Vaccine Sales Plummet But Are Expected To “Rebound Later This Year”

by | Apr 23, 2022 | Headline News | 17 comments

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    People have had enough of the injections and vaccine sales have plummeted. But big pharma’s sales of the “vaccines” are expected to “rebound later this year.” We all know what that means…

    Fierce Pharma warned that when Johnson & Johnson said Tuesday that it would not project COVID-19 vaccine sales for this year, citing a “global supply surplus” and “vaccine hesitancy,” the news sent a rumble through Wall Street that COVID vaccine sales could drop considerably this year as the world tries to shift from the pandemic to an endemic stage. But the ruling class has something up their sleeves because the “experts” are expecting vaccine sales to “rebound later this year.”

    Are they planning to “release” or propagate another variant that you’ll need a shot for? Perhaps. Only time will tell. Maybe they just hope that the “renewed” spread of the virus will occur again in the fall and the rulers will be able to convince people to get another booster shot.

    Cantor Fitzgerald’s faith in the durability of the COVID vaccine market was further bolstered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) meeting Wednesday, which highlighted the potential for renewed spread of the virus in the fall and winter along with an increased need for booster shots.

    “Additional boosters in the fall/winter could represent upside to estimates as well,” Louise Chen wrote in a note to clients.


    Analysts at Cantor Fitzgerald believe that the assumption that vaccine sales will diminish may be premature. “It’s too early to call,” Chen wrote. “It does look like the phasing of vaccine sales this year could be back-end loaded. We expect more focused discussions to take place on the need/framework for additional booster doses ahead of a potential fall/winter surge,” the analysts wrote.

    Are they alerting people to the possibility of more variants or a “surge” that will require another injection in the fall? Again, maybe. But it’s too early to tell what exactly is in store for us down the road. Whatever it is, it will include more injections of the mRNA toxic sauce.


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      1. My natural unedited unaltered immune system has the scariants covered. Moving on to Global thermo nuclear food shortages.

      2. SCOTUS will affirm the mandate for federal workers and contractors. This will open the door to more mandates and a social credit system like they have in many parts of Europe, where a Covid-19 vaccine is required to obtain basic services. GOP Inc., Trump, and their mouthpieces aren’t talking about this because – despite everything they say – they are fully onboard with the vaccine agenda.

      3. Gee, I wonder how these
        murderers just happen to
        know that “vaccine” sales
        are expected to perk up
        later in the year???

      4. These sick bastards have
        turned phony 19 into a
        neverending cash cow.
        The business is murder and
        it appears business is good.

      5. I didn’t need to read this article to know more covid BS is in the offing. First, the State is really pissed there are tens of millions of people who did not obey and did not sheepishly take covid “vaccinations”. Secondly, without forcing everyone else to get the jabs the State cannot offer legitimate reasons why it demanded people get the jabs to begin with, especially since 99 % of the non-vaccinated did not get sick or even show symptoms. Third, a precedent was set that millions and millions of people can ignore gov’t edicts (like I did) and the State cannot tolerate that. And fourth, there’s still a lot of money to be made forcing more people to take vaccines. It’s also likely the mass vaccine program served as a template for future control programs. No doubt the State is studying for improvements in the template, which will be incorporated in future gov’t control programs. I’m sure there are many reasons why there will be more covid mandates and can think of some even now, but the point is made. Besides, as per gov’t health agencies and the MSM, it seems a new variant seems to be popping up every few weeks, which of course the State will declare some to be unusually dangerous and/or contagious and requiring massive gov’t intervention along with more control measures”.
        I didn’t buy into the last manufactured covid panic, and will not for the next. When someone tries to convince me I’m not right about this issue I tell them they should just go do what they think is best for them and leave me alone if they don’t like it.

      6. I have never understood how people who don’t think their own masks will protect them somehow think other people’s masks will.

        FWIW, I have yet to see any actual studies showing that wearing the masks actually work to prevent Covid, but there have been studies indicating they don’t and that they cause social developmental problems among children and, to some degree, various antisocial, psychological and emotional problems and disorders among adults.

        Almost as if it was planned that way.

      7. Never had a covid shot, don’t intend on getting one. Don’t care who doesn’t like it. As far as I am concerned my personal will is more important than the government, or any woman, or society. I don’t tell them what to do, and none of them are going to tell me how to live. That’s just the way it is and the way it will always be. As a result in every way I live better than the majority of people. Been told by a few women we couldn’t have a relationship unless I have a covid vaccination, just had to laugh at them. Not going to allow them to have any kind of say so over me and don’t do their shit tests so they can see how much control they can get in a relationship. Never going to give them a long term relationship, or a ring, or pay their bills. And sure as hell not going to give them a kid, thanks to my vasectomy. Some say it’s not fair I don’t want marriage or kids and live so well while they do want these things but struggle. What’s amazing is the more you say no the more they are attracted to you. Read there are millions of women who want to marry and have kids but men in general are losing interest in all that and the marriage rates and birth rates are crashing, especially for whites. I use women, so what, all the rest is someone else’s problems.

        • First of all, I feel I can speak for the rest of decent society when I say “WHEW!” (wipes the sweat from the collective brow). I applaud your life choices (except for “using” women, for which you seem particularly proud), and I just wish the rest of the mental heavy-weights ? here would follow suit.

          No kids? Excellent!
          No vax? Even better!
          No mask? Trifecta!

          This is the perfect recipe for ridding our world of the rascists, bigots, MAGAts, and other sorted dumbasses. Keep up the good work, and remember…DEEP breaths, DEEEEEP breaths. Let’s Go Covid!

          • Mr. D, I use then throw away women you can only dream of. I don’t need your approval and you don’t speak for me. Let me end this post by saying what a loser you are.

          • You sure you don’t fit into one of those categories?

      8. Can any of the Rhodes Scholars here explain how 99.9% of the world’s doctors are in on a plot to depopulate the world? I’ll be right here waiting for your brilliance to shine forth…

        • Sit down, shut up.

        • Hono honk!

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