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Report: DHS Attempting to “Control How Much Ammo is Available On the Commercial Market”

Mac Slavo
March 26th, 2013
Comments (303)

Last year, when the state of Illinois attempted to follow New Jersey by making it difficult and more expensive to acquire ammunition, we warned that new government initiatives would be used to try and circumvent the Second Amendment. Rather than targeting firearms directly, lawmakers and government security officials began looking to ammunition as a sure-fire way to disarm Americans.

While it may have been hard to believe then, given the current shortages of ammunition throughout the United States, one can’t ignore the fact that the Department of Homeland Security has been actively pursuing such a strategy.

“The Department of Homeland Security’s huge ammo purchases were an attempt to dry up supplies as part of an end run around the second amendment,” writes Paul Joseph Watson of the 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition purchased by the Department of Homeland Security.

A US-based weapons manufacturer and defense contractor recently confirmed that this is, in fact, part of a broader gun control plan when he shared his insider knowledge with well known talk radio show host Michael Savage:

What Homeland Security is doing here is they’re issuing a contract to buy up to that amount of ammo if they want it…

It’s a way to control the amount of market that’s available on the commercial market at any time.

If they go to the ammo manufacturers and say give me 50 million rounds, give me another 30 million rounds… if they periodically do this in increments, they’re going to control how much ammo is available on the commercial market.

As part of their contract it stipulates in there that when the government calls and says give us another quantity, that everything they make has to go to the government priority one before any of it goes to the commercial market.

So, if  they get nervous, all they have to do is use that contract that they have in place… and they just say ‘give us some more.’

In the contracting world it’s called an IDIQ contract… Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity… By issuing these contracts the government gets priority. All they have to do is call up…

Video: Michael Savage interviews weapons manufacturer (via Infowars):

High demand for firearms (and thus ammunition) resulting from threats of a nationwide Congressional gun grab, coupled with tens of millions of rounds ordered every month by non-military domestic security agencies has driven prices for some types of ammunition up over 100% in just the last six months.

But it doesn’t stop there, as the government is also reportedly trying to restrict access in other ways:

In fact, the ATF and the State Department, they’re kind of jerking around with the importation of it too, so they’re making it difficult for it to come in from overseas.

Right now, all the domestic manufacturers are running at full speed. They’re running three shifts, they’re cranking it out as fast as they can.

Supply cannot keep up with demand. 

For the time being, demand is making it difficult to acquire ammunition at a reasonable price, but it is still available if you’re willing to pay for it.

Should DHS and other Federal Agencies continue to pursue this strategy, however, they could very well monopolize all domestically produced ammunition.

With budgets in the hundreds of billions of dollars, the government can easily utilize taxpayer funds to continue purchasing ammunition in an effort to keep it out of the hands of the American people.

And if that doesn’t work, any domestic emergency, temporary or long-term, would give government agencies confiscatory powers over this industry altogether, as authorized by the Doomsday Executive Order recently signed by President Obama.

Perhaps it’s time ammunition manufacturers follow the lead of firearms producers and simply refuse to sell to government agencies.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: March 26th, 2013
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. BigB says:

    Guns don’t kill people, bullets do?

    • AR Sheep Dog says:

      It is time for ammunition manufacturers to stand up to the Feds
      and back order their ass until commercial demand is fulfilled. Another example of manipulation, plain and simple.

      • gardenia says:

        Agree! Today on Newser …. Mark Kelly is getting a full refund for the AR-15 he ordered in AZ, as he states he was going to turn it in to the Feds. The owner decided not to give it to him. Hurray!
        Ck out the full story!

        • clint hospo says:

          He is suck a tight ass and those millonares usually are. losing a grand or more he could not do without could he What a liar until he got busted. thats the reality and he lost alot of respect in my view. As for the ammo

          Id like to really know and have news find out who actually ordered this to happen or is giving this order!Who is the person that is doing this. We need to know who is doing this to us dont all of you agree?

          • John Q. Public says:

            Yes, in view of possible Nuremberg 2 prosecution we do need to obtain the “smoking gun” evidence of who and why.

            Prosecute the guilty; leave the innocent alone.

            • Paddy O'furniture says:

              Someone needs to find out where these ammo caches are and STEAL them!!!

              • I’ve heard thru the channels that in my state, [New Yorkistan] truck drivers are delivering tractor trailer loads of ammo to fort Drum. The ammo is then dumped into a silo and flooded with water to ruin it.

                I also hear the UN is buying foreign surplus ammo and dumping it at sea to keep it out of private hands.

              • Patty-DHS,is placing 8x8x8 cargo containers around the USA,they are painted OD GREEN and SAND COLORED,their always in pairs,side by side,they been spotted in truck stops,wal-marts,police stations,everywhere,PAY ATTENTION,when your driving around ,WATCH FOR THEM,one has ammo the other has weapons,RIGHT THEIRS YOUR SUPPLY OF WEAPONS AND AMMO………….

              • bahahaha!!!

                I love it…..we will steal the government’s ammo!

            • 1. Everyone stop paying taxes and starve the criminals and 2. Find where the criminals keep it and steal it

        • vaportrail says:

          Mark Kelly should be prosecuted as a straw buyer as he admitted purchasing the rifle for someone else other than himself.

        • Anonymous says:

          Even tho his plan was to give it to the feds…so he says…does that not still constitute a straw purchase???

          • Oh yea, I believe THAT. He was buying a new gun so he could immediately give it to .gov.

            You can bet the evil drug cartels are already working on the ammo thing. .gov is hoping to dry up supply before things go splat. Won’t work, they don’t have that much time left. An act of desperation.

        • Madeline says:


          Looks like he could be in trouble (well of course not ) but should be for trying to buy a weapon for someone other than himself. Therefore falsifying his application.

        • ANON says:

          Mark Kelly is a puppet… He and his wife spoke at a conference a friend attended and it was asked his stance on gun control… he said he was a firm believer in the 2nd amendment and that the shooting didn’t change his mind on that. Then everywhere else he’s against 2nd amendment rights… what a joker!

        • fine says:

          I wish they would have followed through on the transaction. Then truly expose that he never put on the disclosure form his supposed intent. If he didn’t disclose that the AR was “going to be donated”, they could cuff him on the spot for a federal offense. Just filling out the form without disclosure that the a firearm is not going to the purchaser for personal use, is a federal offense…. but will probably never be pursued due to politics.

      • Be informed says:

        It is just me or is this an excellent way to drive up the cost of ammo and maximize profits by some of these ammunition companies gladly supplying the government first. A good excuse to raise the price 20-50%, we don’t have it. People really want the ammo then. You have to buy it unless you can make. So I guess we are kind of stuck getting hosed with the higher prices. IT IS WORTH IT THOUGH, don’t get cut short when SHTF, you will be sorry because afterwards ammo is going to be as costly or more than precious metals, IF you can even find it.

      • Fed up with feds says:

        George soros owns Remington arms through one of his company’s …..look it up…..Mac please write about this as only you can……what better way to control guns,than to stop the flow of ammo.


        • durango kidd says:

          Yes metals are finite. But for all practical purposes, there is no “shortage” of metals. Think of it as a “jobs” program.

          Ramp up the mines, sell all of the metal to preppers: copper and brass for their ammo, high grade steel for their barrels, silver and gold for their stash, and increase manufacturing GDP for the economy.

          Yes, its all starting to make sense now. Thanks Nappy! O’bummer is a genius! 🙂

        • RickInOregon says:

          Fed up with the feds,
          I remember hearing something along the lines of what you’re saying and so I looked it up and the rumor of Soros owning or controlling Cerberus Capital Management or The Freedom Group is false. It was an internet/chain mail rumor and that’s all.

          Freedom Group was/is the company that was buying up the manufacturers and Cerberus controlled something like 95% of the stock. Freedom Group is just one of their holdings and was put op for sale after the Sandy Hook shooting.

          I was looking for the conspiracy connection and it’s not there, got to look elsewhere.

        • tayronachan says:

          @Fed up, if Soros owns Remington, then I think he owns DPMS too.

      • Bayou Bob says:

        One or two might stand up but they can’t meet market demand. Any more than that and Hussein will nationalize the lot of them in the interest of “National Security”.

        • sixpack says:

          …or just regulate private gun makers out of existence, at least all the ones who are not under complete government control. I think the above postulated “Freedom Gun Manufacture” will need to be more accurately dubbed “UNDERGROUND GUN MANUFACTURE”.

          It will have to be “illegal” in order to succeed. The government will make sure of that.

      • Allie says:

        This is just all conspiracy theory. All the ammo you want or need is out there.

      • Andrew says:

        NO, NO, NO my friends… the government is merely using OUR money to buy ammunition for US – we just have to find it and claim it (and remove it to OUR man-caves)…
        Just my 2cents worth…

      • PDXer says:

        ATK is not going to piss upstream from the Government. ATK is currently the Facility Operator at Lake City Armory. ATK owns CCI and Speers as well. Neither is the Olin Group.

      • Skptk says:

        Great Idea, but the gov’ts contract says “Me first”.

      • InsanityISContagious says:

        And we MUST not forget that it is OUR tax money that is purchasing their ammo so that we individually CANNOT purchase any….seriously disturbing to know we are buying the ammo that will eventually kill us all.

      • Twodogs says:

        I have started to email all the companies that sell bullets to the states and feds, and asked them to stop selling to them. Lets all flood their email boxes.



      • Revolution says:

        The ammo the DHS bougt and is continuing to by is being stored somewhere. We just have to find out where.

    • Zoltanne says:

      Is this what the Feds did when they ordered all of that Mountain House food?

      Gee I wonder what’ll happen next. What if they issue contracts for the 2013 pinto crop, Idaho’s 2013 russet potato crop, or the 2013 wheat crop?

      (Could they do that with toilet paper? Could they put the squeeze on Charmin’??)

    • KY Mom says:

      Video: Hundreds Of DHS Armored Trucks On The Move?

      There are too many ‘things’ happening (govt. buying massive amounts of hollow point bullets, large pruchases of survival food, numerous executive orders, etc.) for a sane person to ignore all this.

      The government is obviously preparing. (They just don’t want us to be prepared.) It makes me wonder what is planned?

      Well, no one can ask Obama. The Obama’s are out of the country (again) on vacation.

    • Anonymous says:

      The DHS purchase was for hollow points. Where is the fmj ammo in calibers?

    • Fucking pissed says:

      Ok dhs scum. You have 3 billion plus rounds and 10s of thousands of weapons and your 5000 toy tanks. We the people have several hundred million firearms and conservatively 30 plus billion rounds of ammo. Fuck you! Not to mention the 20 million or so of us that will fight and find creative ways to fucking kill you and your fucking families…. Just like you want to do to us.

      • Allie says:

        @Fucking pissed-

        Are you sure you are same enough to own Firearms?

        You sound like an accident waiting to happen.

      • Iowa says:

        F’ing Pissed:

        May you find Jesus before me. Amen.

        • Fucking pissed says:

          I may rant and rave but fact is, I’m just pissed because my children’s future here has been ruined by these evil bastards. I already know Jesus and more importantly HE knows my heart. I will only kill in the defense of my family or myself. But this I am prepared to do friend.

          • tayronachan says:

            Is everybody aware there are over 250,000 legally owned, fully automatic rifles in the hands of The People? These range from the WWI .30 cal “devils paint brush”, to 20mm Vulcan cannons. These, along with thousands of assorted artillery pieces out there, will make gun confiscations (if there ever are any) for the dhs rather interesting. Especially if dhs mucks up, and has a couple of Wacos or Ruby Ridges to answer for. Let us all pray it dosen’t come to that.

          • Anonymous says:

            F’ing passed:

            I was just saying i feel the exact same way you do, yet my anger sometimes is overwhelming and I personally pray for my soul often, so I was praying for you as I have been for me. God Bless You.

          • Cameraman says:

            FP you are experiencing Righteous Indignation, as we all are. These are the MOST evil Bastards to ever be at the Levers of Power…They are devious to disarm us by going after the Ammo supply, and food stocks..They plan to KILL us either by Starvation, or Chemical or Bio War Fare..we must resist to the Last Man..War is coming and all of People they send against us with return Postage Paid, in Body Bags!

            Fear is now their Biggest Weapon. but we Out Number them and they will soon, reap the Rath of PO American Patriots!

            Semper Fi

          • allie says:

            @fucking pissed—your children’s futures were doomed long before any of you distorted thoughts.

      • Andrew says:

        … patience ol boy… once they have them, it is up to us to figure out how to get them – for ourselves…

        • sixpack says:

          I’ve watched cats trying to catch birds for a long time. The young cats usually get all exited and try to pounce on it as soon as they see it—usually sulking back empty handed.

          The more experienced cats lay and wait for the most opportune moment. I’ve watched them wait for as long as an hour, which is a long time for a cat. They keep their heads low and their ears flat. Their tail rarely moves. Their eyes are wide with excitement, but still they remain frozen in place.

          Then, when their prey is so close they can almost brush it with a whisker…THEN they pounce!

          The movement is swift and fluid. Every muscle in their body responds in unison…it truly is poetry in motion. They bag their catch and go home.

          I suggest that we all follow the example of the more experienced cats.


      • Grasshopper says:

        168,000 people applied for concealed carrying permit in North Carolina in one month alone…

        On another note- someone else — very qualiified –has video in which he talks about Obama asking generals and admirals if they would fire on U.S. citizens if told to– 224 were fired, according to his sources. If you want to check it out go to dannion brinkley–youtube– Revolution radio.

    • Dnalgo says:

      What is your point?

  2. BigB says:

    Next thing you know they will limit the grains of powder per round to make them less lethal. Or perhaps regulate the amount of medal or type of medal civilian allowed rounds are ok to buy. Glad I am stocked up and do not have to worry about it for a while.

  3. Fraisher says:

    Sorry for those who are waking up late.

    The early bird get the worm. If you where called crazy because you were a prepper before it became popular, congratulations, sit back and watch it all unfold.
    Get what you can now before it’s too late, soon it’ll all be gone!
    Call me crazy for being ahead of the crowd, that’s hindsight! “Wish I did” is sheeple ignorance.
    Get what you can now! guns, ammo, p/m’s, food, water, shelter, resources, community, etc.
    or you will wish you did!

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m with ya brother,my friends thought I was nuts 6 months ago for buying so much ammo.not now ,they beg me to sell some,…nope sorry,…I warned you but no one listened to the crazy prepper!
      I do feel sorry for peoplelike us ,who took too long to wake up,didn’t get ammo when it was plentiful.if you do find it ,it is twice the price and limits on amount you can buy.

      The part that really pisses me off ,now I have to limit my practice,to what I can find to replace it..

      Obama can suck my —-

      Liberals and commies will be my new targets………….can’t wait


    • oceanside300 says:

      When my friends were buying that real cool flat screen t.v. and the latest and greatest what ever, I was that loon to laugh at….Well got lots of ammo and supplies. Now I stand in the local gun store and listen to all the boo hoo stories. Like my old boss use to say, “he who laughs last laughs the hardest”…

    • Iowa says:

      Earth shattering truth buddy.

    • That saying focuses on the good fortune of the early bird, and not on the bad day had by the worm.

  4. The realist says:

    Learn to Make your own bullets..


  5. Bulldog says:

    That is why we are preppers. We prepare for everything. We(the smart ones) prepared by getting ammo early. Now we can sit back and watch the last minute buyers freak out and stand in line. Only shoot enough to keep you and your family trained and your weapons zeroed. Buy some when you find it. It will be the same with food one day soon. We will sit back and watch them do the same thing with food.
    If this isnt reason enough to wake up the sheep, nothing will. The government will use everything they can to control us. We just have to be one step ahead of them.

    To all the alphabet agencies reading this, you cannot win this fight. There have been over 60,000,000 weapons bought in the last four years by Patriots. Add in all of the ones we already had. You dont stand a chance in hell of winning. If you chose to come after us there will be no quarter. We will win.

  6. SeriouslyWhy says:

    Guns don’t kill people, government does.

    Preppers don’t look so silly now…

  7. Indiana Jones says:

    How about that shit!

    The government using our money to buy ammunition up to keep it out of the hands of taxpayers? Sounds like taxpayers should maybe quit paying taxes and just go buy ammo with the money!

    Don’t worry though, sonner rather than later the government will be completely broke. At that point they will no longer be able to afford the ammuntition. Then because of the ramped up production which they caused there will be overstock galore! Buy, buy, buy!

    • IMO_Rod_Ansell says:

      I can see that ammo ending up like the gold in fort knox!

    • Wallimiyama says:

      They’ve been completely broke for a long time now!

    • Reloader 3006 says:

      Notice how Stalinist commies are mostly buying only what they use and rambo wanna bees use – .40, 9mm, and the POS to end all POS rounds the .223.

      Stick with the proven deer rifle rounds and 12 gauge. Save your brass and stock primers, powder and shotgun hulls.

      • Bulldog says:

        The .223s that I make arent POSes 🙂 I make the good stuff. They arent made for “plinking” though.

        • Reloader 3006 says:

          While the Stalinist commies will buy up 7.62×51 to dry up the market, they won’t likely buy up 30-06. Save your brass. The commie fugers watch sites like this and they know that keyboard warriors like .22 RF and .223 poodle poppers. Of course a .22 is better than nothing when nothing is all you’ve got.

          Cast your own heavy bullets and shoot ’em in a deer rifle. Something between 170 grains (.30 cal) and 500 grains (as in a 45/70.) Big game meat is good when dried and made into pemmican. A 30/30 Winchester is a pretty good rifle and you can always top off the tube. 170 grains, hard cast lead, is about right.

          All .223 loads are plinkers. Stalinist commies won’t allow them for hunting big game in some states, no matter how ‘heavy’ one loads them. The ARs and M16 clones would be OK if they had that big round thingy below the barrel and one had a pack full of round stuffers and cans full in caches.

        • Bulldog,

          Same here I make the good stuff also, but I still love the old little 30-06 I have been trying to tell people for a long time when the see primers and powders buy it. Its looking like the new gold if you catch my drift.


          • Bulldog says:

            DOnt get me wrong. 223 aint the only thing I load. 308 is one of my favorites. I like the 223/5.56 because I can put alot down range in less time. They used to be easy to acquire. THere will also be alot of it laying around after it starts. I try to keep nato cal weapons so I can get free ammo after it starts.

        • John Q. Public says:

          The 5.56 NATO SS109 equals the wound or “terminal” ballistics of the 7.62 NATO FMJ on soft targets out to 100-150 meters depending on barrel length. On hard targets and beyond 150 meters, the 7.62 NATO has the edge.

          Beyond 1,000 meters, the 6.5’s (6.5 Grendel, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5×47 Lapua, .260 Remington) and 7mm’s take the edge.

          Then of course, to step up your game there are the .338 Lapua Magnum, .375 and .408 CheyTac, .50 BMG, and others.

      • Kulafarmer says:

        I like the way you think, was loading 12 gauge steel kickers this afternoon, 72 BB size steel pellets at 1650fps according to the BP cermudgeon should do the trick, the fog of shot you can lay down with that load should be pretty um, lethal.

    • Theguy says:

      Heh they’ll just pull a Cyprus on our ass.

      We go broke long before they go broke.

    • High Noon says:

      Indiana Jones:
      Remember, the government’s not completely broke until we’re completely broke.

    • Shootit says:

      I am buying once fired .40 brass from my local Sheriff. They were just tossing it.

      • Blondie says:

        he should be giving it to you, you already paid once for it, and he didnt pay anything for it..dam crook

        • Shootit says:

          Yes, this is true, but I only paid for a small fraction of original cost, plus am only paying a small fraction of new cost. He is not a crook, they pick them up, and I am the one that made the offer and now have better standing with Sheriff.

          • Its Not Me says:

            Yes Blondie is right , he’s a crook
            they were throwing them away until he ran into you and decided they were worth something when he could sell them to you..thats a crook.

            also your tax dollars paid for that complete round, and he’s seelling you back the shell..a part you already paid for , he paid nothing for, and was throwing away..thats the deffinition of a crook to the T!

            as if we could expect honor, and character from a cop..
            dont make me laugh

            • Shootit says:

              Huh? I am helping my fellow neighbor. Why should he give them to me? I am being proactive and helping everyone. Even may be lowering your taxes. To bad no one else thought of it.

      • Hank says:

        Lol..now he knows who’s house to raid when the Shit hits and he runs out of ammo , some peoples kids i swear.. are you freakin serious?

        • Shootit says:

          Bummer. We have been friends for 20+ years. Our wives are friends. He can come over with his crew and we will reload some .40 cal. Some Sheriff’s are like you and me. Get to know one.

    • JayJay says:

      {Then because of the ramped up production which they caused there will be overstock galore!}

      I’m waiting patiently–or I’m gonna be bartering food for ammo!!

      • John Q. Public says:

        Do an internet search and see that there are only 2 plants in the USA that manufacture smokeless powder. Much of “our” powder is imported. These are convenient choke points for the tribe that works day and night for the depopulation/enslavement of us goyim.

    • Jerry O says:

      No, they will just seize control of the manufacturers – read up on Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, etc…

  8. mirbach says:

    Be on the look-out for yet another false flag mass shooting over the Easter Holiday to step up the pace of the gun grab!

    • soapdish says:

      That’s a roger on that one Mirbach,

      As you can see they are not getting what they (TPTB) thought they would get from the latest shooting. More and more Americans are pushing back to their gun grab tyranny.
      It would be another win for the Constitutionalist to see ammo manufacturers stop selling to Big Sis/bro. I noticed more weapons manufacturers have said no sell to NY.
      More have Americans have awaken, but we still have a majority that are normalcy bias!

      B Aware, B Awake, B Alive
      Continue to prep!

      • Theguy says:

        I don’t understand what they THOUGHT they were going to get.

        I mean. How many times has something that sort of rhymes with this been tried before? Dozens? Hundreds???

        And yet here we go again. Oh, this time it will be different, see?

      • Allie says:

        Wow! So cheaper than dirt, and a bunch of other loser “companies” says they won’t sell to Police agencies and you get all fired up…
        That list is full of companies the Govt does not buy from in the first place…. they do it so “people” like you think they are doing something…
        They mean NOTHING. They ARE nothing.
        Barrett is about the only exception, last time I saw the “list” and watch how that comes back to bite them in the ass.

        • VegasJim says:

          Why do you even bother posting on this site. How pathetic is your life?

        • Bulldog says:

          you must be making at least 8.50/hr by now with all the anti prepping posts you put on the site. When will they move you to drone flights?
          Why do yall even bother with us. We wont change into commie bastards because you come on here and post your leftist BS and call us names. We were preppers before the bummer hired you to post BS. But everything the government does is stupid any way, so enjoy your job while you have it. Maybe you will learn a few things and get some food storage. No wait, the government will take care of you, wont they.

  9. Unreconstructed Southron says:

    That’s the government for you: a decade late and a few trillion dollars short.

    Everybody I know [that will count] got theirs while the gettin’ was good.

    Too bad our grandkids’ future is buyin’ this stuff for them at a premium.

  10. EastTenn says:

    On the bright side, I know what industry to invest in. The government has assured me a good return. However, one might consider buying a caliber such as a 30/30 for instance that the government does not routinely use and begin to stockpile that one.

  11. incognito says:

    Always try to find the good and bad in all situations; well because they are always there if you look perceptively. If things hold together for a while longer this artificial ammunition bubble that was quickly created is going to have to pop. When it does ammo prices may drop through the floor with a major glut in ammunition. Economies of scale. Ammo manufacturers are running full speed three shifts so what happens when the USSG gets their fill of ammo and the purchase orders stop flowing? Hoping we’ll have cheap ammo out the wazoo. In all reality this will likely not be the case as things seem to be coming unhinged at an accelerating rate. If it were me and I just decided I needed to have some ammo and didn’t have any I’d drop the unnecessary expenses (excluding beer 🙂 like cable TV, cellular service, get a Magic Jack for the phone, use a swamp cooler in the summer to cut AC Bill, cut out ridiculous television expenses like Dish Network/cable and switch to Netflix or to the many free online streaming tv services, and bump that money to however much ammo makes you feel comfortable. Me… I’m okay and waiting for the bubble to pop to jump back in for some sorely missed ammo-therapy. I will keep my fingers crossed that this backfires in their face.

  12. AnitaSweater says:

    This is how stupid they really are. Guess they went to the public schools, too. Not very good at thinking outside the box.

  13. Blondie says:

    Like I said before, and I guess I’ll have to say it again and again

    Blondie says:
    Comment ID: 1363569

    March 25, 2013 at 10:01 am

    These ammo manufaturers better wake up to who supported them thru the good times, and who will remember this forever.

    Gun owners have a very very long memory, and will not forget these traitorist acts.
    Same goes for all these “out door stores” gouging in the prices for what they do have to sell.

    I have made a pact that if i see a store gouging on thier prices, I will not buy a dam thing from them, period. And it needs to hurt thier bottom line.Please get on board with this and send the message.

    Also ..Funny how the Government has left all these police departments neutered without adequate supplies of ammo, they have left THEIR first line of defense with no way to thug their way around, and invade and userp OUR rights..so Coppers..whos side are you on now?..seems your government has turned its back on you as they have its Citizen tax(wadge) payers…welcome to the party pal’s.

    Time to wake the F up thin blue line. Aint it nice getting screwed by your own?..pick a side, ’cause its coming hard and fast..yes I know my smugness isnt going to be liked, but its not my fault who you chose to serve.

    Remember the Constitution and your Oath..and remember how your jackboots have stomped upon it, most of us will remember how you position yourselfs from this time forward.
    choice is yours..be wise

    • My guess is they don’t plan to count on local law enforcement. Too many local police have already said they would not enforce confiscation efforts.

      So, they may be buying all they can get, with orders equal to YEARS of war usage. I can’t imagine they aren’t looking out for themselves and are planning on going for local police FIRST, installing military personnel as NEW POLICE, then going for individuals. It only makes sense as a strategy.

    • BigB says:

      It’s all about making the money Blondie. Always has been and always will be. I don’t care if you live in a communistic state or a capitalistic state it is always about the money. Welcome to the new realities of life. There are no more loyalties, morals or ethics. Just who has the most money / power.

  14. Blondie says:

    there is only one way to look at this people..They are Back dooring our 2nd amendment rights, with the ammo grab and using our money to fuck us

    and if the ammo producers stay on thier side, thats Treason also..

    pick your side, cause once the shit starts flyin it will be to dam late to change teams

    seen this train leave the station a long time ago..back when they were trying to register ammo, or chip it some way…the second amendment fight is no where near being over people , this party just got started

  15. SmokinOkie says:

    One Day At The Gun Store…

    Clerk: What can I do for you?
    Gov Ammo Buying Troll: I want to buy all you ammo.
    Clerk: All of it?
    Troll: Yes. All you have. I see you only have a few hundred boxes left. I’ll take it all.
    Clerk: How you gonna get it home?
    Troll: Just load it in my car. Stack it up in the trunk and the back seat. It’ll fit.
    Clerk: You mean that car out there with the government plates… and the four flat tires?
    Troll: What!?
    Bubba (walks into store): Say, mister, Is that your car? Seems to have a severe case of pneumatic insufficiency. You must have run over four nails pulling into the parking lot.
    Troll: Oh, my! I’ve got to get back to Washington real soon! Is there a tire shop nearby?
    Bubba: Sure! Couple of them. Only thing is, me and Junior just bought every tire in town. Looks like you might be here a while….
    Clerk (grins a wicked grin): Say, Bubba, you ain’t fed your gators lately, have you? I think I know where we can find some food for ’em….

    • Milo Mindbender says:

      There is something even gators probabily shouldn’t eat. I have noticed that even augila, and nobel are not available. I heard the customs wharehouses are full awaiting release by TPTB, and they are constipating the whole system on purpose.

  16. Paranoid says:

    To be truthful I don’t really believe it. The stores I go to are getting ammo. It’s just being sold like it was free beer. In the last month I’ve managed to buy 5 bricks of 22, 1000 9MM, 300 45 ,250 40Cal, Primers,38 etc. all at normal prices. But there have always been 60-80 people in line when the truck comes in, They ration but have most of the common rifle ammo on the shelf. Only Thing they have been shot of is 223 and that’s because they have been selling 10-20 AR each week and the people who buy them get first crack at he ammo

    • Blondie says:

      You must ive in Utopia, or under a rock

      because every store in my area , and im talking big and small are empty shelfing it..

      have friends in other cities, and states…..same dam story

      care to name the store? phone number?.. i got some buiz for him

    • Anonymous says:

      WHERE? I’m in Maryland ,can’t find jack …… One or two boxes at a time,if you can find it after driving to every store you know. It’s like winnig the lottery when you find some,and god forbid your lucky enough to get the last box,ya feel like everyone is staring you down…would kill you to get that box……F &@& in. Gun grabbers

    • 11 Bravo says:

      A new Cabela’s just opened in SW Michigan, and they are fully stocked with ammo. They do have amount restrictions, but they are full….except for .22…….those shelves are bare.

    • BigB says:

      Not in N. California.

  17. Anonymous says:

    To all preppers, this is no joke!
    Just talked to my brother who is a cop in sc.thats all I’m gonna say about him.
    He told me when he left their shooting/traing range ,that the “cage” they store the ammo for officers,to include ball and hollow point,of all calibers,is stuffed to capacity…
    And a HUGE shipment of ammo just showed up…?
    We are talking about a police force of 30 officers….
    I’m not a conspiracy nut in any way,but when evidence is in your face,it’s hard to look away…
    They will come for your guns ,one way or the other.

  18. 11 Bravo says:

    I have heard that the Feds have prioity access to ammo. They can simply approach Remington, etc, and say they need a half billion rounds, and their order supercedes anything in the pipeline…..Is this true, and if it is, where does it originate ?

    • MM2Nuke says:

      The ammo manufacturers have to have “PERMITS AND LISCENSES” for the powder, primers, EPA on lead, etc and they all have to get their PERMISSION from the government to operate.
      I looked into selling reloads for the local range and the permits and fees per year (ATF-tards) are over $3000 and that is not making the primers, powder or casting the bullets. So that idea is in the crapper.
      There are ways to make primers, powder and even gas checks for bullets but you WILL have to get some BOOKS on the subject.
      Poor Man’s James Bond Vol 1 and 2 have the old chemistry information on making everything but unless you REALLY REALLY understand chemistry i do not recommend it.

    • durango kidd says:

      11 Bravo: It originates in the original RFP by the government as a condition of the contract accepted by the manufacturer.

      Are you in SW Michigan: New Buffalo / Grand Beach / Three Oaks?

  19. peter parker says:

    Hi all, a few posts back some recommended getting a “lock up” preferably in a A/C type bldg if you didn’t have storage room. If memory serves, I believe one of the contentious issues in the NDAA, was that TPTB had access rights to all storage “lock ups” under certain conditions, conditions they decided. You really should have seen the writing on the wall 4 years ago and started stocking up. Now, be prepared to buy ammo when you see it, if you wait, it will be gone. And remember and spread the word on who is price gouging and who isn’t.

  20. slingshot says:

    We are subsidizing our own destruction, plain and simple. Soon they will take what we have in the banks. Go after all preppers like they were vermin. Take a look around you all and see that many will welcome all forms of governmental intrusion with OPEN ARMS. They have lied in the past. They are lying NOW. What makes you think they are going to tell the truth in the future.
    Oh, they would’t do that. This is America, it can’t happen here. You hear that alot.

  21. Blondie says:

    Blondie says:
    Comment ID: 1364083

    March 25, 2013 at 12:10 pm

    Here is the delivery address

    “The bullets are to be delivered to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Artesia, New Mexico, the same destination for 240,000 hollow point rounds which were purchased only last month.”

  22. Blondie says:

    Mike Weddle, head of maintenance at Dynamic Research Technologies, an ammunition manufacturer in Albany, Mo., says he is adding 10 new hires to his staff of 35. DRT’s machine operators make between $10 and $17 an hour—a healthy paycheck in a region where it’s tough to find a job and the cost of living is relatively low.

    DRT currently cranks out 80,000 bullets per shift and operates two shifts per day. But that’s not enough to meet demand. So Weddle is adding a third manufacturing shift and building an additional facility.

    “Demand picked up a year ago—it quadrupled,” he said. “It just went crazy.” He says .223 caliber ammo, which is for semiautomatic rifles, is particularly difficult to keep in stock.

    Hey Mike..who’s side are you on? who are you supplying? and with who’s money

  23. Eisenkreuz says:


    Please take the time to write to at least three ammunition manufacturers and ask that they no longer sell to government agencies.

    Our lives depend on it.

    • Mountain Trekker says:

      Eisenkraut, I’ve heard this from others, but I figured you would know better. Their’s no way that the people, are going to get in front of the Fed’s when it comes to ammo. The WAR machine will always get it first, if they have to nationalize the ammo makers. Trekker Out.

  24. Ralphieboy says:

    So, uh, kinda makes the case for prepping while you can. In some measure of smug self satisfaction I can say I have been loading up on ammo for some years now. I am just pissed I won’t be getting as much range time as before. Seems to me the ammo makers would invest in expansion and meet the demand. Any good business would do so.

    Haven’t seen any real numbers on this, but firearm sales are way up the past four years, and no doubt folks want to try them out. Of course demand for ammo will increase accordingly.

    Had no problem getting .38 and .357 rounds, but my local store rations me to two boxes each per store visit. Just have to be inconvenienced and make visits more often.

    I’m guessing this “shortage”, mostly initiated by panic buying, will soon cease.

    • Blondie says:

      .38 and .357 are not geared for semi auto use..

      try finding 9mm, 40 cal and .45, .223 , 5.56 than report back your findings, please

    • WASP says:

      NEVER BUY IN A PANIC! Just go to gunbroker, and take a look at what those AR15 are selling for, that were selling for 1800 to 2000 just 2 weeks ago. Prices are dropping on AR’s, Mini 14 and AK’s which could still be banned. But the panic continues on ammo which is not in danger of being banned. Go figure!WASP.

  25. Theguy says:


    Well, that makes sense then. They could have avoided a whole lot of speculation if they’d just come right out and said so. It’s not like it wasn’t going to come out sooner or later anyway.

  26. Theguy says:

    It’s also nice to know that my tax dollars are buying all of that ammo I’ll never use.


  27. Blondie says:

    we’ll just take it from the dead.

  28. WASP says:

    We’re all running around trying to scroonge up 22lr or 9 or 40 or 45’s which is fine, if you can find them. But get real, these are not the munitions of war. If you don’t have 308 or 223 or 762×39 you aren’t prepared for the task that is coming. So for sure, buy a few hundred rounds of handgun ammo, but you need to have thousands of rounds of rifle ammo, and I don’t mean 22lr. Yes 22lr will sting like a.WASP. But don’t turn your nose up at handgun ammo when available.

    • Ramadiron says:

      I once overheard a couple snipers talking about 22lr it went something like this. “sniper #1 A .22lr isnt a sniper rifle!” “sniper #2 If you got shot in the head with one I bet you would change your mind.”

      • Eisenkreuz says:

        .22 is good for probing and deterrence. It is the only gun that is actually quiet when supressed.

      • WASP says:

        If you could have kept listening. You would have heard sniper#1 say, you know that guy we shot at 300yards! sniper #2 Yeah, what about him? sniper #1 well before we shot him, I saw dust kick up 100yards in front of us. sniper #2 he must have been shooting a 22LR.WASP.22LR range 1 mile, drop at 300yds. who knows.

        • 300 yards is only 900 feet….its called “Kentucky Windage”…just a wee bit 😉 …they dont drop too much at that point…900 ft with my .22 hes(#1) not talkin to #2….hes bleeding out… 🙂

  29. Poor Boy says:


    Try http://www.gunbot.net, they constantly update from different suppliers and you can find 22lr, 9mm, .40, .223, 5.56, .308 and more. Be warned it can get pricey, but it’s a good place to look

  30. Southern Gal says:

    Totally off topic here but I need some help from anyone on the site with medical knowledge.

    I suffer from Migraine headaches. I woke up with one this morning and ended up going to the ER. They are so bad that I throw up every few minutes, can’t stand any bright light or sound and totally incapacitate me. The ONLY way to treat them is to go to the doctor/hospital where they give me a coctail of meds.

    What do I do when the SHTF and there is no ER/Doctor/Hospital? Does anyone have any natural remedies or ideas about how to possibly find the meds that are needed?

    Many thanks,
    Southern Gal

    • Sebastion T. says:

      Indoor Target Shooting with a really good set of ear muffs. I’m not joking!
      Drafting (mechanical drawing with your hands, not a computer)

      I think maybe the concentration and relaxation help Migraines.

    • the cooking mom says:

      I have to take Feverfew herb everyday to keep mine at bay.
      It works too.

      • Southern Gal says:

        Thanks for the info Cooking Mom. How much do you take per day?

        • the cooking mom says:

          Purchase a bottle of capsules online or at a vitamin
          Store. Get a fairly good name brand. Take two every
          Night before bed. If anxiety is also an issue take one
          Valerian as well. I don’t know how old you are (I’m 51)
          But “mental-pause” could be the cause.
          Hope this helps.

          Keep preppin’

      • JayJay says:

        I just read that on ask.com.
        Feverfew use in headache dates back to the early 1600s. Feverfew is a wildflower (chrysanthemum family) that is veryeasy to grow in the backyard. This herb has been demonstrated to be mildly effective inreducing the frequency and/or severity of migraine headaches in a number of reasonably controlled studies. While
        many people chew the leaves of feverfew, it is easier (but possibly no more effective) to obtain the standardized capsules or tablets.
        Feverfew may take as long as 6 or 8 weeks to become effective.

    • Ramadiron says:

      Some times caffine can take the edge off for some people.

    • IMO_Rod_Ansell says:

      Moldy house?


      Banana’s work for me….don’t know why….

    • Mr Potato head says:

      @ Southern Gal,
      Magnesium ( epsom salt ) is a smooth muscle relaxer. Ginger works well for nausea, pepcid is “over the counter” H2 blocker and is usually included in the “cocktail”. I have worked in several ER’s that only use non-narcotic regimes. Epsom salt will also act like liquid plumber so be careful with dosing. Best of luck.

      Potato out

    • GOP4EVER says:

      @ southern gal: start growing feverfew. Grows easily, re-seeds itself. Take one fresh leaf by mouth per day, and this will cut down on the frequency and severity. Stuff tastes bad, but works. Do not take it if you are pregnant, likely to get pregnant, or breast feeding. Also, if you have any medical problems, or complex medications, run it by your doctor. In addition, daily magnesium can help. Do not take if you have kidney problems of any kind.

    • Jimb says:

      If it is a true migraine, which this sounds like it is, 3 to 4 ounces of freshly juiced celery juice absolutely works. This only works on migraines but it works better than any medication. I know this sounds too simple but I know this works. Eating celery does not do it. It must be juiced.

    • 10% Off says:

      SG – I’ve had migraines since I was a kid. Throughout the years, different things have triggered them. A few years ago I got one that sent me to the ER and they couldn’t find anything wrong. They did a spinal tap, drugged me to sleep, etc. I was in the ER twice in one week, with no relief.

      I also have a bad habit of popping my back. Long story short, my Mom suggested a chiropractor after having the migraine for almost a week. I had been to one when I was in my 20s, but not recently. I went to a good one and he did an X-ray. Improperly popping my back over the years pushed my upper vertebrae up too far and was literally in the base of my skull, just enough to cause a migraine from hell!

      I know some don’t like chiropractors, but if you find a good one, it might be worth a few visits. As a kid, I got migraines that lasted for weeks. I’m very familiar with what causes them. I stretch and do sit ups on a regular basis to keep my back strong. It definitely helps. I am an active 45 yr old female (only stating since you are a Gal) 😀 Best of luck to you!

    • PrepperGal35 says:

      Southern Gal
      For migraines look into Young Living Essential Oils. Peppermint is for mild headaches – works every time; PanAway for muscle aches and pains; and a cocktail of Idaho Balsam Fir, Frankincense and Copaiba is considered to be a “morphine bomb” and guaranteed to keep you pain free for over 8 hrs!
      Essential Oils are easy to obtain, store forever, and ready-made, natural pharmaceuticals for preppers!!!
      http://www.YoungLiving.com – #1408353

    • JustMe says:

      This may sound odd, but you might want to look into deep hypnotherapy. It may help find the cause of the problem.
      Something to think about now, befroe tshtf.

    • Allie says:

      @Southern Gal-

      Be SURE to stay HYDRATED… Drink LOTS of water.
      That wont cure Migraines but it is a prevention of sorts. If you are not hydrated real good, headaches will come in any person..

    • Highspeedloafer says:

      I gave up sodas a year ago and have terrible headaches, don’t know if they are migraines or not. But I have started stockpiling caffein pills from walmart, called stay awake. They are very cheap and will helptake the edge off.

      • Archivist says:

        The only source of caffeine native to North America is the yaupon. I cannot do without caffeine, so I have a large number of the bushes. You can make tea from the leaves and tender stems. Most people will think they are privet hedge or some other type of useless yard decoration and leave them alone. Also, they have tiny red berries that the birds like.

    • PenCRNA says:

      I have heard of folks who start hypnosis for weightloss, etc having the happy benefit of no more migraines. My moms went away when she divorced hubby no. 2. And she would get hospitalized or dehydration from the nausea. Good luck.

    • Sunshine says:

      Have you researched what might be the source of your migraines? Birth control pills/hormones are a frequent cause of migraines. Certain foods/beverages can also trigger them. I stopped having migraines as soon as I stopped taking birth control pills. I had no idea that’s what was causing them but they ceased the instant I stopped. I feel for you as migraines are absolutely miserable. Couldn’t stand the sound of my kids’ voices when I had a migraine and would vomit constantly from the pain. Eliminate the cause and you won’t have to worry about treatment.

    • AnitaSweater says:

      To Southern Gal. I hear ya!

      We have found that not eating sugar before going to bed and keeping your sleep/awake hours as close to “normal” are very effective at reducing those migraines. Get yourself a big bottle of generic migraine headache tablets at a local Walgreens (or such) and at the very first sign of a headache down two of those. Try using a netti pot to keep your sinuses clear. Really hot wet towel on forehead sometimes works to relieve the pain. Definitely stay in the dark and sleep once you are in the throes of an attack.

      I heard that those who get the aura first can use very warm water inundated with lots of sugar can head off an attack. Never tried that one. Might just be an old wives tale.

      Good luck with those headaches. It can make you lose your will to live when you are going through that.

      I will pray for God to heal you of those demon attacks.

    • Cameraman says:

      Thread Killer Much?

  31. SmokinOkie says:

    My 12 yr old grand-daughter came over and was using her Grandma’s CD player to listen to some ‘vintage’ music she’d discovered. I said, “I can’t understand a word they’re saying. What are you listening to?”
    She danced around my chair and said, “Isn’t it teriffic? I just found it in a used music store! It’s some old guys named Hanson! Probably from back in your day, Grandpa. From back in the 90’s!”
    “Never heard of them. And what in the world are they singing?”
    She bounced, and giggled, and glowed with endless energy as she danced (the kind of energy that really irritates us old guys), “It’s MMMBop! Isn’t it great?!”
    “Hmmm what?,” I yelled over the din.
    “MMMBop! I love it!”
    “Hmmm, could you turn it DOWN?”
    She turned the volume down a fraction (probably to ‘eleven’). The windows still shook, but they didn’t seem to be quite as close to shattering as before.
    “How about some Pink Floyd?” I suggested.
    She squealed, “Oh! I love Pink! Did she sing a duet with somebody named Floyd?”
    “Nevermind. You got any Frank Sinatra?”
    “Frank Stinatto?” she yelled, cupping her ear, “I don’t know him. Did he sing with Justin Beiber?”
    I made the sign of the cross. “Don’t utter the B word in this house,” I scolded, “You know I’ve had a BeebFilter put in every television, radio and computer we own. In fact, I may be the only person in the northern hemisphere who has never heard him sing….and I’d like to keep it that way.”
    Her ‘Hmmmsomething’ song finished and she rummaged through her backpack full of CDs, “What do you want to hear next, Grandpa? I got some really, Really old stuff. Maybe some of your favorites. Who do you like?”
    “Yeah, the Who would be okay.”
    “That’s what I said.”
    “Sure. Play it.”
    “Play what?”
    “No, play Who.”
    “Skip it. How about some country. Got any Waylon Jennings?” I said as Hmmmsomething started to play again.
    She fumbled through a dozen old CD cases, “Nope. And I never heard of Rayland Jennings.”
    I didn’t tell her, but my heart sank. No Waylon Jennings. I’m gonna have to work with the girl, no doubt. And to think..her mother was concieved to the strains of ‘Amanda, light of my life…’ playing on the 8 track in that old Plymouth. The memories of…are we really that old? Of course not! It hasn’t been that long ago.
    “All right Princess, you got any George Strait?”
    “Any Alan Jackson?”
    “Moe Bandy?”
    “Roger Miller”
    “Now, don’t start that again!”

  32. Frosty says:

    Really need to get my garden going…
    Anyone know anything about growing snow peas?

    • incognito says:

      Planted my snow peas in January. Get a gardening calender for your area. They start small and slow then take off like the dickens. Do what I should have done, put a trellis or something like that around them otherwise you’ll be picking through a big clump of forest searching for the peas. Man I have been eating snow peas every day for lunch. Doesn’t take many plants to make a lot of peas. Now… to harvest the seeds…..?

    • Yeah, if it ain’t cold and wet where you’re at, you’re probably too late.

    • Smokey says:

      Too late for snow peas here, might ask around there, and wait until next season. You can plant just about everything else pretty soon as the soil warms up.

  33. GEO-LITHIC says:

    They don’t need our guns if they can stop ammo production, true preppers time for black powder and bullet molds

  34. KY Mom says:

    New MRE Shelf Life Chart

    “Officially, how long MREs last depends on how long and at what temperatures they are stored. At a minimum, they should last 1 month when stored at 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49 degrees Celsius). Or they could last 5 years at 50 °F (10 °C).”


    • incognito says:

      MRE’s aren’t that great of a solution. Got some from the base about 12 bucks EA. Get sick of them quick and they are large for what you get out of them. Better solutions for bugging in. Keep a case of DATREX bars in stock in case you need to eat on the run-n-gun.

      • JustMe says:

        Datrex is good stuff. But hey, I like MRE’s too…

      • Archivist says:

        I like those miniature bottles of hot sauce and those oatmeal cookies that look and feel like countertop material.

        I have a few MREs. I opened them and put just the entree part in the refrigerator. The other stuff will last forever.

        They might be 20 years old. I wonder if they’re still good to eat.

    • Farrell says:

      I think that the “new chart” may underestimate the shelf life. I am currently eating from a box of MRE’s packaged in December of 2005. I don’t know how they were stored before I bought them in 2008, but they have been at normal room temp since then. They are really good and tasty. I have had one grape drink powder that wasn’t fit to use, and a pound cake that was dry and crumbly, and M and M’s candies that were good, but the chocolate was harder than normal. Everything else has tasted fresh, which is amazing after over 7 years. Oh, and out of this case I had my first ever cheese omelet. My soldier sons had warned me about these, and everything that they said was true – it was HORRIBLE. But my dogs liked it! I don’t think that the cheese omelet is even on the menu any more.

  35. Say When says:

    Started buying bulk ammo before y2k. Bought many large cap. magazines during the Clinton years and kept on buying because I realized that this day would come. Wifey wasn’t always the happiest camper when I brought more ammo into the bunker, now she realizes she is married to a genius.
    Just got back from Wally World, bought 2 boxes of shot shells and 2 more 1lb. tanks of propane.Prepping isn’t getting everything now that you should have been getting all along, It’s having enough common sense to buy now what will be short in the future. Right now if I can’t buy rifle or pistol cartridges, I’ll buy shotshells.
    God Be with you all and keep prepping.

  36. Watchman says:

    @BI: Had coffee with an oil well drilling contractor today. He told me that he heard that USGS had drilled a well in Alexander County in Illinois which is in the far southwest corner of the state about on top of the New Madrid fault. Said they went down to 2500 ft., set steel casing in it so they could use it for seismic study.

    I ask if he knew if they had done anything like that in KY., Tenn., Mo., or Ar., said he had not heard of any but he is going to check for me. Will let you know. All this may mean nothing, but who knows.

    Keep the FAITH

    • Be informed says:

      @ Watchman. This is important because so much, so massive much of information is totally hidden for all of us. It took a lot of going through records to come up with some sort of precursors to look for with the New Madrid. Since there has been no activity on the eastern portion of the Caribbean fault because it is so locked, there are really no records of the way it affects the New Madrid. One can only see through plate movements the directions in which it will cause a twisting motion that adds pressure to the New Madrid.

      The Mid Atlantic Ridge however is active and when you have movement between the 14-20 and 54-60 degrees north like I have many times mentioned the New Madrid gets moving. There has not been a very large quake at 14-20 degrees north here, and I am fairly sure when there is, New Madrid residents look out. The USGS and other government agencies are not stupid, they are just totally secrective about what is going on because this is at least a trillion dollar disaster. It also means a lot of people dying, tens of thousands minimum and millions potential if the wrong circumstances are met.

      The New Madrid is one of those faults that actually has much more strain on it than people realize. People have the misconception that faults in the middle of plates are weak. The New Madrid is under the strain of the entire plate being warped around by plates to the south, much the same as parts of the Australian plate. While a mid 8 range is probably the highest it will go, the dense old rock under it will make it feel like a low 9 range if it reaches mid 8. There is of course the likelihood that it will not be a clean break like in 1811-1812 and go off more than once, even like in 1811-12 when it broke 3 times.

      The more the USGS or anyone else is investigating the fault, the more worried they are it is getting ready to break. Still watch the Mid Atlantic Ridge, this should be the indication of a New Madrid break. The recent activity up in the Reykjanes Ridge which is between 54-60 degrees north should bring some light to moderate earthquake(s) to the New Madrid by about April 16, like the many times before it has.

    • JayJay says:

      That is just west of Ky. by 3 counties.

  37. ready says:

    All the NRA members are already stocked up.

    If North Korea ever attacked…..they need to know that al the gun owners in America are just itching to protect the country. Every guys dream…. It would be a sport and a duck shoot.

    Even Sarah Palin would get her ammo out I bet and take pot shots out the front window.

    Yeah. good luck invading the most armed country on the planet.

    Even if they make us turn in our guns and ammo…

    FUCK ‘EM.


  38. It seems clear to me the federal government is placing massive orders with domestic ammunition manufactures before import restrictions on foreign manufactured ammunition are unveiled as part of the UN Arms Treaty. The UN Arms Treaty will never be ratified by the Senate; it won’t even be voted on. But the Obama Administration will IMPLEMENT it and restrict/ban the importation of ammunition.

  39. Luther says:

    I have contacted my Rep. (R-MI) about the threat from the DHS and has not taken this seriously.

    My latest attempt is to request that 1 billion of those rounds be returned to the private sector to be put back into the hands of the people.

    I know it won’t fly, even though it should.

    I’ve heard over and over again, what don’t you (government) understand about “thou shall not infringe” in the 2A!

    They know what it means, it’s just a matter of respect and honor. One the Government does not respect the Constitution or B.O.R nor do they intend to honor it.

    The Government is blatantly in your face saying screw you we’ll do what we want.

    RESIST, don’t complain to each other be heard in D.C!

  40. still think you are free…..love my country hate my government…imho

  41. kevin says:

    Stewart Rhodes for attorney General.

  42. braveheart says:

    I started stockpiling on 3 different calibers last summer. I’ve got a good supply but it never hurts to get more when you can find it. Since January i’ve been practicing in my backyard with a .177 pellet pistol. no shortage of the pellets and CO2 cqrtridges anywhere. After SHTF, any foreign troops that i see on our streets I’ll just take their weapons and ammo. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

    • allie says:

      @Bravehart- Are you going to hold a pellet gun to their heads? I would have thought the UN Troops would have been here 40 years ago according to you guys.
      Keep waiting. They aren’t coming.
      This is the United States of America.
      Lose the paranoia. Everyone ISN’T out to get you.

  43. braveheart says:

    Watchman, .I read your post #1371387 with interest. If USGS has dug a 2500-ft. well and stuck a steel pipe in it, that definitely means something and it doesn’t sound good. I’m in Memphis so I have every reason to be concerned. Would be nice to know if they’re doing it in TN or AR. my dad is retired in AR.

  44. Mac, not that one says:

    Seems like a reasonable tactic to control the market. Way to waster our money rather than put it to good use. fucking idiots

  45. stu11926 says:

    I always try to find the silver lining. If we voters can restore sanity to Washington, D.C., there should be such a glut of government surplus ammo in the market that it will be almost free!

  46. lemmingsrnotusdamnit says:

    This article really doesn’t address why more than just 40 S&W and 9 MM are in short supply. As I recall, that was the main purchases of DHS and Federal Agencies. What about all the other calibers? Plus, weren’t they buying Hollow Point rounds? Why are there no Full Metal Jacket Rounds available most anywhere?

    Are ammunition factories taking 22 LR ammo, for example, off line in order to keep up with the feds demand for 40 and 9 MM?

    If we really want to understand what’s going on, we need answers to these questions, not just theories not properly followed up like what’s in this article.

    • The Old Coach says:

      No, it doesn’t, because it’s Bravo Sierra all the way down to the ground. The DHS buy is something like 10% of the ammo capacity in the USA. What happened to all the ammo is that millions of people who would buy a couple of boxes a month raced out and bought a hundred times that in a panic, and that drained the distribution pipeline dry in a few weeks. The ammo companies are saying that they can refill the pipeline in a year if the demand drops to zero today. Which of course it won’t. As long as the drain valves at the retail outlets remain open, ammo will be hard to find, because much of what does get to the outlets will be grabbed up by scalpers to sell on Gunbroker at inflated prices.

      This is the kind of thing we prepped for. I’m telling grasshoppers to be glad it’s just ammo, and not food and water. One in ten gets the hint.

      • allie says:

        @ The Old Coach— stop bringing logic and truth into the discussion… it doesn’t make things as “sensational” as they like.
        Did you know DHS is going to take over the Country with 40 caliber Glocks? Yup! That’s why they are buying all 40 cal.
        We will be the first Country in the History of the World to be taken over by Pistols!
        It’s true. That’s why they bought it all. Really. Honest. That’s their plan.

  47. johhnyblaze1971 says:


    This is becoming obvious, just go to any ammo store… So instead of waiting for bullets, get up and find another weapon to create or use… Start buying knives and a bow and arrow.. do something!!!! Awaiting on DHS is not the answer…

    Puff puff pass.

    • Hank says:

      magnetic rail gun..
      no powder, no primer..any ferris metal shaped into a projectile and electricity is all thats needed

    • Apple shooter says:

      Make your own arrowheads out of saw blades, (skill saw blades are good) anneal the blades so one may saw them easily with a hacksaw, or band saw if you have one.

      Grind, or file them to weigh 125 grains. Heat treat by taking the blades to cherry red and quench in oil. Then temper them so they are tough and won’t break by placing the hardened (quenched) blades in an oven (kitchen oven will do), wash off the oil so they don’t smoke and leave them in the oven set at 400 degrees for one hour.

      Make a slot in your arrow shaft and epoxy the blade in.

      Fletch with about anything whose shape looks like a traditional arrow feather. Plastic ‘feathers’ cut from oil cans work fine.

      Silent, good shooting,

      Apple shooter, out.

    • durango kidd says:

      Large Throwing Stars are wicked. Adapt them to a wooden “gun”.

  48. 22winmag says:

    Ammo shortages really only affect recreational shooting. Successful insurgencies depend on well-placed shots from old rusty bolt action rifles to snipe at and grind down the oppressor. Large volumes of ammo are not needed or practical for for asymmetric warfare. Seriously folks, there is now (and always will be) 1,000 times more ammo in existence than patriotic Americans would ever need to put down a foreign (or domestic) occupation.

  49. Nam Marine says:

    At least we know where all the ammo is now !

  50. Eagle Scout says:

    I saw an intersting assertion yesterday that the ammunition shortage has been caused not by the government, but by firearms / ammunition dealers. If you go look at Gunbroker dot com you will find thousands upon thousands of rounds of any type of ammunition you could want. It looks rather like a number of dealers have bought huge stocks of ammunition and instead of putting it on the shelf at the regular price, are auctioning it off online for twice and more the regular price.

  51. mostevenings says:

    I don’t think it’s DHS’s plan to take possession of the ammo on order. I think the government will pay subsidies to ammo manufactureers not to produce. It worked well for farmers not to plant crops!

  52. Kulafarmer says:

    I guess its possible that ammo is being shorted by the feds, but more likely we are just victims of the just in time system that has taken ove ALL manufacturing,
    The ammo manufacturers buy or produce lots of components or ammo depending on normal demand, with everyone and their brother buying guns and ammo all of a sudden it didnt take long for the manufacturers to get overwhelmed, add to that the panic that is taking over with the perceived shortage or even conspiracy and you get hoarding where people go to a store, see some of what they use and buy it all, now the store is out till they get another shipment, and the stores are standing in line to the suppliers, like we stand in line at the stores, like im sure the manufacturers are standing in line with their suppliers,,, etc,,,etc,,,
    Vicious cycle, but a lesson to be sure, stock up on whatever you like so when its not available its no big deal

  53. The Universe says:

    DHS is also using agents posing as gun buyers. They always have cash and they always are willing to pay more than the gun is worth.

    • durango kidd says:

      Phoenix PD is having three gun buy back programs in May. here is a chance to out bid them for CHEAP. Check it out, break into your piggy bank and get some smoking deals!!!

      Engage your employees or be out gunned by them. 🙂

  54. DirtyHarry says:

    We should worry about Feds claiming;

    Lead is a bio hazard (food and drug)

    gun power is pollution and global warming chemical (epa)

    Contact your Congressman, ask for DHS investigation!

  55. I hate to say this but the probability of this industry “shrugging” off a government contract is severely improbable. These contracts are worth billions of dollars. It is a major reason MOST of the firearms industry still has not joined the anti-government sales boycott. They don’t want to scuttle themselves out of that major revenue cow. It’s sad but true. Money is still the power monger. The ridiculous part is the government uses OUR OWN MONEY TO EXTORT US OUT OF OUR OWN RIGHTS. And companies are just going to continue to capitulate as long as they are getting paid big money to do so. It would take an individual organization with an exponential amount of honor and pride to actually tell the government that they intend to stand by the sides of the people and refuse to provide them with product. Its the nature of capitalism. And there are far to few patriots left in this country to initialize a transition back to integrity.

  56. Nam Marine says:

    These companies will make much more money selling to the citizens than to the evil Government!

  57. SlowIsSmoothAndSmoothIsFast says:

    Until the commercial market bands together and offers the ammo manufacturers a better deal than a standing contractual order of over 1,600,000,000 rounds, to be delivered in chunks of 200,000,000 round increments… you, I and Joe Doomsday are boned.

    If Cheaper Than Dirt, LuckyGunner, Midway, Cabelas, WalMart, Sportsman’s Guide and the “hidden hand of the wholesalers” came together, we might have a chance to beat the Fed at this game and get some ammo into civilian hands. If your business had piddly little orders here and there, but a whale of a client, who do you think you would cater to?

  58. truth says:

    It’s not working, there’s ammo everywhere