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Gerald Celente and Max Keiser Discuss the Bailout Bubble and the Greatest Depression in June 2009

Mac Slavo
June 21st, 2009

Gerald Celente joins Max Keiser on The Edge, June 19, 2009. Celente discusses bubble blowing and popping, the greatest depression and other current and future trends.

We’re going to see a great unravelling in the future. These economic systems can no longer sustain themselves based upon consumption. With consumption being the major premise of the economic structure and built upon only borrowing. It just can’t happen if you’re not producing more than you borrow.

Watch Gerald Celente with Max Keiser (Part 1):
(The Edge is a 4 part series. Gerald Celente appeared in only the following parts. Watch the first two parts, without Gerald Celente, at Max Keiser’s Website)

Watch Gerald Celente with Max Keiser (Part 2):


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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: June 21st, 2009

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