Not Just Our Crumbling Economy: “Something’s Happening to America No Amount of Money Can Fix”

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at his Economic Collapse Blog.

    Editor’s Note: It is clear that along with the decline of decent American jobs, living standards and mainstream economic vitality comes a rise in political corruption, lowered moral standards, decadence, slothfulness and general unrest. In short, the decline of America is beyond just economic; though it has been engineered from the top of the system, it is happening within the general population of the country. There are many symptoms, and even many causes, but underlying it all is a thread of upheaval for basic goodness that used to be fairly common among the average folks of America.

    10 Examples Of The Social Decay That Is Eating Away At America Like Cancer

    It isn’t just our economy that is crumbling. Something is happening to America that no amount of money will be able to fix. Everywhere around us we can see evidence of the social decay that is systematically eating away at the foundations of our society.

    It can be found on the streets of our inner cities, in dark basements in extremely rural communities, in the most prestigious boardrooms on Wall Street, and definitely in the halls of power in Washington. Bringing in an entirely different crop of politicians or printing gigantic mountains of money is not going to solve this problem, because it exists in the hearts of millions of ordinary men and women.

    The truth is that we really need to take a good, long look at ourselves in the mirror, because we need to take an 180 degree turn as a nation. What we are doing now is clearly not working, and the longer that we take to address this problem the worse it is going to get. The following are 10 examples of the social decay that is eating away at America like cancer. Individually, they could be dismissed as isolated incidents. But I could have easily listed 100 examples or 1000 examples. Every single day, we are inundated with reports like these. The symptoms of the decay of our society are all around us. We just have to be willing to look at them…

    #1 It seems like many of the most horrific crimes these days are happening in middle America. For example, a woman was recently hit over the head, raped and set on fire in a park in Wichita Kansas

    Wichita police say a woman was sexually assaulted, hit on the head, and set on fire Monday night in Fairmount Park.

    According to police, the woman was on the ground, almost in a crawl, barely moving, and naked.

    The woman was helped by a neighbor – Johnnye Marshall woke up her boyfriend Deon McPherson when she heard somebody scream for help.

    “What if that was my daughter? I’d want somebody to go in and get her,” McPherson told The Wichita Eagle. “Where there wasn’t blood, there was a burn.”

    The flames from the fire were about 2 to 4 feet high. McPherson stayed with the woman until firefighters arrived.

    #2 I have repeatedly written about how the United States is the most obese of all the major industrialized nations. Well, now we are using our extreme obesity to try to hide things that we have stolen

    A 350-pound Wal-mart shopper was arrested yesterday after he was found sitting atop five stolen rib eye steaks in the seat of a motorized scooter that he was riding around the South Carolina store.

    Rodney Fowler, 43, was spotted Tuesday afternoon placing the steaks in his scooter by a Walmart loss prevention officer, according to a police report.

    “Suspect sat on the steaks and exited the store passing all points of sale, without attempting to pay for said merchandise,” cops noted.

    The 5’ 5” Fowler was then confronted by the Walmart worker and escorted back into the store, where he was later arrested by police for shoplifting. “Due to his size, the suspect was cuffed using two pairs of cuffs,” investigators noted.

    #3 What would you do if a police officer pulled you over for a traffic stop and exposed his private parts to you when he came up to your vehicle? Well, this actually has been happening in New Jersey

    A Newton police officer was arrested Monday on accusations that he unzipped his pants and exposed himself to young male drivers during “numerous” traffic stops.

    Jason R. Miller, 37, of Hampton Township, a patrolman since 2001, turned himself in at the Sussex County Prosecutor’s Office and has been indefinitely suspended without pay pending the outcome of the criminal case, according to a statement issued by Sussex County Prosecutor Francis Koch and Newton Police Chief Michael Richards.

    Miller was charged with two counts of official misconduct, one count of a pattern of official misconduct and one count of lewdness, the statement said.

    Miller would expose his genitals to motorists “to satisfy his prurient interests” and then let them leave without issuing traffic summonses, according to a police complaint.

    #4 If someone was planning to “accidentally” kill his wealthy wife, you would think that he would be smart enough not to put an “X” on the map where he planned to do it. But that is apparently precisely what one man in Colorado foolishly did…

    A suburban Denver man charged with pushing his wife to her death off a cliff in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park could not explain to investigators why he had a park map with an “X” drawn at the spot where she fell.

    Newly unsealed court documents say Harold Henthorn denied using the map during the deadly September 29, 2012, hike.

    But he told friends that he scouted out the park’s steep and craggy terrain at least six times, trying to find the perfect place to take Toni to celebrate their 12th year of marriage.

    It also turns out that his first wife died in a “freak accident” too.

    Some coincidence, eh?

    #5 It is one thing to kill someone. It is another thing to hack the dead body up with a saw and cook it. I don’t know what in the world has happened to the state of Florida, but a lot of really weird stuff has been going on down there lately…

    Angela Stoldt told officials she took a hacksaw to her neighbor’s body last year and tried to cook away evidence of James Sheaffer.

    One leg went in the oven. Other parts went into pots.

    Stoldt’s house in Deltona smelled of burning flesh, but she assured her daughter it was just a rat broiling in the oven, according to details made public last week after a grand jury charged her with first-degree murder.

    “Thursday is when I was cooking him,” Stoldt told investigators. “Friday is when I was dumping him.”

    The 42-year-old Deltona woman is accused of killing Sheaffer, 36, a limousine driver, in April 2013.

    #6 In recent years, it seems like there has been a constant stream of news stories about twisted men locking up women in their basements and forcing them to be sex slaves. The latest example comes from Cincinnati

    A man pleaded guilty Friday to locking multiple women in his Cincinnati home and forcing them into prostitution.

    Christopher Hisle, 45, was arrested on April 8, 2014, in Louisville, Kentucky after authorities said he drove a young woman from Cincinnati to Louisville to engage in prostitution at a nearby Red Roof Inn.

    An FBI investigation later revealed Hisle was involved in forcing and compelling the women to engage in commercial sex for at least two years. He held the women at his Avondale home at 908 Lexington Ave., documents state .

    It is unknown how many women Hisle held at one time and what their ages were. Authorities said at least 12 women are victims of his human trafficking operation.

    #7 Why would a grown woman want to have sex with a 10-year-old boy? You would have to be incredibly sick to try to do such a thing, but that is reportedly what one 25-year-old babysitter in Connecticut is charged with doing. In fact, she is accused of doing this multiple times

    A babysitter has been accused of repeatedly having sex with her friend’s 10-year-old son while she was looking after him and his other siblings.

    Marybeth Rataic is facing 10 felony charges after allegedly having sex three times with the boy at his home in Meriden, Connecticut.

    Police say that in one instance, the 25-year-old from Willimantic, had sex with the boy while his siblings slept in the room after creeping into the child’s room, which he shared with his brothers.

    She is also accused of having sex with the 10-year-old while his mother was giving birth in hospital.

    #8 A minor scuffle between two girls at a California high school erupted into a melee when a 400 pound police officer slammed his fist into the face of one of the girls. Other students began to swarm the officer, and at that point things got wildly out of control

    A lunchtime fight at a Central California high school Wednesday ended with police swarming onto campus, closing the school and putting six students under arrest, authorities said.

    However, Ernest Righetti High School students say the initial fight was relatively minor, and that it was a Sheriff’s deputy striking one of the girls involved in the brawl that sparked the mass violence on campus.

    That shocking moment was filmed by a bystander and has since been posted online by the Santa Maria Times.

    The video shows the officer trying to break up a fight between two girls, only to hit one of the young women and drag her away. Students watching the altercation appear outraged by the act, and start to swarm the officer.

    #9 When I was growing up, it seemed like almost everyone watched the Cosby Show on Thursday night. Bill Cosby was “America’s Dad”, and he was universally respected. Well, it turns out that now he is being accused of rape by 15 different women. How is it possible that such horrific crimes could be covered up for so long, and what does that say about our society? The following comes from Time Magazine

    In Cosby’s story we find accusations of women being silenced for decades by threats, lawyers, fear and a generally defensive public, who until now were uninterested in being awakened from sweet dreams of their TV father.

    The NPR audio interview released last week showcases Cosby’s clearly pre-determined response to the softest, almost nervous questions about the rape allegations: deafening silence.

    This should not be viewed as the mature response of a well respected, integrity filled man (and in the case of his wife, a beloved, regal woman) attempting to maintain dignity and stay above the fray. It should be seen as what it is: A power move by a someone so arrogant that he thinks he shouldn’t even be asked about the fact that 15 women are accusing him of a horrific crime.

    #10 As I have written about previously, the violence that we have seen in Ferguson, Missouri this year is a perfect example of how the streets of America can descend into chaos. And now the upcoming grand jury decision threatens to rekindle that violence.

    Instead of sober deliberation about this case and sincere attempts at peaceful reconciliation, both sides are preparing for mass civil unrest. If the grand jury reaches “the wrong decision” we could see even more rioting, looting, violence and police brutality than we saw the first time around.

    And this time, it may not be limited to Ferguson. As the Daily Sheeplehas pointed out, protest organizers have put up a Tumblr page for something called “The Ferguson National Response Network“. According to that page, “planned responses” are being organized in 82 cities throughout the United States. In addition, protest organizers have released a list of 19 “Proposed Rules of Engagement” for confrontations with law enforcement authorities. Needless to say, all of this sounds quite ominous. The following are the 82 cities where “planned responses” are currently being organized…

    Albany, NY
    Albuquerque, NM
    Atlanta, GA
    Austin, TX
    Baltimore, MD
    Bangor, ME
    Beavercreek, OH
    Blacksburg, VA
    Boston, MA
    Buffalo, NY
    Carbondale, IL
    Chapel Hill, NC
    Chattanooga, TN
    Chicago, IL
    Cleveland, OH
    Columbia, MO
    Columbus, OH
    Dallas, TX
    Denver, CO
    Des Moines, IA
    Detroit, MI
    Durham, NC
    Ferguson, MO
    Gainesville, FL
    Grand Rapids, MI
    Greensboro, NC
    Greenville, NC
    Grinnell, IA
    Houston, TX
    Indianapolis, IN
    Iowa City, IA
    Jackson, MI
    Kansas City, MO
    Kennesaw, GA
    Lawrence, KS
    Lexington, KY
    Longview, TX
    Los Angeles, CA
    Louisville, KY
    Meadville, PA
    Memphis, TN
    Milwaukee, WI
    Minneapolis, MN
    Mobile, AL
    Monpelier, VT
    Monroeville, OH
    Nashville, TN
    New London, CT
    New Orleans, LA
    Newark, NJ
    Northampton, MA
    NYC, NY
    Oak Ridge, TN
    Oakland, CA
    Olympia, WA
    Oshkosh, WI
    Phoenix, AZ
    Philadelphia, PA
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Portland, OR
    Providence, RI
    Raleigh, NC
    Rochester, NY
    Rocky Mount, NC
    San Diego, CA
    Santa Barbara, CA
    Seattle, WA
    South Hadley, MA
    Spring Valley, NY
    Springfield, MA
    St. Paul, MN
    St. Petersburg, FL
    Stroudsberg, PA
    Tallahassee, FL
    Tampa, FL
    Toledo, OH
    Toronto, Canada
    Tucson, AZ
    Washington, D.C.
    West Hartford, CT
    West Palm Beach, FL
    Williamsburg, VA
    Worcester, MA

    Police in Ferguson are warning citizens that they better buy guns because they “will not be able to protect you or your family“. And
    CNN is reporting that gun sales in Ferguson are indeed surging.

    Hopefully this grand jury decision will come and go and peace will prevail in Ferguson and elsewhere.

    But without a doubt, the thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted on a daily basis is disappearing.

    The foundations of our society are steadily rotting and decaying, and our underlying problems are getting worse with each passing day.

    How long will our nation be able to remain stable if this continues?

    beginning-of-the-end-snyderMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. KY Mom

        We have become weak spiritually, morally and physically. We should not be surprised at the result.

        We are seeing the result of 50+ years of the Communist goals to weaken and destroy America.

        If you have never read them, you should.

        The Communist Takeover Of America – 45 Declared Goals (1963)

        • Mountain Trekker

          “Immoral and Free can never Be” More Immorality calls for more Laws. And so it goes! Trekker Out.

            • Wilson

              A 400 pound cop??????????
              How does he pass a physical and stay employed?
              Police union protection?

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            One Good Thing Crumbling are Gas Prices.
            $2.63. Central West FL

            How about your area?

            • BJ

              I hope everyone here reads the article on drudge tonight headlined; This Time Protestors Just May Pass

              2.72 Illinois

              • Man on the inside

                In Portland and Seattle they will be naked and stoned…. not much violence….

                • WarriorClass III

                  When this article was posted at ZeroHedge, a commenter J S Bach, gave THE correct analysis of the problem:

                  Sat, 11/22/2014 – 10:37 | 5476689 J S Bach
                  J S Bach’s picture

                  “One of the biggest contributing factors to the West’s current plight is its disappearing homogeneity. When different races and cultures are thrown together and expected to live in harmony “as one big happy family”, social unrest, mental instability and chaos are inevitable – for ALL of its inhabitants.

                  “The definition of a “nation” is – “a large aggregate of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory”.

                  “It is basically an extended family. Family implies blood… blood implies race… thus race implies nation.

                  “Alienation abounds in our country. There is no longer an innate culture. There is no longer an innate spiritualism. Therefore, there is no longer any sense of purpose or morality for many people.

                  “Above all, the people who create popular fads, norms, and “culture” through the brainwashing power of their media empire – are of the utmost alienage – carrying out a program of purposeful destruction. Divide, conquer and finally enslave… that is their modus operandi and ultimate goal. So far, it’s all humming along swimmingly for them.”

                  Exactly. Immigration is a weapon. Legal or illegal, it is a weapon and it’s being used against us. In more honest days it was called an “invasion.”

                  “Public education”, TV, “popular culture” have all been weaponized, and directed at the West. The soft minded say that “we are a nation of immigrants.” Nothing could be further from the truth: Had the colonists been immigrants, they’d have moved into an indian village, taken their teepees, ate their food,
                  and demanded full citizenship and a place at tribal counsel.

                  As colonists, they built their own homes, grew their own food
                  and set up their own governance and made treaties with the natives, while they forged their own country out of the wilderness.


                  • JustMe

                    What you are talking about is White Genocide.

                    • Tucker

                      Justme hit the nail square and true.

                      Let me share with you a quote from one of the leading slabs of anti-White racist rat shit who was closely affiliated with the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism, a diabolically evil and Satanic jew by the name of Willi Munzeberg:

                      “Willi Munzenberg (whose proposed solution was to ‘organise the intellectuals and use them to make Western civilisation stink. Only then, after they have corrupted all its values and made life impossible, can we impose the dictatorship of the proletariat’) ‘It was’, said Ralph de Toledano (1916-2007) the conservative author and co-founder of the ‘National Review’, a meeting ‘perhaps more harmful to Western civilization than the Bolshevik Revolution itself.’

                      Lenin died in 1924. By this time, however, Stalin was beginning to look on Munzenberg, Lukacs and like-thinkers as ‘revisionists’. In June 1940, Münzenberg fled to the south of France where, on Stalin’s orders, a NKVD assassination squad caught up with him and hanged him from a tree. ”

                      And, today – here in America, we have the racial descendants of this piece of nation and white race destroying hyena dung working 24/7, 365 to complete Munsenberg’s objective. Need a brief list of names?

                      Sheldon Adelson, George Soros, Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein, Abe Foxman, Carl Levin, Michael Bloomberg, Steven Spielberg, the Weinstein brothers, Norman Lear, and every other jewish culture subverting slab of greasy, maggot infested rat excrement in Hollywood.

                      Remember Weimar Republic Germany? Remember the incredibly toxic levels of societal corrosion, decadence, perversity and the moral, spiritual and cultural depravity that had its tentacles wrapped tightly around the throats of our Germanic kinsmen and women during that period of pre-WW2 history?

                      Well, just like Ernst Zundel observed a few years ago during an interview he gave to a jewish newspaper reporter – what the jews did to Germany following the end of WWI, they are doing now to America.

                      Every bit of the decay and subversion of America that Mr. Snyder describes above – is the primary mission objective of Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School which spawned that Satanically evil ideology.

                      The end game, just as Justme stated – is White European Genocide and the total obliteration of White Western Civilization.

                    • Michelle

                      I am glad people are realizing the true goal pf political correctness…the eventual mass executions of white people.

                  • Socialist-Facists

                    All hogwash.

                    This whole nation has lost respect for its constitutional roots. Even as they blather on about liberty this and founding fathers that, they waste no time throwing it all to the side when they are asked to be tolerant of others rights.

                    The left goes on about their pet projects while bashing the right-wing and same goes in reverse. Each side runs to big pals gov to force the other side to comply with their wishes.

                    Neocons/republicans/teacons and liberal/democrat/progressives are all dictator warmongering wannabes.

                    America has lost its “mind your own business” democratic republic mind.

                    • NetRanger

                      Woo! Hoo! Somebody gets it! Hey BJ, we were just talking about how people yell “freedom!” “liberty!” but don’t know what it really is. Well, this guy does and he understand that most dont.

                      Most people want their liberty but when someone else gets liberty, they bitch and say that “ITS NOT FAIR!”

                      Case in point: one of my good friends bought 5 acres next to me and built a nice house and a huge shed. I don’t know how or why but the taxes on his place is $56 a year. On my place, the house is about the same size and the lot is only two acres, yet, my taxes are over $400.

                      Fake Liberty, Fake Freedom trumpeters would scream “THATS NOT FAIR!” and probably go to the courthouse and complain.

                      Real liberty lovers would go to that neighbor and quietly find out how he did it. I say “quietly” because if the courthouse knew they’d probably up the taxes just to make everyone happy.

                      Everybody just votes for their own gain. They drive for their own gain. They cheer for their own gain. Nobody has any of what Jay Weaver in his book “The Mainspring of Human Progress” calls “Enlightened Self Interest”. Its all greedy self interest and to hell with my neighbor! I had to pay my taxes so he should to (even though I didn’t want to pay them). Its as if so many people are totally immature children that just can’t stand it when someone else gets an extra cookie.

                      I’m sick of it! Let it all burn. Let Ferguson lite the fuse and I’ll stand back and roast a hot while the morons of the world fight it. Good luck!

                    • Ghost Rider

                      +1 to both you and NetRanger


              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                Yeah, all those outsider provocateurs that traveled to Ferguson to stir up Sh!t all for nothing, if officials delay the release of the GJ Decision info say till next Tuesday. Bwhahahahahaha Keep delaying, just to wear the thugs down. Conquer and divide the masses game.

              • BJ

                ht tps://

                360 degree awareness or AOS as I call it at work, for personal/family security.

                Great video with the chart on the 4 stages of awareness; white, yellow, orange and red.

              • BJ

                Direct link to article

                ht tp://

                • srk

                  DING DONG! The new immigration law has nothing to do with immigrants, it’s about letting foreign corporations in! Poor people will always go where they can be feed and sheltered, but this new immigration legislation introduced by white house is for non US (no pun intended) foreign corporation invasion, not the little people!

              • Locked and Loaded

                Let them protest in Kennesaw, GA as scheduled.

                Because in 1982, the Kennesaw City Council unanimously passed a law requiring heads of households to own at least one firearm with ammunition.

                Then start some trouble…….

            • old nam vet

              2.59 in Prescott Wisconsin

              • hedg

                2.57 in Mo.

            • Vicky

              2.56 northwest Ohio

            • Anonymous

              $2.95 Los Angeles

        • durango kidd

          Phoenix Arizona? LMAO!!!! Not gonna happen here. The blacks here don’t give a shit about Ferguson!!!

          Not at all. 🙂

          • laeagle

            DK, Nothing is likely to happen in New Orleans either (famous last words), but there is a lot of concern about racial profiling and police brutality and police arrogance. There is a lot of anger simmering beneath the surface. Many of the posters here feel the same way too!

            • durango kidd

              laeagle: I understand that. Its just not gonna happen here in Phoenix. We have a low number of black residents and not enough to overwhelm, or intimidate anyone; even if they cared. And they don’t.

              Just saying this is a midwestern phenomena stoked by east coast radicals. The fact that the Grand Jury will not now reach a decision until next week shows that they are trying to find a way to placate “black rage”. Black rage that is not justified in this case.

              I expect wording to exonerate the police officer for Micheal Brown’s death; but allow wiggle room for a “civil rights” abuse suit. Regardless, these inner city residents will use it as an excuse for violence. Its what they live for. 🙁

          • hammerhead

            This is WAY OT , But a very important prep .
            While tryin to wedge an old dudes foot into a warm pair of boots last night i discovered why he was having a hard time walking.
            His toenails were an inch long !
            So i went to the dollar store and got him some clippers, sent him home and told him to come back for his boots later (food pantry).
            If TSHTF toenail trimmers had better be in yer preps or ya wont fit your shoes for long.
            Just sayin……

            • Valley Boy

              Very simple, but very necessary prep! Excellent post hammerhead! Certain things like this go by and we never think of them or take them seriously!

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            OK 30,000 Emails were recovered from the IRS Lois Lerner Scandal for targeting Conservative Tea Party PACS.

            The IRS Lied their asses off months ago, then pleaded the 5th. And I said way back when, that once emails are sent there are digital bread crumbs in many places to recover these. So these IRS Hacks were thinking they could wipe their hard drives clean are dumb as rocks, when it comes to technology or hiding emails. Lets see now if they manipulated any emails.

            Funny how all the sudden after the Mid-term elections all the sudden Poof!!!!… the 30K of Emails show up.

            Now its time to prosecute these Scoundrels.

            • Rebel in Idaho

              they will never be prosecuted; just think of doli in the black cauldron series if you think they will.

        • John Stiner

          Has anybody else notice that what is really missing from our country is Jesus Christ? The Federal Government has been attacking Christianity to no end. This country without Christ will fall.

          On a side note: Who is leading the charge in the Ebola stricken countries? Note the WHO, or the CDC or the Army. It is Doctors without Borders, Samaritan’s Purse, and other christian based aid groups.

          The WHO and Red Cross talk a big game, but they are worthless.

          • FreeSlave

            For all the Christ-Rejectors who comment on SHTFPlan (Eg., the misnamed “Genius” and Whowouldathunkit among others) please read Brandon Smith’s previous article about the NWO atheists and this article by Michael Snyder, and then ask yourself:

            What’s the basis for morality?

            Related questions: Who defines morality? What’s the definition of morality? Is morality objective? Or subjective? Is morality absolute? Or relative?

            Are the NWO liberal atheists moral or immoral? Judged by what standard? Whose standard?

            If you search and think deeply about it, there’s an excellent argument from morality for the existence of the Holy God of the Bible that Christians worship.

            Offered for your reflection and meditation for your ultimate good.


            • What?


              I agree.

              Comment ID: 3272248

              I’m with you.

            • JRS

              In a broader sense morality is what is defined in the Golden Rule.

              In a narrower definition morality is defined by whatever beliefs your culture or religion accepts. For example, covering of the head and full beards is both practiced in Orthodox Christianity and also in Islam. Usury is also forbidden in both.

              So called “modern” religion generally rejects both of those beliefs and relaxes guidelines.

              Morality is also enforced differently across the board. Fundamental Islam provides for beheading for certain things while the “Christian” religious right here believes in death by electrical fire.

              Morality cannot be legislated. It cannot be enforced on others when there is no victim. For example, you could buy a case containing a needle and two doses of heroin through the Sears catalog for $1.50 less than 100 years ago. Now, you will be in a cage for years if caught with heroin. It was “over the counter” for coughs especially for pneumonia and tuberculosis. Did the “morality” of heroin use change or did others decide to force their will upon others for a victimless “crime”?

              Morality doesn’t really change…it’s when beliefs of one group is forced onto others that problems arise.

              Look at the 2×4 in your own eye before you complain about the speck of sawdust in another’s eye.

            • 2heavyb

              With the exception of Islam pretty much all religions have something similar to the ten commandments. Islam glorifies theft and violence against non believers. When the culture gets away from honoring those mandates it crumbles from within.

              • Pissed Off Granny


                Obvious you have never studied the Talmud or you would have included it along with Islam.

                jewishvirtuallibrary is a good place to start to see what the jews think of Christianity. Their own words, not mine.

                • Anonymous

                  Hey Pog, one can’t help but notice that you NEVER mix it up with WWTI and his comments are the most anti-Christian on this entire board. You’re a hypocrite of the first order,anybody who listens to you should question this reality before they EVER listen to your replies to others.

                  • Booger

                    Anonymous. Couldn’t agree with you more. POG is just another rednck Jew hater who believes in a doctrine of hate. Quite the opposite of what the bible teaches. POG = LOSER !

              • NetRanger

                Islam is not a religion. It is a political ideology riding on the advantages of religion. Its a pig in a poke, essentially. Search YouTube with the following words: why we are afraid bill warner

                You will quickly understand that Islam is about conquest, subjugation and control. It accentuates and protects the corruption of the upper class of leaders while they use the rules to hide their immoral deeds.

                The only thing Islam is good for is conquest. Well, alternatively, to assure your place in that handbasket headed for hell.

              • Michelle

                and Islam also condones and promotes lying, this doctrine is called, “Taqiyya”. Many religions teach similar morals and say that Jesus Christ was a honest, good, prophet. Jesus himself said that he alone is the way to eternal life….that makes me believe there is something to Jesus that we all need to listen to…..

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Jesus Christ was a homeless drifter, has been MIA for 2000 Years. I think you all have been stood up for your big date.

            OK Question for Religious Folks. Like (John Stiner and Free Slave) Because this is very important.
            Question: If you played a Lottery every week for 2000 years and there has never been any declared verified winner ever, would you keep playing and spending your money on tickets? Please answer…

            I been asking all you folks to bring forward just one person or soul that has ever received everlasting life ever, to please do so..and nobody has done this yet. There has to be some 300 year old Bishop or True Believer Cardinal out there who can verify this is a valid claim as stated in John 3:16. Bring them forward please. Now even one 1000 Year old foggy out there to raise your hand.

            Or, You are better off spending your money on Lottery tickets, cause at least the Lottery presents photos of people holding those Big Fat Checks as verified Winners.

            We need Proof of Life Photos.. Thanks for your cooperation.

            • NetRanger

              As the Bible says, “the gospels are as gibberish to the wise.” (paraphrased) The word wise was a poor pick by the translators. What they meant were the arrogant. The fake wisemen.

              The realm in which we recieve everlasting life is not like this realm. It is a spiritual realm. Oh, and by the way, there is kind of a misunderstanding.

              EVERYBODY gets to live forever. Yep. You heard me say it. YOU will LIVE FOREVER and you will get to pick how it feels. Jesus came to tell us. The Bible translators did a fair job but modern culture has done a piss poor job of helping people understand.

              You don’t need Jesus to live forever. Of course, without him, your sins are highly caustic and will burn you for eternity.

              The way the Bible explains it is kind of like trying to explain how a nuclear reactor works to a 5 year old. Once you grow up and you understand, you realize that much of what is said without understanding simply confuses grown ups. Mature people know. Your soul never dies. Your essense lives forever, but, it may not be all that pleasant if there isn’t some type of repair made for the crimes (sins) you’ve commited. Jesus is the repairman. Once you study the history, the REAL history, you’ll say:

              “I’d be damned if He didn’t die for me!!!”

              So, go ahead and ridicule all you want. You are simply heaping coals upon your own head and popping jewels in the the crowns of the ones who understand.

              You see, it doesn’t matter that the absoluteness of your sin and the ultimate truth does not care whether you accept it or not. Its the truth and the truth doesn’t exist for you or for me. It just is. You can deny the truth, but, in the end, you cannot deny the consequences of denying the truth.

              The simple fact is this: YOU WILL BURN

              You will either BURN for Him or you will BURN without Him. Your choice. I’ve made mine and, it appears, you’ve made yours. What really puzzles me is this – If I convince you to believe and to burn for Him, thats good, to me, to save a soul. But, can you please tell me what advantage it is to convince me to burn without Him?

              Do not mistake your arrogance for wisdom. The truth does not require your allegiance.

            • FreeSlave


              NetRanger’s reply to you is excellent.

              I don’t know if you’ve read my comment above about whether morality is objective and absolute. If you haven’t, please read it.

              Here’s a question for you to think about whether morality is objective or subjective, and whether morality is absolute or relative:

              Suppose you, “Genius”, and Acid Etch are a sexual threesome. Is your group orgy moral or immoral?

          • Nobama

            John Stiner, you’re right, Jesus is missing from our country. And he always will be. 2000 years dead, long gone, gone, gone, forever, and he ain’t coming back ever. Why can’t you people just let it go? Get over it. Jesus does not exist anymore except in gullible brain-washed imaginations.

            • That would be right

              Both Jesus and his brother satan are still here and visible to all.
              Yet you see them not.
              Whos at fault for that?

        • kasper_Goering

          Ecclesiastes 1:9
          9 The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

      2. WhoWuddaThunkIt

        I Blame Jerry Springer.

        • durango kidd

          Oprah started that genre. Springer was a copy cat. 🙁

        • Anonymous

          I blame the devil hisself the Kenyan

          • DevilMayCry

            Hey hey hey now. Wait a minute. Don’t compare me to Obama.

          • DevilMayCry

            Hey hey hey now. Wait a minute. Don’t compare me to Obama.

      3. WhoWuddaThunkIt

        For some reason ever since the OJ Simpson Verdict. Blacks seem empowered with lawlessness.

        • Anonymous

          Wow! Dead on my friend, since that decision it’s been a downward spiral. I’m no racist, but
          the facts are the facts.

        • oicu812


          The blacks that live around our southern city were fairly quite on the whole thing; but, birds of a feather…

          When the verdict came in, I happened to be in Akron, Ohio at a wholesaler I did business with in my work. The majority of the warehouse workers were black. You would have thought that there was a throat slitting taking place out there as they heard it over the loudspeaker radio. All the screaming and clapping and shouting was sickening.

          On my way out a while later, I decided to go out to my car via the warehouse and play dumb about hearing the verdict and asked a rather mouthy black boy (about 25) what was all the commotion, did someone lose their virginity out here?

          He laughed and said that OJ was found “not guilty” and that they all knew he was innocent from the start, but “oh, he probably knows who did it, though”.

          I’d say at least 90% of the blacks were of the same mindset and the same goes for the Ferguson ordeal.

          The other 10% vote republican.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Oicu8- That is a good OJ Verdict story. I remember watching the TV and My Jaw just Dropped in unbelief. Overwhelming 5 Billion to 1 the DNA Matched. The Bloody Glove, the Golf bag Knife, and if you recall you could see OJ’s Face when they read the verdict, even he couldn’t believe it either. It was the racist Nigs on the Jury that set him free. But hey as Karma Plays out, he is enjoying his Prison life right now, as should be.

          • Michelle


      4. PC SUX

        too many reasons to list why the country is circling the drain. Mostly loss of any morality, common sense and a desire to be in charge of your own destiny as opposed to having it provided to you…IMHO

        • durango kidd

          We are in the End Times. Totally predictable. 🙁

          • Mountain Trekker

            Now that my hunting seasons are over, I was just hanging out in the mountains doing what a Mountain Trekker would do, when a thought crossed my mind. If the places that I trek and hunt are BLM, National Forest and Wilderness Areas, will I still be able to do this in the future, now that we have a dictator, or will I have to become a Robin Hood and sneak around to hunt in the “Kings Forest” like in Merry Old England. It truly seems as though we are going to be forced to make a decision, either except “Having a Dictator or Have a Revolution” neither of which is very appealing. Decisions Decisions! Could you imagine being a Secret Service Agent and have to decide (Am I going to take a bullet for this HNIC) Trekker Out. Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum!

            • possee


              It already is the Kings forest..
              after all
              we pay “tribute”
              through confiscatory taxes,fees,licenses,etc for the few “privileges” the state “allows” us.

              including a ‘license’ to hunt on the kings lands..

              Even after you purchase your own property outright..

              the local henchmen still ‘tax’ you on that sovereign property

              Nothing has changed for thousands of years..

              Just different titles for the respective ‘system in place at that time..

              Enjoy the day


              • digger

                If you hunt on your own land in il you dint have to buy license

                • Old Guy

                  In the state of Arkansas a license is required to hunt and fish on your own land.

                  • NetRanger

                    Its not “required”, some people “just do it”.

                    Its required in my state too, but, you have to claim your rights. You should see the faces of the game wardens when I threaten them for tresspassing on “Private Land”. If you claim your “land” as “private Property” you’re calling it commercial. Not only do you have to have a license to hunt on it, but anything that you produce from it has to pay a tax. Its commercial, also known as “corporate”. However, the term “private land” is owned and if you meet the gamewarden and demant that he stay off your private land, well, he’ll leave and not come back. Its been 15 years.

                    I do laugh a bit how the state claims all the game. Now, if I owned these cow-like creatures called “deer” and they were running around and they jumped out in front of your new Ford Fusion and messed up the grill, what would happen? Uh, yeah, I’d be paying for a new Ford Fusion grill.

                    What happens when a deer “owned by the state” messes up your grill? Does the state pay for it? Hehehe. No. I didn’t think so. Ownership implies responsibility. Not responsibility, no ownership. Simply, its just more propaganded foisted on you by the state.

                    Screw them! Now, the hunting seasons are there for good reason. I follow them somewhat, though, I tend to shoot what I want within a reasonable season with whatever I want. The meat never leaves my private land unless its in my belly.

                    You have to know your rights and you have to claim your rights because so many citizens have willingly given up (or ignorantly, not known) their rights that the defacto paradigm is to leave it to the state. I do not. Its decided. I have the right. Screw them!

                    (It also helps to remind them that the supreme court even says a man has a right to use deadly force to defend his rights. They REALLY don’t like that.)

                    All their “law” is “color of law”. If you know this its all null and void anyways.

                • ReFounding Father

                  Think it
                  Not that you care, but my soul is gonna live forever, and so will yours. Go back and read the first 15 verses of John chapter 3. Jesus here is differentiating between the physical and spiritual. Our bodies will die, that’s the physical death. The soul or spiritual part of our being is either going to experience eternal togetherness ( for lack of a better word) or spiritual separation ( that’s the second death.
                  Born once, die twice…( physical and spiritual) born twice, die once ( physical only).

                • ReFounding Father

                  It’s not your land, you just rent it from the gubmint. Real estate taxes are the rent

              • apache54

                Possee and Trekker,
                Yup the land is already being controlled and remember when Janet Reno wanted to use satellites to monitor the lands and require permits to enter and then use the military to remove those who did not have a permit. this has been coming for a long time and either we stop it or we become Robin Hoods!

              • Anonymous

                EXACTLY!, Trekker and Possee! The two wolves have voted to have the lamb for dinner. The lamb will have to be well-armed (self-armed, self-armored, independently mobile, self-disciplined, and self-supporting) to contest the vote.

            • MongoPissed

              I live in the Southern Sierra. The Sierra Club and associated groups are trying to cut off and eliminate all public access to areas adjoining the Pacific Crest Trail. This would mean no off road vehicles, or even trails, approaching that trail. They want a “wilderness experience” for a few at the expense of the many. We have so far fought this insanity, but for how long? Be active in your area, for that at the moment is our only defense.

          • Iowa

            Come Lord, come. Amen.

        • HD74MAN


      5. Stan522

        All of this decay, is not what is going to be the catalyst that topples our world… it’s just the symptom. Plus, this decay has slowly been growing… growing at a pace that not many can see. We are that boiling frog in the pot of water. Perhaps we will never jump before things crumble.

      6. KY Mom

        This really makes me wonder about the ACCURACY of some of the Ebola tests.

        Same man…
        3 Ebola tests – all negative.
        Different Ebola test – positive.

        If Ebola remains in semen of infected men, why were male Ebola victims in US ‘cleared’ as virus-free?

        “An Indian man has been placed under mandatory quarantine in his home country after tests came back positive for the Ebola virus in his semen, according to news reports.

        The 26-year-old Indian national was hospitalized nearly two months ago in Liberia after contracting the disease and had since been thought to be cleared of the virus, which turned out to be false.”

        “CNN reports that the man was initially released from a Liberian hospital on September 30 with documents in hand declaring him to be Ebola-free.”

        “The only reason this was even discovered is because the Indian man had recently attempted to fly back to New Delhi, upon which health officials in his native land decided to take extra precautionary measures. The man was reportedly “symptom-free,”

        In fact, the Indian man had undergone THREE SEPARATE EBOLA TESTS at the airport prior to flying, and ALL OF THEM CAME BACK NEGATIVE.

        But when he arrived in India, a FOLLOW-UP TEST SHOWED THAT EBOLA WAS STILL PRESENT, proving both that EBOLA TESTS ARE WILDLY INACCURATE and that the virus is longer-lasting than we have all been led to believe.”

        “From an emergency coordinator for Doctors Without Borders, “Since Ebola can be transmitted through sexual contact, male survivors are sent home with condoms and instructed to use them for the next three months if they engage in intercourse,”

        Ebola clearly persists well beyond observable infection period
        “The CDC supposedly agrees with this, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find any information about this in the media prior to this recent revelation.”

        *Recovering from Ebola – the Ebola virus lives on for up to 90 days in body fluids and the virus CAN be passed on to others.

        • John Stiner

          I had read and article that said Ebola can live up to 90 days in semen even after an all clear. Which means if he has sex with someone he could spread the virus.

      7. Charley Waite

        West Palm Beach and Gainesville but not Miami? Too many armed people down here

        • What?

          Our society, as a whole, has a severe lack of appreciation.

          A great many employers no longer appreciate their employees.

          Guess what? Many employees do not appreciate their boss, and hence, their job.

          Parents do not appreciate their kids, and vice-versa.

          This lack of appreciation many people have fosters distrust of nearly everyone.

          That distrust morphs into almost every ill our society is exhibiting.

          Do you appreciate things?

          Do you have a reason to?

          Food for thought.

          • TheGuy

            Guess what? This is in no small part due to the fact that it’s now illegal to do anything nice for anyone, ever, period.

            You’ll either get arrested for it, or will be held liable to do it in perpetuity if you do it even once.

            When morality is so actively punitively discouraged what do you think is going to happen? Aloof indifference AT BEST, that’s what.

          • oicu812

            Well said!

            There is no “compassion” towards people anymore.
            People are even jealous over members of their own families. People have become mean spirited.

            The world, is in a world of shit.

            A third of the world follows a pseudo religion or none at all. A pseudo religion is one that doesn’t recognize Jesus Christ as the Son Of God, and place Him front and center in their worship.

            Another third says they are Christian, but follow a Religious Cult style of worship and don’t know how to pray to God, one on one via Jesus Christ. Maybe… a third of that third has it right.

            The remaining third, straddles the fence and could care less either way as long as they have their creature comforts and stuff. They play ostrich with anything that seems controversial and needs attention. They may shadow the church doors once in a while but do so for “making an appearance” and being seen by the family and community as one who cares. When all they really care about are themselves.

            God says, the only way to Him is thru the Son. So without Christ at the center, all the head banging, kneeling, chanting, charity work or rituals and confessions; won’t get a person a key to the gate.

            The spirits of Lucifer, Jezebel, Sodom & Gomorrah, and the Fallen Angels have filled the voids of where Christ doesn’t reside within people’s souls.

            Thus we see a world in turmoil. Sad to say, it will get worse until God brings people to their knees through judgments.

            The Israelite/Caucasian/Adamic race of peoples, lived under the iron fist of Communist Egyptian worldliness rule for over 400 years and grew to a population of over 2.5 million peoples.

            It took God only forty “days” to get them out of Egypt; but, it took Him forty “years” to get the Egypt out of them.

            How much longer would it take to get the modern day worldliness/evilness, out of the people without some major catastrophic judgments from divine intervention?

            So, we are at a crossroads people. And the people say; “fuck off” to Jesus, it’s “my” party, and my tattooed and pierced, chemically dependent body.”

            And I say it as eloquently and as simply put, as Bob Seger does;

            Turn The Page….

            We’re through now.

            • Pissed Off Granny


              Calling it like it is…..thanks for your post.

            • FreeSlave

              Excellent OICU812!!

              • Condor Day:4

                FREE Slave: I Posted in prior article of Brandon Smiths article the recent of DEC 2012, Jewish scientists and Hebrew univ labs and John Hopkins Publishd Proof DNA that at least 98% of who calls selves a jew today globally are NOT. They really are Khazars which is a turk and hunn and mongrol mix with caucasian mixed in also. aka biblically EDOM…Jacobs Twin Brother ESAU’S people and main Mortal enemys of true israelites of 12 tribes.

                The only thing jewish of them is their Talmudic Pharisee judaism religion. Which their kazar ancestors adopted or converted to around 750 A.D. era. They have called selves jew since.

                I also added a second posting of a quoted statement from jewish Almanacs Own words that to call ancient israelites as a jew is wrong as is it also wrong to call modern day jews a hebrew or israelite.

                And also included from state of Israel’s Own forigen policy dept official statement to answer question of “Who and What is a jew and an israelite?”

                Their answer is anyone born of a jew mom is a jew AND ALL folks who CONVERT properly To Talmudic Judaism also is NOW considered a jew too.

                Which coincides with the DNA evidence and what that scientists guy Said when interviewed BY Israels largest Daily newspaper of “Harretzz” newspaper…Where he stated that “NO Same Blood Nor Family ties NOR RACE can be atributed to folks who today calls themselves a jew since litterally EVERY type of the several type jews, has Mainly DNA from Khazars.

                By Types of jew hes speaking of Ashkanazi-Morano-shepardic. ALL have mixed with many other races, all has dna of primarily khazar decent.

                I didn’t post Any Bible verses that verify your claim the bible states “jews are gods chozens” since there is NO..Thats ZERO such bible verses in any parts or books of the entire bible. Hence it also means God never said any such things as “Gods gonna bless whoever blesses jews”. Not said to abraham, nor anyone else period.

                God was concerned with the 12 tribes of israel not jews.

                Hopefully my info postings and especially UNrefutable DNA proof thats been vetted, proven, documented and published by prestigious John Hopkins Hosp and their DNA specialty studies sections etc etc will assist you in a huge RE-think of it all eh.

                • FreeSlave

                  Condor Day 4,

                  I have to read your other posts and the source documentation. But it’s not clear to me what the claim is saying about the restoration of the nation state of Israel.


            • Michelle

              WoW! Hard hitting words that remind me of the prophets of the old testament! Sometimes the things we need to hear the most piss us off the hardest!

        • FuckingPissed

          I smell the stench of scum illegals, scum politicians, their minions, and their utter contempt for OUR country. Sometimes I wish this would just get started so I can do what I’ve been training so long to do. My fellow veterans and patriots we will be fighting for our country this time instead of the lies we had believed in our youth. I’m mad a hell.

        • Billy Hill

          Mayhaps you’ll go the way of the UK and try to ban knives…

          The new “Save a Life – Surrender Your Knife” program is in full swing and police are telling us that they have joined forces with an already growing trend in the United Kingdom to ban “pointy” knives.

          Lancashire Police tell us that an “amnesty” program began at the end of August, and “more than 800 knives have been handed in across the county – including swords, machetes and commando knives.”


          • Anonymous


          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            England was full of Tyrants centuries ago. My Family GGGGGGGGGGreat Grandfather left England, set sail and entered Boston Harbor in 1638, just 20 yrs after the pilgrams arrived. The UK today is a Shithole of Tyranny cameras eyeballing your every move. Now forcing people to cut their meat with a spoon. Crazy!! That’s why we NEVER give up our Guns.

            • Anonymous

              EXACTLY!, WhoWudda! The Brit government want to totally disempower their historically self-defensive people so that they can be corralled into permanent and abject slavery to the .01% or fewer elites. Btw, Her Majesty, her Lords and Gentry won’t necessarily be part of that .01%! “Republicanism” is all about Cromwellian designs to set up a Commonwealth that can have a removable rubber-stamp figure-head (as they’ve intended, since the Norman Conquest, to have the Crown to be) to force others to do their will, like they have set up in America– instead of God’s Own Natural, hereditary and life-long appointees which includes everyone over him or herself, regardless of relation or degree. Her Majesty, the Lords, Gentry and Commons will have to band together as the real Royal Army in defense of everyone’s “Dieu et mon Droit”.

              • Condor Day:4

                I think British govnt officials are following zionist run protocols as explained in a 22 minit jewtube video by Barbara Spector, a jewess herself, where shes bragging profously on how swell their zionist plans to FLOOD UK, All EU-EURO White nations, with NON white scum and mainly Africns, Arabs, Moooslims, and whatever other non whiteys they can locate.

                So to cause EVERY white in all white nations Including USA and Canada, to soon become a small MINORITY in their own nations…She states this is the plan, and nothing Brits, euro other nations folk nor usa folk try to do to alter it will be allowed…It is best we all get well used to it as its a DONE deal already, just waiting on MORE non whites flooding in to fullfill their zionist plans for the future world…And as long as 1/3rd of the usa white dupes continue to reject ALL and EVERY proof or fact that not only are jewry behind this crap plan…That also jewry is NOT whom the fools believe it to be at all…

                They seem to prefer to OBEY phony pastors who keep insisting they bless jews or god wont bless america.

                So fools Hows them huge god blessings going since america so began to bless state of israel where you idiots think todays jews live?….Instead they are blessing Esuas Edom! and Edom was/is true 12 tribed israelites worst mortal deadly enemys!

                What if it is rather whites whos the true lost ten tribes of Israel?….What if Thats why we see whites so hated today by most everyone globally?

                What if them apostate pastors is wrong?…What if You that belong to that large 50 million group of oxymoronic jewdeo-christians are doing way MORE to assist zionists etc detroy the usa and your Own race of fellow whites than just about all other efforts or groups combined?

                Well thats precicely what You are doing by allowing such pastors teachings to occupy Your easy to delude minds.

                Think Neocons could have started invasions of something like 17-muslim nations so far since 1980, if the neocon repubs didn’t have the 100% Total backing of 50 million evangelical jewdeo christians who Love War and killing of millions innocents INCLUDING Tens/hundreds of thousands of Mid east Christians who has been there since day one when Christ walked the earth?

                You know the same 50 million mainly white type jewdeo christians who always vote neocon repubs and agree on wars galore….Without which who really thinks GW or any other neocons would dared to start wars as such?

                I don’t even pay atten to any talk for a RE set or usa Fix as long as such folks insist upon a belief based on such apostate false teacher pastors pro jew and pro state of israel nonsense thats NOT biblical at all period.

                Proven by My DNA of jews postings, many other Links etc and posted info proofs…As well as a 1/2 dozen other enlightened folk here keep posting of also.

                When did america begin its downward spiral we see results of today mainly?…Around the 1950-early 60 era right…Yes correct….

                What Year did america not just recognize state of israel as a state and a jewish state…BUT also since day one has totally or close to totally Funded its very existence?

                1948…VERY close proxmity to usa downfall events began eh…..And ever since then the more cash and favoritizms america as a govnt and its 50 million deluded christianity types has donated free etc…And the MORE Wars usa has started to benifit israel and jewry…

                This destroyed america situation keeps going worse and worse weekly…We now have Tons more jewish polititions, total MSM and hollywood control by them, as well as all else what matters in society and the orig white christian based culture of usa has drowned in a sea of shit.

                So where exactly Are all them supposed huge blessings we shall get by so blessing state of israel and jewry?

                Why not ASK pastor to SHOW You One single bible verse in any page of bible that states “God says Bless jews” etc?

                He cannot show that to you as it is non existant!…He WILL instead say “wherever the word ISRAEL appears or Israelite word also, that really means the word…Jew”

                Then why dont it state jew?….How much more evidence and proofs does it take to finally get folks awakened?

                Will they believe the zionist jews and orthodox too and atheists jewry too work as ONE gang of Nation Wreckers only After in america these white folks become a small Minority?…..Then what?…Pass that to Your grandkiddies?

                maybe tell grandkids keep blessing them nation wrecker edomites who calls themselves self chozens too?

                Right…Little suzy creamcheese and johnny brighteyes is gonna get ALL the Vast Built up god blessings some day soon if we all keep obeying whatever jew brainwashed pastors teaches us to do which is never question if issues jews, always defend jews and israel no matter what…

                I hope first thing they see when aproaching that Christ Judgement seat while they stand in their GOAT line awaiting their vast rewards is a huge Neon sign that says…You Fools! Allowed selves to be royally duped and Pimped off to jews by phony apostate preachermen!”

                Then “depart from Me you wicked workers of inequity”

                What a great blessing future that outta end up as eh! A nice Cold Soak forever in the lake of Fire eh!

                Maybe a small Few shall RE read bibles and Re think things without pastor inputs and awaken to the devils children they so bless. Hope its before america is totaled totally like a giant car wreck.

          • Kevin2

            When the Magna Carta gets repealed the serfs can go back to pitchforks.

            Anyone know of the bow and arrow regulations within the UK?

        • sixpack

          The Portland mob had better stay in Portland…


          “#8 A minor scuffle between two girls at a California high school” — That’s what everyone should do in these instances where some punk cop is beating the shit out of some pregnant woman, or some young kid or any other helpless person.

          Citizens have a right to put a stop to aggressive cops. We have no obligation to stand by and watch them beat people down because they said something they didn’t like, or whatever.

          IMO, we have an inherent right to protect ourselves, even against a bully with a badge, and that means bystanders too. Very few people would step in during a regular arrest. I think anyone with common sense knows what I’m talking about here.

      8. James

        Aren’t there any laws against organizing a riot? Of course they will say all is for a peaceful demonstration. yah right! I don’t think all will have problems but the possibility exists. All it would take is some nutjob with gasoline and bottles and the situation gets out of control in a heartbeat. Gd give us peace, James

        • BigB

          It seems to me that with a population North of 325 million people in the United State you are going to see a lot of kooks doing wierd stuff. What with todays electronic digital world in which we live in the access to all of the crazy stuff is so easy to see so much of what is going on.

          Say you have a thousand people at each of these planned 82 cities to demostrate. That is really such a small fraction percentage wise with the amount of people why does anyone think these actions are less than a flea bite on an elephant.

          Most of this crap is put out there by the media to sell news and thus sell advertizing. Yet we all for it. I know that I as a news hound scour the internet for these social media stories. Don’t know why, but I do. Cause for the most part it don’t effect me in the least bit.

          Why do I pay to see a boxong match? Cause I like to see two guys beating the crap out of each other. The same reason I will watch the riots if and when they break out. That’s Entertainment.

          Now if it comes to a neighborhood near me I am of course going to have to be a participant. But nothing much ever really happens around me that has any impact directly upon me. Last year I did the Bundy thing and then I did the buses with the illeagals in S. Californi but in those cases I went there for the entertainment and if my participation had any meaning, so be it. It cost me for fuel. lodsging and food. A steep price for a ticket.

          Mr. Snyder quotes 10 incidents across the U.S and I imagine he could find a lot more depending on how hard he looked. That doesn’t mean that anyone of them other than entertainment value effect me in anyway.

          Just saying.


        • talon1776

          The Constitution refers to this behavior as SEDITION.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Breaking News. Ferguson. FBI arrests 2 Black Panther gang member trying to buy explosives to set off pipe bombs along the protest march route. FBI also yesterday had sent another Agents to the area. Could have all been a set up or entrapment. I ask why would someone try to buy explosives a day before in the same town they planned to blow up??? LOL. You can’t fix Stoopid.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Meant to say FBI sent another 100 agents to Ferguson yesterday. The place is crawling with Feds.

      9. Jim in Va.

        Williamsburg in Va.? Massive huh? Thats it?

        • Mike in VA


          Williamsburg was a shock to me. Why not Norfolk, Richmond, Or Northern Va. I find it strange. The article is correct thought. I thought in the beginning that the debt of our nation would cause our downfall. Truth is the moral decay is what will do it. If there was morals then we would not be in trouble economically. Everyone is out for themselves. They don’t want to work anymore. Could care less about there neighbors. Just so sad. If people don’t care about each other then we are done period. Race, religion, politics, sex, age all of it has nothing to do with our decline. The lack of love and caring does.
          Good bye America until I see you again. Hopefully the people on here and others cans win you back. I long to see you and freedom again.

          • Jim in Va.

            Bingo Mike! This country will probably split up and people will gravitate to areas of like minded people. The south may rise again!

            • jmac

              You should read Civil War 2, which is available online. Addresses you statement exactly

          • Dr. Richard

            Some of these like Williamsburg (William & Mary) and Blacksburg (Virginia Tech) are college towns. Student “activists” are the source/reason why they are on the list.

      10. wrong

        Something wicked this way comes……

        The tension is building. What’s it gonna take?

        Our president is a traitor.

        Lets treat him as such.

        • Johnn Law

          There is a pretty big list of “traitors” (politicians)in this country. Only way to get this country back on track is to make examples of them so this kind of treasonous behavior never happens again. There is no peaceful solution to our crisis, it will take violence to overthrow the corrupted Government on all levels.

      11. Kulafarmer

        Heres an interesting piece of info,
        Maybe were not so crazy afterall.

        Add the usual prefix

        • The Old Coach

          A coordinated attack by, say, 30-40 men with tools, (not explosives) that are commonly held could do almost as much damage as an EMP. I’m not gonna give details on an open forum. The grid is scary vulnerable.

          • Mountain Trekker

            Old Coach, I was told first hand, where and what kind of disruption a common Marmot created for many agencies communications, which I also won’t disclose on an open forum. Trekker Out.

          • Mike in VA


            Since I am in the power industry I will not give details either. I only know you are correct.
            I am shocked it has not happened. If terrorist are so sophisticated and smart then why has it not happened?

            It would be easy.

        • Kevin2

          Being prepared is not crazy. Wishing for it is.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Kula, If the grid is taken down, it is because TP2B let it. They will use that as excuse to coverup America’s Bankruptcy. The Biggest threat is not having our lights work, but the EBT Food Stamp Program not working and the 90% Human population unprepared. All out Civil unrest and 9 meals away from all out anarchy. Guns and Ammo will be the great equalizer and key to survival.

          • Kevin2

            Deregulation of the public utility lead to a fragile grid. Once upon a time the utilities had a monopoly over the revenue making generation end with cost plus maintenance too boot. The generation end was very reliable and the money they made were well sufficient to maintain and upgrade the grid. Over time the the fat incorporated within the grid was cut into and now we’re at muscle and bone as the funds from the generation end diminished.

            The pockets in the US are not as deep as they once were and this is but one example of that fallout.

      12. Kulafarmer

        What, no rioting in Hawaii?
        All the cops I know wouldnt hesitate to ventilate rioters, nor would they take their finger off the trigger on their taser either,

        • dave in Idaho

          Kula. I just read that the Ferguson PD has aquired 650 tear gas grenades,2000 plastic hand cuffs, 6000 pepper balls (I wonder if you can use them for cooking?) and 5000 EXTRA hours of Training…… I bet those were ALL in Overtime Pay. Solve no crime until Overtime.

        • Billy Hill

          Hawaii has MINIMUM speed limits! Love that place! 🙂

          • Nobama

            That’s because they’re tired of the dumbass slow liberal Prius-driving bird-watching liberal slow dumbass tourist drivers.

          • Kulafarmer

            Yea, most of the roads i drive are 45mph and under,,,
            Get carried away when i hit the continent and drive,

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              The Biggest threat in Hawaii is from the Drunk Tourists after sunset. Ha..

        • Rellik

          I’m FBI
          The cops here are too trigger happy. Most years they are responsible for most of the homicides that happen in the islands. I’m for taking their guns away when they are off duty.

        • islander

          I know what ya mean Kula , none in Alaska either . It’s a death wish in a place with this many armed folks

      13. S.

        If protests do break out in a city that I am in… they better watch out for armed citizens…we don’t take physical attacks lightly; especially if it is targeted toward our loved ones.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Do you have enough Ammo on hand?? Just look at how much Ammo you can blow through in just one hour at the range. Now times that by a few months of all out civil unrest. I would suggest you aim for 10, 000 Rounds per gun as a targeted ammount to have on hand. You can surely count on if thete is chaos and rioting that Govt Officials will soon Ban the sale of Ammo in your area like they are doing in Ferguson where stores have pulled Ammo of the shelves and locked it up in the back room. Do you know what the new Gold is going to be come Civil Unrest? Yep Ammo. Get it now while it is cheap. Under NDAA King Obama can confiscate all Ammo if he chooles under Executive Order. So buy up some more security for yourself with Ammo insurance.

          • Night Breaker

            WWT ,
            Best amount is enought for a load out (250 rounds) and enought to replace it in an assault pack , think of it as a patrol loadout , over 5000 in storage rounds it becomes to difficult to move your stash no sense arming others if you have to flee. You could always catch it , but if you burn thru that many rounds it is must likely you are not going to survive the engagement .

            In past military fire fights WW2 to Desart Storm the average PRECISION fire engagement count was about 55 rounds per engagement average , it spans from as little as 10 to 250 in rare occasions . It’s situation specific dependant on mission enemy time terrain ( METT)

            In all more ammo is always good but NOT AN ABSOLUTE NECCESSITY AFTER 1000 ROUNDS MINIMUM PER WEAPON . They main point is use persuasive force ONLY WHEN NECESSARY TO PRESERVE LIFE OR LIMB WHEN ALL OTHER OPTIONS FAIL.
            Looking for trouble makes you no better than the instigators . Maintain the high moral ground even when all else is going to hell , this is leadership .

            Now on to ferguison , you have seen the news about agitators taken in to custody this is not a good sign, good that they were apprehended but bad because it points out that we are being faced with more than just upset citizen’s . It points out THAT EVERY ONE WE STOP MOST LIKELY 10 MORE EXIST THAT WE HAVE NOT STOPPED. There has been a large speculation on this site that this may be an ORGANIZED EVENT in a sense it is , by a determined group to incite something horrific, it’s long past having to do with just a justified police shooting.
            What we are experiencing is a breakdown of civil society spured on by a lawless administration and its higher echelon minions to create something that can be used for political gain. You just have to look to see who benefits the most , it will lead once this is done and over with to the highest office in this country , as the old Russian proverb says ” A fish rots from the Head”
            These are indeed dangerous times .

            Be prepared for this to go all out in the coming days , use this weekend as a last run for your preparedness supplies , get all your things in order , the DECISION HAS BEEN MADE it will not be announced until late Sunday night to allow for assets to be in place to prevent the anarchy from spreading farther than anticipated . ( reason for the delay crowd control agents ( CSv tear gas vomit kicker ) ) do not perform well in sub freezing temperatures) make no mistake ( I have been accused of being a chicken little) this has the potential of being a LIFE AS WE KNOW IT ALTERING EVENT , violence in 82 cities coupled with a cyber assault could make things very sporty with little or no warning , there are many subversive elements ( inside and outside CONUS) just waiting to make this happen according to the reports and theat matrix data coming in to regional fusion centers .

            My best hope us this will go away , but I really don’t have much hope in this approach .
            Everyone take care , help your neighbors and never give up hope that this country can be saved from our enemies both foreign and domestic.

            I said I would warn all when indication point to something about to happen .
            Stay safe , it begins with each of us in our own neighborhoods , preserve Liberty .
            You are the resistance .

            From the Tip of The Spear on the front lines

            Semper Fi 8541

          • James

            With all due respect WWTI people like you are casing the shortages. If engaged in a defensive gunfight, unlike targets at the range, the target is shooting back.
            Must be nice to think that you would survive any encounter not to mention multiple encounters and not getting offed. Then your huge supply goes to the very people you prepared to fight.
            This is not to say that having an adequate amount is nit wise but 400 boxes of 12ga does seem excessive. God Bless James

      14. JW

        LOL, Austin, Texas. Who’s it gonna be, a bunch of white liberal kids. Bring it, you stinkin bastards!

      15. Sierra Dave

        History is full of women killers who poisoned children and husbands. The difference now is the ease of spreading information.

        And I guess you could say that the penal system just houses them for a while until they are let out again.

        In the past, these sick people were put down after their revolting, violent crimes.

        • Acid Etch

          Women suck the blood out of men every day. But, at the end of the month, it all falls back out again.


        • The Old Coach

          Green thumb.

          Crazies we have had always with us. But now we are 300+ million where it was 180 million when I were a lad. And we have national, instantaneous news of every one of them, which is amplified by media vampires who see monetary advantage.

          Does anybody here even know that a bunch of Puerto Rican terrorists once shot up the House of Representatives?

          That a disgruntled taxpayer (in Michigan I think) once dynamited a school building full of kids?

          It’s no worse now than it ever was, except that the PTB want to strip us of our right and power to resist. And even that’s not new. Sullivan law in NY, 1911.

        • The Old Coach

          Even “sudden mass murder syndrome” is nothing new. The common term “run amuck” derives from a Malay term <i?mengamuk. It had religious connotations. Not limited to Muslims, although they seem to be most susceptible.

          • Smokey

            Malays running amok is the reason the Army went to the .45 in 1911. The .38 revolver just wouldn’t put them down during the Philippine Insurrection.

            • Night Breaker

              Little known fact besides the model 1911 , 45 acp revolvers revolvers were retrofitted later from 45 long colt ( Colt SSA) after they were taken out of storage to fight the morro’s in the philippines.

              This also lead to the development of the .357 magnum in the 1930’s , the Smith and Wesson registered magnum that later became the Model 27 which served in the FBI till the late 1970’s and was the standard side arm of many police departments.
              Patton used one in WW2 .

              Semper Fi 8541

              • Kevin2

                The .45 LC revolvers in government service were the 1873 and later 1909 New Service. Both were chambered for 45LC. The US Military revolver chambered in .45 ACP was in essence the Colt New Service in .45LC re chambered to .45ACP with 1/2 moon clips to make the auto rimless round adopted in 1911 for the model 1911 to chamber. This revolver was designated the Model 1917 and was used to augment the 1911 in WWI because sufficient numbers of the automatic were not available.

                The “Peacemaker” and later model 1909 were chambered for the 45LC and were pressed into service in the Philippines. The .45 ACP guns were meant for WWI service. The Model 1917 had seen limited service in WWII.

      16. vet1

        Nothing will ever change. Elect a republican house and senate and they don’t even speak up when the president becomes an emperor.
        I can’t imagine a more worthless, spineless, group of scared wuzzy babies than we have in Washington.
        I guess we are no longer America, the home of the brave…
        Welcome to the “homeland” in keeping with previous tyrannical regimes…

        • Mountain Trekker

          Here we go again. Sit in the bar or down at the local gun shop and complain about whats happening and how those that we elect are doing nothing. Time to get busy and inform, NO, demand that they do something. Inform them that this is a Constitutional Republic not a Monarchy. You know the story about the frog? I’ve come to the conclusion that most frogs know whats happening, its just that they would rather complain that the water is getting hot, and then just set there. Trekker Out.

          • vet1

            See how far demanding something get’s ya, wake up and see the reality.
            The only law abiding place I know of is my farm and I aim to keep it that way.
            Write our senators and call your representatives, I have for years…for all the good its done…

          • FreeSlave

            I think you’re right, Mountain Trekker.

            I just don’t what else to do that’s within the legal system. The political process seems broken.

            • Smokey

              Flood them with calls and emails, they haven’t gotten the word yet.


              The White House is 202-456-1111.

              The White House flunkies won’t give a rat, but at least they should hear us, and we should take up all of their time dealing with us so they can’t do anything else.

          • Acid Etch


            • Smokey

              Wretch, you are correct.

            • Mountain Trekker

              Ass’ed Itch glad to see there is something we can agree on. Only problem is. Its as hard to get people to react as it is to get Congess to listen. Therein lies the problem. And to stoop to your level of communication, the only way to get Congress to listen is to grab them by the nut and shake. and they WILL LISTEN. Trekker Out.

      17. Unbelievable

        #3 – A Newton police officer was arrested Monday on accusations that he unzipped his pants and exposed himself to young male drivers during “numerous” traffic stops.

        99.98% this piece of shit still has a job too!

        • PO'd Patriot

          Nah, just acid wretch in an old ‘Village People’ costume.

        • Night Breaker

          Welcome to New Jersey

          Semper Fi 8541

          • Ghost Rider


        • Enemy of the State

          someone should have shot his member off..there would have been enough proof that the member would have been exposed when shot

          Case dismissed! and so was the cop..if you catch my drift?

          in other words we wouldnt have to worry about his short sentence, or him ever pulling his meat wand out ever again

      18. Kevin2

        Crazies have been around for years, Albert Fish, Richard Speck were two of the more notable and lets not forget the poster child with the Nazi tattoo on his forehead Charles Manson. The population was about half of what it is today too. The violent crime rate today is roughly equivalent to about 1960 however ask anyone and they’re frightened to death. The MSM hypes bad news for ratings and possibly more nefarious reasons and our information flow is virtually instantaneous 24/7.

        • TEST

          Statistics, please, Kevin. Not sure I agree, but please post your sources and facts. Thanks

          • Kevin2


            This is from the Wall Street Journal. Its from the Justice Department. Just Google Violent Crime Rate

            “FBI announced last week that violent crime in the U.S. had reached a 40-year low in 2010”

            • Kevin2



              What is very interesting is that this is happening virtually throughout the industrialized world. The most likely reason that they assume is a decline in the number of youth relative to total population. People are living longer and having fewer children.

              I will give you this. The crazies are crazier but they are overall a very small number.

                • TEST

                  Thank you.

                  Now we need to determine violent vs. non-violent crime rates. Why go out and rob someone when you can simply sit at home and with a keystroke rob that self-same person.

                  • Kevin2

                    Actually President Teddy Roosevelt summed that thought process up over a hundred years ago when he said, “An uneducated man robs a train, an educated man steals the railroad”. Jon Corzine not finding over a billion dollars illegally taken from depositors accounts is one modern example. Another is Wacovia (spelling) Bank laundering between $300 and $400 billion (I guess you loose count when the figures get that high) and get fined $160 million without anyone being charged let alone convicted and going to prison is another example.

                    Violent crime is the use or threat of physical force. The big money with little to no risk uses fraud and deception. The greater the status of the perpetrator the less chance of punishment. Go high enough on the economic food chain and the chance reduces to zero.

                • Enemy of the State

                  A comment to Kevin2’s numbers

                  those murder numbers also coincide with the “shall issue” on Concealed carry

                  notice the number drop at year 2000 and thats right around the time where a lot of states started allowing concealed packing

                  its also right around the time a lot of states were putting the Castle Doctrine into law

                • Enemy of the State

                  A comment to Kevin2’s numbers

                  those murder numbers also coincide with the “shall issue” on Concealed carry

                  notice the number drop at year 2000 and thats right around the time where a lot of states started allowing concealed packing

                  its also right around the time a lot of states were putting the Castle Doctrine into law

        • Smokey

          Crazies are far more widespread today than 1960. You could get mugged, slapped around, punched or stabbed, but they took your money and left. It was business.

          Now, it’s entertainment. They’ll shoot you and everyone else in the room, beat you to death for walking on their sidewalk, and pour gasoline over you and burn you to death, just because they saw it in a movie.

          The crime rate is about the same per 100,000 people, but with more people, there’s more crime. And, it’s changed. It’s more violent, more random, and more heinous.

          • Kevin2

            “The crime rate is about the same per 100,000 people”

            The rate is per 100k. No its dropped massively. Look it up.

            • Smokey

              The numbers cited just above show 5.1 vs. 4.5 for murder. Hardly a massive drop, 12% is lower, but not very meaningful. It’s lower, but by only 0.6 persons per 100k, meaning that half a person statistically is still getting killed in real life.

              • Kevin2

                “The violent crime rate today is roughly equivalent to about 1960”.
                Equivalent to those days considered safe. Half of 1980.

                “12% is lower, but not very meaningful”
                Is a 50% reduction meaningful?

                Remember 1960, the, “Good Old Days”? Andy and Opie on Maybury RFD with Barney Fife carrying a single bullet in his shirt pocket? Pre JFK assassination, pre Vietnam and protests along with the riots of the civil rights movement. Well despite the demand for illegal drugs fueling a virtual prohibition gang war country wide the murder rate is a tad less than before this mess. Its fact and its surprising.

      19. Acid Etch

        We’ve been building our tolerances to pain by punching and kicking each other to the body and legs repeatedly in the dojo.

        I’m obsessed with building the perfect body. I love to show it off by wearing skimpy outfits in public. I wish I could show my penis to old ladies. I always wear studded leather underwear or thongs or a baselayer with an opening to let my dick and balls hang out. I like to wear them under a conservative business suit. I’ve shaved my pubes into a landing strip.


        • Mike in VA

          Well your dojo is sure different than mine. I think yours is a bottle of Vaseline and your dominant hand. Then your strange is the other. You are sick.

        • Jim in Va.

          Acid…you’ll go down in the first wave…probably dropped by a little ole lady.

          • Night Breaker

            And with a hat pin .
            This guy reminds me of the ” Monty Python ” lumber jack skit.

            Semper Fi 8541

        • vet1


          This site is off my bookmarks, adios…

      20. Acid Etch

        I want to get all the back issues of a magazine called Infiltration.

        Read the website called Infiltration.


        I’ve been doing it for years.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Acid- example of moral decay. One Big Cavity. Seriously are you smoking Meth?

        • Jim in Va.

          acid; Well ladee da! Go in a round room and sit in the corner.

      21. TEST

        “Socialism (lit. “gouvernement” in French) is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.”
        – Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

        And… why yes, you ARE indeed correct! Leftists have NO idea why this has never worked, will never work, and CAN never work. But that won’t stop them from trying (Hilary is SURE to get it right next time though, the 9,859th time they’ve tried), and trying with YOUR money (while the Hollywierd Learjet leftists and assorted Obungler cronies live it up (think Solyndra).

        • Kevin2


          Elements of socialism have absolutely worked. The concept of organized labor gave people a piece of the economic pie. If one thinks it made industry flee one just need look at the textile industry, largely non union and low paid regardless. Their $12 / hr was far too much to pay when sub $1 / hr labor was available in Asia duty free.

          Northern Europeans live quite well. Germany is holding up Europe. Their manufacture of ultra high quality goods have a small market that they fill.

          Our economic decline has largely been caused by Free Trade Agreements with virtual slave labor nations and and an abandonment of regulations with teeth and informed upon the Financial System (can’t call them an “industry”). The demise of Glass-Steagall was at the forefront of this trend.

          • TEST

            Elements of socialism have absolutely NOT worked. I speak Swedish, and worked for a Swedish company for years. 100 yrs ago. Sweden was the 5th richest country in the world. Now it has dropped precipitously. You cite northern Europeans living quite well, leaving out that a.) Norway’s wealth is all oil base; b.) Germany’s wealth is based on a form of mercantilism; Denmark is in the same boat as Sweden. And is southern Europe chopped liver? Bismark’s welfare state is bankrupt, and just living off of debt and burdening future generations. In the US. Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff estimates we have now $222 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities. LBJ’s War on Poverty has now spent an estimated $20 TRILLION, with more poverty than ever (46 to 48 mm on food stamps). And the poster child for socialism, part fo the War on Poverty, is the very first major city to adopt the socialist Model Cities Program, DETROIT. Fine example of how socialism works.

            Our economic decline cannot be subsumed to your reductionistic free trade argument. The US has one of the highest, if not THE highest, corporate tax rate in the whole freaking world.

            When the First Congress enacted the original Crimes Act in 1790 (see ), there were only 17 recognized Federal crimes, and it was reasonable to assume that as long as a person was a law-abiding citizen, he was not at risk of arrest. Today, though, there are more than 4,500 Federal crimes — and many are so obscure that they are nearly indecipherable. In addition to the 4,500 Federal crimes, there are tens of thousands of Federal regulations. Many people commit criminal acts daily without even knowing they are doing so.

            The Federal Register – full of laws which apply to YOU, and is comprised of government agencies’ new regulations, proposed rules, and presidential papers – is, according to and Rep Randy Forbes (R—4th) 34,000 pages in length, and weigh 340 lbs. The Government Printing Office stated on June 14, 2011, the actual number of pages was 34,844 (but then, as pages are added every day, whose counting!), but that was actually just the running tally of the number of pages published in 2011 to date. According to Jim Hemphill, Ass’t to Dir. of the Federal Register, the 2010 total was actually 81,405 pages, of which “only” 46, 758 were dedicated to rules or proposed rules (whew! I was worried there for a minute!). The rest were agency hearing, meetings, investigations, etc.

            Socialism destroys everything it touches. And Bastiat’s dictum is as true today as it ever was.

          • TEST

            … and you conflate socialism with the demise with Glass-Steagall? Methinks you are confusing correlation with causation.

            All this was dealt with years ago by Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich von Hayek. And as von Hayek noted about your precious – and failed – socailism, “A claim for equality of material position can be met only by a government with totalitarian powers.” Just what we need – more National SOCIALISTS (Nazis), which, as you know, adopted explicitly socialist planks at their very first convention, Munich, Feb., 1920.

            I’ll become a socialist the very first time just ONE of your precious leftist Hollywierd Learjet leftists opens up just ONE room to just one illegal, line jumping immigrant, in just ONE of their multiple zillion sq. ft. mansions. And oh yes – I also speak Spanish, and my wife is an immigrant, so don’t even go there.

            • Kevin2

              With Glass-Steagall in effect the banks could not buy stocks. The channel of money from the Federal Reserve directly into the stock market from this route could not happen with it in effect as such buying equities was illegal for them. The demise of Glass-Steagall is a great example of crony capitalism, not socialism.

              Free Trade has decimated the US, no question about it. One just need to look at the rust belt. Even the US textile industry was eviscerated. Germany still manufactures, Free Trade had little effect because the likes of China cannot compete in the ultra high quality market. Sweden dropping? Hell the US is beyond flat broke. We’re propped up because we make our own money and in effect force the world to accept it one way or another. One just need to look at the trade imbalance pre and post Free Trade Agreements. Making things creates wealth.

              Go to northern Europe and look around and see if anything looks like Detroit or Lansing.

              ELEMENTS of socialism work. Look at TVA which OBTW came in real handy less than a decade later when WWII came along. It was one of the primary reasons for Oak Ridge. No private concern would have make that investment.

              The hands off capitalism created the likes of the robber barons and inhumane treatment of workers that guys like Frick administered. Capitalism is the best system to create wealth which does little when concentrated in such abundance in so few hands. You can’t have a functioning Republic when so much power is in so few hands. It therefore like fire needs to be controlled. Its the degree that is debatable not not the necessity.

              Communism does not work either and has two downfalls. One no incentive, two power concentration. Capitalism unchecked becomes crony capitalism which just takes a tad longer than communism to self destruct.

              • Kevin2

                “Our economic decline cannot be subsumed to your reductionistic free trade argument. The US has one of the highest, if not THE highest, corporate tax rate in the whole freaking world.”

                If we had no corporate tax and labor willing to work for 50 cents per hour (a high wage in the 3rd world) in conditions that would be criminal in the civilized world and no tariffs to level the playing field industry would still re-locate to such a land. Hell they can kill 6000 Indians as Union Carbide did and survive. Free Trade is not destroying the US and the developed world? GTFOOH.

              • Kevin2

                Remind me again how much money we (yes we) gave to the too big to fail banks which paid record bonuses to their executives. There you have crony capitalism and a reverses form of socialism and you begrudge some kid eating off an EBT card?

                OBTW I’m not left but center leaning right. Left is nuts and far right is just as crazy. Its like a balanced diet. One cannot eat all fruit and nuts nor all meat.

                • Ghost Rider

                  I’m more to the right of you, but I agree with the bulk of your position.


      22. Walt Kowalski

        The moral decay of a society does not occur in a vacuum.

        In every case, the reason for the decay can be attributed to the abandonment of the moral and spiritual values upon which the society was built.

        In the case of this country, whether many of you want to admit it or not, those values were based on the objective standards of the Judeo/Christian ethic as delineated in the Bible.

        I once read that the chief concerns of teachers in the high schools in the 1950’s was….boys and girls holding hands in the hallways, gum chewing and boys not wearing their shirts tucked in.

        Sounds rather quaint now…doesn’t it?

        But our abandonment of the objective standards of the Bible and Judeo/Christian ethic has now been replaced with a nihilistic attitude of “Do what thou wilt”.

        I would venture to say that in just about every one of the above cases, the person responsible for the vile act has morally justified himself/herself for doing it. And I’m sure in many of those cases, when confronted, their attitude is, “Who are you to judge me?” Indeed….in our post-Christian America, making a moral judgment about the behavior of another person, may just be the greatest “sin” possible. And the concept of a moral accountability to a supreme being is something to be avoided at all costs.

        G.K. Chesterton said, “When a man stops believing in God, he doesn’t believe in nothing. He believes in anything.”

        We now live in a culture where the “anything” has become whatever one wishes it to be….no matter how depraved or horrific.

        In such a culture, can the death-camps be far behind?

        • The Old Coach

          My thought, too. The “new normal” looks pretty perverted to this old fart.

          OTOH in my HS graduating class (1963) of 150, three or four girls were known to be preggers before graduation. One of my chums came to me in a panic because he needed money to buy two abortions. Yup, had two diffeent girls preg. He continued in this vein all his life. Eventually became a flaming liberal college professor, divorced his wife and married one of his students. Had three kids with her then did it again. Last I heard he had five kids, (but at least he married the babymommas.)

          BTW one other thing my school was on the lookout for was what we called “engineer boots”. The composition heels made black marks on the waxed linoleum floors! Terrifying!

        • JustMe

          The moral shift you speak of began long ago. It has little to do with anyone abandoning spiritual values. It has everything to do with the initiation of a long-term politically motivated program to break America from the inside. It was begun nearly a century ago, all you see today, is the end-game.

          The fact is that a very dedicated hard corps of marxists started working overtime long ago. Think Edward Bernays, and his 1928 book “Propaganda”; where do you think Goebbles learned his stuff? Think “The Frankfurt School”, whose stated goal was to make people say “Snow is black”; not far from that now, are they?

          Failure of people to face what they are really up against, is the real reason America is falling. What we are seeing is an accelerated ramp-up of a “death by a thousand cuts”. The parasites behind it smell victory. And, most of the people who call themselves “Americans”, are well conditioned to only be concerned with bread and circuses.

          • Walt Kowalski

            Well….it has EVERYTHING to do with abandoning spiritual values.

            Without objective standards, EVERYTHING becomes relative….standards are then based upon individual whim.

            You mention Goebbels. What happened with Germany just makes my point.

            Want to see how a “civilized” culture can murder 11 million people? Watch the BBC drama “Conspiracy”. Perhaps the most educated, civilized culture in the world descended into a literal hell because they abandoned all traditional Judeo/Christian values.

            • JustMe

              The BBC is an owned propaganda organ. All media in Western Civilization is now owned by 6 corporations. The REAL conspiracy is in the City Of London, has been for the last 500 years. Sorry, I spit their koolaide out long ago.

            • JustMe

              Walt, you like so many Americans, refuse to face who is really behind your demise.

              • Pissed Off Granny


                Thanks for your truthful posts. I know how hard it is for people to drop the Judeo from the Christianity.

                I have just one question for Walt. Have you ever read the Talmud? I think you are a religious man, no way can you read what that book states about your beloved Jesus Christ and ever connect Judeo with Christianity again.

                FreeSlave, you might do the same. Or are both of you too frightened to take a look; fearful that you have swallowed some very bitter koolaid all these years.

                Easy info to find on the Talmud, let your fingers do the walking.

                JustMe 1000 thumbs up.

                • JustMe

                  Thank you, Granny, and good luck to you.

              • Walt Kowalski

                All I know is….I watched “Conspiracy” and could not help but notice how similar their mode of operation was to the people we now have (and have had for years) in D.C.

                And It amazes me just how many people now look up to the Nazis.

                I forget who it was who said, “History may not repeat itself, but it rhymes.”

                I also find that many of the people who seem to want to believe the revisionist crap regarding the Nazis, have never known anyone who actually witnessed the horror. Unfortunately, most of those who did, are now dead.

                So now….we have our own new crop of little Himmlers, Heydrichs and Goebbels running around, spouting their hate.

                Since you have such disdain for the BBC, perhaps you should watch “Der Untergang”….an account of the Hitler’s final days in the bunker….and listen to the words of one of his secretaries. But I guess the words of one who actually lived through it are meaningless.

                • Pissed Off Granny


                  Are those people you so dislike in DC promoting a Nazi agenda? Those dual citizens in congress promoting/supporting all the legislation you and I so abhor, Nazi’s? Is AIPAC and Israel full of little Himmlers,Heydrichs, and Goebbels?

                  Maybe CNN, MSM, Unwhollywood, world banksters, full of little Nazi’s spewing their hate and their lies?

                  Look up Noahide laws, coming at you as soon as PTB can get martial law under control, Nazi’s once again?

                  Have you blocked out the Bolshevik takeover of Russia and the 100 million deaths attributed to them Walt? Was that also Nazi? Do those people deserve to be forgotten?

                  The beginning of the revolution to “fundamentally change America” that too, Walt, coming from little Nazis? Obama and his administration, Nazis?

                  I am no more a Nazi supporter than you are Walt. But I can tell you I am an American who is an anti-communist. If you read KY Moms post about what the communists plan to take over America is, and if you can convince yourself that is being led by Nazis, then I think you will continue to be an ostrich Judeo-Christian.

                  Good luck with that…..

                • Kevin2


                  My friends father was a Polish kid of 14 that was forced into slave labor to clean out the ovens to stay alive. He witnessed it. He took some bad wiping too from the scars on his back. My Uncle landed with the 4th ID at Utah Beach and liberated more than one camp. Actually a friends father liberated a camp too. He was US Army Infantry, I don’t know the specific Division.

                  It happened. That film footage was faked for Nuremberg.

                  • Kevin2


                    That film footage WASEN’T faked for Nuremberg.

            • FreeSlave

              Walt Kowalski: “Perhaps the most educated, civilized culture in the world descended into a literal hell because they abandoned all traditional Judeo/Christian values.”

              1000 Thumbs Up.

              • Smokey

                And another 1,000.

              • Kevin2

                I have a German WWII belt buckle that says, “Gott Mitt Uns” translated “God Is With Us”.

                In war God is on everyones side just ask them, except the communists of course.

            • Mike in VA


              I totally agree. The people in power cannot have a society that has spiritual values. That is why they have slowly caused so many people to be dependent on them. They get to say what is moral and what is not. How did this happen? Why did we not stand up to this years ago?

            • Get Real

              Not really Walt. Look at the “spiritual” priests, ministers, imam, rabbi’s who have done horrific things. Child rape wasn’t addressed until the mid 1980’s along with domestic violence laws. The horrible condition of the entire world revolves around religion and money.
              The issues in the USA are directly related to the government supporting people who have made really bad moves and do not have to pay the price. Generational poverty has taken hold. No eye on the future, no hopes, no dreams, no work ethic, constant distraction from your misery via a computer and television.
              No doubt that attending a church would help but not attending a church did not get us here.
              I do not like either party, but the welfare reform put together by republicans and dem’s, (Clinton) would have turned the tide. States just keep getting waivers and continuing the spiral.

              • Walt Kowalski

                @Get Real…

                Your thinking is “stage 1” my friend. You are concentrating on the fruit (outward symptoms of the problem), rather than dealing with the root (what actually feeds and causes the problem).

                I would be the first to admit that many horrific things have been done by those who are supposed to be spiritual leaders. But those acts just prove my point. In order for one to commit such acts, he must first rationalize and justify his/her behavior.

                Again…I go back to the movie “Conspiracy” (where much of the movie script was actually taken from the transcript of the Wannsee meeting itself)…..and one of the key elements of the Nazis “final solution” was that EVERYTHING they did had to be predicated on law. Their slaughter of the Jews had to be all nice and legal you see. That is how they justified their actions and their evil. It was “legal”.

                Again….the comparison between what went on in Germany in the time leading up to and including WWII and what we see happening in our own country today…..are chilling.

                To address your argument directly, the problem with our welfare state is that many of the people…and those they elect, have decided that it’s ok to take the possessions of one person and give them to someone else they believe is more deserving. That would not be possible if they simply adhered to the 10th commandment..”You shall not covet”.

                Our entire welfare state is based upon covetousness.

                Covetousness is not merely the desire for something. It is a desire for something that belongs to someone else.

                My point is….most of the decadence of our modern culture is simply the result of a disregard for the moral principles of the Judeo/Christian ethic. That is the root of it all.

                • JustMe

                  You watch The Hitler Channel too much. The bolsheviks like their paperwork too; all the “laws” put in place for the last 50 years have their fingerprints all over them. In any case, you refuse to face who is REALLY flushing America down the toilet. The same people who are responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths, over centuries, and they are NOT “Nazis”. Wake up, Walt.

          • Rellik

            Sorry but snow is Black! Ever spent a winter in Minot North Dakota? Most of our Federal Gov’t decay dates from 16th and 17th amendments and the Moral decay started from progressives Wilson and nut case religious nuts falsely quoting from the Bible giving us the 18th amendment. Even the lowest IQ amongst us has figured out how to game the system. That is called Democracy. We used to be a Republic. That worked. But today without a ethical population Democracy will not work. Democrats are not taught ethics. It is beyond their mental abilities. So we have what we have. Fortunately it is the stupid that suffer the most. When your enemy is committing suicide stand aside and watch.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Its part of the family breakdown. Since the 60’s and Womans rights and liberation where the woman is no longer in the house as she too is working full time and the kids lose all structure. Women now work therefore need no man to support her, therefore broken homes. And the mind pollution of the Media to turn young women into little sluts and young boys into hiphop thugs. Glorification of tattos and piercings as self body mutilation and graffiti. Rap music and corruption by the Government with no recourse such as the Military gangs invading countrties no differant that a home invasion with rape murder and torture and calling their victims terrorists if they refuse to comply with the rape. Its a whole host of problems and no accountability rewarding failure with Welfare assistance and EBT Cards if you prefer to be lazy and breed like rabbits instead of being self employed. Chaos breeds Chaos. Lawless Cops killing for sport and raping pregnant women like in Ferguson. We have no leafers anymore. Religious leaders raping children for sport. Wallstreet Greed, Corporate Welfare, Political corruption. Bankers Stealing Trillions and get a simple slap on the wrist and no jail time. And thus why would I want to raise any child in this corrupt society to then grow up to be a debt tax slave to the powers to be.

        • Wink

          As per:
          G.K. Chesterton said, “When a man stops believing in God, he doesn’t believe in nothing. He believes in anything.”

          Absolute Bullshit quote.

      23. dave in Idaho

        I wonder why Idaho and Montana doesn’t get to riot?

        • mark

          Dave, it’s the same reason none are scheduled for Mississippi, they don’t put up with apeing and clowning there.

          • oicu812

            I think Montana is too busy letting the faggots out of the closet and some returning from “Broken-in Back Mtn.”
            The queers are lining up to become legal butt plungers and taint lickers, all the way from Glacier to Helena.

            What do you call a couple of lezzie cowgirls?

            Head, over heels; in love.

        • The Old Coach

          Well, a shooting buddy I know in Idaho once opined that no bank in his small town would stay robbed for long. All the locals carried, and no thief would make it out of the parking lot. Boise was another story, he said. He carries a beautiful nickel plated S&W .38 Special with shrouded hammer for his “belly gun”. I’ve begged for him to remember me in his will.

        • TEST

          Same reason, Dave, I think ultimately Ferguson won’t escalate. Why? Leftists are lazy asses, and the cold will be too much for people to really get heavily into this. But just like ObunglerUnCare, the left is too caught up in self-congratulation (think Jonathan Gruber), to have thought thru this fully. One other thing. This Brown fellow was clearly a thug. However, it IS bringing out the authoritarian police state issue, which many people who support the Constitution are concerned about. So, in a back-handed way, they could ultimately help the pro-freedom side.

          Never underestimate the stupidity of large groups of leftists to hoist themselves on their own petards, or no understand the power of unintended consequences

          • anonymous

            Which is why they will escalate things by shutting down the ebt cards imho

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Dave. You can bushwack the tumbleweeds.

      24. talon1776

        …and San Francisco also?…ahhhh.yes Feinstein and Pelosi district..can’t disrupt the harmony of the illegal city sanctuary gay by the bay.

        • talon1776

          And of course Sacramento is not on that list…Jerry needs more Lawn Mowereros, Pick Fruistas and Bed Make rest as for the utopia.

          • talon1776

            Bed makeresas

            • TEST

              We need like some sites have, where you can go back and edit. I am the worst typist on this site.

              I also would like to see the thumbs up come back (not the thumbs down). That way we eliminate the trolls, but still can see what people think is of value.

              • Buck

                I miss the thumbs too. Why were they removed? Was it the few who complained?

                • Paid Government Troll

                  It’s probably to minimize feedback for trolls so they have no means to measure how effective they are at their work. What has this world come to, when you get a job as a government troll, but know-it-all bloggers wanna put you outta business. Talk about conspiracy.

              • Anonymous

                @ TEST

                SUPERB IDEA !!!

              • BJ

                No, I am the worst typist and most impatient on this site.

              • Old Guy

                Not me. Im happy the thumbs are gone. I received my fair share of both. The thumbs was just censorship by mob rule.

      25. Basstard

        The protests in Northampton, MA should be hilarious, The homosexual capitol of the world. They’ll be as many gay men trolling for black dick as there are protesters

      26. AC

        Don’t worry, though – more ‘free trade’ and 50 million more illegal aliens should fix everything, right?

        Because doing more of what got us here to begin with is always the solution.

      27. TEST

        “If there is no God… everything is permissible.”
        – Fyodor Dostoyevski

        (And yes, with the ellipsis, which elides some non-germane words, this IS an actual quote from the Russian) The quote in the original Russian reads:Без бога всё позволено

        There is another variant, “Без бога всё дозволено.” The second clause—всё дозволено—is a variant of the phrase “everything is permitted,” which appears several times in Dostoevsky’s novel, along with всё позволено.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          @Test. Exactly. There is no God, never has been, just kerps evolving from one wor as hiped idol to another. Zeus was pretty pissed when he was dethroned. Back when their money used to say “In Zeus We Trust” then their dollar crashed and they found a new idol God to worship. SO if you spell God backwords you get DOG. Here King Here King…

          • Anonymous

            “He who finds no God without harbors none within.”

            “The Kingdom of God is within you.”

            God (being Spirit) cannot be found when you are too attached to the body… You have to look within…

            God is Love. God is Love. God is Love.

      28. TEST

        … and speaking of which, I was reading a year ago about how San Francisco (where I was originally born) had to pass a law prohibiting NUDE diners in restaurant for… ummm… “sanitary” reasons (use your imagination… I don’t even want to print it!) Exaggeration? Google “San franciso law against nude dining in restaurants”

        I am a dual US/Canadian citizen, and I am old enough to remember when CA. was a western, conservative state. Before all the corrupt, decadent, leftist New Yorkers, etc. moved there. Now Colorado is going the same, disgusting direction.

        Oh well. I’m not going to shut up. Ever. Yes, we are very close to going into a new Dark Ages. But not without me non-violently writing, speaking, posting, educating, informing everyone I can. After all, THEIR ideas STINK. If we can just get past the leftist propaganda gate keepers, ipso facto we win. And one positive indicator is that people are dropping the fascist lamestream media in droves. Therein lies our opportunity, as people desert the Pravda-esque/Der Sturmer-esque media for sites like this.

      29. Rarefied Snotress aka Darwin's FacePalm

        Horrible crimes have gone on since Cain and Abel. I don’t think these are particularly bad times. There’s no real wars in America per se at present. Let’s try to avoid these myopic sheltered visions.
        Cosby’s story is an old one. The rape accusations made news long,long ago. Cosby was great in his day, but he should have been left in the shadows where he belonged. Instead the media keeps rechurning him for some stupid reason. Mostly attempts to reignite misogynistic fears I would say.
        Governmental power manipulations, killer germs, and odd new weaponry are probably the best things to fear at this time. Most things seem in check at this time in my opinion.

      30. Burt Gummer

        Celebrate the Ferguson decision by creating a bonfire. Stack bankers high and deep.

      31. Turnthekey

        Turn the keys……….

      32. Briarpatch

        Stupid protesters picked Kennesaw, GA. A town that mandates by law that every household keep a gun. Can’t wait to see how that one turns out. Of course that law isn’t enforced as a general rule, but still. The protesters turn into rioters/looters they won’t be able to flick a Bic, strike a match without slides be racked.

      33. Jenn

        I do subscribe to Michael Snyder’s blog posts, but I disagree with this one. I understand what he’s going for, but these are the most blatant examples of the problem. But truly, the real problems are much more understated and pervasive.

        Our moral and social decay are more apparent in “Me.” The Selfies. The Reality Shows. When everything is about “me, me, me” THAT’s where the real problems start. Shallowness. Egotism. Conceit. Vanity. No one else matters, just “me.”

        That’s the real source of the problem.

        • Acid Etch

          The source of the problem is the baby boomer generation. The real “me” generation.

          • Smokey

            We should listen to you when you talk about narcissistic baby boomers, you’re the guy with the shaved genitals and the short shorts.

          • Jim in Va.

            No acid, you are the problem. Everybody is wrong but you. Why do you stay here and put up with everything? Go where others can tolerate you but I’m afraid no place on this planet exists.

          • Anonymous

            “Acid Itch” (Eisencrap reincarnated).

        • MommaD

          Thumbs up Jenn!

      34. T-town

        I can not

      35. Copperhead

        No more a matter of IF, but WHEN the WAR on the streets of America starts. What starts it is of no matter; be it, Civil, Race, or Foreign Invasion it’s here. Are you prepared I mean truly prepared, Soul, Heart, Mind, and physically (both body and basics). After the first week (the fight will last a very long time), but for all tense and purposes the United States no longer exist, oh the name may for a while, but the countries SOUL will have been killed. The U S of A will have been removed from any world equation that matters, this country will be ripe for the picking by anyone who wants it. Folks we must face reality here, can it be stopped the answer is YES it can but we who love this country must act very quickly to avoid its death. Some may think I’m doom and gloom, a crazy nut case to put it mildly but for me the writing is on the wall our chance to change anything and keep the rest of our few remaining liberties will soon disappear. I have totally come to the conclusion in my own mind by June 2015 it more than likely will be too late to do what needs done. We all must face the fact that we are alone. My friends prepare and stay safe. Open season approaches.


        • Kulafarmer

          Am I prepared,
          I am prepared to most likely meet my maker. Have a feeling it will be sooner rather than later.


            ME TOO

            • Copperhead

              TESE: Amen!

          • Copperhead

            Kula: if you ever make it to the IN.,IL.,KY., area we see if we can meet. Stay safe.


            • Kulafarmer

              I would like that,
              I am working on a plan to go on a road-trip next year if everything hasn’t come unglued,
              Looking at shipping my JK and camping/shooting gear to the west coast and doing some off the beaten path exploring and visiting some different ranges etc, and reconnecting with some people i know,
              Ill try and figure out how to exchange info without blowing my cover :0P
              Silly huh, was it Eppe? Who was relaying?

              • FreeSlave


                You can get a hold of me through Eppe. If you’ve read my comments, you’ll know I’m a Christian prepper. And yes, I’ve prepared my soul to meet my Maker which is the absolute #1 prep that any prepper can make.

              • eppe

                Kula, [email protected]
                Got 6 other posters…
                Growing slowly…

        • Night Breaker

          Copper head ,
          A thousand thumbs up ,
          I wish I had a thousand like you in my unit,

          You have said it all, this is what must happen .
          I believe it will , To the TPTB you can take America away from Americans , but you will never take AMERICA OUT OF AMEICANS .
          Ameican Ingenuity will be the deciding element .

          Semper Fi 8541

          • Copperhead

            NB: You with a RECON Unit, if so I was LRRP in Southeast Asia.


        • Old Guy

          I think its pretty much over for the USA experiment in freedom and a counstitional republic. Well we had a pretty good 200 year run. However im not a denialist there is not a political or ballot box fix. The country actually the whole world is falling apart. too much debt both personal debt and government. The fact is world wide we have far too many relatively high paid & benifitted taking Parasites and too few relatively low paid with no benefits making producers. Parasites greatly outnumbering producers is not sustainable. Add to that the earth changes being caused by the magnetic poles shifting and the constant fighting & bickering. then there is the fiscal irresponsibility of all goverments. Not Just the USA but the whole world is in decline. The collapse will happen. I would prefer it happen in the winter. the cold would quicken the pace of the die off. The cold would prevent or greatly hinder travel. those who have prepped wont need to travel. and the unprepared need to die off anyway. The S goverments building of places like Mt Weather isn’t for the benefit of the common folks. Its to insure the continuity of government. I don’t want the parasite government to continue. It has already failed I want it gone to be buried in history. It will never flourish any way. Some folks think it will be a 1800,s lifestyle. It will be stone age. Only worse. planet poisoned by melted nuke plants. Little tribes of vicious folks trying to live in a root hawg or die survival of the fittest.

      36. Bill G

        one of the things wrong is your response on #7! that woman is NOT sick…..she is evil….and we need to bring back that word and stop medicalizing evil actions.

        Also…if abortion is not wrong (which its) then Nothing is wrong! And Americans by and large think there is nothing wrong with butchering babies and throwing them in the dumpster.

        As Sen. Moynihan said “we have defined deviancy downward”.

      37. Sgt. Dale

        Rioting today is nothing compare to the late 60’s. Not to say it can’t get that bad but the little riots we have been seeing in these little towns is really very slight to the major population areas. Now if this was in Shitcago or L.A. San Fran, Dallas. Then I would be worried about the rioting.

      38. nlightened2

        “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to prayer made in this place.”

        • American

          Thank you for reminding us of what we need to do, the people have forgot those true words!

      39. j.veritas

        Does anybody else miss the 1970’s? Growing up we were told how bad it was. Now it appears to be the last great American decade, when none of the 10 atrocities in this article would have been allowed.

        • Kulafarmer

          I really miss the 70s
          School was a pain
          But we lived on a huge ranch,
          Riding, hunting, camping, surfing, girls, cars, and not really a care in the world.


            YES I can remember getting laid FOR THE FIRST TIME in a 1970 Chevy Nova with a female of course.


            THANKS SUZZY

        • Kevin2

          Walk out of HS into a real job in the Chemical / Oil Refining industry which paid top wages. Aerosmith and Fleetwood Mac concert tickets were affordable. No war as Nam ended in Jan 73 and the chance of getting drafted and going there from 71 on was damn slim. The future looked like well you were going to have a future. They stopped us ducking under a desk in the late 60s. On hindsight I should have bought a 60s Shelby in the late 70s as a friend did for $3000 when they could have been had for cheap.

      40. Hmmmm....

        “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: Its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” – Joseph Stalin

        1. U.S. acceptance of coexistence as the only alternative to atomic war.

        2. U.S. willingness to capitulate in preference to engaging in atomic war.

        3. Develop the illusion that total disarmament [by] the United States would be a demonstration of moral strength.

        4. Permit free trade between all nations regardless of Communist affiliation and regardless of whether or not items could be used for war.

        5. Extension of long-term loans to Russia and Soviet satellites.

        6. Provide American aid to all nations regardless of Communist domination.

        7. Grant recognition of Red China. Admission of Red China to the U.N.

        8. Set up East and West Germany as separate states in spite of Khrushchev’s promise in 1955 to settle the German question by free elections under supervision of the U.N.

        9. Prolong the conferences to ban atomic tests because the United States has agreed to suspend tests as long as negotiations are in progress.

        10. Allow all Soviet satellites individual representation in the U.N.

        11. Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as a one-world government with its own independent armed forces.

        12. Resist any attempt to outlaw the Communist Party.

        13. Do away with all loyalty oaths.

        14. Continue giving Russia access to the U.S. Patent Office.

        15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

        16. Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.

        17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

        18. Gain control of all student newspapers.

        19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.

        20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policy-making positions.

        21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

        22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression.

        23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. “Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.”

        24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.

        25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

        26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

        27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a “religious crutch.”

        28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”

        29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.

        30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”

        31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history.

        32. Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture–education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.

        33. Eliminate all laws or procedures which interfere with the operation of the Communist apparatus.

        34. Eliminate the House Committee on Un-American Activities.

        35. Discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI.

        36. Infiltrate and gain control of more unions.

        37. Infiltrate and gain control of big business.

        38. Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand [or treat].

        39. Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals.

        40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.

        41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.

        42. Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special-interest groups should rise up and use [“]united force[“] to solve economic, political or social problems.

        43. Overthrow all colonial governments before native populations are ready for self-government.

        44. Internationalize the Panama Canal.

        45. Repeal the Connally reservation so the United States cannot prevent the World Court from seizing jurisdiction [over domestic problems. Give the World Court jurisdiction] over nations and individuals alike.

        Pay close attention to #s 11, 17, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31, 38, 40, and 41.
        Are they almost there???
        Now, check the dual citizenry of congress.

        • TEST

          Wish we still had the thumbs up for your post!

          • FreeSlave

            Oh my gosh!!

            I’m so glad I waded through all the comments to read what “Hmmmm…. says.”

            That was magnificent! That’s a copy-and-paste keeper.

        • Pissed Off Granny


          Seems what STALIN said has come to pass. And with your post you have led us to the correct destroyers door step.

          Communism has hijacked our government/country.

          • Walt Kowalski

            @Pissed Off Granny…

            “Communism has hijacked our government/country.”

            And it has done so because much of the population has no moral compass.

            People who believe that it is wrong to covet and steal, will not succumb to a philosophy that advocates it.

        • Kevin2

          You have an issue with this?

          1. U.S. acceptance of coexistence as the only alternative to atomic war.

        • Walt Kowalski

          Hmmmm…. says:
          Comment ID: 3272391
          November 21, 2014 at 9:24 pm
          “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: Its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” – Joseph Stalin

          Looks like Stalin had a better understanding than many of the people here.

          I posted about two of the three things he mentioned, and I get told that I’m incorrect.

          The fact that many cannot understand these things is simply a symptom of how effective the subversion has been.

          • Pissed Off Granny


            To date, you seem to have everything correct except your blame it on the Nazi’s and your judeo-Christianity stand. That is what you are being called incorrect for.

            I left you a post further up, hope to see your answer.

            Abd once again I am no more a “little Goebbels Nazi” than you are, Walt. Just an anti-communist American loving Christian bent on digging out the truth, regardless how painful it may be.

            • Condor Day:4

              There is No and never was and never can be any jewdeo in christianity period. Jewdeo is based on the Pharisee talmudic judaism religion that defines jewry.

              Talmud is 180 degrees opposite of new testement christianity. it is a total 100% Oxymoronic thing to call self a jewdeo christian.

              If the two were same or even similar why did Christ bash pharisees and ALL of their jew followers. Why would a new form of religion, christianity even be needed back then if jewdeo was the same or similar…

              many here has repeatedly posted tons of valid proof infos that fully explain it all, and all the other issues like what a jew is or means actually. How the word jew got started, whom it meant, how meanings changed over centuries of time etc etc etc etc etc.

              And yet just as we see so many keep refering to Nazis and totally ignoring the JEWISH Soviet Invented
              bolshevik Communist and Marxist systems that caused close to a third of a billion deaths….We see the same folks continue to reject ALL such proofs and infos no matter what…Even when most such jew info and proofs came FROM jews!

              Its akin to the falsehood taught of a pre trib raputure event that is not biblically sound doctrine at all…between pre trib rapture and bless jews so god wil bless america I do not know which has created worse dammages to christianity today.

              I rekon Both false doctrines are close to equal in causes.

              if you took a survey on streets of usa today and asked folks “Whats the very First thing or word You can think of, when I say “EVIL”..?….99.99% will answer HITLER! nazis! six million jews and Gassssss chambers!

              now ask same folks “What do You know of the Bolshevik jews”?….Answer from 99.99999%= Huh?! boslted what jews? Huh? Waz dat anyways?

              Or ask “What was a soviet russian kommie?” 99.999% answer wil be “Oh they was athiests, WHITE and spoke russian language”…Ask “what percentage of the TOP inner circle of Soviet USSR kommies were jewish”?…NONE will answer the Truth that of the aprox 503-Top soviets top inner circle of control etc ONLY “13” were NOT jewish.

              so yeah when folks here whine or cry that not every kommie was a jew…Thats correct…it was ONLY aprox 90=99.9% that were jews!

              But thats a huge Taboo of huge jew magnitudes..For if too many folks gets jewized up on such things…How will jews still be able to convince a vast majority that jews and ONLY jews constitute the worlds only victims that ever matter?…They wont be able to any longer…

              Then, there goes the Shoah! if folks no longer believe the majority jew lies or fabled tales etc..How can todays aprox 4+ Million so called Camp survivors of nazi horrors keep colleting monthly checks from duped germans in germany?…They wont.

              Its also a big Taboo of jew to ever ask “Gee acording to international red cross and recent released secret files of russia and others too, only aprox 62,000 jews left camps alive at wwii end…In One Month later 20,000 died leaving aprox 42-43,000 alive camper jews…

              The taboo question is “How the hell did most everyboidy of WWII era go Dead by now, yet You Jews has now a claim of FOUR million collecting german reperation payments for life of aprox $1000 per month?…How is it that only Jews numbers increased 100 fold while all others died off already?”

              See thats the type stuff that Must remain forever a Taboo issue period….Because such Valid questions, will lead folks to verrified Facts and truths that totally Shatter much of the jewish fables of WWII we was told were true.

              How can ziojewry gain their drooled over NWO aka Jwo if they allow too many to get jewized up?…They cant! and wont!….Its why jewry so needs rely on two main types folks to assist jews…#1 dumbed down for life dupes, and #2- Shaboz Goyims..aka gentile non jews that are willing to Do whatever helps jews continue their many too many to number swindle scams forever.

              SEE 535 Shaboz Goys in congress, several more in whitehouse and us supremes ct….And EVERY fuckin fed agency in existence along with every MSM-TV-Hollywood-Universities-Unions-and all that matters or counts or has controls of most anything what matters nationwide and now worldwide but for a small few nations yet.

              Some folk will never be able to admit they was big time Lied to on WWII issues, and jewish issues.

              Even if my some miricle every dead WWII vet could return from grave to tell them that YES it was mostly LIES you got told on WWII issues…Their OWN dads or uncles wouldn’t be able to get them to RE think things at all.

              The proof is look how they reject jewish issues infos even when a slew of jew wrote stuff wont convince them of jew frauds etc!

              they put all such ideas OUT of mind permanantly and get angry for us upsetting their fantasy jew Bagel cart.

      41. Jersey chainsaw

        I can’t believe Camden NJ , was not on the that’s odd!!

        • The Old Coach

          Is there anything left in Camden to steal?

        • Night Breaker

          Jersey ,
          Because if they burned it no one would notice any change in NJ’s Detriot.

          Semper Fi 8541

        • Kevin2

          Camden is actually ahead of its time having weathered de-industrialization decades before it hit elsewhere with NY Ship, RCA and Campbell Soup’s closure. The Poles and Italians moved away and blacks filled the void with no jobs to be had. Its the social / economic / urban equivalent of cancer. Free Trade Agreements are like a 3 pack a day smoking habit with a much faster latency period that is almost immediate turning a vibrant city into a waste land very quickly. Camden was a decent place up until the early 1960s. We still shopped there until the mid 60s.

          • Ghost Rider

            Cambell Soup is still there. Why, I have no idea. The city must pay them to stay.

            I travel in Camden on occasion for work, the key is to drive very fast and only stop when absolutely necessary.


      42. the Lone Ranger

        The “something” that’s been “happening to America” is simply this:

        – Everything is designed to DISTRACT you/us: all our gadgets, all our websites, etc.

        – Everything is designed to make you lose FAITH, that is make you lose TRUST: in your institutions such as your government, your synagogue, your church, etc.;

        – EVERYTHING is designed to make sure you are NEVER alone, even when you ARE alone: you keep your TV on, you keep surfing the web, etc.

        In other words, to REVERSE that “something” that’s been happening in America, each of us we need to create some SOLITUDE so we can PRAY, and be ALONE with our GOD!

        ONLY when we CLAIM our spiritual center, and only when we NURTURE it (water it) will be GET BACK our INNER peace no matter HOW much “chaos” is happening– in our own families, at work, in our community, our state, our country, our world.

        You see, the Father of Lies does not WANT you to THINK! To PRAY! To be ALONE with you AND your spiritual center! The things that the author lists are the EFFECTS or RESULTS of NOT claiming your spiritual center.

        The Father of Lies is on your TV, on websites, even in some posts that reek of lies, falsehoods, misconceptions, and hatred. You already know he has infested our own government and churches.

        Shut everything off, tune into your spiritual center, and pray. And if you don’t know how? Just pray this:

        Our Father
        Who art in Heaven
        Hallowed be Thy Name
        Thy Kingdom come
        Thy Will be done
        On earth
        As it is in Heaven
        Give us our daily bread
        And forgive us our trespasses
        As we forgive those who trespass against us
        And lead us not into temptation
        But deliver us from evil, Amen.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Religion was designed for Stoopid sheep who can’t comprehend Science. So anything they see unexplained, as simply a miracle from a higher power. And it is really just laziness and lack of curiosity to do the research.

          • Wink

            Thumbs up to ya WhoWuddaThunkit.

          • Jimb

            You mean scientific theory that at one time there was nothing and all of a sudden a giant explosion from nothing and the universe was born? Yes that is so much more believable. They portray these things as scientific fact but know they are theories and a theory is just a belief or FAITH of something. What caused the explosion?
            It’s just like global warming, I mean global cooling, I mean climate change, oh you know what I mean. They say there is a consensus of scientists on this but in science, you can’t have a consensus, it’s either theory or fact. In the case of man made global warming, it’s hogwash

          • Walt Kowalski

            The Nazis were the scientific geniuses of the first half of the 20th century.

            And look at what they produced. Death.

            I dare say WWTI….you’ve never learned anything that wasn’t spoon-fed to you by the public school and the university.

          • Pissed Off Granny


            I can hardly wait to SEE your KNEE BEND. All will, WWTI, yep, even yours.

            The Lord has given you a brain to ferret out what is wrong with the “world system”, yet you still cannot acknowledge who blessed you with that brain.

            I tell myself that I am not going to reply to your posts that is trashing Jesus Christ/Christianity but at times I find them as offensive as Acid Etchs’ posts. Now that is saying something, isn’t it?

            Anyway, have a good day WWTI. I know as far as having a good warrior on my side when the shtf, I could not ask for a better one to fight against TPTB.

            • Condor Day:4

              Next to the synagouge of satan Christ warned of…The Next Biggest TOOL of Satan the devil for the past 50 years or so has been the jewish controled “Electronic Rabbi” in living rooms across america…IE the TV set aka Talmudvision.

              We seen it go from good wholesome family stuff like mayberry and andy and barny fife comedy, sitcoms that Taught good morals etc to todays absolute jew filth.

              Take a close look at most every sitcom and various other tv show serials…Almost every former white actor or sctress has been replaced by mainly jews and some negroes.

              And today every so called comody sitcom which is most every one of them now…Has nothing but 1/2 to a full hour long of jokes that all revolve around “Piss-Shit-Fags-Dykes etc”…Inbetween every long commercial break you get 5 to 10 minits of pissfag shit lezbo fag shit piss crap fag dyke lezbo shit piss piss shit fags…THEN next set commercials.

              And almsot every female is a nasty hook shnozed jew bitch like that 93 yr old jew bettey white…100% nasty perverted shit piss fag dyke crap non stop during family and kiddie time TV.

              And it aint Just a “job” for women like bettey white..She revels in piss and shit perverted jokes. She Thrives upon it all. She cannot stop acting that way even on other tv shows shes a guest on!…Every other word from her filthy perverted jew mouth is more piss fag shitdyke lezbofagshitpiss and Gee did ya see the one about!

              Even the entire dyke/faggot movement was led by…jews. Thats 100% as provable as the jew invented femminist kommie lib movnt is and NAACP and all the other vile satanic pervreted crap you see or know of today across the usa.

              Them germans maybe did some stuff wrong yes..But boy was they correct on whos needing a big BOOT OUT eh.

              They aint called Nation Wreckers the past few thousand years for no good reasons..Ya Think eh?

              Americas Two major Curses has been negroes & jews. I wish it were’nt so..But it is what it is and thats facts.

              This is another easy to see fact that many here are again going to fully reject and or call me vile names over since I speak truth on just Whos and what groups done such dammages to america and christianity etc.

              if jews is so pro christian like so many folk claims here…Why does state of israel have a state Law that BANS anybody from handing a copy of New testement bible TO a jew within israel?…a 5 year Mandatory jail term!

              Why does telaviv rabbis every year hold a Bon fire ceramony to BURN as many copies of new testement bible they can get, to burn while a couple dozen rabbis in long beards and wide brim black hats widly dance around the fire in a circle resembeling crazed Jungle bunnies in africa during their fire sex dances?…All telaviv is missing is the Bongo drums…BUT they got somethiung even Better!

              yes the rabbis also “TWIRL-Live Chickens”!…over the rabbis head while he chants and finishes off by Smashing live chickens head against a cement Wall to Kill it…

              Yeah that sure fits swell into christian practices eh Walt? or I mean fits into jewdeo-christianity eh.

              Amazeing some folk can live so long and never get jewized up!

            • Nobama

              POG, you say “The Lord has given you a brain…”

              What about animals. They all have brains too. Did the “Lord” give them their brains too? Ok, maybe so you’ll say.

              But, but, but animals don’t go to church.
              Animals don’t read bibles. Animals don’t pray. Animals don’t sing hymns, praise Jesus, hail Mary, or confess sins. Animals don’t give a flip about some drifter named Jesus two millennia ago.

              So, I guess all those non-believing atheist animals are all going to animal hell, right. Animal lake of fire?

              I’m not saying animals are smarter than people; the intelligence is just the same. My stupid cat still chases a laser that she will never catch. Just like gullible sheeple still thump that bible hoping Jesus will save them, something that will never be.

              • dontbeanidiot

                Animals are like babies. Their heart doesn’t possess the will to do evil. Only a human delights in the pain of others. So, yes, all dogs do go to heaven. A lot of fundamentalists say they go to dust; but the Bible says the creatures go to heaven IIRC. No doubt they do. If you look at the neglect of so called “pets” then you must agree that, like the majority of Muslim women, they cannot go to Hell twice.

            • vet1

              Amen Granny!!!

              I said I was done here earlier because of what you refer to, but why leave when there are so many good people here???

              I miss the thumbs up too!!!

          • the Lone Ranger

            During The Warning when you are face to face with Jesus Christ, I certainly hope you accept Christ and that you ask for forgiveness, as I will.

            Anyone who does not at that time believe in Christ nor accepts him sends herself/himself to Hell.


            Because each of us has a free will.

            – the Lone Ranger


      43. TEJAS FRED

        Encyclopedia of American Loons
        #1161: Michael T. Snyder

        Being a crank with a blog on the Internet is not particularly uncommon, and we can’t hope to document all of these. But we will cover a representative sample of the more notorious kinds, and Michael T. Snyder is definitely one of these. A raving, frothing fundamentalist and Biblical literalist, Snyder is in fact the originator of several blogs, all of them trying to back up his firmly entrenched belief that the world is about to end. The first (significant) blog was The Economic Collapse Blog in 2007, a survivalist, rapture ready, tax protesting pit of articles stating how the world is going to hell every single day since the meltdown started in 2007 – indeed, Snyder blames the government for more or less every and any conceivable ill in society, or that he imagines society to have. His track record when it comes to his predictions of collapse is abysmal; he has, as far as we can see, never been close to being right ever.

        And yes, there are several of them. You see, when Snyder became dimly aware that his original blog had become an item of mockery in certain circles, he set up other blogs with different names (but the same content). There is a decent summary of his antics here, including various religious and anti-gay rants. As a matter of fact, his rants have reappeared in various places across the Internet, so they seem, curiously, to have made some impact among the denser segments of Internet users.

        Diagnosis: Standard internet crank, true, but Snyder’s levels of wrong and fervor are still sufficiently remarkable to earn him a separate entry.

        • Jenn

          Well, except for the part about you calling me dense, I agree with you. 🙂

          I do subscribe to his Economic Collapse blog, because it does sometimes have a bit of prepping advice, and it also often mentions articles I hadn’t seen in the news. But yes, most of his content has made him seem way too far out there. I also had to stop subscribing to his End of the American Dream blog, because I definitely don’t share the views he expresses there.

        • AJ

          Ah yes, when the subject matter contains a little too much “truthiness”, you must resort to attacking the messenger. Nice try, but no cookie for you!

      44. southside

        Stay safe Sgt. Dale. May God watch over you next few days

      45. nlightened2

        At least my comments seem to take hours to get past moderation. Is there a quicker way?

        I promise I am not a robot. Or even a cyborg.

        I guess I’ll check back in the morning to see of any of my comments had a speedy response.



        ITS OVER

      47. TheGuy

        Bill Cosby was “America’s Dad”, and he was universally respected. Well, it turns out that now he is being accused of rape by 15 different women. How is it possible that such horrific crimes could be covered up for so long, and what does that say about our society?

        It can’t be.

        This is bullshit, a few went after his money and now anyone that ever even met him is jumping on the bandwagon, mark my words.

        • dontbeanidiot

          bro, my mechanic is a nearly 80 year old black man. He has 46 kids. Other mechanic says he cheats on his wife 3 times a day and has 2 kids on the way this year alone. Not to mention he has 9 kids with his wife’s best friend! He’s not unique, a school worker I knows had a dad in about behaviour problems for his kid. the man asks which one. says he has several kids in the elementary school, and 42 total. It’s just a fact that in some cultures producing kids has no paternal responsibility. Not saying that is true of Bill Cosby but pointing out this culture is alive and well. In both arabia and some countries in africa the man with the most offspring is the king of the tribe. Didn’t map well in the USA until the welfare age where now the rest of us are conscribed to fund this culture.

      48. TruthIsAll

        Number 8

        It seems that the youth of the generation will always be the ones with the will and passion to fight back. Once they’ve been pushed through the system they turn into spineless drones like their parents.

      49. Rockman

        1855 British India the Europeans were served buy smiling bowing locals. Carrying an empty holster was common as a pistol was heavy. Native troops served in the army the white folk were happy and complacent There were rumors but no one seriously thought their regiment or their servants would be involved. Then came the great Indian mutiney when the Bengal Army revolted and killed all the Europeans they could find. slaughter mixed with epic sieges. Americans are complacent and living in a pink chiffon world of illusion. Smiling illegals come here to serve us they say and to fight in our army We are bored and have empty holsters. Effort is beyond us as too much hassle We hear rumors and threats but feel that they will only happen else where not in our neighborhood. The Europeans at Cawnpore gathered in a last ditch stand at an old fort as a monument to complacentcy and none survived

        • PO'd Patriot

          My holster is always filled and my beer is always cold.

        • Kevin2

          You reap what you sow.

          The British treatment of their subjects in “their” colonies wasn’t good. They pretty much have been thrown out of every place they occupied starting here.

          You can only rule by the sword for so long.

        • Acid Etch

          Fuck the British.

          Live by the sword die by the sword.

          • Condor Day:4

            The Brits big mistake was aprox 500 yrs ago the queen listened to a jew rabbi pal of cromwell. They convinced the top royals and leader british folk that jews has a birthright to RULE entire world and even OWN it and all it contains including Humans.

            And basically all the brits had to still do to be like their jew pals and rule was to inter- marry with jewry. Then by making 1/2 jewish babies them kids be able to hold such vast global rule and Ownership of it all.

            Fast fwd to 2014 today and most if mot every of british parliment as well as entire royal families, all like 60 or so oddd number of royal family conections are jews.

            Who did that prince just marry? a jew women.

            His dad prince of wales and the queen brags of tracing their family history back to BOTH seperate main jew sects far back as jew king David..Which is also one more of their claims to birthrights to own and rule world.
            (someone there in britland tell them the Old covenant was replaced by the NEW covenant so all that rulership by jewry is done away with because israel and judah tribes broke that covenant one too many times, tell queen et al to try book of jeramiah as its all in there…Being a jew or even if from Mars grants zero rights as that any longer)

            Brits Had a real good King. That booted jews Out of all england after trying repetedly to make laws for banning jews from Banking! and many other positions where Money and Trust are paramount virtues one Must possess.

            All that Kings laws failed to work so he told jews they had 24 hrs to exit england and keep going!

            It Lasted about 300 or a bit longer wonderfull prosperous Safe from wars years…Then came cromwell and his rabbi jew pals!…Soon as the Orange King stole the crown, killed another good king off, his first New proclaimation in order to REpay his jewish masters for obtaining his throne was to tell all england the jews can again RE enter england!…Soon after, Rotschilds banksters entered the scene in London…Its all gone drastically DOWNHILl ever since they was allowd back in.

            In a LONG list of the 109 Countries that has Booted out jews since at least 245 AD era…England and France seems to TOP that List for the Many many times jews sneeked or scammed their way back in and again had to be RE booted out again. England lists at 5 times jews got booted, france 4 times,,,and all 109 nations combined has grand total of jews booted out at aprox 250 times!

            Now ask yoursekf an honest question of which Is it really eh?

            it HAS to be One or the Other right…

            #1= Jews never does wrongs or evils and are Always worlds only true Victims and Thats reason all of the 109 Nations and Billions of peoples of said 109 nations are ALL evil hate inspired nazis? That boots 100% innocent jews out everytime it occured.

            OR…#2= Maybe…Just…Perhaps maybe..Jews aint such innocents eh…Just perhaps maybe jews really Do deserve to be labled as the worlds Nation Wreckers, and everytime, every place they infiltrate, because so far NO such nations ever invites jews into that nation! so Infiltrate or invade IS a proper way to state it right. The jews keeps on doing what WE now see done to america for the Past 100 years since jews got control of Banking again in usa 1913. Then owned major important newspapers nationwide, then Radio, then TV, and controled major assets in Hollywood almost, if not ever since, its inception after a couple Thief jew guys stoled the new invention of movie camara from Thomas Edison!

            Then after stealing His movie camara invention working camara split as FAR from east coast as possible to set up Hollywood and pervert-seduce-destroy americas mainly White and Christian majority nation.

            What was that Christ warned of?…”They(jews) hated Me and so to shall They (jews) hate You for acting like Me!”

            Who forced Pilots hand? Pharisee jewry and its many follower jews, “but Hes Innocent of ALL charges by you jews” (pilot roman ruler govner)…

            “We do NOT Care if innocent! Crucify Him! KILL Him! and Let His Innocent Blood and Murder Be ON OURS and Our childrens and childrens childrens Heads!”

            So what? all a sudden while talmudic jewry has bragged of never changeing in 3500 yrs since they invented talmudism in Babylon, where their vile perverted ideas got formed at after viewing how currupt Babylonians were and the self chozen self apointed rabbis Copied babylons all they had to copy of…..

            We today are somehow supposed to Now believe that talmudic jewry has changed? They Now adore Christianity?

            Get….REAL!….Yes most folks cring when they hear or read the forbiden Taboo word of jew…They hate hearing or reading such factual truths especially if actual bible verse is added into it…Yes its alot eaiser to just go along and believe what Pastor teaches of the self chozens as gods favorites while next breath same pastor says “god is NO respector of Persons! cause god considers every person as equals!”

            So lets get it correct ok pastor…God loves ALL types people and individual persons 100% Equally and fairly…..and Thats precicely Why at same time god loves jews way MORE! and way Better! and why jews never need new testement christian beliefs nor any belief in Christ to get saved…because god says jews gets a FREE Pass to heaven based on they were Born a jew…..So that proves god is never predjudiced folks”! Now Pass da Hat and fill that mother Up with $$$$$$!!! so I too can play big time like Johnny Hagee with a jet plane of my own soon!

            Carefull not to trip over that donut and coffee bar shop next to the carnival show three ring circus events in the church lobby folks!

            Return next sunday to donate Big $$$ to jewry so they can rebuild their 3rd jew temple, so to again hold Daily Animal Scarafices which jews believe is needed to clean the world of all sins….Because Christs sacrafice was’nt enough and jews so hate Jesus they refuse to recognize it at all as valid….And Thats the reason we all are “JEWDEO-Christians” folks!

            Because we Ignore what Paul taught how we as children of God and LIGHT should turn Away from those of Darkness and Devil satans children….No No No! Sez pastor…Paul got it all wrong folks what paul really meant was ALL non jew goyim you need turn away from Yes…But the unbelieving jews are so special to god since gods an equal opertunity, we are all same to Him attitude of jews count More then You do to god do to his equalness so, Thats why you need be a jewdeo-christian and also a zionist christian.

            NEWSFLASH: Any so called christian who says he firmly believes Christs sacrafice did it for all and for all time evermore…..But…Then that same person agrees jews need rebuild third temple to do proper anmal sacrafices daily as in Old testemet days…YOU are only fooling YOU because You aint a real christian.

            Beliefe in yet needed animal sacrafices for ridding world of its sins…is…An…HUGE..ABOMINATION! Either, Yes Christs death on Cross finished it or they still need do animal sacrafices…Cannot believe in Both at same time.

            And if You agree with jew animal sacrafices being again done there in israel or any place else, you also like them jews must agree or believe that an Animals death carries far Greater sin redemption Value compared to a Man called Jesus Christ and His work to redeem you. What do you not Yet Get?

            I think many such pastors has been hoodwinked by pharisism jewry or lust for $$$$$ big time or both. But either way none such pastors is qualified to teach a dog or cat about biblical Christ centered christianity period.

            And anybody who reads this and is a member of such pastors church…Knows deep down I am 100% correct.

            How Ironic that you has learned way More from an unknown guy online at SHTF replies, than you learned in a lifetime of same church and same phony preachermen eh!

            Soooo now do something about it eh…Like Exit that nonsense pronto and get wized up fast while still time to do so. Then you too can try to wake others up and get Them jewized up. Soon a majority of usa folks will be wized up like they all USED to be before around the 1900 ad era of america. Before all the scofields and darbys begin their false teachings and rabid jew mixations with true christianity.

      50. Decline of the West

        Stick a fork in it – it’s cooked.

      51. Judge & Jury

        Jesus was put on trial and the public were asked if he should go free.

        Well the jury said no but only dedicated jews were allowed to vote for his fredom.

        In effect this is what the legal system has become in the USA and is rotten to the core and you wonder why the country has trouble !

        Shop lifters can go to court but not if you are the police and just kiled someone because you are above the law and if the people don’t like it then stick guns in their faces.

        Roamns just pointed swards in peoples faces and told them to go away if they looked likly to wanted Jesus to be set free.

        I am not religious at all yet even i know this story and see it happening today

      52. KY Mom

        TOKYO (AP) — “A strong earthquake has hit central Japan, but there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.

        The Japan Meteorological Agency says the magnitude-6.8 earthquake hit parts of Nagano city and surrounding areas the hardest.”

        Drudge Report

        • BigB

          TOKYO (AP) — “A strong earthquake has hit central Japan.

          Oh – Oh. A preppers worse nightmare. Earlier today a strange shape was seen moving across Toyko Bay. Observers claim the massive form appeared to be alive. Reuters is now reporting that Godzilla has made land fall and there is massive disruption in services with no count yet on injuries.

          Just when you thought you had all the bases covered in prepping some thing like this comes up.


      53. overthecliff

        Some of the language coming from Ferguson is in the form of “Terrorist Threats”

      54. WhyDieLost

        All of this is found in Jesus’ prophetic words in Matthew 24 and we are now in the middle of it. This, too, shall pass to that which is worse.

        • Condor Day:4

          New York (AP) Alert! The main Jewspaper of America, the Jewyork Times has just done an article headline that now has verified how over the past 100 years, since the very first ever zionist jewish US supreme court justice was swindle scam sneeked onto the bench, what many people still consider as U.S.Constitutional Law with the nations Laws all based on that old founding document. Has quietly and in secret been gradually replaced with what is known of as the judaic jewish Talmud Law’s.

          Sources that wish to also remain secret due to fear of jewish reprisals have provided the famous daily paper of Jewyork, the jewyork Times or the “Old Grey Lady” as many folk’s call it fondly, with several documented proof’s that this major switch over from U.S.Const based Law’s to Talmudic Law is the main reason astute and very observant American Citizen’s here and there across the nation have noticed that most of the federal courts including the U.S.Supreme Court seem to have an overwhelming dis-proportionate amount of jewish judges.

          By disproportionate they are saying that demographically based on Census number’s of the actual population of jews in the usa, it seems these many Federal Judges far outweigh the total percentage of jewish folks nationwide at a very small less than 2% total. At first not many persons noted this phenomonon…However as things have evolved since event’s on 9-11-2001 when America was attacked due to Inside Opperatives and traitorous actions at the extreme highest levels within usa federal govnt.

          More and more people of late have indeed come forward with info and major concren of this massive huge disproportionate number of jewish judges. Sources that wish to remain anonymous have revealed to our jewspaper editorial staff that they have finally figured out why this is so and more important the why’s it has been so covered up for so long now.

          The main bottom line is indeed as prior stated, that the united states of America with its original form of law based upon the U.S.Constution and Bill of Rights document’s. Appears to have been Hyjacked by devious swindlers of the Inth degree in a conspiricy that is next to none, other than the massive inside job by Fed Govnt when they and their Mossad of Israel partner’s Whacked JFK fifty years ago!

          The fact that this swindle is of such magnitude in size and scope act’s only to prove itself as true. Along with the number of decades adding up to a full century now and the deep secrecy with which this scam has been perpetrated upon unsuspecting and trusting citizens even add’s to the mounting evidence that these sources have done their homework and know for certain this is all true. One of the unnamed sources has confirmed that in His own words..”This goes Far deeper. Deeper than deep, so damn deep it is close to unbelievable as to the future end result this will impact all of american society with. I am speaking of course of an even worse yet scenario…A soon to be set of laws for all non jewish Goyims or gentiles, these judges call their Noahide laws.

          Which of course will totally stiffle all forms of freedoms, religious christian beliefs, and basically place all of jewry at the very top of all forms of control factors nationwide. However ironicly these severe Noahide Laws are not to be enforced on any jews. They were invented in the minds of rabid power seeking rabbis and zionists. Many of whom are already US senators! Presidential Aides and top advisors!…But acording to the anonymous sources the largest Rats Nest of evils per se lie deep within the U.S.State Dept. and branch out from there like an octopus with evil tenticles reaching out to every far section of our entire nation.

          This information is being published as a fore warning since we know that today most american’s are no more than duped fat assed morons and delusional idiot’s that reject every facet and fact of such important information ever presented to them, unless attached to a Big-Mac burger dripping with ooozzz and lard fats. So now you know if you even ever wondered as to why so many federal judges have the distinction of bonafide tribe membership, and a hell bent lusting to screw all you goys as badly and as often as they can get away with by this switcheroo of Talmudic Law for us const law.

          And just you goys wait til you get a load of the soon comming Noahide law systems!…Oh and also… Noahide law offences All carry just One sentence regardless which law you violate….All Guilty parties receive a penalty of Death by Beheading. The number one law listed is “Idol Worship” and has been described as for example, a belief in and or a worship of Jesus Christ. Since rabinical leadership has stated that it is their top major concern and such false Idol belief or worship Must be Halted even if harsh sentences are necessary.

          A totally Different set of Laws will remain active for all jewish persons nationwide. All such laws wil be Talmudic based and also will cut mucho big huge slack for any jews who are too busy counting their spoils swindled away from Goyim citizens. It has to be so says one lead rabbi as counting stolen loot or spoils carries far greater importance than for them to observe stupid laws. As long as we can get every Goy to obey all Noahide laws…Our full protocols plan shall indeed be a rousing huge success as it is just a matter of time now.

          • Pissed Off Granny


            If anyone doubts your post they only need to let their fingers do the walking.

            That Noahide law has been passed through congress and has a law number.

            One thing most people do not understand, a lot of people with light colored skin are called white people. Thus we go around blaming our “white” race for what is destroying America.

            I challenge all here to start checking out the “talking heads on TV, the people being appointed as judges, the name “changers” in unholywood, etc., etc. Stop referring to them as “white” people….most of them are jews. An entirely different race of people.

            Link after link has been supplied to check out the “Kenite’ (decendents of Cain) and the Khazars (“who say they are Judah, but do lie”)–Jesus’ words not mine.

            The descendants of these people are still here on earth and are winning in the race to cover up what ails America.

            • Anonymous

              Pog, nobody reads condor because he’s a one trick pony with way too much time on his hands, the exact same thing as yourself, nobody takes either of you seriously, you’re just 2 bitter old geezers who hate the world at large because the majority of your days are way behind the both of you. You could both benefit from learning to age gracefully instead of going out on the ” I hate everybody” bandwagon.

      55. nlightened2

        It is almost time for ……………………


      56. nlightened2

        “Not Just Our Crumbling Economy: “Something’s Happening to America No Amount of Money Can Fix”


      57. DantheAvenger

        It’s called diversity, and it’s coming to your community soon!

        No “anti-racists” say a 100% Black area needs more diversity.
        No “anti-racists” say a 100% Asian area needs more diversity.

        No “anti-racists” say a 100% Muslim area needs more diversity.

        According to “anti-racists”, they are already 100% diverse.

        They say ALL & ONLY White area need to be more diverse, and that White areas only stop needing to be more diverse when there are no White people left in them.

        Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

      58. Kevin2

        Its my observation that its extremely difficult in the “eyes of the law” for a black person to commit a crime of racial hatred and be charged federally for such offense. Their victims can be exclusively white while other potential targets are bypassed, the attack has no subsequent robbery as a motive and derogatory racial language used in reference but for some reason a prosecutor educated in the nature of crime cannot connect the dots and charge the alleged perpetrator(s) appropriately.

      59. dontbeanidiot

        I think there is something fundamental nobody has mentioned.
        The society is so disconnected even well-meaning people don’t do useful things. E.g. most welfare programs. Very good example:
        County Commissioner at last meeting said he wanted a program to figure out why poor cannot migrate up economically in our prosperous city. Meanwhile, I was there to point out they had not cut the recess field for 6 years and now the kids have recess in the parking lot. What’s wrong here? We have the MAN in charge asking how to fix stuff when if he did his job stuff would be fixed and when even citizens are pointing it out. Much more wrong at that school-park (joint venture); but, 4 ft high weeds is OBVIOUS. So, not only do we have immorality when have a disease of sweeping under rug, its not my responsibility, blind eye to abuse, ignore the reality, ignore common horse sense. County Commissioners will commission AND FUND a study on why poor people cannot get ahead; meanwhile the school recess fields are closed because nobody bothers to cut the grass. I’m sure similar stories are played out ALL ACROSS AMERICA.

      60. dontbeanidiot

        Probably should point out the Commissioner wanted to focus on why minorities in particular could not get ahead. He himself is black. The 95% minority high school in the city has a 55% drop out rate. The school system will not provide buses to go to a better school. The elementary school with the 4ft high weeds is mainly minorities. Its retarded he asks such a stupid question instead of doing his job. Its very, very telling that he wants to “focus” on minorities in his study when the treatment of minorities in this city is DIRECTLY and OBVIOUSLY prejudiced. As another example, I worked for _ of America which had 2 blacks in its several thousand programmer team. 1 whom I hired. In a city which is like 40% black and has a black university not 2 miles from their headquarters! And the commissioner needs a STUDY to see why the poor people can’t get ahead? The bus doesn’t even run from the poor side of town to the industrial side of town!

      61. Kevin2

        You live up to the expectations placed upon you. The African American community focuses on professional sports. Blacks trying to academically succeed are often told by their peers, “You be trying to act white”, as Charles Pane the FOX business commentator has said on several occasions. None of this is a genetics issue; all of it is cultural issue.

        After the difficult struggle to gain access to an education so many refuse to participate. What an insult to Dr King.

        • Kevin2

          I seen people living within white “trailer park” type communities speak about a high school graduate like they have a PHD from MIT.

          Low bar, low expectations, low achievement.

          • dudedudedude

            Kevin2, just as the immigration de facto law was just changed to match behaviors, social structure changed to match behaviors. I doubt ever in history women could have been fully supported baby-producing machines. That’s what welfare is largely (majority on welfare have >1 kid on welfare and on it over 5 years. and I know, “welfare” is now 80+ programs.) Well, ants do something like this. So, maybe there is precedent among animals. My point is we are talking about moral decay but what we call moral decay is the in fact, in place government system! The government financially encourages fatherless families, etc. Simple and terrible Fact. The government financially encourages poverty and failure. Simple and terrible Fact.

            • dudedudedude

              And in many locales the local government encourages sexual deviancy to the point of teaching it as normal to the children. Even to kindergarten in some cities in the USA. BEWARE!

            • Kevin2

              You bring up something that I have thought about for some time and that was your analogy of society being like ants. I see a collective nature being put forward throughout the globe and labeled as progress. The military forces are volunteers with many lifers in their rank, professionals. Education no doubt dumbs down general knowledge and emphasizes collective not individual behavior. Privacy, do we really need to discuss what has happened to that? People are methodically being trained like a pavlovian dog to sit, beg and especially roll over. Little by little and sometimes in larger steps individual rights and responsibilities are being surrendered for a supposed collective security.

              Its like society is being molded into an insect colony or something like The Borg on Star Trek. The videos of the gentleman posing questions on the street to people like, “Should old people be euthanized to save on medical care” and getting a yes reply is an example.

      62. Enemy of the State

        They ( TPAB) love the fact that were here talking about this,, because it means that if were so busy talking about it, were not pursuing them or doing anything to stop them

        time for the talk to be over, and actions to start or it will all be a big waste of time.. they have been and are moving forward with their plan, and were still all fighting among our self and talking about what they are doing rather than talking and acting on what we all should be doing to end this thing

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