Anti-Trump Riots Go Primal: “Demonstrators Smash Up a Squad Car, Punch a Donald Supporter”

by | Apr 29, 2016 | Aftermath, Headline News | 137 comments

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    Screen shot 2016-04-29 at 6.21.40 AM

    Those who see violence as an inevitable result of this tumultuous election cycle are being proven right.

    Last night saw hundreds of protests with Mexican flags clashing with police and attacking Donald Trump supporters in Southern California.

    Chances are that we haven’t seen anything yet…

    As the Daily Mail reports:

    Protesters clash with cops at California Trump rally: Hundreds of Mexican flag-waving demonstrators smash up a squad car, punch a Donald supporter and scuffle with riot police amid angry scenes


    The protesters flooded the street outside the amphitheater with some stomping on cars, hurling rocks at motorists and forcefully declaring their opposition to Trump – bringing traffic to a halt and creating a tense standoff with authorities.

    […] Photos from the scene showed a visibly bloodied Trump supporter after he was punched in the face as well as several people being arrested and handcuffed by police.

    In the chaotic scenes, some of the demonstrators reportedly carried benches and blocked the entrance to the 55 Freeway along Newport Boulevard.

    Here are some of the videos from the insanity as demonstrators attack a police cruiser:

    Hundreds of cops were also on scene, and made several arrests, while at least one Trump supporter was bloodied.

    Of course, Donald Trump has repeatedly been compared unfavorably to Hitler, and accused of being a fascist for his bold positions on building a wall on the Mexico border, a key flashpoint for his detractors who have taken to the streets in violence.

    By the time the RNC and DNC conventions arrive, this type of rioting may be typical of every city the candidates campaign in, and could very likely escalate during the formal nomination process – particularly if the GOP insiders follow-through with their threat to defeat Trump through a brokered convention.

    Could this unrest reach a tipping point and spread to the point of justifying a massive clamp down on free speech and civil liberties?

    Things could definitely get nastier… just wait and see.

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      1. What kind of moron would riot for any of these criminals, including Trump?

        • Hey, stupid – nobody is rioting FOR anyone. They’re rioting AGAINST ya dumb fucktard.

          • Hmmm. I wonder if these “peaceful protesters” are part of Obama’s “unaccompanied children” who have been crossing our southern border by the THOUSANDS the past few years.

            One of the protesters referred to this as “peaceful protest”.

            “…hundreds (of the demonstrators) appeared to be mostly Latinos in their late teens and 20s” … “waving Mexican flags.”

            “Protesters smashed a window on at least one police cruiser, punctured the tires of a police sport utility vehicle, and at one point tried to flip a police car.

            About five police cars were damaged in total, police said, adding that some will require THOUSANDS of dollars’ worth of REPAIRS.”


            • Mexicans are too lazy to riot correctly. Couldn’t even flip the car.

              Here’s your ‘diversity’!

              Amazing that any white person still can’t see the end game. “Make America Mexico again” Sorry, you leftist ‘tolerant’ puke, but you are as white as I am. they loudly proclaim their intention of wiping out ‘whiteness’.

          • Billionaire Eric gets two points for the bitch slap. Well played sir. Stay quiet Be smart.

        • These morons are rioting against Trump. They are not Trump supporters man…wake up! These are Mexicans in our country waging war against law abiding Americans who want our borders protected and immigration laws enforced. These are foreign thugs and their sympathizers.

          • If any of those spics had touched me, they would’ve needed medical attention themselves. The guy who was attacked should’ve put that spic in the hospital.

            • No need to play or toy around with parasites!

              Do the Job right the first time … then …

              Call a Hearse … and have them take the filth to the local Morgue!

          • AMEN PUMP

            • PUP I meant

              • If they are waving a Mexican Flag they must be part of the “Invasion”. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Mexican Flag wavers shot on sight.

                Just saying, it wouldn’t surprise me. 🙂

                • I didn’t know you were a gardener too. Planting seeds are we?

                • They DEMAND to live and work in the raysis USA.

                  • What we heard as kids seems true eh?..IE: Indians screwed buffalo’s, made mexican babies, babies became adults, screwed african blacks, which prior mated with apes and baboonys long ago…They too made babies which became adults that then came to usa to Riot/Loot/BURN down america the same as detroit niggers does.

                    How we got to here in the nut shell quick-teach for them what needs fast bumper sticker slogans to explain it all.

          • At this time I would like to thank all of the racist Mexican communists that are protesting at Donald Trump rallies. Every time they attack a Trump supporter, every time they spit on a Trump supporter, and every time they wave a Mexican flag, another 10,000 voters switch to Donald Trump nationwide.

            I thought the use of young “anchor babies” to flip off and curse Trump supporters that were forced to support them though taxes and welfare was a nice touch. It really illustrates the contempt these “undocumented Democrats” have for the American people, our Constitution and our way of life.

            When the history of this era of American politics is written it will give much credit for Trump’s election as president to illegal aliens for mistaking our kindness for stupidity. The American people are the most generous people in the world, but there is a limit to generosity when it is repaid with so much hate, violence and contempt. There will be a reckoning – and it will be led by Donald Trump!

        • The Good News is that SILVER JUST SURPASSED THE $18 MARK.

          I told ya this baby was going to slingshot to $20 shortly. Well on its way. There is no way the Hedge Fund Shorters can suppress this Metal at this point, and its getting back into sync, as to true fundamentals.

          $26.50 by End of July or higher. Maybe $30.

          ~WWTI… Gold to Silver P/R 1 to 72.50.

        • EVERY CITIZEN of the USA who has been cheated by minorities.THROW these MEXICANS OUT!

          • Even IF Trump gets in the White House, he probably won’t be able to deliver on half of what he says. If you think the existing repubics are weenies, wait till you see what a set they grow.

            The niggers and beaners go ape shit at even the mention of their freebies being cut off. What will they be like when it actually happens?

            • Correct you are, very well said. Just more promises. The country is too broken for any administration to fix in 4-8 years time, just not going to happen.America’s “soul” is dead, and unless the hearts and minds of the people gets changed, no positive change will occur.

              Funny when someone’s entitlement is threatened, it will show their true colors. These Mexicans living here could care less about America and our Constitution. Immigrants are not bad, we are a nation of immigrants……….however, immigrants from previous generations came here to assimilate into America and become Americans. These invaders who caused the trouble, should be sent to Mexico immediately.

              Wait until the government checks stop, then the real, violent rioting will start…..fasten your sear belts…you ain’t seen nothing yet.

            • Obama srt a precedent. Trump won’t need Congress or the Senate. Just like Obama, he will be able to create laws with his pen, phone, and executive order. We the People will back him.

        • These messican thugs got nuthin’ on the afro-american thugs back east. Once 10 oclock rolled around they all turned into pumpkins and went home.

          Yea, they thew a few rocks and broke a couple of windows, but I think they know better than to piss off the crackers in that county too much. Once they (the crackers) get pushed too far they’ll unleash holy hell on those punks.

          Personally, I support Trump now more than ever (and that says A LOT). Still won’t vote for him, but it’s good to see him taking on the real issues. Won’t see that from any other candidate.

          • IF you support Trump; then WHY won’t you vote for him.? THAT attitude is what Allowed the current Dem/Progressive/Marxist Monkey into the Noble Oval in the first place. PLEASE VOTE.

            • Wake up the only way you voting makes a difference is if you vote for Homey the clown. The political system is a two sided coin with Republacrats on one side and Dumblicans on the other, heads they win tails you lose. Dont agree look at congress’s record for the last 50 years..

        • Hello Immigration, Green Card Please, Screw these Mexican Illegal Commies. Who is in charge of these riots? George Soros Paid Rioters again? Jail that SOB and freeze his assets. Inciting a riot.


      2. It looks like the investments Hillary and Soros have made are starting to pay off (violent demonstrators).

        The question is, can the sheep see through the facade as to what is really transpiring before us today or will they cower in ignorance and allow themselves to be sheared by those who will enslave them ad infinitum?

      3. These people will sell their own parents and love ones for a few dollars to buy their drugs
        They are brain washed communists like George Soros Who is funding the protesters.. I wish God will take care of Soros now..
        Of course the rest of the Obama goons are coming out also.. Most may be on welfare, but they can work to protest… I say take their welfare and freebies away

      4. This is what happens when freeloaders realize the free ride is over…All the “hard work” they’ve put into their Political Correctness campaign over the years is going down the tubes.

        • “with Mexican flags clashing with police”. Carrying a Mexican flag…So it sounds like we have some foreigners who are attacking our citizens en masse. Time to send in the troops and clean up the mess our fed gov has caused.

          • Redeem,

            Yep, I am glad someone in the first few posts recognized these people are not even American citizens who are violent protesting. All you illegals should back to your own third world hell hole and violently protest your own politicians. They are the ones who created the crappy environment that you wanted to escape in the first place. The fact I have to say this next sentence is absolutely disgusting. Don’t drag us down by supporting policies of your failed state as they obviously don’t work you greedy morons.

            • They won’t protest the politicians in Mexico because the federal police in Mexico will cut them down in a heartbeat. I believe in any LEGAL CITIZENS right to protest, but when they get violent and start infringing on the rights of others, its time to end it with force if necessary. As far as the illegals are concerned, they aren’t even guests. They should be rounded up, branded, and returned to their home country. If they return and are caught, hang them!

            • We need to start burning the Mexican Flag. Get the F*ck out of here. Go back home homey.


              • I agree. It’s time to burn Mexican flags, especially on Cinco De Mayo and post them to the web. Burn them and send the message to Mexico that we don’t need them or their vermin trash thy call citizens for America to survive.

          • yes

          • rednek101

            This is not Mexico.

            Also I believe George Soros has a son who is made of the same mold.

            A fight is a coming.

          • I will wipe my ass on any Mexican flag shoved in my face in this country.

            • To the above.
              What I would love to see is the Police in one line facing off with these turds. Just behind them the National Guard, and right behind them a bunch of Oath Keepers ,and Militia behind them.

              Better have the EMS on the ready because when that day comes there is going to be the need for a lot of hospital beds and a lot of people being able to speak a forgein languages. No wait screw them if they can’t speak American English too frigging bad!!!!!


              • I watched the trump speech today in cali and all the protesters there. Probably half of them were white. South of Frisco so what do you expect I guess. If shtf and any of those freaks came near me I would kill them just because….

              • First line of LEO’s should be INS/ICE officers, with several dozen paddy wagons behind them, that would have scattered many of the turds like the cockroaches they are.

            • Nobama, spot on. Bullets work on spics just like on anyone else.

              • SO do hand grenades and mortars.

          • I’m not the biggest fan of Trump and will vote for him only to block Hillary Clinton from getting the presidency. That being said, riots like these actually give me a reason to vote FOR the guy if only to piss off the border jumping criminals who have taken advantage of the system for too long. We have enough poor people of our own in this country. Any money the government spends caring for the poor should be spent on people who are here legally, not on citizens of other countries. If it truly is a safety net for Americans, then it should only be spent on Americans.

          • Make certain they also deal with that other dual citizen bunch, so loyal to Telaviv and so opposed to usa and whats good for whiteys.

        • Just a buncha Soros bought and paid for bums!

      5. The only race that can have a baby every 6 months

        • And can collect food stamps before they are born. And work for cash so they never pay any taxes. Trump wants to end these free-loader programs. Good Riddance.


      6. Finish topping off those mags folks………..soooooon

        • Can’t wait… so excited!

        • YO!

          why in the hell do people think they make 30 round mags?

          banana-clip two together for a 60 rounder.

          better still: 100 round drum mags.


      7. There’s coming a time when this rioting will result in someone pulling out a firearm (hopefully one with multiple mags) and start dispensing copper/lead pills for the cure. This shit is gone too far.

        • The time came a long time ago that these people who are a threat to our soverignty be sent packing,


          we have a path to citizenship, use it, the more you pull this kinda shit like shown here the more of us who ARE AMERICAN CITIZENS will push back, we aint played cowboys and wetbacks yet…

          • I hope you got a whole lot of ammo and a well defensed position.

            when you try to kick out 10 million freeloaders, each one of them if going to be like a rabid animal corned and each fight to get each one out is going to be nasty, violent and cnn and msnbc is going to make the effort to get them out look criminal.

            • lena.

              “I hope you got a whole lot of ammo and a well defensed position.”

              You don’t?

              • Forgot to mention,,,,
                Im not alone

              • i do, but you can be overrun; especially if the dumbmasses know you have stored food and water.

                unless you have some remote site, youre going to have to ride it out and pray hard.

              • A better question would be- Who isn’t, here???

              • Lena: research back in 1952 era when prez eisenhower went live msm with a massage that He Called: “Operation wet Back”!

                When he told the entire usa nation the illeagle mexicans had 24 or maybe it was 48 hrs to Pak bags and GET OUT!

                He at first believed reports that told him usa had aprox 1-Million or so illeagles here then, but once they began to exit usa to go back to mexico, it turned out to be closer to just under 4-Million.

                Within first 90 days a full 2/3rd SELF Deported peacefully, due to eisenhower stated that unless they left fast he would send troops, Nat guard or usa army, to “Assist” their exit.

                The final 1/3rd that thought he was kidding?..They too began to exit when troops and cops did begin to hunt down and round up and deport them final parasites.

                Entire bunch was GONE within lerss than 9 months total.

                And Yes it really was labeld as “Operation Wet Back”.

                That was prior to pc kommie madness and back when white folk still acted white and stuck together as white folk similar to if they were super glued as one group.

                Anybody that cares for americas future and especially whiteys future needs to speak out to every whitey they come into contact with, including total strangers etc, and advise all such folks to END ALL forms whitey guilt, end PC crap, and revive that prior white pride attitude that cares not a rats ass weather or not somebody or other is somehow “Offended” by what any white patriot says in public, or that he/she has such racial awareness pride etc…

                For That Is what orig made america the greatest nation ever…PC+whitey Guilt+ bolshevik judeo marxism+ public school= Todays close to collapse usa.

                that Can get changed and fast too if such pc dammaged whiteys hear this type message from every white they come into contact with.

                And any that wish to remain glued to the wrong side, and defend and support that side?…DUMP that type even if a white folk.

                Look at it same as gang of bank robbers…where even the get away car driver with zero guns and remained inside get away car entire ordeal, gets same guilty sentence as actual robber guy that fired shots inside bank and killed folks there..”but I was Only the driver guy”!

                Same as “I was just a defender or supporter of illeagles and kommies and everything wrong for america and americans.”….Indeed and it is why we maintain xtra ammo supplies idiots!

                Disclaimer: by reading this reply, you have just witnessed an actual white man bash fellow race whites that go wrong etc…Why is that so important you may ask?

                I will tell you why..Because you can read such forums for a long while yet, and likley never see any such bashing of ones Own race members like Us white do when appropriate to do so….Such as from various minority groups we must not name here and like 99% of african blacks, that wish for Us to consider them as of that elusive ‘good” types within their respective minority group..yet being such “good ones” never seem to be able to admit to nor speak out publically against one of Their own.

                Just one more reason that yes virginia there really is far more difference than skin colors.

            • Luckily i dont need to worry about all 10million of them, just the ones in my AO

              • KULA
                Just one or two well placed bullets will disperse a crowd.


            • you are wrong about “sending them back”, lena….all we got to do is take away their free stuff, and make it illegal to hire them, and they WILL find their OWN way home.

              • @buttcrackofdoom BINGO

                NO WALL NEEDED, make it illegal to hire any foreign nationals and we create jobs for white, black, brown and any other color american we have and wages go up. Biggest problem, .gov and the .corps want them here.

                Hate destroys the hater, not the hated.

            • Don’t forget they have the billionaires and their private armies backing them up. They riot, we get gun laws passed against us. Only thing I can see happening is vigilante groups like in Germany cropping up when they try to use the law against lawful people and not these animals

            • Bullshit. When the beaners figure out the gringos are serious, they will flee.

              How do you deport 11 million people (more like 50 million in reality)? One busload at a time.

              • Executions are cheaper than deportation.

        • Not here in California – nobody’s allowed to carry a firearm here except the illegal immigrant gangs.

          • Tod –

            That in itself is enough reason for anyone to have firearms. Nobody should be complying with California or anybody else Commie Laws!!!


        • PoP

          I can’t wait till they start to riot and burn the cities down and I hope that they burn the cities that have lots of bleeding hearts and political correct morons living there.
          Same way with the Muslims. Maybe the blacks will join up with the Muslims.

          REMEMBER who wanted this crap and the ones that did not heed your warnings.

      8. “Last night saw hundreds of protests with Mexican flags clashing with police and attacking Donald Trump supporters in Southern California.”
        (And somewhere Obama is smiling as he reads this news).

        Just going to get much worse this year, the gop convention is going to be so bad that help from the national guard will have to be called in and hillary slips into the white house by the hair on her chin.

        The american people are easy marks. They are going to war with each other when the most likely candidates, trump and clinton; represent what both sides are having the biggest problems with, corrupt politicians and business(i.e. Trump) that uses the rules to make itself bigger while keeping everyone else down. Just sad.

      9. Where are the SELF-PROCLAIMED “heros” of Homeland Security that should be arresting the DOMESTIC TERRORISTS who are using violence and the threat of violence in the furtherance of their political aims ?!

        They don’t protect OUR borders,
        They allow DOMESTIC TERRORISTS to riot.

      10. “Demonstrators Smash Up a Squad Car, Punch a Donald Supporter”

        I don’t see “demonstrators” … I see a mob of “undesirables” that I so often speak about. The same kind of people to avoid at any … and all cost.

        Their day will come and, they will not survive the coming chaos that lurks over us. There is nothing civilized about them now … imagine their behavior when all hell breaks loose and attempt to claim your property as theirs.

        Treat ’em as any other nasty, nuisance of a varmint and shoot ’em in the face.

        • i would HOPE that the police are reviewing news footage, with arrests IMMINENT.

          • It’s sad that they don’t. What should have been done is that the cops should have set up a perimeter, arrested every, single one of them, and then deported the ones that could not prove US citizenship. The ones that could and can be proven in court to have either destroyed property or injured others should then be sentenced to 5 years hard labor. That labor in turn could be sold to farmers, who could use them to work in their fields. Any money their labor generates would then go to pay compensation for the damage they caused.

      11. And yet they wonder why we don’t want them in our country???

      12. When people act like rabid animals, they should be treated as such.
        Oh thats right they are Democrat Hillary and Sanders supporters. They are immune. Just like her highness.

      13. What do expect from a wetbacks, the only race that can have a baby every 6 months….

      14. Why I am voting for Trump.

      15. … and the propaganda bullshit continues …


        Black Lives Matter Founder Says Whites Need To Make ‘Sacrifices’ For African-Americans

        Co-founder of Black Lives Matter movement, Marissa Jeanae Johnson, made a huge announcement today.
        She said that all “white folks” should “sacrifice” themselves in order for African-Americans to be treated equally.

        Johnson said this statement during an interview with Fox News.

        In the interview she said this, “What it’s gonna take to dismantle white supremacy is white folks actually give up something. You have to actually sacrifice yourself. You have to be willing to give up the things that you currently benefit from.”

        The comments on this article are … well … amusing to say the least.

        • FTW, that bitch from Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter can go f#$% herself.

        • FTW, interesting article. When I tried to post a comment, I was told I had to log in on my facebook account which I don’t have and refuse to have. That bitch can kiss my white ass anyway.

        • “Black Pride” and all the other Negro stuff:


          Shut the “F” up!

        • Yet some white people still babble on about the virtues of ‘diversity’.

      16. If you are an American citizen fight back by not doing business with places that hire illegals. Look at your local restaurant, is Spanish the language being spoken in the kitchen. Tell the owner why you wont be back. The roofing company has Mexican roofers, don’t hire them. Your house is it being cleaned by a Mexican woman? You are part of the problem then.

      17. To me this looks like another country trying to tell us who to vote for. If so Trump is the MAN!!!!!

        Flying a shit for a country flag, to me is a kin to and invasion. Destroying American property, and hurting an American is an act of war. Time to fly the Stars and Stripes and fight back. I’ tired of the Bullshit!!!!

        It is going to get bloody. It looks like a bunch of hispanic turds looking for a fight. It is going to be San Jacinto all over again. I hope they are ready for another ASS KICKING.

        Get over it!!!! You mexicans got your ass kick and lost the war. do you really think it will be different this time. Even if you do win the war and you get the land you want back? Do you really think that with in 2 years it won’t be the same shit hole that the country is now that you are running from, do you really think this is going to be your saving grace? If you do you are “Bat
        Shit Crazy”.

        What I don’t understand is that there will be people telling us it Ok for them to fly that turd flag of theirs, but it isn’t OK for me or my family who fought in the Civil war that we can’t flu our Starts and Bars.
        Good God do they need a HISTORY LEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Man I’m PISSED!!!!!!!


        • “Man I’m PISSED!!!!!!!”

          Welcome to the Club Sgt. Dale … you are not alone!
          Unfortunately … this goes well beyond this episode of Mexicana Flag waving parasites.

          Plenty of other undesirables will need to be dealt with as well. The days of WHITES Vs. EVERYBODY ELSE is approaching.

          BTW … our current WHITE Politicians are NOT White – they are undesirables … just in case anybody may of been confused or uncertain about the situation at hand.

        • Trump is dead wrong. The wall should also run along the eastern and northern CA state lines.

        • Conquest was always the goal.Unfettered “immigration is de facto invasion. You could ask any Mexican family if they are here to conquer(or re-conquer)or simply to “have a better life” and they will invariably claim the latter,but even a huge ship is guided by a small rudder. Once you become the minority,which in many places you are,the intentions of your “good neigh ors will not matter.A relatively small determined group such as LaRaza can dominate the agenda of the whole group,and do you think your good neighbors will risk being ostracized by their own people as race traitors to the point of embracing a flag that is not their own?America is dead and waits simply to topple under the weight of foreign invaders masquerading as people “looking for a better life.”

      18. WELCOME TO HELL ON EARTH. This is exactly what the Globalist Fascist psychopathic filth controlling the most vile evil disgusting shithole the world has ever known want and have planned for a very very very long time.

      19. TIME to stand up for the CITIZENS of the USA. Time to stand up WHITIE lets ROLL. vote for TRUMP to hang the 911 dancing jews.

      20. Bring on the civil war its needed badly.

        • It’s a miracle it hasn’t kicked off already

          Very very very soon would be my guess

          • so, you think it’s CRUNCHtime, eh?

            • Crunch berry time,,,

            • Haha

      21. FTW

        As more and more Mexican and other Central Americans enter the country, Whites will come under constant threat. Add to this the governmental infusion of Middle east transients and it compounds the problem. They DO NOT have the Same Principles or Western Culture and so we will suffer at first and be annihilated later.

        Do you think any of those Good Blacks, Latinos or Muslims are going to lift a finger to help WHITEY.

        You are a Dumbass if you think they will because it will be all about revenge and restitution. Besides you would not want to look as if you were a Whitey Lover and get your ass beat too.

        This is not racist. Only the reality of which is to come to our nation.

        • it won’t be a RACE war… will be a war between the haves….and the have-nots…..not all blacks are the same. i have a couple of friends that are black, and THIS cracker will be proud to stand next to them in the fight.

          • BCOD
            It has been My Experience that those Blacks I have trusted turned on me when the situation dictated that it would be in their favor and NOT the truth.

            Trust them at your own peril. If you do not have any major bonds with them like family or war battles you both encountered together then I would not trust them.

            They will blame you for things in the past and whatever does not coincide with P.C culture. The “Have Nots” are tipping the scale and they are NOT whites.

            • Ive noticed they do turn tribal in a instant.

              • point WELL taken! i appreciate both of you gettin’ my back. i AM well aware of what you speak of, but one of ’em is married to a cracker that calls herself my sister..their kids call me uncle randy, so pretty close to family…but i suuure do hear what yer sayin’!

            • Oh boy, another IKAGO. Ease on over to SBPDL and check out the discussion on Paul Kersey’s site. America is irredeemable.

          • Butt:

            I had a friend in the late sixties when I was a teen and he was a grown man of about forty five. My friend had many friends who were of many races. He was shocked when his black friend told him in all honesty that at some time in the future he, the black man, would be compelled to shoot my white friend. You see. In the late sixties blacks believed that there was a coming race war. This black told his white friend that if they were standing shoulder to shoulder and the order came from above, all blacks were to kill any white in the vicinity. If a black man did not kill whites he would be killed. This order to kill whites is still pending. So come a race war. Any white who thinks he will be spared because he is not racist is a fool.

          • “I have a couple black friends” thats great! and if you are age of aprox 40 or 50 yrs old as most here seems to be?….Then maybe if you live another 50 yrs you shall locate Two more good blacks! then you can tell us how you has four pals thats good blacks!

            And now wee can just concern ourselves with that remaining 50 million whom aint so swell I suppose right.

            But hope them the good ones do not get mixed in with any of them others for they all kinda look alike usually.

        • Where does it imply that I mentioned anything about “good blacks, Latinos or Muslims in my post?

          ANON – I am WHITE!

          I despise ALL UNDESIRABLES – even those that are “classified” into my own RACE!

          Does this make me a Racist for pointing out “undesirables” among other Ethnic Backgrounds?

          NO … it does not. What it makes me out to be is … Being Fucking Honest!

          Maybe there should be a War against those who hail from the Moniker of ANONYMOUS … what do you say about that fag?

          • FTW

            Anonymous Moniker? Been there, done that. Now I joined them. There will be many more.

            Was only making a statement and I did not mean to have it directed to you.

            Does not matter which way you go on this subject you are going to have you hands full in defending yourself.

        • Thats what will be amusing is when these idiot progressives who think open borders are good get mowed down by these same shitbirds they where whining to let roam free…

      22. If these same people did this in their own country (They wouldn’t dare!), they wouldn’t be treated so nicely by the police.

      23. 6.6 shallow earthquake off west coast of Mexico and 7.0 shallow earthquake in Vanuatu. The Ring of Fire is moving. The west coast of the US cannot avoid the inevitable. Sorry about the off topic.

        • And notice how quiet the north east rim of the pacific is,,,, not good

      24. Gee, violent, hate filled leftists. What a shock.

        Maybe the fascist left can bring back BombsAway Wee Willy Ayers? Then of course, the Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press, by Stephane Courtois, et al, showed how the vile, evil, disgusting ignorant, hate-filled, violent left MURDERED around 100 ***million*** last century. Kinda what they’ve done since the times of Robespierre.

        I am non-violent. But I do believe in self defense. And any leftist who assaults me will rue the day he made that decision.

        • Not leftists… Illegals.

          They have no lefts, or RIGHTS!!

        • Test. Consider the people who have trepidation about voting for Trump. Watching the protesters makes a Trump voter more resolute regarding their support for him. The protesters provide Trump fuel, in this case rocket fuel, with his base. People are pissed off “on steroids” to begin with and watching low grade idiots assaulting people, damaging police cars, and acting foolish actually amps support for Trump.
          Look at the comments here. Look how pissed off people were and how the anger has increased. The guy who got assaulted? He is taking one for the team. You can’t buy this type of advertising. This is free advertising and keeps Trump in the news.
          Trump is a master at marketing. If I were conspiratorial, I would think Trump hires people to act like ignorant, violent, crazy fools. I am not conspiratorial and would like to thank the protesters for their contributions to Trump. Few people will change their minds about Trump. His base is and will be more whipped up than ever. Pissed off people vote.
          Trump is not my favorite but he will win the primary. Anyone but HRC and these people are stepping on their own genitailis. Viva the protestor who answers the craigslist add and shows up to juice the Don.

      25. Another off topic…

        Could this be a game changer for battery storage for solar setups? Although not in production it sounds good.

        Here, finally, is a good use for our “pet rocks” rather than laying around looking shiny and purty.

        A battery that never wears out. Made with, you guessed it, GOLD. Gold nanowires have been tested up to 200,000 times over 3 months without losing any of their capacity or power. A lithium ion battery has a lifespan of 300 to 500 lifecycles.

        Maybe hoarding all that precious isn’t a bad idea after all.


      26. Nothing but old racist people here, those immigrants have been fighting our wars for at least 100 years. Dying for a county that doesn’t respect them, or show them any love. This country is divided, half of this country thinks they are superior to the world.

      27. To tell you the truth, I fail to see how anyone can get riled up to the point of violence over ANY of the current crop of candidates.

        If you think they will do anything favorable for us if they are elected, I fear you are wrong. They will do as their bosses say and ensure the profitability of the ruling class and the continuity of the tyrannical system.

        These politicians and their rabid followers remind me of the old Jack Benny joke:

        “A scout troop consists of 12 little kids dressed like schmucks following a big schmuck dressed like a kid.”

        • JRS –

          Sadly, you are very much correct.
          It seems most people forget that we have a power structure that is well above our own Government Instituted Illusion.

          Like many … I like Trumps ideas and some of the things he says … but … even by some kind of miracle that he was anointed to become the President. How many of these “things & ideas” would come into play and happen?

          ANSWER: Zero!

          None of it will happen, because the “establishment” won’t allow it.

          Even when Obama ran in ’08. He said a lot of things that appeared wonderful – but to me, it was an obvious smokescreen and far overreach of bullshit lies with an A+ Political Theatrical Performance.

          If something appears to be … “to good to be true” … well then … guess what folks? There’s a 99.76% chance that it is!


      28. At any rate the illegals will never be sent out of this country, nor will a wall be built to stop more from invading, that is pure fantasy. It’s too far gone, that’s just my opinion.

        • Aljamo –

          Wonderful (factual) Opinion!

          +10 Thumbs Up

        • Aljamo
          illegals will not be deported because the Bigs want them here.
          Riots with Mexican flags are nice because it will make lefties nervous. Is Trump paying these folks or what?

      29. the Right of the People to peaceably assemble..i dont see where violent protesters are protected.

      30. Thirty one thousand American Citizens showed up in Southern California after only a few days notice to listen to perhaps the best speech by Presidential Candidate Donald Trump thus far. It was an inspirational message of economic prosperity on the horizon as he takes office in the soon to be Great America we all know and love. He set out his plans for bringing back jobs. He talked about building a wall on our border. He intends to continue legal immigration. He talked about the need to get tough with Islamic Terrorists and relayed a true account of a time in the past. A badass General took fifty Islamic Terrorists, lined them up against a wall and shot forty nine with bullets covered in pigs blood. The one remaining Islamic Terrorist was sent home with the last remaining bullet covered in pigs blood. This resulted in forty two years free of any problems with the offending Islamic Terrorists.

        • I wish I could have the same optimism as you have for Trump. I have followed this man for 20 years and he can make Bill Clinton look conservative. Read Donalds book. In it he states that the best way to win the support of the people is to find something that that they are passionate about and then promise them you’ll do something about it. Once you have their support and its to late for them to back out, do whatever you want.

      31. I think the most annoying aspect of the video I saw was that when one of the illegals jumped from the roof of the LEO car to the hood, he actually slipped and busted his ass on the hood, then goes limping off.

        My first thought upon seeing that was…”Oh great, now my taxes will hafta pay for his hospital bill, or disability or WIC program, etc…”

      32. Leftist Nazi Browshirts out again.

        Note enough that the left MURDERED over 100 freaking MILLION last century, per The Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press. Now they are back at it again. Same thing since the days of Robespierre, up through Mao, Pol Pot, Mentally Il Kim Sung, Castro, Mugabe, Stalin, and now people are dying – and starving – in Venezuela in droves.

        You fascist leftists must be reeeeeally proud of yourselves.

        Where are those university “safe spaces” when you need ’em???
        Oh wait! Those spaces are just used as a hypocritical bludgeon used to smash anyone who disagrees with them.

      33. Incidentally, I am into non-violence. However, I *do* believe in self-defense (and fully support the 2nd Amendment, BTW), but if any one of you vile, filthy, ignorant, fascist leftists ever even think of laying a hand on me, I will invoke the right of self defense, and you will RUE they day you ever even THOUGHT of touching me, or anyone else who doesn’t agree with your fascist leftism.

        Socialism is truly full of ignorant, lazy, vile, fascist jackasses.

      34. That was Black Jack Pershing of both San Juan Hill or Kettle Hill I think actually, Mexican excursion to get Poncho Villa and General Of The Armies technically six stars WWI fame.

        Trump says what is.

      35. Relax the don is not gonna be pres. Tptb know if he is then the riots will explode all over. This is a matter of national security. Tptb can’t have it. Hitlery or Bernard is gonna be the next pres. We will continue down the path of socialism. The immigrants will stay and get taken care of because they demand it. Trump is villainized because he’s sick of America getting taken. The free shit immigrants are gonna fight to stay their survival depends on it. Americans aren’t mad enough to do shit about it.

      36. Test I’m all for violence it’s what changes attitudes. I hate the leftists fuck all of them. I hate the free shit scum the illegal immigrants that undermine wages gays blacks and basically anyone that’s not white. I will always try to undermine the lefts agenda. Just as they try to undermine my rights. Violence is never off the table. It’s not the preferred method of course. These protesters getting violent will only understand a good stomping. So violence is justified unless you wanna give them the keys to the country. I don’t. It’s sad it has to come down to this. What else can I say. If trump wins then the people have spoken with their vote. Just like when Obummer won I was pissed but I wasn’t gonna go rioting in protest. If mr trump wins these scumbag professional agitators should shut the fuck up. I hope trump wins and builds the wall it’s long over due.

      37. Regardless if its Soros funded or just spontaneous grass roots unrest its actually politically helpful to Trump. It doesn’t matter if the perpetrators are illegals or not its the behavior that in essence saying to the body politic, “This is the trash I want to keep out”.

      38. Obama Progressives have no argument, they have no facts, they have no truth, thus they resort to violence.

        My anger with the Brownshirt “Black Lives matter crew” is tempered by the sure knowledge that blacks will continue to be the murders behind 90% of the murders of other blacks. Their violence is unsustainable. They betray their gene pool.

        I tend to suspect Europeans went through a similar gene filter process during the dark ages. The violent and stupid ones just had to kill each other off until the gene pool was improved through attrition so people could live in cities together rather than in tribes (gangs)!

      39. There are solutions :

        #1. Use these illegals in medical experiments.

        #2. Build the border wall,and use land mines.

        #3. Jail anyone caught helping illegals.

        #4. Jail or execute anyone who hires illegals.

        #5. Terminate all welfare benefits to people not born in America.

        #6. Begin patrols of our south western borders with drones, shoot to kill.

        #7. Execute any and all illegals held in jails or prisons.

        #8. Harvest illegals organs for transplant purposes,naturally these organs would have to be subjected to testing to make sure they are free of exotic third world diseases before transplanting.

        #9. Make it a felony for an illegal to enter the nation.

        #10. Experiments to link human brain tissue to computers could be done if there were enough illegals to use as test subjects.

        #11. Liquidation and concentration camps could be established to deal with this third world invasion.

        #12. Any illegals who display any flag other than the stars and stripes, should be considered hostile elements to be neutralized.

        Certain Teutonic methods are advisable for stopping this invasion from the third world.

        • sorry, natural rights are granted to every human being. Try again.

          • To take from me and deficate on the flag, the country that I love. They gave up any human natural rights. No second chance!

          • To take from me and deficate on the flag, the country that I love. They gave up any human natural rights. No second chance!

          • When you invade our nation, your rights are what we say they are.
            In this case illegals should have no rights, now lets get those labs set up!

          • Agreed. There are ways of dealing with them properly without dealing with them inhumanely. No human being should be involuntarily subjected to medical testing nor tortured or abused. However, criminals can be used for labor and the price that is extracted for that labor can then be used to help pay restitution for damages they caused. If they spend 5 years picking crops in the fields without being able to send money home it is unlikely they will return. Of course, I would not suggest this for someone whose only crime was being caught border jumping one time. Those people are best dealt with through immediate deportation so long as they are not seeking asylum. However, for people with high recidivism rates and/or who have also committed other crimes against Americans then such a solution should be considered as befitting the crime. It is a fine line though as it is important to remember that part of what made this country great in the first place was that it was one of the first to codify basic human rights as part of it’s founding documents. We cannot allow ourselves to fall into barbarism towards non citizens just because it makes us feel good. If we do, then we compromise our values and become no better than those we would see ourselves as superior to.

      40. NAACP convention is in Cincinnati at the same time the RNC is in Cleveland. DHS, Federal, and local police in my area are already discussing what they expect and it isn’t good.

      41. They want equality?
        We should institute the same immigration laws Mexico has.

        Google THAT ONE.

      42. These riots are pushing people over to Trump. All part of the master plan to put him in the WH.

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