4 Analysts: Stock Market Plunge Is A DEEP STATE ‘Nuclear’ Attack On Trump

by | Feb 7, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Experts, Headline News | 27 comments

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    The deep state may finally be stooping to even lower levels in order to remove Donald Trump from office. Since all major financial collapses are planned, many have concluded that the deep state will destroy the stock market to attack Trump.

    Following President Donald Trump‘s approval for the release of the damning FISA memo that proves Hillary Clinton and DNC collusion with the Obama regime to illegally spy on Trump campaign officials, the deep state is now “going nuclear” by attempting to decimate the stock market and remove Trump from power. According to Natural News, many analysts are sounding the alarm.

    Four prominent opinion leaders across independent media are now saying almost the same thing. They are Peter Schiff, Michael Savage, Alex Jones, and Mike Adams.

     “Unfortunately, that’s what Trump has inherited from Obama. But it’s not even really just Obama, it’s the federal reserve. It’s the monetary policy that has been passed like a baton from Clinton to Bush to Obama and now to Trump. And we’re near the end of the game and unfortunately, Trump’s gonna be the fall guy. This thing is all gonna collapse while he’s president.” -Peter Schiff

    “Trump’s stirring SOTU speech last week was so great that even CBS admitted 75 percent of the people who watched it approved of it and loved it. So what happened right afterwards? The Establishment, meaning the ‘Deep State,’ call it whatever you want, went into overdrive to destroy Trump, or try to destroy him, where he is strongest, because they couldn’t get him where they thought he was weakest. So they are taking the market down. They are trying to hurt you. They are the enemies of the average American. Make no mistake about it, they are going for you! These people are so evil and so power-drunk that they’d burn the nation to the ground rather than let Donald Trump live another day in office.” –Michael Savage

    “The mainstream media… is in the news simultaneously trying to drive down markets [by] saying, “For those of you who supported Trump, his antics are the reason why the stock market is down.” No, it was up three trillion plus dollars because of exuberance, the talk of tax cuts and the belief that America was back to being business.” -Alex Jones

    “The deep state will do anything and everything to get Trump out of office. If they have to shoot Air Force One out of the sky, they will.  If they have to kill tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of Americans, the deep state will do it because they don’t care, they only need Trump gone. Would they drop a nuke on Seattle to kill Trump? You bet they would. The deep state is desperately trying to cling to power.” –Mike Adams, The Health Ranger

    The rigged markets that now seem to defy gravity will be deliberately and destructively imploded under President Trump for all the obvious reasons. There will be financial chaos like we’ve never seen before: Investors leaping off tall buildings, banks declaring extended “holidays” that freeze transactions, and California pensioners slitting their wrists after they discover their promised pension funds were just vaporized by incompetent bureaucrats…The Trump administration will be targeted for termination via a punitive, engineered financial firestorm…-Mike Adams, The Health Ranger

    Notice the similar theme…take out the economy, blame Trump, install a communist globalist dictatorship in place. It’s clear that deep state elements are unleashing a “nuclear option” to decimate this nation as a strategy to remove Trump from power (and de-legitimize Republicans forever). Anyone who turns on the mainstream media’s news broadcast for even a few moments can tell the bias and propaganda is obvious.

    When it comes to big moves in the stock market, there are no coincidences.


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      1. You dont suppose George Sorros said puck antifa he wasn’t getting the bang for his buck (pun intended) and instead buying and dumping cheaper to drive the mkt down to try to inflict damage cus the market flew up on trumps watch. He is a naughty boy that George is right along with hillwhory both of them need a good lashing on the bare ass with a gas power weed eater. Im thinking all of the money to fund the wall to be built could be obtaind if said lashing was placed on Pay Per Veiw. I know i would pay a hundred bucks to watch it..

      2. Whats this (Deadly to Human) virus in china thats a pandemic now? DTH? Guess bill gates said something about millions soon to die? That would be perfect to take to the Olympics cus then it could be deployed world wide guaranteed with no effort what so ever. Just saying seen it on beforitsnews

      3. Stock is supposedly based on the assets and earning potential of a company. Paying anything beyond that is called gambling.
        I really don’t have a lot of sorrow for a gambler that has lost it all. I don’t call it a crash when stock prices fall to reality.
        The present market is WAY overvalued. Everybody knows it.
        Houses are way overpriced, Everybody knows it.

        A depression is on its way and deservedly so, stuff costs too
        much, artificially so.

      4. I swear, this MSM b.s. just isn’t going to stop is it? I’ve worried like all git-out concerning Trump claiming market success; but, to plot to ensure the degradation of the Presidency using economic means conveyed by an increasingly complicit and traitorous media is a new low even for liberal shills. The whole damned octopus of corruption is like something out of a H.P.Lovecraft tale. Those who criticize me for wanting non-legal means of dealing with the evil so obviously present I’d only ask to reconsider. I ask again ‘what other choice is there?’.

      5. ” remove Trump from power (and de-legitimize republicans forever) ” They dont have to go to much trouble for that, at least the de-legitimize part ,, if they can just wait 20 or 25 or so years, demographics will do that for them. To see the future makeup of the country just look at the first grade classes nationwide. You will see a rapidly dwindling future white base of voting power. Not only are we turning brown from immigration along with our native minorities, a good percentage of our girls and I havent a clue as to the percentage, maybe 10% ??,, are having minority babies. And of course,, minorities overwhelmingly do not vote republican, so, as I see it, the repubs are being de-legitimized on their own.

      6. I can’t believe that you haven’t cited me in your article MAC given my track record here and obvious insight. 🙂

      7. God damned, no good RAT bastards!!!! Wake up America.

      8. Sorry cant comment now
        im twisting up some new rope

        its 13 wraps to snap a neck, right?

        • 13 knots and the trick of it is in the weight if they dont drop far enough they just strangle but if they drop too far their head will pull off gotta be just right to stretch it out pulling apart the spinal cord

          • Tie sand bags to their ankles so when they drop, you will surely hear a snap from the extra weight, and be decapitated. The beat the remains like a Mexican Pin’ata with baseball bats with nails in the end until all of their loose change drops out.

          • Thirteen loops; ONE knot.

        • What part of guiolltine did you miss?

      9. We here all knew the stock market bubble would eventually pop. We all knew it was pumped up by influxes of money from the fed. I hope we at SHTF where all smart enough to buy things we can hold in out hands and use in our daily lives.

      10. I see Dennis Kucinich is running for governor of Ohio. I always liked this guy. He is defending Trump and the office of President from attacks by the FBI, CIA, the Pentagon, the msm and other deep state federal agencies who attempt and have largely succeeded calling the shots from behind the scenes. Kucinich is a truth teller and has proven to be a huge thorn in what passes as representative government.

      11. Pretty much every single person who can fog a mirror is now aware of the Deep State (can you say “FBI antics?”) legerdemain. A coup of this sort noted above might well end up with things going NOT the way they had planned; in fact, there are so many people awake now these fascist deep staters need to be concerned they, themselves, would end up in jail.

      12. Don’t forget, Half Dollar laid out this theory before anybody else on Friday, Feb 2…

      13. Trump has as much to do with the stock market as the crowing rooster does with the morning sunrise. Trump was a short-sighted fool for taking credit for stock market prices when they were going up (and becoming “unaffordable”). Alex Jones then started repeating the same idiotic mantra on Infowars for month after month even after being warned by Peter Schiff that Trump doesn’t control the stock market.

        Guess what — it isn’t the job of a President to determine stock prices. Since Trump was dumb enough to take credit for the rising stock market, it serves him right to take ownership for when it goes down.

      14. If the deep state, the bozos controlling this nightmare, are willing to bring a whole economy down — trigger a global financial collapse, and quite possibly a full-on systemic collapse — just to bring down the duly-elected (by 60-million voters), President of the United States because they don’t like him . . . well what?

        Tens of millions of Americans would die. Not to mention in the rest of the world. You think the deep state cares about us, or them, or any of that crap?

        President Trump is a citizen politician, probably one of the first since Truman, freely elected by the Russians (oops, I meant the “people”).

        You don’t think most Americans are not already aware of just how f*cked up everything?

        • “President Trump is a citizen politician”

          I’m stupid but even **I** know that Trump is one of them and it’s all a show. How do you think he got a Hollywood TV show. Sheesh!

      15. Every American, every patriot is facing a full attack on all fronts: GMO food, hijacked vaccines, skies chemtrailed with every bug/virus you know and don’t know about, stock market manipulation, purposeful manipulation of both the gold and silver markets, and more.

        But one thing the Deep/Creep state does NOT haves this: millions of us are praying for our President, and for his protection from any and all evil.

        It’s no wonder that this man is under as much savage attack as a kid being bullied by a schoolyard of cowardly bullies. And their desperation shows through in their see-through lies, the skies they have filled world-wide with this deadly flu strain, and stock market tampering.

        A mighty fortress is our God!

        “And though this world, with devils filled,
        Should threaten to undo us,
        We will not fear, for God hath willed
        His truth to triumph through us;
        The Prince of Darkness grim,
        We tremble not for him;
        His rage we can endure,
        For lo! his doom is sure,
        One little word shall fell him.”

        – Martin Luther’s hymn, “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”

      16. Well I gotta agree with The Lone Ranger. Nothing short of divine intervention is gonna save us.

      17. The reason why Hillary Clinton was deliberately selected to run against Donald Trump was so that America’s Christians, churches and conservatives would be overly grateful to have Trump instead of a Lucifer-worshiping, drug-trafficking, lesbian bimbo, like Hillary.

        All across the US, Christians in their churches are still thanking God for Donald Trump, and when he was selected we breathed a deep sigh of relief. But that was the whole plan. It was all staged. That’s also why he never had any real plans to “Lock Her Up.” He used that chant to get the crowds going so the energy would create an emotional connection to him.

        In reality here, the churches are actually thanking God for a whore-monger who brags about having the best sex of his life while repeatedly committing adultery, and 26-years-later prides himself in never having asked God to forgive him for anything. Wow, all I can say is what an arrogant, heathen individual. Trump doesn’t fit my idea of a true christian. Something to think about. I am not holding my breath waiting for him to MAGA. Not gonna happen.

        • I have seen many self-acclaimed “true christians” behaving no differently than any other heathen. Well except for an hour or two on Sunday.

          • So True…

          • PG – That doesn’t make it right. Anyone who claims to be a Christian but doesn’t live their life that way, as a true Christian, is not a Christian. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone sins. He does not repent and ask for forgiveness. Trump said so himself.

            Like I said, Trump openly brags about having the best sex of his life while repeatedly committing adultery (against all three wives) and then prides himself in never having asked God to forgive him for anything.

            My eyes are open and the point of my post was not to bash Trump (whom I voted for) but rather to hopefully open your eyes not to be deceived by Trump’s election to office. Trump is not going to be a Savior. And he is not a Christian. We were duped. Accept the reality.

            • “We were duped. Accept the reality.”

              Amen and Amen!!

          • Don’t forget Wednesday night. Just saying. 🙂

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