Austrian City Will “Hunt Down Vaccine Refusers”

by | Dec 27, 2021 | Headline News | 21 comments


An Austrian city is hiring people to help “hunt down vaccine refusers.”   The city of Linz, which is home to 200,000 inhabitants, has a relatively low vaccination rate of 63 percent and the ruling class is extremely unhappy about that.

In response to the low vaccination rate, “Linz now wants to hire people who are supposed to hunt down vaccine refusers,” reports Swiss news outlet Blick. The vaccine refusenik hunters will receive a wage of 2774 euros, which will be paid 14 times a year, making an annual income of 38,863 euros.

“The job includes, among other things, the creation of penal orders as well as the processing of appeals,” according to the report, adding that workers need to be “resilient” and willing to work a lot of overtime.

Harsh Penalties Coming For Those Who Refuse To Be “Vaccinated” In Austria

Not too long ago, Austria ordered the unvaccinated to lockdown for refusing to be injected.

Austria ORDERS The Un”Vaccinated” To Lockdown

Not long after those orders, the country demanded that all people lockdown and not just those who continue to disobey the rulers. Austria has also implemented a mandatory vaccination law and all those who refuse could be imprisoned for upwards of a year and forced to pay for that imprisonment themselves.

Everyone Is Now Locked Down In Austria & The Masters Have Demanded ALL Get “Vaccinated”

“Austrians who don’t get vaccinated by February face fines of up to €7,200 ($8,000) for non-compliance, and those who refuse to pay would also face a 12-month jail sentence,” Infowars reported.

Punishments for those who refuse to be injected were laid out over a year ago before the shots were even available.

Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY

This vaccine is a large part of the overall agenda. Whether the coronavirus is new or simply the common cold renamed is irrelevant at this point. The goal is mass vaccination and they are going to push as hard as they have to to ensure the outcome that is most favorable to those who seek to dominate and control others.

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    1. Good Luck With That

      Go ahead and try to do that to the United States. Some of us have plenty of ammo.

      • Paul

        All that ammo is useless if people are unwilling or too afraid to unite and push back….. sorry, I just don’t see that happening. America is no longer the home of the Brave……if it was, the election issue, lock downs, and wave of unconstitutional mandates would have been addressed, but sadly, Americans talk the talk but don’t actually act as if the nation is for the people BY the people.

        • Anonymous

          Procrastinating and Indecisiveness have become epidemics in America.

          • TharSheBlows

            The compliant Jabbed will be dead before they try to make it to our doors. BTW/ if all you got for security is a house door deadbolt lock, between you and the public street, you already failed.

            I live out in the country in a private country subdivision where each owner has acres of land. on private roads, and miles from a small town, and hours from any major city. And then tall barbed wire fence and locked gate to cross before you can even get onto my property. Plenty of woods and palmetto palms with lots of seclusion. I highly doubt any numbskull can make it onto my road or at my gate. If so, then met with barbed wire fence, cameras, No trespass signs, and eventually lead nutrients if they attempt to trespass. Never open your property gate or door to any strangers or Government agents. Let me see your judge signed warrant.

    2. Anonymous

      “Linz now wants to hire people who are supposed to hunt down vaccine refusers,”


    3. JRS

      No lockdowns here in Ruralsville.

      Whew! What a weekend. It would have been OK if I had just celebrated Christmas and Festivus. It’s that dang Boxing Day that finally got me.

      Them Canucks can sure celebrate…

    4. SlackMavo

      Somewhere, somehow, somebody
      Must have kicked you around some
      Tell me why you wanna lay there
      And revel in your abandon

      Honey, it don’t make no difference to me, baby
      Everybody’s had to fight to be free

      you don’t have to live like a refuse- ee

      no you don’t have to live like a refuse-ee

    5. Russell White

      You Austrians better man up and get your weapons out and stop these authoritarian assholes before it’s too late…
      Do you recognize the name “Adolph”?……

      • Heywood Jablome

        At least Hitler loved his country and tried to kick out the communists (and the a-holes that invented it). Seems like they all migrated here. Like General Patton said, I’m not sure were fighting on the right side (something like that). If you don’t kill the tree (cutting branches etc.) it will just sprout more. Looks like we live in the forest huh?

        • Russell White

          Hey blowme,
          I agree with you 100%…If people would watch that 27 part documentary about Adolf, they would see that they have been lied to about the whole war and Holocaust bullshit….He did some really great things for Germany…Lots more than Retarded Joe has or ever will do for this country….
          A shame to see America dissolve into this gender confused communistic state….

    6. Forearmed

      You Ausies have one chance left, and if you take matters into your own hands you will become a victim of their insanity. Yeah, you know the type, those who live in fear and want everyone else to live in that shite hole with them.

      Remember at the beginning of Jurassic Park, when the cage with the Raptor got stuck and the raptor grabbed the man trying to fix the problem ostensibly to eat him when the Australian who was hired to keep the unruly animals in line shouted, “SHOOT HUR, SHOOT HUR, in his inimitable accent.

      A word to the wise in Australia; When animals are trying to eat you, your only alternative is to shoot them, we are not suggesting that just for four legged animals, but two legged as well.

      It boils down to this, if you don’t kill them, they will kill you with a jab that is meant to be the Kill Shot Injection.

      • BM

        Ah yes, Australia, where Schwarzenegger is from , right?

    7. Apache54

      Sounds like it is time go hunting for the forcers of vaccines, hunt them down and see how long before they back off!

    8. Beerhuter

      They don’t have to hunt me; I’m right here!

    9. Brockland A.T.

      Shouldn’t be to hard to hunt down the vaccine refusers.

      They’re the perfectly healthy angry crowds mass-protesting the vax mandate.

      • Odin

        Should also be real easy to find the hunters of the unvaxed.

      • Genius

        “Shouldn’t be to hard to hunt down the vaccine refusers.”

        Nope. The glint off my scope will be the last thing they see before their heart is blown out out their backside.

        • Brockland A.T.

          Hmmm. Taking on an angry anti-vax mob with a sniper rifle.

          Odin’s wrath would be fairly quick upon you.

    10. Uncus

      An Austrian corporal leads them again.

    11. Apache54

      Sounds like you Austrians need to open the hunt on them, before they off you!

    12. cranerigger

      To the “hunters of vaccine refusers”. Be careful what you wish for.

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