An EMP Attack And Nuclear War: Our Biggest Security Threat Is Not From North Korea, Russia or China

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    There is no redundancy when it comes to keeping aware of significant happenings that can trigger a war.  In this light, what would be the “trigger” factor?  Would this lead to a nuclear exchange?  What would be the result after an exchange does occur?  Where would the nation stand, and how, after an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack, and/or a limited nuclear war?  All of these are difficult questions to answer.  Cato the Elder ended his speeches on the floor of the Roman Senate with “CARTHAGO DELENDA EST,” translating into “Carthage must be destroyed.”  To utilize his “technique” of impressing such upon his audience, here is my personal caveat that I repeat wholeheartedly:

    A war would be kicked off with an EMP weapon detonated over the Continental United States, then a nuclear exchange, resulting in a World War.

    That being mentioned, the North Koreans detonated another nuclear device, of greater size than previous tests.  This particular test was their fifth, and they conducted it on Friday, September 9th right after Obama left China from the G-20 summit held there.  A Pyongyang newscaster was quick to trumpet the success of the test, as such:

    “We successfully conducted a nuclear explosion test to determine the power of [the] nuclear warhead.  We will continue to strengthen our nuclear capabilities to protect our sovereignty. We have now standardized and minimized nuclear warheads … We can now produce small nuclear warheads any time we desire.”

    North Korean State Television

    The USGS (United States Geological Survey) reported that the aftershock from the explosion left a 5.3 magnitude seismic tremor.  Estimates of the size of the nuclear device range from 20 to 30 kilotons.  The atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were 15 and 21 kilotons, respectively; therefore, this latest North Korean test falls well within the range of being able to take out a city.  The estimate came from Jeffrey Lewis, the Director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program in an interview with the Washington Post.

    The biggest threat doesn’t simply come with North Korea, however: the larger threat is the climate of disbelief fostered by naysayers that denigrates North Korea’s capabilities and efforts, leading to a relaxed, complacent posture.  As much as the North Koreans have been testing SLBM’s (Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missiles), medium-range missiles, satellite launches, and nuclear tests, there is plenty of evidence to support their claims of nuclear warhead miniaturization capabilities.  One good example of such a naysayer to miniaturization that shows the folly of such though is the statement by Melissa Hanham of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies based in California, as follows:

    “We would need to see it tested on a missile, like China did in the 1960s.  Nobody wants to see that. There is no way they could do that test in a safe way, and it could easily start a war.”

    She is listed as an “expert on North Korea.”  Thanks for nothing.  Basically, she stated that they’ll be able to verify it [the miniaturization, and the effectiveness] after it has been put to use…in a war.  Brilliant.

    Monday, September 5th is when the North Koreans tested 3 medium-range ballistic missiles, just as all of the leaders were gathered for the G-20 summit.  The interesting thing to note here is that the aforementioned Jeffrey Lewis also works for the Middlebury Institute, and his assessment is more of a warning than his colleague’s.  He said the following to Reuters:

    “That’s the largest DPRK [North Korea] test to date, 20-30kt, at least. Not a happy day.  The important thing is that five tests in, they now have a lot of nuclear test experience. They aren’t a backwards state anymore.”

    Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, cited in numerous previous articles is the foremost expert on EMP threats to the United States.  Dr. Pry’s information regarding potential threat nations stems from his years as an analyst for the CIA, and he maintains close ties with the agency as well as serving on the various EMP threat commissions that brief Congress annually.  Dr. Pry has indicated that the nations of North Korea and Iran both hold a military doctrine of nuclear first strikes against America by employment of an EMP device above the continental United States.  His detailed analyses can be referenced and downloaded by visiting the sites with the EMP threat briefings that he has given to Congress from 2006 through 2010.

    The other consideration here is that to deliver an EMP, it is no longer necessary to detonate a nuclear warhead in the “megaton” ranges.  A low-yield nuclear device can generate the EMP, and the North Koreans have been stating (very publicly) that they will attack the U.S. in such a manner.  Elias Groll of Foreign Policy Magazine wrote a piece entitled This is How North Korea will Get Its Nukes Past American Missile Defense Systems,” showing how the THAD anti-ballistic missile system can be circumvented by launching multiple missiles simultaneously to confuse the system’s radar.

    The North Koreans aren’t playing around.  Two days prior to their nuclear test, on Wednesday, September 7th a DoS (Denial of Service) attack came electronically against the Project on Crowdsourced Satellite Imagery.  This organization monitors nuclear sites and nuclear weapons storage facilities around the world, and it sells its services to governments.  You can read more about this in the articleDoS Attack Crashes Website Monitoring North Korea’s Nuclear Test Site,” by Eric Niiler of  Guess who else is involved in this one?  Melissa Hanham again.  Here’s an excerpt of the article giving her thoughts on the negated monitoring, as the server handling the satellite information was taken down by hackers prior to North Korea busting a nuke:

    “It’s suspicious timing.  It’s also really frustrating.  We are restarting and our security company is looking into as much information about the attack.  We are going to get it up as soon as possible.”

    This instills a vote of “no confidence” all across the board.  Would it be merely “suspicious” and “frustrating” if in the blink of an eye we morph into Fortschen’s novel One Second After as a result of an EMP?  What happened with this monitoring station shows how easily and by the exact method the North Korean EMP will be accomplished:

    Hackers will take down the monitoring stations’ servers before the EMP is dumped out, preventing an effective response to stop it.

    Numerous websites and sources have revealed that during the exercises conducted in Hawaii in GridEx 2014 where the Russians and Chinese participated with U.S. troops, our defenses for EMP and nuclear threats were exposed.  Our cybersecurity has been compromised for some time, and how would it be determined who hacked into the systems after an EMP had struck the United States?

    North Korea is not a joke anymore, and their threat becomes both more visible…and viable…by the day.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. Major damaged can be obtained with a few clicks of the keyboard and never mind the nukes.

        • A bit of good news. The proliferation of stinking scum islamic mosques has been slowed by good decent American citizens protesting them and/or setting fire to them. The muslim trash leadership is crying about this of course. Hopefully this trend will continue as the putrid islamic savage infestation is about the worst kind of cancer that could happen to us if allowed to grow uncontrolled. There will come a point where we will have to openly shoot the bastards. Personally, I would like to see them all dead or at least gone from our soil to practice the worship of their baby-raping prophet and their devil-god else where.

          • The average American is handicapped buy the inability to comprehend the amount of evil on this planet. And the longer we wait the deeper we get. And the harder it will be .

          • So clearly verbalized. So much truth in a single paragraph.

            I like the Swedish approach:


            Baby Raping Prophet and their Devil-God. You have no idea how accurate this is. Allah hates humans. He rules by fear of death, torture and destruction. If there was ever anything good about mankind, in general, muslims take it, pervert it and turn it into something really, really horrible. Scourge. Cancer. Disease. While Christians love and help, muslims murder, rape, pillage and behead. …and they always have. It really makes me laugh when people talk about “The Crusades” and how brutal Christians were. Well, get your history straight: Their assistance was requested. If you really want to know “muslim” history, search YouTube for the following words and then, sit back and learn the facts about the baby raping, devil-god worshipping, inbred bastards: why we are afraid bill warner

          • Menzoberranzan, The word Mosques could easily be replaced by the word Synagogues. Get rid of them both. The (((Tribe))) has done a million more times damage to America and our Freedoms, than a minority of Islamics. Know who the enemy is destroying our culture. Stop buying into the hijacked media’s propaganda teaching you who to hate. Look at the facts.


            • Yea I don’t need to be told who my enemy is by you or anyone else.

            • Don’t know about the other tribe, but the threat posed by this one is hard to overestimate:
              Surah 4:89 -“Those who reject Islam must be killed. If they turn back (from Islam), take (hold of) them and kill them wherever you find them…”
              Surah 8:12: Remember thy Lord inspired the angels (with the message): “I am with you: give firmness to the Believers: I will instill terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them.”
              Surah 8:65: O Messenger, rouse the Believers to the fight. If there are twenty amongst you, patient and persevering, they will vanquish two hundred: if a hundred, they will vanquish a thousand of the Unbelievers: for these are a people without understanding.
              Surah 9:5: When the sacred months are over slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them. If they repent and take to prayer and render the alms levy, allow them to go their way. God is forgiving and merciful.
              Surah 9:29 Fight those who believe neither in God nor the Last Day, nor what has been forbidden by God and his messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, even if they are People of the Book, until they pay the tribute and have been humbled.
              Surah 9:73: O Prophet, fight against the disbelievers and the hypocrites and be harsh upon them. And their refuge is Hell, and wretched is the destination.
              Surah 9:123: O ye who believe! Fight those of the disbelievers who are near to you, and let them find harshness in you, and know that Allah is with those who keep their duty (unto Him).
              Surah 9:124: And when the sacred months have passed, then kill the polytheists wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they should repent, establish prayer, and give zakah, let them [go] on their way. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.
              Surah 47:4: Now when ye meet in battle those who disbelieve, then it is smiting of the necks until, when ye have routed them, then making fast of bonds; and afterward either grace or ransom till the war lay down its burdens. That (is the ordinance).
              Surah 2:91 And kill them wherever you overtake them and expel them from wherever they have expelled you, and fitnah is worse than killing. And do not fight them at al-Masjid al- Haram until they fight you there. But if they fight you, then kill them. Such is the recompense of the disbelievers.
              Surah 4:76 Those who believe fight in the cause of God, and those who reject faith fight in the cause of evil. –
              Koran 5:33: The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter .
              “When you enter any village (or community) and stay in it, you will have a share in it. Any village (or community) which its people disobey Allah and His Messenger, the one fifth (20%) of its lands will be fore Allah and His Messenger and then will be for you .” (Hadith Sahih Bukhari, No. 1775)
              And, my personal favorite:
              5:12 Allah made a covenant of old with the Children of Israel and We raised among them twelve chieftains, and Allah said: Lo! I am with you. If ye establish worship and pay the poor-due, and believe in My messengers and support them, and lend unto Allah a kindly loan, surely I shall remit your sins, and surely I shall bring you into Gardens underneath which rivers flow. Whoso among you disbelieveth after this will go astray from a plain road.
              Guess Allah’s a little short of cash…
              Peace, love and flowers in your hair (inshallah)…

        • same chit same place same re todds…nutting changes

        • The world has been very patient with USA; bombing, regime change, invasions, weekly assassinations, false flags.. all the while a quiet hack would bring it down. Forget north Korea as a threat, it’s a joke. Expect the grid to go down and hear: “Putin did it! With north Korea! We are at war! Oh and martial law now.. plus Obama is now supreme overlord for life.” More crap for the sheep..

          • I would wave at Russians troops as they rolled on in. They would be to us, what we were to the French after we liberated them during WWII!

            • you have liberated nothing, it was a comedy of landing , you didn’t lost a shit, just something like 150k ppl on the total war while russians took care of the whole fucking east side of the front, they lost 26 million people, what your history writters forget is usa would have done nothing if the III reich military power had not been destroyed by the russians.

              i have nothing against you personnally but stop thinking usa saved europe in ww2, this is pure BS.
              your country came like a knight on a horse saying hello with a mojito left handed to suck all germans techs. ( appolo program is saturn 5 based program, clearly said your moon exploits are based on nazi technology your gov stolen…. )

              each country have shits to deal with, start by kill all you psychopaths that rules the finance and the banking system, once this is achieved, no more intered for niggers & muslims fucks to invade a country where there is no landfield to receive iphone 789 boxes.

              • Sad but true.

          • I fear you may be right, E.

      2. Nay , The Norks are like the JV team . LMAO

        • New Article at Daily Sheeple, aka Macs Other site says.

          “just Days away from US signs Biggest Ever AID package deal for Military Aid to…ISRAEL!

          For a total of $38-BILLION!

          Thats on Top of the prior agreed to by usa congress/senate and usa prez already agreed to renewal of the usual TEN Year Israel cash grants of $3-Billion per year, since, forver now alomost! Although several months ago Nuttyahoo came here and Demanded usa govnt increase that orig $3-Billion per year for TEN years, to $5-Billion!…After waiting aprox a month so usa folks will forget all about it…Congress held extra special “hearings/votes” and agreed to only add another one billion to make it Now $4-Billion per year for Ten Years….Then as per usual, once ten years expires usa govnt/congress/usaprez and all typical, Wailer Wall Head bangers will again re-approve it for another TEN years running! THats alotta free cash Loot for a nation that contains just around 6.5 to 7 million ziojewry persons eh.

          Anybodys guess is valid to caculate it all when all total Military aid Cash grants get included with those free Cash grants per year as mentioned here.

          The usa nations Top numbers crunchers, are at odds on which group, usa african savages Vs Israeli ziojewry has so far swindled and scammed more usa fed Cash grants away from mainly whitey tax payers?

          But regardless which group, african blacks Or ziojewry has scammed more total cash in past 50-60 years straight?

          Both sides of numbers cruncher experts agree that the grand totals of Both the black negroes and the white-Looking zio negroes, grand totals swindled scammed Cash from usa whitey tax payers has exceeded the $150-Trillion number and more being added daily.

          All to keep funding the worlds Two Biggest nation Wreckers and abject satanic Curses upon Goyim everywheres!

          OyVey and Ogga Boogga!

          • The content on this site is provided as general information only. The ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the opinions of sponsors or firms affiliated with the author(s). The author may or may not have a financial interest in any company or advertiser referenced. Any action taken as a result of information, analysis, or advertisement on this site is ultimately the responsibility of the reader.

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            • I did not write that above, I always put WWTI at the end of my Posts.

              • Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

              • WhoWTFKnows – not always! You didn’t put WWTI at the end of this post!?

              • Just like you didnt do with this post? stfu

          • How could they be so powerful without satans help? As Jesus said. They call themselves Jews but are the children of Satan. As God said . I know the blasphemy of those that call themselves Jews but are of the synogouge of Satan. In their Talmud they say Jesus is boiling in a vat of sewage for eternity. And these people are human? Or the children of Satan.? Their greatest weapon is the lie. Just as Jesus said . And God said. They must be possessed ? We let them come here with equal rights and they have taken over our economy and are destroying it. Our media peddling perversion and outright lies. How have they gotten such control without Satan their fathers help? He rules and their his kids . But not for long. Just a short time.

          • Every time you hit a pothole on a federal highway, every time you hear of bridges falling down, every time you see veterans struggling, homeless, think of it: 38 Billion Dollars.

            There are people that are going to burn in hell for this. Hopefully sooner than later.

            • OK, but I dont hear you bitching about the 140 BILLION obummer gave IRAN!

              Its the AmeriKan joos you have to worry about, not the Israelis…

              • WTF does EVERY comment containing j e w s or any variation of, go into moderation?

                • WOW. its currently 4:49…. WTF MAC? Are you a j e w???

                  DMONIC says:
                  Comment ID: 3609518
                  Your comment is awaiting moderation and should appear within 0 to 2 hours. Your comment has been moderated because our system does not recognize your IP address or email address. If you utilize an email address (even a fake one) when submitting your comment in the future our spam filtering system will eventually recognize you as a trusted user and automatically approve future comments.
                  September 14, 2016 at 1:40 pm
                  OK, but I dont hear you bitching about the 140 BILLION obummer gave IRAN!

                  Its the AmeriKan j o o s you have to worry about, not the Israelis…


                • WTF MAC????

                  WHY THE FUCK ARE MY COMMENTS HELD UP IN MODERATION for WELL over 2 hours BECAUSE I USED THE WORD J E W S…. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????

                  Talk about censor-fucking-ship! This site, along with the blaze and infowars are fucking anti-FIRST AMENDMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  Figures since all 3 are run by j e w s….

                  Yet ACID goes on his anti-everything white rants, which I agree with, and you don’t say a fucking word! Screw you.

            • All our taxes are going everywhere except to where the people paying them need them.

        • You know this Manmade EMP by exploding a Nuke above the atmosphere, never seems to address the Human psyiological damage it may do to the human body. Will there be fall out, radiation poisoning, Concussions from the blast, light flashes that burn the skin and blind the eyes? There may be a lot of death from the blast of the unknown. Forget about worrying about losing electricity. Loss of life and limb will be devastating. I would think the NE Area of the US, NT and Washingscum DC will be targeted. You don’t want to be living within a 1000 Miles from DC – “Despot Country” Or down wind from those areas.

          This is not like a Video Game, where you get to restart again where you left off. Prepare not to look at the light and find a hard object to hide behind in a blast to block the light flash.

          Something to think about.


          • I meant to say NY -New York financial centers and Washingscum DC will be the target.


            • THE BIGGEST THREAT IS THE IGNORANT RETARDED POPULACE AND THE ZIONIST BANKING CARTEL. Worse than any nuke, the zios and the morons are taking this country down at breakneck speed! I don’t think either of them are going away anytime soon either….

              • Attention Preppers, Here is the next Gadget you want for your stash for only $625.00 – $720 online. This looks pretty amazing. Watch the Video within seconds it tells you good or Fake PM’s.

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                All it takes is getting one bad coin or fake round of electroplate and this PM Verifier Meter Reader would have paid for itself. Every store owner needs this to accept Gold and Silver and we are on our way to a new form of currency verification for purchasing goods post Crash of the US Dollar aka: IOU Fake Money toilet paper.

                ~WWTI… I am going to look into being a distributor for this product. F-n eh!!

                • WhoWTFK:

                  I acknowledged earlier that you often write good posts. This is one.

                  I have bought gold necklaces on the street from a con artist posing as a thief. I had sold silver and gold accessories and believed these to be fakes but purchased to find out exactly what I had. I had them appraised. They were brass. High quality new brass looks like gold but oxidizes and darkens quickly.

                  Once I took a ring to a “legitimate” business. The stone was a fake which had clouded up so this fella offered to replace the fake stone with another fake in good condition. The fake stone was set in real gold. When I got the ring back, it looked great. What I did not realize is that the entire ring had been replaced. He gave me a piece of garbage electroplated and claimed that in addition to changing stones, he had cleaned it. I thanked him. Then went to another businessman to have it appraised. When I found I had been cheated I kept it to myself for business purposes.

                  I am interested in that machine. But I won’t be making any purchases for a year or so. Keep us abreast of your new distributor ship.


              • Genius, spot on, but you forgot the govt. which the zios control. I’ve always considered them our biggest enemy.

                • The bankers ARE OUR GOVERNMENT! The rest are just a sideshow.

                  • Hair splitting. Are the banksters the tools or the tool holders? Are the muzzies the tools, or the tool holders? Is the vatican the tool or the tool holder?

                    I think the tools and the tool holders may be indistinguishable.

                    The Zionists
                    The Jesuits
                    The Catholic Church
                    The Corporations
                    The Governments
                    The NWO
                    The Globalists
                    The Banksters
                    The Jews
                    The Muslims
                    The Elites
                    The Wall Streeters
                    The Politicians
                    The Saturnaliens
                    The Satanists
                    The Luciferians

                    …the list goes on.

                    The Powers That Be – Tools, Tool Holders, Secret Societies, etc. They’re all the same. They’re against the people. They are against truth and prosperity. They capitalize on wars, famines, chaos and crime. They are, in a single phrase, the embodiment of everything mankind attempts to avoid: evil.

          • Detonation would take place at an altitude of approximately 250 miles. The EMP would be the only result that we would have to deal with.
            No unprotected electronics would survive. Transformers would fry. Basically a return to the 1800’s, for the unprepared.

          • Sorry but you know nothing about EMP blasts. Or apparently Nukes in general. Significant EMP is generated only when bomb is detonated above the atmosphere, that’s why you get the EMP; the energy has to go somewhere and it cannot go into heat as there is nothing to heat. As the device is detonated 50-100,000 ft above the earth. there is No blastwave. Little or no Alpha or Beta radiation; and Gamma is greatly reduced as the air stops the first two almost completely and greatly reduces the latter (Air being roughly equal to 34 ft of water protection), and being 10-20 miles away a small bomb like being talked about other issues are minimal

            • Hey Paranoid. That is if the Nuke detonates as designed to even create an EMP. How many SCUDS in the Iraqi Desert Storm War were duds and landed short, or off target or crashed onto a hillside. We are talking 3rd word dopes swinging the bat here at us. And every missile is experimental. Even the US missiles have a failure rate of like 15%. So go ahead stare at the Light in the sky and burn your eyeballs out. What do you know? And if it does not detonate, guess where it going to land? Then what? You need to be a little more paranoid. lol


              • Here are some Dismal Facts. US Defense Budget is nearly $700 Billion a year, to these Nit Wit Clowns and this is what we get. 25% of this budget they can’t even account for. $8 Trillion missing. And none of it works, read below.

                U.S. Missile Defense Test An Embarrassing Failure 2013.

                The Pentagon’s multi-billion-dollar missile defense shield has failed for the third time in nearly five years to intercept a target missile, marking the latest disappointment in a string of lackluster flight test results since the last successful intercept test in December 2008.

                During a July 5 trial, the Ground-Based Interceptor was launched from Vandenberg AFB, Calif., against a target lofted from the Kwajalein Atoll in the Pacific. The U.S. Missile Defense Agency is mum about the sequence of events other than a brief acknowledgment that no intercept took place.
                Link: ht tp://

                The Costly Failure of Missile Defense

                It’s become a joke, but the Pentagon is still throwing billions at it.
                Never mind that no one is firing ICBMs at us. It’s been three decades since Ronald Reagan cooked up his cockamamie plan to shoot down missiles in the sky, and while technology has improved incalculably since then, after countless billions of dollars—according to The New York Times, it’s $250 billion—the damn things still don’t work.

                Last week, following yet another failure, and as if it just occurred to him, the director of the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency—yes, it has a whole “agency”—said that he’d look into it:
                Link: ht tps://

                The list goes on and on… Clowns in uniform displaying utter failure. All the while the Military Industrial Complex Mafia Laughs it up on their yachts with strippers serving Martini’s.


                • WWTI, all those trillions DELIBERATELY ended up SOMEWHERE. Remember on Sept. 10, 2001, when Donald Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon lost track of 1 trillion dollars? Then the NEXT DAY…..I think you get the picture. Our ‘weapons systems’ are a freakin’ joke now. Look at the F-35; the biggest boondoggle since ‘Star Wars’. Our older aircraft are better but they won’t last forever, either. Russia has some weapons systems now that are awesome. I think China’s are questionable. I think the US could get defeated by Russia ALONE in WW3. won’t even need the Chinese.

                  • Braveheart, funny you should say the F35 is junk, that statement puts you in great company. I was just reading about one of our great military leaders, General Chuck Yeager, he not only said that the F35 was crap, but he went on to say that the F22 ,and B2 was junk too. Now here’s a man who knows a thing or two about what makes a good plane. He said our country would be better off spending all that money on up grading the F15, F18, B52 and the A10. Plus he said we need to take some of that money and put it into pilot training, and aircraft maintenance. Things are so bad right now that we can’t field complete fighter squadrons due to a lack of spare parts. Case in point, Marine fighter maintenance crews have had to tear apart old aircraft on static display in order to get parts to keep their squadrons flying. Now that’s sad, really really, sad!!!

                    • Colt M4, Chuck Yeager was the top test pilot for the Air Force for many years so he should know. Today’s leadership of the Air Force is a joke. There’s ALL KINDS of money to be spent on the F35 but none available for spare parts or pilot training. they don’t have their priorities straight at all.

                    • Colt M4, you’re forgetting about the one great advantage that prez Obama has given our military over all other countries on the planet: We are now able to field a gaggle of courageous gay soldiers and transgenders. Who could possibly beat THEM?

                  • Braveheart: Look at who was at TOP HQ Pentagon Money controls aka Comptroller during the Entire time frame of missing $8.5 TRILLION dollars fiasco.

                    Dov Zakiem! Whos he you inquire of perhaps? ok I will Tell you whom is he!

                    in his Real Life other than top pentagon swindler scammer, Dov Zakiem is an ordained rabbi, and no regular run of mill type rabbi either!

                    He belongs to that Ultra, Ultra, super duper orthodox group called Chabad Lubavitures…The ones the wear very Long Beards, very Wide brimmed black fedora hats, and all black “funeral director” type suits.

                    And his main DC bunch also has their very Own side door key to unlock the Whitehouse doors incase the usa prez fails to awake at 3 am when a dozen of that bunch go there and Demand face time in real time with usa prez as if Nobody else ever mattered but for them and their group.

                    And it takes mucho lotsa casho to fund and maintain over 2,900 Chabad Orgs HQ’s globally in almst every country on earth, along with as many or more “yeshevia Schools”.

                    Those yeshevia’s are schools similar to summer camp but only for jewish kids to spend time at so to Learn how to become a far better tribe talmudic member like their mentor chabd rabbis who teach said kids!

                    It takes quite alot of such summer camp teachings for many years going to teach those kids all the different methods of swindle and scams upon unsuspecting Goyim gentiles. And even more Cash to fund it all eh!

                    So I have zero real proofs and likley never shall obtain any proofs..but in my personal good guess?

                    I’d begin the search for missing Trillions dollars at Dovs doorstep and at his chabads other 2,900 worldwide locations eh…

                    IRS-fed Tax dept even coined a new name for certain 401K’s that contain far more than typical normal yearly contribution to said 401K accounts based on these very types as dozv zakiem and fellow rabbis.

                    IRS coined name for such 401K’s is “A Rabbi Fund”!

                    because except for a tiny small Few gentile usa folks Nobody Else can afford such massive sized contributions into a personal retirement 401K plan as them what has a “Rabbi Fund” per IRS calls it!

                    Eve see that TV ad with a fat little rabbi whinney and crying for cash donations for starved Israel jewry persons?

                    Yeah he has a good 401 K plan too…He Pays himself a full one Million dollars per year salary from that “Non-Profit” Org of help feed starved jews in israel lands!

                    He Keeps half a million in pay and other half goes to his 401K plan…While duped usa donator folk keep funding his swindle scam that even shows huge very Fat ass so called starved jews in israel on the tv ad!

                    I never yet seen such Fat assed starving folk have You Breavheart? And since israel gets $4 billion per year from usa taxes, plus at least $12 Billion per year from Germany for WWII Hoax claims, as is the last amount I read of from germans to israel anyways.

                    Plus all the extras in Cash amounts we hear of being demanded by israel or usa dual citizens that perp the scams, and the Fact that just aprox 6.5 to 7 million jews live in israel total…Jusy How in world can anybody be starved in israel unless he or shes a Palestinian christian or muslim so oppressed by jewry there eh?

                    Amazeing what really goes on within israel state and usa with the same scam perps here and there that so Few usa folks like us guys here actually knows about huh?

                    I rekon its due to most folks reject all forms truths or facts if it involves their beloved self chozens they been so duped by. They all have one main thing in common…

                    To a man or woman each always refuses to ever Look at or research ANY proof evidence that we or others ever try to show them duped souls…Its a damn cryin shame no?

                • I’ve often wondered what I would do if offered millions and yachts and strippers and martinis to be a traitor. I don’t think I could fit through the eye of a neddle . So I’ll pass.To gain all these worldly things and lose my soul? Does God want more rich playboys? This is all a test to see what we will do with free will. Enslave a planet . Strangle a little old lady for her piggy bank. If you were God who would you save? Or let go on to the next level?

              • Sorry, but you know nothing about Nukes and there is no point talking to you

                • Paranoid he knows everything about everything.
                  How dare you go against his thinking.

                  • Sorry, but you are wrong also. Lots of things I know nothing about; but I make a point not to make it obvious by posting crap that’s wrong. Long ago I had training on this stuff. Got cert on Radiation monitoring, what to do “IF” and spent some time in the Gov Bunker (They all have them). Still got my issue Rad kit, My CD hat, and a stupid card that states I am authorized to stand around and look important.

                • Sorry P. but you have never been in a Nuke blast so you don’t know, and there is no point talking to you either.

                  • Sure, and how many asshats here, including yourself, have been in nuke blasts? Fuck! You keyboard warriors need to stfu and go back to the porn in your moms basement!

            • You are absolutely correct. Plus, there are several tests that anyone can look up to prove it. The most famous high altitude test was the US “Starfish Prime” test, which is the first time the EMP effect was observed. However, a few more were conducted by both the US and Soviet Union (usually in the southern hemisphere) before the international outcry due to the effects of such tests made them unwise to continue. The interesting thing is that an EMP weapon does not have to be all that large to have a massive effect. 5 kilotons is more than enough.

              • Yup, some of these people only read each other. They think Bikini is a type of bathing suit.

                • The irony is that most do not even realize that the bathing suit was actually named after the nuclear tests. It was an expression of hedonistic fatalism since most believed they were going to die soon from the cold war suddenly becoming very hot, so why not have fun in the meantime?

                  The interesting thing that Starfish Prime teaches us is that some solid state electronics will survive. Transistor radios were the height of fashion at the time. However, right after Starfish, they may have lost reception but did not fail. What did fail were things that were attached to the grid, specifically street lights. That is because the power lines acted as an antenna to focus the energy of the EMP. Of course, a similar effect was noted during the Carrington Event with the telegraph, and during a few other similar stellar incidents that happened in 1927 (if memory serves) and far more recently in Canada. However, NONE of these incidents destroyed people’s cars. tractors, etc. like people think will happen.

                  • New data indicates some cars will fail if they are running, indications are also that a major EMP incident will invalidate traffic tickets.

                    • Agreed, but I tend to think the cars that will be most affected are those made of exotic materials like carbon fiber, and those tend to be very expensive exotics. Most metal bodied vehicles should still run after such an event (the shell will act as a Faraday cage), but it is not likely that they will be able to be refueled. Also, it is important to note that many cars are subjected to high voltages and amperages when they are repaired with Arc, MIG or TIG welding (such as during exhaust and body repair) but still function normally afterwards. As for electric cars, who the heck knows?

      3. Doesn’t matter who uses them first, because the second one to use them had better use everything they got because the aren’t going to get another chance.

        USA just flew 2 B-1 bombers over the north end of South Korea. Only a nut would launch against the USA, Russia, China, England, Israel, or France. At this time Iran, and North Korean could be taken out with a one strike massive wave of Plains, and Missiles.

        Things look bright for our future!!! NUKE FLASH!!!

        • Sgt Dale, Oh yeah that worked really well too in Afghanistan and Iraq the entire last 15 years. And that was all for nothing. A bunch of rag tag Mt goats beat the B1B, stealth aircraft and drones. lol


          • WWTFK
            What I was getting at was that Obullshit is trying to get Kim ASS UN to start something.


          • True, but that was a guerilla war and not a nuclear one. The great irony of nuclear weapons is that they are so powerful, and the after effects so toxic, that it is unlikely that they will ever be used in combat again against a conventionally armed enemy. Plus, native populations have the upper hand when it comes to guerilla warfare, and the US government seems to be very unable to win these conflicts.

        • The Kenyan illegally occupying The People’s White House wants to push forward his ‘Prague vision’, including the no-launch-on-warning, which eliminates the option of unleashing nuclear weapons immediately after detecting a nuclear strike in progress, but before the incoming weapons reach their targets.

        • “…massive wave of Plains, and Missiles.”

          Would those plains be fruited?

      4. We’re fucked one way or another.

        • Thats kinda what i figure

      5. How is all that Hope and Change doing for ya?

        Shorty sent Obama a goodbye kiss with a nuclear detonation.

        • You’re still an asshat, apparently even when you’re on your meds…

      6. Or one of the missing nukes from Minot will be used and then blamed on N.K.

      7. Nah, in true “Monty Python ” style, O’Nero would be on video conference with the NORK leader, pull down his trouser, flash the triangular monster at Kim; “Bet you can’t touch this!!” And THEN push the button.
        Of course that button would only be the one that powers his fully inserted VBP-while the rest of the USA is thrown back to the early 1880’s.
        Be well.

        • The question is, if you don’t have the skills and tools from the 1880s, are you really going to survive or will it be more like you are back in the stone age?

          • That’s my opinion. The 1800,s had steam engines on everything from trains to cotton jins to sawmills. Where are the steam engines? the 1800,s had draft amimals and all the harness implements tools ect Where are they now? We simply don’t have 1800,s capability without electricity. electricity from the runs almost everything. Without electricity its a primitive stone are existence for most folks.

            • Well, it wouldn’t be exactly like the 1880’s. Most people think that every piece of technology we have today would be bricked in an EMP event, but that isn’t true either. Some things would survive. There would still be some vehicles that still ran and could be converted to technologies like wood gas to operate. Small diesel and gasoline engines would likely still be available to run things too, and fuel could be synthesized to run them. Smart phones and tablets would still work as handheld computers, even without the cellular network (not all of them would be fried as their antennas are fairly small). We would still have a certain level of knowledge among technical people that would let us move forward. Yes, millions would starve and die, but we would get through it.

              • Thank you Winston, for that bit a sanity apart from all the chicken littles out there. An EMP is NOT the end of the world, it would just thin the herd. Big fan here! Think of a world without all the dindu-nuffins!

                • My guns will still work after the EMP

              • /the trick will be to not be among the millions who starve & die. Ive been viewing U Tube videos of converting a 4 cycle engine to a steam engine. I have a 10 HP briggs hooked to a 5000 watt generator. Im going to modify the camshaft and convert it. I already have a boiler of sorts. I placed a water heater on top of my outdoor wood stove. and dozens of times the safety valve has popped off. billowing clouds of steam. Ive already got a toy steam engine that I play with. However broiler explosions have scalded many people to death. The Mississippi River has lots of steam boats that went to the bottom because the broiler blew up.

        • The question is, if you don’t have the skills and tools from the 1880s, are you really going to survive or will it be more like you are back in the stone age?

      8. It’s past due to dig downward in the back yard.

      9. Sorry boys. NK was lying about conducting a successful nuke test that day. There was a mag 5 EQ in South Korea just like the one that took place in the North. Did the South Koreans test a nuke as well? Get a grip and study up for a change.

        • It’s getting harder to study up when we are told mostly lies? Who do you believe ? Our media? Get a grip.

          • Not only that but can you trust the alternative media either? Many in the alternative press are only in it for the money and use sensationalism and fear to drive page views. Thus one must conclude that there is no stable outlet for accurate, true reporting anymore.

      10. Im good with the 1880s there was alot of opportunity then and life was simpler

        • Yep GS, 1800’s is for me too,.. I had the opportunity today to clear and cut up some fallen tree branches, opportunity then to stack the wood in preparation of this fall and winters fire pit parties.

          To those up north are you finished cutting a year and a half worth of wood, cut, split, stacked and covered up? This winter may be when the Grid fails and no electricity for 2 years. Are you prepared with a backup heating system like a wood stove? Or are you just going to wing it and hope for the best?


          • no antibiotics back then

            shame to die from a splinter or small cut

            death from an abscessed tooth ? gruesome way to go

            infant and child mortality through the roof

            1800’s ?

            NO thanks

            • Satori, The Doom and Bloom blog site says you can take antibiotics made for fish to treat illness in humans. They even sell it on their site. I’ve tried their meds when I’ve had severe sinus infections and dental abcesses with great success. They won’t fix everything. but might save your life at some point down the road. Good luck!…

            • You are inferring that if we get EMP’ed not only will there be no antibiotics, but we’ll have also forgotten the essential (and basic) ways to treat wounds or illness using Nature’s products (along with KNOWN ‘great hygiene’ AND boiling water/distilled (as needed)? *Stuff ppl were not remotely aware of back in those days? Will we also forget about cars and electricity in totality? (I wonder who will rediscover it someday)? Nobody I guess, since everyone’s gonna die from lack of anything to stop illnesses …including medical knowledge being EMP’ed and wiped out. (OH!!! Need to toss out our surgical manuals and all else that pertains to such things as well – – as I’m sure our bodies will ‘morph’ into something the books do not touch upon).

              Garlic will cease to serve as an antiseptic as will pine pitch and all other natural sources? Pine needles will cease to be a source of Vitamin C (which is very bad for you anyway).

              All “holistic” avenues of cure will be obliterated too? Damn! That means our entire ‘sick bay’ will be rendered worthless and then can be converted to a place for the cats to piss and shit. Ain’t nothing harmful in that stuff, so hell, let all the animals inside and let the dung pile up for insulation. Momma didn’t raise no fool! 🙂 *Remember to move your sleeping bags to FRESH dung, as it’s much warmer than the older stuff…

              Wow EMP is capable of far more destruction than I realized. BBL…need to throw out all the garlic, pitch, alcohol and other antiseptics and holistic antibiotics as well. We had no idea that an EMP would also erase all ‘gathered’ knowledge or, at least, render it useless …life’s a bitch eh? 😉

              Hey Sarge …forget about boiling your water after filtration. It ain’t gonna work after an EMP or nuke as it will no longer kill a damn thing nor sterilize anything. In fact, your brain getting EMP’ed will simply make you forget “all that you presently know about living”, like what the filters are for and so you’ll remove them all, fully realizing they aren’t worth a hoot to the best of your knowledge let alone why in hell you put it there to begin with!

              Now …I was taught that “the big bird” brings your brain back at about 18-years of age ….apparently that has changed to a later age, without a doubt. Well dammit, FIRE is still a safe bet for killing (most) germs and such – so if you get an infection, burn hell out of it and you’ll be just fine and dandy.

              Let’s hope for more like 1600’s living. That way we’ll only have to ‘cast out demons’ instead of messing with stuff we don’t understand at all. Need to tell everyone DO NOT KILL Catholic Pedo.///uh, I mean PRIESTS, PRIESTS!

              • BWAHAHAHAHA! BRILLIANT man, BRILLIANT! By far one of the best posts on this EMP fear porn nonsense!

          • Igot enough wood for a lifetime , if left alone , and enough deisel to power me through a couple years .
            All that wont stop someone from takin it from me or you.
            So i still hope for the best .

            and SATORI , Im with you on that , no thanks on 1880s lifestyle.

          • W,you realize you should be working on the winter after this winters wood,right?That is how it is in New England,though working on some home made solar,just keep 2 rooms and some water warm with sun would be excellent,even if only partially warm.

          • Not too far north, mountains of east TN.

            Got 16 cords cut, split and in the dry. Probably another 6 or so still in log lengths, cut this past winter which will get processed this fall. Use 4-6 cords per year. Been heating primarily with wood for 30 years, have wood cook stove in auxiliary kitchen, and have stainless steel wood fired water heater ready to plumb in if needed. Yeah….got wood covered.

            • TnAndy, …howdy neighbor. Basically, after you cross the state line below ya we are about ‘right under’ you. I was curious if you welded up your own, or did you purchase one of those “Wood Boilers in a Metal Shack” (for a while there were 100’s of them for sale it seemed (sitting in fields and shops), a couple of years or so ago).

              We’ve been heating with wood (here) for 17 years, and when growing up in Maine that’s all there was (of course). Up there going through 30 cords a winter was the norm (temps hovering around 40 below very often eats the wood, even the hardest of hardwoods). Ain’t telling you nothing though. heheh… With all the ‘mass’ of the BOH we’ve created, we get by on a bit less than what you’re burning, yet you are using less than most are (and no doubt you see more ‘white stuff’ than we do down here).

              Hope to meet you and yours someday and all others who are nearby and on the same wavelength.

      11. So which Iran nukes reports are valid? Those from some Lone ex-cia type unknown’s? Or the repeated again and again Iran reports that are complied from aprox 150+ of worlds Top Nuke scientists and experts, that have again and again Gone to Iran in person as a group or in several groups, been granted access to litterally every square inch of Iran buildings and Lands…Then returned to usa and EU etc home state nations or went direct to UN HQ in NY to give their findings?..Or better stated LACK totally of Nuke findings within Iran, and to date after ooddles and ooodles of iran visits every single nuke scientist expert, the worlds best and brightest for such issues, have all always agreed to a Man…That so far NO thats ZERO evidence Iran even desires to own a single Nuke bomb or missle period. And that, after an ongoing 15+ year run of deep searching Irans every nook and cranny for such evidence.

        Somebodys been waching far too many Faux TV Zio-ZOG News shows it seems eh?

        Maybe some day soon Fox tv anchors will finally report how Iran, same as Syria both Plays a key role in Ziojewry israels Foam at mouth rabid lusting for completion of their “Greater Israel” Land Grab schemes eh?

        Yep that’ll be the Day eh!!

        • We are probably telling Syria and Iran what we told Iraq Libya Egypt . Give us your gold or we will destroy you country?

      12. Last Nite Monday 9/12/16…RT tv news Lower alert banner scroller stated that, Syrian officials reported that an Israel fighter Jet flew over Aleppo(?) and Dropped bombs, then Syrian forces shot the israeli jet down!

        Same news alert banner also stated that, so far israel totally Denies it happened or that one of their jets got whacked from the skys over a soverign nation israel has zero rights to enter fly space in.

        Hmmmm…ony one can be telling truth correct? Soooo…To sum up whoms honest in this report, one can only go by what is Known for certain…And it Is for certain no doubt that the israel zio side considers all syria and syrians, in same manner as americans or canadians…That being syrians like usa folk are just lowly Goyim, and whenever an ziojewry or israeli jewry member Lies to or about a lowly goyim or goyim nation…Then it is No sin nor any crime to do said lying. Score One for syria?

        • Them Guys:

          Thanks for the news update. I don’t get news. No tv. But then I don’t hear all the MSM lies. I mis it though. In the old days, I thought I knew what was happening. Now, I don’t know but at least I know I don’t know. It’s one of those known unknowns Rumsfeld talked about.

          Take care.


      13. The key point about using a low yield weapon for EMP, and Pry mentions it, is that it is designed to emit massive amounts of gamma rays. It’s the gamma rays that deliver all the voltage which destroy electronic components. They’re more like gamma ray burst weapons because when you detonate one, you’re getting the closest thing to a man-made gamma ray burst you could possibly get.

        This is very advanced EMP technology. Look no further than the North Korean satellites in orbit. Put one of these things in the satellite. Park it over your target. Give the command from the ground to de-orbit. Smack the button once it descends to the right altitude. Game over for the guy on the receiving end.

        • We would like to think that all the money the military spends we must have tech. to defeat there tech. Unless our gready rats pocketed all the money. And have left us defenseless ?

      14. This is Pretty Funny. I wish they would have shown the look on this FBI Guys Face. FBI obstructs Justice to Protect Hillary. Well not so fast.

        Utah Rep Jason Chaffetz subpoenas FBI official for Clinton records

        27 second Video- ht tps://


      15. An EMP Attack And Nuclear War: Our Biggest Security Threat Is Not From North Korea, Russia or China

        Where are you on this one HCKS???

        Dave Hodges, Steve Quayle, and Alex Jones have you busy with other things? Though to be kind … those 3 do not pass off false information … but they do hide a lot of information from us …

        If the Chinese and Russians are going to take us Americans out …. then you should focus on those who are “collaborating” the idea in the first place … namely … our Government ………. it starts from somewhere …. and it not from sand niggers in the middle east … it’s our own Government that has perpetuated this chaos from the get go … in your world … the government is allowing this to happen … why bash China or Russia … if they are given the orders to do what they think they are going to do … the US says “ok” … yet you bash other countries for invading our land ……….LOL

      16. Do you guys have gas masks? Do you think that even matters or is that a poor prep item?

        • The old survival saying goes “You have 3 minutes without air…”
          I guess it depends on how long you wish to survive?

        • N95 dust masks stop 95 % of most dust. Get N 100 dust mask I’ve worked with demolition guys and they said N100 is nesesary . Radiation dust on your skin can be washed off not in your lungs.

        • Jonathan:

          I don’t know. But, the reason I’m responding is this. I used to look at that picture of the gas mask and basically not really see it. Then a few months ago there was a chemical spill not far from where I live. I thought about that gas mask then. I also thought about people I knew who had oxygen tanks.

          I still don’t have a gas mask. It’s a matter of priorities. I don’t know what they cost. That’s a matter of lack of ambition. I really should price them even if I pass on the purchase for now. Children who are always growing could be a problem fitting a mask. Again, I don’t know.

          I suppose what I’m getting at is this. Research, price, and make up your mind if it is practical and appropriate for you. You might get some excellent info here but sometimes I’ve read things by posters who talk like they know what they’re talking about, but they don’t. So, buyer beware. And prepper be doubly beware.



        • Johnaton

          Gas masks have their place. Most military surplus stores carry them, but buyer beware! Unless you buy a new mask you can not be sure it will work 100%.

          You have to inspect the mask and make sure there are no holes in the housing. The eye pieces are secure. Voice box operates, head straps tighten correctly and what type of filters are in use. Then you have to perform a facial fit and seal check to make sure the air valves are working too.. If you mask has a water tube USE IT at least Once.

          Masks like the M5 and M17A2 can protect against tear gas. The charcoal inside the canisters lasts for many years but the internal filter pads may not.

          I have checked mine by putting the mask on and using 90% alcohol on a soaked wash towel and waved it around the mask filters. If you can smell it you have “breakthrough”.

          So a simple N95 mask can protect against radioactive dust entering your lungs as will a properly fitted gas mask.. You also need extra filters.

          Mask use in paint shops will give you a good idea of the chemical/vapor protection. Now the Biological shit scares the hell out of me.

          Gas masks are not safe in low oxygen level atmospheres.

          • I keep seeing the one advertised on this site, I have even reached out to their customer support and they said one size fit for anyone over 13 years old. I have almost bought them for my family 3 different times and then stop. I believe biological and nuclear attacks are very real threat.

            • Johnaton

              Biological and chemical attacks

              Learn the signs of a contaminated area. Dead animals, no insect sounds, dead plants. Drifting Fog or goop on plants. Aerial spray or exploding munitions. Stuff can last up to a couple of weeks depending on weather conditions.

      17. The secret to miniature bombs is to use plutonium as fuel.

        Iran and N Korea are tight on this. It’s likely Iran helps finance NK bomb research. What NK just demonstrated, it is likely in Iranian hands too.

        It’s easy to make plutonium, you take depleted uranium, the less radioactive waste product from making enriched uranium, which Iran has hundreds of tons of. Make reactor rods from it and place racks of them around the core of any nuclear reactor. Remove them a year later and chemically remove and purify the plutonium.

        Iran also has an excellent missile program that has demonstrated container launchers. They look just like a big shipping container, but can upend and launch a hidden missile. Iran can also put small satellites in orbit.

        Under Obama’s and Secretary of State Clinton’s watch two of this centuries worst actors have become rouge nuclear nations. Atta-boy Obama and Hillary.

        • Forgot to add!
          N Korea has had record flooding, many homeless and displaced plus damage to infrastructure. NK has demanded aid for this disaster from the UN, as a member they are entitled. Since the US finances most of the UN’s activities, your tax dollars will go direct to N Korea to supply aid and rebuild.

          This would is laughable, while Obama is giving billions to Iran and the UN will be giving millions to NK, the nukes are exploding.

      18. Take out Kim early. he is a pain in everybody’s butt even China’s.

      19. SERIOUS QUESTION: IF there is an EMP attack on the continental United States; is the ANY way you could protect your car? This might seem like a stupid question; but IF an EMP Strike fries everything electronic; I figure you have approximately about 15 – 30 minutes before the Mushroom clouds start going off in every major American City. You guys on this board are pretty knowledgeable ; and I thought if someone would know; it would be here. Thanks.

        • not all that much testing has been done on automobiles

          but what has been done shows that most cars won’t be affected

          some will stall out but could be restated fairly quickly

          others did have some damage to electronics,but most of it minor in nature

          • That’s true, people will be surprised how many vehicles will still run or re-start and that most small electronics will still work fine, too, as long as it was not plugged into the grid or had an antenna extended at the time.

            For instance, every ones cell phones should still work, too, though you won’t be able to call/receive as the cell towers will be toast, but any self contained apps, docs or reference materials, like FM’s, you’d saved directly on your phone, not on internet cloud, will still be accessible and could be useful. Same goes for iPads and laptops, as long as not connected to grid or hardwired to internet, etc.

            Regarding closer nukes, ground or airburst, not high EMP, where local flash, blast and fallout later will be the killers, 90% of the projected casualties are readily avoidable for those affected populations, if only they knew beforehand what to do and not do from the first instant of the flash.

            Google GoodNewsNuke to read The Good News About Nuclear Destruction for details and the proof of it.

            • So your vehicles runs? without fuel it wont run for long. And where are you going to drive it to anyhow? When the power is no longer. The rule of law will no longer apply. Drive a car and someone will kill you just to see what you might have.

              • good point
                you will make yourself a target

                same as if your cooking some bacon than can be smelled a mile away

                • Hey Sat, unlike you I pretty much have to stay where I am,have fuel for a while.Throw together the smokehouse,start emptying the freezer!If I can do it fast enough okay,try to stay on the down low but got to do what you gotta do,be prepared to defend it!!!
                  If you can’t do that then your a pussy anyway,cull the weak!
                  Maniac –out

                • Hiding your fire and ‘smells’ and smoke can all be done (at night) with a Dakota-Fire-Pit after a bit of experience with them.

                  Check it out if you haven’t already, as there are many different designs of the same ‘idea’ that work great.

                  In a nutshell, you simply BURY (under the embers, NOT a ‘live’ fire), what you want cooked and allow it to roast until down. No smell can get out of the dirt covering, little to no smoke IF you stick to dried hardwoods (softwoods will smoke, spark and can be seen from Mars).

              • I’ve got plenty of work and fuel for any still running machinery and vehicles right here, without ever leaving my property and foolishly inviting attacks. Point is, being prepared for EMP to shut down everything electrical is smart, but also being prepared for if it leaves some things intact you’d thought would not be, and what & how you’d use them then, would be smart to think through, too.

            • and as that working cell phone pings for a tower.. now they have your location to either send in the goons or do a 1 time fly over .. if you catch my drift ?

        • There are many different opinions. Go to a pick a part salvage yard. Buy a CPU for your car . Wrap it in one or more layers of newspaper then aluminum foil then newspaper then aluminum foil.and do it again. Also there is a voltage regulator in your alternator. Either get the regulator part and wrap it . Or wrap the total alternator. The CPU just plugs in the alternator is harder . Watch a video of changing an alternator . There are othe electronic parts that have chips . But these two are the major ones. But if you have the only running car you will be sniped pretty quick. Better to get a good bicycle with extra tubes an patches. And hand truck dolly . To pull behind . To transport water.

        • Dear Dave,

          That is a serious question, and I’m going to dedicate my next article submitted to you…on just that topic.

          There is a lot of info on the subject, and the next comment by Satori is pretty much spot on. I’m going to cover some of the basics and a grassroots solution. Thanks for the question, and I’ll field your comment in the article.

          Respectfully Yours,


      20. EMP-Imagine one second a modern human being, the next(kezam!), you have now entered the dark ages for you can only guess for how long. What you have on you or what you have stored at home that’s all you are going to have to work with. Those that survive the darkness and our fellow people will be forever changed if EMP does last as long as the so called experts tell us. Please have a real plan for your family in case of any disaster. I am going to let the government take care of us, or I am near a Walmart we will go there, has almost zero chance of working long term. If real EMP comes you are on your own, root hog or die. Plan accordingly.

        • Swamp, obviously your somewhere in the south too!Raised here collected old tools all my life,have 2 crosscut saws,been cooking over fires all my life.Traps,snares,nets,etc. root hog or die yes,hell I like it.who knows what life is gonna deal you,will I survive???
          That’s a roll of the dice!
          Maniac –out

          • I was raised near the Sabine river in rural east Texas in a almost self sufficient family. Part of my childhood we had no electricy. The only time I was away from here was when they drafted me and sent me and my friends to Vietnam. I learned to grow food and live off the swamps and still have the hand tools to do it again if this modern life comes to a screeching halt. I worry about the younger generation starving should it happen. Hold on to your hand tools and keep your food gathering skills sharp LaManiac. Things don’t look too good these days.

      21. The weapon of indignation. This has all been written about. Indignation is when we are made very angry but not destroyed . Perfect explanation of what an EMP event would bring. After the EMP the earth will burn like the sun. Nuclear explosions. The elements will burn . Uranium is a element . Their eyes will melt in their socket and their tounges will melt in their mouths . As they scream in pain. Just like reports from Hiroshima . This all ( MUST ) happen. It is written. But then look up and rejoice your redemption (Your new body and life) is near. Even so come soon. Bring it on.? Our lamps are full.

        • Who is it written by?

          • So many things in the past have been predicted and come true . But the ruler of this earth Satan . Wants you to believe he dosent exist. In this infinite universe do you believe that we are the most intelligent beings? Aren’t we trying to create an atmosphere on Mars and then seed it . Isn’t that what we are told God did here? How many things were ounce believed impossible ? Plunium with a seven day half life locked in granet that we are told took millions of years to form not seven days. Dinosaur bones that could only be preserved if buried in silt immediately like a great flood of NOAH would do to remove the unwanted life forms . It’s the million years old that is satans lie. Scientist don’t know why cells stay together they can’t find any glue. They don’t know why the earth tilts to give us summer and winter. We have know idea of our situation in this universe. But as written we are going to soon find out.

          • The prophet Zechariah (starting in Ch 14 v12) describes the plague that will come on those nations that attack Jerusalem in that day. Sounds nuclear…


          • It is completely unknown who wrote or where The Book of Revelation came from. Many say that it is so darned confusing because it was once from ANOTHER religion (similar to Christianity), and thus The Early Church Fathers chose to add it to The Books as an ending (with as many interpretations as there are copies). KJV

            The Book of Job is an actual and very ancient “stage play” that at one time was acted out in Roman Amphitheaters …and in times prior to that as well. Though it is considered non-canonical now, it remains as an OT “Canon” just the same.

            • Revelation is attributed to John, the Apostle, when he was exiled on the island of Patmos. Unless you have evidence that it was modified, it is clear from the text itself who wrote it. Now the imagery contained in the Book is, in a word, Apocalyptic, No ? <bb

              • I recently realized that the Fatima ,Spain message was for a plague. Then we got the Spanish flu.

            • In a world where so many say they know everything . To have something completely unknown is unique?

      22. tine for a little more “fair and balanced”

        The small business owners Trump never paid in full

        h ttp://

        just a FEW of the MANY people Trump f_cked over
        it’s a LONG LONG list

        if he’s worth TEN BILLION likes he says he is

        he could pay back these little guys from the loose change in his couch

        Trump’s response ?

        “CNN reached out to the Trump campaign about each of the business deals mentioned in this story. Those calls went unanswered. ”

        what was that again ???

        oh yeah

        “those calls went UNANSWERED”

        • I believe we are talking about survival here not what CNN said. CNN is wrong place to try to find any truth, they are entrenched with the socialists. Are you a socialist or just a troll?

      23. You can reduce the effects of a EMP by enclosing your auto and other things in a copper mesh or metal case that is very well grounded.
        Put your radios and other electronics in your camper and ground the camper skin to earth.

      24. filled up the oil tank for about $400 and had burner cleaned $100. So for $500 I got heat all winter without splitting and stacking wood don’t gotta deal with the bugs in it and my house don’t smell like burnt wood. I know what if the power goes out. Fine I have my generator that can be hooked into the switch box and can fire my burner. Generator runs on gas or propane. Honestly I can live without heat because I have the right gear. If your used to cold you can take ice cold showers in the winter and it helps you conserve water cause you don’t wanna be frozen for long. Glad the summer is over I like the cold short days of fall and winter.

      25. I thought Dennis Rodman was the only “expert on North Korea”.

        Sigh oh Hanoi Jane…

      26. Sigh see now! You’re gonna make me go watch Red Dawn… the one with the dumb little emo kids that can’t even string a goddamned sentence together…

        As they chase the magic suitcase for no apparent reason…

      27. The bitter truth is we DONT really know the true effects an EMP will have on our infrastructure. Power grid fried, yes. Effects on cars and small appliances, unknown , only speculation. Also hard to judge effects because nobody really knows the real size and efficacy of the weapons our enemies are developing. The power grid problem alone would plunge the world into unprecedented chaos for sure. That EVERYONE has known this was a problem for 2 decades and no body has tried to harden our grid is revealing itself. Defense Dept HAS made an effort to protect SOME critical components of military but the general population virtually nothing. As we learned in Hiroshima and Nagasaki the application of a weapon in PRACTICE was far different than theoretical equations. Nobody has used these weapons before so nobody really knows what will happen. Bottom line most of us will be screwed if they are used, and everybody will be screwed from the inevitable escalation they will bring about. These folks talking about “survivable” nuclear exchanges are insane. You may survive the initial blast and even the immediate aftermath but the poisoned atmosphere, nuclear winter and long term ingested radiation from compromised food chain and water tables will kill nearly everyone. Not a future I relish.

        • That’s correct the japan nukes meltdown is slowly poisoning the pacific and west coast. the radiation aftermath would be a long term ordeal.

          • We have set off over 1000 nukes in the South Pacific . Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still there . Surviving after Hiroshima probably wasn’t fun. Surviving WW3 won’t be either.

            • They worked very hard to design nukes that released as little radiation as possible. They desperately wanted nukes that would not make the land poison.

              Still a half century later Bikini is uninhabitable. Recently a small group of old timers tried to return Bikini Island, within months they had signs of radiation poisoning.

              What is coming out of Fukushima is a thousand times worse, and the leakage isn’t stopping.

      28. Hello everyone. I have recently been thinking about life after an E.M.P. attack ,to be more specific animal transportation. Most people in North America immediately think of horses. But I think for survival,horses are crap.Please hear me out-I’m not saying that horses can’t have a place post E.M.P. I’m saying that you would be better served with alternative animals. If you have access to the RFD TV channel , look how many shows they have that are devoted to the healthcare of horses. Horses are extremely high maintenance,diet, oral care, hooves, infections and sicknesses galore. Look at the thousands of equine products that are produced to keep horses healthy. Do wild horses have long life spans? Once you domesticate them and weigh them down with supplies or human weight wont they quickly develop hove problems unless their clipped and and shod ? Horses need lots of water and food. What if you live in the southwest or the dry plains where water sources can be miles and days(by horse) apart. That’s the issue that slowed down settlement and eventually did in the Native north American Indians,they couldn’t keep running and fighting because all the army had to do was keep an eye on all known water sources. Water in these dry areas will be the #1 issue, and will determine life or death. In these areas the majority of water used is either taken from deep underground wells or man made reservoirs, to make matters worse most of the streams and rivers that did flow in these areas are now gone due to over farming etc. Survival is not a Saturday trail ride. Were horses used to settle these areas? Yes they were eventually ,but it took along time and lots of people and oh yeah the removal of the AM. NDN . And after all that much of that land abandoned or consolidated into large ranches during the dust bowl days and by then they had cars. So you are not going to get very far by horse(limited by water) especially If someone is hunting or shooting at you.
        If you are still reading this,thanks for staying with me. I will now tell you my ultimate survival animal- the camel. Yes the camel. I’m quit sure the west would have been won sooner if camels were used. They can carry heavy loads for miles ,be ridden, survive extreme heat and cold nights all while consuming less water. My second favorite survival animal is donkeys. Donkeys are smart and sturdy animals ,nimble, strong etc. most of the positives of hoses with fewer negatives. Yes they are stubborn, but only because they are looking out for #1-kinda like cats. Since they don’t really trust you, they probably won’t let you ride them off a cliff or something stupid , horses I’m not so sure jk. This is something to consider if you like whisky like I do. Like they say-Shit happens when you party naked. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I don’t think a donkey would let you hurt yourself,due to it looking out for it self.I do think that with donkeys a small cart would also be the best way to ride. I also like the idea of using small and miniature donkeys for various tasks. thanks Abu

        • I currently have donkeys. and have owned lots of horses in the past. Work a horse ,mule or donkey and you have to feed it grain. Oxen would be the best. they thrive on grass and mouldy hay that would kill a horse. and when the Ox is too old to work it becomes hamburger or jerkey. And with a pair of oxen you don’t need fancy harness. just carve out a wooden yoke. and shave it smooth with shards of glass. your milk cow could raise your oxen. Castrate her bull calves and start training them when they are small.

        • One thing I never knew about Mules–a cross between a horse and a donkey–was their fearlessness. A buddy stayed at a dude ranch in Arizona about 10 years ago,and had photos of a mountain lion that foolishly attacked a group of tourists riding on horses from the ranch.One of the ranch hands was riding a mule. Several of the horses threw their riders and bolted. The mule calmly stomped the mountain lion to death. Granted, mules may be a little higher maintenance than a donkey, but their intelligence and courage might make them also a good choice…

      29. I’ve said this in several papers I wrote since 2010: NO nation would set off an EMP over CONUS unless they wanted to commit suicide by the resultant radiological fallout from all of our reactors going hyper-critical within 1-2 months of said event. It will travel the world, folks! Poisoning all farmlands! Unless, and that’s a big unless, they are the savages from a muslim nation wanting the 12th Mahdi to appear by apocalypse. All other nations understand this FACT. ALL nuke power plants rely on outside grid power to run the coolant pumps. Especially during an emergency SCRAM.

        • ALL NUKE PLANTS do NOT rely on outside power in an emergency shutdown sequence. They have diesel-generators (or the like) with 100’s of gallons of fuel (triple what is expected to be needed or more), to safely and effectively perform a complete shutdown and cooling of the “hot rods” down in the belly of those beasts.

          My cousin worked the nuke in Wiscasset, Maine for danged near the entire time she was on line, and that’s “what I heard verbatim” from anyone and everyone in and around that place.

          Lies? Untruths or THE truth? (I’ve a tendency to believe the latter over all facilities not having a damn thing for backup in a crisis). In fact, Wiscasset had two backup electrical generation sources according to our old diaries/notes.


      30. Our biggest threat comes from within.

      31. Our Biggest threat comes from within

        the Enemy Force in Occupation in our government is and has been our biggest threat and so many people are dumb and blind as hell to it

        if we suffer anything massive and and debilitating it will be because of something they have done , or something they knew was coming that they elected to do nothing about on purpose

      32. Do you want world peace? Just nuke Wash DC, New York City, London, and Tel Aviv! That’s all.

      33. Although the North Koreans may not be considered as the greatest threat, it is worth noting that they are seriously preparing for an EMP event with the help of the Germans. Groz-Beckerts is a German company specializing in industrial needles for the textile industry. But they also have a division in the defense field. They hold a patent for a material used in the aerospace industry protecting planes from EMP events. This same company opened its sales office in North Korea. I haven’t been able to find out if they are into manufacturing there yet, but it wouldn’t surprise me.
        A few years ago, there was an article on german-foreign-policy-com outlining the German interest in North Korea as a low wage cost trade & defense partner out of the limelight of the world. In return, they could provide a good reference in the international diplomacy world as North Korea was seriously considering joining global trade and opening its economy. I’m still researching that topic.

      34. I left Relevant and helpful comments.
        But Free speech NOT ALLOWED here.

        Posts are delayed so NO REAL TIME COMMUNICATION. No conversation.
        Big Brother hates it when sheep figure out who the wolves are.

        The TRUE enemy is within. TRAITORS NOW run the USSA

        Plenty of people post comments but they NEVER SEE light of day here.

      35. North Korea, like “ISIS’, Putin, Iran, Communist China, and other such adversaries, is a U.S. Government proxy, to be used against the American people as “sticks”, instead of “carrots”, when the powers-that-be decide that the people (the “crazies”, as Greenspan may have been referring to them?) aren’t pulling the elites’wagon as wholeheartedly as the elites think they should be doing.

      36. Well we all know who did 9/11 and took control of the USA so are you all feeling safe having sat on your hands like cowards because they won’t stop until everyone with a 4skin is a slave or has been killed

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