2 Tankers Damaged After Suspected Torpedo Attack Near Strait Of Hormuz; Oil Soars

by | Jun 13, 2019 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 51 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge.

    UPDATE: It appears earlier reports that the Front Altair had sunk were, in fact, incorrect. The ship’s captain has said that it is still afloat. VHF radio traffic confirmed that it is damaged but still afloat.

    Hours have passed since the suspected attacks, and still, nobody has claimed responsibility. Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has noted how suspicious it is that a Japanese owned vessel would be attacked while Iranian leaders were meeting with the Japanese prime minister in Tehran.

    And as one BBG analyst pointed out: “Fingers will certainly be pointed at Iran as the mastermind behind these events. But the potential benefits to the Persian Gulf nation are outweighed by the risks. And even if Tehran isn’t responsible, it will still suffer the consequences.”

    Update: The Front Altair, the Marshall Islands flag tanker damaged in Thursday’s attacks, has now sunk, according to Iranian television. Later, others denied these reports.

    If accurate, the sinking could have a serious impact on oil prices and the environment, as the ship contained twice the amount of oil as Exxon-Valdez.

    While some sources cited torpedoes as the weapons used in the attacks, another said officials suspected the use of a magnetic mine, similar to the devices used during last month’s attacks.

    And just like that…war with Iran is now almost assured.

    Roughly one month after the US accused Iran of attacking Saudi- and UAE-docked oil tankers with naval mines in the Strait of Hormuz, two oil tankers were attacked in the Sea of Oman (not far from where the prior attacks occurred), leaving both ships seriously damaged, Bloomberg reports.

    So far, no casualties have been reported. The attack left one of the ships “ablaze and adrift,” according to the Associated Press.

    Sailors from both vessels were being evacuated as the US Navy rushed to assist.

    The Bahrain-based US Fifth Fleet said it received distress signals from the two ships roughly 50 minutes apart. As BBG reports, the incident will almost certainly “inflame” tensions between the US and its Arab allies on one hand, and Iran on the other.

    The development will inflame already-rising political tensions in the region weeks after four vessels, including two Saudi oil tankers, were sabotaged in what the U.S. said was an Iranian attack using naval mines. Tehran denied the charge.

    The Bahrain-based Fifth Fleet said it received two separate distress signals at 6:12 a.m. and about 7:00 a.m. local time. “U.S. Navy ships are in the area and are rendering assistance,” Commander Josh Frey, a spokesman, said. Iran said it has rescued 44 sailors.

    Though a suspected aggressor has not yet been officially named, and an investigation into the cause of the incident has only just begun, the notion that Iran will be implicated looks extremely likely, even as South Korean and Iranian ships helped rescue all 44 sailors who were aboard the two ships. Iran has already denied responsibility for the attack.



    The manager of one of the tankers, the Panama-flagged, Japanese-owned Kokuka Courageous, which had been carrying a cargo of methanol from Saudi Arabia to Singapore, said the vessel had been damaged as the result of “a suspected attack,” though the manager added that the ship’s cargo was secure.

    “The hull has been breached above the water line on the starboard side,” Bernhard Schulte GmbH & Co KG said in a statement on its website.

    Another tanker, Norwegian-owned and Marshall Islands-flagged Front Altair, sent a distress signal to the UAE port of Fujairah. It had loaded an oil shipment in Abu Dhabi not long before the incident. The ship was reportedly hit with three explosions.

    Officials said it appeared the ships had been attacked with torpedoes. Another report cited officials saying three detonations had been heard.

    The Front Altair was delivering a cargo of naphtha to Taiwan refiner CPC Corp, one company official said. The cargo was supplied by Abu Dhabi’s Adnoc.

    Considering the involvement of the Japan-flagged vessel, the timing of the incident would be ironic. The suspected attacks unfolded as Japanese PM Shinzo Abe met with Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Thursday, the second and final day of his visit, which was intended to de-escalate tensions in the region. There were no immediate details about what they discussed.

    Oil prices are popping higher on the news, as the latest replay of one of history’s most famous false-flag naval attacks, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which helped precipitate the Vietnam war, ratchets up tensions in the region. At one point, Brent crude was up as much as 4% to over $62 a barrel.


    At the very least, the US military will use the attack as an excuse to continue its escalation of personnel in one of the most sensitive waterways for the global oil trade. According to the EIA, 19% of all oil traded by sea passes through the Strait of Hormuz.


    Worst case, it looks like NSA John Bolton may have just gotten the excuse he needs to justify a full-scale invasion of Iran, which we imagine will soon be confirmed as being behind the attacks.


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      1. Well here we go folks – it is on, like popcorn!

      2. Simply amazing how it ALWAYS coincides with war as the agenda. I am in the US and I am saying our government is dirty. They would absolutely do something like this to fire off another pointless war we don’t want or need. Our government is corrupt at every level. Our dumbass citizens allowed our nation to be taken over by criminals. I remember back in 2003 when I myself was sounding the alarm about all of the corruption and people would chastize me and call me a conspiracy NUTJOB because I could see what others are now able to see today. Its not going to stop and the New World Order isn’t going to stop either. They will unfortunately ultimately get their wish of a one world government, language and religion. People to this day are too stupid to know to put an end to it all. There will be population reduction as stated on the georgia guidestone and we the people of earth, do nothing about it. Well at least thats the way I see it.

      3. I liked the lower gas prices..

        • False Flag – Total BS/ FAKE NEWS. The Jap President is in Iran right now when this happened, so why would Iran blow up a Jap ship when the President is visiting in country for a peaceful visit. Japan is still a worthy trading partner with Iran and gee… (((who))) does not like that?? And (((who))) would like to see more chaos and hate in the world by creating a false flag and always gets caught? That’s (((WHO))) Can you say MH-17shot down over Ukraine to blame it on Russia. Funny how Russia does not use Israelii Python Air to Air Missiles that took that plane down. But Guess (((WHO))) does?

          The US CIA and Israehells MOSSAD most likely the culprits of this false flag to jump into another endless war. Watch when the facts come out it will be (((THEM))) And they are still needless bombing Syria. Why we protect America’s worst enemy I have no idea why? Blackmail? A whole host of scandal to control America’s foreign policy.

          • The ‘deal of the century’ was supposed to be revealed on the 25th, I believe. So, the Hegelian synthesis, here, will result in your elites deciding the boundaries of other countries, who you were using for your fob. You’re telling your welfare state fiefdom, in orbit of you, that they can’t make their own cars. They’re not telling you.

          • Correction, it was the Japanese Prime Minister, not a Pres, was in Iran when this attack happened. Now the Japanese crew of the ship that got hurt said that the attack can via air not a torpedo not a mine. So Guess who has missiles like the Python air to air to make it look like a ship was hit by a torpedo, just like the Malaysian Airline MH 17 that was shot down by an Israehelli Python air to air missile, in a false flag attempt to blame it on Russia. .

        • Another False Flag, used to justify the endless war.

      4. Funny how oil prices dropped $2.00 a barrel from their lows then this? Can anyone say “false flag”.

      5. FALSE FLAG written all over this bullshit! What does Iran gain? Not a dam thing. Who gains? The military industrial complex, those sitting in the senate and house, halliburton, lockheed martin, boeing, raytheon, etc… Those evil shits are not even hiding it anymore, better get you shit in order people!

        • Exactly! Iran is full of bluster and tough talk, but deep down they know they could not win a war against the US and our allies. They have nothing to gain from this.

          • OS,
            Keep this in mind, you are dealing with Moslems.
            They are not human, they are Moslems.
            Don’t expect rationality on either side.

            • Sounds like a Bigoted comment from a Z-I-O-N-I-S-T. You can do better rellik.

              Iranians are an independent state with an elected president. Their people want peace just like the majority of our people. Both sides have antagonists and both sides have mass propaganda. But when you weigh the facts. I know those pesky facts. Iran has not provoked or attacked another nation in like 250 years. How long has it been for the US? Check your watch and count the seconds.

              I know those pesky facts keep getting in the way. Learn to recognize BS when you hear or see it.

            • If we must go to war then it needs to be done correctly. A huge smoldering hole where Tehran used to be would suffice.

            • We are also dealing with Zionist Jews regarding the matter of Iran.
              Zionist Jews are well known to commit false flags to be blamed on others.
              This attack has the stench of Israel all over it & only gullible fools or paid sayanim would say it’s by Iran

          • “..deep down they know they could not win a war against the US and our allies…”

            Iran is huge (twice the size of Iraq), the cost in manpower to physically invade is prohibitively expensive.We may control the skies, but even the loss of a few aircraft will be a win for Iran since each one represents hundreds of millions of dollars.
            Iran has terrain similar to Afghanistan- mountainous and difficult to maneuver in armor, negating any advantage our abrams tanks have.
            Iran has no problem bringing the fight to our shores through unconventional (ie- terrorist) attacks. How many will the american people tolerate before they demand an end/withdrawal or a nuke to be dropped?).
            If everything goes perfectly, what then? we cant hold a country that size with manpower so occupation or annexation is out, and we arent ‘liberating’ a people who feel oppressed so any change in regime will spawn an insurgency,. Best we can do is kill the leadership and then we are left with a power vacuum that will spawn regional warlords.

            they can win because frankly, they dont have much to lose and we wont gain anything.

            look for this to be negotiated away.

            • Spot on! All of you know that we are not the beginning or the end all in a game of war.

        • CB

          Israel gains, Saudi Arabia gains, MIC gains. Interestingly talking heads on MSM parroting the US State Department states that only Iran has this technology.


          Israel doesn’t have this capability? The CIA doesn’t have this capability? In the end one needs to look at “who wins and who loses”? From that one determines “who, when, what and why”. The blanket ” because they’re crazy” is in itself crazy.

      6. I piss on you NWO Tech monopoly communist censor control freaks..
        -Come and Take It.-

        DEPLOY US TROOPS ALONG OUR BORDERS. The war against the criminal hordes/drug cartels taking over US cities.
        Only war US should be involved in. Stop the criminal INVADERS.

        US Special ops should destroy all the drug cartels and criminal gangs like MS13. Hunt them down. Destroy them as enemy combatants. No Arrests. No prisoners. DESTROY CARTELS.

      7. Neocons hard at work. I smell Bolton.

      8. From the holes I saw in the ships there is nothing “suspected” about it. I suppose all that hot orange shit is “suspected” fire also.

        • Emboldened for emphasis —
          “even as South Korean and Iranian ships helped rescue all 44 sailors”

          • yet many ended up on the us warship. go figure.

            he said, she said.

        • Stuart

          It’s not a question of if it happened but rather who did it and why.

      9. There’s usually going to be a lot of nostalgia and Americana, leading up to July 4th, like I remember in my childhood lessons, and coloring books, and Mother’s crafting. I see what appears to be gentle, sincere believers, proactively involved in politics, and I think it must feel nice.

      10. If Americans are expected to sacrifice their children on the altar of the God of war let it begin with the children of those who benefit from war, the banksters, the politicians supporting it, and the military industrial complex.

        This war with Iran is another war for the expansion of Israel. If you are willing to die for Israel, send your children to die for Israel, then this war is for you.

        Another false flag? Sure looks like it.


        • Honeypot


      11. HMMMMMMMMMMMM. looks like I’d better head back to the BOL.

        • Why?

      12. It appears there was a real attack, but this is obviously a false flag attack, why would Iran attack a Japanese vessel even while the Japanese delegation is in Iran! It smells the same as other false pretexts used for war, such as; an invasion in Iraq based on non-existent weapons of mass destruction, the Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam incident, the current provocations against Russia by building bases and placing troops in areas adjacent to the Russian border even though there is absolutely no reason or danger, and putting troops in Syria because of the false-flag use of nonconventional weapons allegedly used against helpless people. History students will recall the famous border attack false flag incident Germany used to attack Poland (that started WW II). Now the tankers in the straight, no doubt Iran will be accused of that. All the recent false flags do not benefit anyone except the Mil./Ind./Com., neo-cons, Israel, TPTB, multi-national corporations, etc. How is the Amer. public going to benefit when oil is 200 dollars a barrel, and gas is 12 dollars a gallon? Or if the gov’t starts sending our sons into another meat grinder?
        Of course the people have to be conditioned to believe all of this is good, and that gov’t knows best. That’s why the public education system is designed to dumb-down students, and to inculcate them not to question authority. The MSM is not a critical and objective source of news and information, in reality it is almost a propaganda arm of TPTB. Pres. Reagan’s intelligence director once said he considered his job a success when everything the Amer. people believed was false.
        Ever since Bolton and Pompeo have been in office things have only gotten worse. They are not representing the people, they are working off a different agenda with other interests.

      13. When the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor occurred in 1941, the Japanese ambassador was visiting the Secretary of State Cordell Hull. The two men were supposedly trying to ease tensions between the US and Japan. Now, it is the Japanese Prime Minister who was trying to reconcile the US and Tehran and this attack occurs. Perhaps, it was some group sponsored by Tehran that actually did it, but Tehran gave the go-ahead to these groups to attack the West. The attacks occurred at the same time as Hamas was attacking Israel and the Houthis were attacking a Saudi airport. Iran will be blamed.

      14. Socialism has murdered 100 million and counting in It’s 200 year history. Islam has murdered 250-350 MILLION ! in It’s 1400 year history. Muslims don’t need a “rational reason” for violence !

        If we go to war with Iran, we’ll also be fighting Russia, Syria, Pakistan, and maybe if it spreads China as well.

        Can we afford to have the Straits of Hormuz shut down by these less than human monkeys?

        • Find out who the R-E-A-L enemy is.

        • Romper Room Magic Mirror —

          As much as I enjoy calling most people sub human monkeys (a serious hobby of mine) we can literally live without Hormuz.

          This is controlled chaos, or you’re a monkey’s uncle.

        • Let me see if I got this narrative correct; Iran is trying to pick a fight with the US.


          Gulf Of Tonkin, the tiny Vietnamese decide to pick a fight with the US.

          Iraq with no WMD has WMD, invasion complete, oops no WMD.

          Libya with the highest standard of living in Africa who protects Christians is bad and the Islamic Fundamentalists attempting of overthrow that government are good and deserve US air power to accomplish that goal.

          ………….THINKING COMPLETED……………

          GTFOOH…………Utter false flag bullshit…………

      15. Oil is only up $1.60 to $53 a barrel. Not exactly skyrocketing.

      16. Anyone who does not have their head up their own asses knows that Iran and the Saudis practice two different versions of Islam/Satan Worship. They also have been fighting a proxy war in Yemen against each other. Iran has recruited a large number of Jihadi types from outside of Iran to form an asymmetrical fighting force. Both Ground and Naval. If these ships had Saudi oil, or some from one of It’s Arab allies, sure Iran would have no problem sinking it.
        Iranians are Persians, Saudis are Arabs and they hate each other. Yes, they are all sub-human monkeys!

        • Iran rendered assistance, though.

      17. I watched MEMRI / Al Jazeera / LINKTV, in the leadup to the ‘deal of the century’.

        In the Islamist version of reality, terrorists are disrespectful to mosques and Islam, so are secularist.

        All the 57 states are supposedly consolidating, against secular terror, ahead of a world peace treaty, to be proposed by Trump.

        Dissenters are saying that religious radicals will not tolerate such an arrangement.

        Supporters are disowning the radicals as savages.

      18. False flag committed by Zionazi Jews and their lap poodle (America)
        Only fools believe that Iran had anything to do with this

      19. Israel again?

        • Bert

          Who wins? Israel. Who loses Iran.

          Anyone remember the USS Liberty in 1967?

          • Israel’s borders are going to be negotiated by foreigners, in the forthcoming peace treaty. They’re not formally negotiating America’s borders.

            • Clown World

              I was unaware that the geographic location of the US borders were under question and hence would require negotiation. Clue us in.

              • You mean, no outside interest is determining your borders.

                You will be determining the borders of Israel, though.

                Then, who is the powerbroker, levering influence over who.

                Has Aztlan been used as a convenient excuse against your sovereignty, in the name of social justice?

                Yet, the Mexicans of the Mid East are being used as a negotiating ploy.

                Not my analogy, btw. The PLO and La Raza called themselves sister movements.

                Do the same set of rules apply to you?

                Should people negotiate with the Brown Berets, about what is your territory and your business status?

                Whether you believe that this news story is real terror or just staged, it’s intention is to drag, drag, drag you back to the bargaining table, about what is rightfully yours.

                Since when is that supposed to be grounds for a negotiation, to wreck something. It never occurs to me to act that way, and then we will all be friends.

                • Should globalists break something, first, then decide where the wall will be put and what is our credit status. We should hope not, if we are patriotic.

      20. My comments of almost 10 hours ago still have not posted.
        I’ll check back tomorrow. Slower than snail mail.

      21. “Amurrrr’cans – ISISrael’s knee-jerk pavlovian lackeys – are just TOO FCKING DUMB to SURVIVE”.


      22. Saudi’s have the most to gain if the US goes to war against Iran.

      23. My comments from mid-day Thursday still not posted.
        It’s Friday morning.
        Sometimes my comments from Friday, appear on Monday.
        Does this happen to anyone else? Strange.

      24. Considering the cargo that these ships were carrying, it is hard to understand how the ships stayed afloat and how all the sailors escaped being killed. Let’s hope that the effect that these attacks had on oil prices doesn’t give the oil companies any ideas about staging attacks of their own.

      25. One of the best books I ever read in my life was On Wings of Eagles by Ross Perot. It was a true account of when some of Perot’s people were in Iran in the 1970’s creating a modern telecommunication’s system for the entire country when the Ayatollah came into power. He jailed most foreigners including Perot’s people. What did Perot do? He assembled a strike team from the ranks of his employee’s, mostly ex military to try to break his people out of the prison in Iran.And funded it all personally, getting his guys home was his top priority. What a bad ass ! As for Iran, our country needs another mindless war about as much as we need another mindless politician puppet for the military industrial complex.

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