they want preemptive full access to every electronic activity you ever make — whether or not you are ‘doing something wrong.’ The potential for abuse is enormous, and privacy advocates have argued that weakening encryption for authorities to have access will destroy consumer protections for things like bank accounts, creative and patent activities, not to mention that people had before technology… yes, privacy.

    The 4th Amendment has been reduced to a specter; and there is much rolling around in graves.

    FBI says that citizens should have no secrets that the government can’t access: the Orwellian cyber police state has arrived

    by J.D. Heyes

    The police and surveillance state predicted in the forward-looking 1940s classic “1984” by George Orwell, has slowly, but steadily, come to fruition. However, like a frog sitting idly in a pan of steadily-warming water, too many Americans still seem unaware that the slow boil of big government is killing their constitutional liberties.

    The latest sign of this stealth takeover of civil rights and freedom was epitomized in recent Senate testimony by FBI Director James Comey, who voiced his objections to civilian use of encryption to protect personal data – information the government has no automatic right to obtain.

    As reported by The New American, Comey testified that he believes the government’s spy and law enforcement agencies should have unfettered access to everything Americans may store or send in electronic format: On computer hard drives, in so-called i-clouds, in email and in text messaging – for our own safety and protection. Like many in government today, Comey believes that national security is more important than constitutional privacy protections or, apparently, due process. After all, aren’t criminals the only ones who really have anything to hide?

    In testimony before a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee entitled “Going Dark: Encryption, Technology, and the Balance Between Public Safety and Privacy” Comey said that in order to stay one step ahead of terrorists, as well as international and domestic criminals, Uncle Sam’s various spy and law enforcement agencies should have access to available technology used to de-encrypt protected data. Also, he believes the government should be the final arbiter deciding when decryption is necessary.

    What could go wrong there?

    Find more articles on the police state at

    Government, at all levels, is responsible

    During the hearing, TNA reported, technology experts warned the panel that giving the FBI limitless access to the personal electronic data of Americans would open it up to exploitation by “bad actors.” But Comey was having none of that.

    “It is clear that governments across the world, including those of our closest allies, recognize the serious public safety risks if criminals can plan and undertake illegal acts without fear of detection,” he told the committee.

    “Are we comfortable with technical design decisions that result in barriers to obtaining evidence of a crime?”

    So, in essence, Comey – like many before him, especially since the global war on terror was launched – believes that, in the name of national security Americans ought to give up more of their individual and constitutional rights because that’s the only way we can be adequately protected.

    Perhaps realizing that his Senate hearing testimony was public, Comey gave the Constitution a passing glance, noting that the government should respect the “requirements and safeguards of the laws” and the country’s founding document. However, as Americans now know, spy agencies during the past two presidential administrations have been tasked increasingly with conducting warrantless, unchecked surveillance of Americans’ electronic data and communications.

    But all of this is not on men like Comey and Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Congress bears its share of responsibility, too.

    This is the way it is – shut up and take it

    When such activities of the National Security Agency were exposed in 2013 by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, many in the media and among the American electorate were quick to blame the agency, as if it was somehow acting out of rogue instinct.

    The reality is, however, that the agency is tasked to perform its duties– either by statutory law (think the USA Patriot Act) or by presidential directive (think Bush’s order after 9/11 to conduct warrantless surveillance).

    “We are not asking to expand the government’s surveillance authority, but rather we are asking to ensure that we can continue to obtain electronic information and evidence pursuant to the legal authority that Congress has provided to us to keep America safe,” Comey said during the Senate hearing.

    What does all this mean? It simply means that at every level, government considers its own citizens hostile.

    Oh, and there’s nothing we can do about it.


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      1. Since I have posted here for 5 plus years, we are all on a list for one thing or another…
        Opsec, smopsec, they got all of us pegged…

        • Yup, and I don’t really give a rat’s ass neither. Matter of fact I feel honored in some way. Since most of TPTB and their minions are on the road to hell, maybe I’ll get the opportunity to help them along a little faster.

          • We can assume the FREE download of Windows 10 provides for plenty of back doors. Some details are probably included in the 50+ pages (that nobody reads) that everyone must “agree to” to download it.

            • If you’re going to be on “the list,” you might as well aspire to way up top!

              • Like someone said, in view of the onrushing threats to individual liberty and the treason of this president and much of Congress, shame on you if you aren’t on someone’s list.

            • Lots of reports on that subject. Some already reverted back to Windows 7 after finding out how much spying Windows 10 does. Personally, I’m still running XP on a machine with no camera and no microphone. Run Firefox with Adblock, Ghostery, and Privacy Badger. The last two will scare you with how much spying is done by web sites you’d think were innocuous. And Yahoo! The blockers shut down 95% of the content from Yahoo, it’s so riddled with spyware.

              • “….terrorists, as well as international and domestic criminals….”

                Uh, that would be the New World Order, an amalgamation of power hungry organizations like and including …. the FBI. 🙁

                • Did you know that the ZOG requires all FBI Agent to visit the Joo Holocaust Propaganda Museum? So you know damn well where they get their terror tarining and slanted views of who to set up and murder. I’d suggest they also go visit the US Drone INNOCENT VICTIM CEMETARY IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES. And the Patsy Prison for invented Terrorists they created.

                  This Planet will not be safe until the Corrupt Parasites are wiped from their hidy hole vestiges.

                • FBI Agent quote- “Dont put anything on your phone you dont want anybody to see.”


                • If you seek true FREEDOM, start by NOT being a dependent on their Fascist Spy Grid Network Web of deceipt.

              • This is why we do not use Windows. Everything in the Hammer’s household is Linux. No Mac, no Windows. Anyone who is still using Windows, knowing what they are up to, is giving tacit authority to TPTB to watch and listen to everything you do online.

                You have been warned. Again.

                If I may suggest, since so many people are reticent about installing an operating system on their computer, simply download a copy of Linux Mint 17.2 from – they have several flavors, but Cinnamon or MATE are equally easy and beautiful. Then, using a DVD burning application (should be one in Windows, I guess) burn the “.iso file” to the DVD, then reboot your computer. Hopefully it will boot from the DVD, but if it doesn’t, get someone to help you (or read how to online) to set the BIOS to boot from the DVD.
                Once you have booted the DVD and it has loaded, you can try the software without affecting your computer. It will be slower than if it was installed to your hard drive, but will work great.
                Once you have done this, and discovered that it not only works as well, but indeed MUCH better, backup all of your files, pictures, movies, music, etc to a removable hard drive, install Mint, and stop being spied on.
                Oh, and you won’t need any anti-virus crapware either, because no one here is stupid enough to actually intentionally install a virus on their computer (and you have to do it intentionally, it’s not automatic like in Windows).
                Lastly, get off Facebook. If you are on Facebook, you are intentionally engaging in the equivalent of a public electronic colonoscopy AND prostate exam, with the imperial federal government wearing the latex glove. And they have REALLY BIG FINGERS.
                Back to Linux. Please, consider trying it. We all use computers, and we all value our privacy. These two items are mutually incompatible when you use Windows. Linux today is not like the geeky Linux of 10 years ago. It’s easier to install than Windows, it’s easier to use, and, oh, by the way, every bit of software you would ever need is FREE AND OPEN SOURCE.
                Wow, a free operating system, and free software. That’s infinitely better than Windows. No catch. Ever.

                • Linux Mint caused me endless trouble, not to mention that it won’t run some legacy software that I use every day. Ditched it and reloaded XP. Get a life.

                • Windows 10 should be renamed to “Garage Doors 10,” cause you could drive a Semi trailer full of NSA Tracking Spy Crew through it. Go read the reviews on W-10.

                  • Could that be why Win 10 is free? Thanks Gates, ol’ buddy!

                • Linux is hackable. The hacks ususlly target the low hanging mainstream software fruit first, then go after the less mainstream. Apple was once too not hacked. Just saying…. ~WWTI

                • Can you put a Linux Operating system on a Thump drive? Its possible with XP. A lot of farting around to do it..but its possible. Go to a Cyber Cafe, shut the computer off, then insert the USB Thumb and reboot to your desktop. When done, clear the memory shut it off and pull your drive out. ~WWTI

                  Just wacked another Water Moccasin at my BOL. I distracted it, then wacked it with a machetti, and
                  threw it in the creek for a Gator snack.

                  • If you want to have a “thumb drive” bootable, super secure linux, use tails. Of course, when you search for it on port 80 internet, you’ll get flagged by the Alphabet N agency.

                  • TOC: Shame you had so much difficulty… wonder what version you were working with. 17.x has been very reliable, and it’s difficult (not impossible) to imagine what legacy software you can run on XP (still a good OS although no more security updates) that you cannot find to work with Linux, that are very likely better and more reliable. I too was a skeptic, because I “needed” windows for my business. Except I didn’t.

                    WWTI: Yes, nearly all systems are hackable (most notably the one that hasn’t been hacked is the old unix system the Fed used to use).

                    The beauty of Linux is that you NEVER have root access unless you intentionally activate it. If YOU don’t have it, no one from outside can get it. Just turn on the firewall.

                    You can very easily run any flavor of Linux on a thumb drive. In fact, check out Tails, which is designed to run on a thumb, and by default routes all internet traffic through TOR. You can use it anywhere, and as long as you don’t do something stupid like log into your facebook account with your real login, you are safe, because all evidence of the computer use is wiped when you remove the thumb drive and reboot the computer.

                    You can set “persistence” on your thumb drive to save data, but then you’ll need to be vigilant about protecting the thumb drive.

                    The nice thing about running Linux on a thumb is it’s much faster than a DVD. You can also install it from the thumb once you decide you like it more than windows 🙂

                    Another nice feature of Linux is it now comes standard with Oracle Virtual Box, which would allow you to install additional operating systems (like MAC, Windows, other flavors of Linux, etc) on your Linux box, for those times you absolutely positively must use them. FWIW, when I did this (I have since deleted it because I no longer use windows) it ran faster through VB than it did on the original system. I have no explanation for that.

                    Is Linux perfect? Absolutely not. Is windows? Is Apple? Who would you be more inclined to trust, a company that does not allow the review of the code, because it’s “proprietary” and also happens to have government back-doors in their operating systems, or a fully and completely open source operating system that permits anyone and everyone to review the code, look for crap like that, and then close it?

                    As an aside, as of June 2015, 488 of the top 500 supercomputers IN THE WORLD use Linux. And almost 70% of web hosting is on Linux servers. Some still use Windows hosting, especially if they need .asp or .net services, but most do not.

                    Listen, if you’re happy with windows, and you like the interface, and you don’t mind the security risks, then stick with it. Same with Mac. If you are in any way adventurous, or maybe even if you have an old computer that you just don’t use, then give it a try. Linux is not a system hog like Mac or Windows, so even much older computers run very fast with it.

                    We all promote what we’re passionate about. I am passionate about privacy and security, and have found a most excellent solution, and enjoy sharing. I hope a few here will consider giving it a try.

                • Linux is open source. It is the most hackable system on the planet. Don’t be silly. I mean hell, even grub, the boot loader is hackable as hell.

                  Run Windows. It’s C2 security compliant.

                  • Everything is hackable. If you download Linux from a trusted site and do the checksum on the file, then you should be OK. Having the source code available allows anyone with the knowledge to see if any back doors are in the code. If someone wants to compile the code themselves and install for an extra level of paranoid, then they can.

                    You can bet if there is something fishy in the code, many someones will holler about it.

              • XP is even more vulnerable than Win 7. As Thor says go with Linux. (Disclosure I use Win 7 at home and the office for my “normal” activities. I also am an IT pro who does this stuff for a living.) Forget Win 10, it’s a nightmare for privacy advocates. You can turn things off, but it’s like playing with a defanged rattler. It will bite you anyhow. Go out and look for Tails Linux. Burn it to a thumb drive and make sure you create at least one persistent volume that is encrypted with a good password. Don’t be lazy. Learn how to use it. There may be a time this keeps you out of jail, if they ever decide whatever your doing is illegal.

            • Yep KY Mom, Just picked up a new laptop, window 8. I spent the last 3 days, just wiping the spy settings off the program, taped up the lid camera, which I just may put permanent super glue on. Loaded some of my anti virus software on, and thats all before I connected it to the Internet. Any any all other suggestions anybody may have before I load more personal data on it. Hell no I did not register it with Micrisoft Nazi Regime and never will. I have used CCleaner program that is great with erasing history and cashe of cookies, passwords, etc. I think many anti virus companies like Macaffe invent viruses to make themselves and bundle with subscription fees. Thats a trap in itself.
              A Good Non-Tracking Search Engine is put that Icon on your desk top. Still looking for the Ghost annomous navigation tool.

              Buying a new laptop is like buying a stolen vehicle and then having to wipe the sticky finger prints off it, repainting it and taping over the serial numbers. And think how many people never check any spy settings and just plug and play and give away all their passwords and credit card info to. Those are the dummy decoy idiots Microsoft gets to track and create their statistics and algorythems for.

        • Some sites use public records to find people.
          Example: zabasearch dot com
          If you own property, place your name and state, look at what you see, scary…
          If hackers can locate an IP address, the rest is history…

          • Eppe, we also have lists of our own. Lists are a 2-way street, NOT a cul-de-sac.

            • Brave, You said so perfectly.

            • Make a list. Check it twice. Know who has been naughty and who has been nice in your neck of the woods.

              Start a FREEDOM CELL where you live. 🙂

              • Suggestions for Cell Ph security because we now live in a Corrupt Fascist Police State. There are about 7 portholes for hacking on tiday’s Stoopid Smart Phones. This below is not perfect buy it helps to:
                -Never do any Banking period on your phone.
                -Shut off All WiFi and GPS settings. Yep they are hacking and tracking portholes.
                -Frequently clear your phone call history.
                -Frequently clear your seach history, cashe, cookies, passwords, etc. Find that function in your security and privacy settings.
                -Delete texting threads you already read. Same with email.
                -Tape over the front of the phone camera. Yep the hidden pinhole is also a camera to capture your mugshot as you stare at the screen
                – And if you go into the City by the dragnet cell towers full of Stingray Spyware to grab all the data on your phone, take your battery full out of your phone until you reach your destination.
                -Paranoid or clandestin? Buy a back up Burner Phone and pay cash.

        • Eppe
          You hit it right on the head. I agree they have us all pegged.

          I can care less if they think they know all my secrets. What I do know is that they don’t know all of them. Unless they can read minds. I have little secret things I’m going to do after the shit fits the fan that no one knows but me.

          • Sarge, I’m on lists going back to the Clinton era, so I’m in the right company. So govt. views us as the enemy, eh? How nice. The feeling is mutual. We view them the same way and don’t owe them a damned thing.

          • Sarge, I also have some secrets not even my family in Ga are aware of for post-SHTF. HEH HEH HEH HEH!

          • Amen Sgt, here is another. Since I live in Jawja, I can go to gaassessor dot com. Pick the county you have property, punch in your name…
            Tax records are public info, you just need to know where to look…
            Scary, but is a fact, we are pegged…

            • If you want to keep your name off the Property Tax Records, look into a Land Trust. This is simple stuff folks. Counter Fear with Productive action. Dont just throw your hands up like a sissy slave and submit.

          • Power

        • Since you already blown your OPSEC Eppe, some people need to keep their traps shut about personal local and what kind of vehicle your wife drives. Whos your network of buddies. Blab blab blab…

          3 Main Reasons why people get in trouble:
          1. Drugs and Alcohol. Stop drinking and typing here.
          2. Greed –
          3. Ego – Brazen Bravado…keep your trap shut.

          Check your weaknesses.
          BTW/ All Americans are on the list, and why we are atacked collectively with loss of Freedoms with their Bogus Laws and Domestic Spy Network Dragnet.


          • Wudda, they already know where you are if you post here.

            • I’m glad they know where I am–I’m sure they also know exactly what to expect, Christ–THEY TRAINED ME–they used me as their minion–they know your marksmanship ability–your level of expertise in any discipline that you were trained. They know everything you have–weapons–gear–beans–bullets–they know it all. What they have not did is work up the balls to do anything about it–YET. They also know that after the first few–EVERYONE will know what’s coming and dig in and they have not quite figured out what to do about that. One alert–well entrenched defender can put a hell of a hurt on a herd of their minions before his demise. Magnify that by a couple million fold–ewww–that’s a minion replacement and logistical nightmare–BUT–they will eventually think they have figured it out and try. All I can say is keep proficient– the time is coming for all those years of training to take front stage again. I do miss America

          • Wwti, thanks for your concern.
            The first post you did bashing Jews, blacks or tptb, you were moved up to the top of the list…
            You too have placed too much info out there.
            But do as you say not as we do…

            • Enjoy Gigi’s often?

              • Wwti, why are you such a douce canoe???

                Sorry, ladies, but he is that…

                Every time I post, he chimes in.

                Wwti, what is your problem????

                Can anyone tell me???

                • Yea I can eppe, cause he has been dogging me ( and cuz), for the past year or so.

                  I don’t remember him actually threatening me with bodily harm like he did you sometime back, but he is definitely capable of anything.

                  He has done to me, the same thing he did to you with using the alias monikers to hide behind. He thinks he is slick. Oicu asked why i thought he was using the various monikers, including “anonymous”, sometimes. I told him it was because he doesn’t want the regulars here to identify him, and possibly call him out on it. This site is his life, outside of his hole in the swamp.

                  Since wwti started coming here a couple years ago, he has shown his true colors. He is a shell of a human, with no spirit connection. His only connection to anything close to a friend, is some of the anti-christian people that follow here.
                  Anyone that is against anything biblical, and people like me that live it and love it; they are his make believe friends.

                  When an internet site is your only friend and you troll on it, with all your free time, you are pretty much a pitiful person.

                  I actually feel sorry, for his sorry ass, cause without the covering of Jesus Christ, the road ahead is going to be rough as hell when the demonic forces are here in full force.
                  Those forces run from anyone connected with the power of the blood, that call on it and use it. But…..

                  They will jump into a warm body that doesn’t have that protection, just like they did into the pigs bodies in Matthew 8.
                  Hell, he may already have a demonic spirit inside him.
                  They can be very suttle, but yet very controlling when they take over a person’s body and mind.

                  Abortion doctor’s are a good example. Those types have no problem with taking human lives for profit and gain. Their workers that promote the selling and use of live fetus/baby parts are also demonically controlled. Those same forces will continue to escalate until the end of this age.

                  Sadly, many like wwti put all their energy and emphasis on a dream of a backside to the collapse, so they prepare worldly and stack pm,s like they will somehow come out ahead of everyone else. The only “backside”, is in the spiritual realm, when all pm’s, including the brass,copper, lead ones (of which i stack), will be of no use whatsoever.

                  Balk at me and other christians, all you worldly lovers; but, you will see the truth some day. Hopefully, that day will not find you too far gone.

                  Just sayin’.

                  • Passing you are an aborted feces. You comments are off track and of little substance backed by any facts. Eppe just posts nothing daily. A space waster that chimes in looking for attention like a crying baby witha rattle. Eppe- “Hey every body its my birthday.” Who gives a rats ass drunk old man. .

                  • You’re really great at throwing up smokescreens pissin’. First, You’re “cuz”. oicu 812 is an alias moniker employed by yourself. Trust me, it’s really easy to identify it, fact is you’re just not that bright, you think you are but you’re a ” troll” on this site also. This site is also your only life too, as you claim God says it belongs to you and not Mac. Truth is you’re an internet nobody, a tired old man who’s desperate for attention. You think that coming here and posting your religious flotsam and telling everybody if they don’t listen to you they are somehow damned forever will actually cause people to take you seriously. The question is really this, who are YOU to tell anybody anything about what will happen to them? What gives YOU the authority to dictate to people how to think and live? You’re no better than the damned government, sticking for fat old nose into everything sniffing around for people to preach at because you don’t have anything better to do. When you can show some real proof to back up your claims, then and only then will you have any shred of credibility, until that time you’re opinion is just that, your opinion only, equal to the opinion of everybody else in the world and no more important than anyone else. You have the same rights as all of us, the freedom to believe anything you want to, but not the freedom to force your views on anybody else who disagree with your opinions. And please, stop with idiotic stories about the devil tryin’ to gitcha with lightnin’ strikes and pictures of guardian angels in the faces of clouds behind each of your shoulders, you lay it on so damn thick that only the truly brain dead could be gullible enough to believe you.

                    • see what I mean! Here he goes again.
                      Sick, sick individual. He knows what is coming his way, and is really scared to death.

                    • Scared, huh? I’m not some psycho who thinks he’s Gods voice on Earth. Sounds like you’ve been outed for what you are and are running for cover. If God made YOU his spokesman, he must be a real idiot, because he picked himself out a loser who can’t stand up to scrutiny on the nonsense he spews.

            • Gee eppe, I guess that comment makes you Joo, black and tptb lover. You drinking and typing again?

              And you degrade women all the time with your female jokes. So save your appologies, you already made your bed on that subject.

              • This site was a heck of a lot stronger and with many more posters and viewers before you came along. I know because i have been here nearly three times as long as you.

                Face it wwti, the only person that likes an atheist, is an atheist.

                Take a vote and see how many had rather see you go than eppe.
                I will cast the first one for eppe.

                BTW, I don’t even read your pitiful attacks at me anymore….Charles. so you can stop wastin’ your time directing them at me.

                • LOL! so you’ve STOPPED reading them, eh? Is that why you just replied to my last comment, because you’ve STOPPED reading them? Your problem is you can’t stand up to justify your religious attacks on people who don’t share your views, and I don’t feel it’s a waste of time to point that out whenever you do so. We have people on this site like BJ, Durango Kid, and others who are very religious guys and are sincere in their beliefs. I respect them and their beliefs because they NEVER try to shove them down everybody’s throat like a certain truck driver turned preacher who thinks that threatening people with eternal damnation makes him some kind of indisputable fount of truth. No, they put forth their views and why they believe, and leave it at that, they allow for folks to take or leave it for themselves. You, on the other hand, love people who slobber all over your posts like lost sheep but love to sling the arrows of hellfire at anyone who ” dares” to disagree with your views. It’s obvious to any thinking person who the real Christians are on this site and who are the bullshit artists, unfortunately for you.

          • WWTI
            Hell once you got on the computer they had you lock stock and barrel.
            As for me I don’t care, and some one that doesn’t care is a bigger danger to them than someone that does.
            Fear can make you complacent, and you won’t act when you need to.

            As EPPE stated what did he do to you to make you go after him like you do?

            • Sgt, bingo sir, why is Wwti so worried?
              They know who we are.
              And where we live, work and live.
              Scary ain’t it…

              • Agree with both Sgt and Eppe. They already know everything about us, maybe even more than we would like to ever admit.

                I personally do not give a shit anymore and I’m ready. I’m not afraid, just extremely anger and bitter.

                • I feel exactly the same way, SC.

                  I am angry because of all the blood sweat and tears my ancestors shed for keeping this land free, and close to our heavenly Father that provided it.

                  Others did not do their part and stay vigilant over the politicians and banksters. Then, all those demonically controlled parasites teamed up with the corporate elitists, and together they formed the industrialized war machine complex, and the NWO.

                  They think they have all control, over everyone, with all their inside information. The real Authority is about to show them. We must go through a chastisement period for the church and the lost’s sake, but then comes the real doom and gloom, and it isn’t directed at the true Christians.

                  I do give a shit about people, but not about gov and the world.
                  I am ready to check out of this shit hole, and leave all the shit throwers behind.

            • SGT. I dont have much to complain about your posted comments. Tough gig walking both sides of the line. And I can identify with my past employement as a public servant back when, FF Paramedic. It does not take long to identify the scum.

              As far a religion, its a hoax and scam to corral, then fleece the stupid sheep, who subscribe to superstition. Pissinginthewind is a good example if that quoting babble.

              Question for religious folks. Do aborted fetuses go to heaven or are they granted everylasting life, by becomming lab rats? Hmmmmm… Seems to correlate with the babble teachings Not sure why that cult rejects science? Cant have it both ways.. its the hypocrite pick and choose verses out if the excuse book of lies.

              • WWTI
                There things we agree on and some we don’t. That is Ok, but I think and it is just that we all have opinions and WE should respect that.

                Now when it comes to religion. I believe in God Almighty. You don’t. That is your call. I made mind up and you made yours.

                Try to answer you question on Fetuses. Is just like any other human. When a Fetus dies it goes to heaven, because it has committed no sin. Same goes for a fetus that is executed by a person while still in the womb. The lab rat thing is where I have a problem. Who gives them the right to turn a creation between a man and woman into a lab rat. WE in the Bible thumping community believe that this is murder. You may not, and that is your opinion. And I have mine. If you are right there are no consequences. If I’m right someone is going to burn in hell forever and ever.
                Thanks for letting give you my opinion!

            • SGT. A Crack head patient said it good one time, when I aaked him why does he smoke crack. He said, “When you gots nothing, yous gots nothing to loose.”

              A good point, to keep watch on those who have little and nothing to loose by trying to take what is yours. They will dupe and try to con anybody who is weak. So dont be a low hanging fruit open and ripe for pillage. Place a moat (firewall) around you, your loved ones and your life.

            • If you connect to this site and post from your home network, the logs on this server are there for the taking. It will show your IP and that can be tracked back to you. The logs also show what OS and browser you are using. I advocated using Linux in other posts, but if you do something stupid, nothing will protect you. If you want to do stupid stuff you need to learn how to hide while doing it.

              They don’t care what you say here, unless you cross the line and even then it will usually be after you’ve shot up a movie theater etc. to make a case against you. Mac will have to give up the logs with a warrant presented to him or his provider. I guarantee he/they won’t refuse.

        • No me. I just got here.

        • Remember guys and gals; we’re talking about the US Government. Just about the most incompetent people on the planet. Right now, they are patting themselves on the back for the quantity of data they can acquire not realizing they rely on the laziest of the lazy to go through it to find something. They pose NO THREAT due to the size of the machine. Ever known anything the government got involved with that they DIDN’T screw to high Heaven?

          • Ever hear of Data Mining? That’s why they hire smart guys like Snowden as “Contractors”. Ever watch Person of Interest? You are irrelevant, until you do something that is no longer irrelevant, then you will be had, unless you know what you are doing. Still may get caught.

        • Definitely, there is no such thing as anonymous if you
          A. Use a cellphone
          B. Use the internet
          Just try and limit exposure as much as possible

      2. so I guess their emails and texts should be out in the open also, goes both ways, just like some people do,lol.

      3. FBI says that citizens should have no secrets that the government can’t access

        I suppose the said above statement can be said for you, the Government. If you don’t have anything to hide, then disclose all of your “top secret” documents to the public.

        It’s only fair, and if you choose not to disclose, then you don’t have the right to intrude into our lives anymore than what you have done so already.

        Piss off, and respectfully fuck off!

        Citizens of Fascist AmeriKa

        • FBI, go f#$% yourselves. Hear me now, NSA?

      4. Comey, read my cyber lips. You and your stasi comrades in the FBI are not going to see any communications that I don’t want you to see. You back door scrounging motherf**ker.

        You communist loving FBI traitors will be met with resistance all the way to the end. I’m not giving up my rights, especially my right to privacy. So kiss my ass and f**k off.

      5. They use our tax dollars to hack Americans. That is Tyrany. They creates thia Boogyman to highly pad their agency’s budgets. Take all the money they spent and devude that by the number if terrorists they caught. It comes out to about $20 Billion per terrorist. Maybe Don Trump can show them “The Point of Diminishing Return Policy”, Is it worth it? Hell No. You’re Fired!!!

      6. When does the shooting begin? I know I’m sounding like a tough guy hiding behind the keyboard, but honestly, it has to start soon. We will not have a country left to defend if we allow this to go on much longer.

        • Ferguson Protesters Caught On Camera Chanting 4 Horrifying Words Just Before Shots Fired

          “In the crowd some chanted, “We’re ready for what? We’re ready for war.” The chants came minutes before a man identified to be in his late teens shot at Ferguson police officers shortly after 11pm”

          Seems to be the douchebags who are pro’tessin’ a worthless cause in Ferguson are ready.
          LMAO @ these worthless liberal-minded assholes.
          Surely, this class of people will die in the first 15 minutes of a SHTF Scenario.

          Dumbass’s don’t even know who the real enemy(s) are!

          • I fully support protests, even worthless ones, but this crap should have stopped the munite it was reveald the guy was a thug and went after the cop, who was justified in his use of lethal force.. Problem is groups like the Soros and Rockefeller
            Foundations fund these groups and other NGOs who scrape the bottom of the pits of humanity and recruit every communist, liberal, trendy freak they can find who are so unhappy with their own lives they find it necessary to ruin everyone elses lives by forcing their twisted morals on society.


            • Secret
              You and I see EYE TO EYE on this one.
              I hope people don start picking on you because you backed the Cops on this.

              • No one is picking on cops for doing the right thing Sgt. Many police officers and their supporters bring the wrath upon themselves for defending cops that are criminals.

                Unfortunately, I have had more than my fair share of experiences with police, yet I acknowledge that most were my fault. I don’t fault the cop who took me to jail or testified against me at court due to my stupid actions.

                I still treat every cop I come into contact with as a good guy/women until they prove me wrong. Most times they do though. That being said, I realize that police are not my enemy. We are all being controlled by the same people. I just hope when SHTF the police lose this high and mighty attitude and realize they will need people like us.

              • I too find that most LE are normal people just trying to make a decent living. Corruption and morons are everywhere and in every workplace. Cops should do a better job of policing their own, but for the most part, they are just trying to keep their jobs, by keeping their mouths shut.

                I will share an experience i had this past week.

                We vacationed at the beach, within a resort that had about 20,000 people on roughly 200 acres. Yes it was crowded.
                Gladly, I never saw one cop, or the need for one, the whole time. I never saw one Muslim (dressed in attire) or one Black person, on the property. No screaming, fighting, or gunshots.
                See how well that works.

                What I did see was a lot of adults that were stressed. Most had been stressing for a whole year and getting their lives tied up in knots, to only come to the beach for a while and think that they could somehow “untie” them and start over again.

                I’m sure many did sit and figure out a new plan of making their lives better and easier, with less stress. Most just returned to a world filled with little hope for a return to days gone by. Their eyes and faces told the stories. They are like many of us that don’t see much of a life ahead for their children and grandchildren in the current state of our USA.

                I spoke with many who are just trying to make the best of it and have already retired like us. I did not mention God, Jesus, or the Bible to anyone. I felt like it, but just made my silent prayers. What i did enjoy were the little children. They laughed and played without a clue of what is about to come. Their innocence was refreshing. They all wanted to play with out little tan and white Rat Terrier. He loves the little children as much as we do, and that was about the only bright spot about the whole vacation.

                Sadly, the teenagers showed more disrespect for others as i have ever seen. Their continual ripping around as if they were the only ones that mattered, was truly depressing. The lusts of the flesh and the worldly things, has consumed much of their lives. Many will soon return to an educational system that will indoctrinate them deeper into the worldly and warped ideology that will move them farther from the truth and their Maker.

                Most beach goers/sun bathers, were sitting around like zombies, just staring at the endless water and waves in front of them. I guess they too were embracing the sounds of waves crashing, laughter and excitement from the little ones, as a means of relaxation and escape from the realities of what lie just a few steps behind them.

                I wondered how many of them might be preppers and how many even really cared about being prepared on every front.

                • Nice post PWTW. I too often times find myself thoroughly dejected by what I witness in society. People seem so angry and depressed it is almost like they have given up entirely.

                  Glad you were able to find some solace at the beach, however it seems that many people there were not so fortunate.

                • At the beach? ?

                  Jeremiah 49:23
                  For they have heard evil tidings:they are
                  Fainthearted: there is sorrow on the sea;
                  It cannot be quite.

              • Sarge,
                Lol yea they can pick away, i dont get my feelings hurt easy, lol..
                I really try not to take sides when it comea to cops, whats right is right and whats wrong is wrong, when to do something bad ill ream them but when they are in the right, ill back them.


            • Locally we had a shooting over the last week, Black guy, shot by cops because he pulled a gun on them and started shooting,
              There are actually people who are so stupid that they defend the dead perp,,,,
              Cant fix stupid,
              Its on the Maui Now website, the facebook posts mostly, (not like thats a surprise)
              One idiot actually suggested the cops should have tazed him!
              Rule number one of gunfighting,

              But again, CANT FIX STUPID!

              I feel for anyone upstanding who lives in Ferguson, black, white, whatever, that i dont care about, character is what i look at,
              The Oathkeepers guys should leave them to burn,,,,
              Cops should let them tear their comunity to shreds,
              Perimeter, no one in and NO ONE OUT!

          • Lisa Fithian seen in Ferguson. ht tp://

            • The Old Coach,

              I am not surprised the “protest” is staged.

              from the article…
              “Lisa Fithian, the far-left activist who [Mother Jones magazine] called “Professor Occupy,” has been spotted engaging in direct actions in Ferguson, Missouri just one day after violent protests there.”

          • Those people have been on the crackpipe for way too long to wish for something like that. I can see a whole bunch of “Michael Browns” being created. They’re only 13% of the total US population so there are limits to what they can do.

      7. I said it before and I’ll repeat it.

        1984 was ment to be a futuristic novel not a templet for society.

        • Well Kevin, unfortunately the US gov’t and its puppet masters did not get the memo.

      8. great idea!

        the Zog fedgov should go first…

        starting with the 5000+ employee’s at the Zog Pentagon who are under investigation for paying to access child porn websites with Zog fedgov credit cards and also hiring under age pre-teen prostitutes.

      9. Pretty much anytime you out into the public arena, you give up all rights to privacy. I never write anything on the Internet that I would not tell my mother or say to your face, because if you really want to, you can find me. Be aware that I can also find you.
        That is why we talk about how to prep, but never tell the size of our stash.

      10. Postor Child for Treason

        “FBI Director James Comey”

        people like him are a FAR greater threat to the country
        than any so called terrorist

        • Unfortunately Satori, it is these sick fucks who are above the law and can do what they want without being hindered with consequences.
          The time of eradicating the filth and disease in this world is beyond overdue.

      11. The implementation of The New World Order is close. For the FBI to say this, it must mean that we are on the edge of a constitutional crisis in which all individual rights will forfeited and the power of the state reigns supreme. Martial law must be close.

      12. It’s pretty evident from the debate Thursday night that things are not going to get any better. In an exchange between Gov Christie and Rand Paul, Christie stated that he wanted everyone under surveillance. From his prospective, it is the only way we can catch the terrorists. I haven’t heard one person other than Paul oppose him on this, or even talk about it.

        • JAS, you’re right. Rand Paul is the nearest thing to a Constitution-obeying politician running for President. He and his Dad, Ron Paul, have thoroughly studied the Constitution. So you can believe he supports individual citizens’ rights. He also wants to limit the Federal Govt. to the very few tasks assigned to it.

        • Debate…..why waste time watching this “Reality T.V.” Show?
          JAS, you have better things to do with your time then waste it on a circus freak show.
          Leave this kind of Theatrics for the Sheep who thinks their VOTE will make a difference in this country.

      13. I don’t know anything duh. I’m comfortable with my intelligence level I don’t have to share how smart I really am. In fact the dumber I act the less people bother with me. I have tricks up my sleeve that I don’t share with a soul. Not even the wife. I don’t call it secrets I call it withholding. Just not mentioning it. It give me an edge over others. You don’t know how much shit I’ve gotten out of doing by playing dumb. Seriously it’s easy to do these days. Bosses and other people will leave you alone. Be a dumb ass everybody else is. Unless you want to bothered then act like trump a know it all.

        • Very good Mr Hat.

        • WELL SAID!!!

      14. The article ends”Nothing we can do about it”,what the fuck,a lot you can do,get off the net or increase your cyber security/drive older cars/refuse to have house gadgets that spy on you,could go on all night how you “can do something”.

        • Warchild, technically the nothing we can do about it is correct. Our way of life now is intertwined with everything being digital.
          Yes, people can take precautions, but there is no privacy anymore.
          Whether it is your Bank, local DMV, Employment, personal Tax information….etc. This is where we lose, we have handed over personal information to those who are suppose to keep said information confidential.

          We are not in a 100% control of our personal information.
          Only way to stop the intrusion completely, is to go 100% off the grid.
          Where can a person go in the United States legally to do this without having ownership of Land?
          I don’t know how anybody can…legally… and not have their identity known to said Alphabet Agency.

          If need to be, in a worse case SHTF Scenario.
          State and Federal Land would be prime, as long as a person could keep their makeshift residence incognito and far enough away from main roads.

          • Study on how 20 million illegal aliens do it. Right under our noses.

      15. Wave it fascist boot lickers, wave that American flag all around in the “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave”

      16. item of interest

        Gasoline Pumps, Stations Very Vulnerable to Hackers Abroad

        h ttp://

        • As are household appliances that are labeled as “smart devices”.
          I.E. Refrigerators.

      17. need more proof that this country is in some SERIOUS trouble ?

        Here’s the proof a NYC high school diploma is worthless

        h ttp://

        • Satori,
          That has been the trend for many years, and its sad, back when i was enrolling my daugher in kindergarten she tested in at a third grad level, the school actually scolded me lol, and said now we will have trouble teaching her our way, lol i was like for real, isnt reading reading. Needless to say she didnt stay in the public indoctrination center long..

      18. How about everybody just throwing their phones and internet spy gadgets in the garbage. The people think they are getting all the lowdown on the crooks in power, but the bigger picture is the crooks are the ones getting all the info on the people. These gadgets all play into the nefarious fascist spy police state. Shut them all down so people will communicate publicly. Reverse the divide and conquer strategy. That’s what TPTB fear, all people actually uniting for a common cause against the real enemy. Yeah like that’s going to happen, people would be lost without their communication devices. It gives the false illusion of clever, classless and free, so the hole gets wider and deeper until a way out becomes impossible. Like a trained animal, steering people to their demise is simple and highly advanced.

      19. Just thinking Star Wars Space Weapon Test (Iran good choice), hey stranger things are coming.

      20. I broke down in my rig in a major intersection in the boston area now I sat there for two hours didn’t see one cop. All the sudden a cop shows up and walks up to the truck and says to me what’s the problem you’ve been here for two hours and he was accurate with the two hours estimate. How did the police that never went through the intersection know I was sitting there for that long. Easy there is cameras out in society that watch businesses and the streets. Would you walk out on your front lawn with your rifle slung for everyone to see. No you know someone would call the cops even though it’s your front yard a gun would prompt snitches to call cops. They would show up to investigate. Not only are there cameras everywhere there are snitches with eyeballs and paranoid people. Cops would say it was an anonymous caller in order to protect their informants. They would not tell you who called them ever. DTA is my rule don’t trust anyone. Everyone is being watched for suspicious activity. There are terrorists living amongst us folks. Tptb wants to know everything that goes on in the community. You better get used to it and learn to keep shit that can be viewed as potentially criminal under wraps. I remember a movie or show I don’t remember but this guy changed his identity and did a transitioning of leaving a modern life behind in order to fall off the radar. He switched cars ditched cell phones shaved his head used different identity this guy left no stone unturned. He cut cards up only stayed in hotels one night and left just incase he was followed. He said if he did one thing wrong he’d be back on the radar. It was a pain in the ass to do. This is what tptb wants you to never disappear off their radar.

        • Hello Asshat.

        • we are all Enemies of the State

      21. Federal lawsuit could reveal contents of 28 pages omitted from 9/11 report that allegedly implicate Saudi government

        ht tp://

        Bush had the choice of standing up for America and he chose to betray the country and protect the Saudi’s

        Obama had the same choice
        and he too chose treason

        the corrupt Saudi’s are fighting the release of this report with everything they’ve got
        because they KNOW it proves their involvement in the murder of 3000 Americans

        • Area 51. The Blue Book Room at Wright Patterson AFB. The info never presented to the Warren Commission. The 911 report.

          From the perspective of volume far more is hid than disclosed.

          Few know what to think. I think I’ll have a beer.

      22. Years ago I met a guy from Armenia that defected in the 1980s. He was a border guard. He told me how he did it and I found it very interesting. Border guards get vetted going through a pretty thorough background check for, “political reliability”. He told me, “Never let them know what your thinking”. He never once questioned anything his government did or its big brother the USSR. If they had a meeting and said, “America bad” he said, “America bad”. Fast forward to being a border guard. They were in teams of two and you always had someone different with you so you never ever, “let them know what your thinking”. They were ordered to shoot your fellow guard if they attempted to flee. One day his partner did not show up for duty and he put down his AK47 and just walked across the border. He thinks the other guard was drunk or hung over and never made his duty post.

        I thought the story was quite interesting. We Americans have real difficulty with keeping our mouth shut. People from Com Block and other totalitarian nations knew from birth to shut up. If the hammer ever falls here in the US the Pickens will be very easy.

      23. 75628 28591 62916 48164 91748 58464 74748 28483 81638 18174 74826 26475 83828 49175 74658 . . .

        There are unbreakable codes and encryption methods.

      24. Do you know what POLAR BEAR HUNTING is?

        It’s what Afro-Amerikan blacks call it when a gang of blacks cruise around the neighborhood hunting for easy white cracker prey to gang jump and beat down.


      25. if you read the new terms and conditions that come with windows 10 then you will see that it says that microsoft is collecting everything on your pc and will hand you over to the police if they find anything and microsoft can do as it likes with your data.

        Well credit to microsoft for being open about what they have been doing all along and this is why it’s almost impossible to stop windows calling home and this is the reason microsoft owns 15 million ip-addresses because it’s hard to block them all in a firewall.

        Linux Mint is the answer and works “as is” from a pen-drive on three out of four machines and it does not keep freezing up like windows does if you block ,,,, err,,,,, well god knows what from being upload as encrypted data back to NSA central server.

        • I have Puppy Linux on a bootable memory stick so I can use it anywhere. It runs without leaving any trace on the computer because it does not access the hard drive at all.

          You can also use DOS. There is DOS software for almost anything you can think of. There are thousands upon thousands of old programs to use. Also, because newer computers are too expensive for many people in eastern Europe, there are programmers who have written modern software that will run on DOS, such as web browsers.

          WordPerfect 5.1 is a really good DOS word processing software. Corel doesn’t support it, but Columbia University still has people supporting it and writing new printer drivers to work with it. You can start here: ht tp://

          This is the point where you buy a really old printer that no longer works with the current version of Windows for next to nothing. You can use it with WordPerfect as long as you can buy cartridges or refill old ones. One thing to point out is that really old printers don’t use USB, so you would have to have an older computer or some sort of serial adapter. Don’t forget that you also need old manuals.

          I still have old computers, DOS disks (3.0 to 6.0), old software, old printers, and all the old manuals. I have DOS and the old software copied to CD so I can make fresh floppy disks if necessary. I even have dot matrix printers, a ribbon reinker machine, and extra ink. The ink is also good for reinking old typewriter ribbons. I also have old typewriters in good working order.

          There is one piece of software that I use every week that only runs in Windows. If it is ever ported to Linux, or if a comparable program is created for Linux, I will get rid of Windows completely, except as a toy on a standalone machine.

          I need another building.


        Obama black female Assistant Arrested

        WH staffer charged for allegedly shooting at Capitol Police boyfriend

        08/10/15 02:33 PM EDT

        A White House staffer is facing domestic violence charges after allegedly firing at her U.S. Capitol Police boyfriend with his service weapon, according to NBC 4 Washington.

        A White House spokesman told The Hill the staffer, Barvetta Singletary, has been placed on temporary unpaid leave and is banned from White House grounds “until we have more information.”

        Police say Singletary texted her boyfriend to meet at her home in suburban Maryland for sex. Afterward, she confronted him about another woman he was dating.

        The two entered her car to discuss it, and an argument ensued when Singletary asked to see her boyfriend’s cellphones. Singletary allegedly grabbed his phones and a .40 caliber Glock 23 pistol.

        After the boyfriend refused to give Singletary the passwords on his phones, she pointed the gun at him and said, “You taught me how to use this. Don’t think I won’t use it,” according to an arrest warrant obtained by NBC 4.

        Singletary pointed the gun in his direction and fired one round, police said.

        The boyfriend fled the home and called 911.

        Singletary has served as special assistant to the president and House legislative affairs liaison since 2014. Before that, she was deputy chief of staff and policy director to Assistant Democratic Leader James Clyburn (D-S.C.).

      27. This tends to make one long for the days when we only had rabbit ear TV antennas, dial phones, wind up mechanical alarm clocks and hand written letters.

      28. Comey is following in the footsteps of his great grandfather-J.Edgar Hoover. Hoover had stuff on Presidents so damaging that they dared not to go against him. (See Nixon’s attempt to have Hoover removed from office-one visit from one of Hoover’s men with an 8×10 manilla envelope and Nixon backed down-case closed).

        Hoover would be in 7th Heaven with the technology we have today.
        Be well, stay calm and prep on.

      29. If you are not willing to plug the electricity plug on the Big Brother surveillance state, and DE FACTO start over again as a society, You fully deserve what the modern age electricity dependent society has become as well as your full surrender of your privacy and rights..

        Until you accept that hard choice and become resigned to a few years of real hardship in order to be FREE, then you have no business crying about how much a Patriot you are or the alleged FREEDOM you claim to want…

        If creature comfort and security are not worth giving up, then you aren’t for them to start with.. The Founding Fathers had NONE of our comforts and yet they put their lives and fortunes on the line to GAIN FREEDOM, and left that FREEDOM for us to preserve and keep, but DO YOU DESERVE it?

        My tough words, but if you can set aside you poor little hurt feelings long enough to recognize cold hard truth, there is no way to STOP that surveillance state in the current corrupt state of affairs, and the ONLY weakness it has is its reliance on electrical power and people being connected to it by it. You either have to kill it at it source or cut it off from its very lifeblood, you tell me what is feasible and able to make it happen, but you have to think without the e filter of standard of living and creature comforts…its just that simple, any worhty military strategician would acknowledge that fact for acuurately assessing the problem.

      30. If you are not willing to plug the electricity plug on the Big Brother surveillance state, and DE FACTO start over again as a society, You fully deserve what the modern age electricity dependent society has become as well as your full surrender of your privacy and rights..

        Until you accept that hard choice and become resigned to a few years of real hardship in order to be FREE, then you have no business crying about how much a Patriot you are or the alleged FREEDOM you claim to want…

        If creature comfort and security are not worth giving up, then you aren’t for them to start with.. The Founding Fathers had NONE of our comforts and yet they put their lives and fortunes on the line to GAIN FREEDOM, and left that FREEDOM for us to preserve and keep, but DO YOU DESERVE it?

        My tough words, but if you can set aside you poor little hurt feelings long enough to recognize cold hard truth, there is no way to STOP that surveillance state in the current corrupt state of affairs, and the ONLY weakness it has is its reliance on electrical power and people being connected to it by it. You either have to kill it at it source or cut it off from its very lifeblood, you tell me what is feasible and able to make it happen, but you have to think without the e filter of standard of living and creature comforts…its just that simple, any worthy military strategician would acknowledge that fact for acuurately assessing the real enemy and how to defeat it. You cannot defeat an enemy that relies on control through electronically communicated and enforced brainwashing and propaganda that is also reliant completely on electricity, to reach the people. the entire banking industry (and the control of surveillance of every transaction and your money access) also relies on electricity as well….You have to see ALL the interrelated control mechanism you live with and then ask yourself, ARE YOU REALLY FREE if they can monitor and control everything that your life revolves around? Who do they go after all the time, those who LIVE OFF THE GRID….WHY?

        Because they cannot control them and have to ruthlessly crush them as an example so others DO NOT ALSO go off the grid and out of their surveillance domain and control as well…

      31. I was under the impression that the back door was installed at the manufacturer. And has been for over 15 years. Echelon and carnivore have been in place for maybe 20 years. These are eaves dropping and data gathering operations of the US government. I am a lowly old peasant and not worthy of listening to. My time is drawing near. But after I die, watch out! I’m coming back! And no more Mr. Nice Guy.

      32. There is a very good article at this day titled: Disclosure: Why Sabotaging Iran Agreement Takes Down America. It has to do with hidden energy technology kept from the American people and war implications.

      33. This Is Not A Drill: India, Russia And Thailand Prepare For Currency War

        “When China sneezes, the world catches a cold. Alternatively, when China devalues, the rest of the (exporting) world scrambles to not be the last (exporting) nation standing, and to do so next, before everyone else does.

        We give Russia, Thailand and India (as well as the rest of the EM countries, actually make that all countries, the US included) at least a few days (hours may suffice) before they all realize that in a beggar-thy-neighbor global currency war, where the ZIRP (or NIRP) liquidity trap is already stalking at least half of the entire world, there really is no choice.”


      34. Comey, try de-encrypting this – F^%# U.L

      35. Try de-encrypting this – (^%# U.L

      36. Here’s how I see it, they may have us tracked and labeled into threat levels. They have an idea but they have no idea how unpredictable we really could be. hell they have enough time to do that’s fine we are all good people and all help each other. When crap goes down it wont matter. There is simply way too many people pissed off and way too many people to try to find. Hell the FBI has to use hundreds of people for 2 people that escaped in NY. What are they going to do when a million pissed off people go on the rampage. There is no way they can control the masses. The day the people stop listening to corrupt politicians and stand up for themselves its over for them completely.

      37. Simple solution to the issue. Go offline. Things were much easier back then. Unplug, ungrid as much as possible and disappear. That will drive the cyber snoops crazy. Also good way to get to top of list

      38. we need a global war on the elite – this terror crap is like the war on drugs and everything else they contrive – idiotic. it’s time to turn the tables and go after the elite who have caused this stuff to happen. hunt them down in their hideouts in the rocks (underground). we’re gonna get them – it’s just a matter of time.

      39. The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution provides, “[t]he right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly …

        The BOR brings to light just how far off the reservation the government has gone. Any government official who who thinks it dangerous that one believes in the law of the land (the Constitution) has confirmed their lawless views. No matter who they think they are. IMHO enemies domestic, although men of this ilk always try to twist the law around to condemn the innocent.

      40. You people need to learm to fight back !

        I run a little program that feeds google a slow list of random search terms and another little program that keeps sending out fake pawwords and user names because our ISP’s are collecting all out login details that are sent using HTTP on port 80.

        The name of the game is feeding the system bunk data at a very slow rate

        Windows is getting too much for me to keep safe because microsoft uses every trick known to man to ring home and download updates which they can do even if you turn updates off, kill the service and try to block microsoft in your firewall.

        Turn Ipv6 off because i think it was a ipv6 tunnel that allowed microsoft to make changes to my machine and that’s from someone who goes oot of his way to control the virus known as windows

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