Australian Cities Have Locked Down 10 Million People Over “Delta Variant” Fears

by | Jun 29, 2021 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    Four major cities in Australia have forced around 10 million people to lockdown as prisoners in their own homes once again as the ruling class continues to fearmonger over the “delta variant.” Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, and Sydney residents are all now in lockdown as 23 new cases reported in the past 24 hours.

    Out of 10 million, there are 23 “cases” of the delta variant of COVID-19.  The math on that doesn’t warrant a lockdown or anything even remotely close.  This is all about fear and once we remove that fear, the elites and ruling classes have nothing to feed off of.  The sad fact is, fearful people make great obedient slaves. At this point, many don’t even understand what a life free from fear would even look like.

    The Science of Fear: How The Elitists Use it to Control Us & How to Break Free

    “Delta Variant” Fear Mongering Reason Confirmed By MSM

    Perth began a four-day snap lockdown from midnight on Tuesday, while Brisbane will start a three-day stay-at-home order from Tuesday evening, joining Darwin and Sydney, which have already imposed the measures over a rise in infections.

    Queensland’s state premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, stated that the restrictions in major cities were needed because “overseas arrivals” had brought the virus into the country. –RT

    Amid “concern” about the spread throughout Australia of the Delta variant first detected in India, New Zealand restricted its “travel bubble” with Australia. (This is also likely to keep people panicked and unable to look at things critically and logically.) From July 5, the New Zealand government has said it will begin to reopen the corridor, but only for regions that have not reported any new cases. Permanent travel bans are coming.  They cannot control people who move about often and seeing how ultimate totalitarian control of everything is the goal, we should know travel will be banned.

    Australia’s ruling class has now said that since the makers of the COVID-19 jab cannot be sued, neither can those doctors or health care workers who deliver the shot. The country’s prime minister, Scott Morrison, announced that his government would make it mandatory for some slaves, care and quarantine hotel workers, to have a Covid-19 jab, as well as offering under-60s who sign an indemnity form the option of having the AstraZeneca vaccine. A new ‘no-fault’ scheme indemnifies a doctor from being sued if a patient has an adverse reaction to the jab, and anyone who does is entitled to compensation instead from the federal government.

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    This is not going to be isolated to Australia.  If the ruling class of the United States believes for one second they can lock down the public again, expect to be locked down.  Eyes had better open and quickly. They are really pushing this delta variant and it’s only a matter of time before we face the master’s wrath here in the U.S.

    More COIVD-19 Vax Deaths: Think They’ll Blame This On COVID-21?


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      1. Of course,as you accurately mentioned 23 “cases” does
        NOT warrant locking down the entire population!
        This is all bullshit and the evil ones know it. Fear and control of the masses is the name of the game. A game which these evil bastards will continue until people decide they’ve had enough and are not going to play their sick and twisted games anymore.

      2. Anyone else here old enough to remember the days in the 50’s and early 60’s when Americans were moving to Australia because the no longer considered America to be free and looked at Australia as being the last bastion of freedom in the world?

        Times have changed, I think.

      3. One good thing about the lockdown is that it puts a solid damper on the ethnic replacement level immigration that has seen many Australians blink and find themselves in a completely changed suburb compared to what they grew up in.

        With any luck, the current mentality will last a decade or more. It’s a price to pay to be sure, but comparatively, I’d take the mask and BS versus ethnic replacement

        I’ve read today that only a tiny percentage of Australians are vaccinated. Something like 5%. This is good news for isolationists.

        The not so good aspect is that the second most valuable ‘export’ was education to foreigners, mostly Chinese, which as most locals understand is really just paying the Danegeld to qualify for skilled immigration.

        What this means is recession is coming and likely inflation of the money supply to pay debt. Interest rates may rise in turn with increasing risk priced into the AUD by international lenders, with the consequence of rising interest rates on residential realestate debt which will likely place marginal borrowers into mortgage stress and default.

        Given that the 4 major Australian banks have a market cap which is more than 50% of the ASX200 and that by far the biggest part of their asset portfolio is residential housing debt, then the consequences of widespread mortgage default is going to lead to some drastic government action.

        A previous government passed legislation allowing banks to seize bank accounts. The government just before that literally raided accounts over 100k to pay for their social justice crusade (in reality handouts to mates of the Labor Party).

        Anyway, that’s enough doom for now

        Oh and Andrea, please stop spamming the comments on irrelevant ephemera. Get your own blog going if you have a lot you want to say off topic.

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