A Cyber Security Expert Predicts WW3 Could Start As Early As Sunday

by | Oct 18, 2023 | Headline News

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    Guy Golan, a cyber security expert has explained how a third world war could officially kick off by Sunday. This war would encompass not only Israel but also Ukraine, Taiwan, and even South Africa.

    That would also mean Russia and China would be joining the destruction. In fact, Golan said that he believes China would be a major player given their desire to “devalue the dollar and shift the global economy towards the Yuan.” China has recently been capitalizing on the Ukraine conflict and financial sanctions against Russia to bolster its currency, while the mainstream media continues to focus on the war between Israel and Palestine.  Golan feels that China’s endgame agenda is to gain economic domination rather than additional territories and finally shift the world’s economy away from the U.S. dollar in favor of the Yuan.

    The Endgame: Central Bank Digital Currency

    Golan said: “Right now, I get massive levels of information. The area of Israel is boiling in the sense that there are cyber activities from different groups that just started. Iranians apparently mobilized troops from the east of Syria to the west of Syria. They are looking at Israel as cannon fodder.”

    He added that Ukraine is nothing more than a reason to drain the U.S. and Europe of resources before a major war breaks out. It’s “game over” for the West, and we all know it.

    He also said that we are “on the cusp of something quite cataclysmic” and that Iran has been preparing for this for many years.

    Golan is not the only one who feels that we’re quickly approaching a third world war.  Financial historian Ray Dalio said he believes it is now essentially a coin toss as to whether we are about to see a world war break out. This war would be devastating and include the United States and China. On LinkedIn, he explained that he thinks there is a high risk the current situation will spur other conflicts in different places and will ultimately extend beyond Gaza and Israel.

    Ray Dalio Warns The U.S. & China Are On The Brink Of A Hot War

    The consensus appears to be that the world is about to get involved in another world war.





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