Another COVID Variant Found In Israeli Travelers

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Headline News | 6 comments

A new COVID variant has been found in Israeli travelers returning home. The polymerase chain reaction tests (PCR tests) allegedly picked up the BA.4 variant.

This variant is said to be spreading through South Africa. Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz said the fact that the new variant was discovered in the airport indicated how important it is to keep the testing center there open. “This indicates the importance of the tests we do at Ben-Gurion Airport,” he said in an interview with KAN Reshet Bet. “We are following [the situation] and checking” into the meaning of the discovery.

MSM: Omicron Sub-Variant Is Almost “The Most Infectious Disease In The World”

Unfortunately, we did not get rid of the coronavirus – neither we nor the world,” he warned. “We passed the Omicron, not the coronavirus. If we need to take new steps, we will take them.”

More Than 66% of “Fully Vaccinated” Israelis Now Suffering Adverse Reactions To The “Vaccines”

“There are several such cases that we discovered during testing at Ben Gurion Airport. So far we have no details on its dangerousness or any other characteristics. We are following this development. For now, there is no reason to worry,” he told Kan radio according to The Times of Israel. 

WHO said there was no evidence thus far that the new sub-variants spread any differently than the original Omicron variant. These new variants are right in time, as we are warned that “vaccine” sales are plummeting, but expected to “rebound” later this year.

Vaccine Sales Plummet But Are Expected To “Rebound Later This Year”

This scamdemic is not over yet. In fact, China continues to amp up the tyranny and expands lockdowns far beyond Shanghai. People are locked in their homes and treated like prisoners on this slave planet and until we wake up and stop acting like slaves and voting for our masters to rule over us, we will be treated as slaves.



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    1. Stand Firm

      Recently read this
      “Covid is a work of fiction,
      unfortunately the assault
      on our freedoms is not”

    2. Apache54

      As long as the sheeple keep taking the fake vaccine the mutations will never STOP!

    3. NoVaxCidentForMe

      It’s called the Booster Variant! No shot No Covid for me Haha!

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