UPDATE: Russian Suppliers Claim There Are No Restrictions on Ammo Exports

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UPDATE: Russian suppliers claim that there have been no restrictions put on ammunition exports:

This claim is news to TulAmmo. We called Tula USA moments ago, and they are reporting that it is “business as usual,” in their office. Bearing Arms also spoke to several distributors who also said that they are not scrambling for ammo as the various blog posts indicate. None of the distributors we talked to report having heard of any credible information that the Russians would stop the export of ammunition.

Put simply, this is a claim without any substance, and ff looked at dispassionately as a logical matter, the rumored “reverse boycott” makes no sense at all.

Sourced via Bearing Arms


In recent months ammunition has slowly begun appearing on store shelves at major retailers in the United States. But after nearly two years of shortages that had ammunition manufacturers running their factories 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because of consumer demand and massive government purchases, it appears that another supply pipeline may have been cut.

If you don’t already have it then prepare to go without or pay double the price or more in coming days and weeks:

In the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy and fears of new control control legislation from the Obama administration, extreme shortages of ammunition have been sustained over the past 12-24 months, as panicked Americans have raided the shelves of Cabelas and gun-shows across the country buying literally every round they can get their hands on.

Combined with multi-billion round purchases from gov’t 3 letter acronyms such as the DHS and FBI, (including even the USPS and IRS), the shortages have continued even as manufacturers have responded by drastically increasing production.

Over the past 6-12 months, shortages of some calibers such as 7.62 used in the popular AK-47 semi-automatic weapon have been alleviated somewhat via massive imports of Russian production.

That is about to change.

The largest wholesale gun & ammo distributors in the US have informed us in private conversation today that a massive scramble is on for all 7.62 as Russia has reportedly halted all exports to the US of Russian made ammunition.

Our distributor source informed us that yesterday they had several hundred thousand rounds of Russian made 7.62 TulAmmo, and after receiving word early today on the halt of Russian exports to the US, they have been completely wiped out of every last round in the past 10 hours!

We have only several days supply of 7.62 on hand currently at SDBullion under normal market conditions, and expect it will disappear as quickly as 22 LR once word of the Russian export halt spreads.

While Obama and Kerry threaten Russia with economic sanctions over the Ukranian crisis, it appears that Putin has quietly taken the first step and launched economic sanctions of his own against the US.

We have a feeling that we are seeing only the beginning.

Via Silver Doctors

If this report is accurate, then the motivation may not necessarily be  to cut off ammunition to U.S. gun owners. Perhaps Russia is just ensuring that they have plenty of ammo on hand in the event that a Russian invasion of the Ukraine is initiated by Vladimir Putin.

Whatever the case, this report highlights, yet again, how important it is to have necessary supplies on hand before a major crisis, announcement or political shift.

When the Fukushima radiation plumes began making their way towards the United States and the Department of Homeland Security announced that Americans should have Potassium Iodide on hand to help fight thyroid absorption Americans across the country panicked. The price of a single bottle of KI went from the manufacturer suggested retail price of around $20 to a whopping $200 per bottle on auction web sites.

After Sandy Hook, as the anti-gun faction of our government began moving to restrict the ownership of firearms and ammunition, prices skyrocketed 300% and shelves were emptied within days.

And, as we’ve seen during critical emergencies like Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, as well as the ice storms that hit the eastern half of the United States in the last few months, grocery stores were cleaned out within hours.

If you’re one second late, you’ll be out of luck.

Develop a comprehensive preparedness plan today and start stocking up.

Inflation is Running at 40-Year Highs!

Negative interest rates are taxing savers, creating food shortages, and making life miserable in the United States!

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      • KY Mom

        Off Topic…

        Bank of America: China’s “Bear Sterns moment” could be just around the corner

        “The growing risk of default by Shanghai Chaori Solar Energy Science & Technology Co. may become China’s “Bear Stearns moment,” prompting investors to reassess credit risks as they did after the U.S. securities firm was rescued in 2008, according to Bank of America Corp.”

        “We doubt that the financial system in China will experience a liquidity crunch immediately because of this default but we think the chain reaction will probably start,” Hong Kong-based strategists David Cui, Tracy Tian and Katherine Tai wrote in a note yesterday.

        During the U.S. financial crisis, it took a year “to reach the Lehman stage” when investors began to panic and shadow banking froze, the strategists added.

        • Barn Cat

          China has problems in their banking industry but I don’t think their economy will collapse. Almost everything they use is made there. China imports mostly raw materials and oil but exports finished goods.

          • Nightshiftsucks

            The Chinese economy is a farce and is based on printed money,look at the ghost cities and all of the over capacity in the different industries.I spend hours everyday following economic news,China is as bad as any country.Think about,China,Japan,Europe and the US,if any one goes then they all go.

            • The guy in the know.

              The people that will do well are the rednecks.
              Housing…country prop. or a cheap trailer.
              Meat…. forest game.
              Repair materials…forest.
              Dental….no teeth…no worries. ha.

              Frankly.. we need a good hard collapse..maybe a global war to weed out the population.
              Note to the elite….if/when you engineer this… Me thinks there will be no place you can all hide.

              Frankly.. I have a good job.
              So the worse things get…the better deals I get.

              I see this coming collapse, pandemic, war, plague, doughts..as a grand adveture.

              • LibertyDwells

                Yep. It’s quite possibly well passed time for an “adjustment” to be made in the gene pool. For those prepared it will be interesting. For those not prepared…it just won’t last very long…

              • TR

                Well,Bubba,Red & Slim down the road run out of supplies & know the other Rednecks have what they need. They might come visit. Of course it’s not a problem for Rednecks because they are Ten Feet Tall & Bullet Proof.
                Some country boys might not survive.

                • rainyday

                  There is a family that lives in my area who are the typical “redneck” type and my neighbor who is also a prepper heard them talking about what will happen when things get rough. One of the bastards had the nerve to say that it doesn’t matter if a guy has 10 thousand bullets, all it takes is one bullet and then you have 10 thousand bullets. Makes me think there might need to be some cleansing in my area if this is the kind of attitude that people will have. These aren’t even city people but rural people that live out in the sticks. Things like that really chap my ass!!

                • 1940justme

                  another reason for people to keep their mouth shut, you never know who is listening and what their thoughts are. they may say they’re with you, but things can change when people get pushed in a corner.

                • slingshot

                  Rainy Day.

                  Rednecks can be very blunt or sharp in their replies.
                  Could he become a raider or was it Gut Check for you.

              • am

                Fuck you, you’re an idiot.

            • BJ

              Cheaper Than Dirt still has them for $4.29 a box (20) of 122 grain hollow point.

              • Debilos

                Boycott them! Remember what they did after Sandy Hoax. Cowards

              • clint

                I have hundreds and hundres of the 7.62×39 ak round wolf if needed. I dont have an ak anymore.

                • BJ

                  I’ll take it Clint

                • Jesse B

                  I’d be glad to take them off of your hands for $20 per 100rds. I live in Charlotte NC and the 7.62×39 still seems to be abundant around here. So I think the rumors of importation of ammo from Russia are false.

              • Walter

                RUSSIA. It is not Russia, it is the USA stopping all Russian products from coming in to the USA. Does Russia make teleprompters?

                • sixpack

                  I think you’re right. I read that Obullshit kicked their diplomats out of the country already.

              • Ryback

                The day will come when lead is more valuable than gold.

              • BOR

                I laughed at the part where you said you spend all hours of the day studying economic news lol..Good, you read it and Ill report it.

                The wake up clueless stands

            • john1028

              I’ve wondered if these ghost cities will be used to house foreign workers.

              I don’t think the destruction of our economy is an accident, this is a president who believes we owe the world an apology for who we are.

              Would anyone be surprised to learn that the plan all along has been to turn Americans into the cheap labor force for the rest of the world? Once our economy is completely destroyed perhaps we’ll be happy to work in factories making iphones or plastic toys for $3, sorry, ¥18 per hour.

            • innerwebz

              All economy is a farce. Based on arbitrary value assignments. Also the ghost cities have been filling up. When you build a 10 million person capacity city overnight it takes time for people to fill it up.

          • John Q. Public

            If prices of Russian 7.62×39 skyrocket, we might as well buy the excellent and reloadable brass-cased Lapua. Lapua 123 gn 0.311″ projectiles are also available.

            • Will

              Or you could buy the equally excellent brass boxer new production 7.62×39 that we import from Arsenal in Bulgaria ( European Union)

            • Gregory8

              Who gives a crap about Russian ammo, the stuff is steel cased versus Federal brass casing. That steel crap has been found to cause wear issues and early fouling in various rifle tests. Yeah, it’s cheaper, but you get what you pay for. The only thing the steel stuff is good for is trading/selling to those who didn’t buy enough ammo before TSHTF.

              • Ryback

                Oh be American, only use American product. You sound like a commercial. That’s why its brass and copper washed, wont cause damage and only use once, NO RELOADING……. I take the information from those oldtimers that reload with a grain of salt, no pun intended. Damn commies! Don’t want nuthun to do with that ammo. Even thou the AK is one of the BEST general purpose assault rifles in the world. And by the way the best AK’s are the foreign ones not the American made versions. No I’m not being anti American.

              • Anon 7

                Sorry Ryback et al: Gregory8 was using science and logic (a largely unknown body of knowledge to most on this site) used in many of the same tests I’ve seen as well, to make his case about the inferiority of Russian ammo. The point is that only an idiot would use Russian steel in his own weapon because of the damaging data supplied by so many different testers. The only thing that all the testers agree on is that it’s cheaper. I too have some steel cased ammo as well but that’s for trade to those morons who are too stupid to read the data, too late in the game to buy the good stuff, or just too cheap/poor to buy the brass ammo. Granted, steel case ammo is better than nothing, but not for long.

            • Ryback

              That’s premium ammo John Q I hope your rich.

          • Unreconstructed Southron

            The Rooskies don’t want their own ammo to be used on them when Barry Soetoro invites them over.

            • sixpack

              We should be making our own ammo, right here. Then we wouldn’t even have to consider those kinds of logistics.

              • sixpack

                I made the statement her about a year ago, that first the U.S supply line would be interrupted, THEN the imports would be stopped. Seems I was on to something.

              • BDM

                Yeah but Obama’s EPA just closed down the last lead smelting plant. So there is no new American ammunition available.

                • jrpab101

                  Mexico has several lead smelting plants within 75 miles of the border. The price will add a few more cents to the bullet but the US ammunitions plants will not miss a beat.

                • sixpack

                  My point exactly.

          • John Q. Public

            Here’s an excellent article and video showing the tribe’s machers (“big shots”) suggesting that the Ukrainians put the Holomodor genocide behind them.


            Can you imagine the panic and name-calling if someone suggested that the tribe put the HoloHoax behind them?

            Hypocrites, murderers, and liars! Exactly as Jesus judged them.

            • Them Guys

              OY VEY!! We ALL Have Been…HOLOHOAXED!

              Then kosher-Taxed Too!(check for kosher symbols on 99+% of products you buy!)

              Picture how They would Wail! If we demanded a Christian Symbol placed on All Food and many other items folks buys daily…AND also for a TAX to be paid to cover expences imposed on grocery stores and food makers etc! Thats right…The kosher symbol Rabbis force stores and food makers co’s to comply with kosher symbols and PAY Huge yearly Fees for it!…Any who refuse…Are threatened with mass Boycotts, and crys of antisemtisim of said sotre or manufacturers refusing. What a scam swindle if ever there was one.

              I think a Class action type of event to have such a christian symbol inlcuded would be a great plan.

              I can see them now when they buy food items and look for a kosher symbol, and right next to it find a cristian “Cross symbol”!…Oy Vey they will Wail and Howl at that eh!

              98% of Non jewish folks in america, are Paying a kosher Tax to offset fees Rabbis charge every manufacturer of foods etc….And Just less than 2% benifit.

              WHY should 98% of americans Pay for Their goofy religious practices that we the 98% do NOT subscribe to eh?

              Where is FOX TV and Hannity on these Issues? Why don’t Wolf Blitzerboy report on these issues?

              And Where do WE apply for massive Refunds of costs related that we have Paid all these years?

              Your Kosher tax paid is funding Their 95 Foot Tall Minorah stand every year at Xmass time when ZERO Christmass displays are allowed at the Whiethouse.

              Why is That 95 ft tall religious symbol still allowed?

              Why does 98% of americans have to cater to demands of less than, 2% any longer?

              ok go ahead with tons red thumbs by the fools who have NO good reasons or answers eh. I guess they can’t handle truth.

              • skittle shittin unicorn

                i knew you would crawl out of the wood works and you 100% bullshit

                i bet you see jews in everything right ??

                skittle shittin unicorn
                the Marxist liberal crank

              • Nubbin-Finger Jake Rodell

                Thank you, Them Guys for having the knowledge and courage to tell the truth about the kabal of Semitic Suckers who lord over this once Christian nation.

          • Hunter

            …China exports finished goods?? LMAO!!

            FYI BC..correction! China exports 98% semi-polished SHIT-JUNK!!!

            ..I just hope their domestic military products/hardware is equally unreliable!

            • .02

              Hunter, a polished turd is still a turd.

            • Me here

              I’ve been hearing a lot about Russia playing a large roll in end-times. Just kind of wonder where this is leading?

              • BJ

                the bear to the north

              • Redneck

                Russian women could easily kick American women’s asses, and the Ruskie chicks are smoking hoot!!!

                • TheGuy

                  Yeah, well, who couldn’t? I think The Smurfs could give them a run for their money.

            • 1braveheart

              Hunter, I’ve always wondered about the quality of their military hardware, especially since the 90s when Clinton gave away our closest military secrets to the them, especially our missile technology. Let’s all hope their weapons are nothing but shit.

              • Hunter

                Ditto, my fingers are crossed on that one Braveheart!

              • gun

                the chinese sent 2 men in space for fifteen days last year. The chink lunar rover they sent last month broke down on the moon after a few days.

                • Ted Kennedy

                  Made in China…

                • Redneck

                  Like some of the American space vehicles. Mir only outlasted Skylab by about 12 years.

              • no justice

                Yes, gave away secrets to the commies and the coc*su*ker is still loved and popular with many Americans. I hope these people suffer the worst when SHTF comes.

            • BJ

              @ Hunter,
              I thought the Sheppard was a battery operated scope that had a built in laser range finder?

              Thermal eye night vision?


              Thanks Hunter.

              Oh BTW to all who have been taking part in the long range shooting discussions. I found another school today through the website snipercentral.com. I don’t know if they are as good as GPS in AZ, Badland Tactical in OK, or Storm Mountain in WV.? But they are a longer class for less money? They are in Butte, MT and I think it is the guy who runs/owns the site http://www.snipercentral.com who does it?

              • BJ

                Am I thinking of the Burris Eliminator? I thought both had similar operations?

              • Hunter


                A Thermal-eye device/unit is expensive..but(!!!)..its NOT simply “night vision”..it can be used @ high-noon/broad daylight. Its a true thermal device using the same technology utilized in mil-spec FLIR(forward looking infra-red) systems.

                Its picks up/amplifies “body heat”..and any other elevated thermal heat source.

                My unit uses AA batteries!


                The Burris high $$$ scope, you’re referencing uses a LRF(laser range finder) coupled w/ an imbedded micro-processor to provide you w/ a very rapid & accurate aim point…my old Sheppard P-2 is based on a ballistic stadia(18″) calibrated to distance & bullet velocity/coefficient and (somewhat) weight in grains.****

                ****(see Sheppard scopes website for details).


                As a point of reference: ..always remember a laser range finder has its limitations also**

                **Rain/mist/heavy snowfall/fog etc-etc..will negate its effectiveness!!!!!

                Hope this helps you…..!

              • lastmanstanding

                Classes have been full for months…and months…and…

                • BJ

                  yeah I noticed that 🙁

        • Indy Colts

          Lies and fear porn. This was fabricated by the gun shops to drum up sales. Do a search for yourself and you’ll see this is one guy quoting a unidentified source. Rubbish

          • Cowboy45

            Maybe. But, a run is still a run; and, most aren’t gonna chance grabbing what might be “last chance” merchandise.

          • YAWN.....


          • Anonymous

            Nope…my wholesaler is out too…

        • Nobamamama

          KY in what way does your post relate to this article?

          • Outlaw

            She clearly started her post with an Off Topic disclaimer.Can you not read or just not comprehend what you read?

            • Facebook Page

              She should change her name to off topic.

              She will bring up ammo on our next banking post I bet.

              • 1braveheart

                FBP, you’re starting to sound like Peterson. KY Mom provides a valuable service to us with those links. Those are articles we would otherwise miss. KY Mom, keep on posting those links. We love you.

          • Miss DeeDee

            If KY Mom post a reference article – off topic , on topic, under or over topic, there is a 99.999 percent chance that it is a worthwhile article.
            — Miss Dee Dee

            • Facebook Page

              No they are not. Sometimes but mostly not.

              • 1braveheart

                FBP, watch out, I’ll get NinaO after you.

        • DocLRRP

          On the other hand, Howard Johnson’s has ceased shipping all Cherry Vanilla ice cream to China.
          Just as relevant

      • Barn Cat

        Ukraine was encouraged to give up its nukes and eliminate its army by a treaty signed by Bill Clinton, NATO, and Boris Yeltsin that guaranteed Ukraine’s security.

        The Russians killed millions of Ukrainians during the 1930s. I don’t believe most Ukrainians want closer ties to Russia. I also don’t believe the election of a pro-Russian leader was a free election either.

        • Aurelius

          Again you make a large mistake by accusing Russians of killing millions of Ukrainians. Millions upon millions of White, Christian Russians were tortured and murdered by the same murderous Scum that killed millions of Ukrainians. If the mentioned Scum didn’t control TV, radio, newspapers and all communications in the western world, then you would know this Scum as Bolshevik Jews! Of course, that’s such a hurtful thing to say but think about this; The Bastards have the same plans for you and I! Do you think this to be some anti-Semitic drivel? I’ve been in this since 1960 and while you can be satisfied with what you have been conditioned to believe, I urge you to take the red pill and learn the truth.

          • .02

            she wont because her beliefs have chained her forever into blindness. poor thing.

          • Barn Cat

            You’ve been reading Nazi/Muslim propaganda. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and the rulers of the Japanese Empire were all GENTILES!!! Did you know that? The most evil people on the planet have been gentiles.

            There are obviously blind, hateful, GODLESS people who blame the Jews for everything. They’ll get what’s coming to them at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

            Oh, by the way, the Jews are also responsible for the dinosaurs becoming extinct. I thought you should be the first to know.

            • .02

              Lol, you cant be serious? Stalins original surname in English means “son of a jew”. He sure behaved like one. The jews have put out a heap of lies on Stalin to avoid the truth he was one of the tribe for the bad press it brings on them. They have the nerve to claim they where only innocent victims of the Communist murder machine they created, enforced and lead. Typically jewish.

              • BJ

                BC still reads form a NIV bible and thinks it hasn’t been corrupted and that he’s reading the true word of God. You can’t expect him to understand the truth about this subject matter.

              • Smokey


                Stalin’s last name means son of Dzuga, which is either an ancestor, sheepherder, or the town of Dugana, where he was from in Georgia. The Georgian word for Jew is ‘erbraeli’, nothing like Dzugashvili.

                You don’t have to make stuff up about how bad Stalin was, he did pretty good all by himself.

            • .02

              Lenin, Marx, Trotsky, Engels, Brezhnev and Khrushchev were also Jews.

            • Hunter

              –quote– ..”The most evil people on the planet have been gentiles.”

              How very jewish of you Barn Cat! Ignorant and false accusatory judgements, tend to fall easily from the lips of satan’s earthbound pests/tribal-folk and their brain-dead (pseudo) false-christian ass kissers.

              ..and per your dinosaur extinction clause..rest assured, I’d imagine they were harvested and duly processed according to strict ‘kosher’ slaughter/dietary laws..just so you know, of course.

              ..be sure your ground brontosaurus chuck/sirloin & fillet of woolly mammoth is kosher approved!

              Bon appetite…dipshit!

            • Mountain Trekker

              Yeah Barn Cat, it’s time you faced the truth. Now that we know even the bitcoin was dreamed up or schemed up by a jew, Satoshi Nakamoto. He use to be Sat Nakawitz. Just another sneaky Jew. Trekker Out.

              • dub

                Good one. Don’t forget about Bartholomew Obamawitz.

                • lonelonemum

                  The geneology of Obama’s Mum is interesting.

                  Everyone looks at his colour and therefore his dad. That’s a deliberate distraction. Do a bit of research on Mummy and the conclusions you’ll draw will be interesting.

                  He’d deffo a planted puppet of the NWO by deliberate design.

                • smokey

                  Used to have a rat under the house named Mousekewitz, trapped him with a bagel and cream cheese.

            • para bellum

              Jew Haters:
              Jesus was a Jew. Do you despise him?

              • mark

                Jesus was of the tribe of Judah, he was not a Jew as we know those people called Jews today. Today’s “Jews” are descended from Esau not Jacob. God said he hated Esau and would for all his generations. One reason was he mixed with the other races which God forbids. God would have to hate Jesus if he was a Jew since he would have to have been descended from Esau. Even the disciples spoke in whispers “for fear of the Jews”.

                • Them Guys

                  Jesus was a Nazerene and Born there. A bible verse says “And Jesus NO longer walked in jeruselem for FEAR of the Jews who were Always trying and plotting to KILL Jesus.

                  ok so then Where did he walk or go to if jeruselem was off limits?….If as most folks think that the words jew and israel are interchangable, which they are NOT, then jesus would have had to leave israel totally and head for egypt or elswheres, “if” all of israel equaled jews.

                  None of old testement persons like abraham, moses, issak and jacob were Ever a “jew or jewish”.

                  Jew was a nickname for people who lived in judah or the southern kingdom of judah. the name and word ISRAEL defined ONLY those of the Ten Northern tribes of the “Northern Kingdom of Israel”.

                  That happened after and ever since solomon died and his son took over as king of israel of ALL 12 tribes back then…But the 10 ephraim led tribes spilt apart then, and ever since, including Todays era, the 10 northern tribes Kept the Name Israel. As Jacob Prophesied they would forever KEEP his new name of Israel, and be Known as israel. Jacob also Blessed his son joseph’s Twin sons, Manessah and Ephraim and told them THEY and Their decendants will Keep the name of “Israel” forever. NONE of Judahs tribes persons decended from those Two Sons tribes or families. JEW does Not equal or interchange words with Israel. Each word has a seperate meaning. Get it Yet?

                  The southern two tribes judah and benjamin since 1000 yrs before Christ was born were never called “Israel” again.

                  Todays, Most of, jews are Khazars that are from Turkic decent, and turk is from ESAU and Edom later was called Turkic. Khazars decended from Barbarians of a mixture of Turk + Asiatics aka Gingis Khan people, HUNN’s aka atila the Hunn, and caucasians. 3 of that 4 mix were barbarians…Not israelites. Khazar barbarians.

                  One look at 1918 soviet russia actions by the ancestors of khazar/jews shows they never quit being barbarians.

                  99.9% of jews, be they orthodox, conservative, liberal, atheist, Torrah jews or Zionists ALL has One major component in Common.

                  That common Is their babylonian Talmud religion they call Judaisim.

                  Pharisee rabbis Invented Talmud back in captivity in Babylon. Pharise Babylonian Talmudic Judaisim IS exactly what Jesus railed against!

                  Rev. 2:9, 3:9…John 8:44 and all other biblical verses that Christ or any of the apostles writers spoke badly or negativly on jews, pharise, rabbis etc is all based on Pharise Babylonian Talmudic Judaisim religious practices and beliefs.

                  Jesus said “I was Sent ONLY to the Lost sheep of the House of Israel(10 Northern tribes kingdom of Israel).”

                  Jesus also when he sent the 12 apostles and another 70 persons out to spread His Gosple told all of them to “Go preach it to the LOST sheep of the House of Israel”

                  Okay Now. “IF” every jew is an israeli, and israel and jew both mean the same thing?…Then why would Jesus ever state that?…Why would he tell the Jews there He was only sent to the Lost sheep of Israel?…Wouldn’t all those jews there be that group if israel means jew and visa versa?…Are You begining to yet Get It?(why not?).

                  Those who say “theres a Huge difference between zionists VS jews…Are either falsely informed, ignorant, or wishing to make use of a Strawman in the discussion.

                  Because zionists or not, and there are very small numbers of anti-zionists jews in america, like aprox 8000 as per their own website infos…

                  The Main Major real issue at hand is do they or do they not consider their babylonian Talmud books their main basis of religion AND Law?…LAW as in to them Talmud is The Highest Laws in entire universe. Above every mans laws, nations laws, and any other type laws one can locate or find.

                  Research will prove that 99+% of all jews regardless of zionists or not consider Talmud “IT”. Period.

                  So that would Include Them in all that Christ and apostle writers said or wrote about the jewish issues.

                  He Also stated “I am the Way, the Only name given” with which one can be saved by and thru.

                  He made zero exceptions for jews, islamics, atheists, budahists etc etc…so far after 2000 yrs now probobly a acurate number of jews who rejected talmud in favor of Christ belief is aprox 1% globally if that.

                  Therefore one cannot be a “jewdeo-christian”…And be a Real christian…..Anymore than one can be an “Islamic-Christian” Both are absurd at best. Oxymoronic to think such nonsense.

                  One can’t be a 1/2 way christian per Christs Own teachings….Its 100% Him or Nothing period.

                  Whoever rejcts Christ is a Lost soul for Eternity.

                  Like it or not That includes…jews, who fail to convert Sincerally and Truly. Not very likely they will after 2000 yrs of rejection of Christ eh.

                  Those so called messianic jew rabbis on TV ministry shows who claim to be a christian Pastor etc…A Pure BS Joke.

                  They claim to be a jew christian…Yet keep wearing skull caps, worship Talmudic judaisim, practice Every form of jew religious beliefs, foods, holidays, saturday synagouge, Kosher food practice, etc etc..

                  They Can’t be a christian if they refuse to throw off and toss Out every bit of talmudic jew worship or practices period. NO usa christian would Ever say an Islamic that claims hes also christian yet still adheres and practices his Koran book teachings etc, is really a christian, Right?….So Why is that any different if its a jew and his Talmud books and Practices?. It is NO different, even if you want it to be it simply is NO difference be it jew or Muslim. Neither can possibly be a true christian unless he abandons his orig prior talmudic or islamic beliefs. Do You get it yet?

                  Thats NOT me saying so…its the New testement based christianity says so. So did Jesus says so. If this Offends You?…Tell Him, Christ when you meet up with Him soon. I am just the messenger He’s the author.

              • mark

                From the thumbs up and down on the posts it seems like more on this blog are aware of the false identity of the people called jews than on most sites. They shouldn’t be called jews because it makes people wrongly think they are the chosen. they should be called Edomites since they descended from Esau-Edom.

              • .02

                There are many who have been told that Jesus Christ is a Jew, and therefore The Most High and Saviour of their Christian faith comes out of a race which hates Christianity, does all that it can to destroy it, and is now working insidiously all over the United States to get the Bible and prayer out of our schools, and to take the Name of Jesus Christ out of every phase of our national life.

                Now this is hard for some people to understand. They ask, How could Jesus be a Jew, with all Jews fighting everything that relates to Christianity and His Name? Of course the great confusion that exists in the minds of many is in the fact that they have been ill-informed concerning who the house of Israel actually is, and they do not know that there is a vast distinction between the house of Israel (the descendants of Abraham) and the people called Jews today. But we can establish for you clearly apart from these phases of identity that Jesus Christ is not a Jew, or else all the foundations of Christianity have been wasted upon something that is fatuous and that has no foundation whatsoever. We will also establish this very clearly for you on the basis of Christ’s time, as well as facts which are self-evident as key points within the faith of Christianity.

                I tell you that I am not following the Jew: I am following the Incarnate Revelation of The Most High. Before you ask me, Is Jesus Christ a Jew? I ask you this question: Is Yahweh a Jew? We have Jesus’ own words in Matt. 23:33 in which He turned and told the Jews that they are serpents and a generation of vipers. He was not talking about the symbol of Lucifer’s kingdom. He said they are Lucifer’s descendants. I want to emphasize the fact that one of the first things that Jesus did in that conversation was to deny any family relationship. (This is also one of the important records of the book of John.) He denied any relationship with them, and in the instance when they were creating great pressures upon Him, Jesus made this statement: “I am of My Father, and you are of your father.” Therefore, I want to point out something that is most significant concerning Christ. First, let us go to Isaiah 7:14, and read what it says about His birth. “Therefore Yahweh Himself the Eternal One shall give you a sign: Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, and shall call His Name Immanuel” (which is “Yahweh with us “).

                For further revelation on this subject we turn to Isaiah 9:6. (Remember, Isaiah is an Israelite but he is not a Jew.) It reads: “For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given: and the government shall be upon His Shoulder.” Who is He? “His Name shall be called Wounderful, Counsellor, The Mighty,Yahweh, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.” They are referring to the fact that He is The Everlasting Father, that He Is The Prince of Peace; and in this identification, His Embodiment as Messiah would be the Embodiment of the Life of Yahweh.

                Now let us for a moment recognize that it was not until the violation of Divine law by Lucifer and his intermingling of nefarious forces with the races (before the coming of your Race) that there ever existed a Jew upon the face of the earth. It is also noted that these unassimilable forces are referred to in the Old Testament as Jehudi, which word is translated Jews. We realize that the Bible (the King James version) which we have, like the Vulgate, had also been guided in its translation by a great number of Jews who, professing to be Hebrew and Greek scholars, thought to cover up many phrases that related to the identity of Christ and words referring to them and their own relationship to world situations; but they were unable to efface the most important phrases concerning Christ and Who He was.

                • Redneck

                  Christ was crucified by Jews. Pontious Pilot said he could find no fault within Christ, but Jews demanded his crucifixion. Probably for evicting the moneychangers from the temple.

              • Anonymous

                nc;bo/bo para Don’t waste your time . They don’t even know they too are gentile’s too.

          • Them Guys

            Aurelius:Not sure how long you been here at SHTF site?.But trust me on this…Barn Cat does NOT desire facts nor truth on ANY issues jewish period. I as well as John Q. Public, Ahab, Hunter, Pissed off Granny, and a few others here have given Barn Cat. Litteraly TONS and TONS of accurate Factual truth infos and LINKS to Vefiry that Indeed YES…Those Soviet rulers and the evils done were mainly a JEWISH bolshevik done deal.

            He, barn cat refuses to look at nor research nor believe any such Proof solid facts or infos. His mind is fully overtaken by pastors phony spew of jewdeo christianity and zionist christianity. An Oxymornic thing to believe if one ever existed!

            Like OIL & Water, christianity and talmudic judaisim do NOT MIX! never have and Never Will period.

            But regardless how many or how often barn cat is offered tons of links, talmudic verses, IN context bible verses etc he keeps copy-pasteing his standard reply.

            The “Russians” did holodomer!!…NO they did NOT!

            One more time barn cat…

            It’s…..The…JEWS who did it STUPID! Yes one can have own opinions, But Not their own set of Facts or Truths.

            Toss OUT John Hagees spew and jewish worship phony bible teachings barn cat and get with Christs Own teaching words! You Will be better for it.

            Anybody who claims to be a “jewdeo-christian” is akin to saying they are a Law abiding, Murderer!.Not Possible!

            • Aurelius

              Thanks, Them Guys, and all of you others who have backed me in the truth. You know that the very term Judeo-Christian is an oxymoron and the creation of “you know who”. We must, however, look at people such as Barn Cat as victims and nothing more! You know, as well as I, that countless billions of dollars have been spent over the past six decades by the Earths Devil Population and that we must acknowledge that they have garnered some success with at least, the weaker minds. Our public school system has for generations now spouted the Victors view of history and have indeed , made any other view illegal, but we know the truth! The truth, must now speak to our poor populace. The truth is that, Stalingrad was the lowest moment in our history. That is hopefully being remedied by the complete and utter failure of every Communist ideal ever advanced by the Jews that so want to be the victors. We must, somehow, push the Jew out of our national life if we are to survive at all. Let the awakened American mind, in spite of the billions spent to capture the collective American mind, acknowledge that the Jew is alien today and forever and that he will forever seek to destroy the Anglo- Saxon

              • Them Guys

                Aurelius: One must also ask. “Why did Jesus call them Of their father Satan, and Sons of satan etc”?

                And in first couple chapters of the book of genesis, where once Adam and Eve and the Devil or “serphant” got Busted by God for eves sin….God Cursed all THREE adam, eve and satan the serphant.

                Okay so what was that Curse? God told the serphant satan the devil, that “I will put Enmity between You and the Women,,,AND…between Her Offspring and Your offspring.”

                Okay now what does enmity mean?…It means hatred and Division. Okay now what does “Offspring” mean?

                Offspring means “Children Born to a person”

                So…What Really was God saying?

                How could God put enmity and hatred and division between Eves children and Satans children, UNLESS the devil serphant Satan actually HAD Real Human or 1/2 Human children right?

                Okay heres what REALLY went down in that Garden of eden.

                Whatever type “Fruit” Eve ate from that tree of knowledge of good and evil aint whats important here…Its what always focused upon to Divert folks from THIS answer.

                Where the bible says Eve “Knew adam the man and bore him a son”….And Then again eve had a Second son…aka Cain and Able right.

                BUT…what if Cain and able were twins, since no time frame is mentioned between evs bore a son and then again a 2nd son bore she…A Woman can have Sex with TWO males, and get pregnant by BOTH and have TWINS.

                And each of the Twins can have One of the Two Male fathers.

                Maybe the true issue is that eve did far more sinning than eat some fruit off a tree…Eve had sex with satan, THEN had sex with Adam, got pregnant with TWO twin sons, one adam fathered and one satan fathered.

                And Cain became the first Murderer. By killing his brother Able the righteuous son.

                Fast fwd 4000 yrs to Jesus’s days…What did Jesus call jews?…”Ye are of Your father Satan! and His Lusts You shall Do!…He was a Liar, from the BEGINNING(garden of eden when he Lied to eve etc), and also a MURDERER!(satan and eves Son Cain killed eve and adams son able aka Murdered able).

                “And the Innocent Blood of every murder from then, the beginning up to Zacharia the prophet YOU(jews) will be found Guilty of and Judged acordingly for!”

                Once one connects all the dots, there is NO other explaination of how can they really be sons and OFFspring of the devil satan aka serphant….

                Eve Screwed Satan and had Cain, while able was adams son. Twins with Two seperate fathers. It has happened in todays times a women gets pregnant that way by Two males and has twins and each kid is of a different guy…so it could and did occure that way in eden.

                When Christ claimed “You(jews) are OF your father satan”…He Meant it Litteraly!…Esuas edomites are Todays khazars, and fraud jews as in Rev 2:9, John 8:44, and they have no more dna or bloodlines of any israel 12 tribes than a squirel in Your backyard does!

                There are also TWO seperate “Creation Event” stories in your bible genesis book. The first creation event mentioned is when God created the Other races etc,

                THEN in the 2nd creation story written it says God made ADAM of the earth and breathed Life and a soul into adam, Then made eve from adams rib etc.

                WHY Two differing creation event stories written?

                Because God created adam and eve After other races and peoples etc as is written.

                This is rather hard to comprehend at first since we all been so brainwashed on eve ate an apple etc and everybodys equal and same so skin color is only difference etc…Bull Crap!…We are Not all the same.

                Some are from Adam and eve, some created Prior to adams creation as written, and yet others are from Satan as Their Tribal father. by now everybody reading Here this webiste should know well whom are satans kiddies eh!

                • mark

                  Them guys, you hit the nail on the head, Christian Israel must spread the Word and you described it perfectly. Truth is the solution to our problems and you nailed it.Bless you brother, fight on!

              • mark

                Aurelius, You are so right, Judeo-Christianity is an oxymoron, Sorta like a virgin whore, there is no such thing. We keep trying to reach our people but we have to realize that some times we are casting our pearls before swine.

        • John Q. Public

          It was primarily JEWISH Communists who genocided millions of Christian Ukrainians in the Holomodor. THAT is well-known to Ukrainians. THAT is why it required a $5 BILLION Mossad/CIA FALSE FLAG coup to fake a people’s revolution.

          The Ukrainian people will never support JEWISH banksters or their Ukrainian “central banker” regime.

          And you can “take that to the bank.” 🙂

        • .02

          The Russians killed millions of Ukrainians during the 1930.

          All created by the Bolsheviks who were from what tribe Barn Cat? Oh yes, the one you say are God’s chosen people. Rather mean of them wouldn’t you think? Or did God just happen to hate the Ukrainians

          • Barn Cat

            The communists weren’t Jews. It’s about time you learned some history. Even if they were, what does that prove???

            • .02

              So Joe Stalin’s real name, before he changed it. It was Joseph David Djugashvili, a typical Jewish name. During his revolutionary days he changed his name to “Kochba”, the leader of the Jews during one of the anti-Roman uprisings of the Jews. Russians don’t change their names. Georgians don’t change their names. Jews change their names.

              • Smokey

                Bullshit. His name was Iosif Issonarovich Dzugashvili.

                Only thing remotely Jewish is the first name of Joseph.

            • .02

              Stalin had three wives, all of them Jewesses.

              The first was Ekaterina Svanidze who bore him one son, Jacob. His second wife was Kadya Allevijah. She bore him a son Vassili, and a daughter Svetlana. His second wife died in mysterious circumstances, either by committing suicide, or murdered by Stalin. His third wife was Rosa Kaganovich, the sister of Lazar Kaganovich, who was the head of Soviet industry.

              Stalin’s daughter (who in 1967 fled to the USA) then married Lazar’s son Mihail i.e. her step-mother’s nephew. Svetlana Stalin had a total of four husbands, three of them Jewish.

              Stalin’s vice-president Molotov was also married to a Jewess, whose brother, Sam Karp, runs an export business in Connecticut. Just to complicate things even more, the Molotov’s (half-Jewish) daughter also called Svetlana was engaged to be married to Stalin’s son Vassili.

              • Travis Devereux

                i am doing a project on Stalin and the only mention of his religious devotion is that he was actually very pious at a young age at the Seminary he attended. His mother was paying for his priesthood. A catholic background. and in hindsight, why does this matter if its all the past? People died off like flies and the only ones to remember are those on this forum who would send fly words like whores the words to tarnish and hate.

                • Them Guys

                  Travis: No thats wrong…They didnt “Die off like flys” they were Mass genocidal MURDERED by Soviet JEWISH Bolshevik Kommies. HUGE Difference from dy off or be Mass Murdered. Nobody in ALL known history has ever killed more folks than those jewish Mass murderers known as soviet bolshevik kommies. Nobody.

                  Yes it does Matter. If that dont matter?…Then why should anybody care any longer of the jews Holohoax claims of “SIX MILLION Jews”?…We keep constantly hearing of six million jews and nazis daily on tv and tv news spews. But everyone should Forget whatever evils were done to Goyim gentiles right…So Typical of jewish brainwashings that folks cannot eliminate from their confused brainwashed minds eh.

                  Why is the ONLY victims that matter jews?…you cant dispute that as no others are mentioned whenever msm or hollywood speaks of atrocities and their six million(proven a False number by magnitudes!).

                  And Now top jewish honchos are telling Ukraine to just get over holodomer?!!….GET OVER WWII dead jews!

                  You will too once you learn truth of how many fewer than six million actually died and how or why they died.

                  90% at least of soviet rulers of bolshevistik kommis control in EVERY nation taken over by them was Jewish top controlers and leaders etc…Its UNdisputable since the internet ifnos avail now.

            • mark

              Barn Cat, I call B.S. on your post. After the revolution 65% of the ruling class were Jews and 2/3 of them were From the U.S., most from Jew York. The whole revolution was financed out of Jew York, and hint, it wasn’t by the Irish. Hell, communism is a Jewish invention. Marks and his communist manifesto proves that. YOU better learn some history and stop trying to blow smoke up our butts!!
              By the way, Israel (The people, not the place) is Gods chosen, not the anti-Christ “Jews” who are descended from Esau Edom who God said he hated, not Jacob Israel.

            • John Q. Public

              While Judeo-Communism was murdering millions, the Jews were boasting that Communism was theirs. Now that the death toll is widely known, it is “antisemitic” to notice their own boasts about owning Communism. Read their testimony from their own mouths:

              See Part 1, especially “JEWISH TESTIMONY,” at http://www.catholicvoice.co.uk/pinay/

              Here is a tiny sample:

              JEWS created (Rabbi Moses Hess and his disciple Marx), financed (Rosenwald, Kuhn, Loeb, Schiff, etc.), propagandized (Ehrenburg, Mikhoels, Khaldei, etc.) exported (Kun, Eisner, Zimanas, Rozanski, Pijade, Rakosi, Olszewsi, etc.), and mostly ran (Lenin, Trotsky, Zinoviev, Sverdlov, Litvinov, Andropov, etc.) Communism, their secret police (Beria, Yagoda, Bronstein, Yurovsky, Pauker, Slutsky, Gay, Speigelglas, Babel, etc.), and gulags (the Kaganovich family, Berman, Frenkel, Firin, Rappoport, Kogan, Zhuk, etc.)—over 60 million died in the USSR.

              How many will you let them kill this century?

            • joedude

              barn cat sorry to see your so misled but if you believe you are a christian you need to wake up.marx,engles,lenin trotsky,stalin all kazar jew converts no more abrahamic jews than your cat or dog ok.kazar jews created communisim and murderd over 20,000 christians does that not bother you when you call yourself a christian. i for one would not trade one christian life for the whole world of fake jews.so there

              • John Q. Public

                Barn Cat, Old Coach, Gregory 8, and few other useful (to Zionists) idiots have been provided information and verifiable references.

                Their self-righteous pose is one of “studied ignorance.”

              • John W.

                Christ was born and died a Jew. So what is your point? Besides the one on top of your head.

                • .02

                  Christ called the Jews sons of Lucifer, He was no way shape or form a Jew. Jesus Christ could not be a Jew, because He was before any Jew existed. He was before all things, and by Him all things consist. We point also to this: “He is the Head of the body, the Church, Who is the beginning, the first born from the dead, that in all things He might have the preeminence.” (Colossians chapter 1) It pleases the Administering Spirit that His Embodiment will be the fullness of all in all. That is in your Bible, and these are the facts concerning the Person of Christ. He is the Author, the Creator, the Maker, the Producer of the universe; and the embodiment of all this in the physical body was His purpose.

                • .02

                  I think it very important, then, that we also turn to things that are most significant in this prophecy. It is no wonder the enemy, the higher critics, the forces of darkness want to do away with any super-element in our faith. If you could destroy that super-element, you might destroy the whole foundation of Christianity, and you might challenge the Being of Christ Himself. So in this instance they try to do away with, and they would like to take out of the story, the prophecies of Isaiah that a virgin shall conceive and bear a Son. They want to change it today to “a young woman”. I can assure you that the text said a virgin, and this was the intent. This fact is brought forth as one of the mysteries known back in the days, of Enoch. After his heavenly experience, Enoch also included in his revelation “The Pillars of Enoch” that Yahweh Himself would come forth through a virgin in a body, the fullness of Deity, the fullness of Divine Creative Power.

                • .02

                  Now we turn to the record in Chapter I of Matthew concerning the genealogy of Christ, and this is “The book of the generation of Jesus Christ” He is referred to here as “the Son of David, the Son of Abraham”. David was not a Jew; he came out of Jesse. You will discover that he is out of Ephraim and actually out of Joseph. David was given a royal line over Judah, but not one drop of the blood of David is in the veins of Jesus.

                  We discover the fact in the book of Luke that Mary was of the house of Levi. The house of Levi was not Jew. The house of Levi could never be called Jews by anybody, nor could Judah be called Jewish, nor can you call the other ten tribes Jews by any stretch of the imagination, for they were not identified with the Kingdom of Judah. Jews are trying to identify themselves with the house of Abraham by saying they are Judeans, and that they descended from Judah. They only dwelt in the land of Judea, but they were never citizens of the house of Abraham, nor did they come through Judah.

                  We read the whole genealogy in the book of Matthew from the days of Abraham on down “… and Eleazar begat Matthan; and Matthan begat Jacob; and Jacob begat Joseph the husband of Mary”, and it was Mary of whom Christ was born. So it would not make any difference in all the genealogy of the house of Joseph, as far as the blood stream of Christ was concerned, for Joseph was not the father of Jesus Christ. He was only the adopted foster father, and thus added a rightful title as foster father to Jesus. (The Jersusalem Bible footnote (Matt. 1:1) says “… Joseph legally the father of Jesus “.) But Jesus held the title by His right as King of Kings and proved that in His Own conversation with the people of Jerusalem, as we will introduce to you.

                  In the Bible we have no genealogy as to who Mary is. Mary is the only physical embodiment and contact of Christ. Here in Matthew it says: “… Mary, of whom was born Jesus, Who is called Christ”. Nowhere in the genealogy, if you go back to the Old Testament, was the mother ever mentioned. It always tells which father begat whom down through all time. Why was the mother mentioned here? Why did it not mention the mother down through all this course? Because one of the facts of this time in history was that the Virgin Mary was the mother of Christ and His only physical contact on earth. Was she a jewess? Absolutely not!

                • John Q. Public

                  @ John W

                  You say, “Jesus was born and died a Jew,” but that statement needs to be qualified.

                  Jesus of Nazareth was a Galilean, NOT a Judean.

                  Jesus of Nazareth and His Holy Family practiced God’s commandments as delivered by Moses, NOT the Pharisees or others that Jesus damned for “mak[ing] void the commandments of God for the traditions of men” Mark 7:6-9

                  Judaism boasts that it FOLLOWS the Pharisees and JESUS HIMSELF damned the FOLLOWERS of the Pharisees as “two fold children of Hell” more than the Pharisees themselves. Matthew 23:15 So, Jesus did indeed repudiate Judaism.

                  Jesus did not turn His back on His people, but many of them turned their backs on Him!
                  The word “Jew” has many fluid meanings. Even through the Gospel of St. John you can appreciate how the meaning of “the Jews” changed from meaning the whole of the people to meaning those who conspired against Jesus, murdered Him, and now defame Him and persecute His Church and His NEW Chosen people, His Believers.

                  If anyone insists that “Jesus was a Jew,” it is likely they are either (1) ignorant or (2) trying to elevate a lying murderous Master Race creed that Jesus Christ Himself DAMNED.

                  It is diabolical indeed that the synagogue of Satan pretends that Jesus was one of them. Now, to give themselves cover, they now use the Holy Name of Jesus, the One they hate most, the One whose blood they called down on themselves and all their generations, the One they say was an idolater [Sanhedrin 43a, 107b], the One they say was a mamzer [bastard] conceived adulterously in niddah [menstrual filth] by a Roman soldier named Pandera [Kallah 51a] of a whore [Sanhedrin 106a] and that He is now in Hell boiling in feces and, in some editions because Jesus is accused of sexual perversion, semen [Gittin 57a].

                • John Q. Public

                  All this post is true. Why is it languishing in “moderation”?

                  @ John W

                  You say, “Jesus was born and died a Jew,” but that statement needs to be qualified.

                  Jesus of Nazareth was a Galilean, NOT a Judean.

                  Jesus of Nazareth and His Holy Family practiced God’s commandments as delivered by Moses, NOT the Pharisees or others that Jesus damned for “mak[ing] void the commandments of God for the traditions of men” Mark 7:6-9

                  Judaism boasts that it FOLLOWS the Pharisees and JESUS HIMSELF damned the FOLLOWERS of the Pharisees as “two fold children of Hell” more than the Pharisees themselves. Matthew 23:15 So, Jesus did indeed repudiate Judaism.

                  Jesus did not turn His back on His people, but many of them turned their backs on Him!
                  The word “Jew” has many fluid meanings. Even through the Gospel of St. John you can appreciate how the meaning of “the Jews” changed from meaning the whole of the people to meaning those who conspired against Jesus, murdered Him, and now defame Him and persecute His Church and His NEW Chosen people, His Believers.

                  If anyone insists that “Jesus was a Jew,” it is likely they are either (1) ignorant or (2) trying to elevate a lying murderous Master Race creed that Jesus Christ Himself DAMNED.

                  It is diabolical indeed that the synagogue of Satan pretends that Jesus was one of them. Now, to give themselves cover, they now use the Holy Name of Jesus, the One they hate most, the One whose blood they called down on themselves and all their generations, the One they say was an idolater [Sanhedrin 43a, 107b], the One they say was a mamzer [bastard] conceived adulterously in niddah [menstrual filth] by a Roman soldier named Pandera [Kallah 51a] of a whore [Sanhedrin 106a] and that He is now in Hell boiling in feces and, in some editions because Jesus is accused of sexual perversion, semen [Gittin 57a].

            • Hunter

              –(quote)– ..”Even if they were(jewish), what does that prove???”

              It proves two things:

              1.> You were severely ‘short-changed’ in the DNA pool lottery, per being endowed with the synapse/brain-cell density & associated neural connections, to process and mentally digest, blatant/inherent (in-your-face) truths/evidence..


              2.> ..somewhere in your family tree..there’s a ‘hard-headed mule’..who brays in Yiddish!


              Wake up Barn Cat…the fate of your mortal soul..depends on it!!!!!!!

              • BJ

                I would so love to have a coffee with you 🙂

                • Hunter


                  Thank you.
                  I’d be honored!

                  But be forewarned..as an old soldier, my idea of coffee, orbits around good java, real cream mixed w/ a few shots of Irish whiskey!

                • BJ

                  Ever get to IA/IL border let me know.

              • mountain man 6-1

                SO anywho , got bullets?? OR was THAT the subject ??Oh well, guess you guys rather ARGUE till DoomsDay who Really knows the true about RELIGION !! HEY , you’ll learn the Real truth when ya DIE !! RIGHT !??…….mm NEXT Subject !

              • Them Guys

                HUNTER: That was Good…A Mule that brays in yiddish!

                Maybe barn cats really a jewish demacrat lib as the donky is akin to a mule and hes at least as stuborn hard headed as both eh.

            • mqg25

              Sorry BC, but you need to put down your public school propaganda text book on the Russian Revolution and face facts. The following is a list of all names and nationalities of the first Bolshevik central party members.


            • lonelonemum

              Those Jews not on board with the NWO vision were genocided ruthlessly during WW2 by the Zionists. A few stumpy remnants remain here and there around the world that escaped the clean up but their voices of protest about what is being done in the name of their faith never hit the MSM by deliberate design.

              Judaism proper (not the perverted form currently preached) actually forbids the creation of Isreal, just as Christianity forbids Usery and sodomy.

              They were deliberately sacrificed so that the NWO crew could claim perpetual victim hood and the eternal sympathy of suckers like Barn Cat.

              A similar trick was played out when they sank the Titanic – the passenger list just happened to include all those members of the international banking fraternity who opposed the NWO plans for the Fed. we’ve seen another wave of high profile financial deaths recently. Do join up the dots dear.

              Barn Cat next you’ll be telling me you believe the stories about suicide by staple gun or 3 shots to the back of the head. Get a grip on reality before it’s too late ffs.
              There are still a few Christians left in Palestine, but not many, not now thanks to the continued funding or damn fool sheepie suckers of the US TV false evangelical movement funding their annihilation.

              At this stage of the game it’s dangerous to be so wilfully stupid. That’s the kind of nonsense that made ijeets believe Obama’s “change” meant he meant a good one rather than their own impoverishment in order to benefit his masters.

            • mark

              Barn cat, I finally figured out who you are, your Hillary, What difference does it make, Clinton! Seriously guys he has to be a jewish troll or John Hagee, either way we are casting our pearls before swine trying to convince him but we may reach others with eyes to see and ears to hear. With this many of our people knowing the truth on this survival site I know the remnant will be prepared for the comming tribulations.

              May God put a hedge of angelic protection around the lost sheep of the house of Israel and a curse on His enemies who desire to destroy His people. Amen, in Christ’s name.

          • jerrytbg

            Boys boys…lighten up…
            I have always believed, and as I was taught, there is a “huge” difference between sincere practicing Jews and Zionist…
            This asinine argument about the “evil Jews”, at some point has to be put to rest…

            Let it begin here…or not…if you want to put everyone into the same pot.

            This is like saying everyone with red hair is just like some mythical Viking…

            • mark

              Jerry, you can’t fix a problem unless you know who is causing it. Who created the Fed, Who puts out the filth in Hollywood, who owns all major news outlets, who is the large majority of porn producers and actors and actresses,who is behind the banking scandals,ect.,ect. The bible even says that the disciples spoke in whispers for fear of the Jews. They said, “Let his blood be on us” when the killed Christ. God said that if anyone blesses his enemies he would curse them. As a nation we have been blessing the occupants of that bastard state of Israel since 67, have we gone up or down since then, Wake up and smell the bagels!!!!

              • Hunter

                + thousands thumbs up, to you Mark!

              • jerrytbg

                So…you wanna kill all the Jews?

                That’s real Christian of you…Don’t count on me to help…

                And as long as you have this hate in you you will never be…

                • .02

                  So…you wanna kill all the Jews?

                  It is a shame that it gets to this but it seems it is either us or them. Let me put it this way to you, you want them to kill you? This is the options as they have killed hundreds of millions last century and they are gearing up for the really big show as I type this.

                • John W.

                  This site has turned into a DU communist hangout. They have taken it over and ruined it since Snyder is a moron who cares not. I hope he gets Tom Metzgered by one of his Jew hating new best friends. This site is no longer about prepping but far left hatred.

                • Facebook Page

                  Fuck You you calling who what.

                • lonelonemum

                  No I want the Zionist NWO stopped. There are Islamic and Christian Zionists too.

                  It’d be nice if the usurpers could drop their mask of deception that means they are hiding behind a convenient faith they believe to be false like a child hides behind it’s Momma’s apron when it knows Daddy is gonna give him a whoppin’.

                • mark

                  God said we would bring his enemies before him and slay them at his feet.

              • BJ

                A little help here please. Can you reference book, chpt and verse where God said if any one blesses His (God’s) enemies that he (the blesser) would be cursed?

                I am not familiar with this and it obviously is confusing me and you can probably guess the verses I am referring to in regard to enemies and my confusion.


                • mark

                  Sorry, I just got back on site. One bible verse showing the blessing of Gods enemies brings wrath upon you is 2 Chronicles 19:2.
                  For a idea on who the “Jews” are look at Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 where it says that those who say they are Jews (Judeans) but are not are the synagogue of satan. Also 2John that says that those who deny that Jesus is the Christ are the anti-Christ.
                  How can anyone mistake them for the chosen of God.
                  Remember, God said some will have eyes to see and ears to hear and others will have scales over their eyes and will not see. Pray for our Christian brothers who have Gods laws written on their hearts but have been deceived to have the scales removed from their eyes. The Jew controlled media and most “Judeo-Christian” seminaries are engaged in spell casting as described in the bible.

                  P.S.- don’t bring a curse on your self by blessing God’s enemies when you buy porn and the filthy movies put out by Jew pornographers and satanic Hollywood.

                • Spook89

                  Gen. 12:3; Numbers 24:9; Zech. 2:8, come to mind.

                • BJ

                  OK, I am confused. I am not good at it, but I thought we were to love our enemy , pray for them and be a blessing to them. to heap kindness on them?

              • Spook89

                EVERYBODY is guilty for the Blood of Christ! He wasn’t murdered, it was God’s plan to send His Son to die for our sins from the beginning. You say the Jews are guilty of the Lord’s death? No more than you or I.

                • Them Guys

                  no it was Gods Plans for Israels 12 tribes to trust and believe the Many prophets God sent to them, and believe that a messiah Christ will arrive on scene and when he did to accept Him.

                  But they used their free will God gives all people, to reject Christ instead. if they did accept Christ things would have been vastly different.

                  Its always up to people to use free will properly and create a good future etc.

                  do You really believe that If globally people made a direct turn around and everybody accepted jesus today, that God would still send His wrath to earth like whats wrote in book of revelation?

                  God would have zero need to do so then. Instead Christ could return and all that bad stuff could be avoided.

                  But if you buy into todays phony dispensationists type preachers teachings you wont see it that way.

            • .02

              sincere practicing Jews

              As in the Talmudist? These are the same in heart that has killed 100’s of millions last century coming for the United States Christian Nation. They pretty much have hollowed it out and all that is left is a rotting corpse. But yes, I guess we should just “put it to rest” and forget about the things left to come.
              Go watch some more disgusting propaganda on Talmudvision and everything will be ok.

            • Truthy1

              Hair or skin color have nothing to do with it anymore.Here is the root of the problem as per Eustace Mullins Book The Curse of Canaan A Demonology of History. pg.16 In order to understand why the name of Shem was systematically reviled and concealed
              throughout the records of history, we must return to the record of his thoroughly degenerate and
              evil nephew, Canaan. Canaan was so wicked that his last will and testament to his children was a
              formula for vice. It read, “Love one another (that is, of this tribe only), love robbery, love
              lewdness, hate your masters, and do not speak the truth.” This remarkable document, the Will of
              Canaan, is to be found in only one place in all the world’s theological literature, the Babylonian
              Talmud, where it is presented thusly, “Five things did Canaan charge his sons: love one another,
              love robbery, love lewdness, hate your masters, and do not speak the truth.” Pes. 113b.
              The Will of Canaan has been the Canaanites prescription for all of their operations during the
              ensuing three thousand years. Meanwhile, the people of Shem, knowing nothing of this
              document, vainly tried to “convert” the Canaanites, and turn them from their evil ways. If the
              descendants of Shem had been warned of the precepts imparted by this document, the history of
              the last three thousand years could have been very different. The Will of Canaan today remains
              the operating instructions of the Canaanite heirs, who presently control the World Order. At the
              same time, it remains unknown to the peoples whom the Canaanites continue to rob, enslave,
              and massacre. The Will of Canaan contains the instructions necessary to resist the results of the
              Curse of Canaan, which condemn them to slavery. The instructions to “hate your masters,” that
              is, Shem and Japheth and their descendants, is a command to commit genocide against the
              people of Shem. For this reason, all subsequent Canaanite rites are based upon these
              exhortations to struggle and commit acts of violence against the people of Shem. It is not only
              the basis for all of the revolutions and “liberation movements” since that time, it is also a basic
              incitement to commit genocide and to carryon racial wars. Because of the three-thousand-year historical blackout, the people of Shem have never understood their peril, and they have
              frequently been subject to massacre because their essential goodness made it impossible for
              them to believe the vileness of the Canaanites. The Will of Canaan has always been concealed
              from them because it is the basic program of conspiracy and secret rites which enable the
              Canaanites to wreak their hatred upon the descendants of Shem http://www.eustacemullins.us/wp-content/works/Books/Eustace%20Mullins%20-%20The%20Curse%20Of%20Canaan%20-%201987.pdf

        • knightindullarmor

          Yeah. And obastard getting 101% of registered voters voting for him in some precincts means that OUR last election wasnt a free election either.

      • Red Leader

        I just checked gunbot dot com and there is plenty of 7.62 X 39 for as low as .23 a round

        • BJ

          I got some last night for .21 a round + shipping

        • NetRanger

          I think they are trying to create a fake run on 7.62×39. After all, just think if you had a load of the stuff and the demand shot up.

    1. hudsonvalleyny3%

      Doesn’t make sense all of the current rifles in use by all former Soviet and current Russian forces are 5.45 mm rounds. 7.62 hasn’t been used by comblock forces in at least 25 years.

      • darkstar

        Hey neighbor……glad to see someone else from the HV

        • hudsonvalleyny3%

          Yeah there are a few of us out there

        • 1940justme

          where in the valley, east,west side or north, south end??

          • hudsonvalleyny3%

            I am in the south side of the HV.

      • LSB

        Is russia trying to help our gov cut off our ammo supply?

        • jerrytbg

          That couldn’t possibly be true…
          You’d have to start believing this is all Kabuki theater…

          With the plumes from Fukushima as a back drop while the geisha girls twirl their fans and the rush and aroma of rice wine fills the air… it’s all an illusion…

        • BJ

          @LSB……they all work for the same elite banksters. The stuff you see is just a show…kinda like watching the WWF when they yell and scream at each other spitting in each others face and then throwing fake chairs at each other and following a choreographed dance. That is all it is. Unfortunately the ramifications to we the people of the world, are very real and deadly.

      • Hammerun

        This doesn’t make a lick of sense. Why would Putin curtail munition shipments to the US? Depriving Russian manufactures of millions of USDs.
        If you want to sell a lot of silver, get a rumor going that silver prices are going out the roof.
        Commodities markets, look at what they have done in the past.
        Sugar shortage, prices went up.
        Coffee shortage, prices went up.
        Copper, soybeans, corn, wheat, silver, gold. They all have had their problems but they never went where they were predicted to go, price wise.
        Munition industry has to be huge in Russia. I can’t imagine Putin putting a stop to it on a market as big as the US.
        I would have a tendency to think the “shortage/ halted US shipments” are being fabricated and originated here by the wholesaler and retailers.
        Examples. 2009 I bought a case (5000) of .22LR for $192. <how much today? What $500+?
        A crate (1160rnds) of 7.62×39 brass case for $210 <how much today?
        It looks like more of a fear marketing ploy to me.

        • BJ

          with shipping $475 for 2,000 rounds at cheaper than dirt today. Same as it was days ago when I got the email alert.

      • ready down under

        Wouldn’t OBummer be delighted if ammo for the countless hundreds of thousands of Mosins and AK/SK’s stopped coming in? Anyway, if Putin is hellbent on destroying the US economy wouldn’t he want as much ammo as possible in the hands of the citizens for the internal strife that would follow TSHTF meltdown and subsequent chaos?

        Always look for ulterior motives ……

        Interesting times.


        • rednek101

          There ya go. Putin is sending us lots of guns and ammo for a reason. He knows where the US is headed. The same way the USSR went. I think he’s hoping for more “fireworks” when we go down.

    2. Jim Smith

      Not doubting the article but I just checked several online retailers and they do have Russian made ammunition in stock. I’m sure now that this article is out people will be buying it like crazy.

      • admin

        I checked as well, and there is still ammo in stock — but apparently this is legit. We’ll have to wait and see I suppose.. but with Obama talking about sanctions, i wonder if Putin just decided to act instead of yap.

        The source, Silver Doctors, has generally been solid with their original reporting in recent years, so I felt it was important to get it out there just in case.

        thanks Jim!

        • JoeRepublic

          I realize you posted this article as a “just in case” and I can appreciate that. Hell, I even ordered some extra just to be prudent. However, when I search for a source, the ONLY source is Silver Doctors. I’d really like to know who their source is so this can be verified as fact.

          Even if this is pure bullshit and is totally fabricated, the repercussion of this article is going to send a shock wave across all Russian calibers in the form of a major shortage. Seriously, the only reason I bought extra was because I know how knee-jerk this is going to be since hundreds of sites are propagating this article across the net. I certainly can see this being a reality, but something doesn’t smell right when the source is too mysterious.

          • BJ

            Same here Joe. And yes I hate the articles with no name sources.

            • Facebook Page

              I started it I have 3 full pallets of 762 and need to make a huge profit so I can put brakes on my 600. They gave me my driving papers back. Bitchez.

              • lastmanstanding

                No leaks and your papers…the formidable force, “is back.”

                Glad you are healing….39 or 51?

        • Jim Smith

          Update on the online retailers I checked this morning: WOW….several sites are out of stock of all Russian rifle and pistol ammo. One site I frequent still has a few selections of Russian ammunition but more is “Sold Out” now than this morning.

          Here we go again!

          • Smokey

            I’ll bet some of those retailers will ‘find’ some cases of ammo in a week or two, at inflated prices.

        • Mountain Trekker

          Hate to be one of those people who say I told you so, but just yesterday I made a comment ID# 2957352 about 7.62 ammo. There is only one thing worse than a person that say’s I told you so, and thats one that tells you and then don’t follow their own advice. I just checked on ammo, found some I wanted and went to another site to see what their price was and when I went back to order, it was all gone. They had 31 case, but I did find some. Funny thing is the Russian ammo is the best, but guess who else alot of this comes from, you got it, the Ukraine. They probably won’t be exporting much either. Trekker Out. Follow Your Own Advice Or Shutup!

          • slingshot


            If you don’t have it in your hands, you don’t own it.

            How about, I’ll get it on the way out. ;0)

            • NetRanger

              I’ve got an idea! I’ll buy a few shares of a 7.62×39 ETF. That way, if SHTF, my Plan will be to take deliver on my ETF and I’ll have all I need. After all, every ETF is backed by the real thing, right?


          • Gopher

            Maybe we should be watchin’ for the price on these guns to drop. A bargain or 2 would be nice!

            • 1braveheart

              Gopher, watch out for AKs, SKSs, and Ruger Mini-30s to start appearing in pawn shops. there will be some good buys, but useless without ammo being available. Remember several years ago when there was a shortage of .380 and .40 ammo? pistols in those calibers starting popping up in pawn shops everywhere at some good discounts but no ammo was available for them. Bargains are nice only when there’s ammo available for them.

              • Hunter

                Nice call BH..your situational awareness rates “eagle-eyes”!


                • 1braveheart

                  Hunter, here’s what may be another trend. I was in a pawn shop last Saturday and noticed more .22LR pistols and rifles than usual in any pawn shop. Deja vu? Looks like it to me.

              • Gopher

                Not to worry,got plenty 😉

              • Facebook Page

                Don’t buy. Bad idea. I buy them up and clear the shelve for cooler stuff. Just when you need them later call me I sure we can come up with a fair value. Ha

              • NetRanger

                There already are. DPMS 16″ AR flat top showing up for $612. A Smith & Wesson AR flat top with flip up site $628. I first thought they were the 22lr versions. No. 223 and 5.56 for the S&W. Those are cash prices, by the way.

                …and I think they are very reasonable.

                Those are some shops that are local to a friend of mine.

              • NetRanger

                Heheh. There is always ammo available for centerfire stuff as long as I can find primers. …and right now, I have 5,000 of each type of primer.

          • dmitry

            copy that Trekker:

            will going to buy some ammo just in case. better to have some stock than nothing is left.

          • BJ

            I just ordered from CTD, still have some of the 124 grain for $4.39 BOX and 122 grain hollow point for $4.29 a box.

            Boxes are 20 quantity each

            • Hunter

              SHTF—–(over the counter comm-bloc)FMJ vs. HP—–


              Yeah, off topic again(per me!..apologies for the hijacking y’all).

              Let’s talk terminal ballistics, just for a minute, among us hunters, ok?

              Specifically, per anyone who has used 7.62x39HP ammo on a whim.


              Many of us here hunt whitetail, mule deer & wild hogs, yes?
              Some are fortunate enough to harvest elk/moose..and most gut/butcher their kills, yes?
              ..and we inspect tissue damage when we dress the kill, again yes?
              ..’cuz that’s what we do as hunters, right?


              4-5 years ago, I used a souped-up(after market composite stock & rear ghost-ring sight) Russian mfg SKS w/ 122grHP comm-bloc ammo,…outta my tree stand(my land/property) & harvested the lead doe(~140lbs) at approx +40yds in heavy brush, w/ a frontal quartering shot(left-side).

              She dropped on the spot..

              Dressing her out revealed substantial evidence of the 122grHP Russian ammo having a tendency to penetrate somewhat, fragment a bit..then tumble deep!!!!

              I found (roughly) 1/2..may 2/3rds of the round imbedded in her right hip!!!


              Therefore, I theorize AK/SKS Russian 122grHP or similar HP ammo, functions thusly:

              1.> the hollow space/void between the tip and the lower lead core..is ruptured @ impact, due to the shifting/forward momentum of the lead core inside the jacket @ impact, causing a modest projectile mass loss/reduction, but at the same time, drastically altering the projectile’s center-of-gravity & hence its proclivity to “tumble”..

              ..jello = wound cavity/path to hip area.

              ..have noticed same trauma results on 3 hogs since then.

              –Anybody else here, see the same?–


              Not intending to gross-out some/others here, merely curious per my fellow hunters.

              • BB Stacker


                Haven’t shot any whitetail with the round, but my experience on the hogs have been similar. I’ve only taken one hog with the round and a couple of coyotes. The shot on the hog entered the right upper shoulder (front of the shoulder, the hog was facing me, kinda quartered to his left) and lodged about 10 inches deep, traveling upward toward his spine.

                Not much expansion, got a some fragmentation from the tip of the bullet, and the bullet was slightly “c-shaped” from bending. Had fair tissue damage, the hog still ran about 150 yards before falling. Had roughly a 20 degree yaw to the vertical after entering the shoulder. This was at about 80 yards, so I expect the bullet to be around the 2000 FPS mark at that range.

                Never recovered the bullets from the yotes, bullets passed completely through. Exit wounds didn’t look too impressive, although it did look like the bullet had started to tumble just a bit. Hard to tell for sure.

                The hog and one coyote were taken with an AK and the other yote with an SKS. I don’t intentionally hunt with the round, I just used what I had with me at the time. The yotes like to get in the yard and mess with our dog, it’s dang near every weekend I’m sending rounds down range at these annoying critters.

              • dmitry

                good point from your theory. thanks for sharing.

              • SCTV

                I have used the Sellier and Belliot as well as the Privi Partizan soft points in the commibloc ammo.
                The Privi rounds at 200 meters did extensive damage.
                The entry point in the ribs was easily .60 liquified the lungs and exited my guess sideways the other side.
                Blood infused tissue was 4″.
                Another time got the deer in the neck about 6″ below the skull so much damage I just cut it 1″ below and left the meat as it was unusable. Did find the Sellier to be more accurate.

          • Peterson

            Thanks buddy!

            • 1braveheart

              Peterson, what are you doing back here?

        • Paranoid

          Actually, if you look at the boxes a lot of the ammo is made in the Ukraine. As far as Russia not using it; they made close to 20 million SKS and AK’s I don’t doubt for a minute they aren’t selling any. So relax MAC The article is valid, more than that people should watch how fast the stuff they were “Going to Get” is gone. Perhaps they will learn THIS TIME. doubt it

      • lastmanstanding

        I only buy American made ammo. I like Americans.

        • Patriot P

          “Buy American is Unamerican”. It’s called Marxism. Google it.

          • lastmanstanding

            I know what marxism is. A communist American is not an American. There are real Americans producing American ammunition. I am supporting them.

            A true American supporting real Americans.

        • Paranoid

          So do I, but there is something poetic about shooting a bunch of American Commies with Ruski ammo.

          • lastmanstanding

            Most of them don’t warrant bullet…use something else…like a long sharpened stick.

            Most of them will be calling 911 for help. It will be non existent in my community. All LE will be at home protecting their families.

          • Smokey

            Death by impalement is preferable.

        • Mountain Trekker

          lastman, sounds good in theory and I’m all for buying American, but if your stocking up for a SHTF senario you may not want to spend $800 to $1000 for 1000rds to feed your SKS. Plus this may be short term, but unlike other shortages on surplus this could go on for years or maybe decades. How much Chiness 7.62 have you seen lately? So it might be a good idea to buy some cheap stuff while you can. But hey, to each his own. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

          • lastmanstanding

            Thanks MT.

            Ah, the good old days…of cheap ammo and cheap everything. Gone forever.

            “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

      • Unreconstructed Southron

        Imported ammo can spend a month in customs before it hits the streets. It’ll be awhile before people notice, unless people notice.

    3. posseecom

      Now maybe American based mfrs can ramp up production on those calibers to meet demand should they arise…

      Question is…where the hell is all the 22lr after how long now?


      • admin

        Walmart has been getting just about everything back in stock, including 7.62 x 39…. But 22LR is nowhere to be found at a reasonable price in my area…. Glad I picked up some bricks back in the good ol days when they were $25 a pop.

        • 1braveheart

          Mac and Possee, I was stocking up on .22LR back in 2012 even before the elections. I knew something major was coming, but when Sandy Hook took place and the gun-grabbers started talking all of their trash, well, that was all she wrote. I confess to being part of that panic buying although I was already well-stocked. In Dec. 2012 I was still buying bricks of .22LR at $25 each. Afterward, whenever I could find .22LR, I bought what I could find for whatever price. The gun shows were my best bet for ammo afterward and still are. Prices aren’t what they used to be but at least there’s still something to be had out there. Shotgun shells are in better supply than anything else I’ve seen since Sandy Hook.

          • Facebook Page

            My sportco get one pallet e very Thursday. Yes a full pallet. Limit one. And is sold out before 5 pm every week. Everyone is buying 22. Even with 20000000. Bricks being produced a week it is not enough.

        • ready down under

          Your shortage of 22 ammo surprises us here down under – no shortage of it. Can buy case after case of HVHP’s as low as $275 Aussie, that’s about $240US. Good stuff too, not commie crap – Winchester, CCI, Federal.

          Hope that didn’t spoil your day guys 🙂


        • Paranoid

          I wish I was young enough to consider $25 a good deal. I’ve got several bricks that cost me $5 and a block of newer stuff that cost $85. Shooting some Lake City 06 that was 8 Cents and some Aussie 7.62. same price. Only ammo I buy now is for other people. At this rate if I’m going to take it with me I’ll need a CONEX container. ALL YOU PEOPLE: JUST IN TIME, IS TO LATE! If you don’t have what you need to early, you won’t have it.

          • .02

            If I cant geter done with 10,000 plus rounds I guess I will just have to give up.

            • GDawg

              Only 10k? 🙂

            • Facebook Page

              For each weapon I hope.

          • sixpack

            I would love to have a CONEX!

            • Facebook Page

              Not in Oregon. They are expensive and rot quickly. I have them and require a lot of work. Unless you have a mover and need things moved. You can build a stru ture for a lot less.

          • Shootit

            Spoke with my Gun Dealer last night. He said wholesale prices on 22’s HAVE NOT increased and his Remington Rep was stopping by today. Only one problem he hasn’t seen any Rem. 22’s in 9 months. He put my name at the top of the list for his next shipment and asked how many I wanted? My response was enough to sell half and retire.

            • sixpack

              My neighbor has one, sitting up on cinder blocks. It is in perfect condition and has been for years. Unless you build it of steel and/or concrete, it is not as secure. It ain’t fireproof, and city permits are stifling. My whole attraction to it is the idea that it can be relocated in a few minutes. I’d like to have a small one, say, 12′-14′ range.

          • slingshot


            I remember going to the Gun Shows with my fellow shooters and when we left we carted off from 10 to 20 thousand rounds. Ammo was cheap and to buy in bulk was cheaper. Everybody was happy. The merchant was happy. The buyer was happy. The Show people were happy.

            NOW THIS SHIT !

            We use to have a weekend shoot and some guys had Full Auto’s. Yes they had all the Fed paper’s. Nice to shoot but you had to reload mags. Belt fed weapons were a blast and if you think you are going to stand up and shoot back at one of these by yourself?
            Of course we had various semi autos and we would used about 2 thousand rounds each that day. I mean it was easy to do.
            All that is left is a VCR tape.

      • PO'd Patriot

        posseecom, in my garage.

        • The Cookin' Mom

          In Texas …

          Keep preppin’

        • posseecom

          Having a garage sale soon?

          If so ,let me be the first to place my order.

          Anything but Federal

          Prefer CCI Stingers..or just Blazer brass for plinking..

          Thanks ahead…


          • Daniel San

            Hi All. 🙂
            The Good old days of Cheap Ammo have Come to Canada.
            $25 for thunder bolt brick of 500. Or $30 for Cyclone .
            7.62X39 were at $199 for a spam can of 1320 a month ago,
            But now it’s back up to $270. And buy the way a Russian SKS was at $169, but sold out Now
            Kicked my Ass for not getting it. Bought a 12 gauge benelli and a brick of 00 buck instead. Lol
            The Brick was $60. No shortage over here. Something strange is going on !!
            Peace Everyone.

      • Bill

        But at three times the price. Cheap imported ammo is largely what has made semi autos popular.

      • Jim Smith

        I’ve wondered the same thing. The only thing I can think of is the ammo makers are cranking out as much centerfire ammunition as possible to get the American People ready to fight Tyranny. Not many of us want to us .22LR to fight the coming Gestapo Agents.

        • .02

          Story is the troops had a hellova time against suppressed subsonic .22 in Iraq. Couldn’t hear where it came from and they were doing a shoot and scoot.

          • Hunter


            If you can find it nowadays and have the quieting accessories, go PMC Moderator .38grHP.

            Very consistent stuff.

            • BJ

              Didn’t know you could suppress a .22?

              Subsonic ?

              Remember I’m kinda green. Hell I still want to try a empty water bottle on the end of my 10/22 like Wahlberg did in the movie Shooter….

              stop laughing!

              • .02

                BJ, subsonic doesn’t break the sound barrier hence no *crack*. A suppressor keeps the muzzle blast from sounding. I shoot my subsonic 10/22 and all you can hear is the slide..out of a my bolt action savage, about the same as a pellet gun. Now for real fun, you can make subsonic 223 or my favorite is 308 out of loads of pistol powder. 10 grains of trailboss with a 150 grain 30 caliber 308 is accurate out to about 200 yards or so and with the soda bottle on the barrel, silent.

                • BJ

                  thanks for the explanation.

                  So a empty water bottle on the end of a .22 barrel will make it quieter? or only with subsonic ammo?

                • .02

                  both, subsonic stops the crack and suppressors stop the muzzle blast, bang, or pop

                • The Old Coach

                  Trail Boss? Now I know you’re a keyboard commando. Nobody, but nobody reloads with TB if there’s anything else around.

                • .02

                  Barn Cat, Old Coach, Gregory 8, and few other useful (to Zionists) idiots have been provided information and verifiable references.

                  Their self-righteous pose is one of “studied ignorance.”

                • .02

                  Trail Boss is designed specifically for low velocity lead bullet loads suitable for Cowboy Action shooting. It is primarily a pistol powder, but has some application in rifle. It is based on a whole new technology which allows very high loading density, good flow through powder measures, stability in severe temperature variation and most importantly, additional safety to the handloader.

                • BJ

                  tried water bottle today after work, I didn’t notice it a bit quieter

            • .02


          • Facebook Page

            60 gr sub. Go in and bounce around hard

        • Walt Kowalski

          “Not many of us want to us .22LR to fight the coming Gestapo Agents.”

          Oh but I do….They will never know where the shot came from that took away their family jewels.

          • 1braveheart

            WK, while it is usually better to have something heavier, .22LR will do if nothing else is available. .22LR was used for assassinations in Vietnam. Go to Wikipedia and look up the story behind the attempted assassination of President Reagan with a .22LR “Saturday Night Special”. Very interesting story.

          • Facebook Page

            Threaded camp 45. No better for quiet assaults. 60 gr sub for close work.

      • BJ

        I agree Posseecom,
        this is bullshit with the 22lr….absolutely no excuse, not that I’ll buy anyway. And when I do see it online, it is up 300%-500% from 2011-12 prices

        • The Old Coach

          Because know-nothings like .02 are buying like crazy. At this point you can reload .38 Special for less money per round than buying even cheap .22LR.

          • .02

            Barn Cat, Old Coach, Gregory 8, and few other useful (to Zionists) idiots have been provided information and verifiable references.

            Their self-righteous pose is one of “studied ignorance.”

            Go suck off a Zionist OC.

      • lastmanstanding

        have a good source that says they are producing it 24/7/365…and still can’t catch up. Millions and millions of rounds per week.

        I get a heads up when it comes in…haven’t got a call in over 6 months…or more and not much for over a year.

        For years, I would buy a couple bricks a week in preparation for grandkids who are now shooting age. We all learned with 22’s and shotguns. Glad I did it.

        Now, I’m not sure I want to use much of it.


    4. arizona

      do you ever feel like you have a ring stuck in your nose and someone is leading you around with it?

      • Shootit

        Nope. God – Man – GOV – PERSON I am a Man that answers to God, not an ALL CAPS PERSON who answers to GOV.

      • 1braveheart

        Arizona, I’m a white man so no ring in my nose ever!

      • Kulafarmer

        Definitely not!

        • sixpack

          I’ve got a pierced navel, does that count? LOL.

          • Facebook Page

            Pics please.

            • sixpack

              …uh, I know it’s here somewhere, it just ain’t quite where it was 20 years ago…

    5. BJ

      Thanks again bo and Kerry….mother f’ers
      Oh I hate our govt

    6. slingshot

      Nice. Real nice.

      What better way to piss off the American Gunner Public.
      Maybe we might have foreign troops come here for we shoot SKS and AK of 7.62×39. Tula also has .223 and 9mm rounds. No use providing cheap ammo to those who might be shooting at you.

    7. Socrates

      Actually ALOT of the 7.62×39 ammo is made in the UKRAINE!

      Wolf, Tula, WPA and Brown Gear are made there if I remember right.

      This won’t affect just 7.62…it will affect ALL of the above brands I mentioned in other calibers such as .223

      Also heard that Obummer is halting VISAS for Russians and others. Not the credit card either…even though it is garbage too.

      Feel bad for those who were lulled to sleep AGAIN by the so-called downplay of the U.S. gun grabs…this isn’t over yet- it’s just getting started!

      • TimTheCrusader

        Actually, I know Brown Bear is made in Barnaul, Russia, and I think Tula is made in Russia. But either way it will be hard to get if this article is true. I got a little ammo at the store today in case it is.

        • The Old Coach

          Tula would be Russian, since the Tula arsenal is in Russia.

      • Kulafarmer

        I dont shoot any of that foreign crap anyway!
        Prefer rolling my own.

        • ready down under

          I’m like you Kulafarmer, apart from 22 and 12 gauge I reload all my own. Got enough components to last me 3 lifetimes so even my kids should have plenty. Even got enough primers/shot/powder/wads/hulls for about 5,000 12 gauge.

          Gives me a nice sense of wellbeing having that side of the preps worry free. Lets me look to other things.


        • jerrytbg

          I don’t reload…but know some who do…

          I just hope everyone knows that steel casing is hard on the ejector…I’m sure everyone does know that…ignore me… sorry or the interruption… 🙂

      • Smokey

        Tula is a Russian city. Wolf is Tula, the Bears are from Barnaul.

    8. maddog

      Just finished 1000 rounds of 380 auto for the wife. Now on to 1000 rounds of 5.7. Best thing I ever did for my prepping efforts was invest in reloading. Been stocking up on bullets, powder and primers for three years. The Russians can keep the crap they send here. Can’t get it to fire through my AR’s anyway. If any of you can invest in this endeavor you will not be dissatisfied. The 1000 rounds of 380 cost me less than $100 to manufacture.

      • TnAndy

        Agree MD. I bought a pile of Winchester brass cased 7.62×39 at Walmart in years past, and can now reload it several times. Not as cheap as the import, steel cased, Berdin primed stuff on the FIRST round, but over time, cheaper, AND you have it.

        • maddog

          Good place for once fired brass – brassmanbrass.com

      • PO'd Patriot

        Same here. Prior to a few months ago I would walk in Walmart the first of the month and plunk down 20 bucks(sometimes 40) and walk out with one or two of the 550 bricks of Fed .22s. I did that for about three years. Along with that I was buying primers and 8lb containers of TAC and Varget along with the smaller containers of bullseye and unique. I haven’t had the time to reload for several months but I’ll get back into it very soon. Gotta order seeds and clean up the shop some.

        • Jim Smith

          Speaking of .22LR. A friend of mine out West has a neighbor that did what you were doing: He bought two bricks of .22LR every time he or his wife went to Walmart. Well, apparently last year when all this ammo shortage happened he discovered that people would pay $75 a brick for his .22LR. His garage was stacked full of .22LR. He kept 50 or so bricks and sold the rest for a tidy sum of just over…..$50K. Hard to believe? Not really. We still cannot find .22LR! Yes, he had well over 700 bricks of .22LR!

          • Walt Kowalski

            Been stocking .22LR for a long time.

            But I’m not selling mine. Course, I don’t have anywhere near 700 bricks.

          • BJ

            $75 a brick, assholes like him are largely responsible for this shortage supply demand farce crony capitalist bullshit. Greed is all that is

            • Anonymous

              Greed is good, BJ.

              Look it up some time.

              It’s a lot like the guys selling $400 generators for $1,400 after a Hurricane.

              Either you get that notion, or your brain is in lock up mode and you don’t get it. I mean, you did take the Red Pill, didn’t you?

            • The Old Coach

              You’re just jealous. If it was you who had it, you wouldn’t be calling it greed.

              • BJ

                Old Coach,
                I have something called a conscience and would not be selling at 300-500% mark up….that is gouging and nothing but greed. Am I envious that I didn’t know all this stuff years ago and start preparing and making wise investments long before I did….heck yeah I am. Am I jealous of what someone else has, heck no. Especially not jealous of their greed and lack of conscience on their business dealings. Making a profit is fine, in fact great, you should try to and make a profit when you can….but what we see today most the time behind the ridiculous crony capitalist suipply adn demand bullshit is nothing but greed….a bunch of wanna be wall st wolves.

                • PO'd Patriot

                  I look at it this way BJ (and I do understand the way you feel). It ain’t like the guy held a gun to their head and made them buy it. Far as I’m concerned its like buying gold at 1300 an ounce and two weeks later selling it for 1500 an ounce. I could of sold half of what I got and doubled my money but I’m not interested in parting with it cause I can’t reload it. I got 15 firearms that shoot .22s (handguns and long guns) and I need every bit of it.

                • BJ

                  I understand what you are saying. I am not forced to buy it at gouged prices…..but I do want it and will buy as much as I can, once I find a good FAIR deal. In 2011-2012 I was getting 666 rounds for $24.50 that’s out the door with tax at Wallyworld. That is about $.036 a round, or $.04 a round. So to me a fair price would be “MAYBE” $.08 a round. So if I could find 10,000 round bulk buy, I’d throw in an extra couple hundred and go $1,000.00 for 10,000 rounds.

            • Average Guy

              Dang, BJ. You really gotta understand economics and human action. Greed is good. Without greed, none of us would have ANY of the things we desire.
              Have you spent more than an hour at mises.org? WHoa boy, the greed you speak of, it’s much like the guys trying to sell $400 generators for $1,400 after a hurricane.
              People need them. And are glad they cab get them. Even if it is overpriced. But because it is over priced, they – Can – get them.
              The sellers went out of their way to provide them.
              Lots of buyers are happy to get them.
              Busy body people who are all about control of others think that’s the wrong thing to allow.
              Those who are all about letting the free market decide, i.e. individuals make that decision, say that’s a great thing.

              Which side are you on, mang?

              • Average Guy

                Maybe I said that not clear enough?
                If you wanted a generator, you’d gladly pay $1,400 over not being able to get one at all.
                Likewise, it’s not the guys who are selling ammo at inflated prices that are causing the shortages – think about that – if you wanted .22 and had none, you’d likely be glad to pay a premium for it, rather than have none.

                If those who were selling the ammo at a higher price were the cause for the shortage – there’d be no shortage – because they are selling it!

              • BJ

                That’s just wild that you specifically mention the generators after Katrina. I was just debating with a money guy here in the office and he says the same thing most of the other blind americans filled with greed do that believe in crony capitalism….much the same thing you guys are saying here. And ironically he uused to be a trader on the chicago board of trade. But he also adds that the ammo shortage and higher price is all the crazy wackos like me that wanna keep buying all they can.

                • BJ

                  Oh, in my rant I forgot to say that we both brought up the generator thing and he said it was ok, and of course I said anyone gouging peoople in desperate need like that is a low life, and every low life has their day.

              • BJ

                I don’t believe in control of others, especially not from any form of government. I believe man is to govern himself and answer to God…….emphasis on the answer to God part, that right there ought to clear it up. If I am answering to God and am a God fearing man, then I can guarantee you that I don’t think I or anyone else can force someone to set their price…..again , man governs himself. But again, if I am a God fearing and God loving man, than I am not going to, in good conscience, gouge the crap out of someone and take advantage of them in a vulnerable situation. Anyone who does, IMO has some pretty screwed up morals and priorities, or just doesn’t know the living God at all.

          • Smokey

            Now that is a retirement plan!

      • Jim Smith

        I agree with the reloading. Wish I had thought of that back when I had a decent job making a ton of money. Oh well. Now I’m too old to get out and make a bunch of money the way I used to (Construction).

        I had the opportunity to shoot a friends AR last summer. All I had to provide was the ammo and myself. Well, I found some Russian made .223 with the dark, steel cases and bought a few boxes. It fired just fine but it failed to extract from the rifle’s chamber several times. I’ve never seen that happen before. We had to use a cleaning rod to pop the cases out. The rifle functioned flawlessly with brass cased ammo. I know some of the Russian ammo is brass cased but I never tried it. Stick with U.S. made if possible.

        • slingshot

          Jim Smith.

          I have had problems with extraction on some Russian .223 Some ammo had a type of lacquer coated case and as it was heated would coat the chamber.

          To explained. A round in the chamber (Heated) after firing a few rounds would leave lacquer deposits. Especially after rapid fire.

          They have gone to a type of powder coat on the cases.

          • Walt Kowalski

            I encountered the same problem with my AR platform rifle. No problem with my Sig 556. Flawless function in that rifle.

            I don’t buy any of the lacquer coated ammo anymore.

            I’ve never had problems with Wolf ammo. The ammo that cause me a problem was Silver Bear.

            On a side note….I PREFER to fire brass cased ammo in my AR’s…..but it’s awful darned expensive. Plus…..my range does not allow FMJ rifle ammo. So that knocks out shooting any of the Lake City or other mil. surplus ammo.

            Most of the time I use Wolf 62gr. HP in my AR…and I’ve never had a problem with it.

        • gun

          Sounds like you have laquer coated steel cases, which can do that as the 223 case/chamber is small and tight.

      • .02

        Powder and bullets are hard to find at times. I have scored enough primers to last a few lifetimes tho

        • sixpack

          I got plenty of lead, just need the molds…

    9. free-for-now

      Sounds like a ploy to get as many AK owners in store as possible, for tracking purposes for upcoming “assult weapon”confiscation.you need to show id for ammo, hence, they know who owns what, and where.be careful friends.

      • Jim Smith

        I’ve never shown I.D. to buy ammo. Ever. Not sure what state you live in but all the states I frequent do not have laws to provide I.D. for ammo purchases. If anyone is wondering about being tracked for ammo purchases I suggest you buy your ammo from a friend.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          i remember showing D/L in los angeles a few years ago to buy ammo…don’t know whether it’s still required.

          • sixpack

            Somebody mentioned above, about a bunch more guns in pawnshops when there is an ammo shortage. I’ll bet there’s no better way to be sure all of those hidden away handguns will get out of their closets, to be sold AND REGISTERED for the first time.

            I may have had (opsec) an old hammerless .32 that was never registered…if I sold it to a pawn shop now, it would be, unless the shop owner was smart and added it to his personal collection first.

            I wonder how many more guns they got paper on, that they wouldn’t have had otherwise, during these “shortages”.

      • Archivist

        No ID required in NC.

    10. 1940justme

      Did Russia halt all sales or is that one of the sanctions imposed by America… I wouldn’t trust either government, they could be working together for a shortage

      • Unreconstructed Southron

        It’s a mutual agreement, Kommies to Kommies.

      • BJ

        they are working together for the same people. And russians will be here someday attacking us on our own soil…..and the american govt knows and is in on it. This benefits both for us to not have guns and ammo

    11. hudsonvalleyny3%

      Hummm. I was just thinking maybe the factories there are retooling their export lines over to current Russian ammo due to ramping up for a war footing. This would mean that all calibers for export may soon dry up. This includes primers and bullets for reloading.

    12. slingshot

      I ask myself, what the hell else can happen. What more can come out of the, “Washington Pigeon Coupe”.
      I have to listen to them, which infuriates me, to keep ahead of them.

      Are we sending a Destroyer into the Black Sea as a show of force or is this a Tonkin Gulf 2.

      • Barn Cat

        We almost had World War III in Syria. It might start in Ukraine.

    13. Nathan Cline

      “When goods don’t cross borders, armies will.” – Frederic Bastiat

      • maudy frickett

        Nathan, every school kid should get a copy of his book.

        • The Old Coach

          Problem remains that they couldn’t read it, given the state of our primary schools indoctrination centers.

    14. Stew Pedaso

      I have a really sharp stick…should be enough. Lots of things you can do with a sharp stick, just ask any Vietnam Vet or Vietnamese Redneck.

      • sixpack

        Vietnamese Redneck???

        • Stew Pedaso

          Yes…a considerable amount of damage was caused by the local farmers and forest residence in Vietnam. A “redneck isn’t just an American thing…there are backyard engineers everywhere. The pit of sharp bamboo spikes with poop on the tips was not created by the military…pure redneck “GET OFF MY LAWN” ingenuity.

          • sixpack

            Oh okay, I see.

        • Archivist

          If you’ve ever gotten in trouble for trashing a rice paddy with your jacked-up big wheel pickup . . .

          You just might be a Vietnamese Redneck.

    15. GreatAmericanRedoubt

      Just went to my local shops, to look-see, and they are already limiting (2) boxes per person, here we go again! got 4 more boxes of 7.62×39 hp

    16. Rick

      There ammo is crap anyway, so what.

      • Kulafarmer

        Im with you on that one,,,

        • Kulafarmer

          Wow tough crowd!

          • .02

            LoL yep Kula, about like anywhere else. You say something truthful and get the shit kicked outa ya.

            • The Old Coach

              How would you know?

              • .02

                Barn Cat, Old Coach, Gregory 8, and few other useful (to Zionists) idiots have been provided information and verifiable references.

                Their self-righteous pose is one of “studied ignorance.”

                You are such a loser. What are you a Zionist butthurt Jew?

            • Average Guy

              While I agree with you on this: “You say something truthful and get the shit kicked outa ya.”

              Oh do i ever.

              However; I don’t agree that the ammo coming from outta there is crap.
              I think maybe that’s the reason for all the Thumbs Down?

    17. lena

      Others limiting ability to get ammo reason #1 why i overstocked on ammo over two years ago.

      (Reason #2 was to get a huge stockpile before anyone decided to start tracking who has what ammo. I suppose i’ll find out the hard way if I started stockpiling after they started tracking.)

      • Stew Pedaso

        Or mentioning it on a website where “even the officials go for news”…wave to the NSA on ur web cam lol

        • Kulafarmer

          Thats pretty funny,,,
          I only keep about 20-30 loaded shells around,,only shoot one or two a year when hunting, so what, me worry bout running out?

          • Unreconstructed Southron

            Yeah. I wish I had a gun to buy ammo for. Guess it’s to late to start now.

            • .02

              Go get a savage model 93R17 hmr. Accurate as hell, lot of ammo available and if you shoot the 20 grain xtp bullet it kills things Dear Right There. The exploding bullets, 17 grain vmax, are great to blow rats in half with also. Make sure you get a cleaning system (bore snake) as thet do need to stay fairly clean for accuracy. Out of all the rimfire, they shoot circles around the the 22’s including the mag.

              • .02

                Also 10 round mags are now available, I just got 2 for mine and they are sweet. No recoil, not a lot of noise, good out to 225 yards, and you can put 5 rounds inside a dime @ 100 yards. Imho, I think it is damn close to the ultimate bug out gun.

              • BJ

                “blow rats in half”…….LMAO

                I have been thinking about getting a 17 for over a year now. Due mostly because every time for over a year now I see NO .22lr on the shelves, but I ALWAYS see lots of .17

                • The Old Coach

                  He knows it blows rats in half because he read it in Guns & Ammo while waiting in the checkout line at Walmart.

                • .02

                  Whats wrong Old coach you get circles shot around your 22 mag with the hmr? Most people that bad mouth the hmr are die hard 22 mag fans. Or are you bad mouthing me?

                • BJ

                  Old Coach, if you would please, take your pissing contest BS elsewhere. Don’t involve me.

          • Paranoid

            You might want to consider this: If the rumors are true that with OBummer care the Gov is setting up “Death Panels” If they screw them up like everything else, you might live for 10,000 years or so and need a LOT of ammo.

            • jerrytbg

              Now that’s funny!!!

              • Unreconstructed Southron

                Yes, hilarious! And not.

        • Unreconstructed Southron

          Took the words right out of my keyboard.

      • 1940justme

        smart move

      • abseas

        Just pay cash for ammo purchases.

    18. Yeahryt

      They can’t ban the guns so the Globalists have cooked this whole thing up to make ammo unavailable. Keep stacking.

    19. southside

      I’ve got an AK-74 so it does not affect me. Anyway,I shoot American made, Russia made ammo tends to foul up the tube too much. So I was told.

      • Richard

        I thought the AK74 uses 5.45×39 which mostly comes from Russia.

      • watching and waiting

        You were told right……….

    20. WARFACE

      Who cares, Russian ammo is garbage anyway. Corosive and dirty. Us Amerikans use 5.56 anyway.

      • Jim Smith

        The only Russian ammo that is corrosive is the military surplus. The commercial ammo is not corrosive at all but the powder does burn dirty.

      • Unreconstructed Southron

        Southrons use 308s and don’t mention metric numbers.

        • Shootit

          Us Flatlanders back up the .308’s with 30-30’s, 45 Colt, .243, 270, 30-06, 12ga, 7 mag, 300 mag, 25-06, and grandpa’s 16ga. Almost forgot about our slingshots, BB guns, .22’s, .410’s, and tractors with 8 foot buckets. 😉

          • Unreconstructed Southron

            Variety is the spice of life, Shootit.

            Or should your name be “Shootitandeverythingelse?”

            • Shootit

              The name “Shootit” has nothing to do with guns. I used to make my living as a Commercial Photographer and that was our slang for “Make/Take the Picture”. The only reason I mentioned all those other fun little toys is everyone in my neighborhood has at least 5+ of those mentioned above. Old blood lines around here with lots of hand-me-downs.

    21. wormdirt

      I don’t shoot that steel cased Russian crap (Tulammo) anyway. If it were up to me they would already be out of business.

    22. Kevin

      I just Left Academy Sports with over 2,000 rounds of 7.62×39. I’m not taking any chances like last time. Get it while you can!

      • Mountain Trekker

        Smart move Kevin. Shortage or not, I don’t think 7.62 will get much cheaper, so if you can get it in the 230 to 250 range it is probably a good buy. Steel case, what the hey, how much can it hurt a SKS that you gave a hundred bucks for. Now your AR that you gave a grand or more for, you may want to use something a little better. I took my own advice and made a little purchase, next week 250 may look cheap, then again it may not. Trekker Out. Go Ahead, Take A Chance!

    23. G19TMBRWLF

      Well, here we go agian! The walmart in my area still has 3 box limitations per customer on ALL ammo types– we still haven’t fully recovered from the Sandy Hooke incident. I decided a few years ago to limit my gun collection to 3 calibers: 30-06 for “hunting”, 223 for CQB, and 9mm for my secondarys. Only havig to focus on 3 calibers helped tremendously in getting my preps stored away!!!

      • ready down under

        G19TMBRWLF, You don’t have an 8 shot 12 gauge pump/auto? BIG mistake IMO !! And not criticising, just observing – to each their own.


        • Sgt. Dale

          I agree everyone needs a 12Ga. there is nothing wrong with 30-06, 223, and the 9mm. But 12 Ga. is a must.

          • Shootit

            Have one stashed on every floor of my residence. Beats the crap out of a pistol/revolver.

          • 1940justme

            a 12 gauge and a 3/4 pipe and some black powder hid around someplace for a back up.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          not a semi-auto, in MY opinion. took my latest 1100 out a while back along with an older one, and NEITHER ONE would cycle the trap-load 12 ga ammo(new) i was using….right there i decided to NEVER use an auto for defence of my LIFE! i got a few 870’s, and the pump is the way to go, if yuh ask ME. anyway, the 870 will ALWAYS cycle…maybe even MORE often than that! and it has the slide release on the correct/right side of the gun, unlike the mossberg, where it’s on the opposite side…harder to reach…..i own/shoot BOTH, and i much prefer the 870. oh, yes the safety is right where it should be on 870 too, not on top like the mossberg.

          • Facebook Page

            870. For pistol grip stocks

            500 for regular stocks.

            Safety location.

    24. Richard

      By now you should have stocked up anyway. As for Russia stopping the shipment of ammo. It doesn’t make since, they probably make enough on selling to our commercial market to pay for there military use and I don’t think any government agency uses Russian ammo.

    25. Dyna Chrome

      Romanian and Bulgarian 7.62×39 available still.
      SGammo are good folks to deal with:


      1080 Round Case – 7.62×39 FMJ 123 Grain Steel Case Non-Corrosive Ammunition Red Army Standard Made in Romania AM1889
      23 cases
      As low as $239.94

      1080 Round Case – 7.62×39 FMJ 123 Grain Steel Case Non-Corrosive Ammunition Red Army Standard Made in Ukraine AM1920B
      31 cases
      As low as $239.94

      180 round range pack – 7.62×39 FMJ 123 Grain Steel Case Non-Corrosive Ammunition Red Army Standard Made in Romania AM1889
      11 packs
      As low as $39.99

      180 Round Range Pack – 7.62×39 FMJ 123 Grain Steel Case Non-Corrosive Ammunition Red Army Standard Made in Ukraine AM1920B

      13 packs

      20 rd box – 7.62×39 FMJ 122 Grain Lead Core – Premium Ammo by Arsenal of Bulgaria – Non-magnetic – Non-corrosive – Brass Case – Boxer Primer 135 As low as $10.79

      400 rd case – 7.62×39 FMJ 122 Grain Lead Core – Premium Ammo by Arsenal of Bulgaria – Non-magnetic – Non-corrosive – Brass Case – Boxer Primer
      99 cases

      • Smokey

        I ran some of the case of Bulgarian I got from SGAmmo through my SKS, it worked flawlessly.

    26. bill

      Tell Putin he is screwing up the resistance.

      • PO'd Patriot

        Disregard the above site as I found out it is a satire site…….Damn!

        • sixpack


    27. Kulafarmer

      Just read over on MSN that the EU is initiating the first round of sanctions against Russia,,,
      They are cutting off their nose to spite their face in my opinion, wait till Russia says OOooop, no gas for you! And closes the valve…
      The US will follow suit because we have a bunch of warmonger idiots in DC, then Russia and China will simultaneously ditch ALL their treasuries and American paper.
      Buckle up, its gonna be a bumpy ride!

      • JustMe

        It will probably play for a while, little here and there, until they can get the brainless flag-wavers in line. You may then see what you’re predicting…

      • buttcrackofdoom

        hope springs eternal, kula! if only it could be SO!

      • sixpack

        “wait till Russia says OOooop, no gas for you!”

        I think the EU believes they’ll have taken over Ukraine by the time that comes up.

      • The Old Coach

        Russia is so short of foreign exchange that the EU is betting they won’t dare cut off the gas, because it would cut off their cash flow. Gas, oil, military hardware and ammo are about the only exports Russia has. And not many consider their military (or their ammo) to be top quality.

      • lonelonemum

        am i grateful our new house has a wood stove for next winter lol!

        • PO'd Patriot

          lonelonemum, good for you. I’ve got a used one I bought last fall but haven’t had the chance to install it yet. I sure could of used it this year to save on fuel oil. The boiler ran a lot this year.

    28. KJL

      I still see plenty of 7.62 out there

    29. REB

      Ive got people watching the stores for me for .22….no one has seen a round in any stores around these parts for months…months!…where is it going?…or are they not making it anymore?…I hear all these stories about how its all coming back to normal and how the manufactuers are running 24/7 to make more…really?..cause I aint seeing any and its not for not looking…even 12G and 30/30-.308 isnt “readily” available but I do get some from time to time its just I use alot more .22 and Id like to stay ahead…seems someone somewhere fears the little .22…

      • Anonymous

        I can get two boxes everyday at the AF Base.

      • .02

        Reb, it is the same here. Have you noticed that 17 hmr is everywhere tho? Those are rimfire as well, so in my mind if they can make the hmr why not .22?

        • Unreconstructed Southron

          It’s easier to find an honest lawyer around here than a box of rimfires.

          (About the same as finding an honest politician.)

        • REB

          Ya I have…thinking about finding a way to get me a .17 and then lay back a few thousand rounds for it…if I could find some cash…

      • Night Breaker

        Some .22 is available in The LGS but it is $39.99 for a box of federal 325 pack! some single 50 round boxes are going for $18.00 a box.
        All the big box stores have been out for months in NJ . Never in my life would I have thought per round 38 special is cheeper!
        And to add complications to what is going on , our state law makers are hell bent on passing more restrictive laws wether Kisty Kreme vetoes this like last time is up in the air.

        Looks like things are accelerating if you don’t have it by now you will probably loose out I feel time is really running out on multiple levels.

        It’s funny N.O. Was discussing this possibility in the last post.
        Good call on his part.

        Ovomit is playing a dangerous game , you do not threaten a nuclear armed country that in the past has lost 20′ million of its citizens in the last world war. Russia is not Iraq.
        This administration incompetency is astounding . We are just as vulnerable in the inside I would not be suprised if sleeper units have not already recieved orders to act. so far DHS has been quiet too quiet.



        Semper Fi 8541

        Hint of the week:
        As Kula says roll you own if you can. Zero those battle rifles get all your gear in order now before things fall apart. Prepare.

        • clint

          I just got 325 rounds of hollow point federal sealed in a can from beikirks reloading in rochester penfield suburb close to it, google it. today for 21 dollars. They have a lot of them. give them a call. trying to help you out. they have everything. I just pass thru there for work every couple of weeks.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          i have a theory on the 22LR. i WONDER if the gubmint isn’t in cahoots with walmart(and maybe even the manufacturers)to put out a little 22lr every once-in-a-while, at the old prices, just so we keep shooting it up and waiting for the price to come back down, thinking SOMEDAY the price and availability will be back to normal. why doesn’t walmart up the price to take ADVANTAGE of the short supply? they still sell it for 23$/500 in my area when they HAVE it…which is very seldom! people are tricked into selling it cheaper, and then BAM! they stop sales of it altogether…along with the OTHER ammo too, when they are ready. we shot up all the 22 cause it was cheap. one thing for SURE, the PEOPLE think there’s a WAR coming(and i think they’re RIGHT)

        • REB

          NB…question…whats a LGS?…sounds pricy,thanks!

          • Night Breaker

            Local gun shop

            Semper Fi 8541

      • Navy Vet

        Gander Mountain gets a truck every Sunday night where I’m at, doors open the next morning @ 9 with a line of about 40 people waiting to buy .22lr

        Usually limited to one bulk box and one box of 50 for normal prices.

        • Average Guy

          Ya. This comment by Navy Vet says all you need to know about why the price is rising and stock is diminished.

          It’s Not because of “re-sellers” (BJ) it because people are fearful the price will never come down and supply may vanish.

          • BJ

            You muist of missed the part where Navy Vet said “normal prices.”

          • lastmanstanding

            True AG…That is why most people are not shooting .22.

            If I was even able to buy a couple of bricks a month, I would be very happy. That hasn’t been possible for almost a year and a half. Even a brick a month.

            Most are sitting on it until this all shakes out.

            Do not underestimate the .22 lr.

      • REB

        Thanks y’all for the thoughts…I suppose I could find some if I drove several hours to get to a bigger city or if I ordered online…but neither are really options as I dont have any decent transportation to reach the big town or money for the gas it would cost me and I dont do business on the computer…that would mean credit cards and such and Im not keen on doing that anyhow so I guess Ill save what .22 I have and start shooting the varmits with the big gun :)….

        • Smokey

          The way things are going with .22 ammo, if the price trendline continues upward, I’ll switch to the .416 Rigby for the garden pests.

    30. Ted Kennedy

      Forget about the Russian Pb, what about the Vodka & Caviar?

      • JustMe

        Th loss of Stolichnya will be sad. But I’ve always wondered, why do you ivory tower people eat dead fish eggs?

        • OutWest

          Who would want to eat live fish eggs……?

          • Average Guy

            Gawd, are you two weak? Fish eggs, or meat, it’s all the same. It’s stored energy. It’s as simple as that.
            No ivory tower required.

            Oh wait, live eggs, dead eggs? Ha! Funny, OutWest.

            Someday, maybe I’ll get to try the delicacy of Iceland, aged shark buried in the ground.

        • Ted Kennedy

          Joanna: [on her yacht; she’s about to call for caviar when Andrew brings it in] Well! I *almost* had to wait.

          [she tastes it and makes a sick face]

          Joanna: What is this gelatinous MUCK? Andrew, when I tell you to pack staples, must I specify that you are to pack *good* caviar and not this $1.99 fish bait? Caviar should be round, and hard, and of adequate size, and should burst in your mouth at *precisely* the right moment.

          • JustMe

            Hmm, live or dead, still sounds a tad gross. I suppose if one is hungry enough to eat bugs, fish eggs are Ok too…

            • Ted Kennedy

              Have you ever had the good STUFF “redneck” for your palate. Rednecks are my BEST friends… It’s not a sound.

              • PO'd Patriot

                Does fried Perch roe count? One of my favorites!

                • Ted Kennedy

                  Fresh is always good, even better fried.

          • JRS

            Goldie was hot…

    31. slingshot

      Was is crap to one guy, shoots well for another.

      I mean to tell you I have put plenty of Russian ammo through my SKS and AK. Chromed flash bores on both.
      Tula, Wolf and the stuff you call crap my weapons eats it all. Yes at the time I was putting 700 to 900 at a time without a glitch. Was 6 cents a round. I had some Chinese steel core long ago dated 1967 and that smoked like a black powder gun when shot. Dirty. Did I have a time cleaning. Sure did but just part of the game.
      Remember these are battle rifles meant to take abuse. I can say I have put more ammo down these barrels than most soldiers have done with their own weapons.

      • slingshot

        Chinese was 6 cents a round. Russian was 13 to 15 cents.
        Still both are considered dirty ammo.

        • Unreconstructed Southron

          Not to mention that extra satisfaction of using Kommie ammo on Kommies.

        • gun

          Brass case ammo (reloadable) is for the range. Steel case ammo is for on the run.

        • Hunter


          Dirty ammo eliminates dirty politicians too..
          It all boils down to…playin’ the hand yer dealt with!

    32. .02

      In other gun news the people in Conn are scaring the policy makers and police by telling them flat out, “we are not registering, why don’t you come take them?” Story goes the people behind this law is seeking extra security. Seems to be that this has backfired on them big time.

      • BJ

        IMO it hasn’t back fired on them totally until it fires on them

    33. RICH99

      I warned you guys last night about this !!!

    34. Warchild Dammit!

      Well,plenty of ammo comes from other areas in eastern europe besides Russia,let us see if this is more nonsense to create a buying spree.On a side note,you don’t have a fair amount by now you are broke or just do not feel the need for more,either way this makes it all irrelevant.

    35. Dave

      Cheaper than dirt. Go get it

    36. Warchild Dammit!

      OK,just checked a few sites and seems plenty available,that said,you short a bit perhaps another case is in “order”.

    37. watching and waiting

      Russian ammo is junk.
      Tula, wolf, bear…….just junk, dirty ammo, nasty.

      Had to apologize to my weapon for mistreating it like that.

      Everybody has their opinion, but The Russians can keep their junk and so can those folks from The Balkans.

      Speaking of ammo made overseas, I have never had a problem with PMC made in South Korea or Independence made in Israel(the lot numbers I have).

      Body parts are unable to determine if it is a .223 or a 7.62.
      It still hurts and you can still die.

      Everybody be safe………

      • Sgt. Dale

        The best way to clean y0our firearm after using this stuff is with carburetor cleaner. Don’t’ get it on the wood or plastic.

        • sixpack

          I always keep a little on hand, in there with the duct tape, superglue and WD40.

      • SCTV

        Um, I bought PMC once. After seeing how well it didn’t perform on the range I could not give away the rest of it.
        Did buy some of that Czech surplus. Split a case 3 ways.
        Was fun to shoot and know many guys who mistreated their rifles by burning up the entire case then deciding to clean their rifles with zero problems. What is wrong with people who are afraid to clean their rifles if it gets dirty?
        You are supposed to clean it everytime you take it out.
        That Czech and Romanian surplus is full power standard ammo made for loose tolerance firearms. Face it that is why Red army weapons are generally piston powered not gas tube. It is cheap. We tested it on 1/2″ plate structural steel and it penetrated fine. And it grouped just as well as commercial ammo in the cheapo SKS.

    38. .02

      “The Importation of Defense Articles and Defense Services — U.S. Munitions Import List references executive orders, amends ATF regulations and clarifies Attorney General authority “to designate defense articles and defense services as part of the statutory USML for purposes of permanent import controls,” among other clauses specified in heavy legalese requiring commensurate analysis to identify just what the administration’s intentions are. Among the speculations of what this could enable are concerns that importing and International Traffic in Arms Regulations [ITAR] may go forward to reflect key elements within the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.”

      Depending on how it is implemented, the implications of this change could be huge. With the stroke a of a pen and without the consent of Congress, ATF bureaucrats could make ANY gun part or accessory (including magazines) or ammunition that were originally manufactured or perhaps even those designed for military use no longer legal for importation for civilian use. That might mean no more milsurp parts sets. No more milsurp magazines. No more milsurp ammo. No more milsurp optics. Perhaps not even spare firing pins. This could be ugly.


    39. Socrates

      Actually…how do we know that the Russian move to limit export ammo…is not just another part of the worldwide script? We really don’t.

      The EPA for instance recently issued a ban on over 80% of all woodstoves, claiming they didn’t meet smoke particulate requirements. The EPA cannot physically inspect the chimneys of every wood burning American in the U.S. so what can they do? Attack the source. They are putting the woodstoves mfgs (that are remaining) on notice of the violations and shutting THEM down.

      Same process applies to firearms…if you cannot physically confiscate them all, you goto the SOURCE…the mfgs of guns and ammo. By controlling and limiting things like LEAD…brass, copper you can control a lot.

      Remember the Doe Run LEAD smelter in the U.S. that recently got shut down by the EPA? Hmmm…

      The U.S. signed the U.N. small arms treaty? Hmm…

      The most COMMON lost cost round of ammo in history, the lowly .22lr round has been AWOL for months! Good luck finding that.

      ALL of these things are not mere coincidence…they are all part of the bigger plot and script. It is as plain as day. Open your eyes people!

      • buttcrackofdoom

        war is COMING. that’s what it MEANS!

      • Southern Border

        Yea & the EPA bastards are also trying to gain control of all water as well ! We are living in some really fucked up times folks.

    40. Tony Clifton

      I need this shit like a shotgun blast to the face.

      • slingshot

        What this country needs, is an enema!

        • gun

          Frank Zappa wrote a song called “The Illinois Enema Bandit”…. He roamed the college campuses. Looking for some rustic co-ed rump, that he just might want to pump.

        • Slick One

          With lots of bleach! 🙂

    41. maudy frickett

      Radio Shack closing over 1000 stores. Staples closing 225. Everybody else tightening their belts. Worker participation rate at the lowest level since the big recession of 1978. Good time for sanctions. Not.

      • gun

        Closing all the stores whitey goes to.. (sarc)

      • Shootit

        Kmart dumping stores.

      • The Old Coach

        Won’t miss Radidio Snack for a minute. Junk at high prices. Staples? Not all junk, but still high prices. What’s left of the free market is doing its’ job.

        • Archivist

          I’ve been buying assorted electronic parts at Radio Shack since the mid 1970s. I would get large amount of parts from their discontinued table. I have also bought a lot of new old stock in estate sales. Along with a lot of old electronic devices, I think I have enough stuff to build all kinds of things.

          I do miss how the stores used to be a lot smaller, packed full of stuff, and how they were hangouts for people interested in stereos, radios, and then later, the first computers.

    42. .02

      PRVI Partizan ammo comes from Serbia and their match ammo shot better than Federal Gold Metal Match in my Savage 308 at 1/4th the price. I had trouble reloading to their accuracy.

    43. GreatAmericanRedoubt

      brownbear 7.62×39 just went from $4.99 to $7.99 in one day!


    44. Nopittypartyhere

      Off topic…..if you stack PMs and bought some Brittanias recently, check to see if you have any “Mules”. About 17000 coins were struck with the wrong Die. I can confirm, via hubby’s research, that there are Mule varieties right here in the good ole USA. People are asking as much as $750 for raw coins and $2000 for graded specimens. If you have one of these, cash in on your investment and buy more silver! Woo Hoo!

    45. Sgt. Dale

      7.62X39 is one that I don’t reload but my brother dose. I’m happy I bought over the last 15 years !@@#$#%^$#$ rounds of Ammo in 7.62X39. I did just pick up a 75 Rd. drum for RPK to go along with the other ones.

      The Feds bought a couple of million rds not to long ago and thousands of AK mags.

      Obullshit had it in his little bitty mind that he was going to get to use them on Patriots, Tea Party Members, and Christians, but now he might have to use them on the Ruskies. OR MAYBE HE HAS THEM FOR THE RUSKIES WHEN SURREDERS TO THEM.

      A wondering mind what a terrible thing to waist!!! (My head hurts I have a head ache!)


      • Hunter


        Take a big gulp of ‘Maker’s Mark Bourbon or Rebel Yell single barrel’..it’ll cure the headache!

        Per the AK mags, hope you’ve got some 20rd comm-bloc’s stored..as they allow for comfortable/accurate prone shooting(Hungarian tanker mags)..30 rounders negate such endeavors..sadly the 20s are very difficult to find nowadays!

        Kudos on the drums, pal!
        ..just don’t crank the key until necessary & A.S.-M.S. when you do!!!

        I believe you’ll be expensive to the enemy!


        • Sgt. Dale

          Thanks for the advise, but I don’t drink. Two Advil and I’ll call you in the morning.
          What is nice about my RPK is when you go prone you put out the bypods. I don’t have problems with 40rds.
          The wife has the AK and she just has 30rds. mags.
          Got many many mags for the AK & RPK.

        • BJ




          • Average Guy

            BJ wrote, “comm-bloc’s?”


            Dude, are you retarded?

            I think maybe I should stop trying to help you out.

            • BJ

              If you think I am retarded because I am not up on every fucking acronym out there, then yes, you should stop helping me. Help from people like you, I really do not need nor want.

            • BJ

              Oh and according to everyone I talk to around here (and I have been to that range) it IS called Folletts. So whether it is technically Princeton or Folletts doesn’t matter, only what the locals around here call it. So pay attention to what I wrote, asshole!

          • Hunter

            Comm-bloc: ..refers to former east-European communist countries/nations.

            • BJ

              I want to clear it up Hunter. At first in the middle of a convo about guns and ammo, I thought it was some acronym for guns and ammo…..never heard it before. Then after posting my question, I started assuming it had something to do with communism? And then it dawned on me that somewhere in the past I had in fact heard of “communist block” but couldn’t remember anything specific. Then the lovely and talented Mr Average clued in me in on how retarded I am, then I knew it must have something to do with the latter, assumption correct. But thank you for clearing it up for me. I am 42 and have learned many a hard lesson from assumptions in life and at work and I am trying to change some of my faults. I guess this is one of those times where I should of went with my ASSumption.

              I’ll post at ya on Mac’s new post today on my .22 experience today.

    46. sarai

      I believe Obama has done pissed the wrong one off.

      • Ted Kennedy

        One libtard…

    47. Platinum Pickle

      People are now being arrested on buses for merely mentioning the word gun. Kids are being arrested for pointing their fingers and saying pow. What are they doing with your kids? Its brainwashing. You better look right fucking now what theyre telling your kids.

      If you want to keep that 2nd amendment, you had better drop the opsec horseshit and start open carrying everywhere. And you better tell off everyone who reacts to what you are doing.

    48. GMO Gobbler

      When I kept pushing the .357 Sig I was told it was a bad choice because it was an atypical caliber and it would be out of stock. Whos laughing now?

    49. rich98

      This article is unsubstantiated propaganda by one company to sell ammo.

      Mac, do your homework before writing some of this drivel.

    50. eppe

      It makes me happy with the 1400 rounds of 7.62X39 armour piercing rounds bought in 1997, but I digress…
      How about a joke?????

      > Men Are Just Happier People —
      > What do you expect from such simple creatures?
      > Your last name stays put.
      > The garage is all yours.
      > Wedding plans take care of themselves.
      > Chocolate is just another snack.
      > You can be President.
      > You can never be pregnant.
      > You can wear a white T-shirt to a water park.
      > You can wear NO shirt to a water park.
      > Car mechanics tell you the truth.
      > The world is your urinal.
      > You never have to drive to another gas station restroom because this one is just too icky.
      > You don’t have to stop and think of which way to turn a nut on a bolt.
      > Same work, more pay.
      > Wrinkles add character.
      > Wedding dress $5000. Tux rental-$100.
      > People never stare at your chest when you’re talking to them.
      > New shoes don’t cut, blister, or mangle your feet.
      > One mood all the time.
      > Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat.
      > You know stuff about tanks.
      > A five-day vacation requires only one suitcase.
      > You can open all your own jars.
      > You get extra credit for the slightest act of thoughtfulness.
      > If someone forgets to invite you, he or she can still be your friend.
      > Your underwear is $8.95 for a three-pack.
      > Three pairs of shoes are more than enough..
      > You almost never have strap problems in public.
      > You are unable to see wrinkles in your clothes..
      > Everything on your face stays its original color.
      > The same hairstyle lasts for years, maybe decades.
      > You only have to shave your face and neck.
      > You can play with toys all your life.
      > One wallet and one pair of shoes — one color for all seasons.
      > You can wear shorts no matter how your legs look.
      > You can ‘do’ your nails with a pocket knife.
      > You have freedom of choice concerning growing a mustache..
      > You can do Christmas shopping for 25 relatives
      > On December 24 in 25 minutes.
      > No wonder men are happier.
      > Send this to the women who can handle it
      > And to the men who will enjoy reading it.
      > ___________________________________
      > Men Are Just Happier People
      > If Laura, Kate and Sarah go out for lunch, they will call each other Laura, Kate and Sarah.
      > If Mike, Dave and John go out, they will affectionately refer to each other as Fat Boy, Bubba and Wildman .
      > EATING OUT
      > When the bill arrives, Mike, Dave and John will each throw in $20, even though it’s only for $32.50. None of them will have anything smaller and none will actually admit they want change back.
      > When the girls get their bill, out come the pocket calculators.
      > MONEY
      > A man will pay $2 for a $1 item he needs.
      > A woman will pay $1 for a $2 item that she doesn’t need but it’s on sale.
      > A man has six items in his bathroom: toothbrush and toothpaste, shaving cream, razor, a bar of soap, and a towel.
      > The average number of items in the typical woman’s bathroom is 337. A man would not be able to identify more than 20 of these items.
      > A woman has the last word in any argument.
      > Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.
      > FUTURE
      > A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband.
      > A man never worries about the future until he gets a wife.
      > MARRIAGE
      > A woman marries a man expecting he will change, but he doesn’t.
      > A man marries a woman expecting that she won’t change, but she does.
      > A woman will dress up to go shopping, water the plants, empty the trash, answer the phone, read a book, and get the mail.
      > A man will dress up for weddings and funerals.
      > NATURAL
      > Men wake up as good-looking as they went to bed.
      > Women somehow deteriorate during the night.
      > Ah, children. A woman knows all about her children.. She knows about dentist appointments and romances, best friends, favorite foods, secret fears and hopes and dreams.
      > A man is vaguely aware of some short people living in the house.
      > A married man should forget his mistakes. There’s no use in two people remembering the same thing!
      > SO, send this to the women who have a sense of humor and who can handle it …. and to the men who will enjoy reading it.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        i always wondered how they keep those gas station bathrooms so CLEAN, eppe.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        here’s one you forgot:
        if a woman says something to a MAN, he doesn’t have to call in experts from around the COUNTRY to interpret it!

    51. eppe

      Got to ask ALL you readers, just did a test, in 1 minute times, the readership jumps by 30-40 readers, why not take the time to thumbs up or down? It does make a difference to the type of info you read…

      • eppe

        Best Adult Joke of the Year

        One day in the future, Barack Obama has a heart-attack and dies.
        He immediately goes to hell, where the devil is waiting for him.

        “I don’t know what to do here,” says the devil. “You are on my list, but I have no room for you. You definitely have to stay here, so I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. I’ve got a couple of folks here who weren’t quite as bad as you. I’ll let one of them go, but you have to take their place. I’ll even let YOU decide who leaves.”

        Obama thought that sounded pretty good, so the devil opened the door to the first room.
        In it was Ted Kennedy and a large pool of water. Ted kept diving in, and surfacing, empty handed. Over, and over, and over he dived in and surfaced with nothing. Such was his fate
        in hell.

        “No,” Obama said. “I don’t think so. I’m not a good swimmer, and I don’t think I could do that all day long.”

        The devil led him to the door of the next room.

        In it was Al Gore with a sledge-hammer and a room full of rocks. All he did was swing that hammer, time after time after time.

        “No, this is no good; I’ve got this problem with my shoulder. I would be in constant agony if all I could do was break rocks all day,” commented Obama.

        The devil opened a third door. Through it, Obama saw Bill Clinton, lying on the bed, his arms tied over his head, and his legs restrained in a spread-eagle pose. Bent over him was Monica Lewinsky, doing what she does best.

        Obama looked at this in shocked disbelief, and finally said, “Yeah man, I can handle this.”

        The devil smiled and said…………

        (This is priceless…)
        “OK, Monica, you’re free to go.”

        • Shootit

          Yesterday… Wednesday this crossed my path.

          “Hump Day has been canceled due to lack of participation!”

        • buttcrackofdoom

          best joke EVVVERRRR, eppe!

        • Sgt. Dale

          Darn it! I just blew orange soda out my nose again. I LMFAO. Thanks got rid of my head ache.

      • eppe

        And you wonder why ANYONE even posts here???

    52. KY Mom

      The top 12 signs that the U.S. economy is heading toward another recession

      Economic Collapse blog

      • Facebook Page

        Forgot your off topic alert.

        We read zero for ourselves.

    53. eppe

      Yall are hard to please….

      Hillbilly Mirror
      After living in the remote wilderness of Kentucky all his life, an old hillbilly decided it was time to visit the big city. In one of the stores, he picks up a mirror and looks in it. Not ever having seen one before, he remarked at the image staring back at him, “How about that?! Here’s a picture of my daddy.”
      He bought the mirror thinking it was a picture of his daddy, but on the way home, he remembered his wife didn’t like his father. So, he hung it in the barn and every morning before leaving for the fields, he would go there and look at it.
      His wife began to get suspicious of these many trips to the barn. One day after her husband left, she searched the barn and found the mirror. As she looked into the glass, she fumed, “So, that’s the ugly woman he’s runnin’ around with.”

      • JayJay

        After living in the remote wilderness of KentuckyTennessee

        I’m in Kentucky now!!!

    54. Be informed

      Who out there is thinking along these lines?

      Russia back in 2008 or 09 launched a massive cyber attack on Estonia. I am beginning to think that just such an attack from somewhere not in Russia, but of Russian source aimed at the U.S. I was also thinking nuclear EMP, but the cyber attack really is making me think that this is very possible and then of course deny it. Look at Israel with Iran with their cyber attack on their nuclear program.

      Keep f’ing with Russia and there are other terrible hurts that they can do. Russia is the top biological weapon manufacturer in the world for one awful thought.

      I say this again, WTF is the U.S. playing policeman in other people’s neck of the woods in their own backyards? Playing cops is EXPENSIVE and just going to add more to the debt. Isn’t this what Ronald Reagan partially did to help bankrupt the USSR by forcing them to OVERSPEND on their military? Same thing is happening now with the U.S. with a VERY THIN strenched military with way too many bases in foreign lands. All the while the people that pay into this have to travel each day to work on a crumbling infrastructure. Each day more good jobs are lost overseas to China and other countries. Eaach day the interest on the debt reaches closer and closer to the actual military budget.

      The U.S. people are under the thumb of a rotten awful government that WILL turn on them when the time and place suits them. Anyone supporting the U.S. playing cops and robbers in places in the world they have no business in should understand that the people in this country will be next from this government when they TRY to take everyone’s firearms and their freedoms. With ANY bad government when it is our turn to try to be forced to bow down no questions asked, sentiments about this government will begin to show their true colors.

      • eppe

        Agreed BI;
        If we cannot clean up our own backyard, why should we be trying to clean up others? Punch in #2938388 and see what I mean. We need to control what we can control, and let the rest of the world spin in their own cesspool. Bring home the business, get people working for our own good, take care of our own on our ground, take care of our own selfs first, fork the rest of the world, we need to police ourselves first and formost, then be the police of the rest of the world… By the way there was a small EQ in Tennesee, strange spot?

        • Be informed

          @ eppe. While the government is screwing around in foreign places that have no importance to the U.S. homeland, the porous Mexico border lets in dope, terrorists, and God knows what like a weapon of mass destruction. Money spent overseas could be spent on gang control and making the tax payer’s lives safer in ALL cities. Charity starts ALWAYS first at home. The earthquake is Tennessee is very common.

          • Kulafarmer

            Not to these control freak supremecy asshats we got trying to push their beliefs on every other hellhole and some not so hellholes,,, its dicks like McCain, that fucker needs a slap. Buncha arrogant bastards have no clue, are so out of touch with the reality on the ground for the average American,,,
            Why else you think they want to limit our rights, i say fuckem, build an arsenal and plan, when the time comes kill as many of these assholes as possible

            • Tor Minotaur

              click on my name to see comment 2938388 if you don’t know punch up protocol

              It’s first comment on 2/14 article:
              It Has Begun: Wise Up and Stock up as Food Shortages and Price Hikes Are Coming Before Year’s End

      • .02

        But But But,, you HAVE to support the troops!

      • Kulafarmer

        Im done going along, i dont care what they do to me, would rather be dead than go along with any more of this crap.
        BO and these idiots in DC giving ILLEGAL ALIENS free healthcare, welfare, housing assistance, while expecting folks like us to go along and work and pay taxes to support this crap, all while trying to regulate and legislate us into a state of servitude.

    55. BillyB

      I just went to Lucky Gunner to see what the 7.62 looked like. WTF! Where is it? They had a whole lot of it last month when I last ordered some.

    56. Be informed

      Check out this Fox News poll that states that 67% of the people would vote out all current law makers. This was similar poll taken back in 2012 at around February of that year. Guess what? The same dipsh#$s voted right back in again just like every election cycle.


      Why do I bring this up? I want to show EVERYONE out there that this is yet another example of just how much people talk and they fail to take the walk. This is extremely critical that each of is very careful whom we trust in these likely end times. I hate to be cynical like this, but I want everyone out there to not make a mistake about the wrong people in their lives that BS talk their way into their lives and their life lines.

      Also with tornado and thunderstorm season approaching everyone should know the difference between an air raid siren and a bad weather siren. Weather related sirens have a continuous pitch. While the enemy attack siren goes up in sound and then down. Listen to what an air raid siren exactly sounds like so someone is not necessarily panicked when they hear a siren.

      This is what a nuclear evacuation alarm sounds like:


    57. Comrade Kiev

      Ви всі розуміємо, що Америка, як і Росія в деякій мірі контролюється силами, щоб бути. Проте світові держави повинні створити кризу і помилкові прапори і викликати controlable військові дії, таким чином, щоб запобігти інші відомі приймаючи його самі. Ви всі повинні розуміти, товариш, що глобальна скидання скоро прийде і новий світовий порядок буде вступити у відповіді відповісти на governmetn світу були туга за і що є світовим харчування для CONTROLL всіх людей централізоване для завоювання людської популяції. Ви, люди будуть використовуватися як пішака у achess ігри, боротися і викликати заворушення, засновані на пропаганді та уряду inflitration та ЗМІ новини перспективи. Голодний вовк сильніше задоволеною собаки!

      • admin

        Google Translation:

        You all know that America , like Russia , to some extent controlled by the forces that be. But world powers have to create a crisis and false flags and cause controlable hostilities so as to prevent other famous taking it themselves. You all need to understand , friend , that the global reset will soon arrive and the new world order will usher in a reply answer governmetn world have been longing for and that is the world CONTROLL food for all people to gain centralized human population. You people are used as pawns in achess play, fight and cause unrest based on propaganda and government inflitration news and media perspective. Hungry wolf dogs more pleased !

        • Be informed

          @ Mac. Translation in any language. We are all screwed by those at the top that like to throw stones down on everyone below them. 🙁

          • Kulafarmer

            Live free or die fighting those who would deny it to me.
            The lord is my shepard,,,

            • lastmanstanding

              Amen…the 23rd is my “go to” psalm.

              “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

              • Kulafarmer

                Man has turned away from God and all that is wholesome and good, in turn we now have unending wars and violence and unending false prophets dictating what we can and can not believe, you have these extremist killing Christians in the name of their god, all while abusing their women and children and sitting around acting as though they are supreme, then our bullshit so called leaders tell us we cant openly excercise our Christian beliefs but we have to allow these heathens to do whatever they want while we are persecuted for our beliefs by those who should be protecting them,
                I pray for the Lord God to destroy all of this crap and save those who are faithful and honest and humble, to get rid of all these politicians who are trying to subjugate us, i was always taught to live and let live, but now more and more i can live but only if i go along

                • lastmanstanding

                  I’m with you…please be patient. They’ll make a mistake soon. Awareness of those who are needed for the battle is increasing.

                  I find the most peace at night. Wandering around in the dark, one can feel that the unknown can be close.

                  Those of us that just want to be left alone are their biggest fear. God and the earth that he provided us will support those of us who…hmm…”just won’t fucking quit against any adversity via our own will.”

                  Trust me brother…if the earth doesn’t want folks like you, me, and most of the others here at shtf…there ain’t any fucking hope for the rest to survive.

                  That is how I feel. It will be those of that understand the natural order of the earths selection that have the best chance.

                  “See you on the other side” lms

          • REB

            BI…lets just knock some stones out from under their hi& mighty tower they use to throw down on us!?…go Galt…go rebel…lets see how long before they come crashing down and we stomp on their heads(you know the old saying….the future is the boot of a freeman stomping a tyrants face forever…or something like that? ;)…we havent even begun to fight back in any real sense…hell is coming to breakfast…

      • Warchild Dammit

        Spook,a day looked at a few sites,same stuff,244 a case of 1000,in stock,only some so far going nuts pricing.

    58. Richard

      Russia will have no choise but to take over all of Ukraine. In 1994 Ukraine signed an agreement with all the permanent members of the UN to give up their nuclear weapons for protection. What people don’t understand is that Ukraine was the third largest holder of nuclear weapons and they made all their own nuclear weapons and delivery systems and still has the ability to quickly make more. They get a lot of the electricity from nuclear power plants. Do you actually think that Russia will let Ukraine make nuclear weapons and do you think Ukraine will not make them after all the countries that signed the 1994 agreement failed to live up to the deal.

      • REB

        …good point one few folks even know…

      • Warchild Dammit

        SQ,really does seem a pain to get that round in reloadable brass,that said,prices still fair a day later.

    59. Ridler

      I’m watching Hannity. Is Ann Coulter a dude? Shim has an Adams apple.

    60. Francis Marion

      What a crock of crap.

      Who is this supposed supplier? I am an importer of many things firearms related and have found no evidence of this “rumor” being true at all.

      If this is what passes for reporting in the alternative media then we have a problem. Makes me wonder if the purpose of sights like this is to get the radicals stirred and uptight. Sort of a self fulfilling prophecy for paranoids.

      Don’t get me wrong – the world is a cesspool these days but if I was a government intent on whipping people into a frenzy for my own nefarious purposes then this is exactly what I would do… and the kind of place I would do it in.


    61. nO MORE BULLETS?!


    62. JoeThePimpernel

      This is B(arbarar) S(treisand).

      If Putin wanted to stick it to Ubama, he’d flood the US market with cheap ammo.

      • Kulafarmer

        Maybe some of us should start a letter writing campaign to Mr Putin!

      • Sgt. Dale


        Can you tell I don’t like the guy, but I hold back on how I really feel!

        • Shootit

          Obuttfkr thinks he is doing a great job. He is meeting all of his objectives in turning this country into one big TURD that he and monkeybutt think they rule as King n Queen.

    63. Brandon @ WEB

      I see Obama talking sanctions now this. It sounds like a trade war comes this way…

      • Walt Kowalski

        Trade wars often lead to shooting wars.

    64. sailorguyNC

      I feel strange that I’m now part of the perhaps contrived hysteria, but after reading this I just went to my usual online ammo grabbing site and saw that all the 7.62 said “Add to cart” and “In stock”, I was thinking yeah another ammo fear story.

      Then I thought what the hell I might as well grab a few while I’m on here, and threw a 500 pack in my cart. That’s when I discovered that it wasn’t current and found to my surprise that every large size order was actually sold out! What the hell is going on if one article posted online can dry up sites that carry hundreds of thousands of rounds???

      Yes I have bounced around and found that much is still available elsewhere, but there is something going on even if it’s just a fear-induced run…

      • Mountain Trekker

        Sailor, I don’t think this article has anything to do with it, just common logic say’s there could be a shortage due to the turmoil in the Russian sphere. Trekker Out.

    65. Mike

      Quistion: I used to reload , however never cast my own bullets. How practical is this? Why is 22LR not reloadable? Normally the cost. A home made tool to open up previously fired rim. Any thoughts?

      • .02

        22LR has no removal primer, hence nonreloadable.

      • The Old Coach

        There are several threads on the gunloads.com site about reloading .22 rimfire. It can be done, but why? Waste of time, IMHO, but that’s what floats some peoples’ boats. Making the primer compound is even more dangerous than making black powder, so I’ll stay clear of the whole idea.

        • Warchild Dammit

          The primer powder more dangerous then black powder?!(They had powder houses for a reason!).That said,anything volatile and having fun potential intrigues me to say the least!The 4th of July will be here before you know it!

          • Smokey

            Yup, it’s more dangerous. A shock can set off the entire sheet of priming compound. You basically make the compound in sheet form, then press it down over a rack of rimfire cases. Until it’s in the case and in a small enough portion, you can have a bad day by mishandling it.

    66. Richard

      I find it hard to believe with all that is going on between Russia, Ukraine and the rest of the world that Putin is thinking about whether to stop the ammo being sold in America.

    67. Be informed

      @ Kulafarmer. People have not only turned away from God, they have gone towards pure evil. You look at these music vidoes and these weirdos giving praise to Satan, the devil, or whatever darkness they can. The people are eating this garbage up like maggots on a piece of rotting food. I think that everyone on this site can remember when there was at least very few sticking their middle finger up to God. Now in the past decade or so it is now some sick fad to shear alliance to pure wickedness.

      I think one of the worst points of what is decaying people is the desire to over stimulate their bodies as much as possible. Whether it is strange combinations of chemicals like that baboon treyvon martin was using called Lean where he didn’t know what planet he was on, to these perverted orgies that everything goes that includes bestiality, it shows a totally warped depraved population. It is like a post apocalyptic world you use to see in these science fiction movies, but without the hard core end of the world type event. I know what you are talking about and how totally upsetting it. All you can do is prepare to defend yourself against these creatures of the night the best you can. It is like people have been bitten by some “vampire bug” or something.

    68. Ted Kennedy

      Senator Cummings: Are you out of your mind? Are you out of your damn mind? I am a United States Senator!

      Bob Lee Swagger: Exactly.

      • Night Breaker

        Best line in the movie shooter!

        Second best line :

        “Me? I’am just some pecker who lives in the woods with to many guns ”
        Bobby Lee Swaggert

        I resemble that remark

        Semper Fi 8541

      • PO'd Patriot

        Yup, he said that right before he caught a round twixt his eyes and was barbequed in the house fire.

    69. Be informed

      @ Kulafarmer. I truly understand what you are feeling. You personally work yourself to death in the fields, and the government wants to come in and take what little you have to fill the coffers of these war machines that are only working for the evil bankers. It reminds me of these a$$holes that come to town with their hired thugs and turn the people upside and shake the pennies loose from them for “their fair taxes”. The government truly has gotten to this point because of the exploding debt and people actually support adding to this debt by more military spending in a place that is absolutely none of the U.S. business. We are living in strange times.

      • .02

        all your posts point to the end days where bad is good. all we now is the nephilim to show up and we have perfect match for in the days of Noah so will be the end times.

        • Be informed

          @ .02. To be honest I have no idea what is happening. I have seen the world come apart in the past 10 years or so deeply. The people don’t even have a concept of what is right or wrong anymore. It is like some bizarro world. That is why I have link the song Land of Confusion a couple of times, because none of really know what is truly going on. People can speculate about all sorts of theories, but in reality do any of us truly know what is happening? It is like layers of an onion, layers of gross deception.

          • slingshot


            All I know for sure is, things are Fucked Up. Not much we can do about it till we have a kind of sea change to force us to change.
            What we should remember is that they really don’t know what to do about us without upsetting their NWO plans. The more crap they say the deeper we dig in. The fly by night approach will get them in the end, if they don’t plunge us into a thermonuclear war. Even when they come out of the bunker’s, there will be a couple of us left around that will shout.
            There he is. Get him!

            Oh, the pleasure. ;0)

          • .02

            This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

            For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

            Without natural affection, truce breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

            Traitors, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

            Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

            For of this sort are they who creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with various lusts,

            Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

            Sound about right to you BI?

      • Kulafarmer

        When i first started farming i was gung ho, planted the whole place, yhat was in 08, then i woke up, i realized that i was just being used by the system as a donkey to carry everyone else, now i have just enough growing to keep the lights on, i refuse to work my ass off in the field for a fiat currency that will eventually be worth zero and i refuse to help fund this insanity with my sweat and sometimes blood! I paid and paid for years working in construction, now i fortunately am in the position that i at least wont be homeless if i dont have money, so i will do my part to resist this crap.

        • Be informed

          @ Kulafarmer. I think you feel like so many others, fed up with this government.

          • Kulafarmer

            You have no idea how fed up,,,
            I could make a real good wage if i planted my place out to its potential, but i absolutely refuse to pay one thin dime to these idiots, so instead, i get by and have a leisurely life, thats why im poking around this and other sites so much, is my equivalent of sitting with the paper and a cup of coffee, i have time to burn.

            • Paranoid

              Plant more, buy gold and ammo with the profits. Donate the extra to the deserving, I’ll send you my address.

              • Kulafarmer

                Yea “buy gold with the profits”
                Only problem with that is that you have to pay taxes on profits, over here we also have to pay general excise tax on gross volume,,,
                So yea, ha ha
                NOT FUNNY

                • REB

                  Ya buddy I get it…I still farm enough to keep myself and my family eatin good and like you I could make some money with a few cash crops but heck by the time I get done bustin my butt I end up owe-ing them more on top of it all…aint worth it…I aint supporting this system either…its dead it just doesnt know it yet!

    70. Walter

      Doesn’t Putin understand that that ammo will be needed by our citizens to protect our constitution against WHOEVER wants to take it away?

    71. Tor Minotaur

      Making Lead Cast 7.62×39 Ammo – Bullet Casting and Reloading 7.62 for the AK, SKS, CZ 527, etc. Casting and shooting lead from wheel weight alloy using Lee molds, scrap lead, and salvage brass cases.

      http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=jcRE5j8e-vw

      fix the above link, or just click on my name to watch the instructional how to. Lots more info in the video’s about section.

      “In this video I present numerous techniques and styles so that both the experiences and beginner casters can enjoy and perhaps learn something. Bullet casting and reloading does not require complicated or expensive equipment, a simple spoon and a steel pot of lead are enough to get you manufacturing your own bullets.

      If you need help finding lead you might watch my video about how to find free and cheap lead”

    72. Tor Minotaur

      Making Lead Cast 7.62×39 Ammo – Bullet Casting and Reloading 7.62 for the AK, SKS, CZ 527, etc. Casting and shooting lead from wheel weight alloy using Lee molds, scrap lead, and salvage brass cases.

      www. youtube. com/watch?v=jcRE5j8e-vw

      fix the above link, or just click on my name to watch the instructional how to. Lots more info in the video’s about section.

      “In this video I present numerous techniques and styles so that both the experiences and beginner casters can enjoy and perhaps learn something. Bullet casting and reloading does not require complicated or expensive equipment, a simple spoon and a steel pot of lead are enough to get you manufacturing your own bullets.

      If you need help finding lead you might watch my video about how to find free and cheap lead”

      • gun

        the cost of getting started with one or two calibers is less than a case of cheap ammo.

        • Smokey

          No kidding. You’re also in complete control of what ammo costs you, and how much you can stack up, if you reload or make your own.

          New brass – 15 cents
          Primer – 4 cents
          Bullet – 15 cents
          Powder – 7 cents

          That gets you most pistol and small rifle loads. Re-use your brass and it’s cut in half. Use free once-fired and you won’t even need to spend the 15 cents on a new case. Cast your own bullets, that 15 cents becomes 5 cents, that’s less than 20 cents a round for a lot of calibers.

      • Horse

        Wondering if this is just another fake.
        “SD Bullion” is a metals retailer like gold and silver.
        Why would they do anything with ammo, it smells bad.

        • Horse

          I checked it out, they do sell ammo but gouging is not quite the right word

          7.62x39mm Soviet 122 gr. FMJ by TulAmmo –
          20 Rounds
          In Stock Lowest Price $10.99
          I’m sure some idiot will pay that kind of
          markup, not I.

        • Smokey

          I can expect Russian exports to US to be curtailed, or US to clamp down on Russian imports, either way, that is quite likely with the Ukraine situation. Obama is stuck talking big and has nothing else to do but some bullshit boycott and sanctions. So is Putin, except he’s already won, and he knows it.

          But, there must be a bazillion metric tons of Russian surplus ammo in this country already, it did not disappear in three days. I take this reported shortage as being pretty specious right now. I’ll bet there are a lot of ammo vendors with nothing more than ten cases of anything in stock, one or two pallets and a website and you are an instant ammo dealer. Half of them running out in a week can just mean they spent their profits on the truck payment and didn’t reorder from the distributor yet. Or they want to raise the price and a little fearmongering is the way to do it. If that article was written by an objective source, it would be a lot more credible, this one came from a vendor who may have reasons to ratchet things up.

    73. Average Guy

      Today is such a long way away from the year 1984.
      I miss that year.
      If ever I was to tell the people back then that this is what’s in store for us now, I’d be laughed at.
      I wonder how worse things can get from here on out.

      I feel sorry for those among us who never knew what life was like in 1984, the freedom we enjoyed which we do not have now, the guys from the 1970’s generation must be having an even worse time of it.

      Ya. Ignorance is strength.

      • Night Breaker

        Yeh Average Guy,
        we who came of age in the 1970’s are having a hard time accepting the status quo.
        But we have an advantage we lived through the last great recession 1978-1983 and have the skill and knowledge of experiencing that. At least in this point we do not have the gas lines yet and bread fortified with cellulose ( sawdust yuck) common during the carter years.

        This was the time that gave birth to the origional survivalist movement in the 1970’s and the fear then was of an economic collapse , which led to the fear of. Nuclear conflagration in the 1980’s ,
        Then in the 1990’s fear of a fascist government under the Clinton’s .

        Seems like the writing has been on the wall for awhile now , we were hearing stories like this when shortwave radio was the alternative media in the dark days before the information age. People like Mel Tappen and Duncan Long writing On survival weaponry . Now this information appears periodically on the MSM. ( FOX)

        I feel as if all this has been a long term preparation by the true America by people concerned with the direction at the republic was going . Let’s face it people we are a fail safe , a line in the sand
        Silent ,patient , fore warned waiting for the instant we will be required to stand our ground in defense of the Liberty that was intrusted to us.

        Against all enemies both foreign and domestic.



        Semper Fi 8541

        • Kulafarmer

          I get the feeling we will be up against domestic enemies long before foreign,
          Between Connecticut, NJ, and real soon NY i have a real bad feeling, its almost as if TPT think TB are running that as either the flashpoint or a sick social experiment.
          Non compliance is the only option, if anyone thinks compliance with these unconstitutional laws will save their family some greif they better take a look at history.

          • Night Breaker

            Kula I agree 100 percent when governer florio instituted the first assault weapon ban (1991) there was massive non compliance there was estimated 100,000 assault weapons in the state no did not keep records of long gun sales back then and a lot of gun shops locked up there older books and were never asked for them there was some snooping by the state police but there really was not anyway they could determine there current owners. Another reason to not register your weapons ,you did hear about the odd weapon seized because of a police domestic violence investigation searches. They never did go house to house but that was a different time.
            Out of those 100,00 estimated firearms I think there was only about 50 registered in the state.
            Mostly police officer owned it was impossibable to keep for the average citizen they were being classified by the state as class 3 weapons EVEN though federal law did not .

            There was you could say massive non compliance. Florio was only ousted when he put sales tax on toilet paper assuring him of only serving 1 term. In a way he was a lot like blumberg , he had short guy syndrome and was compensating for his own inadiquitacies.

            Hopefully one day this travesty will get repealed and I can legally own a FAL.

            I truely believe they are trying to cause a kinetic confrontation.

            Time will tell the magazine issue is due before the state public safety commission for a public comments hearing many rifle and pistol club members plan to attend to speak .
            Wether it makes a difference is up in the air , Charles Mainor Dem. ( the big booty lover, look him up the guy is a certifiable wack job) will listen is anyones guess.


            Semper Fi 8541

    74. Andy, Wisconsin

      Nobody believed Patton in 1945 when he said the Russians would always be a problem and that we should solve it now. Nobody believed my generation when we stood at the Berlin Wall in opposition to the communist hoard. And now you have Putin versus Obama. Ex-leader of the KGB against the community organizer. I’ll pay to see that one on Pay Per View. Surprise, Surprise! Hope ya’ll got enough 7.62X39.

      • JayJay


        “Behind The Kiev Snipers It Was Somebody From The New Coalition” – A Stunning New Leak Released

        ***it was revealed that the real puppet masters behind the Maidan movement, and the true instigators of the Ukraine “revolution” were none other than the “developed” world superpowers, lead by the US.***

        ***So there is now stronger and stronger understanding that behind the snipers, it was not Yanukovych, but it was somebody from the new coalition.” ***

        ***So first US orchestrates the Kiev overthrow, and now the new “leaders” of Ukraine are allegedly found to have FIRED AGAINST THEIR OWN PEOPLE(sound familiar??)- the same provocation they subsequently used to run Yanukovich out of the country and install a pro-Western puppet government.***

        Anything from our diligent news crews?? Crickets.

    75. Satori

      we all think that we are independent thinkers
      no one can put anything over on us
      we KNOW “the truth”

      everyone else is a sheeple
      but not ME

      really ???

      Question Everything, Believe Nothing – Chapter One – Suspending Disbelief


      Question Everything, Believe Nothing – Chapter Two – Group Think and the Hive Mind


      “Group think is most prevalent in the conditioned mind, a phenomenon that is completely invisible to the group members who truly believe they are thinking independently.”

    76. Satori

      Shale, the Last Oil and Gas Train: Interview with Arthur Berman


      “The truth of the matter is that the industry has to make such a big deal out of shale because it’s all that’s left”

      let me repeat that last part


      “Arthur Berman: First, we have to distinguish between shale gas and liquids plays. On the gas side, all shale gas plays except the Marcellus are in decline or flat. The growth of US supply rests solely on the Marcellus and it is unlikely that its growth can continue at present rates. On the oil side, the Bakken has a considerable commercial area that is perhaps only one-third developed so we see Bakken production continuing for several years before peaking. The Eagle Ford also has significant commercial area but is showing signs that production may be flattening. Nevertheless, we see 5 or so more years of continuing Eagle Ford production activity before peaking. The EIA has is about right for the liquids plays–slower increases until later in the decade, and then decline.”

      think the futures so bright yer gonna have to wear shades ???

      think again

      we’ll always have gas
      we’ll always have oil

      the question is
      can we afford it ???

      just think
      only a few short years ago
      I filled up for $15

      now it costs me $50

      whats gonna happen to the economy
      when it costs $100 or $150 ???

      we will see those days

      now it costs

      • Smokey

        Are you saying this shale deal happened in the last three days?

        No exploration, proof of viable reserves, negotiations, infrastructure investigations, nothing in the last 5 years, just right now?

    77. Satori

      Syria intervention plan fueled by oil interests, not chemical weapon concern

      “Massacres of civilians are being exploited for narrow geopolitical competition to control Mideast oil, gas pipelines”


      just a sample

      “According to former French foreign minister Roland Dumas, Britain had planned covert action in Syria as early as 2009: “I was in England two years before the violence in Syria on other business”, he told French television:

      “I met with top British officials, who confessed to me that they were preparing something in Syria. This was in Britain not in America. Britain was preparing gunmen to invade Syria.”

      this is a must read article

      freedom,democracy,getting rid of a dictator,weapons of mass destruction

      ha ha ha
      too funny

      ya gotta be kidding !!!

      that’s just the crap they use to get us proles to go be bullet sponges

    78. KY Mom


      Georgia legislature: ‘Enough is enough,’ calls for restraints on Washington

      “The idea is to have an Article V Convention of States, the one process the U.S. Constitution gives to citizens to bypass the White House, Congress and even their own governors to establish a new path for the nation.

      The new president in 2017 would face new limits on executive orders, Commerce Clause actions, a balanced federal budget and a ban on using international treaties to govern inside the U.S. if the state-based movement is successful.

      There could even be term limits for Supreme Court justices and Congress, and a mandatory sunset of all existing federal taxes.

      The ideas are being discussed in legislatures where a Convention of the States has been proposed.”


      • Kulafarmer

        That could be good,
        Or it could be real real bad!
        Imagine for a moment that process is hijacked by the same people fucking everything else up.
        Thaaatsss right,,, think, think,,
        Honestly dont see any peaceful way out of this pickle,,you can bet the DC elite and their hired thugs(DHS, TSA, IRS, AND THE REST) will come out with jack boots a stompin to repress that.
        Be armed, aware and ready, peace may be just a distant recollection for most of us at some point..

        • Them Guys

          Do NOT Fall for that article 5 con con swindle. These clowns have been trying to change the us const that way since 1970. go to newswithviews and READ every article, aprox 1/2 dozen so far articles by a ex lawyer woman devoted to ONLY const issues and alerting folks of the truth of a con can scam and she bases all her info on the us const and federalists papers etc.

          Publius Huldah, articles at newswithviews website. she explains it all very easy to read and understand. Filled with links to every source etc.

          ALSO at SAME site: articles by Keligh Nelson, another newswithviews women writer. Her newest is a 3 part article that totally exposes every connection since the 1970’s of Paul Weyrich, founder of Heritage foundation, and all Past and Present Neocons repubs, religious right scammers, Rubio, Ted Chaz, current senators, Mark Levin and tons more so called “Patriots” who are so deep into scams and swindleing Us folks its not even funny.

          If you do just One thing in the next 2 days time…GO READ BOTH womens great expose articles.

          Spend a couple hrs reading all they have researched about this states convention swindle known also as a CON-CON. A Constitutional convention.

          remember you can simply red thumbs My postings, refuse to even LOOK at those articles, keep falling for and supporting Mark levin and rubio and chaz and fox tv news and the Heritage found Org as if they really were great conservative orgs with YOUR best intrest in mind…

          Then once they swindle You all, and they will, you can look back at how smugly you just red thumb us who write truths and patted yourself on your back for doing so swell a job at it….And then look into a mirror for whom to Blame when your beloved us const and BOR has been so Mutilated, changed beyond recognition, and ask yourself…

          Why did I refuse to even spend an hour or two checking out that info Them Guys posted on a con con scam…

          just remember we who Do know truths, we too are going to be very pissed off once such a swindle gets passed thanks to idiots like “some” here who refuse to even Look at a website we post info on, due to you hate Other info we/I post here….And it is You idiots types We are going to Blame for assisting the swindlers because you are too high minded to ever think just maybe it is good info I am posting.

          Those who Do read those two womens articles Will agree 100% that a con con being promoted heavily now is a bad scam swindle big time…Just because neocons repubs and certain radio jocks who spew a good talk, and say They are patriots, don’t mean they really are.

          Remember They get tons of money for their radio jobs, Tons of multi million dollar Book Deals, all for keeping truth away from YOU all…

          While we who post info here never earn a dime, have zero to gain, and simply Care for Truth as the number one issue.

          Remember reading My post here if that con con gets done for real….Because we ALL will be very sorry it happened that I assure you.

          They are going to do a RUN away con con even though levin and others assure You that cannot happen!

          Go NOW READ Publius Huldah’s great articles, then read Keligh Nelsons great articles. They both outline it ALL from begining to Now era.

          If one can spend hours reading Jokes here, or off topic newspaper stuff?….Why can’t You go there and READ those two womans articles and self educate yourself better than 6 months worth of those jokes or off topic newspaper articles can do for you.

          DO NOT FALL for ANY of their CON-CON spin. The Bill of Rights and US Const You help Save will be Your childrens one day soon…What will YOU do when Your children RED THUMB YOU for being so Stupid eh? Now Please go READ that stuff!

    79. Old Vet

      Absolutely, stock up on Food, Ammo, Basic things you need to live, but the One Thing You Must Have and Will Be Worth More Than One Can Ever Dream—DRINKABLE WATER—! No one knows when but TPTB; and I for one say soon the TPTB will drop the hammer.

    80. slingshot

      So who is going to fill the void of ammo demand?

      Remember when our government band Chinese ammo, guns and gun parts. Norinco had decent ammo. The Russian’s stepped in and fill the gap. Will Winchester, Federal and Remington be capable of meeting demand. Of course not as they supply the government first.

      I figure most supplies will go to the wars around the world before it will comes to the USA.

      • Smokey

        Serbia has been exporting their Prvi Partisan ammo for years now. It’s pretty good stuff. Bulgaria is gearing up with brass cases and clean boxer priming. Czech ammo, the Sellier & Bellot, is very good stuff.

        South Korean and Mexican plants are putting out good ammo. South Africa and Malaysia have some exports, and Australia is stepping up exports to the US to meet the demand.

        The bad part is, the cheap lacquered steel-cased Berdan-primed surplus will soon be gone, but the good part is brass-cased Boxer-primed stuff is replacing it. We’ll pay more, though.

    81. VRF

      screw the ammo shortage, take it from the fallen gestapo

    82. Richard

      There should always be a steady flow of military caliber ammo. Most armies only keep it for a few years. Why wouldn’t they want to sell their surplus to us, and make enough to buy new ammo to replace it. I am sure what militaries around the world pay for ammo is a fraction of what it cost us.

      • Mountain Trekker

        Therein lies the problem Richard, 7.62 ain’t one of our military calibers. So there will be no surplus if the Eastern Bloc dries up the supplies. Trekker Out Semper Paratus!

        • Kulafarmer

          101 reasons to use calibers specific to your group and in wide use within your AO..
          Also another good reason to have loading capability and components stockpiled if you insist on utilizing oddball calibers.

    83. Richard

      I know I will get hit on this but probably the biggest friend to us ammo buyers is Walmart. They were about the only one that kept prices the same before and after the shortage. Since they are the biggest gun and ammo retailer in the world it forced other companies to bring their prices back down. Cheaper than dirt doubled their prices. I went to Walmart and they had 5.56×45 and 7.62×51 in bulk at reasonable prices, pretty much in line with what I could find on the internet. They still get 22lr in but people are waiting and buying them as soon as they come in. Cheaper than dirt has 22lr but I will not buy them at $35 for 500.

    84. maudy frickett

      Natchez online had 7.62x39mm this AM.

    85. maudy frickett

      Correct me if anyone has better info. This story originated with SDbullion. SDbullion is associated with the online commodities website “The Silver Doctors”. They just started selling ammo a month or two ago. And now they claim a shortage? I smell a rat.

      • Socrates

        Doesn’t look like SD covered it first, but they had a lot of hits for sure.

        This article explains it pretty well.
        h ttp://www.examiner.com/article/obama-could-cut-russian-ammo-imports-as-response-to-ukraine-crisis

      • Kulafarmer

        These alternative sites are just as bad and as manipulative as MSM,,
        Mac tries his best im sure, this forum is more whats happening than the articles much of the time,,,
        Thank you Mac,,,
        Im sure we are all pretty amusing!

    86. MongoPissed

      “(Reuters) – Ukraine signed a $10 billion shale gas production-sharing agreement with U.S. Chevron (CVX.N) on Tuesday, another step in a drive for more energy independence from Russia.”

      No time wasted.

    87. Ted Kennedy

      So if I go to the casino, and they feed me drinks, and I WIN, can I still sue them.

      • Smokey

        Only if you win enough for the lawyer.

        What a joke, eh? Go gambling and take the free drinks, lose your money, and sue ’em.

    88. Josh

      Bulk ammo’s website is out of stock for the 1000 rounds 7.62*39mm for like 216, lol good timing or fear hording?

    89. freetrapper

      Do you think Obummer and Putin are like two lawyers in a court room putting on a show. Go out to lunch together have a few drinks, go back to the court room put on another show. Everything that Obummer has done is by disign to hurt the USA. Look at it he taken away from our troops and placed hand picked Generals in place. What has he done that was good for this nation.We were told by Kurcheft (sp) that they would bring us down on the inside, their weapon Obummer!

      • slingshot

        He should go another 90 miles south. He will feel right at home.

      • JayJay

        ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
        ……….”…\………. _.·´

    90. Socrates

      BREAKING: Canada Gives Russia 24 Hours To Get Out Of Their Country Declares Ukraine Invasion An Act Of Aggression

      Thursday, March 6, 2014 21:50
      Canada just weighed in on the situation in Ukraine and has demanded that nine Russian soldiers be out of their country within 24 hours. While the rest of the global community tries to decide which side to fall on Canada made a very clear choice Thursday afternoon.

      CTV News is now reporting:
      The soldiers who were participating in military exercises in Canada have been expelled from the country, as Ottawa continues to denounce Russia’s military intervention in Crimea, CTV News has learned. A government source confirmed that the soldiers were informed Thursday afternoon that they had 24 hours to leave Canada.

      Six of the soldiers were in Saint-Jean, Que., where they were leaning English and French. Another two soldiers were participating in a training program at CFB Gagetown, and the ninth soldier was teaching Canadian soldiers Russian in Gatineau, Que. Lawmakers in Crimea voted unanimously Thursday to leave Ukraine and join Russia. They have scheduled a referendum for March 16 so voters can weigh in on the decision. The vote was denounced by the international community.

      In his statement, Harper once again criticized Russia’s incursion into the Crimean peninsula as “an act of aggression, a clear violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty, and of international law.

      “Canada will not recognize a referendum held in a region currently under illegal military occupation. We will continue to view the situation in Ukraine with the gravest concern and will continue to cooperate closely with our G-7 partners and like-minded allies,” the prime minister said in a statement.

      Later, after question period, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said “you can’t have a valid referendum in 10 days.” “It’s unacceptable and it’s wrong and we won’t recognize it,” he told reporters in the foyer of the House of Commons.

      • Them Guys

        Canadas Harper is so full of CRAP eh! Ever see that yutube video and reg color Photos of Harper standing at a podium ready to give some speech, fully Surrounded by at least a Dozen Rabbis complete with the usual long beards, way too small sized wide brim black hats, and their rabinical black funeral director style suit coats?

        Guess whos totaly controlling Canadas Harper!

        Plus the asshats in that article contradicted themselves.

        First they claim Putins russia invaded in act of agression etc…THEN they tell us entire crimea govnt voted to Join Russia!

        Heres what they Neglected to report on folks. As I posted Yesterday at prior article related to Putin and ukraine here at SHTF.

        I Posted a direct from March 4th Quoted statement BY: usa CIA director head, TO: usa congress, THAT:…Russia and Ukraine also have a TREATY from 1997, that ALLOWS Up to, 25,000 Russian Military troops to go INTO Ukraine etc.

        The usa cia head director told usa congress that Far LESS than 25,000 russian soldiers have gone into ukraine crimea areas and thats WELL Below the 1997 agreed on TREATY Russia has with ukraine govnt.

        Funny how every fuckin western nations govnts are infiltrated and 100% under the full Control of Jewish Zionists Rabbis, and Every same western nations govnts as well as MSM newspapers and TV stations news, also owned and controled and Staffed, lock stock and barrel BY same zionistic jewish honchos…..AND They ALL to a nation Keep telling us all 1/2 truths, outright LIES.

        And ALL such swindlers national leaders, MSM’s and jewish zio swindler scum have the Audacity to actually think We all will keep believing whatever They tell us to!

        Don’t any of those fools ever check online websites like This or others that do present facts and Truths and the Proofs to verify it all?

        A Great set of Photos one can use to Enlarge together, into a huge Poster sized display of these facts would be that color photo of GW bush seated at his Oval Office Desk, surrounded by a Dozen Black hatted long bearded jewish zionists Rabbis…Combined with that Color Photo I noted Here of Canadas Harper standing in front of a Podium, fully encircled with a 1/2-circle of…A Dozen Black Hatted long bearded Jewish Zionists Rabbis!

        Picture Both scenes side by side in a Huge poster sized picture!!…..Oy Vey Two Top world nation leaders corrupted by, Satans Own!

        Only one thing could Top that poster, and it would be as stated but include Hobammy Blowing Bush, while his Sheboony wife is Blowing Harper!

        With BilleryHillery Both Blowing the dozen jew zio rabbis!!!!….How do ya say Holy Crap in Yiddish?

    91. Samuel

      Just a few notes to chew on.

      Does anyone remember Kissinger telling Mededev “By September we’ll have every privately owned gun.”?

      Federal contracts, under the guise of arming for training departments under the executive branch, reduces US ammo supplies.

      Now, we are being hit by a Russian depletion of our ammo supply.

      Monsoto attempts to control the food supply by infecting all heritage crops with non-reproducing GM produce and suing the unsuspecting farmers out of business.

      The world economies are tied, do you think it possible, the governments are not enemies, but instead in collusion against all citizens?

      Do you think it possible that the global events are nothing more than drama to disarm and impoverish the private citizens of the world by way of consent so that we cannot defend ourselves and must depend on a corptocrocy to feed us? Here in the US states are actively attempting to tax the air that we breathe and the water that we drink.

    92. Anonymous

      Yeah fking lovely right when I buy a Mosin Nagant. Now it’s a baseball bat.

      • 10mm

        Get your Mosin Ammo, shoot it a little. Put it away. One will know what to do when it’s time. That go’s for all ammo.

      • Smokey

        There is plenty of 7.62x54r out there, go and buy some.

        Get some Prvi Partisan and save the brass to reload, if you know someone who does that.

        • BubbaT

          I actually had trouble finding some yesterday and then had to pay over $100 for it once I did find it. This was online, not at Gander “Bend Over” Mountain.

    93. Mikey

      Lol, since the leftist trash in this pathetic excuse for a government loves trashing our way of life, and going on gun-grabbing binges constantly, im sure theyll probably applaud Russia for this sanction. It actually helps achieve more of their anti-gun initiatives.

    94. NC joe

      Funny, the web sites I monitor for ammo all have plenty of ammo, except for .22 lr. I can only conclude the author of this article is getting bad info or a downright liar. I prefer the latter since he is obviously a stooge for the gun and ammo industry and is trying to whip a false demand so prices will go up thereby lining hos own pockets.

    95. DMONIC

      TulAmmo is garbage anyway. Every other round jammed in the AR. But wait, only 7.62 is being stopped? So what? Our standard is the AR platform, so who cares. Besides, it sounds like more fear mongering to me…

    96. Really???

      This is false reporting and Marc SHOULD remove it. Why it’s at nearly 600 comments and not gone yet isn’t good.

      That said, view this as a warning. Treat your x39 or x54R or any ComBloc ammo as you would have in Oct or Nov of 2012; stock it deep and cheap while you can.

      Again, if you need it, stock it deep and cheap.

      Again, if you need it, stock it deep and cheap.

      Again, if you need it, stock it deep and cheap.

      Again, if you need it, stock it deep and cheap.

      Again, if you need it, stock it deep and cheap.

      Get it yet? Good.

      For those that don’t get it, please just hand over your gun(s) as you don’t deserve to own them.

      • Really???

        Sorry, MAC, not Marc.

    97. Really???

      DUH. Mind is faster than the fingers.

      Treat this as a warning like you would have treated buying 22LR in Oct or Nov of 2012 if you had had a warning.

      My warning was in Nov 2008…. 😉

    98. Big Bama

      Well i have a few thousands rounds of 7.62×39 stocked away just in case!! Either way you never know when something could happen and the last rounds you bought was the last rounds you could ever buy.

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