100 Reasons Why Liberals Stink, No Reek

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    This comes from Be Informed, one of our regular SHTFplan contributors and has been posted for your entertainment pleasure. You’ll no doubt find that, while humorous, the reasons below outline the real danger posed by individuals and organizations that are slowly but effectively chipping away at our God-given, Constitutionally protected liberty. For further reading, also by Be Informed: The List: A to Z Survival for the Abysmal Times Ahead and the wildly popular How Horrific Will It Be For The Non-Prepper?

    100 Reasons Why Liberals Stink, No Reek

    1. Liberals want to suffocate you with laws and regulations.

    2. Liberals care more about the criminals than the victims of crime.

    3. Liberals want to imprison someone defending themselves longer than the criminal who commits the crime.

    4. Liberals detest free thought and are extremely narrow minded.

    5. Liberals want NO ONE to be able to defend themselves with anything.

    6. Liberals will lawyer you to death.

    7. Liberals hate ALL firearms and guns, stun devices, pepper sprays, knives, any type of self defense.

    8. Liberals are extremely stupid and have no desire not to be stupid.

    9. Liberals want to trash and burn the U.S. Constitution.

    10. Liberals insist that you always be politically correct.

    11. Liberals are some of the most intense phonies around.

    12. Liberals ONLY respect the 1st. Amendment if only what they want is spoken.

    13. Liberals believe that a liberal government knows what is best for you ALWAYS.

    14. Liberals would tax you more than any king of the past has ever done.

    15. Liberals want everyone to follow every mindless trend or fad.

    16. Liberals talk compassion for victims, yet make magnitudes of victims by taking away people’s self defense.

    17. Liberals are some of the most superficial individuals alive.

    18. Liberals want a constitution with one rule, obey the government.

    19. Liberals look at life and society through very narrow horse blinders.

    20. Liberals have all sorts of ideas to problems that don’t work.

    21. Liberals would disarm the military protecting the country if they could.

    22. Liberals usually have no personalities and bore people to death with meaningless government or legal crap.

    23. Liberals blame non-liberals completely for criminals acting the way they do.

    24. Liberals are very strong blind conformists.

    25. Liberals have a motto; the government and criminals are your friends.

    26. Liberals would protect the environment for the speckled flat tailed manure worm over creating 50,000 jobs.

    27. Liberals talk about civil rights for everyone, yet try to ban displays of Christmas.

    28. Liberals usually have very WHINY voices, always whiny attitudes.

    29. Liberals want to force you to purchase ONLY what they deem acceptable.

    30. Liberals want to fine you several hundred dollars for not recycling an aluminum can.

    31. Liberals will severely mourn the execution of a mass killer much more so than the victims.

    32. Liberals use affected catch phases such as ‘time out’ or ‘time in’, normally reserved for toddlers, for everyday use with adults.

    33. Liberals are massive cowards and admire and look up to the criminals for strength.

    34. Liberals have a rule when attacked by a criminal, roll up in a ball and suck your thumb.

    35. Liberals want the criminal to sue you if you defend yourself and in any way that hurts the criminal, even emotionally.

    36. Liberals insist you hug everyone and touch each other even when you have the flu.

    37. Liberals are famous for getting into your face and your space about even trival non-important issues.

    38. Liberals want to vaccinate you to death, even against pathogens you are in no danger of catching.

    39. Liberals want to outlaw toy plastic guns of all types for children, as they think it teaches them violence.

    40. Liberals hate bullies, yet fully encourage the bullying of people by the state if they exercise their freedom of speech too much.

    41. Liberals totally hide true violent crime statistics of unarmed population centers.

    42. Liberals want all hunting and fishing outlawed.

    43. Liberals cannot stand preppers/survivalists, they want EVERYONE to line up  in miles long columns of people for fema crumb handouts after disasters.

    44. Liberals want everyone to behave and act like insect drones.

    45. Liberals classify as any criticism of a race or nationality as a hate crime.

    46. Liberals feel more sorry for the serial rapist with AIDS that society did this to, than the rape victims.

    47. Liberals are either absolute control freaks or absolute desiring to be absolutely controlled.

    48. Liberals want to make people that are mavericks, the criminals of the state.

    49. Liberals want you to live and die by the credit card.

    50. Liberals have made going into debt into an artfulness.

    51. Liberals would rather have cheap chinese junk than good solid manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

    52. Liberals nickel and dime you to death.

    53. Liberals have no sense of humor and really only have a good laugh when taxes go up.

    54. Liberals get aroused at words like; higher taxes, gun control, more laws, big government, barack obama.

    55. Liberals are wonderful at censoring anything not liberal.

    56. Liberals would make breathing the air a tax, if they could get away with it.

    57. Liberals take the fun out of everything.

    58. Liberals turn their children into adults with no ambition other than to get as much welfare as possible.

    59. Liberals have two favorite occupations; lawyers and tax agents.

    60. Liberals have a way overblown opinion of themselves and other fellow liberals.


    61. Liberals believe all parts of the gun are evil, not that the criminal is evil, just the gun.

    62. Liberals have a deep hatred of anyone that talks about defending themselves against the poor criminals.

    63. Liberals truly when they talk, no sense comes out, just noise.

    64. Liberals secretly worship karl marx.

    65. Liberals don’t leave people alone, they heckle someone until they give in on anything.

    66. Liberals would force you to be monitored 24 hours a day, this is their dream.

    67. Liberals are masters of making people feel guilty for something that was not their fault and over practically anything else.

    68. Liberals override logic, reason, and basic sense with feelings, especially for the criminal.

    69. Liberals believe that a criminal has the right to be kept safe anywhere, included inside your home while holding a weapon on your family.

    70. Liberals would not come to the rescue of a person being attacked, they would just call 911.

    71. Liberals will legally try to loophole you to the ends of the Earth just to prove they are in control.

    72. Liberals are the sneakiest characters alive and will lie, and fully believe their lies, to get what they want.

    73. Liberals have evil intentions behind those golden words they say that their only want to benefit society.

    74. Liberals would amend the freedom of religion right in the Constitution to exclude anything with God in it.

    75. Liberals make regular household items into contraband like non-water saving toilets.

    76. Liberals flood the system with laws and regulations, that a lawyer can’t keep up with, so they get to fine as many, ignorance of the law, people as possible.

    77. Liberals make people forget about what freedom truly means in liberal strongholds.

    78. Liberals attempt to pass laws to make everyone follow the crowd, the herd.

    79. Liberals expect you to never question authority or them.

    80. Liberals want the police to act like Nazi Gestapo of Soviet KGB to be as menacing as possible to install fear of authority.

    81. Liberals have no idea or concept of being fair or what justice really means.

    82. Liberals automatically label anyone that comes with a non-conforming idea as a radical conspiracy trouble maker.

    83. Liberals can publish the names of honest law abiding gun owners, but would call it a civil rights violation if all welfare recipients’ addresses were published.

    84. Liberals ultimate tax plan is that you get to keep nothing from your paycheck.

    85. Liberals like to blame a certain race for unfair treatment in the distant past of another certain race for why that certain race commits more violent crime now.

    86. Liberals want to make cash money illegal, as well as prohibiting owning gold, silver, or any precious metal.

    87. Liberals say they can’t stand criminal profiling, but certainly do this with anyone that wants to keep their firearms for protection.

    88. Liberals will blindly and automatically accept anything written by a professional as fact.

    89. Liberals create restaurant police to make sure you can’t be served what they deem too much or bad for you.

    90. Liberals want to abolish states rights and make everything federal.

    91. Liberals are extremely radical when it comes to their idealism and capable of real craziness when someone disturbs a bat cave or some mouse’s home.

    92. Liberals emphanize words in cutesy manners to make themselves appear less threatening and totally in control.

    93. Liberals have little or no morality and behave mostly on animalistic impluses with bizarre weirdness.

    94. Liberals want all voting precincts within 500 feet of a welfare office.

    95. Liberals will fully support the worst most evil and perverted movies and yet try to take away good honest people’s self defense in real life.

    96. Liberals will stand on a soap box over the graves of gunshot victims to further their agenda to disarm everyone.

    97. Liberals would be the ones that try to force everyone to have a tracking ID chip implanted into everyone’s hand or head.

    98. Liberals fully believe in equal opportunity employment for everyone, as long as they are fellow liberals.

    99. Liberals want to classify and have put into mental institutions anyone and everyone that is not a conformist to the liberal control authority.

    100. Liberals have no idea the value of money and will spend themselves, their country, the world into complete despair and utter bankruptcy.

    This is but 100. There are thousands of other legitimate reasons why liberals have a true stench about them.

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      1. Good one BI…

        • Time to put away the label of “liberal.” These people are Statist tyrants. Very much like past Statist tyrants, from Lenin to Hitler to Mao. Not to mention, way too many Republicans and “conservatives” have supported far too many of the Statist initiatives to seize power (e.g., the Patriot Act). There is no liberal or conservative anymore. It is Statists and Anti-Statists.

          • Lenin was a Satanist for sure. Every Christian Church in the Soviet Union was destroyed and had its Gold & Silver
            stripped and sent to the European Bankers. (Translation-
            Zionist Bankers who were Financing him and the Bolshevik

            • txjassman: Last nite on russian RT tv news, a 1/2 hr long documentary was shown. It showed various Moscow locations and tourist sites etc…One site was the Tower Clock, Ten stories tall!

              The show girl and her offical guide went up into the bell tower and it was said to be the Largest tower clock in All of europe ever!

              Then when they showed a close up shot of the Roman numerals and Clock hands…The guide said it took 56 KILOS of Pure Gold to gold plate the enormous clock numerals and two hands!

              Just an FYI you may find intresting is all!

              56 Kilos of Gold! whats that worth today?…Aprox. $1.8 Million? Amazing no.

              • It is truly Ironic when you realize even with such massive Genocidal Murders of as many as 1/3 of a Billion(Thats a B) Deaths due to Kommies since 1918 russian revolution.

                That after so long now we still in 2013 era have Never yet seen even One Single Russian Khazer Jew kommie responsible, face ANY official charges-nor convictions-nor even any MSM mentions Nor even a Single Hollywood movie or history channel documentary show done yet.

                Regarding such Human misery and Pure Atrocities eh?

                Meanwhile plenty of so called famous “Nazi” hunters such as Eli the Weazel has made a vast fortune since 1945 era hunting down nazis, many of whome were later Proven to Not be said nazi criminals(after the vast dammage to he and family was acomplished by eli et al).

                Why does the Entire worlds folks believe its fine to hunt nazis who jews “claim” killed six million…Yet the Documented Bolshevik murderers aka jew kommies who Murdered and caused to be murdered aprox, 1/3 of a Billion, maily Whites and Christians, all over europe(none killed by war but killed by kommie govnts! run by jews),

                Continue to Escape True Justice for so long and litterally get off with not only a 100% Free Pass…But also without ANY official govnt or UN or International Court or MSM even making note of their horrible tourtures and evil Mass genocidal murders?

                • txjazzman, 100 Reasons Why Liberals…….

                  These are TOOLS which have been used to achieve the big picture, the Grand Chessboard.

                  Look at the big picture: the new empire, the new dome, new royals, global famine, and the depopulation programs (by using the Mayan and Nostradamn_us prophecies or the “DOOMSDAY CLOCK”, the latest scam).

                  Something of this magnitude can only be caused by an Atomic or Hydrogen bomb or Star War weapons, etc….

          • Michael Collins Piper has shared a story about the Kennedy brothers on several of his radio podcast shows, where he quoted RFK as having decided to use the word ‘liberal’ as a codeword, whenever he was discussing jews in a private or public gathering.

            Liberalism is, indeed, a deadly cancer and it will cause anything or anyone who embraces it to wither and die a horrible death.

        • Excellent BI.
          (Clapping hands icon goes here.)

          … btw…
          Sniff sniff… stinks around here too…

          • Yup, there they are… the thumb downers.
            Those who thumb down anything and everything.
            Looks like we have at least 6 around here BI.
            I love pissing off libs, they are so easy…

      2. Here is another one BI-
        101. Liberals want to divide the Constitution 330 million ways.

        • As Per #8 & #93….(the aprox. 1/2 of Main liberal Base)

          The Washington Post recently published a story on findings that a “mystery” species with partial human DNA once walked the earth. The story, titled “Sex with early mystery species of humans seen in DNA, UW researcher says,” is just the latest in a series of similar recent finds, and while no fossilized giant bones were found in this case, a calling card was left in present-day Africans: snippets of “foreign” DNA.!!(Ape?)

          “These genetic leftovers do not resemble DNA from any modern humans,”!!!! the article reports before adding this bombshell: “The foreign DNA also does not resemble Neanderthal DNA, which shows up in the DNA of some modern Europeans. That means the newly identified DNA came from an unknown group.”(chimp? ape? baboons?)

          [Then] the sons of men [began teaching] the mixture of animals of one species with the other, in order therewith to provoke the Lord. (Jasher 4:18)

          It does seem likely that the phrase “the mixture of animals of one species with the other” means Watchers had taught men something more than natural animal crossbreeding, as this would not have “provoked the Lord.” God made like animals of different breeds capable of reproducing. For example, horses can propagate with other mammals of the equidae classification (the taxonomic “horse family”), including donkeys and zebras. It would not have “provoked the Lord” for this type of animal breeding to have taken place, as God Himself made the animals able to do this.

          If, on the other hand, the Watchers were crossing species boundaries by mixing incompatible animals of one species with the other, such as a horse(or chimp/apes) with a human (a centaur), this would have been a different matter altogether and may cast light on the numerous ancient stories of mythical beings of variant-species manufacturing that fit perfectly within the records of what the Watchers were accomplishing. Understandably, this kind of chimera-making would have “provoked the Lord” and raises the serious question why ….

          READ the entire article by Thomas Horn at neswithviews website…This is from Part #4, the other first 3 parts links are in article at bottom.

          • Kind of like GMOs??/

          • Angie. Love your zany fun filled hate. Keep them coming.

            • Orrin please PAY atten! I only posted what was wrote by the Wash. Post! and found in an article by Tom Horn at newswithviews website….Idiot!

              • Yeah with your narrative.

                • The only narratives I added are in Parentheses and are a Fair question to ask. Since after all it is No secret to anyone with eyes to see, that based upon yrs of observations of africans, “if” as wash post states in Its article, the africans are The Only race/folks with traces of Non human dna?

                  And its no secret if your eyes are opened, the most likly “other” DNA based upon africans actions(not all just aprox 95% of em) not to mention many’s appearences, the ape or baboon or chimp is the most liky candadit for that “Foriegn” “Non Homan DNA Traces” eh.

                  Orrin , what has You posted other than Snide uncalled for remarks?

                  Just another Liberal Troll aren’t you?

                  Or is it a Mosad paid Hasbara-Troll?

                  • Angelo. On some post you spew evolution stating blacks came from apes. On other posts you talk about the bible. How in the world do you reconcile the two?????

      3. 101. Liberals [JoeinNC] come to SHTFplan [JoeinNC] and say stupid things [JoeinNC] just to get attention [JoeinNC].

        • joeinNC is aka ncjoe on the daily sheeple saying the same stupid crap he does here. While there are plenty names we can call them I would think worthless pieces of crap covers most of them.

          • All the libs and socialists are still pissed off because their parents and grandparents got flushed out back in the fiftys and sixtys from the HUAC Investigations. One major target back then was Hawaii. Too bad they did not nail Obamas grandparents. Maybe things would’nt be the way they are now. Obamas mother taught him well, to live under the radar until the time was ripe, changing his name back and forth and using multiple social security numbers. Talk about Identity fraud….. Please any liberals feel free to comment. This should be a good one for Joe in NC. Please entertain us with your delightful repartee Joe in NC.

            • Ryback: I read that hobammys white kommie granny in hawaii had a Fed Job at Soc Security office there which was the main store house buildg, where soc sec placed dead soc sec folks numbers because soc sec numbers are never used more than a single time for one single person.

              When person dies soc sec ## is retired. His granny was able to swipe several(4 maybe?) soc sec old used numbers from dead folks to supply hobammy with for his future swindles once growed up!

              Supposedly he now uses one from CT state even though he never went there prior to getting that soc sec number!

              I read This current number he uses is fom a CT dead guy who died in 1899 before soc sec was used. That way This card can “appear” as a new never before used number!

              Berry Soetero…#000-00-0001!!!!(not his real number)

              aka Kommie Mulatto Kenya Boywonder!

      4. I have also noticed in regards to #42; that all of the so called Animal Rights people, those who are truly rabid in their placement of animals as having at least an equal, if not higher value than humans; will also be the very ones that will scream the loudest that babies can be murdered at will. They are devoid of true compassion and mindlessly cruel.

        Look at Bloomberg.. no pain killers for you !

        • Who do liberals hate the most; stay at home moms, white middle class males, right to lifers, religious believers, believers in the constitution, anyone who respects what the american flag stands for, war heroes, soldiers, anyone who does not want a handout from the government, in the womb babies all the way until they are born, anyone who prays where they deem inappropriate, which would be only in the privacy of your home, but then again, they want to take that away too, not good for the kids, and the list could go on.

          Who do the liberals love the most; themselves of course, the only problem is that they have a very hard time being alone in a room, they crave constant reassurance that they are soo great, because deep down inside, they know they are going to hell, even if it is only for the abortion issue, that one is not getting past the lord. People are making money by killing innocent babies and they are making tax payers pay for it. Someone once said to me that I should just blow it off, only a few cents of my money goes for that so whats the big deal? Pretty sick how it all comes down to money and power.

          Thanks BI, makes you think.

        • oUCH: Yes…I also bet them libs who charter busses to travel to protests sites that favor animal rights or to Prisons to protest death penalty executions done for deserving serial killers such as Mumbya jumumbyalee(?) or His Kin/cousin, Mambo-Jamboley.

          Keep the same chartered busses On site, in order to reboard said busses the very next morning to attend Pro Abortion rally protests. Save murderers from death row while Demanding Murder of Babies!

      5. BI, one starts to get sick of the libs fast, starting with number 2. Forced myself to read the rest and sure enough, started laughing. One to add that always comes to mind: Libs have no sense of shame when caught in a lie and the destruction of others.

      6. If you clean them properly, they crock pot OK

        • Once you clean all the crap out of them thar ain’t nuttin’ lef’ but the tongue.

        • They’re too bitter and greasy for me.

          And many of them are poisonous.

      7. 101. Liberals lie as a matter of course.

      8. People who make gross generalizations and blame all the worlds problems on ” liberals ” are pathetic. The term liberal has been hijacked. Liberal means open minded or generous.There are many reasons for the complaints you cite.Those who don’t look for, or understand the complexities of our problems as a society are just narrow minded, lazy, and pathetic !

        • I prefer calling them what they truly are: Socialists.

        • @Paul….

          Just guessing here, but I bet you think the Constitution is a “living” document, don’t you?

          • I think The US Constitution was the foundation and structure for founding of this country. Which has since been Incorporated and bought out out by foreign investors.

            • You didn’t answer the question.

              • Actually Walt, I think you just didn’t like his answer.

                • Please explain to me just “how” he answered the question.

                  I asked him whether or not he thought the Constitution is a “living” document.

                  For those who do not understand….a “living” document means it is subject to interpretation based upon changing whim. So if the culture shifts and something becomes more or less acceptable to the population as a whole, the Constitution can be interpreted to reflect that shift. In other words…there is no objective standard. Everything is relative and subjective.

                  That may sound nice, but it is extremely dangerous. It has been compared to playing poker with “living” rules. In such an environment the question then becomes “Who defines the rules?”

                  History is replete with examples where the rules were “tweaked” to suit the whim of culture, or the majority. And invariably, it ends up in the oppression of someone or some group of people.

                  I would point out that when the Nazis implemented “The Final Solution” in Europe during WWII, they did it entirely legally. In fact, they took great pains to insure that what they did was done under color of law. There was a movie made by the BBS in 2001 that vividly illustrated how they did it. The movie was called “Conspiracy” and is pretty much accurate account of the Wannsee Conference in 1942.

        • Paul,

          You are right, the term liberal has been hijacked by the dear leader. This one evil man has managed to pit american against american, his plan is devious and vile, he is the one who has torn this country to shreds. You keep bowing to the false God and see where it gets you on judgement day. It takes strength, bravery, intelligence and committment to fight against the monsters who are trying their best to make us the most evil empire of them all. Do you not have a soul, do you not believe in life and dignity whether it is a baby in its Mother’s womb, or a poor slob dependent on a system that wants to keep him poor and neady. You are the lazy, narrow minded, pathetic bottom feeder, look in the mirror and see what you stand for. I bet I know, abortion, get your fair share on the backs of the workers, bow to the royalty in charge of this sick country, eat dirt and watch your soul go to hell.

        • No wonder you hid Paul’s comment. He’s right.

          I bet I could come up with 100 reasons why conservatives are crazy. What would that prove and how would that help solve the country’s problems?

          • What you don’t understand, is that the right just wants to be left alone, and the left just won’t leave them alone.

            Leave us alone, and we’ll leave you alone.
            Live and let live, that’s what America USED to stand for.
            The only reason everything is illegal and getting more so is;

            Whatever name you want to use, is all the same, they are all control freaks. They get nervous if you’re doing something they don’t like, and rational discourse means nothing to their emotional crap. Its all about the emotions with them.
            Here’s an emotion for ya…
            F**K OFF.
            (Sorry Ms. Daisy.)
            Sniff sniff, stinks around here too.

            • No sorry needed! I’m with you all the way! 🙂

            • @ Piper Michael. So true! Live and let live. Leave others alone and don’t get into the face of everyone. Whatever happened to this notion? See how many individuals this hit a nerve with. A lot of this was meant as exactly as Mac said, entertaining. These left wing nuts have no sense of humor. They want to put us in jail for expressing ourselves over anything, yet they call for freedom of speech. They don’t want people to be safe in their own homes. What the real issue here is that they are control freaks and want our freedom.

              They can’t stand people that enjoy freedom and prepare and try to be self sufficient. A pioneer type person, the type that migrated to the U.S. and to all points west, is now thought of as an insurrectionist. Literally people that homestead and want to be void of the ills of society are viewed by liberals as dangerous and in need of being herded up. We want freedom, what is so bad about this. With a liberal it is something is not tolerated and they want to pass laws against this. Other people may find the true enjoyments that freedom brings. People like it when they can find it.

              • BI: so far this article seems to me it got the most Trolls and liberal quacks comments which never debate or counter argue anything stated.

                They just always slander folks. I rekon they can’t handle Truth eh. I pitty them types who refuse to even consider anything which is contrary to whatever they was brainwashed with their entire sorry lives.

                Its likly they who shall really be in deep crap once its too late to awaken or learn eh. Libs or enablers. Both equally rotten to core.

                • I can tell the Libbys all got their Panties in a Bunch with all the Thumbs Down..LOL Poor Twisted little Turds!
                  GFY and get it On with the TD!
                  MoonbatShit Crazies!

            • PM,
              Come on, man!! The right just wants to be left alone?? If you said, left alone to steal everything that’s not nailed down, then I might agree with you. I don’t recall America minding it’s own business during any of the right wing administrations during the past 50 years (nor the left, either). What do you think wars are all about?? When a war is happening, the regular guy is too worried about staying alive and no one is minding the store. The right just wants to be left alone, not buying it!!

              • SD mule: except the Rightwingers didn’t have control untill 1994 when gingrich was house speaker. Prior to That era Lib Dems controlled BOTH house and Senate for aprox 50 yrs Prior to 1994….So even when a repub was prez, dem libs had Veto Proof huge margins in BOTH houses.

                Repubs never had total repub control untill Bush Jr.’s Second term I think it was.(first time in 63 yrs!)

                Also every War since WWI untill Iraq invasion was started by DEM-Prez’s!!

                Repubs got Hyjacked by Neocon zionists aprox 40 yrs ago and did wrongs yes…

                But Dems got total Kommie taken over back in 1912 wilson prez…And been downhill ever since for dems.

                Probobly aprox. 95% of the worst bad stuf was done by DemacRATS lib kommies. Always when they had total control of house-senate-prez all three. Thats about 5 times since 1912 era!!!

                One liberal with an agenda is Far more dangerous than a Dozen drunk pissed off Hells angels!

              • SD Mule… here is the crux of the matter…
                I agree with you… These people are NOT ‘conservatives’, they are NEO conservatives… get your terms straight friend.
                I hate the greedy as much as I hate the envious. They are the extremes of both the ideologies of the rich… Ideologies I might add, that both end up the same way; a few guys owning everything and being in charge…

                A true conservative is not greedy or envious. He wants to be left alone to pursue his own self interests just like the left does. The problem with conservatives is the same as the problem with lefties, they IMPOSE their concept of righteousness on each other with LAWS.

                A true conservative does not impose his concepts of righteousness on others… if it was up to me, I would outlaw OUTLAWING. I would make all drugs legal, and let those who wish to destroy themselves have at it. I would say abortions are between you and God, and none of my business. In fact, anything that doesn’t affect me, is none of my business.

                As far a America becoming an empire, I agree with you, but that, as they say, is a self limiting exercise likely to end in monetary destruction or war, by those people we have pissed off in our endless pursuit of domination and control. Those conservatives who support the empire, are not true conservatives, they are like I said; NEO Concervatives, otherwise known as the PTB or Establishment.

                I think, the only ideology that should count going forward, is Godism. It matters not if you believe in God or not, but believe that a higher authority is the deliverer of moral authority and rights. You got a better deal from those rights, than from the privileges of evil men.

                The biggest problem in our ideologies is the competition for money, money controlled by evil bankers. There is no such thing as an honest banker, it is an oxymoron. Anybody who disagrees with this, again, is a NEO conservative, defending the status quo.

                The status quo should be torn down, but what to replace it with? If you think about it, it is not the centralized powers of governance and money that conservatives and liberals love, it is liberty, and justice for all, given under the Bill of Rights, which should be expanded to include the Right to Money. This can only be accomplished by killing the Establishment.


                IT will come to that, eventually. Then the left and right must learn to hold hands and quit fighting over a world that is going into resource depletion. This, will change all your concepts of right and wrong, good and evil, as the powers fight over control of whats left.

                This is the End Game in more ways than one. The only way to survive what comes, is in Unification not division. The only way to unify is to abandon old ways of thinking, to quit defending the status quo, and begin to think in terms of what is best for the future, truly, to leave something for the children. So that they will not hate us for turning their world into a garbage dump, created by a society more interested in their machines and their profits, than they are interested in life.

                To unify requires abandoning the Way of Mystery, and a Way of Knowledge must overcome. This is the lesson of the Unified Field and the spiritual relativity, that joins the Godly and the Godless, that being good is good enough.


                • Good for you, PM. I agree with you 100%!!

            • Yup, the right wants to be left alone so it can impose their ideology and religion on the rest of us. The right wants to destroy government, end public education, end the post office, end reproductive rights, end contraception, give fetuses the right to vote–but take that right away from the rest of us–and give all my money to the Pentagon (after the politicians and big business take their cuts).

              • True bitterness…
                The source of conflicts between the right and left, the ideologies of the rich, that brainwash us all by looking at the extremes as being the Reality.
                There is truth within your words my dear… but do not think, as I’ve already said, that that is a ‘conservative’, that is the parody of a conservative.
                I’m not aware of any conservative who espouses these things you mention, only the NEOconservatives who defend the status quo and the bankers.
                I would join with you, in killing them all…
                As long as, afterwards, I leave you alone, and you leave me alone…
                And both us of us quit yelling; THERE OUGHTA BE A LAW!

                10 LAWS is enough, the rest is between you and your God.

                • Again, well done, PM!! I agree with you 100%!!

      9. You know, Conservatives are a major part of the problem too. Let us not forgot all the restrictive laws they have helped pass too. While most of us would consider ourselves “Jeffersonians,” the scum of the Left are no different than the scum of the Right.

        • Y yes they are, the scum on the left wants you to give them all your money, the scum on the right wants to steal it.

        • Amen TO, refer to my post above.
          Extremes are … extreme. My definition of Galtism is defined as Objectivism with malice. Those who profit from misery, should be taken out back and whipped, or in extreme cases (Like NY and DC) shot.

          I would like to take their power legally as first option, but, alas, the majority opinion is to shoot them all.
          Just make sure to allow them to shoot first.

          Stand upon Lexington green, and say here is the line, advance no further.
          DO NOT REGISTER, DO NOT SURRENDER, STAND FIRM BOYS, if you will not unify for a higher cause, then unify on the line for a higher fight.

          KNOW what you’re fighting for, and it is not a constitution of central power brokers, or trying to fix what’s broken(that cannot be fixed), but a Bill of Rights and a new/old concept of money.

          We need a new constitution that joins the left and right in ultimate liberty, in the access to money, not the competition for it. In the stewardship of Earth, not the competition to destroy it for the purpose of making a few men rich, living off the fruits of your labors, and keeping us in perpetual debt.

          The Head of Gold, that makes the Rules of Gold, must be overcome by the Golden Rule, through the power of the rock of Unification, the Unified Field of God. Mystery and emotions overcome by Knowledge and reason. Mother Nature is all we have, and she should no longer be conquered, but loved as the fruit of the Creator.

          This should define a true conservative, not Galtism, which is an atheistic philosophy of conquering, which results in…the backlash of envy, and perpetual war between the ideologies, what we have now.


      10. 100 THUMBS UP!! Way to go BI.

      11. God doesn’t “give” anything. If that were the case, every human being on the planet would be free from hunger, thirst, poverty, violence, repression and fear. He/She may have started the whole thing rolling, but after that first spark (and I question if it’s divine, based on all the rotters in the world) we were on our own to make it work or screw it up. So far, screwing it up is way ahead in the race. The Constitution was written by men, not God.

        • No offense, but the more you talk the more evident your lack of understanding becomes.

          When it comes to God, it is our “opinions” that really are of no consequence. He is God and deep down, all things know it.

          And for the record, it really is “He”.

          • Yep.

            God puts on His pants one leg at a time, right?

          • And you know this because…?

        • Every breath we take, every heart beat, the strength to do anything is a gift from God. It is up to us to use these things. At anytime, any of these things can be taken away. Of course, the greatest gift of all Salvation through His Son Christ.
          You are right, the world is full of hunger, sickness, violence, death, etc but do not blame God. God gave dominion over the earth to Adam but he gave dominion over the earth to Satan when sinned against God. The world and all of creation has been in a fallen state since. That is why Christ had to come born of a virgin to redeem man since a son of a slave(descendants of Adam ie.-all of us) is still a slave to Satan. It is through Christ that man and all of creation will be redeemed. So please quit blaming God for everything.

          • Beautifully put, EastTenn, thank you!!!

      12. BI….good job. How come no correlation between liberals and earthquakes? Most large earthquakes seem to be where they live.

      13. I couldn’t help but get angry knowing how true this list is.

        here is a quote from obama i found in a yahoo article today.

        “I promise you, Michelle and I are very nice to them. We have a wonderful time. But it doesn’t stop them from going on the floor of the House and blasting me for being a big spending Socialist,” -obama the socialist.

      14. 101. Liberals say that it is unnecessary and “impossible” to round up and expel thirty million illegal aliens, but insist that registering thirty or forty million “assault rifles” (sic) in private hands is necessary and feasible.

        • Bingo!

        • Won’t read your book length article AM -too long don’t care

        • Who allowed this raving Nazi whackjob catamite to post ten feet of his rambling racist retardation on here?

      15. Sorry to go off topic but True News USA has posted that James Yeager has had his Tennesee CCW permit revoked for his rant about killing people on YouTube. I’ll be it was a liberal who jumped on that, I thought it was pretty ballsy but kinda stupid. Sorry I can’t post the link. Maybe someone else has heard this news and can post it.

        • I saw that as well, Yeager got all lawyered up on Friday as well. Maybe Yeager should have said he was gonna put on a British uniform and pop Alex Jones instead. That would have made him funny….damn wheres that sarcasm key?

        • 10,000 people showed up in Blue State Daly City, CA for a single gun show!

      16. Don’t sugar coat it BI, how do you really feel? 😉

        Excellent list. It absolutely amazes me how they can think the way they do compared to my own beliefs. I have a cousin who is a raging lib. She is a very nice and gracious person and it wouldn’t matter what any democrat could do, they have her vote.

        She doesn’t wake up every morning wondering how she can degrade the freedoms of this country yet she is completely oblivious to the damage being caused as a result of liberals being put in position to make decisions on the direction of this country.

        Get ready for another 4 years of the US moving further and further towards becoming Greece only there will be no one out there to come bail us out.

        • Mods, stop letting this rambling racist retard spam the comments with walls of text, blast you! Hasn’t he done enough damage to your credibility already?

          • Amen – I won’t even scan his comments any longer, and this tripe today was unworthy of this site.

        • Leave Angelo alone. He can be our resident nut. Lets keep him around for entertainment. Hey Angelo, ponder this…… If Jesus had a gun he would still be alive. Listening to his bastardization of god is fun. Angelo’s mentally jerking off and jizzed on our blog.

          • Wow Three New Trolls! 3 imature child like Fools who, like their Liberal adult pals cannot argue the facts, and Fail to possess the ability to Read that what I posted was a verified interview by a western front published entity and the interview was a JEW Admitting all this stuff!

            The said Jew happenes to be the now deceased Top Lawyer Aide to Former Lib Dem NY jew senator…Jacob javits..

            That us senator is who was Main sponser, along with Sen Ted Kennady in 1965 who after over TWO yrs trying finally got the 1965 Immigration FIASCO bills passed into Law.

            Today in 2013 That crap imigrant policy new laws, is DIRECTLY Responsible for the additional aprox. 100+ Million More NON whites who hail from mainly Third World areas or nations and now after 1/2 century.50yrs…STILL Fail to Assimilate or speak Our english language.

            And the same exact 3rd world illerates and mostly Worthless scum that has hated americans-whites-us const-and ALL of wwhat, Real Patroit americans hold dear.

            And the exact same 3rd world Scum which has been mainly responsible for so many Liberty/freedom Robbing Liberal Dem and neocon crap laws to Disarm us all and has also murdered off many, many of Our white folks nationwide since 1965 when that Jew senators bill/laws Opened the Flood gates to allow such 3rd world scum into OUR nation!

            So All You “New” here liberal child like fools who cannot even make an honest counter debate or argument to My postings, but You rather use child lib dem like slandersous name calling while You cannot seem to Grasp it was a JEW who said all that stuf about Their Jewish zionist Kommies plans to overthrow america in Their 2000yrs long Tribal Quest to rule a jew ran world with a NWO/JWO…Wake up You three idiots.

            ps Your screen names fit you well!

            PUPPY PREPPER?…yes by all means “Puppy(poodle?) Stay at home and practice Barking…Untill ready to Run with the Big Dogs!

            SOD OFF!!?? Hmmm…Sounds kinda British perhaps?…if yes it figures…Probobly Piers Morgans Small sonny boy eh…Guess they forget we americans Kicked their Brit Asses Twice when Twice They attacked Us here!

            Orrin?=Troll. or Hasbara agent eh…

            • Good god Angie. Troll? That’s the best you have? You sound like you are in your manic phase of your bi polar disorder. You spew stupid and everyone thinks you are nuts. I am not the reason your posts are hidden. Quit being a fuck and leave us alone. You are an angry little man.

      17. This should really say “Progressives” instead of “Liberals” because PLENTY of this stuff applies to Republicans as well.

        • Not so much

          I’m with ya 100% regarding the Republicans too.

      18. Demonizing fellow citizens as you do here with such relish is the root of fascism. It is unbiblical and unAmerican. Pray about what you are doing to help USA and your neighbor as yourself. I make this comment for the one reader who will honestly consider. God bless All Americans regardless of opinion. Amen

        • Rev C….Quit acting like a Tree Hugger. I’m a Christian too and tired of what Liberals have done there as well.

          I am also tired of many folks saying Republicans and Democrats are the same. Folks, when I look at how Congress votes, they are rarely the same.

          • Yea, yer gonna have to explain that one.

            So please explain republican support of violation of the constitution (and they are numerous) as it pertains to the War on Drugs.

            Please explain republican spending and support of corporate welfare. They’ve cut what exactly?

            Please explain how republicans have rolled back ANYTHING in terms of gigantic opressive govt.

            Please explain how Republicans dont want to use the fed gov to regulate marriage when that power is nowhere to be found in the Const.

            They are more similar than they are dissimilar. They just differ somewhat on their violatiions of Const. and how they want to rule over someone’s life. See #12. Libs defend free speech in the 1st, Repubs only defend the 2nd.

            • And then go into Republican support for universal NSA eavesdropping, the patriot act and NDAA.

              And then pull your head outta your ass and tell me Republicans support limited Constitutional govt so I can laugh at you because your breath smells like shit.

              • @ Not so much. This little list was more Libertarian generated than anything. It is about freedom, and what the liberal agenda is about, taking away that freedom from ALL of us. Just look at Europe and how the criminal has free rein on everything. Crime rates ovber there are several times worse than the U.S. Crime rates in non-liberal states that don’t take away practically everything self defense devices are much lower than states that constrict the innocent person from defnding themselves against the criminal.

        • Recognizing evil is not un-Christian nor un-American. We got into this mess by allowing ourselves to beforced to play all nicey-nicey with the liberal/progressives. NO MORE. This is good versus evil, no gray areas. And Rev C, I think you have no idea how hard and passionately most of us on this site are praying for God’s mercy on our nation.

          • Puppy Poodle is a Hypocrite as he says that, while always unquestionably Defending the very folks who Invented kommies and Progressives and todays rotten dems!

        • @ Rev C. You come from a deep spiritual belief, but there are traitors that will take away your right to your belief. Yes the liberals are the ones that allow Gay Pride Parades, yet don’t allow people to enjoy the celebrations of Christmas. The liberals are the ones that would disarm the population and leave wide open the country for invasion from China or some other Eastern Coaliation power. The liberals are mostly anti-God and anti-religion. Not to say it is wrong for someone to worship a rock or whatever, this is their freedom of belief. Liberals want control and just look at the utter mess they have created over in Europe.

          Like I said below, being liberal minded is a choice, not based on gender or race, or age, it is a choice to go down a path of failure that is way more close minded that people realize. It is really about freedom, and liberalism is truly about control, overwelming people with laws and regulations. It is exactly what anyone that cherishes freedom is appalled by.

      19. I’m not too fond of the neo conservatives that are thinly disguised fascists either. They attack the 4th and 6th Amendments while the liberals work over the 1st and 2nd. Neither support the 9th and 10th. So far the 3rd is holding but with potential budget cuts in the future some feces may be dropped on that one too.

        When Administrations change party the previous damage is not reversed but more freedom carnage occurs upon another section of the Bill of Rights.

        • Bingo!

      20. 20 years ago in my country the liberals were the ones to make the biggest noise about wanting a new multi racial govt telling us all how wonderful it would be. BUT when they realised it wanst a utopia but a disaster for freedoms and a haven for murderes, criminals and rapists they were the first to jump on aeroplanes and go to safer law abiding countries no doubt they spread their liberal germs where ever they went

      21. oooohhhh that smelll….oh, wait, sorry…it’s just patchoulli.

      22. I don’t classify under any particular political view. But this article is malicious and quite frankly, immature.

        It’s articles like this and their creators that continue to divide the people and create hate amongst them. Liberals have valid points just as Conservatives do. You might as well be calling out and attacking a single race, religion, color, ect…This is Hitler like propaganda.

        Prejudice gets us nowhere.

        And I will be thumbed down for pointing out someones hate. I will be thumbed down for preaching peace and unity.

        • GK
          shouldnt that last read
          :i will be thumbed down for preaching peace and unity buy/thru superior fire power???


          • What are you implying? That I will enact “peace and unity” through fear of death and pain?

            I am simply suggesting for people to get off their high horse and realize the consequences of their arrogant actions. The main two being…hate and prejudice…And most people who intentionally single out a persons political affiliation to cast judgement, criticism, hate or insults are the ones not helping this world, but making it a much darker place to live in.

        • Pointing out Factual Truths is NOT “hate speech” Nor is it Racist nor is it Antisemite….Its called reprove and Rebuke which the Revrend Should be well aware of no.

          • It’s the anti psychotics talking. Angie we forgive you.

            • Orrin You can at least show ‘some” respect and use my Real name of Angelo not angie.

              I wont reply to any more of Your stupid rantings as you have zero to say and simply slander and attack me while You know nothing of me or what I believe or think.

              Someday you will attain an age suitable for an Adult website. Untill Then….Piss off asshole.

              • Angie- Just roll over and play dead? Wheres the fight in you boy? I know a lot about the way you think. Racist, bible bastarding, loser. You going to take that? As far as respect,you get what you deserve.

      23. It only hurts when I laugh. I couldn’t get all the way down the list… it just doesn’t feel funny when I think about Obummer cooking up his next executive order… or Chuck ShJewmer asking his Corp bed mates to stop selling any more guns and ammo. Lets not get distracted by the comedy of what it is; what it is looks too much like Germany 1933 friends. National Socialist Peoples Party = NAZI takeover right before your eyes if they are open. This is no joke – do the research – history is about to repeat itself again. Get ready to fill your hands in defense of the American Republic and its Constitution.

        • Except they are NOT nazis but rather ARE Kommie Bolsheviks. Unlike chinese. Bolshevik Kommies Are Already here and for at least 100 yrs now! Wake Up!

      24. Nice job BI..

      25. You’ve been lied to if that’s what you believe

      26. What do you dickheads think should be done with liberals? Rounded upand shot summarily? Put in concentration camps? That sounds real constitutional. YOU idiots are the reason I have armed myself.

        • @ JoeinNC. Your liberals friends would take away your firearms and EVERY self defense item you have if they could get away with it, just like in Greece and most of Europe. Your liberal friends would put you in possible legal trouble for defending yourself against a criminal. You live in a less liberal state, NC, than up the coast or out in california. Trust me, live in a liberal stronghold and see what it is like to not have the freedom you enjoy in NC. It stinks. Being a liberal is a choice, it is not discriminating against a race, it is being against idiocy and control. It is against those that want to take away our freedom. Liberals, not all of them, most hate freedom and free thought, most of them are control freaks or want everyone under control. Look at their mannerisms as proof.

          You know for months you have attacked the people on this web site for their freedom based thoughts and attitudes. Yet when someone makes some humor about the absurdity that liberals are about, you call foul. Talk about throwing stones in a glass house.

        • No Joe, we’ll leave rounding people up to you leftists. That’s what YOU do.

        • @JoeinNC

          Not my gentle son. The mere sight of him would only encourage an enemy to take over the whole country.

          Quote starts at 3:38

          Not my gentle JoeinNC. The mere sight of his posts would only encourage the Commies in office to take over the country 5 minutes ago.

          The Lord is Rightious in Judgement and Grace.
          Standing by in Texas.

      27. Unfortunately articles like this make me not want to visit this site. This is unproductive and juvenile.

        If this is the game people want to continue playing then how do we expect rational discourse to ever resolve any issues within our society.

        I could make a list for conservatives as well, but why would I? What would it accomplish? Yes BOTH sides are hypocrites and both sides are immature on certain issues.

        Maturity comes not from pointing out faults, but in finding benefits and advantages and using them to make the best out of our situation.

        Both parties have had an equal opportunity to drive this country into the ground and both have done an equally good job of it.

        The greatest thing about life is diversity and only through diversity do we find solutions. When all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

        • Or better yet –

          When all you have is a conservative mindset, every problem looks like a liberal.

          • @ Timothy. Ask Manos what liberals have done to Greece, or Burt the Brit what life is like when liberals have taken away all means of self defense over in England. Ask some Europeans what it is like, after liberals empowered the criminals in their country, to walk the streets in pure fear. Then ask them what it is like to have to go to some kangaroo court after they did defend themselves from some rapist or some mugger. What it is like in a liberal court that feels more sorry for the criminal and treats them like some vigilante for trying to save their life. See what true liberalism has done to the honest law abiding citizen.

            • And I am sure there are plenty of horror stories about what conservative policies have done as well. What’s your point? Are you trying to justify this childish diatribe that does nothing to further a solution to our problems?

              Oh wait, you’re the one that provided it. What a surprise. Humans are flawed, not Liberals, not Conservatives, but humans. We are all susceptible to stupidity, to remorselessness and so on.

              When all you do is point out what’s wrong instead of what is right or what can be done better, you lose your ability to be taken seriously. At that point you are nothing more than a basher, an angry troll.

              We’ve had enough of the name calling, I think we are ready for something constructive as is generally the conversation here. People discussing preps, plans and ideas about how to deal with the horrific blows life is about to deal to us all.

              Your words and attitudes only serve to divide us further and are certainly not constructive in any meaningful sense of the word.

              Of course I could be wrong and the majority of people visiting this site may just be here to bash liberals. However I suspect (and hope) that is not the case.

      28. Liberals would amend the freedom of religion right in the Constitution to exclude anything with God in it.

        And conservatives do not believe freedom of religion includes the right to be free of religion. I guess this is why conservatives are so stupid, they believe in the non-existant. If you believe in the non-existant, then their obvious self-delusion becomes easier.

        • “And conservatives do not believe freedom of religion includes the right to be free of religion.”

          Nowhere in the Constitution are you authorized to exercise that power.

          “I guess this is why conservatives are so stupid, they believe in the non-existant”

          And you dumb shits dont believe the govt is Santa Claus – there to grant your every wish and desire?

          the difference is that you CANT prove God doesn’t exist but we CAN prove that govt ISNT Santa Claus. Idiot.

        • “Americanism means the virtues of courage, honor, justice, truth, sincerity and hardihood- the things that made America. The things that will destroy America are prosperity at any price, peace at any price, safety first instead of duty first, the love of soft living, and the get-rich-quick theory of life.” ……Theodore Roosevelt Let this sink in, because what he describes is exactly what is destroying this country. The only thing that is self-deluted and self-destructive is this administration.

        • JoeinNC,

          Yep, just keep killing them babies you liberal murderer. Let’s see how God handles that one, you better hope there aint a God, but sorry pal, there is one and you will never get to meet him with your tolerance for murdering babies.

      29. Liberal = one who is liberal with other people’s money.

        Liberal = self righteousness = therefore gives other’s hard work product away to make them (the liberals) feel good about themselves.

        The problem is, most liberals have never done any honest productive work themselves so they have no sense of self worth or accomplishment, therefore the perverse act of giving away the work product of others to fill that void in their own lives.

        Liberals: Go do some honest productive work. Driving trucks, farming, construction, mining, manufacturing, running a business etc before deciding to give other people’s hard earned money away.

        Having made a killing in the stock market by some lucky bet (Soros), or series of bets aided by a complicit government bailout if you fail (Billy Buffet and the Bankers)or being lucky to be born into the Hollywood scene or elite class doesn’t count. The Hollywood elites mostly are liberals and try to give the appearance of being do gooders between each snort of cocaine for their own publicity/promotional reasons anyway.

      30. Liberals are evil bastards

      31. I am Free! Free! Free! at last!
        This is the article that has driven me away from this site forever!
        It has been a good run reading Mac, and it is wonderful that you have so much tolerance for all to have their say here.
        But this? Dribble, pretentious, holier than thou, mis- directed hate piece got praise?
        Holy Cow Bat Man!
        Dear Jesus, protect me from your followers and to the rest of you,
        May God protect me from you!
        And your strict narrow minded labeling of all that you don’t agree with.
        My desk top dictionary says this:
        Liberal: generous, abundant, respectful of the ideas or behavior of others, tolerant.
        Now carry on as you will, it matters not to me.

        Turning off the computer now and going off to live a full filling life!

        • Buh-bye!

        • “Liberal: generous, abundant, respectful of the ideas or behavior of others, tolerant.”

          generous – only with other people’s money. Stats show liberal are not so generous with their own money.

          abundant – in what exactly; stupid ideas?

          respectful of the ideas or behauiors of others – is that why you retards get on almost every site I read commenting with things like, ‘you mouth breathers believe in supernatural beings like the easter bunny’.

          tolerant – Have you ever watched any of the PLETHORA of videos of Occupy Wall Street? Anti-semites every one.

          Me thinks you are delusional.

        • I’m Free,

          If only them sweet liberals didn’t want to kill babies with such enthusiasm.

      32. Liberals are the same fuckers who want guns taken away from every Felon. Regardless of the predicate crime. What does buggering a child have to do with a gun? Unless you buggered a child with a gun maybe. Passing bad checks, ID theft, marijuana etc. Robbery murder and rape with a gun I can see. Just another way to get guns out of the hands of the black folk who are also fed up.

      33. The assumptions,generalizations,and profoundly ignorant statements made here to a “blog” ( I can’t even believe was posted here ) are largely a pitiful collection of statements by pathetic morons.

        • Truth hurts? Sure, alot of it applies to Republicans as well But this is liberals to a T.

      34. I like the English spelling of DEFENSE not DEFENCE. there is a difference/differense? no?

      35. Also nonsense/nonsence?

      36. This article is incredibly stupid and pointless. The title “100 Reasons Why Liberals Stink, No Reek” contains a grammatical error. I’m not one to nitpick an article for every little typo, but this is the damn title!

        • @ Truth. In the United States of America someone cannot poke fun at liberals, the ones that want to take away ALL self defense from citizens and empower the criminal like in Europe? Crime statisitics is Europe prove completely what happens when liberals take the self defense away from innocent people, they explode. Want some truth? A criminal is a predator that looks for the weak and defenseless to victimize. Liberals make the whole population weak and defenseless by taking away even pepper spray. It is not conservatives that take away people’s self defense, it is liberals. THAT’S THE TRUTH.

          • hey bi i forget in mass. was romney a liberal when he took away every way to protect ones self? why just let the liberals have it when its the so called conservatives too?

      37. @ Paul. Hello there. First of all stereo-typing a race, gender, or other is something I don’t do. I know good and honest people in every race. Someone that is a liberal is that way by CHOICE. I am truly Libertarian by nature and cannot stand government interference in EVERYTHING that we do. I lived in a liberal stronghold and I have never felt so constricted and in fear of the abominable law system that could and would make me into the criminal for defending myself against a criminal trying to rob or assault me. I had friends that were minding their own business and were attacked by criminals and those liberal courts put them through hell, the victim through hell.

        I moved to a free state and it was like a 500 pound weight off the back not to have this liberal crap around anymore. People that are in liberal strongholds are completely unaware what it feels like to be free. That is not humorous, it is pathetic sad. You don’t know how many people I have talked to that have come from california, new york, and other liberal states, and they say just about the same thing. Liberal havens are hell holes. This has comes from Spanish people, a Jewish person, about 10 black people, and others not white.

        People choose to be stupid, and liberals are sub-morons, they are imbeciles that empower the criminal. They feel that the criminal has had a bad life and deserves a break when they torture innocent victims that have had a bettere live than them. Well about the rich well to do criminal that goes out and rapes an innocent poor women? Liberals make that choice to favor the criminal whether you or anyone else likes to admit it or not. Favor and give the advantage to EVIL. Generalization NO WAY, it is universal, not with all liberals, bu most of them, YES.

        People have gotten into this political correctness crap and make free speech something that is censored. Much of what is above is absolutely true, something of it is just humor. This is is something that most liberals also lack, a sense of humor. Liberals are pure hypocrites, that can make gore movies and then condemn people that are trying to protect themselves from the sickos that watch these movies and then try to live the movie in real life.

        Derogatory towards a personal choice to follow those that want to shovel their idealism right down everyone’s throat, why not. It is about time someone brought out some real truth about liberals and their agenda to control everyhting we do. I livedin a cess pit like this in which it was like a python around the neck with more laws that even lawyers couldn’t keep up. Not meant to protect people, but meant to intimidate people into fear and to get more revenue from the state from fines.

        A bunch of crap is going against a race just because they are a certain color. Going after an idea and concept that people gravitate towards that is idiotic and totally unproductive and what has decayed europe into is not crap. It is calling out people that choose a way of life that is failed again and again.

        • bi you know as well as I do conservatives protect the rich.

          conservatives let the patriot act slip by on their watch.
          liberals let ndaa ( 2011 ) slip by.
          both libs and cons bailed out the bankers, without so much as a question as to what they will do with the money.

          Now those very banks are suing us who bailed them out because of terms of the bail out were unfair to them?

          Neither side has done shit to hold any accountable.
          Neither side has stopped the bullshit that is going on.
          Neither side cares about our freedoms.
          Neither side tells the truth.
          Neither side can be trusted.
          Neither side is there to help.
          Neither side remembers who pays them.
          Neither side will do anything that is right.
          Conservatives are only conservative with making sure our freedoms are not infringed.
          Liberals are only Liberal with how they change the constitution.

          both sides all for one goal.
          both sides for total control.
          sad that we need to be woken up each day over and over maybe even we who say we are awake are still snoozing.

      38. The one thing that strikes me funny about liberals is they shouted so loudly how corrupt the Bush Administration was and by default how overly powerful the government had become with the Patriot Act yet they desire to hand the same government a monopoly on coercive force because of a temporary change in administration. Blacks cry racism and police brutality which very often occurs and believe that Jim Crow is only one or two Administrations away yet their law abiding community apparently agrees with being disarmed. Organized Labor has a historic strong alliance with Democrats and once again by default agrees with civilian disarmament forgetting the brutality inflicted upon them in their infancy apparently secure that no future administration would repeat those actions. Jews predominately Democrat and also by default generally supporters of a disarmed US civilian population have been on the receiving end of genocide complements of no ability to defend themselves and need only to look at Israel for a true guide mistakenly believe that a replay could not occur in the US.

        I see a collective denial of reality by those with historic first hand experience. From a logical perspective one would think the “party of the rich” would want to disarm the “working class” and the “working class” would desire to be armed.

        • Kevin: If a person told you that ever since they was age 21 they went to 109 different Bars for a beer, and in Every bar at every time in ALL 109 bars they got Booted out…..AND if You asked them “Why”? what did you do to get kicked out etc?

          If They answered You and said “gee I didn’t do one single wrong thing! it was ALWAYS the Bartenders Fault I got booted from all 109 Bars!!

          Kevin would You Honestly believe such?

          • Obviously I would not believe them. However I fail to see your point if it’s a reply to my posting.

            • My point was those most likely abused by power of the state or condoned by the state have the greatest interest in being armed yet are in the lead to champion it’s demise. How can a civil rights leader call for civilians being disarmed when such laws were squarely aimed specifically at them in the southern states? Dr Martin Luther King was denied a carry permit when he applied for it in the mid 1950s pre “shall issue” after one of his Churches was bombed. With present “shall Issue” just who is the champion of Civil Rights today? Obviously it’s those that pushed for “shall issue”.

              The abuse in my 6:26PM post was done by law or color of law and those forces are never disarmed because they are the indigenous power or allied with it. As Charlton Heston said , “Arms were for the elite and those that did their bidding”.

          • I don’t think Angie knows what he is going to say from minute to minute. Angie’s attempt of equating bars beer etc to what ever is going on in his little brain is at best odd. Angie take your meds prior to posting.

      39. BI, you ought to win an award for this article. While possibly intended as humor, the agenda they pursue is no laughing matter whatsoever. There is no question they have dishonorable intentions toward this nation and its people. I’m not going to sugar-coat my words. They are “useful idiots” as Vladimir I. Lenin once referred to them. They are pursuing an agenda whih ultimate goal is the total communist takeover of this country. The day is fast approaching when our backs will be up against the wall. We’ll have to stand up and act before that can happen. I’ve seen this coming for decades. i drew my line in the sand and took my position back during the Clinton era. We’re being forced into a civil war that none of us really want. I’m not surrendering to the communist agenda. I will stand and fight. If you haven’t made your decision on how to respond to all this, now is the time to do so and to make peace with your Creator. It’s only a maqtter of time now; I can feel it coming. Braveheart

      40. JoeinNC, We are all so sick of you coming on this site to attack people for no good reason at all. If you really think the commie agenda is the way to go, take a trip down to Cuba where my wife originally came from, spend some time there, go talk to average Cubans and see how they really feel about their government and way of life. Take a good look at how the country has allowed to have fallen by the wayside concerning infrastructure, buildings, roads, etc. It’s definitely Third World. Look at how the average Cubans are forced to live vs. the people who run the show there. look all around and you’ll see all the reasons why my wife risked her life on a homemade raft to escape across the Straits of Florida to seek a life of freedom. It’s times like this when I wish she was still alive. I wish she was here to tell everybody about her life under Fidel Castro and his brand of communism. She had firsthand experience with it. Go on down to Cuba, Joe, and let’s see how long it takes before you’re begging to come back to the US. Braveheart

      41. Paul, if you don’t like what you see on this site, go find a communist MSM site. This site is for people who love this country, know something damned serious is coming to change our way of life forever, and we come to exchange tips and other useful information about survival-related topics; in other words, to help each other. since you have nothing useful to contribute, take your ass somewhere else. braveheart

        • @ Braveheart. Isn’t it amazing how fooled people are by the liberal agenda. I wrote this because I at some point got so sick and tired of seeing and hearing how these bleeding hearts want to take away people’s self defense and everything else that they do under the HIDDEN smile that they are doing what is right for the country and the world. When I heard what Manos said about Greece about how you could go to prison for defending yourself against a criminal, I thought, my God could that happen here.

          I lived in one of the most liberal counties in california and it was nightmare with all the regulation and laws, and this was back in the 1980’s. Right now, this place you don’t visit. I have seen freedom being chipped away because people either don’t see it or what it to happen. I can’t believe some of the comments above. These are from people that don’t understand what freedom really means until they lose it. I know people of every race that can’t stand liberals because of what they do to the people and their liberties. When people move from liberal strongholds they feel like they have ESCAPED from a dunegon. This is fairly universal.

          I threw in some jokes like how liberals would protect some flat tailed manue worm over a company creating tens of thousands of good paying jobs. This is sadly true though, liberals don’t care about people that are not blind conformists to their idealism. I think the one way to describe someone that has choosen to be a liberal is that they don’t understand logic or simple fairness. They want to tell everyone exactly the way they should behave, think, act, speak, whom they should be with or not, in other words utter complete prison guard. This is not free, this is mental, physical, and spiritual enslavement. It is too bad many people can’t see this. It is not condemning a person, it is condeming a sick idealism that people have choosen to follow blindly.

          • BI…
            It is true that liberals prefer more laws and more regulation. But you have to accept that some people are OKAY with that. I personally am not, I prefer freedom. I prefer less government control.

            But other people do not and it is not logical to expect otherwise. We all need to stop insulting each other and find a way to coexist.

            And above all Be Informed, if I were to sit you down and ask you neutral questions relating to the government and economy, you would give me conservative answers, and you would give me liberal answers. You might lean more to one side, but even still you will hold some liberal beliefs. When it comes to politics, it is never black and white. That is something we must all accept.

            The truth is a bitch, I know, I have been there and will be there again; as will everyone else.

            • @ GregoryKlusar. I am not absolute, and if anything this list was for fun and to make others aware of the fact that liberalism is geared towards restrictions of freedoms and free thought. Probably nothing is truly black and white and everything has some grey to it. I have actually been a lot more interested in earthquake prediction, but when I see this unfair gun grab and how people’s self defense is taken away that allows the criminals to win, it upsets me terribly. It is not conservatives, THIS TIME, that are doing this, it is liberals.

              When someone like Manos tells me how innocent people are not even allowed to defend themselves, within a very liberal government it is horrible to hear. I understand about the Bush policies of the Patriot Act and this was totally wrong. I admit it. I want fairness, and these liberals have no concept of fairness. They feel more sorry for the criminal than some person that has harmed no one. Being more Libertarian in nature there are of course both sides of right and left mixed in there. I believe in God for example but I take a more open minded approach to it rather than the black and white so many religions practice.

              I can just see our freedoms disappearing, and perhaps if the Republicans had won the president and had vast majorities in the congress we would be complaining bitterly about what happened. Right now, BO is a bad leader and he is not just trying to heal the country, he is allowing rampant out of control spending to occur. BO is trying to take our self defense and most if not almost all liberals support this. I myself lived in hell being frightened of the liberal law system that makes you out to be the criminal if you defend yourself against an attack. This is against all forms of logic and reason, and truly what is right and wrong and fair.

              I have been very upset at looking at these mindless idiots and what will happen IF those liberals get their way. It will be ugly and the United States that I grew up will be gone. The liberals of today are nothing like when Kennedy was in office, the democrats were not even close to being so radical, they thought of America first. Now Democrat and yes Republicans don’t have any respect for their country or the planet, they only think about their own selfish selves. I just know that the most dangerous to freedom and the constitution are liberals because they are much more geared towards raw emotionism and that means stupidity based on no rational or critical thought. This is the sad truth.

              I would absolutely prefer a Libertarian persident, congress and court, mainly because they don’t shove laws and regulations down your throat and allow people to feel and experience the wonderful word, freedom. The government is like someone that puts duct tape all over an eagle wings and tells them to enjoy flying. The liberals are far more geared towards that duct taping of a birds wings, sorry this is fact.

        • Braveheart, Paul is right. Insulting, blaming and making generalizations about the left is not helping anyone and truly isn’t even accurate, considering mostly every other political view can find its place in this long list.

          This article is exactly what you are talking about…

          Your words…
          “This site is for people who love this country, know something damned serious is coming to change our way of life forever, and we come to exchange tips and other useful information about survival-related topics;”

          This article relates to none of that. This article will not help you survive. This article doesn’t forewarn of a serious impending doom. It isn’t even useful information. What it does do is spread hate and entertains the people who already hate liberals. It is propaganda at its finest and I am appalled to see it here.

          Paul is right. He may not have expressed himself in the correct manner, but his words are certainly correct.
          Where he went wrong was when he began to toss around insults himself…THAT does not help.

          • Read the parts of Declaration of Indep. where it speaks about times when folks differences Cannot be reconciled and its time to Seperate from them and Throw Off and Overthrow evils in govnt etc…It also says its Our Right AND Duty to do so…

            Your idea of Group huggs and cant we all just get along?

            Wont work any longer. If You cant see this?…You likly will soon.

            • Liberals are no more evil than Conservatives. They both have an agenda that some people will hate and some people will love. It depends on what side you’re on. People see evil where they want to, it doesn’t actually mean it is evil. It is just one of the million other paths of life.

              If you want to talk about evil, lets go over mass genocide killings, stoning, or political agendas that would segregate the people and dismiss equality for all.

              I have several friends who call themselves Liberal, they have different opinions than I, but they are hardly evil; they want what they believe is best for themselves and the nation, just as any Conservative desires.

              If peace doesn’t work, it is because people don’t want to put in the effort to make it work, or because they are to selfish to let go of their biased emotions.

              I suppose it makes sense in this time of America, where everyone believes they are entitled to support without doing any work.

            • Consitutional law as taught by Angie. Hahahahahahaha.

      42. Truth, i’ll tell you the same thing i told JoeinNC and Paul. If you don’t like this site, go find a communist site and keep your ass away from a site that is here to help people. Braveheart

      43. BI, I know exactly where you’re coming from. There are total idiots where I work at who will never “get it”. I had a debate with one of the idiots this morning over coffee about gun control and it put me into a really foul mood for the rest of the day. That’s why I made those extra posts about the trolls that come to this site. I’m sure Mac goes the extra 100 miles to provide a site where preppers can communicate with and try to help each other, even reach out to new preppers and help them. Anytime I see a new prepper on here for the first time, I welcome them and tell them to feel free toask any questions they have about survival-related subjects. I’m personally glad to see more people come into our world as long as they are serious and sincere. it means fewer enemies to worry about in the post-SHTF world. besides, it’s the right thing to do and it’s the way I raised. I’m grateful for your article; like i sar, it should get an award. It’s also a reminder of what we will be struggling against in the coming war and it is definitely coming. Ron Paul was our only chance for peaceful change and now that’s gone. We’re all being forced into a conflict that none of us ever wanted. i would have preferred to see the economy recover, but no way that will happen now. If Obama issues an EO to get the guns, then it’s all over; it’s game on and the gates of hell will be opened. Hell has no fury like the wrath of 100,000,000 gun owners. We have the power to save this country. We better use that power and use it wisely. Braveheart

      44. BTW, BI, has anyone heard from Manos or Copperhead? Neither one of them have been here for awhile. I hope they’re both okay. Braveheart

      45. Who goes bump in the night? Liberals!

        Who causes quite a fright? Liberals!

        Who doesn’t want truth to come to light? Liberals!

        Really you all give conservatives a bad name.

        Half the people out buying guns are liberal in one way or another, mostly socially.

        4 out of 10 people randomly questioned at the gun counter (Fleet Farm) voted for Obama.

        9 out of 10 thought homosexuality was OK.

        2 of them were atheists.

        You people wouldn’t know a liberal if one came up and bit you on the ass.

      46. This entire list came from a place of irrational hate. If your bias would allow you to do a few internet searches you could find republican examples of most of the things on the list.

        How does one identify an liberal? Or are you all going to shoot first and ask political affiliation later?

        • No other article I ever read here has had so many New libs and trolls that I recall…I rekon it is a valid sign that liberals are getting very nervous or worried that their scam swindles are nearly up eh.

          Libs never can admit when wrong or their agendas fail. Thats usually the point when they slander and make snide remarks without ever confronting the proof or evidence or facts. Because they cannot! Saul Alinsky(jew) tactics is all libs and troll types seem to know eh.

          • “Libs never can admit when wrong or their agendas fail.”

            You know so much, what is my agenda?

            The problem is that you’re assuming which agendas I support based on the fact that you appear to disagree with me.

            You label me a liberal and make sweeping assumptions without ever even trying hear what I’m saying.

            You’re all blindly hating an enemy that largely doesn’t exist.

            The Federal government is evil and needs to be stopped.

            Sadly, if you people are the ones to stop them I’m fearful of the system you would put in place afterwards.

          • Honestly, if there was a picture next to the definition of Conservative in the dictionary it would more likely have a picture of me than you.

            That isn’t so true when it comes to words like, “Ignorant.”

          • Anyone who calls Angie out is a troll.

        • @ The Universe. Of course this list could be on any group, but it pins down the liberals pretty well. The liberals call themselves compassionate, then why do they take away the elderly’s self defenses all over the world. This is usually the liberals that feel that no one has the right to defend themselves. 8 states don’t allow stun devices that save more people from dog bites than even criminals. All 8 states are liberal strongholds. The ONLY states that make it difficult to obtain pepper spray are also liberal strongholds. I guess those states don’t have vicous dogs.

          Generalizations can be accurate sometimes, especially with a typical personality that would kick the walker out from an old person than allow them to carry a means of self defense. There are stupid things with conservatives, totally granted. Someone that would support getting rid of self defense for people is pure evil, they are rotten to the core in bed with criminals or too incredibly stupid to understand anything. ANY sane person, any person with anything decency about them would never take away people’s self defense, especially non-lethal devices. Liberals are famous for this.

          That in it lone self makes those liberals that take away people’s right to defend themselves pure sludge that belong in tiger cages in some Vietnam camp. There are sub-monkeys that don’t deserve the respect someone would give a maggot. I have seen old people live in terror because of these demons that have made it almost or impossible to carry self defense devices. I do understand that some liberals favor self defense, and those liberals at least have something to them.

          NO ONE with any decency out there can argue in favor of taking away people’s self defense, which many liberals gravitate towards. Those that can argue in taking away people’s firearms, stun devices and pepper spray are criminals themselves, and this goes to with whatever point on the political spectrum that they are from right to left.

      47. Any Individual or Business Republican,Conservative,Teabagger that receives any form of govt. assistance paid for by tax dollars is a Big Govt. Redistribution Socialist Lover that should be tried for treason. They will destroy this country.


      48. *Sigh* Typical hate speech pablum.

        I could give you an equal 100 reasons why conservatives stink too.

        Truth is, both sides are equally complicit for the mess we are in today. Stop pointing fingers (this isn’t high school anymore, so grow up), pull your head out of your @$$, and do something about it.

        • Glad to see another logical person. People get far to tied up in their emotional bias to see clearly. I have seen this first hand. I have seen people have discussions with others, and they will agree with one another on many things…and then one of them will reveal their political view and the other will completely shun them and disagree with anything they say. They might even become malicious, even after having a nice conversation a few minutes before. I have even seen people to go as far to retract their previous statements that they had agreed upon earlier…It is amazing and pitiful. People don’t realize how corrupt they actually are.

      49. FUCK YOU with your division and “liberals” vs. rednecks / conservatives. You’re an asshole, through and through.

        Conservatives are some of the STUPIDEST FUCKING ASSWIPES on the planet, ignorant to the extreme of the real world outside their doors.

        Most of you fucktards are Christians, who believe in a magical Fairy God to wipe all the problems you created away. Which never happens.

        Your ignorance is legendary. You refute science, reason, common sense, awareness and intelligence, wearing your stupidity like a protective cloak. You’re clannish, ignorant and blind.

        You’re quick to destroy the environment, planet and natural resources that are keeping us ALL alive, but you don’t give two-shits about any of it. You think CAPITALISM is the panacea to mankind’s problems, you’re too stupid and blind to realize that it has brought us to the brink of destruction.

        There are THOUSANDS of other reasons why “conservatives” are a bane upon humanity, driving the world into endless war, death and destruction. You assholes HATE life itself, and you are total pussies, very afraid of EVERYTHING. You band together in mean little groups, guzzling your beer and shouting your slogans. Alone you are absolute COWARDS.

        FUCK YOU. I hate people like you with a passion. You’re not fit to be called a human being. You’re scum, less the then dog shit on the bottom of my boot (ex-military).

        Let’s see if the board truly understands my First Amendment rights. Probably not. This board is full of self-serving ignorant absolute fools and idiots.

        The fact that I even read this post is revealing — but are any of you fuckwads smart enough to even realize why?

        • If your a ‘Progressive” I’ll gladly stay where I’m at.

          OBTW 80% of US Senate Democrats voted for China Free Trade. So much for the Democrat Party being the party of the working man.

          DEVO was right. We’re obviously evolving backward.

        • I see you have a reading comprehension problem.
          The fact that you have several thumbs up, is the only real disturbing thing.
          The fact that you all think you are mentally superior is the only truly sad thing, because there is no room for discussion anymore, on both sides. You have revealed your true colors, and start a war of words, that will eventually bite us all on the ass, when we cross over into;

          The Shakespeare Zone

      50. Be Informed….when you frame the argument in such a divisive way you are doing what those with ultimate power want…it’s their tactic (typical military strategy…divide and conquer…get us fighting amoung ourselves while they run off with the loot).
        I enjoy learning on this blog, but please this is not the way to help the world in the hard days to come.

        • @ CollapsingWisely. This was hardly to divide the Prepper/Survivalist community at all. This was to point out the horrible radicals that want to take away people’s rights, and most of them come from the extreme left. I live in california, one of the top liberal areas even pre 2000. There were actually bills out there in which these whack jobs were going to try to outlaw prepping based on health regulations. Liberal loopholing someone so they could not prepare for earthquakes or whatever disaster. Yes there were nuts out there that were more interested in saving wetlands for some bottom level species that did not affect the ecological system over development that would bring good paying jobs.

          I like moderates that can see the whole picture, and NEO-conservatives are just as radical as neo-liberals, they are both extremists. It is painful though to see a left extremist at work. They truly value the criminal and don’t care at all for the victims that have done nothing to harm anyone. I lived with these lunatics and they are even more frightening than this list depicts. It is like they are not even human, more like something you would see on the Planet of the Apes, on the side of the monkeys.

          This list was made to show just how crazy some of these liberals can become, and it was made to made people laugh and have a little smile for the day. Humor in a way mixed with reality. I hardly want to divide the SHTFplan site, I am always interested in helping others and encoraging amking ourselve ready for what is coming. I did upset some trolls, and they don’t matter. Others that this upset, it shouldn’t because everything is true about the radical left, too true. Honestly, I see these left wing nuts each day trying to dimish our freedoms and it is very upsetting.

          • My only regret is that I have but one thumbs up to give to the cause of liberty…

      51. liberals are only liberal about sex of any and all kinds—and drugs. Everything else they believe in absolute control by the state.

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