As Obama Plots Ban, Court Upholds “Fundamental Right to Assault Weapons”

by | Feb 8, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 156 comments

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    The gun control crowd love clouding the issue about personal firearms – and misconstruing the idea that so-called “assault weapons” are too dangerous and too deadly for the American people to own.

    They won, for a time, during the Clinton years. And now, they are pressuring Obama to once again use his executive action approach to put the 2nd Amendment in a restraining jacket.

    But for now, the courts are pushing back. A Federal appeals court upheld the right to own guns like the AR-15 – celebrated and infamously portrayed as a “military-style” weapon despite being no deadlier than other firearms – challenging a Maryland assault weapons ban.

    In fact, it will be very difficult for the gun control lobby to accept defeat, and freedom lovers should expect a fight.

    via the Huffington Post:

    In a major victory for gun rights advocates, a federal appeals court on Thursday sided with a broad coalition of gun owners, businesses and organizations that challenged the constitutionality of a Maryland ban on assault weapons and other laws aimed at curbing gun violence.

    A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit said the state’s prohibition on what the court called “the vast majority of semi-automatic rifles commonly kept by several million American citizens” amounted to a violation of their rights under the Constitution.

    “In our view, Maryland law implicates the core protection of the Second Amendment — the right of law-abiding responsible citizens to use arms in defense of hearth and home,” Chief Judge William Traxler wrote in the divided ruling.

    Provisions that outlaw these firearms, Traxler wrote, “substantially burden this fundamental right.”

    Gun rights have, of course, been under threat throughout the Obama Administration, and events like Sandy Hook have led to knee-jerk bans and violations of the 2nd Amendment, though they have been tough to defeat or stop in liberal states like New York, Connecticut and Illinois.

    This case is considered a major victory… and may go all the way to the Supreme Court in due time. Until then, Maryland law will be affected only in the courts – and everyone from Obama to Mayor Bloomberg will be working overtime to create more friction for the right to keep and bear.

    The importance of the case involves the use of “strict scrutiny” of constitutional protections – giving strong recognition to the right to keep and bear arms, and strength to the judicial case as a precedent:

    “This case was a major victory for the NRA and gun rights advocates,” said Adam Winkler, a law professor at UCLA who specializes in Second Amendment law. “This opinion is an important one because it subjects important gun control laws to the most strict form of judicial scrutiny.”


    The 4th Circuit’s decision didn’t outright strike down the Maryland legislation. Instead, it instructed a lower court to subject the provision to the higher legal standard, meaning more litigation and the possibility of a future showdown at the Supreme Court — though maybe not yet, according to Winkler.

    It appears that Obama is ready to go for broke during his last days in office, and attempt to undermine as many rights and constitutional laws as he possibly can, including assault weapons.

    Shall not be infringed is still worth fighting for, but it might take everything we’ve got.

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      1. Let them bring it on. Someone would have to kill me to take whatever I have. I’m the only one who decides whether I give up something. Anyone who forces their way into my home is history, plain and simple. Want to live? then forget the idea and you’ll live.

        • F u c k obama

          • I wouldn’t even use Mooshell’s d*ck to do that…..

            • Good one!

              • They aren’t assault weapons. They’re guns, pure and simple. Erase the misnomer ‘assault weapons’ from your mind, vocabulary, and hand. It only gives strength to forces seeking to ban certain arms.

                They’re guns, pure and simple. They’re not evil. They don’t assault. Hell they don’t even move. They’re only as ‘assaulting’ as the individual holding them.

                My personal opinion is that they’re damn fine defense weapons. How about we call them that. Or barriers to tyranny. They’re that too.

                • I prefer the term ” freedom tools”

          • Ban the bad guys by freeing up concealed carry for all citizens. Concealed carry permits should be illegal and considered unconstitutional if it is only for some people and you have to pay money for the permit. If you are a voting citizen then you should be allowed to carry a gun on yourself. They don’t even require an ID card to vote in some states. Concealed carry permits allow targeting of citizens by TPTB and actually puts limits and restrictions on the Second Amendment that were not intended by those who drafted the Constitution of the United States of America.

            • Concealed carry is certainly unconstitutional and anyone that has paid for and begged for a right they already have is still at least partially asleep. Carry anyway and be inventive on concealment from the real enemy, the police state.

              • What Obama really wants is to eliminate personal sovereignty and our right to defend ourselves (from them especially)

                most of the loud mouth aholes on these boards will fold up and run away once a tank shows up in their drive way. then we’ll see how far their rifles and pistols get them.
                the Eunuchs-for-men in this country will throw their lives away (allegedly) when it is too late and for nothing. But take a risk that could have real consequences- and make a real difference en masse? Like no tax payment on April 15? these fools would dare.

            • I agree wholeheartedly and that is why I am hesitant about getting a CCP. I don’t want to put myself on another list of potential targets for extermination. They may well miss me from one or more lists, but eventually, if I am on enough of them, they know to target me. (I count on the incompetence of government to allow me to slip through at least some of the cracks.)

            • Laeagle,
              Permits, registration, fees, only for voters… all are unconstitutional. I continue to oppose any abridgement of the right to keep and bear arms.

              • My ccw is the natural law that says I can defend myself. I don’t need nor will ever apply for some bullshit permit from some fat fucker in a suit trying to tell me what to do. If I feel I need to pack then I will. I don’t go around doing stupid shit to get the attention of the cops so why should I worry? I don’t recall ever being pulled over and searched. Don’t do stupid shit and it isn’t a problem. Besides it’s a misdemeanor here.

              • “You in a heap a trouble, ma’am…. our intel boys say that you been buying up unlicensed vegetable seeds…. you gonna have to come with us now.”

                TOMATOES: The Gateway Vegetable! (just say ‘no’ ~ ~ ~ )

            • CORRECT, you get a GOLD STAR in my book.

        • Bravefart – no one would have to kill you to take what’s yours. They would simply help themselves to your guns while you snoozed at your minimum paid job.

          You’re the biggest keyboard warrior on this site! All wind and fury signifying nothing.

          • Anon-

            That means very little coming from a Limey. Go save the Queen.

            • Whaddya mean, USMC1982? Anon IS the queen…

          • Anon, my ‘home security’ has been improved since that time. And no, I don’t sleep on the job and I do get more than minimum wage. You can believe what you want, I don’t care. Try to do a home invasion on me and find out the hard way? No, I didn’t think so. You seem to have enough sense for that, I’ll give you credit for that. You’re the one who blows smoke. Good night.

            • This “Anonymous” may be the same as “Foxglove666” who posted the same nonsense on the previous story on negative interest rates. Go back and read my message to him.

              • Nope isn’t me. If I post, I own it. 😉

                • Sorry.

                  • Arch, no worries. I figured you posted this before you read my response on the other thread. It’s all good, my friend. 🙂

              • Archivist, the anonymous is NOT Foxglove. Foxglove makes some good posts and NEVER sounds like a troll. The anonymous is just one of the useless trolls who loves to bash me. I’ve made my last response to him, period. I don’t owe anything to any damn troll.

                • Brave, thanks. I won’t ever start it, but I will finish it…. 😉

            • Brave,
              who did you piss off? are they trolling, or did you pee in there post toasties? HUMOR! my friend!

              • Apache54, as far as I know, just the usual trolls. Same trolling BS, different day. BTW, IF I ever meet them, they better hope all I do is pee in their toasties. I’m capable of a lot more than that. I hope I never meet them.

            • Sure False Bravado,
              Lets see you stop a home attack when they fire a drone on it or shoot a lazer canon into your living room. Or even a few flares from an Apache. Bet you have the feds quaking in their boots. lolol

              • zzz you are full of shit. The big military does not have the resources to target millions of patriots in this way. Most of these raids will be gunfights between us and their body armored goon squads. You know what? Body armor is hard to shed when you are on fire.

                • I recommend that, if you don’t have one, all property owners install a sprinkler system. Add a pressure tank and a supply of WHATEVER you might choose to send through said system.

                  No background checks, no permits, no neighbors reporting you; just a simple way to deal with trespassers of any kind.

                  Have a nice day y’all.

              • zzzzzzzz must be a new troll. How’s the weather in Tel Aviv?

              • How many hundreds of thousands of dollars do you think they can blow away on each and every one of us? They’re already $19 Trillion in the hole…

        • Brave-

          They wont be getting mine either…

          The beauty of the 2nd amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take the guns.- Thomas Jefferson

        • Can you say Lavoy Finicum? You will obey the federal government no matter what they do.

          • I really hate to say this, but LaFoy killed himself–suicide by cop. If he’d stayed in his vehicle, he would have been dragged off to jail along with his friends and had a day in court. He blabbed all over the net that he wouldn’t be taken alive, and when push came to shove, he exited his vehicle, ran toward the cops and then reached inside his coat. I don’t excuse the LEOs–state or federal–for what happened, but LaFoy knew what he was doing, and he did it his way. RIP

      2. What’s deadly about guns , is the operator
        Some more deadly than others , and some more deadly accurate than others

        Legislate that you hopolophobes

        Trust me , I know your trying but that too shall fail

        • EOTS, I promise I’ll be deadly to whoever forces their way into my home. I hope they don’t feel too froggy for their sakes.

      3. BTW, I like the picture above except for one thing. The chimp-in-chief should stick the barrel in his mouth and pull the trigger.

        • That was my first thought also! Brilliant minds think alike.

          • LMAO Braveheart thanks for the humor.

          • Rellik, thanks for that. That would be a classic.

        • Youtube: “Obamas New Americans Plan to Overtake the United States”

          It matches up with stories about O trying to pass laws to blanket legalize illegal aliens, bringing illegals in via Fed Ex flights and the southern border, Saudi Arabia building mega mosques in small towns for a community of 50 but to provide services for 5000, a proposed law to protect muslims only from any percieved “hate speech” etc.
          What is happening in Europe and the false flag shooter events are the smoke screen. Watch the right hand not the left. And they WILL need to remove the guns but first they will remove opposition bit by bit so there will not be a big response. What did the German pastor write?.. Something like: They came for the dissidents but I was not a dissident so I remained quiet. They came for the Jews but I was not a Jew so I remained silent. …. They came for me and there was no one left so speak out for me.

          We won’t need to wait 20 years for the next generation if they bring in 20 million. They have already brought 750,000 with visas during Obamas’ term.

        • Brave, that shit is funny. He kind of looks like a monkey trying to peel a football though…….

          • Foxglove666,
            That old boy is a paperpusher… he couldn’t hit his butt with either hand.

            • Reb, reminds me of when John Kerry had an LL Bean field jacket on and went hunting…..fake fake fake

              • Foxglove, remember ‘Lurch’ on The Adams Family or “Herman” on The Munsters? Kerry is a dead ringer for either one of them.

                • John Kerry walks into a bar. The bartender look up, says ‘So, John, why the long face?’

                • Brave, omg I will never get that image out of my head now…… 😉

              • Genuine old-time Mainiacs might buy LL Bean boots because they are darn good boots, even if they are really expensive; but I have yet to see a real Maine hunter all decked out head-to-toe in fancy LL Bean “outerwear” that will likely total up to a thousand dollars.

                Real Maine natives –not the transplants, carpetbaggers, or wannabes– would much rather hunt wearing their old longjohns, Carhartts, and a generic cammo jacket; and spend the thousand bucks on a nice longarm.

                Whenever I see some so-called big shot posing for the cameras while sporting expensive LL Bean stuff that is obviously brand-new –all clean and shiny and with the store tags barely off– I know the whole scene is as phony as hell.

                Do the people that do this really think that they are fooling rural folks? I guess they must, or they wouldn’t be doing it. They might fool the urban crowd; but then they are not staging a fake hunting tableau for the urban crowd. Apparently they have such a low opinion of the hicks in “flyover country” that they don’t think we will notice these amateurish stunts. Goes to show who the idiots really are…

                • Mainiac! I’m from central Maine (born/raised there). Out in the boonies nearest to a town called Unity or Albion. Augusta was about an hour down 95. (Left there in 2003 in favor of VERY rural life in The Smokes (smokey mts). Oh eyah…

              • I thought Kerry was great when he spoke to a group of Nascar fans when he said ” Whom among us does not love Nascar?” Yeah, all Nascar fans always talk like that, I’m glad that ketchup head never got a chance to be the boss.

      4. What does this mean fot states like New York?

        My state sucks bad!

        Cuomo said there is no place here in new york for conservatives likeme…..

        • If you live in New York you should buy TONS of ammo right now. There will be a huge black market in ammo. New York is creating the next prohibition market, but this time in ammo.

          From the Washington Times:

          State lawmakers from Brooklyn on Monday introduced new legislation that seeks to greatly restrict the amount of ammo gun owners can purchase in New York.

          The twin bills, sponsored by state Sen. Roxanne Persaud and Assemblymember Jo Anne Simon, were reportedly drafted in an effort to keep would-be terrorists from stocking up on ammunition, the Brooklyn Eagle reported. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams also helped draft the bills.

          “Limiting the quantity and duration between purchases of ammunition is one step in preventing someone with criminal intent from easily accessing large quantities of ammunition,” Ms. Persaud said in a statement.

          If enacted, the legislation would place strict limits on the number of bullets a gun owner can purchase over a 90-day period, and ban gun dealers from selling ammunition for a firearm to anyone unauthorized to own such a weapon.

          The bills are aimed at owners of high-capacity rifles, but they would also affect owners of handguns with much smaller magazines, even six-shooters.

          The provision would limit the amount of bullets a gun owner can buy to no more than twice the amount of the capacity of the weapon ever 90 days, which means someone who owns a six-shooter could only buy 12 bullets every three months, the Brooklyn Eagle reported.

          “If I have a cold, I can’t buy Sudafed without ID, but I can walk into any gun shop and walk out with enough bullets to arm a small army without showing any kind of ID,” Ms. Simon said in a joint release. “I can buy any kind of bullets regardless of what kind of gun I own. I don’t even have to own a gun to stock up on bullets. Nothing stops me from having friends buy even more bullets for me. The sky is the limit. The San Bernardino shooters had 6,000 rounds of ammunition. We need this legislation so that cannot happen here.”

          The proposal also seeks to amend a section of New York State Penal Law to prevent gun dealers from selling ammo for a firearm to anyone unauthorized to own such a weapon, regardless of the type of gun. Under the current law, only pistols and revolvers are specifically regulated. The bills’ sponsors say this creates a “loophole” for those seeking to purchase ammo for rifles, according to the Brooklyn Eagle.

          The proposal also aims to increase the penalty for violating this law, increasing from a Class B misdemeanor — less than three months in jail and no more than a $500 fine — to a Class E felony, up to four years in prison with a minimum of one year.

          • John, does proposal make any provision for ammo bought online from another state and shipped to a new York address? Just curious how they’d deal with that situation.

            • That newspaper article is as much as i know. Thank God i live in Texas.

              • John, no kidding, right? In washington state they have come up with some really bullshit gun laws but so fat have left ammo alone on the state level. You can order cases of ammo from other states shipped to you and can fly under the radar on it from a state perspective. The asshats in Seattle are trying to get a $50 per firearm city tax instituted plus $.02 per .22 round and $.05 all other caliber per round on ammo. They say they wanna take those taxes and fight “gun violence issues with education.” It has not passed and probably won’t but what a bunch of asshats……..

                • Do these idiots not realize that all they are doing is driving the sales to a black market? I never cease to be amazed at the insanity of the left.

                  • Nub, seriously stupid fuckers in seattle. They are the assmonkeys that started all this $15/hr minimum wage bullshit. Backfired big time. From quarter to quarter out of over 130,000 deadbeats on some kind of assistance less than 100 fell off the rolls. What happened was assholes wanted less work hours because they were gonna lose their free shit due to their increase in income. This bullshit is devastating small and medium size businesses. These companies are getting out of seattle so fast it makes your head spin. And seattle is losing the tax base these companies provide. Minimum wage is a beginner, kids in high school and college wage. It was never intended to be a living wage. Thanks off shoring and free trade, gotta love it.

                    • When my son and I moved home to Appalachia, I thought sure he would be able to get a job in one of the furniture factories. I had been gone for so long that I did not know the factories had gone off shore. Imagine my surprise when I saw furniture marked “Made in Vietnam” when it used to be made just ten miles up the road from where I am. Every day, we find more and more business shutting down around here. After being back for nearly a decade, my son still is unemployed with no prospects. It’s gotten so bad here that you almost have to inherit your job just like you would an estate.

                    • Nub, I hear you and I truly feel for your son. Faced that kind of economic situation myself in my 20s. It’s excruciating when your choices get that narrow. What can you do other than move, start your own business or join the service? Answers are just hard to come by. I wish you well in your journey and him, too.

                    • Fox, thank you for your kind words. Though our options are very few, we will survive. We have our garden and, for now, I’m able to provide everything else that we need. Thank God for my Air Force pension. Though if obummer has his way, it will be taken away. As long as I can keep a roof over our heads, we will be OK.

                  • My reaction exactly… the result will mirror alcohol Prohibition in the 1930s. Yet one more lucrative opportunity for gangs and organized crime, while nobody really suffers except for the average citizen.

                    BTW — If your son is skilled at woodworking (or any other trade) he might consider setting up shop in his (or your) garage to start making high quality goods himself. Local, top-shelf stuff often can provide a decent income simply because folks are eager for an alternative to the shoddy crap from Asia.

                    • Karl, I agree. Prohibition didn’t work in the ’30s except to make some people rich. Just like today’s war of drugs only serves to bring in more drugs. Funny how everything the government touches turns to crap.

                      Thanks for your suggestion. My son can build just about anything he wants to but he has no real interest in woodworking past making things for us. He does make some awesome lye soap though and we are beginning to learn how to make lotions. If we can learn to make a really good product, we could sell that.

                    • Karl, it will further devastate the tax base for the gubmint in that it pushes the economy underground. It is estimated that in the heartland over 60% of the economy is already underground with barter and cash payments. On the left and right coasts where employment is somewhat better there is less of an underground economy but it is trending that way. It’s simple economics – keep putting that much pressure on small and medium businesses and they fold……

            • Our UPS driver told me that ammo is shipped with a blue label on the box, so they know when they are delivering ammo. If they try to restrict or tax ammo, it will force some to get by on their current stockpile. I know many people here that have enough ammo stocked that it would be no problem.

            • Online dealers won’t ship to NYC, simple. And don’t get caught with a box of ammo on your front porch.

          • I’m sure adding jail time is going to deter a suicidal shooter. Typical NY.

            • Marcus


          • …and all of that is merely a smoke screen invented solely to severely limit the amount of ammunition We The People would have at our disposal, while those who seek to behead us are getting those ‘trillions of bullets’ allegedly purchased for alphabet agencies. Bit by bit it is all coming together …and getting closer, too close. They are amazingly illogical in “suddenly thinking of cutting off ammo supplies” about 10 or more years after the preppers have already ‘topped 10,000’ or 100,000 rds per weapon. lol… (And, there are several who know how to roll their own as well, and so are very well stocked up, locked and loaded.

      5. The court system is a farce and like the rest of our government in need of replacement.

      6. Have you ever heard of a government that banned it’s own ARMED FORCES from “Keeping and Bearing” ARMS?
        Find one government in the history of humanity that felt a need to document a “RIGHT” for it’s ARMED FORCES to possess ARMS.
        Hundreds of governments have banned their Citizens from “keeping and bearing ARMS” but NEVER has a government banned It’s TROOPS from doing so.
        The claim that the Government wrote the 2nd Amendment to give Our ARMED FORCES a “right” to carry ARMS is S-T-U-P-I-D.
        The only reason for the Second Amendment is to clearly spell-out the GOD GIVEN RIGHT of INDIVIDUALS to keep & bear ARMS.
        THE reason for the BILL(list) of RIGHTS was to codify INDIVIDUALS’ GOD GIVEN RIGHTS.
        Has there ever been a government that was not chock full of it’s “rights” up to and including declaring itself to be the Lord God Almighty?!
        Does the 1st Amendment mean the GOVERNMENT is allowed to give speeches? Try shutting up any Government.
        Anyone who tells you the 2nd Amendment applies to the Army or State Militia, is telling you they think you are STUPID.
        There has NEVER been a government that felt it had to codify it’s army’s/soldier’s “RIGHT” to “Keep and BEAR ARMS” because there has NEVER been a government that refused to allow It’s own soldiers to KEEP and BEAR ARMS!

        • albert, seriously? Think about it a while. The reason they want to take arms from vets is because once they finish service (to the NWO) they realize they were duped into killing and fighting for the NWO globalists and NOT for us. This probably pisses a lot of them off and they may want to take said masters out. As kissinger said they are just dumb stupid animals with a bloodlust, but when they grow a brain cell and see the truth of how they are just cannon fodder for the masters goals they get pissed. If you were the elite you wouldn’t want them armed either. Train your own domestic enemy and arm them too? It isn’t rocket science….

          • Genius,
            Wouldn’t be the first time the masters trained their revolutionary cadre. Police departments are making newbies test for just dumb enough and just violent enough.

            • Yep, they want dumb assed vets that are order followers and don’t question shit. The type that are control freaks and psycopaths. I would venture to say if you had mommy issues and hated people and were punked as a kid and weren’t very bright you could be police capitan! They turn down those that have self thinking and high iq. Just want psyco order followers that never question authority.

            • Just curious…. does anyone here actually know the upper limit of IQ for becoming a cop? Exactly what number does your IQ have to hit before you are considered Not Stupid Enough to join the force?

              • Karl, don’t know what the upper is but lower is bottomless. My cousin who spelled name differently every time he wrote was a cop. His name was Bob…….smh

        • It is very common for governments to really limit the armies and military just before a coup.

      7. OBAMA is a pain that circulates in my brain too often. Deport the sob after his prison term in Leavenworth.

        • Ya deport him to me where he will be slow roasted and whipped and salted for weeks till the life is at 50% then drawn and quartered and starving rats finish the job.

      8. An assault weapon can be a hammer, baseball bat, hands, feet, teeth. Even a toaster plugged in and thrown into a shower or bathtub.
        They’re going to legislate / ban those items too?
        As Enemy of The State explicitly stated – a trained person-knowledgeable of his / her chosen weapon, whether it be a firearm, crossbow, longbow, axe, knife – is a far deadlier weapon than a pistol, empty, safety on, in a safe locked up.
        It is the person, not the tool. The tool facilitates defense, it facilitates harvesting game for food. It facilitates killing bad guys when and if the need arises.
        Be well.

        • Cat Herder, I couldn’t have said it better. AMEN.

          • Thank you sir.
            Be well.

            • An assault weapon is anything I can think of to wipe some piece of shit out. A pack of matches, a sharp stick, a kick to the throat, my truck, millions of assault weapons available. I always think of new ones lol…

        • You forgot to mention my mother in law’s mouth, now that is one assault weapon that should be banned.

          • Wilson, LMAO. Good one. How about politicians’ mouths? Those are definitely no better.

          • Oops. Sorry about that. Although I had good relations with all my ex-mother in laws, (I’m doing the reverse Mormon Faith – the number of Ex’s…) there were times that I figured that on one occasion that copious amounts of Duct Tape would not work…

            • CH, when duct tape won’t work, then you really have a problem. LOL.

              • I always get a big kick out of that scene in “Aliens” when Ripley is gearing up to go rescue Newt. She grabs a M-40 and a flame-thrower and starts taping them together…. which just proves that even centuries from now, at the far reaches of the galaxy, humble Duct Tape once again saves the entire human race! Yay Duct Tape !!

        • Hell. To. The. Yeah.

        • Well said, Cat Herder. The left obviously does not understand just what a weapon really is and how easy it is to turn simple everyday objects into weapons. Just talk to someone who has been in prison. Their ingenuity is amazing. As I said in a earlier post, the insanity of the left never ceases to amaze me but I guess in this case, it would be their shortsightedness.

      9. My mind is the best assault weapon that I own.

        • 10-4 on that 🙂

        • So you only shoot blanks?

          • Pretty funny comeback from a statist lol.

          • Pretty funny comeback from a statist lol.

      10. The normal human being is born with the most deadly weapon in the world: the brain. It can perceive and create from that perception weapons so powerful that today we could literally extinguish the human race. Firearms are self-defense tools (and that of others), tools to secure food, and also Tinker-Toys, upon which we lavish much money and attention to accomplish practical and aesthetic goals. What Obasturd is trying to do is to diminish to the greatest extent possible our ability to defend ourselves, our neighbors, and if need be at 69 this aging Marine remembers the Oath to protect and defend this nation. That oath is forever, not just 4 years, and expires upon death only. What I do want to see is for him to die in a genuine accident, above not to be shot. Empathy for his wife and children, yes. He has allowed Islamic True Believers to enter this nation by the tens of thousands without true vetting. He goes to a known place of ISIS and other murderous thugs to deliver an address? He makes 3 (or is it 4) national addresses in 7 years? To a nation of perhaps 265 million inhabitants and as many as 20 million illegal migrants? What kind of individual (notice I call him an individual-not a man, president, or leader) speaks the to entire body politic so few times in such a long period of time? One who has little to think with, less too say, and nothing of importance in his addled brain. January 20, 2017 cannot come too soon. Or is it the 21st? In any case we will be rid of this fool, and God willing, a sound minded and insightful straight thinking man as President. If Hillary Clinton is elected, I honestly think the only way they’ll be able to move her around the nation will be in a 2 seated F-35, an SR-71 Blackbird, a tank, or a submarine. On other websites–many.many, many, many of them, there is a hatred of her that is as long and wide as the nation and deeper than the Grand Canyon. She will reap what she has sown; all of it evil.

        • dhconner,
          That’s what I was taught many years ago at P.I. The brain is one of the most deadly weapons in the world.
          And the Oath that all took – it doesn’t expire at ETS. It stays until expiry of the man or woman that took that Oath.
          Be well,

          • Cat, amen….

            • The problem is that most are like the strawman in OZ, they have no brain. By the way, I noticed an extreme shortage of cats/kittens for adoption. We decided to get a kitten and there isn’t a single one to be had just a shitload of ads for people wanting cats. Maybe I need to start a cathouse lol…

              • Genius,

                7 million starved to death in the Great Depression. Maybe cats disappeared first?

                • Reb, okay that shit is funny. That is like the “Fluffy is Missing” sign taped to the window of the Chinese Buffet restaurant……

                • Hmmm ya know I just read an ad on craigslist that someone had theyre cat disappear and found it a few days later in a dumpster skinned, cooked, partially eaten and this was in a very small town. Fookin freaky stuff.

                  • Genius, future Jeffrey Dahmer in the hood?

                    • Not the hood at all, small town mormon country. Very nice clean and beautiful place. Freakin psyco’s are everywhere!

                    • Genius, wow!

                  • My favorite Chinese restaurant just outside of Wash DC got shut down back in the 80’s. They served cat in place of chicken. I’d eaten “chicken” there many times. I don’t even want to know what they were serving in place of beef!

                    • Nub, that dim sum tastes a ltitle weird…. 🙂

                  • I wonder if anyone noticed a drifter named John Rambo passing through town….

        • ‘Hilarity’ Clinton will stay safely in the cities, where the brainwashed masses adore her.

      11. Come and Take it, from my cold dead hands.

        • That is exactly what they plan to do.

          I say, come and take it, and you will have cold dead hands…Then I will have two guns, mine and yours.

        • MOLON LABE!

      12. There is a heavily researched, 100 p. paper in Word format on the scam of gun control at that I did bit ago.

        I hope folks here will download it, and copy and paste from it as you engage others on this issue. You are utterly free to use this however you want – it is HEAVILY footnoted, and you should find this of much utility as you communicate with others.

        • You must have got an F on that paper.

          I say that because all college professors are raging liberals and are anti-gun fanatics. Doesn’t matter how righteous your argument is, if it doesn’t follow their beliefs, then it is wrong.

        • Test, I am sure you did good work but when I talk to the prof types I remind them of the Second Amendment. Then I ask them which other freedoms do they want to give up. It is stupid anyway… if you push a little they admit to being armed.

      13. Hey guys, heads up. Michael Bloomberg is going to or will run for President of the U.S. as an independent. Why you ask?. He said the reason for doing so is to give the American voter a qualifiedand experienced cannidate for Office.

        • Still another old white person for the Democrats.

          Yet the FSA can’t see the in-your-face real racism of their so-called betters.

          At least the Republican party has a black person, a woman, a hispanic, a gay person, and a Bush from the shallow end of the gene pool. The Republican party will let every kind of person there is into the primaries, except for a true constitution-supporting, fiscally conservative person.

          • Arch, ding ding ding we have a winner….you called it

          • Who is the gay one?

            • Rubio.

              • Arch, I think he and Ted Cruz would make a cute couple……

        • Bloomberg running as an independent would be wonderful. It would split the liberal vote and help to insure someone more conservative would win.

          Makes me smile when liberals do stupid stuff.

          • Bloomberg is a globalist! Are you insane?

            • Genius

              Your not understanding the globalist strategy. If Bloomberg runs its more likely that neither he, Hillary or Sanders get in. Sanders is their concern on the left. This infers that a Republican is the likely winner. This tells me they got something to make sure that Trump doesn’t get the nomination. The Republicans remaining all pass, “The Establishment” test. I think Trump is too much of an unknown for them as his statements regarding Iraq, Syria and Russia have displeased them.

              Regarding “Globalist” the Establishment is globalist.

              A flim flam occurred with Ross Perot that put Clinton in office. Clinton gave The Establishment what GH Bush wanted to but couldn’t delve because he needed unobtainable Democrat support. Glass-Steagall, NAFTA and China Free Trade the he delivered and the Democrats love him; ignorant as can be.

              This is a chess game. Little is as it appears. The strategy transcends political party as both are owned.

              • delve = deliver

              • Kevin2,
                Each one delivers a piece of the pie, Obama is acting edgy, like hasn’t delivered his obligatory piece of the pie. TPP?

                • K2, I think you are missing a key point, they will put in office who they have already selected. The political race for president is just bread and circuses. A bad distraction to make you think you have a choice. YOU HAVE NO CHOICE! The whole thing is just a bad dream. If voting made a difference they wouldn’t let you do it…

                  • I’m not missing the point. I fully realize what FDR said is true:

                    ‘Presidents aren’t elected they’re selected”.

                    You stated. “they will put in office who they have already selected”

                    They don’t “put them in”, they manipulate the process to, “Put Them In’. Bloomberg is part of that manipulation process as Ross Perot was over two decades ago.

          • I wonder….Bloomberg was a Republican while NY mayor. Would he pull more Republican votes or Democrat votes?

        • Besides his obsession with gun control, Bloomberg is a Christian hating
          Zionist billionaire. The NWO globalists are afraid Trump will be fair to
          all Americans and Bloomberg is their savior. If Clinton defeats Sanders, they
          will have their puppet. If it’s Sanders vs Trump, then Bloomberg will run.
          If the votes are counted correctly, Bloomberg would get approximately one

      14. While this is a victory for gun rights there are several things to keep in mind.
        1) This ruling covers only a portion of OweMalleys 2013 gun law. That law was expansive enough that guns have to be surrendered for misdemeanor crimes, i.e. DWI/DUI’s. While those misdemeanors can be serious they are in fact traffic violations. Requiring surrender of weapons for a misdemeanor that does not involve a weapon at all it purely a gun grab.
        2) This ruling was by a 3 judge panel not the entire appeals court. The liberal AG plans appeals to the full court and beyond if necessary as he wrote the law.
        3) Maryland’s AG and Comptroller are separately elected officials not appointed by the Governor. Hence we have a Republican Governor and flaming progressives for AG and Comptroller.
        4) The Maryland legislature has been ruled for years by Busch and Miller, both progressives. They set the agenda and create roadblocks for any legislation they do not like. They have already overturned all the Governor’s vetoes from the 2015 assembly. Even if the courts overturned the 2013 gun law in its entirety they would immediately try to pass something else.
        5) While the 2nd Amendment is Federal law, Maryland’s Constitution has no right to bear arms.

      15. Both the terms, “People” and “Militia” are used in the Second Amendment. The liberal view is only “The Militia” is protected by the Second Amendment is false as both Heller and McDonald affirmed that its an individual right. The liberal view is that The National Guard is the Militia. The USSC ruling in Perpich v DOD (1988 if I remember) stated that the power of the Federal Government over the National Guard is Plenary (absolute). The National Guard can be Federalized and removed from State control regardless of the wishes of the State. The National Guard is therefore a reserve component of the regular military not “The Militia” but rather, “A Militia” until the Federal Government deems otherwise. The “Unorganized Militia” was codified in 1903 and it is the people themselves stating some genders and ages. Now the legal challenge shifts once again to Militia regarding this type of weapon without loosing the previous “People” ruling.

        • If the term “Militia” is the only argument against individual gun rights, the Texas could pass a state law deeming every Texas resident to be in the “Texas Militia” by reason of residency in the state.

          On the driver’s license there can be a check box that says YES – Militia, right below the Organ Donor.

          Problem solved.

          • john stiner

            Its already codified with the Dick Act of 1903.

            The point I’m making is the type of weapon Constitutionally Protected. The USSC addressed the “Individual Right” component of the Second Amendment. This infers protecting arms against criminals. The misnamed “Assault Rife” falls into the Militia category. While the Dick Act states, “all able bodied males between the ages of 18 and 45 are part of the unorganized militia” its still just words at this point. This recent Federal Court Ruling brings light upon the above. It gets increasingly difficult for courts and Judges to ignore the law as written while maintaining the appearance of the rule of law. I did say difficult but it still occurs.

            All but core Second Amendment supporters shy away from the intent of the Second Amendment being far more comfortable discussing protection from criminal attack.

      16. Molon labe bitches….i won’t make it easy for you jihadist..phuck em.



        Have fun eating my dead body vultures..

        • Hcks,

          I’ll bet the vultures take one bite out of you and paraphrase the Pop Tarts commercial and say ” Crazy Good!”

      17. They cannot take the guns unless the 2nd amendment is repealed. It does not matter what any President of Judge says. No Policeman in their right mind will knock on an American’s door and tell them that they are there to confiscate the guns… IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN for us that are in our 50’s or older.

        That being said, future generations may just hand that right over, seeing what I am seeing out of them, it would not surprise me.

        If God willing I live to be in my 90’s, and they knock on my door with that order I will be just like Walt in Grand Torino, ” get off my lawn” !

        • They can repeal the 2nd Amendment and they still won’t be able to take them.

      18. This government constantly adds insult to injury. I was good enough during ‘nam to use an M14 or AR15 to do what they required. But now they continually insult me and tell me they no longer trust me with an AR15 in my old hands to defend my family…

      19. Nobody will stand up when they take your guns..Tough talk..Everyone is scared to do anything.I hid mine.When they knock and you have guns,,you will let them come in and take them.Stop lying.Only way to stop them is to come together but most of you all are pussies PERIOD!Organize and do something or shut your mouths!

        • There are too many of us and too few of them anyway. The logistics for going door-to-door to tens of millions of homes are not feasible.

          • I asked an Armenian that defected about 1980 how the communists collected guns post WWII being they must have been everywhere. He said that they were notified for everyone to deposit their guns in the center of town. Great rewards were given to people to turn in their neighbors for non compliance. Entire families, including children, were executed if people were caught with a weapon. People turned them in.

            The question under the circumstances above isn’t, “Keeping Your Gun” but rather, “Protecting That Family”.

            Americans have never been faced with the unrestricted cruelty of both communists and fascists. Sherman’s infamous march through Georgia, still spoken about, pales in comparison to what they’re capable of.

            • K2, I understand your position and true we have not experienced the cruelty of the communists or anyone else like that. But given the size of this country, the way we are spread out, and the sheer number of homes and gun owners, I just can’t see the logistics being feasible. Sure some sheeple will turn in their guns. And yes, they would probably rat out family and neighbors for a few favors, but I just can’t see that happening on a large scale. I feel that they will “awaken a sleeping giant” if they try to take our guns…and it won’t be pretty!

              • To accomplish something on this order the group to be persecuted need to be demonized. To do this they must be separated from their violators in as many ways as possible. During the civil rights movement blacks were readily distinguishable in appearance, neighborhoods and culture. “They” are not like, “us”. The Vietnam War protestors were hippies, they have long hair while I have a nice clean crew cut. “They” smoke dope, my family and I are alcoholics. “They” are un-American. It works in war too. Its Japs, Krauts and Gooks. Even with Madison Avenue its going to be difficult for the reincarnated Josef Goebbels to demonize those identical to their persecutors. Once something like this starts its go for broke as defections within the military ranks, once started, can snowball. History has shown this to be true.

                The Chinese proverb, “May you live in interesting times” is coming true as stability and normalcy seem to have went the way of Ozzy and Harriet. Someone 25 or less has never really experienced it as this incipient chaos is their normal.

        • Samantha, I believe you underestimate the people at this site. You don’t know us.

        • Samantha, f#$% you!

      20. Great news!

        • ‘ello TEST.
          Time to skin your head, lace up yer boots and join the brigade matey!
          I know you’re a man of peace, which is admiral, but there comes a time when you realize that any attempt to talk frankly and openly regarding real concerns with tptb about anything connected to immigration issues achieves friggin’ nought.
          Like you’ve said above “no comments necessary… or possible”
          It’s been blatantly obvious for quite some time that the authorities don’t give a toss what we think or what happens to us which inevitably leads those of us who strongly disagree with what is being forced upon us totally frustrated, angry and looking for ways to fight back.
          This is what it’s come down to if you value your culture.
          I along with many have chosen to stand firm against the ideology and direct affects that mass immigration is having, especially by the Islamic pricks.
          Their beloved Muslims can do no wrong, it’s only because we are intolerant bigots and refuse to accept change that we have problems, BLAH BLAH BLAH.
          Direct action is the last strategy we are left with.
          You know what oldbean… It ain’t islamophobia when they’re really trying to kill you.


          All the best to you TEST and thanks for your posts.

      21. Love the picture. My wife and I laughed our a$$es off. We need to tell him he is supposed to hold it in his mouth and say PULL !!! Lol

      22. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

        The first part is still not being employed today, except in small groups scattered around the country. The founders fully intended all able bodied males to be part of the militia if so desired. This militia is made up of the citizens of the US who have the right to regulate on their own terms. We are all militiamen, and therefore have the right to form and regulate as many militias as we want. We also have the right to have full access to any and all military hardware available in order for the militia to be on an equal footing with law enforcement and the military. This is exactly how it was done during and after the revolutionary war. Advancements in technology do not limit what we should be able to own.

        The second part refers to every single person in the country having the full right to own and carry anything they like at any give time, and in any given place.

        Almost all of the so called ‘laws’ regarding guns are therefore illegal since they infringe in some way, no matter how small, and act as an impediment to our 2nd amendment rights.

        Very simply, there should only be a very, very small number of gun laws in the US according to the constitution.

        The liberals/socialists/communists cannot tolerate a mindset contrary to their own. The country is buckling under their self created religion called political correctness. They seek to use the power of the government to strip away rights of law-abiding citizens and have been very effective over the past several generations at fooling the public.

      23. There will be no gun confiscation in America. There won’t need to be. They will simply give the criminals more and more rights, and create a judicial environment in which the use of a firearm, even is self defense, will become a crime. They will use “hate crime” legislation, and the Justice department will indict anyone using a gun on a criminal (victim) for a violation of the criminals’ “civil rights” to essentially make guns illegal. In other words, you will keep your guns, but don’t you dare use them…or you’ll go to prison. Its a backdoor approach to disarming you. It’s what they are doing now, and will continue. That’s their real plan. Its the same with the 1st amendment. Have you noticed that no-one can say the word nigger? Not even in the context of stating it as an offensive word. You must say the N-word, or else. Again, they will destroy the 1st amendment also, thru the back door. Words will essentially become “illegal”. Call a black man a nigger, a gay man a faggot, etc…and the “victims” civil rights will e violated. Bam…your indicted by the DOJ, and you go to prison. This is how a totalitarian government works. Eventually there is no resistance…and all will fall into line.!!!!!

        • Yeah you see now where Sanders is going to meet with mister race baiter himself Sharpton. Probable will promise him the moon for the black vote. The rabble rouser will be on top of his game at the meeting.

      24. If our gun rights are God given (and they are) what does the govt think it’s doing besides breaking the law again by trying to limit those rights? And who would listen to them besides atheists and non-gun owners?? Their version of gun control is DOA and will never happen.

        • Yes but now Obozo is trying to go through the UN to limit our gun rights. The same rights they have all over Europe NONE. He thinks that a UN treaty of any kind he comes up with behind our backs will let the rest of the world tell us how to live without our 2nd Amendment WRONG! He’s trying to let Lurch Kerry make the deals, the Big doofus couldn’t even run for office because of what he did to his fellow Viet-Nam vets. The Swiftboaters took him out of the race.Did us all a favor. Ammo is going too get scarce again for a while, that’s OK I am stocked up for now.

      25. The USA doesn’t have a problem with Assault Rifles.

        Assault Rifles was a term devised by Adolf Hitler to describe the Sturmgewehr 44.

        Assault Rifles are a full-auto weapon not semi-auto so the AR-15’s commonly sold in the USA is not an assault rifle. The AR part of AR-15 stands for Armalite Rifle, not Assault Rifle , as the rifle was designed by the Armalite company.

        Most homicides are with hand guns. According to the latest figures on the FBI web site in 2013 there were 5,782 murders with hand guns and only 285 with rifles of all types. This ratio was reflect in all years listed.

        About 65% of firearm related homicides in the USA are caused in wars between drug. A typical gang member has a 25% chance of death in a 4 year period.

        Murder by ‘assault rifle’ is only slight greater numbers than death caused by police shooting of unarmed people and less than death caused by household appliance . The threat is insignificant compared to major threats to life such as antibiotic resistance in bacteria.

        The highest year for murder in the USA was 1993 with 23,180 murders. Since then the murder rate has more than halved and continues to decline.


        No one gets away with mass shootings so they are a form of suicide where the shooter take other people down with them. The term “Going Postal” came from the number of work place shootings in the Postal Service.

        Australia and NZ have had very few mass murder events since the Port Arthur massacre. In NZ the semi-automatic rifles are still legal and in Australia there were over 250,000 that were not handed in during the buy-back. If you want a pistol just go see your local drug dealer.

        I theorise the US mass shooting problem comes from the economic pressure so many working class and middle class people are under. People who have lost homes in the GFC, low wages, short annual holidays and the growing wealth inequity between the top 1% and the general population.

        Try this as an exercise in empathy. Put yourself in the head of a mass shooter and ask what it would take to push a person to that place.

      26. And Sandy Hook wasn’t done with an assault rifle at all. The coroner said a long gun was found, lied through his teeth. A long gun was found alright,in the trunk of the perps car. Probably planted by the local gestapo! False flag operation if there ever was one!

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