After Lynch’s Mystery Meeting With Bill, Justice Dept. “Shields Clinton Foundation Emails”

by | Jun 30, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 99 comments

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    Yesterday’s mystery meeting on the tarmac between former President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch has now been clarified.

    Obviously, it wasn’t a social visit as Lynch publicly claimed, but an arrangement clarifying how the powerful Clinton dynasty would be kept above the law in the face of heated publicly scrutiny as Hillary Clinton seeks the presidency.

    Instead, the Justice Department filed a motion that would keep from release thousands of emails potentially exposing conflicts of interest on the part of the Clinton Foundation and overlapping state department officials, such as Hillary’s chief of staff Huma Abedin.

    As the Daily Sheeple reported:

    Lynch attempted to meet secretly on her government plane while it was stopped at the Phoenix airport with Bill Clinton.

    The unannounced meeting, which comes as Lynch’s Justice Department is investigating the handling of classified information on Hillary Clinton’s private email server, came to light only when Phoenix’s ABC15 TV station asked Lynch about it during a press conference, The Daily Caller reported.

    Lynch preposterously claimed the investigation against Hillary wasn’t discussed at all, but instead they attempted to meet secretly on her plane just for a little random chit chat about golf and Clinton’s grandchildren.

    Loretta Lynch, as the highest attorney in the land, publicly claimed:

    “There was no discussion on any matter pending before the [Justice] Department or any matter pending with any other body, there was no discussion of Benghazi, no discussion of State Department emails, by way of example I would say it was current news of the day, the Brexit decision and what it would mean.”

    But news today of the Justice Department’s filings – which would benefit the Clinton family’s foundation and candidacy by delaying the release of emails for another 27 months – make clear that Attorney General Lynch’s meeting with the former president was anything but social, and obviously all about an arrangement.

    As The Daily Caller reported:

    Department of Justice officials filed a motion in federal court late Wednesday seeking a 27-month delay in producing correspondence between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s four top aides and officials with the Clinton Foundation and Teneo Holdings, a closely allied public relations firm that Bill Clinton helped launch.

    If the court permits the delay, the public won’t be able to read the communications until October 2018, about 22 months into her prospective first term as President. The four senior Clinton aides involved were Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Michael Fuchs, Ambassador-At-Large Melanne Verveer, Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills, and Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin.

    So, these two issues conveniently overlap on the same day, and we are to believe that nothing improper was going on?

    At issue, of course, is the sophisticated way in which the family dynasty apparently used the foundation as a vehicle for quid pro quo exchanges, often with foreign diplomats, firms or leaders who may have contributed to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for favorable dealings in State Dept. dealings or other affairs.

    It raises some keen questions about who Hillary Clinton really works for, and how her presidency might be run.

    If the emails reveal what many critics think, it suggests corruption well beyond the ordinary scope of scratching the backs of campaign donors, to a back channel for private collusion and corrupt on behalf of potentially adversarial foreign governments.

    The first Clinton presidency already had an intolerable amount of scandal, and Hillary would be bringing all that baggage back to the White House, and using it to set up shop.

    Do they think they’re fooling anyone, or are they just indifferent to breaking the rules even out in the open?

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      1. Better be investigating all of Lynch Bank account and see how much she was Paid
        She is a conflict of interest to all Americans

        • Dusty Fae, it would be interesting to see how much her bank account grows helping coverup for the hildebeast. I did some background checking on Lynch and she will be just as bad if not worse than Eric Holder. I won’t follow anything she says. When she threatened journalists with legal action if they spoke out against Islam/Muslims, that told me all I needed to know.

          • It would also be interesting to see if Mrs. Lynch had any stains on her clothes after she met with the former president.

            • Eagle 71, LOL! Ol’ Billy Boy would have to be really desperate to have that ugly bitch.

          • So your background investigation obviously consisted putting “conspiracy and bad stuff about lynch” into google. Quit trying to be a big shot NotSoBrave. Aside from your stupidity, both trump and Clinton are scandalous heathens. We could all go on about who did what but neither deserve to be president. NotSoBrave, do another “background investigation” on Clinton and Trump.

            • Tunkuf
              Correct. Neither of these shoddy people deserve the Presidency. We need a candidate to vote for not to pretend one or the other is least evil.
              Billy Boy acts like he is trying to tank the Hillary. He was always a loose cannon.

        • This election will be stolen, this is just another step towards that goal. I don’t believe as hard as Donald Trump and his campaign are working, that it will make any difference. These people will stop at nothing to get into that office. Buyer beware. Stay quiet Be smart.

          • JackK,
            it will take two types of people to finish this coming civil un-rest, ones that are yelling and telling the way it is!! and those who stay quiet and take care of business because they are NOT on the redlist!

            • Hackers have ALL the emails. They will come out!!! 🙂

              • I hope Donald Trump will obtain a copy of the emails early, and use them strategically in the campaign.

        • Dept of Justice.
          What a F—ing joke.

          -“Fast and Furious” Weapons illegally sold to Mexican Drug cartels that ended up KILLING American Border patrol agents. Attorney general DIRECTLY involved.
          -Then the Attorney general tried to charge two other Border patrol for shooting drug smugglers crossing illegally.

          Listen: CRIMINALS are running the United States Government. They are TRAITORS.

          Politicians are not only Above the law. They Steal, Murder, Lie, stage False Flag events, and Severely Jeopardize and Compromise National Security. No Accountability.

          CRIMINAL Traitors have attained the highest American office and are Intentionally Destroying this country. Destruction by Design.

          No accountability for their CRIMES and TREASON.
          Why? Why aren’t American people in the street calling for Impeachment, ARREST and PRISON time for the criminal TRAITORS.

          What did they do? Elected that criminal TRAITOR obummer as pretend president TWICE.
          WTF? Seriously?

          I am in the wrong country. If Hitlery gets into office I am out of country within 30 days. Selling out and leaving. If my fellow countryman are that damned ignorant then they DESERVE the communist criminal anti American b-it-ch TRAITOR.
          And somewhere else will be found to hang my hat.


          • Tuck tail and run, sounds kinda cowardly to me. How about instead standing ground, take the lead, and get the party started to take this country back from these criminal traitors?

            • They call me the kid
              The kid from the ville
              Ain’t never ran
              Ain’t never will

          • This is my home and I won’t be running from anyone or anything. I will live here until my final breath.

            • Nobama and Bob, same here. Braveheart never runs.

              • Never run?
                Never break contact with enemy of superior force?

                Then you arm chair computer warriors won’t be around long, when the TRAITORS come for you. Better get a Realistic mindset, if you enjoy sunlight and being above ground.

                The way to win a unwinable battle is to Not be there when enemy comes for you.
                Fight the enemy on your terms, NOT terms they dictate.
                Fight enemy on ground that YOU choose.

                The Amerikan government no longer represents Freedom, Liberty, Justice or traditional Christian values.

                They have lost their way and have turned to evil criminal behavior. False flag events-Lying about EVERYTHING-Torture-Murder-Abuse of American people-Purging the military of good officers-Spying on citizens-Tracking, Surveillance, Disappearing of law abiding Americans.
                Secret prison in Chicago disappearing Americans. No phone call. No bail.No Attorney.
                Secret prison at Harvey County Correctional Facility, in Newton, Kansas MURDERING Americans for profit.
                Persecution of Anyone who loves the Constitution-Freedom-Liberty-Justice.
                Supporting TORTURE. Secret foreign Prisons in other countries that they torture people and lock up without due process or trial. That is your “changed” Amerika USSA present day. Are you blind?

                What am I leaving? A Tyrannical TREASONOUS BEAST system that will be NUKED because the criminal, bought off, traitor politicians want to provoke war instead of make Peace and respect other nuclear power states.

                I refuse to live under war hawk criminal NWO traitor Hitlery. I really will leave. I have had enough.

                When the FEDS say my wife and daughters have to share the bathroom with perverted men in skirts. We are in wrong country.
                When feds say my sons must fight beside foreign nationals, open fags, women who can’t meet the physical demands of combat. When they put my sons under the command of foriegn Generals of UN and NATO.
                Then my boys need to NOT re-up. But bail the hell out.

                My Family will find a country that respects our capital. Respects our right to be left alone. Respects our right to work hard and KEEP the fruits of our labor.
                That country used to be America. Used to be the USA.

                But things never stay the same. My people left the old country for FREEDOM and opportunity. Now we leave the new country “changed” Amerika USSA for the same reasons.

                Not being coward. Choosing Life over Certain Death. Either by Nuke, Civil War, or by being rounded up by criminal traitors running the new changed Amerika.

                I will not be re-educated. No FEMA camp. No hunkering down in a hole in the ground. No being suckered into fighting for CRIMINAL politicians, criminal bankers, corrupt corporations.

                Don’t worry…I won’t let door hit me in ass as we leave. I know one of you big talkers will say such a thing.

                We will do as my people did when Forced to leave old country as Hitler “changed” a country. We have seen it before. We are seeing it again TODAY. My relatives that didn’t leave old country ALL died. Everyone. Only my Grand Father and Uncle who brought their families over to USA lived. My family will leave for same reason. To LIVE. To live in Peace.

                • Amen brother

              • Quit with the third person talk. It sounds either childish or desperate. Tunkcuf doesn’t like it and he thinks it makes you sound stupid. Tunkcuf realizes you need to build your ego up but please don’t subject us to this. By the way, your prolific threats have decreased. Tunkcuf thanks you.

                • Anytime ANYONE tells the Truth. Anytime ANYONE goes against the official “Narrative”. Anytime ANYONE does Not “Stay on official Message.”
                  Out comes guys Just like you.

                  Most often posts that are anti war are never allowed to be seen. Posts are buried.
                  Most often people that make any anti war post are jumped on. Viscously.
                  I wonder how many people DOD or other alphabet agencies employ to shoot down ALL anti war or anti NWO, anti collectivist, anti communist NWO sentiment?

                  No worries. Your FEC has stated they are about to Regulate all net Speech.
                  Here is link:

                  And Journalism no longer allowed:
                  Here is link:

                  You will be happy then. Right.
                  Little zombies in the make believe deception and lies of YOUR changed Amerikkan gobment.

                  My family has EARNED free speech RIGHTS. We will say any damn thing we like. Don’t like it? Then don’t read it. We will not be afraid to speak up. We won’t be “chilled” or silenced. We are not deceived by make believe and gobment LIES.
                  *****”The Truth will set men Free.” We will speak Truth. No matter the cost.

                  Tyrants always Hate Armed citizens.
                  Tyrants always wish to Control: Free thought, Free speech, Journalist.

                  Genocide/Murder of the general population by government ALWAYS occurs under collectivist communism. NWO collectivism will go there shortly. It is obvious.

                  Put you head in sand if you wish.

          • Old Tom
            Pretty hard to get politicians to not cover for each other… professional courtesy… dirty for dirty. Obama covers for Bush, who would be arrested for crimes against humanity if he were not. Nixon cut a deal with Ford and walked. Reagan was a dirt bag and almost went down… remember the good little boy Ollie North got his reward for taking a fall. Clinton was impeached but not removed. Obama will expect protection because he played the game. I imagine Hillary made promises before he endorsed her and she will expect the same when she picks a running mate.
            Trump is a dirty boy and wants to up his scam.
            We have no one to vote for.

        • Dusty Fae you hit it on the head. Betcha she’s SWIMMING in money courtesy of the Clinton Crime Family Slush Fund aka The Clinton Mafia…… I knew something like this would happen. I am sure HRC’s advisors told her to happily pay off Lynch…her campaign office is in the SAME building as Lynch’s former Law Office….cute?

        • Here is how the talk about grandchildren probably went.
          “Those are some nice grandchildren you have there. It would be a shame if they were to have an accident….so about those emails…”

        • The White House is run by the Rothschilds. All the scandalous conduct is great because the real rulers can blackmail them. That’s the biggest problem with Trump, not enough dirt. And he doesn’t have a holier than thou image to live up to. Also, he is a straight up heterosexual sexual with a stone cold gorgeous woman, and kids who are educated and drug free. What a terrible role model these normal red blooded Americans would be.

          The Clintons are drug addicts and drug pushers. Heroin is the Muslims jehad against White Americans, encouraged and supported by our glorious dual citizens and their Trillionaires behind the scenes.

        • well it NOW appears ( as of July 1st.)that Lynch is backing away and will NOT support Hitlery!! we can always HOPE they ALL will be tried convicted and HUNG! for treason!

        • Not money, probably a Supreme Court appointment by Hillary.

      2. Sound like bull sh7t to me.

        • …..and smells like it too!

          • @nubria123,

            “Sound like bull sh7t to me.”

            Sounds like bullshit to me. There, I fixed it for you. Saying it like it is.

        • Bunch of crooked MF’ers !

          Anyone who thinks this country isn’t already run by people who believe it’s theirs to use in any matter that suits them and will drop anyone in the Potomac with cement feet that opposes them have their heads in the sand.

          These people are no worse than putin’s Russia.

      3. Preemptive strike. She is securing her continued employment in the hiterly cabal.

      4. just like my name, thats all i see coming folks

      5. Loretta needs a good pimp slapping, since she insists on acting like a lying, unruly ho.

        • Teddy;
          I am thinking you are not Teddy Kennedy talking to us from the grave, therefore, I give you several thumbs up!

      6. Lynch’s Justice Department

        Didn’t know it actually belonged to someone other than US.

        with any other body

        Use of proper English would really help here…

        Do they think they’re fooling anyone, or are they just indifferent to breaking the rules even out in the open?

        Obviously, yes & yes

      7. A perfect example of bought and paid for right in front of us. She is nothing but an Islamic pig bitch that dances to the tune of those in power. You filthy republicans and demonrats that voted for this bitch should be tried treason (yea I know that there are all kinds of definition for treason, but she is violating her oath of office and spitting on all who worked to bring the hildy bitch to justice). Can’t spell the word the scum islamis whore pig eaters use for lying, but this is a prime example of it right in front of us. The pavement ape islamis potus had to have given his stamp of approval on this charade. Now they will go shopping for the right paid of jurist.

        • Nam Redux;
          I don’t argue with your point but I don’t think we voted for her.

          • I think Nam was referring to the replublicrat and demican politicians who confirmed her as AG.

            Ruth Bader Ginsburg was confirmed with something like 87 votes. So much for the ‘conservative’ republicrat opposition.

      8. I was hoping in the near future that I would be finished with seeing the faces of Bill and Hillary plus Barrack and Michelle on the flat screen. I do not think that is going to happen. Trump may get the popular votes but not the votes that count.

        Now I ask you. If you understand why all the stone walling and misinformation during this election cycle and if they are willing to do the things that are open improprieties. What kind of New Administration awaits us in the wings?

        The rumblings are that Obama says, he could win a third election. You know damn well he thinks about it. A Nelson Mendela wannabe.

        • I know its like having a case of the drizzlin’ shits two mornings in a row.

          • @POP,
            A Nelson Mandela wanna be????????? Can we start that with Obama in prison for 30 years???? He can be cellmates with Billary.

        • Yeah, I’d almost actually accept the treason in exchange for never seeing or hearing the mugs again. /s

      9. WOW! They don’t even bother to try and hide the corruption anymore.

      10. Both of Obummers DOJ heads are complete criminals but what else would one expect from from a black, Muslim, African, Gay, lying commander in thief.

      11. I don’t care what they talked about. The optics are crazy. How many people believe they were just socializing? BS! With Obama going out on the stump with Hillary he wants to make sure she isn’t indicted. Maybe she was promised a good job at their foundation or a spot on the Supreme Court. she should resign and recuse herself from making a decision on Hillary. This stunt will lose her votes!

        • Jim in Va.

          Hillary will not lose any votes. The amount of voter fraud and the Electorial votes will push her into the Oval Office. Do you think that the “Give Me Dats” want to lose their benefits. Neither does the Democratic Party want to lose their “Voting Faithful”.

          • Anon, if the hildebeast gets elected, Lynch will still be AG. I can see it now.

            • Braveheart1776

              All we have to do is make it to election day.

              Then we might have a chance with Trump.
              Either way we get rid of Obama.
              If Hillary gets elected. We know the USA is done as she will follow Obama’s plan and enlist the help of the United Nations.

              Prep for War.

              • Anon, I’ve been prepping for everything forever. We have war coming regardless of who is ‘selected’.

        • Or maybe she was just doing her impression of Monica on good old Billy Bob in the comfort of the private jet.

        • She was probably given a choice by Bill.
          Arkancide or millions of dollars from the Clinton Foundation.

      12. Obama has been the best gun salesman in history. Also he has been a good recruiter for the kkk. Racism has skyrocketed since he took the reins. And I’m one of them. I’m tired of the minorities bitching about every god dam thing under the sun. Take a hike bitches if you think you’ll have it better back in your homeland. I’m afraid the bitch is gonna get , sorry I mean steal this election. Bring the troops home and quit being the worlds policeman. Clintons are a crooked nasty bunch and will stop at nothing to further their fucked up agenda. Lord help us. I’m thinking of starting a whorehouse when this economy completely goes to shit One chicken one lay, ain’t that right?

        • Ted, as you well know, the left cries ‘racism’ in this country 24/7/365, but have you ever noticed they don’t tell exactly what kind of racism? It’s really black racism against whites, Hispanic racism against whites, Asian racism against whites, muslim racism against whites, etc. You get the picture. Minorities never have any legitimate complaints.

        • White people better get their heads out of their asses concerning racial pride and stop kidding themselves about other races’ struggle for ‘equality’. The vast majority of non-whites want nothing more than to subjugate whitey.

          Whites will yearn for the KKK.

          Whites are the only race that suffers from racial guilt.

      13. so Bill and the current AG get together for a little chat
        about the weather and Bill’s golf handicap ???

        good God

        they don’t even try to make their lies even half way
        plausible anymore

        it doesn’t get any more brazen than this

        just a way of telling the proles to shut the hell up
        and go back to eating their gruel

      14. The go along to get along is gone,,,,
        They can all kiss my ass

        • My aloha(for Democrats), is long gone!

      15. Kula, I never even had a “go along to get along”.

      16. Fuck Loretta lynch. U right brave about the Muslim thing and journalists. And fuck ash carter!! Just saw transgender fuckin psychos allowed to serve openly!! Jesus fucking Christ we are a disgrace. And taxpayers gonna have to foot the bill for these wackos to get their dicks cut off or a pussy put on Em. I just don’t understand where is a Lee Harvey Oswald when u need him ?! This fucking monkey can’t be gone soon enough Dam I’m pissed

        • Amen, Ted! Are you as fed up with these clowns as I am?

      17. We now need the Russians to save us from our own corrupt government by releasing the email cache that they obtained from Clinton’s unsecured server.

        • TCIF, welcome. I think the Russians would be more willing to release the info than DC ever would.

        • “Russians releasing the emails” kind of think not. although way cool if so. i think them Russians are sitting over there giggling about this incident…thinking ah heck let them all eat each other.

      18. TM, LOL! I hear you loud and clear.

      19. The fix is in. No stopping it, the Bush-Clinton crime cabal rolls on. I’m thinking Trump is pretend opposition. Why else would he be continually making statements about his love for waterboarding jacked up on steroids? Does he think his followers all support this language and are all warmongers thirsting for blood? What a wack job. Both candidate zionist puppets monumentally SUCK! Sellout demons on parade. Some believe Killary is owned by the Chinese by selling out US secrets for vast cash, just like her criminal “husband”. Roger that. It’s obvious the North American Union is not far off, goodbye to US sovereignty. Mexico’s president is calling for the NAU, the race to the bottom for legal US citizens. Everybody on board? This batshit crazy train of tyranny is teetering on the brink of wiping white America out. Free speech on the cutting block also, I may as well get my takes in before the thought police censor all opinion. FU globalists.

        • Aljamo, I couldn’t agree more. I’ll keep giving my takes regardless. The thought police come to me only at their own peril.

          • NotSoBrave. That was just plain cringeworthy.

        • Saw where the Canadian Parliament stood and chanted “four more years” after Obama’s speech.

        • Don’t give me that Zionist crap. Jew haters see the Jews as the cause of all the world’s problems. Satan has blinded you.

      20. Lynch’s Justice Department

        Last I looked it was the U.S. justice department, not hers…

        with any other body

        Bad English, or a slip?

        Do they think they’re fooling anyone, or are they just indifferent to breaking the rules even out in the open?

        Obviously, Yes & Yes…

      21. Keep in mind you have MILLIONS of voters who has the opinion the Klintons are just perfect for how America should be. Even of Bill screwed female fetuses and Hillary ate them, these people would still worship the ground they walked on. They hate you with a bitterness and contempt you cannot imagine. They see Jihad, female genitall mutiliation and abortion much preferable to your Christian values, patriotism and sobriety.

        We have existential problems not yet recognized.

      22. Let it be, After Trump gets elected he can have his DOJ reopen the case. Look at the plus side of this. This just given Trump much more AMMO to use against Hitlery and her corrupt family. Can we see Hitlery in Blaze Orange Jump Suit. Then she will get more tail than Bill!!!!

        Now did you folks really think anything was going to be done to Hitlery??? If you did I have property in Forida I want to sell you.


        • Sgt Dale

          “Can we see Hitlery in Blaze Orange Jump Suit.”

          Never ever happen. Corruption is not within the system it is the system. The most honest forthright President will make concessions to it. Its too big, too powerful. The government cannot run without it as it has over time become the real law.

      23. Great comments so far folks.
        Our country seems to be lost – I hate to be so pessimistic, but the facts are confirming this daily.
        Today we hear of this ethically-challenged meeting; the pentagon announces that transgenders are now able to serve in the military; to top things off there are reports that one of the ‘Fast & Furious’ guns was used in the Paris attacks last November.
        Stick a fork in it – we are so fooked if they take us to war.
        The sad thing is that those in charge just used/abused the ‘system’ to take it over…they never even had to fight for it.

      24. Sarge, the Clintons have always been able to get through scandals scot-free. The only thing that will stop them now would be a dose of their own medicine.

        • A dose of their own medicine… way of holy water, a silver bullet, a stake in the heart, or lead poisoning….

          • FOB
            Maybe they will commit suicide with a ham. 21 blows a piece. I don’t mean Monica blows either.


            • Should say HAMMER not Ham. The ham would be for the Muslime Obullshit.

          • FOB, yep, that sums it up.

        • It’s the usual Clinton 3-step shuffle: Deny, delay, then divert (attention).

          The leftist Boobus Americanus “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters have no clue.

      25. We are so fu$ked.They don’t even try to hide anything now!It’s in your face FU little people!This makes me sick.
        Where are mafia,Putin,military!!! Someone stop this merry -go -round.My poor kids
        Maniac –out

      26. Was this wrong?

        Depends what the meaning of “was” was.

        I can barely look in the face of the corrupt, fraudulent faces of Clinton supporters – the people who have taken the greatest nation on earth and turned it into a banana republic

      27. Bill and lynch just happen to be at the same airport and stop for a word off the record. He told her nothing gets out on hitlery we are too close to being in the whitehouse she will pardon herself later.

      28. I am completely baffled as to how anyone with more than one firing synapse could possibly vote for hillary, considering what is known about the myriad of crimes she’s committed and associated with.
        Willful ignorance or lobotomized morons!

        • Or welfare recepients who know which party will continue to “entitle” them.

        • The FSA (free shit army) does not give a rats ass about any freaking criminal activity committed by Hitlery and company, just as long as they keep getting their free shit.

        • The dumbing-down of Amerika, its all part of the agenda, lowering the average IQ creates more Democrat voters to further perpetuate the momentum of our transition to a Socialist police state.

      29. Wonder if she has a strange stain on her dress?

      30. Be ready for what is to come…


        10Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.
        11Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
        12For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
        13Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.
        14Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;
        15And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;
        16Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.
        17And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God

      31. The day is coming when we must make a STAND

        • FOB, thank you. I think sometimes the anger makes us forget that He is in charge.

      32. The ears on that woman! Is she Barak’s sister?

      33. Just like the Clintons – note the careful wording of nothing “pending before the Justice Department” – since the FBI has not completed its investigation and turned it over to the Attorney General it is technically ‘not pending’!

      34. Possible obstruction of justice on the part of both Lynch and William Jefferson Clinton, but definitely conflict of interest for Lynch.

      35. Did Bill have a big bag of cash with him?

        • I think there was a pay off. Or threat . wonder if they really can investigate Lynch bank accounts , or it may be a pay off in other ways… But a sure conflict of interest and she should be removed from all government offices forever.

      36. Bill secretly agreed to testify against Hillary in exchange for immunity. He’ll finally get rid of the bitch.

      37. The corrupt politicians are coming out in the light now. They can do what they want , when they want. Who is stop them? Not the FSA…

        The old saying, there are just so many places at the table… Loretta sees the Supreme Court Seat for herself. Kiss ass and get put on the SC….

        Its all down hill from here… It will boil down to who has had enough and acts…

      38. it’s time to put loretta lynch, killary, billary, james comey and the fucking onigger family in prison for life!

      39. Maybe the Don will reopen Gitmo put this bunch in there.

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