2014 Year in Review: 7 Examples of Police State Technology Making Our Rights Obsolete

by | Dec 31, 2014 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Forecasting, Headline News | 193 comments

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    Things are not looking pretty for the land of the free.

    The year 2014 has made it very clear that privacy is under threat, and the situation is not likely to improve. Mass surveillance – which became a national issue via the Edward Snowden leaks – is not subsiding or under reform; instead, is becoming more bold and complex with each passing day.

    It would take several books to catalog the myriad ways in which the rights of The People have been casually infringed by various levels of government just in years since 9/11 and the introduction of the PATRIOT Act.

    And it’s not only are federal agencies like the NSA, Homeland Security and the FBI that are taking liberties with our… umm… liberties; it is local police, too. The rise of technology is rapidly fueling these agencies with data and “intelligence” with very little oversight and even less pause for reflection to use these powerful abilities wisely and yes, judiciously.

    Here are just a few major areas where privacy is losing badly to surveillance technology in 2014. Not that anyone is paying attention, but they are worth reflecting upon soon – hopefully before it is too late to turn thing back around:

    • 1. Militarized Police and Weapons of War on American Streets:

    True, this technology has been in use for several years now and has been demonstrated at protests such as the those held outside of the G20 in Pittsburgh and, Toronto and other locales.

    But the events in Ferguson really allowed this brand of crowd control to come of age. This and other key protests have seemingly justified a massive police response for just about anything now… but… you know, the first amendment is still respected and all.

    The Daily Sheeple reported:

    Ferguson police have stocked up on less-lethal ammunition in the last few months including “hornets nest” CS sting grenades, which shoot out dozens of rubber bullets and a powdered chemical agent upon detonation, tear gas, riot gear, plastic handcuffs and the like in the lead up to the decision which is expected to come any time now. St Louis County police have spent $172,669 on this stuff just since August.

    The Pentagon’s 1033 surplus program, which hands out everything from MRAP armored vehicles, to bullet proof vests, assault rifles, and other military weapons to domestic law enforcement agencies, is one of the major reasons that ordinary police departments, including those in small towns, are gearing up as for battle… and that includes Ferguson:

    The Department of Defense Excess Property Program (1033 Program) is authorized under federal law and managed through the Defense Logistics Agency’s Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO) in Ft. Belvoir, Va. The 1033 Program provides surplus DoD military equipment to state and local civilian law enforcement agencies for use in counter-narcotics and counter-terrorism operations, and to enhance officer safety. The Missouri Department of Public Safety is the sponsoring state agency responsible for administration of the 1033 Program in Missouri.

    • 2. Biometrics Comes of Age:

    Fingerprints and iris scans are becoming normalized as identifiers on mobile phones, including the iPhone 5, computers and other platforms.

    Increasingly, technology – including devices used by police – are utilizing other bodily features (in addition to fingerprints and eyes) to identify you, including ears, noses, heart rate (via electrocardiogram), blood vein matching, your scent or smell  and even “butt biometrics” – no joke – which will allow smart car seats to identify the sitter based on their unique posture.

    While these are surely being integrated into law enforcement devices, they are also becoming the mainstays of “wearables,” the new trendy technology that is collecting data on all of those using it to track health progress and etc.

    Surveillance cameras have already been used to identify you by your walk for several years now, but advances have allowed technology to even identify the person wearing a camera, such a police officer with a mounted body cam, by just 4 seconds of footage, revealing a ‘biometric fingerprint’ of the individual.

    Of course, roadside blood draws have already entered the picture in law enforcement work, including numerous locales that have implemented mandatory policies during stops. This is sure to pick up. In Seattle, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently conducted a paid, voluntary survey of drivers, who received up to $60 to give blood and breath samples at a roadside stop in effort to study how many people drive impaired.

    • 3. Smart Phone Apps Know Everything About You:

    Vocative published a long and unsettling list of apps for smart phones and other similar devices that all collect untold amounts of information about you everyday.

    Whether you realize it or not, permissions for apps routinely allow the collection and sharing of such information as your contact and address book, your text message, audio recorded from your device’s microphone, your call log and much more.

    Yes, this is really happening, so beware if you are using mobile apps including:

    AntiVirus Security, Viber, Facebook, 360 Security (Antivirus), Tango Messenger, WhatsApp Messenger, Skype, GO Launcher EX, WeChat, CM Security, Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic, BBM, LINE Free Calls & Messages, Clean Master Phone Boost, BU Battery Saver, Google’s Chrome Browser, Twitter, Maps, Instagram, YouTube, Dolphin Browser, Castle Clash and Trivia Crack

    …and be sure to actually read over the privacy policy and Terms of Service before accepting or installing anything.

    Considering that Angry Birds and Candy Crush were admittedly used to collect surveillance data for the NSA (also revealed in 2014), and law enforcement now regularly investigate persons of interest based upon social media posts and cell phone data, there is no telling how many of these apps may be drawing unwanted suspicion your way… whether you have anything to hide or not.

    Need we remind you of all the telecom and internet firms who, according to the Edward Snowden leaks, shared data willingly with the NSA?

    • 4. “StingRay” and “Dirtbox” Cell Phone Interceptors:

    2014 is the year that much has come to light about the very secret and awfully quiet use of a data sweeping technology that has increasingly been used by agencies including the FBI, local law enforcement, and likely private, public and foreign intelligence agencies and even military units… though, due to extreme secrecy, it is just too difficult to know for sure.

    Moreover, it emerged in 2014 that the FBI has been pressuring police departments to keep quiet about the use of StingRay, which it has also not been obtaining warrants before putting to use:

    Not only are local police departments across the United States increasingly relying on so-called StingRay devices to conduct surveillance on cell phone users, but cops are being forced to keep quiet about the operations, new documents reveal.

    Recent reports have indicated that law enforcement agencies from coast to coast have been turning to IMSI-catcher devices, like the StingRay sold by Florida’s Harris Corporation, to trick ordinary mobile phones into communicating device-specific International Mobile Subscriber Identity information to phony cell towers — a tactic that takes the approximate geolocation data of all the devices within range and records it for investigators. Recently, the Tallahassee Police Department in the state of Florida was found to have used their own “cell site simulator” at least 200 times to collect phone data without once asking for a warrant during a three-year span, and details about the use of StingRays by other law enforcement groups continue to emerge on the regular.

    Although the majority of the December 2012 document is redacted, a paragraph from FBI special agent Laura Laughlin to Police of Chief Donald Ramsdell reveals that Tacoma officers were told they couldn’t discuss their use of IMSI-catchers with anyone… police in Tacoma were forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement, or NDA, with the Federal Bureau of Investigation before they could begin conducting surveillance on cell users with a Harris-sold StingRay.

    It further emerged in 2014 that the Justice Department was overseeing the use of small Cessna aircraft using “dirtbox” technology to collect cell phone data over major urban centers across the nation to pinpoint suspects while scooping up information from thousands of cell phone users. Here’s what the Wall Street Journal revealed:

    The Justice Department is scooping up data from thousands of mobile phones through devices deployed on airplanes that mimic cellphone towers, a high-tech hunt for criminal suspects that is snagging a large number of innocent Americans, according to people familiar with the operations.

    The U.S. Marshals Service program, which became fully functional around 2007, operates Cessna aircraft from at least five metropolitan-area airports, with a flying range covering most of the U.S. population, according to people familiar with the program.

    • 5. Radar Sweeps of Residential Homes:

    The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals made a decision on the use of doppler radar technology for use in the execution of an arrest warrant. The Washington Post considered:

    the “grave” Fourth Amendment issues raised by use of a “Doppler radar device capable of detecting from outside the home the presence of human breathing and movement within”

    But it is also fair to ask, who is watching the watchers for the use of this technology, anyway? Is this (and much more) being used frequently by authorities or private agencies to collect data in pursuit of investigations, including before the burden of “reasonable suspicion” has been met?

    Is such a radar sweep a violation of the 4th Amendment and other rights if the police don’t already have “reasonable suspicion”? The possibilities are foggy… and a bit unnerving.

    We don’t normally encounter this question because we normally understand the uses and limits of investigatory tools. If the officer looked through the window and didn’t see any other people, for example, we could intuitively factor that into the reasonable suspicion inquiry without having to think about burdens of proof. I’m less sure what we’re supposed to do when the government use a suspicion-testing technological device with unknown capabilities. The opinion relies on the language from Buie that “the sweep lasts no longer than is necessary to dispel the reasonable suspicion of danger,” and thus asks whether there was evidence that the Doppler device “dispel[led]” the reasonable suspicion. But it’s not clear to me that this language from Buie applies here, as it was referring to evidence after reasonable suspicion was established and the entry was made rather than before.

    But for the average person, the potential for abuse is pretty clear here. One commenter noted:

    Use of this technology on a home is a search. The police don’t know what or who is in the house – they use this technology to survey (i.e. search) the house to determine information that they can’t ascertain without the home owners permission.

    • 6. Pre-crime “Threat Assessment” Database:

    The 9-1-1 emergency infrastructure now carries a real time “threat assessment” database known as “Beware,” that gives police and first responders a color-coded threat level, with green signifying no threat, yellow identifying a valid threat and red urging immediate caution. The catch? The threat assessment is not just based on the obvious stuff like prior arrests and criminal history, but also compiles billions of consumer records and, yes, social media. In fact, the majority of police now use social media in their investigations… the Beware database just makes it instant and universal.

    Even worse, the co-founder of the technology said it flags “offensive speech” in its threat assessment… you don’t even have to make an online threat to be considered a threat, you just have be considered “offensive”! And who decides that, anyway?

    Not you. You aren’t even allowed to know what has been entered in your privately-held records:

    Your local police department is likely using numerous tools and applications that might determine how you get treated during a routine traffic stop, or in response to your neighbor’s call about loud music. One such application, Beware, has been sold to police departments since 2012. It can be accessed on any Internet-enabled device, including tablets, smartphones, laptop and desktop computers, while responders are en route to, or at the location of a call.

    This app explores billions of records in social media postings, commercial and public databases for law enforcement needs, churning out “risk profiles” in real time. ‘Beware’ algorithm assigns a score and “threat rating” to a person — green, yellow or red – and sends that rating to a requesting officer. Worst of all, this information is not made available to the very person whose “threat rating” is being appraised. You have no ability to dispute being wrongly designated a high-risk potential offender.

    And it stands to reason that this concerning database is going to be used against more than just serious criminals. The potential for abuse and use against gun owners and those exercising political speech, including offensive or less-than-responsible online rhetoric, is perhaps inevitable and unavoidable with this system, which as been in use for now for several years.

    What’s worse? So-called “predictive policing” is just in its infancy… there are multiple platforms still finding a market, and their invasive capabilities are sure to grow in magnitude as the years go on. A federally-mandated network called FirstNet is being constructed, “using federal funding, are set to begin building a $7-billion nationwide first-responder wireless network” that will incorporate these emergency powers into every agency and locale across the country.

    • 7. License Plate Scanning and Traffic Monitoring:

    There are already issues for gun owners in Maryland, where concealed carry permits issued by other states are not recognized. Traffic cops there recently pulled over a licensed gun owner in good legal standing from Florida to search his vehicle for a s specific firearm – his Kel-Tec .38 semi-automatic handgun – while he and his family were traveling through the state. As it turned out, the  the gun was locked in a safe at home in Florida, and the incident ended in a traffic warning for speeding. But what prompted the preemptive search, and how did police know know this man was a concealed carry?

    Likely the stop-and-search was the result of police work involving routine license scanning, traffic monitoring and database threat assessment using software like Beware, which has already been used in some 38 million emergency calls across the country.

    Only a few days ago, the mainstream rehashed the fact that the EZ Pass and other toll road transponders are not just used for collecting toll information, but are used for traffic surveillance and police investigations as well.

    Forbes’ privacy advocate Kashmir Hill wrote about an electronics tinkerer who

    “did an analysis of the many ways his car could be tracked and stumbled upon something rather interesting: his E-ZPass, which he obtained for the purpose of paying tolls, was being used to track his car in unexpected places, far away from any toll booths.

    Police subsequently copped to the use of this device in surveillance and tracking activities:

    It’s part of Midtown in Motion, an initiative to feed information from lots of sensors into New York’s traffic management center. A spokesperson for the New York Department of Transportation, Scott Gastel, says the E-Z Pass readers are on highways across the city, and on streets in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island, and have been in use for years. The city uses the data from the readers to provide real-time traffic information, as for this tool… Notably, the fact that E-ZPasses will be used as a tracking device outside of toll payment, is not disclosed anywhere that I could see in the terms and conditions.

    They are also used by toll companies themselves, as USA Today disclosed:

    Warning to motorists: Don’t speed in the toll lanes. E-Z Pass is watching.

    Several states, including New York, Maryland and Pennsylvania, say they monitor speeds through the fast pass toll lanes and will suspend your E-Z Pass for multiple speeding violations.

    Years ago, a hacker explained how the the California DOT and law enforcement were able to use toll transponders as an active homing beacon capable of zeroing in on a suspect or monitoring the total flow of traffic over a given period of time:

    Each radio frequency id (RFID) transponder sends a unique identification code to scanners positioned at toll booths. A tolling authority computer matches this ID code with credit card and other payment information to collect the toll… [even] an inexpensive RFID scanner [can be used] to read the ID code of any vehicle remotely, essentially turning the transponder into a homing beacon with a maximum range of about 100 yards.

    “You can use it for tracking,” Lawson said. “Once you’ve seen the car, you can pick it out in a crowd.”

    That is exactly what California’s 511 system does. Scanners placed throughout the highway network track the movement of motorists with toll transponders as a means of monitoring traffic flow. According to the California Department of Transportation, the system tracks individual ID codes, storing a movement history for each particular car in a database for 24 hours.

    Additionally, both Homeland Security and the IRS were in the news this year regarding their use of data collected by both public and private agencies using license-plate tracking systems:

    The Department of Homeland Security wants a private company to provide a national license-plate tracking system that would give the agency access to vast amounts of information from commercial and law enforcement tag readers, according to a government proposal that does not specify what privacy safeguards would be put in place.

    “It is important to note that this database would be run by a commercial enterprise, and the data would be collected and stored by the commercial enterprise, not the government,” she said.

    Fox News carried further details:

    In June 2012, the IRS awarded Vigilant a $1,188 contract for “access to nationwide data,” according to federal procurement records compiled by the news agency. The contract ended in May 2013, according to the records.

    Especially with the IRS, I don’t know why these agencies are getting access to this kind of information,” Lynch said. “These systems treat every single person in an area as if they’re under investigation for a crime — that is not the way our criminal justice system was set up or the way things work in a democratic society.”


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      1. My rights are not obsolete. Try to forcibly enter my home and you will die in the yard… and not the way you would expect. That’s my fucking right to protect myself.

        • FP, braveheart is right there with you 1,000,000%. Anyone who tries to force their way into my home will die, period, and I don’t care WHO they are. Our rights come from GOD, NOT from any manmade government!

          • Let us not allow our liberties to devolve into a train of abuses that are just ethical in the
            degree they are legal, nor allow it to be argued that our rights are privileges whos exercise are lawful only
            in the bounds they are authorized. That is what we call ‘privilege’.

            • Question? Since most of us believe, “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” do we afford that same right to individual LEO or do we just clump them all together? Trekker Out. It’s Your Call!

              • Mountain,prefer the phrase”Innocent UNLESS proven guilty”.

                • Upvoted for two excellent comments.
                  I prefer ‘unless’ too Warchild. Granted the wording now–it reflects a much truer and richer irony of life. Dig long enough, and lack of guilt doesn’t matter. A prosecutor, as they say, could indict a ham sandwich.

                  The notion that all LEOs should be innocent until proven guilty is rich. I wont claim not to have a double standard. But you forget ““But when a long train of abuses and usurpation pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government…””

                  That passage wasn’t talking conspiracy. It was talking patterns of abuse and cultures of absolutism and control.
                  There is wide spread evidence in support of this. The writers were saying, in effect, “dont look to the details, or you might miss the forestfire for the trees.”
                  Essentially any issue, deprivation, or harm done can be divided and subdivided into it’s component parts, until it has been divided, examined, pricked, and cut into nothing. This is what we call conquer and divide, or ‘rationalizing’.

                  Necessarily war is evil, and leads to a lense which distorts both everything seen through it, and everyone who looks through it.

                  But who dared to spy through that dark glass first?
                  Or would-be-rulers?

                  It might seem childish to suggest ‘tit for tat.’ and ‘who started’ type questioning. That is only because of the world we live in, and the ignorance of nature.

                  The people who would deprive you understand that violence solves problems, and have, in no methodical manner, inculcated a society divided into two groups, not the haves and have-nots, but those who are willing to go to war, be it through deception or through violence, and those who are not willing.

                  It is not to say all men who take up office are out for blood, that they are any different from us. Nor is it to say that bandits are predisposed to uniform..but instead that those who are out for blood are quick to office, and that authority predisposes men to become bandits.

                  And while I am not swift to appeal to god, wiser men were; for the value of propaganda and the true understanding that the only monopoly of force that should exist under heaven, is one where everyone must take part.

          • well they will die but so will you and your family thats what we kneed to stop them from barging in in the first place

        • Off Topic: For years I have told you here that DEFLATION was the great danger facing the world economy and many of you scoffed at me, screaming “HYPERINFLATION!!!” and “DOLLAR COLLAPSE!!!”

          A link for the naysayers: http://wallstreetonparade.com/2014/12/novembers-deflation-figures-the-fed-would-rather-you-not-see/

          For years I have told you here that any “collapse” would likely start in Europe or China first, not the USA. Europe is in financial chaos; Greece just the latest example.

          And China?

          The PTB in China have recently released $800 Billion USD WORTH of (4.8 trillion) Yuan to their banks in a MASSIVE QE program, to hide the collapse of its economy; and that is after a MASSIVE explosion of currency printing unequaled in the history of the world (with the possible exception of Zimbabwe or Wiemar Germany):

          having printed 15 TIMES the number of Yuan in the same period of time that the FED has printed four or five trillion dollars for the Great Bank Bailout.

          Save ten dollar bills in number ten cans. You will be glad you did. Happy New Year!!! 🙂

          • What is happening in Greece these days? A year ago there were articles about food shortages and they were about to lose their natural gas and electricity. Then nothing!

            Mr. Bill

            • Greece is facing more austerity from the banks…as usual,,front page news is off the table for the rest of the world for us…one has to dig quite deep to find out..

              Greece is still a shit storm but let’s not forget it was our beloved Goldman sacks that assisted in imploding them, and continues to do so globally..just one of many banker takeovers like Egypt,Libya, Iraq and so on..all we hear is the military/political aspects or other such fluff..


          • Happy New Year dk

            It appears the entire global economy is propped up by all the central planners respective to their interests…


            .. there hasn’t been a dollar collapse,nor market crash, as way too many predicted, and still do …even drudge, the empire lover,headlined last night that the dollar is at a ten year high..

            never mind the dji at record high


            every damned commodity except oil and pms, have increased dramatically over the ten year span…

            we have 37% of the entire labor force not in the labor force

            (yet a touted wonderful 5.2 % unemployment rate)

            wages and earnings among the poor and middle class..what’s left of us.. are flatlined..period

            ..many might gloat the moment celebrating the almighty petro dollar and its stalwart position worldwide despite all attempts to attack it..

            given all this..

            I still will not celebrate what so ever

            the underpinnings and geo political maneuverings just might change all bets…

            So party on for the moment..

            what unfolds for now (the year 2015)is all still a mystery for all of us..

            prepare accordingly


            • dont forget—

              that asian 777

              the one that disappeared w/o a trace

              still out there



              keep the prep going slow & steady gets you ready

            • Possee: “what unfolds for now (the year 2015)is all still a mystery for all of us..”

              Maybe. Maybe not. While I expect the Pope to return from his trip to Asia this January; I do not expect him to return alive. 🙁

              • What in the world, if I may ask, makes you make a statement like that?

          • @the durango kidd:

            Deflation will not take place unless the central banks stop creating new money; a scenario that is politically DOA.

            As long as the money supply does not shrink, there will be no deflation.

            The money supply will not shrink in any country unless the government and the central bank jointly pull back and refuse to bail out the banks.

            Folks can view the 40 year growth of our M1 money stock here:


            This is hardly deflationary.

            Keep your eye on the money statistics. The rest is irrelevant.

            • YMWW: Yes there are more dollars out there. But in comparison, the Chinese are generating many times the number of dollars “printed”.

              I have also explained here to you and others here many ties, that US dollars much reach main street and consumers must use them to chase goods and services for inflation to occur.

              The people do not have their money. It is on deposit at the FED in the Member Bank accounts boosting their balance sheets, padding their liquidity ratios, and replacing their losses as these assets are marked to market.

              So as usual, your analysis: “Keep your eye on the money statistics. The rest is irrelevant.”; is flawed. Wrong again!!! Happy New Year Asswipe!!! 🙂

              • The public is bring brainwashed by central banks, government, and assorted manipulators (the durango kidd) to believe deflation is bad.

                It’s not.

                Deflation, left to its own devices, is nothing more than a necessary and healthy corrective counterbalancing of excesses that build up in free-market economies.

                Central banks and the government want you to fear the boogeyman of deflation. But fear of deflation is pure garbage!

                In 2008 there was a stock market crash caused by excesses. The crash led to the Great Recession. We’re still nursing the hangover.

                All that happened, really, was that interest rates were driven down by the Fed and lending standards were lowered to allow mortgage borrowers and corporations and banks to leverage themselves to take advantage of rising home prices, rising stock prices, and rising derivatives prices.

                No big deal, that happens. When the game ended, as it always does, the free market, as it always tries to, hammered home prices, stocks, and derivatives.

                But while consumers benefit from deflation, wealthy investors in financial assets, government, and the private bankers who run central banks, lose!

                In the face of losses, the PTB were not going to stand by and let deflation run it’s course.

                In 2008, when the bubble burst, the prices of homes, stocks, derivatives, commodities, and just about everything fell because speculators got margin calls and dumped assets. Prices (deflation) soon followed.

                The Fed and the government then went into high gear, ratcheting up fears of another “Great Depression” and lowering interest rates was their first line of deflation defense.

                As consumers, we are better off when prices decline after they’ve been artificially inflated by excess capital pumping through the economy.

                “Deflation” is a result of the free market doing what it does best: correcting excesses.

                But, while that’s good for the economy, and especially good for struggling middle-class Americans, it’s not good for banks and it’s not good for government.

                Banks and government want inflation.

                They pretend they’re afraid of inflation and say they’ll do whatever it is they have to do to make sure inflation doesn’t get out of control.

                But the truth is, they want inflation, they need inflation.

                Inflation is caused by increasing amounts of cash and credit in the economy. Sometimes the added money comes from central banks “printing” money; sometimes more money becomes available because money is turned over in what’s called an increase in the “velocity of money.”

                Sometimes inflation results from a combination of more printing and greater velocity of money.

                If you’re a bank and you lend out money, and there’s more money circulating in the system all the time, your borrowers will likely have more money to pay you back.

                If you’re a government that runs deficits and has to borrow all the time; if there’s more money in the economy, resulting inflation pushes people into higher tax brackets and elevates prices of goods and services that are taxed (so the total tax collected rises with rising prices). This all adds to government revenues and at the same time, like banks, they benefit by there being more money circulating to buy their bonds.

                BTW: Inflation lowers the cost of fixed debts. It’s great for the banks and governments.

                Deflation is good for consumers because it lowers the cost of goods and services after they’ve been artificially inflated. As long as deflation is allowed to squeeze out excesses, it’s a very healthy part of economics when leverage and speculation run amok.

                But governments and banks can’t stand deflation. So they artificially manipulate free markets to stem what would otherwise be a healthy correction of excesses.

                The reason the Fed lowered interest rates to essentially zero, for banks, not consumers, while fear mongering that deflation would lead to another Depression, was to pump banks full of money so they could buy the government’s debts. The banks would use leverage to earn a decent return on the low-yielding bills, notes, and bonds the government was dishing out.

                When zero interest rates weren’t enough, the Fed, with the government’s approval, embarked on quantitative easing (buying the same government bonds from the banks that they were buying from the Treasury so they could buy more of them, and buying their mortgage-backed securities that no one else wanted) so banks could return to record profit-making, increase their dividends, and lure more equity capital investors to make them stronger.

                The central banks and the government are relegating the American middle class to oblivion while the 1% get richer and corporations get fatter.

                So, the next time someone (you know who they are) warns you about deflation, tell them you’d love to see the free market back in operation and that a healthy dose of deflation is what really sets the stage for sustainable economic recovery and feeds a growing middle class.

                • YMWW: Nice post but I don’t have time to respond to all of that now. Let me just say that yes deflation is a natural market correction and we are seeing that in houses and commodities; as always when the cycle is allowed to “cycle” for lack of a better term.

                  Deflation is NOT good for the vast majority of the middle class because most of the middle class have the largest portion of their wealth in their home equity. 40% was the number I thought I saw somewhere, if I remember right. These are basically people with a net worth of $400,000 or less.

                  Most of these middle class homeowners have mortgages and when home values decline precipitously it has a very adverse affect upon their wealth as they go underwater. This is what has happened and it has eviscerated the Great American Middle Class in ways not seen since the thirties.

                  The coming deflationary spiral will be so pronounced when the bubble pops, and as the great unraveling occurs, it will impoverish Joe and Jo Etta America in ways never before seen in modern times. So the coming deflation will be much more adverse to society as a whole than some inflation.

                  Gimme Dat Nation will be a much, much larger percentage of the population than it is now, and it will result in widespread violence; spurring the planned reaction of government thugs against the “terrorists” and the people will demand socialism.

                  Thus my advice to bury ten dollar bills in number ten cans, ala mushroom. Dollars will become relatively scarce and velocity will cease. The PTB will still have money in the form of FRN’s and they will NOT allow their currency of choice to hyperinflate: destroying THEIR wealth.

                  However, my personal belief is that these conditions are triggered, and the bubble pops, by natural phenomena. 🙁

                  • the durango kidd says:

                    “However, my personal belief is that these conditions are triggered, and the bubble pops, by natural phenomena”

                    The FED blowing bubbles is not a “natural phenomenon.”

                    It’s a man-made event!

                    The bursting of FED bubbles is not a “natural phenomenon.”

                    It’s a man-made event!

                    A “natural phenomenon” is an observable event which is not man-made.

                    Men attempt to manipulate everything!

                    Right on down to the course of the Mississippi river.

                    As GMAFB says: “Same shit, new day.”

                    BTW: Deflation in an age of central banking fiat is only possible if “they” shut down the game.

                    And as you have stated many times, this wont happen, because “they” will not destroy “THEIR wealth.”

                    The people who run around “screaming” DEFLATION are Keynesian cultists.

                    The leading court jester here is Paul Krugman.

                    He is paid to scream “DEFLATION.”

                    • YMWW: I agree with what you say: none of the examples that you cited are “natural phenomena”. They are all man made and these men (Keynesians if you will) are keeping those bubbles inflated.

                      My personal belief is that a natural phenomena, something totally out of their control, is the black swan that brings the house down. 🙁

                  • All you need to do is be prepared. My house is paid for. I have twice my annual income stashed in cash and 1000 oz. silver and 10oz gold in my stash. Hyperinflation is my biggest fear. That is the reason for the metals.

                • YMWW,
                  Excellent and informative post. One of the best descriptions of deflation and what the government, fed and media has done to scare and brain wash everyone, that I’ve ever seen.

          • This world wide monetary collapse is going to be LEGENDARY

        • With all the surveillance technology available today, I wonder why we are not using it on THE “protestors”. They use social media and smartphones. It would have been so easy to collect all their cell phone numbers during the riot and marches, then create a list of possible protesters. You could even identify those from out of town who were there on “business”.

          Mr. Bill

        • Mac, License plate scanners are now able to double work and do facial recognition besides reading the license plates, either fixed on a pole or as mobile vehicle devices.

          They have mobile Infrared scanners that detect heat inside a building to determine where humans lay in wait, like seeing through walls.

          Also mobile scanners in a passing Van, that can detect guns on a person as they walk on a sidewalk nearby as the guns are concealed under a jacket, or inside a house. Like the scanners that X-ray trucks crossing the boarder looking for hidden compartments looking for contraband.

          Bottom Line, what we will need is a total resent where the Grid is fully taken down, like EMP or solar flare, in order to shake out the rift raft controllers who are dependent on these electronics. Their force multipliers will be reduced to paperclips. Many unprepared others will die under this situation. Is it a trade off? Yep.

          • WWTI You seem to be a smart guy, but it’s really hard to understand, that you can’t see how the pieces of this tech puzzle slowly but surely come together, as it makes the march on to the day of a One World Government when we will be required to have the Mark or we won’t be able to buy or sell, and this was foretold 2000 years ago in the same book that tells us of Jehovah God and Jesus Christ. I know some really have a hard time taking your attacks on Christianity, but your choice really has no affect on me. So I’ll go into 2015 serving the Lord and you can serve who ever suits you. Trekker Out. Jesus Christ Is Lord!

            • Mt Trekker. If you think I am not the truth about the fabrications of Religion and Christianity, then what about the POPE saying the very same things. I can promise I would never lie to you, or anybody else for what I see as Facts. ALWAYS SEEK THE TRUTH. Read this.

              Uh Oh… The Pope admits Darwin was right.
              Pope Francis Admits Evolution and the Big Bang Were the Beginning of Mankind –
              See more at: http://www.ghanacelebrities.com/2014/10/30/pope-francis-admits-evolution-big-bang-beginning-mankind/#sthash.oXIh9GlO.dpuf
              “Evolution is real” says Pope, also admits “blue is a colour” & “milk could be a source of calcium”

              Link: http://www.2think.org/pope.shtml
              On Wednesday, Pope John Paul II declared that “fresh knowledge leads to recognition of the theory of evolution as more than just a hypothesis” in a formal statement sent to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

              That other Pope in 1999 said there is NO HELL!!
              “No Hell”: Pope
              CBC News Posted: Jul 29, 1999 5:52 AM ET
              A hell without fire and brimstone. That’s the Roman Catholic Church’s latest view on what life in the hereafter might be like. And it comes straight from the Pope.
              The Pope made the statement yesterday in the Vatican City.
              At this morning’s mass at the basilica of St. John’s, news of the Pope’s statement caught most of the people completely by surprise. “The Pope said what?” asked one man. “I’d have to see it before I believe it.”

              Even the Bible says: Quotes: Leviticus- 18:22 Thou shall not lie to mankind, as with womankind: It is abomination.

              Never accept the Lies from the Liars. Like I said many times, Seek the Truth!! And Seeing is Believing!! WWTI

              • WWTI I won’t argue religion with you, I was just making a point about Tech leading us to the what the Bible stated two thousand years ago. And I also don’t want to argue with Catholicism, but anyone that thinks the Pope is infallible don’t know God’s Word. Romans 3-10 “As it is written, There is none rightous, no, not one”. That includes the Pope. And anyone that thinks otherwise is calling God a Liar. Trekker Out.

              • OMG, WTTI:

                You have certainly shot yourself in the foot with this one.

                That verse from Leviticus:”Thou shall not lie with mankind as with womankind. It is an abomination” has nothing to do with liars and lies.

                It means men should not have sexual intercourse with men like they do with women. It is talking about the abominable sin of homosexuality.

                You, WTTI, had better stick to something you have researched well, and it is obviously not the Lords’ Bible.

                Don’t want to believe me? Type in that verse in your search engine and see it for yourself.

                And as far as the words of the Pope go on evolution, Jesus warned us there would be false preacher/teachers and the current crop of Popes seems to be fulfilling that prophecy. I am sure there are Catholics that are beside themselves with their current Pope.

                • Zzzzz……Grannyland, the world of Unicorns, Lepricons, and Fairy God Mothers. So what did God tell you today…So are you saying Religion invented Homosexuality? How about that homeless drifter Guy JC who used to pale around with his disciples gang. Did he every have a Girlfriend?

                • So you saying the Pope is a Liar?

                • POG, why would an atheist be quoting something from the Bible? Interesting……

              • WWTI, Catholicism is a false religion anyway.

                • And exactly WHAT makes YOU an expert on the subject braveheart? Or are you going to try to take both sides of the issue like always?

                  • Anonymous, I love you too. [sarcasm] That post is based upon some stories my wife, a FORMER Catholic, told me about her upbringing in the Catholic faith. do some research and you’ll find that EVERY tyrant who existed in Europe from the time that church was established, INCLUDING HITLER AND MUSSOLINI, CAME FROM CATHOLIC FAMILIES. BTW, the Castro brothers in Cuba also came from a Catholic family. Makes you go HMMMMMMMMMMMMM. But, no, I don’t claim to be an expert. have a good day.

                    • This is ridiculous speculation and guilt by association, proving that logic is alien to you, and that your input can be safely ignored. The influence of Christianity and Catholicism in particular, in concert with Greek and Roman philosophers of antiquity are responsible for the very existence and epic history of Western man and Western civilization. Because it has been corrupted (like every other institution) by liberal/jewish ideology doesn’t render it false or without value.

                      Western civilization is going down the toilet because idiots have forgotten their history and heritage and abandoned their faith.

      2. Apparently all that’s needed to take your rights and kids is for your bitch wife totell the cops a 3rd party said you were going to hurt her. Bam, restraining order against you and authorities claim the power to take your guns. No crime, charge, or jury of your peers.

        They can come and take it if they’re willing to die over hearsay.

        • So that’s why they want the lead out of the house paint. So they can use radar to see inside….

        • I have read that putting IR (infrared) led’s around your license plates and visor of a hat can blind surviellance cams and facial recognition. Maybe wear a “V” mask when driving too. Put thin sheet metal under the siding of your house and metalized window tint. Install a radar jamming device under your eves too. If you don’t want to tint your windows just use foil on the back of drapes or shutters. I’m sure there are many ways to defeat theyre tech crap. Put a piece of electric tape over the camera on your laptop, microphone too. Don’t use smart phones or anything that says smart in the description. Don’t be a high profile target for crap. Don’t buy gunzz from dealers, pay cash for everything or money orders. With a little brainpower and some searching you can probably throw a good wrench in theyre works… 🙂

          • Genius,a good pile of goldfish crackers should hide one from invasive technology!I agree there are a lot of low tech ways to beat the invasive tech being used against us.As for buying guns from private parties,well,after losing all mine in that kayak accident not really wanting to resupply!

            • WC, 10-4 on the goldfish crackers. I saw the best deal ever on brewing equipment so I sold all my stuff to buy it. I don’t need gunzz anymore anyway. They will never take my brewing supplies because they are to stupid to figure out how it works lol. Anyway good to see you my man hope you and yours have a happy new year and I hope to see you at the deck party 😉

            • Warchild, you just reminded me of something I need to get restocked on.

            • Warchild, Happy New Year to you and yours.

          • Sheet metal will not stop Doppler or back scatter radar. INS and CBP use it to look right through cars. Cache what you want to keep and like Genius says keep a low profile and cut out the bravado. It makes you look stupid and will get you and your loved ones killed. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

            • We are definitely on the same page with pray, plan prep, form teams note: recon. Know your neighbors and can they be trusted. The nice guy across the street might be an ass in the clinch. keep a low profile and keep your mouth shut. Agreed, bravado looks stupid and will get you and your family killed. I’ve given thought to metal on the house but I’m more worried about my wife and daughter sizing me for a tin foil hat. Putting most extra $ into preps. God speed and keep your powder dry.

              • I gotta look into goldfish crackers for invasive tech issue, Is This for real?

                • Old Vet,think of it as a opforce distraction,only thing better would be donuts!

          • Never use WiFi anything, cell phone or Home. And never do any banking at all on your cellphone or using any WiFi device. Also never use the GPS function on your cell phone. Disable that feature. NEVER use a manufactured installed GPS System. It will track you 24/7. Buy a separate GPS device that is not part of you or your originally integrated into your vehicle during assembly. Cell phones now have at least 5 to 7 points of entry into all your phones data. It is part of the manufacturing process. And on your cell phone go into the security privacy feature, and frequently clear the memory of your search history, cookies, form data, cashe, passwords, GPS, or any other notifications. Never connect to WiFi, and ignore your phone company warning that say you need to up date your phone via WiFi. They too will go away as your phone continues to function normally.

            And when you are done using these devices, smash them into a million pieces and bury them in multiple places. Never donate your phone, or give it away. Never.

            • Done, done, and done. I come from a family circle of IT professionals, and I can testify that a lot of ‘tin foil hat’ theories regarding surreptitious collection and monitoring of your data and habits are true (we’ve personally encountered numerous instances of it). I operate a ‘high tech’ life using ‘low tech’ hardware, always sweeping away my tracks as I move along. Leading a clandestine (minimal digital footprint) life isn’t about covering up a criminal lifestyle…it’s simply about protecting my God-given right to personal privacy, as much as I can still guard it.

              Despite the GOV’s growing belief that everyone’s a bad guy to some degree and must be surveilled 24/7, one can be one of the good guys while ‘hiding’ from the GOV’s Gorgon Stare.

        • Iowa, That shit works both ways my friend. All kinds of super nasty payback for A-holes that try and frame you. Set them up for a nice prison vacation 🙂

          • Yep Iowa, a good learning lesson. NEVER trust anybody fully, or tell them your weaknesses, or your past life problems, as they may or will exploit your weakness when they need to for their advantage. All a woman has to is file an unproven false report with the court for domestic abuse or a threat, or stalking, and a restraining Order is placed on you, and then the judge also orders all your guns taken away, and then you are required to attend Anger Management. Before you even know what happened you are assumed guilty. Truth does NOT prevail in this case, Women can lie their asses off and the Judge will rule every time, on the side of safety. Its a pretty crappy system out there. Of course we know that some people do live in fear from real abuse. Even woman physically abuse men as well or children. But seems to be harder to prove that in court, a woman abusing a man.

            I have learned in life when I meet a new woman is ask here about her past relationship. If she says, she filed restraining orders on past relationship, dump her right then and run the other way. No matter how god looking or sexy she is just move on. Some women use a restraining order on guys when they break up. Vicious bitchez out there. Not all, but many know how to work the system.

        • On another note… I read that they are going to outlaw purchases of drugs from feed stores that can be used on humans. You will have to have a prescription to buy antibiotics etc. from supply stores. Better get them while you can!

          • Fish Antibiotics – CampingSurvival dotcom

        • Iowa, glad to see you still hanging in there. If anyone wants to come take anything from me, they will lose their life. I never said I would go along with anything like that and they’re not allowed to hurt me, period!

      3. This system is way over RED LINE.

      4. The corporate state of mercenaries is standing off against We the People. Its been coming for a while now, and it will only get worse. Defend yourself accordingly.

        • Well Sterling, the fight better commence soon or it will be so one-sided that, We the People, will not stand a chance. Eventually the amount of technology and weaponry will be so superior to what the average citizen can muster up, resistance will be futile.

          • The technology is overrated and there are ways of defeating it. The people who promote it are way overconfident on the tech gear.

            • More to your point renegade, when the people operate under leaderless resistance and do so in an asymmetric fashion that utilizes the traditional disadvantageous in an advantageous manner, no modern military can defeat the freedom fighter, the patriot, or what they have relabeled as terrorists or insurgents. U.S. Inc’s military couldn’t do it in Iraq, Afghanistan, or anywhere else.

              • SS, well said. Conventional military forces have NEVER defeated any insurgency. History is full of examples. Even if a million UN troops were brought into this country, they would never stand a chance.

                • Illiterate afghan goat herders, miles from any easy access to resources could defeat half this fancy smancy high tech stuff. I’m fairly sure that Westerners with easy access to simple items like blu tack, chewing gum, ingredients for molotovs etc in their kitchens could summon up a reasonable resistance if their backs were shoved hard enough against the wall.

                  A few simple facts:-

                  1/ The tech is only ever as smart as the guy operating it.

                  2/ The dumb tech operator always has a Mum, kids and wife etc same as we do.

                  3/ Most of this stuff only works so long as the electric grid does. Which takes us back to point one.

                  Most preppers could and would survive six months off the electric grid. Most of the parasitic class and their pathetic technical minions would be totally stuffed after the first fortnight. This could be guaranteed if their names and addresses could be swiftly distributed to the baying mobs from the gimme dat fraternity via old tech methods such as painting symbols on their damn houses, arrows on the road etc etc.

                  They rely on our fear to control us, but that is a but a very tenuous form of control in the final analysis.

                  • Lonelonemum, Happy New Year and spot on comments.

                  • Lone,some of your post sounds very “Mcgyver”like,nothing that can’t be fixed or broken with a combination of tin foil/chewed bubble gum and a used prophylactic!

                    • Warchild – I personally duct tape lol! Not yet found much couldn’t be sorted with judicious use of a bit of duct tape lol!

                    • Warchild – I personally duct tape lol! Not yet found much couldn’t be sorted with judicious use of a bit of duct tape lol!

          • It’s a good thing we’re not “average” citizens.

          • Sorry but the longer it goes the Less chance they have. We cannot win with Tech but they can go bankrupt just waiting

        • Sterling – The US Govn’t has been hiring many Corp contractor / mercenaries for the wars over seas. Maybe it is good we are sending them over there for employment than them here still in the States. Like these freaks love killing for sport and a paycheck. Or who ever will pay them the nost will be the side they chose. No morals there eh? All of them are War Whores, will do anything for money.

      5. Bunker Hill!

        • Iowa,most of the fighting was actually at Breed’s Hill,higher terrain thus the patriots fortified there.Very distant relatives actually farmed around and on parts of the hill till the battle,literally chewed it up so bad and the Brits still @ that point held Boston so they bailed.

        • Take Note: AS WE ENTER 2015 ~There may be a day coming up where the Internet is No Longer. Suck up this Info as much as you can, and put it on word docs and save it to a USB memory stick, for off line review.. Back up all your files on several USB memory Sticks. You computer may even get infected with viruses and you then still have the bulk of your personal data, photos, info on your memory sticks. It may not be safe to even connect to the internet in fear of hacks and viruses. If you abandon your computer, save your files, and destroy your computer’shard drive in a million pieces. Burn it and bury it. I am still trying to figure this out, but you can put an entire Operating system like Microsoft XP on a USB Memory stick. So if you come across another computer, you can place your memory stick in the computer, turn it on and your operating system will load and supersedes any other program. Once you safely remove the stick clear the memory on the computer. And no traces exist. Keep backups on your bug out bag and other safe places. USB Memory sticks are cheap $10 for 16 Gigs+ – Just another Prepper tip and a project for you to do on your check list before SHTF and the grid or internet is down, for maybe ever. WWTI

          • Wwti look up da*mn small linux. I use it for work to pull files off of damaged/crashed hard drives. It’ll run on any da*mn thing from windows 95 to windows 8. Even those apple crap boxes. Got mine on a portable 500 gb hard drive

      6. Slowly putting the pices in place to track the movements of all slaves. The national ID should also help them achieve that goal. What wonderful times we live in! Sarcasm off

        • I’m not getting any stinking national ID.

          • I won’t take a chip of any kind either. Not in my head, hand or wherever.

            • I don’t think it will be a chip….I think it will more than likely be a scar or tattoo

          • Renegade – Do you own a cell phone? That is a tracking device. How about internet? That also tracks you. Even Mac or any other website you log onto now has your IP address.. lol You are already tracked many times a day and did not even know it. Ever go for a drive? License plate readers sit fixed at “on and off ramps” to highways. Go into a store? Cameras want all your movements. just saying, our lives are already layered with tracking devices.

      7. It is over for collapsing Murica boot lickers, evil Corporatist Fascist control is now complete.

        • RON – YOU QUOTE THE TERM “MERCA” Source: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Merca

          DEF: Pronounced “MRRH-KUH!”

          How the rednecks of the USA pronounce the name of their country. The bastardization of “America.”
          “I’s from MERCA!”

          “Where? There’s more than one country in North America.”


          **Thanks for the laugh!!

      8. Grrrr police.

        This will not end well.

        All this hate is incentivizing the criminals. There are bad apples in every cart. Every single god damn cart.

        The thin blue line may not be there when you call, when the boys come ransack you for your (fill in the blank).

        I can hear the dispatcher now… “Sir, stay on the line, we want to laugh a bit longer while your brother in law beats you to death”.

        Focus your distastes on those that deserve it. Your ELECTED OFFICIALS.

      9. Police: Crack Found in Man’s Buttocks


        Same shit, new day.

      10. Happy new year to TSHTF family,
        I could give a rats ass what the cops or gov do,

        • They can only kill us once, Kula.
          I would rather die for something,
          than live for nothing.
          The best of the seasons promise to you.

        • You, sir, arethe biggest danger.

          You can fight them and curse them and hide from them and whatever. They’ll always beat you. But, when you make them irrelevant, that, sir, is what they are most terrified of. It is also how I feel. Don’t care because I avoid them. They’ll never get a 911 call from me. I’ll call the coroner directly.

          “Hello, coroners office? Yeah, I caught this moron trying to steal my stuff. Send some people out to clean up this mess before it starts stinking.”

          • You bet I’m the danger, NetRanger,
            Been that way all my days.

            • OutWest, braveheart is right there with you.

              • Never had a doubt, braveheart. Most people today
                think having balls is only for procreation.

          • Net, why call anyone? Just take care of the cleanup yourself. No one else needs to know or be involved. For christ sake man use your brain..

            • IKR, my neighbor and I just buried a dead horse. We live adjacent to a large BLM wilderness too, in case the wood chipper into the river isn’t working.

            • that’s why I own a front end loader with a back hoe. Throw in some firewood, diesel, a lit roll of paper and the body. more wood on the body. cover after thee hours. done.

              • Throwing remains into a piggery works. I mean, I’ve heard that someplace. I forget where. I’m just sayin’ is all….. Ummmm- Lawyer!!!

          • Netranger. I wouldn’t call anybody buy my buddy dirt shovel, to help bury the mess before it has a chance to stink.

            • Friends help friends move,real friends help friends move bodies.

        • Happy new year to you too Kula! Your one of the Kulast dudes here! 🙂

      11. It will be impossible to hide from them, so it looks like I will go down in a pile of brass.

        • Amen Brother

      12. To everyone here: HAPPY NEW YEAR, but I fear the word HAPPY should be removed and be replaced with the word UNCERTAIN. Prepare and be safe everyone!

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

      13. Talk about looking over your shoulder………QQ

      14. Easy words to live by,

        Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit

        • The oldies in my family have the saying “never trouble, trouble till trouble troubles you” same thing.

          Personally I think the best, most effective resistance for those of us without specialised military training is to wean ourselves as far off the “system” as is practicable for us to do so. This can actually take a lot longer than you would first assume once you start analysing how deep their tentacles go.

          1. If you work for a corp figure out how to become honestly and legally self-employed so that you no longer depend on the system to pay your utility bills.

          2. Get out of debt, as quickly and as fast as you can. Remove their primary means of control.

          3. Get your kids out of the school system and into a sensible private school or homeschool. Be aware this may require you to change your employment in order to make this possible.

          4. If you have imbeciles for neighbours, or are stuck in the inner city – see if you can work out how to move. Relocation can take longer than you think, and can’t be done overnight if you have to find new employment or sell property in order to finance the move. It also takes time to suss out who to trust when you get where you are going. So if this has been a vague idea in previous make 2015 the year where this becomes a reality.

          5. If even 1/10th of your groceries can be from your own garden – you’ll still have a major head start on 99% of the population when the stores close. We moved last year, and I figure it’ll take 5 years to get the full productivity possible from our back garden. (This will include an edible native hedge at the back of the property). Anyone who thinks gardening is an instant occupation is a daffy. Even the finest heirloom varieties need time to adapt to your specific micro-climate and soil before being able to produce at maximum capacity.

          6. Skills – every new skill you learn is money saved and reduced dependency on the system. Getting along with sensible neighbours and being able to swap skills when needed is a gift that should never be underestimated. make it a goal to acquire at least one new skill per year, no matter how humble it may seem. (e.g if you are an amazing scratch cook – what are your brewing skills like? If you can fix house electrics, can you learn auto electrics? If you can fix computers, can you fix sewing machines?).

          7. Prepping. It is better to gradually acquire one can of beans or lentils per week than to procrastinate. If you are living within reduced means never forget that what is between your ears is worth more than a mountain of “stuff” you have no clue how to use.

          8. You don’t have to be a Luddite but at the same time never forget that technology is just a tool – one that you the operator should retain control of. Board games, conversations and musical instruments entertained humans for millenia before the advent of the igadget. Ensure your kids spend enough time in the real world to be able to distinguish real world danger from online fantasy and react accordingly.

          • lone, Great post, thank you! Knowledge IS power and from what I see everyday people are pretty powerless. For years now I have dreaded going out in public, shopping, etc. It’s sickening how pathetic the public has become. I’m not the smartest man there is but damn, compared to these zombies I’m a super genius. If we could just have a continent for intelligent people with critical thinking and common sense and love freedom and will actually defend it life would be sweet! Imagine a land where only natural law reigned 🙂

            • Genius,did you really say”Super Genius”?!I just dread shopping because,well,don’t really like people for the most part(forum excluded in before statement!)and,well,don’t have a lot of money to spend.I find for many items do much better on net by a long shot,try to figure items I need,say,stuff for the dremel,get about60-70% off by net shopping but there are times when you need something right away and the “Mcgyver” problem solving with before mentioned tinfoil/chewed bubblegum and used prophylactic ain’t gonna cut it,then,I pay retail and feel far from being a genius!

              • WarChild, I do that too, I shop online as much as possible. I do a lot of tinkering with electronics surviellance and radio stuff. I can’t shop for groceries on the net though lol. And some things like hardware I need asap. Trust me bro, I don;t go out to shop unless I have too.. 🙂

          • Wish we had a ” love” button…..great post!

      15. “…This app explores billions of records in social media postings… it flags “offensive speech” in its threat assessment… you don’t even have to make an online threat to be considered a threat, you just have be considered ‘offensive’… potential for abuse and use against gun owners and those exercising political speech, including offensive or less-than-responsible online rhetoric, is perhaps inevitable… ”

        Consarn-ed Hostakle-Fifer FrackaRassin, flea-bitten, snazzin’ lily-livered, snip-rippun zargled, bow-legged idjit varmints

        • ALIAS ,
          You almost forgot , dirty egg suckin hound….

        • Just remember who is responsible for this action of lawlessness… THE ENFORCERS! The assholes that are just order following buttlicking yes men and women that do whatever they are told. This includes cops, troops, dea, etc. no brain sheep that cannot learn the word NO! Just doing my job they say, well they ARE your enemy! If I told you to go shoot someone I didn’t agree with would you do it? Well since it’s all official and legal and your job depends on it I guess you would? Mutherfooking cowards of the worst kind! Order followers are the biggest pieces of shit on this earth… Without them NONE of this crap would be happening! Beware oh suckass ones, your time is coming,,, 🙂

          • Damn right Genius, These fools are so stupid they either don’t know right from wrong or don’t care. They are the problem because they blindly do what they are told. Pretty damn sick huh.

            • These stupid cops think they’ll be protected by their handlers, the politicians. Hey, dumb cops; look how well the mayor of New York is taking up for his blue line. You’re just meat for the grinder when it all falls down.

          • government running out of money to pay them might help a little, remember every bit of tax you pay every lotto ticket you buy adds to your repression. Withdraw your support every way you can 🙂

            • When the Government runs out of money to pay the police, they will stop working for them, and join the patriots of this country, who are fighting for our freedoms. Money corrupts. Freedom Rings!!

            • Alice: 50% of Americans do not pay taxes. The PTB have shown that they do not need our taxes to grease the economy. Taxes are just a measure to reduce our wealth and keep us wards of the State.

              Kill the IRS. Kill the FED. Death to the New World Order. !!! 🙂

      16. This is funny, 2 articles posted on the same day, one designed to garner sympathy for cops, and the other telling you how your rights will be violated by them with more hi tech.

      17. And I suppose they invented their own definition of ‘offensive speech’. depends on what they mean by that term. Sounds like something else illegitimate. Too much police work has no legitimate basis to t these days.

        • Braveheart:

          Here is something REALLY offensive to chew on. Two shit sandwiches being offered up to the voters in 2016.

          Helley Clinton or Jeb Bush….

          Hope all you dems and repubs are happy with the criminals being chosen to represent you. Anyone get it yet that voting at the national level has nothing to do with who patriots want running our Republic. AIPAC will be serving up these two on a silver platter. Hope you have some good whiskey to chase the nasties down your throat.

          • How about we vote to get rid of the office of president altogether 🙂 In fact why not vote to get rid of the fed govt. period. Then burn the law library and delete all files. Just have states with a common defense contract between them. But alas I’m daydreaming again…

            • Dreaming,perhaps in our time but see the US splitting apart to a degree long term with aforementioned mutual defense aid ect.,why should someone try and force their life on me or for that matter me trying to force my life on them(well,except that I am correct!),we should split country up a bit and let folks vote with their feet and not mob rule in a land of a lost republic.

              • WC, yepper thats why I kinda like the idea of seperate sovereign states. Don’t want freedom? Move to commieville and see how that works lol. 50 states of being to chose from, and no changing the laws 🙂

          • POG, Happy New Year. Let’s see IF we make it to 2016.

      18. Can someone out there recommend a reputable company to get level 3 body armour?

        • bulletproofme dot com

          • Second that.

        • Infidel Armor is the best in my opinion…will take hit after hit and still perform

        • AR500 Body Armor – Ceramic plates are lighter, but after a few hits they begin to self destruct. AR500 Steel Plates takes hits after hits and keep on going. Flat plates, curved plates, side plates, lots to check out.

          • John,would look for the body armour dealer that has a “Lifetime warranty”!

      19. All you cop lovers. You have most “good” cops using these system to get you and they don’t care what rights they are violating. They don’t have to be a bully cop to be bad. And there are so many laws that when they want to, they will get you.

        I call it the “Bureaucratic Event Horizon”. We are in a downward spiral of bureaucracy and it’s going to implode some day.

      20. Misogyny is a problem in Canada. The police are needed to prevent women from becoming victims of the patriarchy.

        A female school administrator of the Toronto District School Board
        was verbally harassed on the phone by one of the misogynist men.

        The recording of the Crazy misogynist caller and his harassing behaviour to the principal of a TDSB school.


        Women should not be oppressed by such chauvinist men. Men must learn to respect women.

        • Angela, you do make one valid point about men respecting women, but you feminists forget that respect is a two-way street, not one-way with a dead end. Stop your illegitimate campaign against men. Stop treating them like second-class citizens. MEN SHOULD NEVER BE OPPRESSED BY FEMINAZI SLUTS.

        • As a Canadian citizen, your post is utter and complete BS. As a white, Anglophone male, I have had my career severely compromised by you fascist, leftist, ignorant feminazis on more than one occasion. There ARE no victims of patriarchy in Canada, and in fact never married women has made the same income as never married men in Canada for 30 years. The disparity comes from when women choose to get married and choose, of their own free will, that raising healthy, well adjusted children trumps your vile, arrogant leftist self actualization BS through work.

          Take your ignorant, uninformed feminazism somewhere else. No one believes you. I’m sure the Der Sturmer Gobbels wannabe publication will welcome your ignorant, arrogant propaganda with open arms.

          Oh yea. Where WERE you freaking hypocrite feminitwits for Where were feminists for Paula Jones, Juanita Broderick, Dolly Kyle Browning, Kathleen Willey, Gennifer Flowers, that poor junior worker abused by a workplace superior named Monica, ad infinitum?

          I’m sorry, I forgot… you are all socialist feminists, and therefore phonies and liars.

          • Test, AMEN to your comments. I’m American and won’t put up with feminazi crap.

        • @Angela, you’re a troll, aren’t you?

          • SS, she’s a feminazi troll. Happy New Year.

      21. Oh, no! Doppler radar! Ha! Thats really dumb to use against homes in the midwest. Somehow the emissions (which are, essentially, the same as a microwave) interact with the priming compound in modern small arms ammunition. (Why do you think the military keeps their in *METAL* cans?)

        “I’m sorry officer, I did not intentionally shoot at your doppler radar play toy thingy. You see, my guns just started going off spontaneously and I sure didn’t want them aimed in here, so I aimed them down the driveway. I’m really sorry your two million dollar snooping toy got shot up, but, I guess maybe you’ll check with a scientest, a professor or someone before you use it the next time, huh?”

        • Doppler radar? Really?…How’s that gonna work-

          (radio static) ksshhht- Team leader we’re showing a big red guy hiding behind the drapes. He seems to be spinning in circles. Request instructions, over.

          ksshhht- Unit 4 say again. A big red guy? Turning in circles?

          ksshhht- Affirmative team leader. No, wait! Now he’s turning purple and seems to be growing larger.

          ksshhht- Unit 4 you’ve apparently got a huge criminal or a category 3 tornado. Better get out of there!

          ksshht- Damn! I knew I shoulda been a meteorologist instead of a cop! Head for the cellar boys!….

          • SmokinOkie, welcome back and Happy New Year. How are you?

          • Smokin, You counter Dopler by throwing a few icy snowballs at them, and they will stop pointing it at you. ha.

            • With rocks in the center lol…

      22. All I can say is buy the ultimate guide to special forces skills tactics and techniques edited by jay McCullough it cost $24.95 I’m serious if you buy it you will see what I mean there is info in this book that should be banned but it isn’t get a copy today I don’t wanna discuss the info now got mine at Barnes and noble paid cash it’s as thick as a phone book they sell it on amazon too but don’t buy it there get a hard copy at a book store. The shit in this book is phenomenal goes way beyond just survival . I can’t stress this enough you won’t find this content anywhere else that I know of in this country . At least stop by a book store and look through it and decide for yourself . You will totally understand what I’m sayin the info in it is worth more in my opinion especially if you have a lot of buddies on board with you. Nobody mentions this book anywhere I have ever read. This should be your next prep. IMHO

        • Asshat,info. in this book that should be banned?!Are you against the 1st,what kind of info.,just a example please,doesn’t have to be specific but a lot of websites out there on the net that have “lots of info.I will say you see anything of interest on the net get it on a thumbdrive from local library/write it down/print it up.A hard paper copy will survive any emp/net downfall ect.

      23. As Roman satirist Juvenal asked 2,000 years ago – and which STILL has not been answered, not can it ever be – Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who will watch the guards?

      24. I don’t know why I’m doing this, but I’m going to wish a Happy New Year to Anonymous and John W. who tried to rake me over the coals about credit back on that article about the Chinese blogger who predicted the crash of that AirAsia Flight 8501. Happy New Year to both of you characters.

      25. Well, here’s the last day of 2014 slinking it’s mangled butt off the calendar. And good riddance!
        My nu yeers rez uh lushuns-

        1- lern too spel better
        2- be more cynical and distrustful of government
        3- gain weight
        4- counter the lame stream media propaganda with just as much bs flung back at them, never mind the facts
        5- laugh more, cry less

        That aught to be a list I can actually keep!

        YAPPY HOO NEER EVERYONE! Don’t pink the drunch, I spink it’s thiked…

      26. The new year is almost here. I’m going to a yearly party tomorrow. There are no invitations. Everyone is just supposed to show up. Pig-pickin’, blackeyed peas, boiled potatoes, cornbread, sweet tea, and more. Way out in the middle of nowhere, or “somewhere they can’t find me” as Simon & Garfunkel sang.

      27. People hate the idea of the police state and having the boot on their throat but those same people love the cops.

        • He.

          That is why we need event so bad that it makes people chose a side because we will not be screwing around anymore for it could cost you your life if you do.

      28. And the police wonder why they are held in such low esteem. Spying on others like you see in that V movie. If the police really want to help themselves they should try abiding by the U.S. Constitution, that would diffuse the various situations, the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases for example. That means instead of getting into it with the above mentioned people, they should’ve went to a judge with their evidence and gotten a warrant first. Then serve a summons, if summons is ignored, then the police can go to the alleged criminal and say we have a warrant for your arrest for whatever charges. The police can show up with backup and have a more peaceful outcome, hopefully. And if things do escalate, they have the proper, due-process warrant to stand behind. After presenting the warrant the police should make the individual aware, they should already be aware, that the place to fight is in court, that it is not the police’s place to determine guilt and mete out punishment. This getting a warrant first allows for a sort of pre-filtering of cases by the Judge, which could really matter in a jurisdiction where the Judge is elected. This crap where some ‘official’ is going to peek in your windows looking for an excuse to demand money from you is hardly traditional American jurisprudence.

        • Problem with that is most judges are at least as corrupt as the cops….

      29. So I asked my Doctor:

        “Doctor, what are we going to do about this dangerous virus from Africa?”

        And my Doctor said: “I don’t know, he has two more years in office.”

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

      30. The first thing to do is to buy your own router with a firewall and then learn how to block outbound traffic and to keep an eye on the sys-logs.

        Free routers like you get from your ISP don’t in general allow you to block outbound traffic and the have nearly as many back doors as microsoft windows.

        My hardware firewall protects 12 devices on my LAN and by default all microsoft ip ranges are blocked along with 99% of Googles IP’s

        These so called smart TV’s are the worlds worse when it comes to spying and when you switch your TV on they connect to Samsung/Sony and then Google/Facebook/Twitter so that they can all share your data.

        • Mr Smith: What router do you recommend that has the requisite features and where can we buy it? Thanks in advance!!! 🙂

      31. The best we can hope for is an EMP that wipes out all circuits of information or at least the devices that transmit and receive that information. Then only the hardened storage sites would have to be destroyed.

      32. Same Shit, Different Year.

      33. In their weekly radio address at least according to a article I read the leader of the new black panther party was saying to listeners(1,perhaps 2 as second listening as can’t reach radio dial!)that folks need to get firearms/get on the range/start getting in shape,good advice for anyone in the USA but a little late to the party by decades!

        • Good thing it’s fairly easy to outwit negros. They are the last thing I fear. I fear cops a hell of a lot more than any panthers or gangs. Black folk don’t like the woods much, how many blacks have you seen camping? Just throw a snake at them and watch them shit themselves lol. 🙂

          • Genius,you realise the govt. free lunch program was a idea stolen from the real black panthers?The original panthers figured out hungry kids don’t learn as well(there is a tough one)and took it upon themselves to feed hungry kids lunch,solved issue on their own and funded it in many places but heaven knows govt. can’t have that and thus started program everyone pays for and listens to the mooch michele bitch about!


      35. Happy New Year Mac and to all at SHTF. It’s going to be a long uncertain year so pray, prep and stay aware. I can smell the black eyed peas, cabbage and cornbread cooking so today will be good anyway.


        1) You are still brain dead dumbed down enough to call yourself Republican filth, or a Democrat shit stain.

        2)You still wave that filthy Corporatist Fascist Murican flag

        3)You still sing that boot licking Corporatist Fascist Anthem of the dumbed down brain dead Zombie slaves in collapsing Murica.

        4)You are still ignorant enough to vote in elections for Corporatist Fascist Globalist money pig shit stains of pure evil in the shithole collapsing Murica.

        5)You are in the military, or you are brain dead dumbed down enough to actually believe the Corporatist Fascist money pig asset protection force is here for your protection.

        6)You support the FASCIST MILITARIZED boot licking COWARD Police, who are still trying to hold onto their collapsing STASI FASCIST FEUDAL SYSTEM, so the boot lickers can keep their cushy retirements, depressant booze money, and so the boot lickers can buy more violent video games to learn how to kill you faster and with more accuracy.

        7)You walk around like a fucking Zombie idiot with your latest I IDIOT 5/6/7/8/9/10/11….NSA TRACKING DEVICE in your ignorant hand, saying to anyone calling you out for your stupidity in this STASI FASCIST nightmare “I GOT NUTTIN TO HIDE”….well of course you don’t fascist boot licking ignorant trash.

        8)You are still brain dead dumbed down enough to support “BREAD AND CIRCUSES” sporting events, and worship the money pig players as Gods, all while you and the children you should of never had are under chemical attack in the GENOCIDAL shithole of collapsing STASI FASCIST CORPORATIST CONTROLLED MURICA.

        9)You are still brain dead dumbed down enough to watch and participate in mindless entertainment, and worship the money pig entertainers as Gods, all while you and the children you should of never had are under chemical attack in the GENOCIDAL shithole of collapsing STASI FASCIST MURICA.

        10)You feed your family GMO/CHEMICAL/SUGAR/HFCS filled FAKE FOOD, and you support GENOCIDE by eating at Murican Restaurant filthy disgusting shitholes serving poisonous toxic deadly shit, all because you are a COWARD PUSSY ZOMBIE scared shitless of the truth about the fake food shit you are murdering and dumbing down your children with, and all because you have to keep the addiction to the disgusting processed SUGAR/HFCS filled shit going to feed your lazy coward fat ass.

        11)You gladly poison your family with fluoridated water.

        12)You bring your children in for the “33 shot average” of poisonous toxic Big Pharma shit, so you can be a good boot licker getting your children nice and dumbed down with more chemicals for better control by the evil fascist filth.

        13)You actually listen to disgusting unhealthy fat ass so-called “health professionals”, who shove Big Pharma poisonous shit in your face as soon as you walk in their office doors, and never mention to you…”ITS THE POISONOUS TOXIC FUCKING FOOD YOU CONSUME YOU BRAIN DEAD IDIOT”

        14)You watch Faux News Corporatist Fascist filth, or MSNBC Corporatist Fascist filth, or CNN Corporatist Fascist filth, or any news from the 6 Corporations controlling the Stasi Fascist propaganda BULLSHIT, and you actually believe you are informed. Of course while you are watching the complete BULLSHIT from the Corporatist Fascist filth, you see all the Big Pharma commercials on the idiot device telling you to “ASK YOUR FAT ASS UNHEALTHY DOCTOR, AND TELL YOUR BOOT LICKING MONEY PIG DOCTOR” about the latest deadly Big Pharma shit for your chemically altered toxic waste dump waddling fat ass disease ridden body.

        15)You are still brain dead dumbed down indoctrinated in GENOCIDAL Murica, where you and your dumbed down children are under chemical attack, and you still say “MURICA IS THE GREATEST COUNTRY ON EARTH”.


        • while I agree with what you have said about Zombie Murica… the way you present it needs a little fixing.

          many people, like you, have the right point… but you come off somewhat insane, overly-emotional. I understand the passion. but you aren’t convincing anyone, you are making them think you are crazy, which means you are wrong (even though you are right).

          keep posting, just stop cussing and name calling.

          • Yes you are ridiculous, because you are under chemical attack and not screaming your head off. I suppose you would of been walking around in Nazi Germany telling people to calm down, the Jews will get use to all the poisonous gases eventually. It is time to slap the shit out of the COWARDS, they are chemically altered, brain dead, and completely unable to understand the Corporatist Fascist control they are under, or the GENOCIDE by chemical attack on their families right in front of their toxic waste dump dumbed down faces. Ridiculous the de-population program has begun, maybe it is time we try a different “presentation” to wake the COWARD PUSSY ZOMBIES up.

        • @Ron Ahrens

          Say it like it is Ron, and don’t stop!

        • We are still guilty of the food thing and I still go to Nascar races. But you should see the dumb asses that act like they want to start a fight with me when I will not participate in the whole anthem and flag thing. In fact I turn my back.

        • I like a Human who has passion and says what he feels. You think this is bad, wait till the entire grid collapses, and it is all out war human on human, survival of the fittest. You will witness things you could never imagine, screams, like constant gun shots, yelling, crying, begging, demanding, dying, or hearing people say things you have never heard before. Many will collapse in the dirt and just give up and die. The weak will parish quickly.

          You may as well get the training here to harden you up now, you soft belly political correctness dolts. Watch the Walking Dead today AMCChannel- and several all days series for more training on real SHTF Survival.

        • Ron Ahrens, damn man that was awesome! I think I love you lol 🙂

          • I will love you also, if you are brave enough to wake up dumbed down brain dead cowardly fascist boot licking Zombie shit stains in collapsing Murica.

        • Why the eff do you live here then?????? Move to Zimbabwe of some other hell hole….

      37. Get the book you will have a leg up on the coons when they become unruly white people unite and prepare for battle. This will be a race war you know whose side you are on. I don’t hate black people I have friends who are black . But I’m white and will stand and fight with my white brothers this is the way it is period and you all can thank Obama and the al sharpton fuckin race baiters and now people are gonna get hurt. Idiots

      38. Ron your a funny guy that shit is funny I keep laughing people are brain dead they keep smokin that weed with its chemical that’s why they are fuckin dumbed down they will go along any thing to keep getting stoned fucking coward pusses escapists from reality doush bag dopers alcoholic scumbags there is mind control shit in the weed makes people pacifists with no balls to push back against the corporate bootlickers facist gov regime that is why Murcia is collapsing into a shit pile .

      39. RA.

        Do you have your very own re-education camps?

        • For brain dead dumbed down chemically altered Zombies??? Start with what the COWARD Zombies stuff in their ignorant faces, and all the other TRUTH might have a chance, but if they still consume poisonous shit, the chemically altered Zombies have no chance at recovery and REALITY.

      40. Mac;
        You have stated before that you are located in Ca. What part? I’ve got to think it is rural. Enquiring minds, you know.

      41. We interrupt your scheduled programming…Breaking News…From the Goober County World News Desk…

        Today Pfizer announced that Viagra will soon be available in liquid form and will be marketed as a mixer.

        It will now be possible for a man to pour himself a “stiff one”. This gives a whole new meaning to drinks like “cocktails” and “highballs”.

        Pepsi will sell the drink under the brand name “Mount & Do”.


        There is more money spent today on breast implants and Viagra than Alzheimers research.

        By 2040 there will be a large elderly population with perky boobs and huge erections with absolutely no recollection of what to do with them.

        Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

        • Some of the names and faces were changed to protect the innocent…and to keep me from a plagiarism lawsuit.

      42. Right Ron if they make us sick with food with chemicals in it assholes they can make money when we have to go to doctor. If was all eating healthy food we wouldn’t get sick the docs revenue would fall. Just like crooked lawyers want u to sue people all the time for nothing they want 20percent of whatever they settle for you I just wait for the insurance company to call and settle on my own I don’t need no fuckin middleman. Seems the pigs are always in the middleman position bullshit dirty bastards. All the hormones in the food makes 11 year old boys and girls grow boobs and they can’t have say in what they eat . People who question authority get villainized by the mainstream sheep shitbags. I’ve seen it so many times had it happen to me too . If you keep pushing you get threatened with a job loss or fines or jail or all three so you just say fuckit I don’t care anymore because you don’t want your life ruined. I was pulled aside once and told why do you care about these other guys it’s their problem not yours just worry about your family I’m sure this same thing was said to others who rock the boat . So we will have a society that is selfish and easy to control . If I had kept pushing would get death threats possibly or just someone will come and just take you out when you walk across the street you’ll get hit by a car driven by the guy that’s doing the hit for the dicks that want your trouble making ass out of the picture the hitman goes to court and says you jumped in front of his car and he goes free wasn’t his fault your dead and can’t testify against him . If you are 1 guy rocking the boat your screwed you have to backdown and will I don’t care who the fuck you are you will be silenced even if you are the pres the mafia don’t fuckin play games your dead body will be in the dump or in a cement block no one will ever find you it will be as if you fell off the face of the earth.

        • Asshat, Aint that the truth! Be a martyr for a bunch of idiots? naaaah.

      43. It is typical of governments that they want these technologies to oppress their populations because they fear accountability for corruption and nepotism, so getting rid of them won’t be easy. People who want them say you can’t uninvent things but you can. We uninvented steam trains and bi-planes and 78rpm records amongst other things, and this fascist tech needs to go too.

      44. I used to hang out in the skinhead/ska scene in the 80s: Orange County, Berlin etc. The harassment from the police got too much for many and they decided to find a way to live by and prosper in their views. The idea came up to put on a suit or a uniform and penetrate the military industrial complex and Wall Street. Must of those young punks I knew then are now very, very rich and very mainstream. They made their fortunes in ponzi schemes and/or in selling spy-tech and in the WOT. They are now in their 40/50s and are running the show. That might explain some of these trends. Nazis stopped becoming nazis and started selling real estate, pumping stocks, commanding troops, running police departments, moving to Silicon Valley etc.

        As for all those harassment and threat assessments, notice how it never affects Muslims or inner city punks? Why are the most violent and dysfunctional people the ones who get a free pass? Interesting isn’t it?

      45. all the information gathering is useless some say due to the fact of it being so much the will never get through it
        that only is true if manpower was used. with there super computers and good programmers they get what they want when they want. all of it is available now to nsa at there fingertips. god bless the republic

      46. The Destruction Of The Middle Class Is Nearing The Final Stages

        “The events of the past few months seem astounding when taken in all at once. The plan to destroy the U.S. dollar and the American middle class is moving at an ever increasing speed.

        There are three lessons that many people will learn in the coming months.
        -If you do not have it already you may not be able to get it.
        -If you do not have it physically in your hands you do not own it.
        -If you cannot protect it you will not have it for long.”

        I too feel momentum building.

        An informative article, with many helpful links…

        Preppernomics: How to Survive While the Dollar Dies http://www.theorganicprepper.ca/preppernomics-how-to-survive-while-the-dollar-dies-01012015

        Keep praying and prepping!
        KY Mom

      47. So what will your America look like after the reset?

        What changes would you make?

        • slingshot, Now theres a question that has a million answers.

          Get rid of the fed reserve, eliminate all the owners and top management and sieze theyre assets.

          Abolish the irs and eliminate all the top people that run it. Sieze theyre assets.

          Eliminate ALL federal agencies and govt. and have a state contracted defense program.

          Keep only the military personnel neccisary to maintain and operate the national defense nukes.

          Round up all people here illegally and sieze theyre assets and kick them out.

          With all the fed owners $ and other siezed assets make a good border and men to guard it.

          Make an interstate contract for commerce and prices. Go to a resource/metals backed currency.

          Leave the UN and threaten to nuke them if they fook with us.

          Many other things to do, it wouldn’t be easy but there are some steps in the right direction 🙂

          • GENIUS

            Many want change but few have any vision. Reversing a hundred years of institutional abuse is a monumental task. People have become engrained with the “Help Me” attitude and will bring others down if they don’t get what they want. My re-education camps are the schools and colleges that do nothing but breed communism to be issued a new curriculum that will bring the country back to it senses. Freedom is Freedom but many use it to abuse others. They use deception and half truths to gain acceptance by others to undermine the Constitution and its intent, by EVIL. Most of us know when there is a bad law cause we feel the Evil it represents. Not to mention that OUR Nation’s Moral Compass is spinning with no set heading or course.

            There are organizations that are not conducive to this nations prosperity and must be eradicated or expelled.

            In the reset it will be intriguing who sides with whom by their beliefs, race, religion, social status and politics.

            Truth in the press with a major dose of investigative reporting will be paramount.

            Good Start, Genius.

          • Genius:

            Remove the UN completely out of the US. We have to do that as that is where the OWO goons plan on running the world from.

            Great list Genius.

      48. It’s true it seems the skin heads put the punky look away I think it was a good move myself it draws too much attention a lot of these guys are smart and found better ways to influence .grew up with a guy in American alliance tuff kid. His brother was my best buddy for along time anyway this guy loved to fight and always wanted to stomp people . He loved to be challenged boy that was back in early 90s .anyway off topic war child just stop by the bookstore and check it out buddy I’m not afraid to assert my 1st amend right it’s just I want people to decide for themselves what they want to do. Some folks just want to survive and nothing more. They are not interested in retaliating and that’s fine. I have a copy of this book. For folks interested in the latter. I am a proactive person I won’t just sit back and take it in the ass. You seem like me being called war child because you are interested. the book is the best I’ve seen since the anarchist cookbook . I don’t have that book but I remember it from back in the day. Any way I figure people will get fed up and someone will start a resistance that’s why I got the book . Like I said have never seen this info published anywhere else. And in today’s world with terrorism you may never see this info again . I will leave it at that . Anyway I went into my basement to go through my food stores and see what I want to get rid of 98 percent of it is still fresh but I do this every 6months or so got a small box of things I’m going to give to my old man . It is still good and in date but I won’t be eating it Any time soon it will help him he’s retired. But anyway buried amongst all my food was this box of ramen noodles .me I hate the shit. But it is cheap so I grabbed some a while back well anyway it got forgotten. And now it 2 years out of date so Now I’m curious took a pkg out put on the stove and made it with half the seasoning because it is salty I ate it and it left an after taste I’m not to fond of . But I feel fine and it is safe to eat just don’t taste as good and Im sure the nutrition of it has weakened . So the best by dates are important IMHO come shtf I don’t want eat shitty tasting food it is better than nothing of course but move it on and replace it ASAP . I feel it is ok to experiment with food this way . Worst thing you’ll vomit or shit yourself . I don’t mess with old dairy prods or stuff that is not preserved in cans or what not but fresh food will be missed sorely I will try to trap fresh meat to supplement my food storage . In 1of my other posts I mentioned that the kids pet rabbit died it was 7 years old. So I told wife they could get another 1 this definetly made them all happy and I like rabbit manure for the garden . So my wife goes to pet store to look at bunnies I said why did you do that then she says it has to be neutered or whatever I said no it don’t. now the last one that died lived in a hutch that I made out of scrap wood and some metal screen and I would tend to it . They would take it out of hutch and let it play in the backyard for like a half hour or so then put it back In the hutch. So wife decides to call a rescue league to get another rabbit these people wanted 60 $ plus $ to fix it . I said screw that it’s just a rabbit. So I call a buddy that raises rabbits for meat and told him about the kids rabbit and said you got any for sale he says I got 1 I’m gonna have to take care of if you want it you can have free i said I will pay you for it he says it’s ok I know the kids loved the rabbit I thanked him it’s a doe cute little thing wife is happy kids too it is a rescue from the dinner table ha ha . I’m not getting it fixed either these women at the rescue league filled the wife’s head with all kinds of bullshit . They talked about litter box training like it is a cat. I laughed well the wife is pissed off at me because of how I look at it . She knows how the farm works the kids rabbit would have been dinner six years ago. I don’t know how the ladies at the rescue were able to influence her that easily but they managed to make me out to be the asshole .

      49. Hopefully it will be the downfall of the greedy elite and the resurgence of God in the American peoples lives. Learning the true value of life and what is important. A time when a good hoe is more important than a blame iphone 6 because you need it to tend the garden so you can eat. Maybe even a man’s word being worth more than BS. Men could be men again, willing to protect at all cost their property and freedom and not being a Pajama boy drinking coco. Families sitting at the supper table together and eating a home cooked meal after Grace is given. Someone push the button, PLEASE.

      50. Warchild:

        Please scroll up to the post WTTI made about the Bible where he quoted Leviticus. You will get a big laugh about his translation of that particular verse when you see my post explaining exactly what it means per KJV.

        WTTI certainly shot himself in the foot with that one. When you are not a believer like WTTI you should not pick out a Bible verse to prove how smart you are.

        Look up that verse in your search engine, Warchild. You, too, will have the last laugh on WTTI.

        • I am sorry Warchild, this post was meant for Trekker.

          • I was I admit a bit confused,avoid religious debate to best of ability in this forum,thought that damn brain tumour acting up again!

      51. So I collect metal scraps I don’t go looking for them like some do but Iv done this for 20 years and I have a few people who give me a call when they have metal or car battery’s they don’t want so I go and pick it up it’s all very close by and easy to get . I bring it back to my place and strip the non metal away and compact it’s size and when I get a heavy truck load I bring it to the scrap yard paying highest per pound my ten year old son comes with me to learn how it works. I’d say maybe 2or3 heavy truckloads worth a year I’m not trying to make a living doing this I have a proper job . So I get a little $ for preps or ammo . I mean it’s not a lot of money but if I needed to I could step it up. I also collect up all my pocket change I mean it’s not new $ but $ I already had piling up and I cash it in for paper that is usable. And I have been recently thinking about collecting cans beer soda or whatever. My son is getting older and I want him to learn how to make$. And cans are easy to get for him I know it’s not gonna make him rich but when I was a kid I had a paper route and could make $30 a week but kids now can’t do these paper routes I see adults doing them in their car and the routes are bigger. But my point is there is no excuse for not having the things to sustain yourself you can get a morakniv on amazon for cheap a Cree pocket led light people don’t need all this tactical crap it’s cool if you can afford it . But not nescesary in my area you can get a shotgun for $150plus tax new a good basic one save up and get what you need no more excuses people

        • Ass,I also scrap and if on a gig and don’t have time let friends who have the time get scrap that has resale value.My little few bucks on the side hobby is getting non working lawn mowers/snowblowers ect. off the side of the road/craigslist and getting the little orphans up and running,I enjoy small engine work and recycles stuff and gives folks a inexpensive piece of equipment they may need.I grabbed for my buddy a scrap portable table saw from dump/put in new on/off switch/blew out brushes and good to go including a frued blade,he was all set.As a carpenter regret giving it to him regularly when just need a small table saw!

      52. Ha ha saw the post about the feminist women the broads make me laugh they want equall rights without doing a equal part .where I work there are no women working with the guys they work in the office for less pay .not saying there position is useless . We need them to handle phone calls administrative stuff. Where the guys work is not for women it is brutal dirty dangerous hell I don’t think it’s for anyone it flat out sucks. They have hired females and they don’t go easy on them they will carry their end of the rope and they always fail. Guys fail all the time too. Sissys can’t have people that can’t handle it or don’t know what they are doing just for political correctness . It’s a business not a soup kitchen recently there was a lady if you want to call her that. She was a brute she really busted her ass for a while . And we thought she might make it if she keeps up but as she got comfortable she started running her mouth and complaining and she quit. She was given every opportunity to prove herself I talked with her a few times and even tried to help show her a few tricks . But some of the guys complained about her complaining and it was down hill from there for her . The only reason a woman would want to work there is the pay if you want to make $ don’t fuckin complain about the work being difficult we are not gonna carry you because you have a vagina we are all pissed off miserable angry drunk guys fuckin deal with it . Or go back to pouring coffee . There I put it out there for you ladies. The other guys didn’t want to hurt your feelings . But that is how they feel too.

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