Gerald Celente: Things Are Going to Get Really Bad And They Know It

by | Jul 30, 2010 | Gerald Celente | 29 comments

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    Gerald Celente, founder of the Trends Research Institute, joins Tony Cruise July 27, 2010.

    Economically, Ben Bernanke, the Fed Chairman, came out and said it’s unusually uncertain. How could you come out with a stupid statement like that. Who says that in real life. I mean really, what individual, if you’re talking to someone, says it’s “unusually uncertain”. Only the white shoe boys get away with that kind of lingo.

    That means things are going to get really bad. And they know it.

    This is not recovery. If you look at the numbers. Look at the real estate numbers. Look at the unemployment numbers. The stimulus money is running out and the economy is going to decline. By the time the clock hits 2011 we are saying the crash of 2010 will have happened. Everyone will recognize there was no recovery, it was a cover-up of digital money printed out of thing air, backed by nothing and producing nothing.

    Celente has long forecast a crash for 2010, and if recent GDP statistics, unemployment and real estate values and mortgage delinquencies are any guide, he may be right on target.

    We will not see just a collapse in the US stock market. When Celente talks about a crash, he is talking about pretty much everything. We’re going to see more people lose their jobs. We’re going to see less consumer spending. Delinquencies and mortgages are going to accelerate.

    All of this will lead to a literal “crash” in gross domestic product, and more than likely, the stock market as well. Following these crashes, one could argue that we’ll also see a crash in society, meaning that we’ll experience higher crime rates, overcrowded classrooms, cuts in essential services and government administration, as well as a severe decline in the optimism and mental well being of people in general due to increased stress, anxiety and depression.

    All of this will happen and there’s not a damn thing any politician in Washington or bureaucrat at the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department can do about it. Our dear leaders are going to carry on the charade as long as possible, but they, like you, know what’s coming.

    Listen to the full Gerald Celente interview:

    Also check out Gerald Celente’s July 21, 2010 Trends In the News Update:


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      1. Search,,,,gerald celente worst economic collapse ever on youtube,,,.
        I watched this interview back in Feb/09 and, though the timeline of events have not been on the money, the predictions and forecast he has made have the potential to occur. Those who are preparing stand the best chance to weather the economic storm that is coming.

      2. There will be a crash of some sort, whether economic or otherwise, whether sooner or later.

        – Ranger Man

      3. I fought in the Stan in 05-06 Army Infantry. You know what precipitated the collapse of the Soviet Union?
         Ten years of war in Afghanistan.
        We are following down the same damn path. While on patrol I watched the rusting hulks of the finest Soviet hardware and I wondered…will the next round of vehicles left have the roundels of the USA on them.
        We are stuck in the forever war.
        One that has bled the very life out of us, out of me anyway. How many armies have passed through that god forsaken country only to leave without it sons and daughters? Nothing makes sense anymore. Our federal government is actively pursuing our very destruction and we idly stand by wondering who the next judge on IDOL will be. My wife has no clue what’s going on as I secretly buy guns, ammo and food for a time I hope will never come. Sometimes I feel like I’m living a double life and I consider myself a good honorable man.
        Sorry I’m rambling, I just feel kinda melancholy today…

      4. Please Everyone … Wake Up … Start Preparing …
        God , Gold / Silver and Guns … The 3 G’s …
        Minimum 6 months food (stock up while you still can)
        Celente is a Prophet … forecasting the Future of America …
        Over the counter drugs, Anti-Biotics, any medications you might need
        Have Cash on hand … (ATM’s will be emptied really fast)
        Fill your gas tanks when half empty … Gas will be gone really fast too…
        If you can afford it … Body Armor is a must … getting shot is not good.
        Pepper Spray, Tazers, batons, Kevlar – protect Yourself no one else will
        There is so much I can List … (you get the picture)

        God Bless You … Ed

      5. Stealth,
        You are not alone.  I feel the same way.   Lord willing, this will not end in a shooting war.
        I remember a quote by Robert Heinlein:  ” An armed society is a polite society.  Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.”
        Here’s hoping we will not have to use our guns.

      6. Comments…..after reading blog after blog, and processing all this info, it is so sadly obvious that as a nation, we are a dead man walking.  Plus, all this info becomes even more scary as I process the fact that virtually every report concerning our economy is awfull.  There are no “real” good stats out there.  another frightning aspect is that everyone that publishes a blog, or writes a colunm, or posts a thread about the economy , pretty much agree.  As a nation, we are toast. And I have to say that I agree with that observation.
           I believe that we are already in a freefall, but we just don’t know it yet, as we haven’t hit the ground yet. after all, it’s not the fall that kills you—it’s the sudden stop.

      7. The play on words by the media/TPTB are nauseating.  “economy cooling” “growth slowing”  “GDP moderating”.

        Folks, the S is HingTF.  You know it when every economist sounds absolutely ignorant when they try to keep an optimistic perspective. 

        I finally liquidated my stock portfolio today, better late than broke.

      8. I’m piling up silver, shotgun and rifle ammo, seeds, dry goods, and useful literature as fast as I can. I have been getting all my weapons tuned up by the gunsmith and made fully serviceable (just in case). I am working myself to death at multiple jobs to get as much money to continue this stockpiling as my 40-something body can take. We are unlike the generations that came before us. We are EXTREMELY LIKELY to see the total collapse of the USA, not just within our lifetimes, but within the next ten years.

        I used to think otherwise, but now I’m really starting to feel the need for an AR-15 and ten thousand rounds of ammo. I mean, we’ve gotta face facts. There are 330 million people in this country, and about (MAYBE) 1 million of them might be mostly prepared for whats on the way. It’s really no wonder the politicians lie to us non-stop…..Those who have prepped are going to have to fight off the zombies who have not. After all, it’s the birthright of every American to take what they want from others, right?

      9. everybody out there, there is not need to panic, we gotta live with common sense and responsability, sure the economy will collapse the american empire may do too and is all part of a learning process for eveyone, if you get away from cities and grow some food, hunt and fish and use your common sense you`ll be alright not need to worry too much about the other 329 million people most of them will run out of gas, food and water in a week and die because they are overweight, obese have diabetes and heart disease because they been eating to much junk for years so once they can`t eat the junk anymore they`ll all drop like flys and whoever don`t and come your way like a zombie wanting what you have shoot them with whatever you have, no need for an AR-15 an M1 carbine will do much better, shotgun is a must a revolver or better a 1911 have gun powder and realonding kit in case you run out of ammo but i do no think we`ll be shooting a lot of people most of them will die from hunger or disease becaue they are all out of shape, we need to be calm that`s better than gold of silver because in a real crisis i mean SHTF what you gonna do with silver and gold it`ll be useless in the other hand seeds, food, water, clothes, tools, guns, books and ammo and a lot of common sense, everything that`ll happen is a purification for the human race for us to wakeup leave the cities go back to land and be good to each other…

      10. the most valuable paper on the market will be toilet paper.

      11. our town is broke. flat broke. half the teachers, firefighters and police have been laid off.

        but yet they’re spending a fortune putting up tv cameras at every intersection and many other places.

        interesting ain.t it?

      12. Greetings to all;

        The time in nigh upon us boys & girls, in fact; we’re overdue. This hasn’t come about by chance either; it’s all been preplanned for a long time. In order for the elites to bring about their ‘one-world-goverrnment’, they first need to destroy the United States.

        And you want to talk about prepping? The elites have been prepping forever and using your/our tax dollars to do so! Go ahead and google DUMB (deep underground military bunkers). This is where the elites plan to retreat to for a couple of years while the rest of us are left up ‘topside’ to sort things out. They hope that the rest of us will kill 90% of each other off, then they can emerge intact and take over again.

        The ex son-in-law was a Blackhawk pilot in Gulf 1. When his unit returned to the US; he was assigned the job of escorting his unit’s choppers back to the US on a naval transport. He told me that they were all full of captured Iraq weapons and ammo. Why does the US military need a bunch of AK-47s and RPGs for? Going to see that they fall into the hands of gang-bangers and other assorted riff-raff to make sure that the ‘final solution’ for the US gets started with a big bang? It kind of makes you wonder how it will all shake out.

        There is one bright light in this whole mess that does fill my heart with thoughts of gladness and joy. Money and the amount of it that you have amassed will not be a consideration in determining who gets let into the DUMBs. Rich does not = elite. These assholes will be left up ‘topside’ with the former middle class and the poor. I’m thinking BBQed Bankster slowly turned on a spit over a low fire. Who’s got the dry rub and the mop sauce?

        Its gonna get real interesting in the near term. God Bless and good luck to all ….. were gonna need it!

      13. The crash probably will happen and I doubt his timeline will be off much.
        There have been a couple of strange factors like people not will to pay more $76 per barrel of oil which probably stymied him as well as a lot of other forecasters. Since most expected that folks would pay up to about $155 but in the end this will just hasten problems because it does not encourage investment in new wells.
        Remember OIL=Food.


      14. Don’t forget to re-read,,,When SHTF These 100 Items Will Disappear First , SHTF Plan June 3, 2010,,,.
        Mac has compiled a lot of information over the years to help us figure out our best course of action.Thanks Mac and Good Luck To All 

      15. The total collapse of American society will happen by the end of 2012. There is a really good chance that it will even happen by the end of 2010. I predict this coming winter to be one of the worst this country has ever had to go through. Regardless, we are looking at 12-24 months away.  This is it folks. Get your family, read the Bible, try to prepare, and hope for the best.

      16. Second Tony, America completely collapsed by 2012 probably will be NO presidential elections that year as we probably won’t even have a functioning country. I’ve been seriously considering moving abroad myself, but it’s tough to leave the land you call home especially when there’s no real way of gauging how bad things will get and how quickly they will deteriorate.

        I also am with Johnny V on the Silver hoarding, I invested in a good amount of Gold too but currently stacking up on Silver since it’s rate is much much cheaper and it seems to me that if/when SHTF nobody’s going to even have enough to cash in any Gold that you have, Silver will however be a different story. Celente, Schiff they’ve been saying for years to stock up on the precious metals, if the Crash of 2010 comes as the ‘Panic of 08’ and ‘Collapse of 09’ did (note, ‘Collapse of 09’ did happen look at ALL the companies that went bellyup that year, industrial giants such as GM and Chrystler which were once deemed ‘too big to fail’ filed for Chapter 9…) we’ll see exactly why they’ve been saying to invest into and hang onto the Precious Metals

      17. Comments….. several points that needs to be repeated.  Back in early 09, when the first  economic crisis happened, our economy did collapse. Through our government, our economy was given CPR, and that let us limp through till now. Those to big to fails that were also given CPR, were just as dead in the water as our economy.  Without that rescue, we would already be a year into rebuilding, but instead have held off the inevitable.  Does anyone really believe the hog wash about our economy turning the corner on a double dip depression?? The evidence to the contrary is so obvious.
              Unemploymnet paychecks have turned into nothing more than welfare checks, and the government knows this.  They don’t have a choice but keep dishing these out.  It’s  the only thing keeping people from rioting. But soon enough, when a sufficient number of people finally realize the government has been lying all the time to us, they will go crazy, and then the fun will start.
              I believe problems will happen and things will go bad real fast. I have read many opinions on the best ideas to deal with the problems to come, and I think a combination of all of them is the best stratedgy to make it through. We need to have a well rounded combination of as many parts of all the suggestions that have been made, as we can. 

               I have read of people putting more emphasis on one aspect of a plan over another idea.  I’m going to try to cover as many bases as I can, as I think there is good merit in all these sugesstions I’ve read. But whatever we all do, it better be soon, cause i don’t think we have very much longer.  This fall season will tell the real story. I’m reading more and more in the main stream press that things aren’t as rosy as the Osama nation people make things out to be.  This clown of a president goes to Detroit, and tells a few thousand auto workers that he saved their jobs.  Whop-pe frieking -du.–  What about the other millions of non-union folks out there?  Have you seen this ass clown promise them anything, and deliver on it??
              You’ll never see  Osama go to a hostile audience and talk to them.  He only goes to union audiences on his personal appearances, as he already knows what they will get from the government bailouts, as the rest of the non union folks are on their on.
                 Just do what you can to get ready, because the months of prep are going to pay dividends soon.  good luck .

      18. The collapse is coming. But, its not the collapse you all are thinking about. Oh, sure, we’ll have problems. Don’t hear me say it will all be sunshine and lollypops. Its gonna be rough.

        But, what is collapsing is the fraudulent United States Federal Corporation, now America.

        See, there are actually 2 America’s out there: The defacto America, the one we see. Its a fraud but it has been passed off as the real thing. It is not. It is simply a corporate method to enslave the planet. They’ve been trying but they are failing to enslave us. Their plan is falling apart. When it does, the real, Constitutional America will rise again.

        That is the thing about truth and freedom. You can’t kill it. Oh, you can hold it down for a time, but, it just won’t die. Once the evil dissapates you’re left with the real thing again.

        Fellow Sovereigns! We are near our release to freedom! After 4 generations of debt slavery, we are about to be freed! This time may be hard, but, like the birth of a child, it is a very exiting time.

        Here’s an aspect that most/some of us haven’t thought of.
         I read an article a while back and it made perfect morbid sense.
        A brief synopsize;
         The Government is embattled with the population, all 309 million of us. BOOM, right off of the bat their out numbered and out gunned. Even with all of their wiz-bang training and technology. They will lose thru attrition.  They will have to somehow deal with small organized trained groups attacking them and their assets. Governmental stored assets are all over this country, the world for that matter. The government has stored assets everywhere.
          At some point, they will have to adopt plan B. Starve your enemy out. Kill him and not have to confront him. Mass starvation occurs inside of the first month.
        Disrupt food production and distribution, IE; stop the trucks. Control the warehouses. Roadblock the interstates.
        >>>Side note, Kansas City, I was in a 750 acre underground complex that use to be a limestone quarry. Now it’s a refrigerated storage facility. 17’ ceilings, the place was absolutely massive. One way in and one way out. (easy to defend) Trucks go in and out of this place night and day 24/7 and have for years.<<<    
        How to get the rest?
        The article spoke of a genetically engineered H1 virus. One that, no one has been ever exposed to thusly no immunity to.  This will trim their resistant forces a bunch.
         On you tube I watched a thing on Vitamin D and H1N1. This doctor claimed that Vitamin D kills the H1N1virus. I of course have no idea if it would in this case, just food for thought. Might be one to watch..
        There has been some talk about DUMBS (deep underground military bases) these are where the supposed “elite” will be hiding when all on this collapses.
         I listened to a guy talk on this scenario and said the survivors will have the choice as whether to let them out or not when it’s all over. Funny…

      20. What actually precipitated the collapse of the USSR was there huge buildup of their military beginning in the late 70’s (when they thought we had grown soft) and in the 80’s when they saw that we regained our senses and began to rebuild our own military.  The Russians indeed lost in Afghanistan but they fight on the cheap and the actual cost to them was no big deal.  We on the other hand fight a high tech and very expensive war and it is costing us too much.  However it is NOT the war that is bankrupting us.  

      21. NetRanger,
        Unfortunately, I think its going to be worse than that. Reason being is because of the accelerated moral decay our society has experienced over the past twenty years. People dont look out for other people like they did back in the day. Our society has become violent and dangerous. When the shi$ hits the fan it is going to bring out all these crazies. Once society breaks down and martial law is in play, the only thing that will save people will be to have food storage and weapons and most importantly stay in large groups. I just hope people will come to know the Truth to life, to their senses, and give themselves to Jesus Christ.

      22. The collapse that you are protecting yourselves from has already been taken place. We are hiding our eyes from reality. “Benefits” have been cut to the bone for the elderly and the disabled. Many have run their unemployment “benfits”.
        Please guys, quit the flow of money to the top. Last year the megarich increased 17% while “the rest of us” lost 17%. The government says this is a recovery? Come on people, get your money out of all the banks, Wall Street and gold. The money has got to return to the bottom. You cannot get to heaven with bags of gold. Your health will not improve with “health” insurance. Let’s start helping each other, not the megarich.

      23. Sorry, not buying into it getting so bad that this country goes into a war zone.  I think things will get somewhat worse, but we will as a country survive it, learn some lessons from it, and will be humbled by it.  There are alot of resilient, strong people in this country that will survive what lies ahead and make this country a better place to live.  We will all emerge from this experience a stronger and more productive nation.

      24. WELL ….. It is AUGUST. Where is the collapse? Harry Browne in the 70’s and countless others have predicted “TEOTWAWKI” and …….. I …… AM…..WAITING.

      25. No matter how prepared we think can be, we will still be kidding ourselves if we think it will increase our survival chances when the SHTF. The ruling elite have already calculated `Survivalists´ into their destructive equation, the unprepared will stand a better chance of survival than the prepared. A man armed to the teeth with a huge stockpile of food & ammo is an actionable target for both `zombies´ and the `Police State´.
        Once Martial law is declared, it will be an offence to stockpile food, believe me, even your closest friends & neighbours will sell you out for few more rations to feed their children. “How did the miitary know I had extra food stashed under the bedroom floorboards”???.
        As towns and cities become enclosures, the biggest challenge will be how to get out and where to go to. Its one thing being prepared, its another knowing how long for. My advice is, to sell what you can asap and to take what you can and leave the US. Why wait for the inevitable to happen to get smart?.

      26. Why be logical ?

        We can have full employment if we start wars with another

        This would provide for university students going to the front lines and getting the education shot-out of their heads.

        There would be employment for undertakers…. ministers…
        psychologists for the suicidals….artificial eye makers….artificial
        limb artists….spas and masseurs for the war profiteers…

        The key is never to win….a war….because there would be no need for the NSA, FBI, CIA, Homeland Security….Delta Force…
        Green Beret…Navy Seals….the Black Beret….Air Force Intelligence

        We need to start the American Foreign Legion just like the French Foreign Legion…we also need something similar to
        Hitler’s Youth Groups….

        It’s a zero sum game….the Fed prints money out of thin air…
        and it starts all over again…but we just need to find a new country to bomb …

        This is the MANDATE of America in the 21st Century…
        Perpetual War

      27. I have grown tired of waiting for the “COLLAPSE.” The collapse is the only way to break away from the tired, hypocritical, crony, unjust and evil system by which we currently live in. I am locked, stocked and ready to rock for it to happen. You can’t break this current corrupt system, it can only be reborn again by crashing and collapsing in on itself. It will get ugly and the death count could get high, but after what the 2 major parties have done to the country – it’s necessary. SO COLLAPSE, BABY COLLAPSE. Let’s just get it over with.

      28. Comments…..I love reading all the great comments on this site!  Of course there are dangerous and heartbreaking times ahead.  Too many Americans are fat, happy, and above all STUPID.  Gather weapons, food, and supplies, cuz we can’t change anything that will soon happen.  Good luck to all.

      29. Comments…..I don’t have a lot of money but I have 2 guns some ammo and I am saving as much food as I can …. I wish I just knew when there would be a deadline of when I should buy supplies … I am also dealing with my wife who believes times are tuff but the united states is so great that it wont fall apart …. I print stuff and post things on face book hoping she will read but I think she thinks im a crack pot …. I am 35 years of age no kids but have step kids and my step son who is in the Air force thinks I am losing my mind … I have more people who don’t Believe than do believe I dont want to be alone during this time I am scared …. May God Forgive Us ….

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