Celente: “When the money stops flowing down to the man in the street, the blood starts flowing in the streets.”

by | Feb 25, 2011 | Gerald Celente | 161 comments

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    Trend forecaster Gerald Celente, of the Trends Research Institute, says that the further expansion of government austerity measures and impoverishment of the majority of the world’s populace will lead to more violence, riots and revolutions.

    In his latest Trend Alert® to subscribers, Celente discusses the revolutions breaking out in the middle east and provides a different reasoning than mainstream pundits and politicians for why it is happening and why it will spread to Europe and the US:

    As we wrote before Tunisia and Egypt erupted, the outbreaks would go global and the reasons behind the unrest would be more about bread and butter issues than politics. As economies decline, unemployment rises, taxes are raised and services cut – while those at the top get richer and most everyone else gets poorer – revolutions will continue to spread.

    But that’s not the way it’s being represented by the same people who didn’t see it coming. The media, pundits and politicians have misrepresented the historic geopolitical events that have occupied the news since the onset of the New Year. Virtually overnight, the revolutions have been glorified as courageous fights for freedom and liberty by democracy-hungry-masses.

    But it is not hunger for democracy that drives them. Democracy, autocracy, theocracy, monarchy – right, center, left – it is mostly a gut issue…an empty gut issue. When the money stops flowing down to the man in the street, the blood starts flowing in the streets. It’s a simple equation. A few at the top have too much, and too many others have too little.

    What’s Next

    In response to the current Middle East uprisings, gold has broken above $1400 an ounce and Brent Crude climbed to $113 a barrel. There is no end in sight to market volatility. As the violence escalates and expands, the fallout will be felt around the world.

    From the onset of the financial crisis that began in August 2007, and through the ensuing Panic of ’08, Washington, the Federal Reserve and central banks have managed to forestall a Great Depression-grade meltdown by way of a variety of multi-trillion dollar rescue packages, bailouts and stimulus programs. For three years the programs were able to induce an illusory and superficial recovery that, barring a major external geopolitical jolt, might have continued to run its course until the inevitable denouement.

    But now the jolt felt around the world is in the process of shattering the recovery illusion. Whether deliberately (as calculated policy) or as fallout from fear-based denial, the pieces are not being put together. The current unrest is not confined to the Middle East and North Africa, and as we had forecast, it will spread to Europe and other parts of the world. The more volatile and widespread the insurrections, the greater the probability that some combination of events (e.g., oil shock, terror attack, cyber wars and regional wars) will crash already fragile economies, and roil sound ones.

    Be Prepared

    Conditions are spinning out of control. In some countries, bank and stock market closures are real possibilities, as is the imposition of martial law. We reiterate our forecast for gold $2000. We recommend keeping cash and necessities on hand to help weather emergency situations. If the worst does not happen, nothing is lost. If the worst happens and you are not prepared, you are lost.

    Source: The Trends Journal Subscriber Trend Alert (February 24, 2011)

    Politics is playing a small role. For 30 years Egyptians lived under the rule of President Mubarak. For 30 years we heard how great Egypt was from the people that lived there, as well as our own media. Then, from one day to the next, everything changed and Mubarak was a dictator. A similar story was presented in other parts of the middle east that are now in turmoil.

    This is not about deposing leaders for political reasons, though it may seem like it based on how it’s being presented in the media.

    Consider the latest union protests in Wisconsin. It was portrayed by the media as a partisan issue – a fight between republicans and democrats. But had a democrat governor been forced to take similar action, the unions would have been in the streets protesting anyway.

    This is happening because the flow of easy money is being systematically withdrawn from Main Street (the world over).

    This is happening to public and private sector workers alike. No one is immune.

    Keeping the arguments in a political space diverts the focus of the masses so that they hate each other, as opposed to targeting the fundamental reasons for why we’re in the position we are in the first place.

    We’ve suggested it before, and we will yet again: As the people get broker and hungrier, and they lose their jobs, their homes and finally realize there will be no return to the boom times of the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s, the unrest will foment and spread.


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      1. None of us, including the most prepared, is ready for what awaits.  The big picture is predictable, but we all live in our own snapshot.

        Your job is to protect your own way of life as best you can.  Nothing else.

      2. HELP in need a book and DVD to help explain this to my wife. She just does NOT believe this will happen or will be as bad as is being prodicted. We both prepaired for Y2K, which did NOT happen. She feels this is the same thing. Just talk and fear to sell food and stuff.  She needs a REAL apiphany moment. Please advise. …..

      3. no matter what anybodies opinions are you gotta listen to celente very carefully spelled trackrecord…

      4. GC – I’ve admired many of the posts you’ve made recently, and agree with just about all you say. Can you offer some advice?

        I feel as though the issues are coming faster and faster and getting worse, not progressively but geometrically. Like a snowball down a hill gathering momentum, I feel events are beginning to gain momentum and I have no confidence that the PTB could slow things down, even if they wanted (not sure they do!) So, are we looking at a month or two, or six months, more? If someone had shown me a video of today’s news say back in Sept., I’m not sure I’d have believed how bad things would get in such a short time! 

        I have some money Uncle Sam will want to collect come tax time. But my gut is telling me to get those last prep items I need and top off the food and ammo. (I’m pretty close to having most of what I set as my target quantities.) What say you? What would you do in my situation?

      5. @creation, I agree,and now is about the time people are starting to realize the sad truth that we are broke.I have been saying for years that” for the last 30 or so years we have lived in the most prosperous times this country has ever seen or will ever see again”. I had hoped that I was wrong,but, unfortunately,it appears I was right.I don’t want to see what could transpire with all the possibilities that our situation could bring. I really am concerned about those in the cities that have no chance of self sufficiency and possible anarchy. For us in the country, an existance  like it was 50 years ago, to me anyway, is not so attractive since I am not so young anymore. Also, the possibility of looters scares the heck out of me. I hope I am prepared as much as possible but to try and put my mind around all possibilities is sometmes scary to say the least. God Bless James

      6. I hired a temp laborer a few days ago for the first time in my hotel department, (engineering) in a long time (years).

        This guy was 27yrs old, 5 kids,, Told me he got 8 thousand $ back for his tax return. AND!!! gets $700 A MONTH! for food stamps.


        Lets do a little math.

        8k for tax
        8k for food
        2k for health

        THATS 18K A YEAR (*&^!$$%^&*())(*&^%$#@#$%^&*(*&^%$#@!@#$%^&*)

        THATS A 9$ AN HOUR JOB!!!!!!

      7. The sad reality about Gerald Celente’s prediction is,…We have 44,359,522 food stamp recipients  out of 81,699 395 families in America. When the government hand out ends, or the dollar collapses, then what? We Will have close to 300,000,000 angry and hungry people, including infants, and the elderly! Prepare yourselves, It’s going to be a long, hot, year in history!  

      8. So what’s different about “When the money stops flowing down to the man in the streets, the blood starts flowing in the streets”, than what Celente has been saying all along?

        “When people lose everything, they have nothing left to lose, and they lose it”

        I suppose he’s looking for a new marketable tag line. Everything’s a business model you know!  I contend they aren’t hungry enough here in the US quite yet.  They are still trading their food stamps for whatever they want.  Maybe by the end of summer when the sheep get really hungry…

        GMAFB – apologies? Nope, nada, none

      9. I think we can pretty much predict people will up their attitudes by 100%. Even the oldest of our society is currently demonstrating attitude towards others. I see people everyday showing aggression to others for things that would have been funny 10 years ago. Everyone driving around acting like bad asses and thinking they are the s#*&. When it really hits the fan the boil pot will runneth over and many innocent people will be victimized.

      10. Scott, I agree.  People are hot and boiling. You can see it in stores and especially on blogs, where you think you are anonymous. Be cool and stay away from trouble.  To go down to a demonstration is just dangerous. I always remember one of the great things that our loving Philosopher said to his people, The Meek shall inherit the earth. I get it now.  A lot of folks are going to find trouble looking for it.  I see a lot of news about angry law enforcement…underpaid and overworked. Do as they say.  Avoid situations.

        Right and wrong won’t be discussed in your obituary!

        Be meek.  Be calm. Prepare and protect (I won’t be meek for this) your family.  Enjoy now until Then gets here.  Find peace with your maker and a direct line. …..

      11. Don’t worry, Owebama has your back.   He and his fellow chimps Geithner and Bernanke.

      12.     Hello;
              I  have  a  SERIOUS  question  to  ask  about the real possibility of  the  government’s  confiscation  of  Gold.  I  buy  my  Gold  on – line.  I  plan  on  buying  more.  Can  the  government  track  my  purchases  through  my  credit  card?  Or;  are  they  looking  at  a  certain  dollar  amount  bought; say;  anything  over  5 – 7K.?  The  thought  of  the  government  ordering  me  to  turn  over  something  i  legally  own  makes  me  sick.  If  anyone  can  shed  some  light  on  this  particular  subject;  i’d  certainly  appreciate  it.  Thanks.

        P.S.  I  just  heard  today  that  the  government  IS  planning  to  confiscate  ALL  gold;  when  the  trigger  price  hits  2K per  Oz.

      13. Scott & Rebel Y:  I agree, stay away from protests and all public/political gatherings to incl city council mtgs (recent shooting in Fla at school bd mtg) and of course  voting polls.  Plus, mtgs produce no results ever.   We stay low profile; dressing down in jogging outfits all the time, driving Hyundai’s, not going out at night..crime rates will keep going up, more bank and gas sta. robberies in my area.


        Have you noticed every time liberals do not like something they protest vigorously? They usually end up getting their way (such as the current Labor Union protest or the anti-Bush protest.) They appear to be very well orchestrated and well funded. Even illegals have better protest signs than the conservatives.

        Most often Conservatives sit back, whining, doing nothing and take the beating.

      15. Brian, although a particular book or DVD does not come to mind, I found the History’s Channel’s ‘After Armageddon’ on You Tube to be a solid feature, that really taps into all possibilities. But that doesn’t really touch on WHY we are really going to experience it this time around. Simply a WHEN it happens, WHAT will you do? Still very good.

        I’ve had to deal with the Y2K people ever since! For those that are not involved or paying attention to the immense amount of info not being shared on the MSM, it can be daunting. For those on this site, the evidence is everywhere. And to be honest, rarely will a book help at this time, as the situation is just so damn fluid. They’re outdated the moment they hit the shelf.

        Lots of great blogs out there to be sure. That’s your best, most current way to go. Maybe everyone can list a blog they like on here. But this site has great links to such worthy blogs as well.

        And say what you will about Gerald Celente, and all his repetitive Celenti-isms, but he’s one of the first that really rung true to me, and he’s helped me retain a great amount of what worth I have. Were it not for him, I may have grossly misplayed my hand years ago. He then put me on a course to deeply educate myself on the peripheral issues. So he’s not the be all end all, but he’ll set you on the right path.

        And one thing to track, that affects us ALL will be gas prices. Go to http://www.gasbuddy.com regularly. Look to the left hand column, and watch the uptick in prices in real time. For anyone that thinks this is all another Y2K moment, those prices are about to have a devastating, and rippling effect. All the rest of the world’s woes is just gravy. A month from now, our lives are going to be lived much differently, and more frugally, if not already.

        Good luck.

      16. Brian, although a particular book or DVD does not come to mind, I found the History’s Channel’s ‘After Armageddon’ on You Tube to be a solid feature, that really taps into all possibilities. But that doesn’t really touch on WHY we are really going to experience it this time around. Simply a WHEN it happens, WHAT will you do? Still very good.

        I’ve had to deal with the Y2K people ever since! For those that are not involved or paying attention to the immense amount of info not being shared on the MSM, it can be daunting. For those on this site, the evidence is everywhere. And to be honest, rarely will a book help at this time, as the situation is just so damn fluid. They’re outdated the moment they hit the shelf.

        Lots of great blogs out there to be sure. That’s your best, most current way to go. Maybe everyone can list a blog they like on here. But this site has great links to such worthy blogs as well.

        And say what you will about Gerald Celente, and all his repetitive Celenti-isms, but he’s one of the first that really rung true to me, and he’s helped me retain a great amount of what worth I have. Were it not for him, I may have grossly misplayed my hand years ago. He then put me on a course to deeply educate myself on the peripheral issues. So he’s not the be all end all, but he’ll set you on the right path.

        And one thing to track, that affects us ALL will be gas prices. Go to http://www.gasbuddy.com regularly. Look to the left hand column, and watch the uptick in prices in real time. For anyone that thinks this is all another Y2K moment, those prices are about to have a devastating, and rippling effect. All the rest of the world’s woes is just gravy. A month from now, our lives are going to be lived much differently, and more frugally, if not already.

        Good luck.

        p.s. Sorry if this becomes a double-post. Just submitted it without my info. Not sure where that ends up!

      17. How many of you really believe the water will go off if we have a total economic collapse in the US?  For how long?  That is what I am concerned about most.  I live in a small town and there are no wells on the property.  It would be a long haul uphill from a creek that lots of people would probably flock to.  EMP scares me the most.  I know I have to trust the Lord to provide.  I also think I need to do as much as I can.  Hubby is not on board about going all out such as making a well or something now.  He is OK with storing stuff.  He is skeptical partly because of Y2K.  I ended up throwing a lot of stuff away.  I am really trying to rotate this time.

      18. Unfortunately, the people will have to pay for the mistakes of our politicians and business. Ultimately, we are responsible for allowing their mistake and ignorance to continue. We have a choice. But we have to open our eyes first.
        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( http://www.revolution2.osixs.org )
        We don’t have to live like this anymore. “Spread the News

      19. in case your not paying attention, morpheus is a neo-communist trying to look like a Patriot.

      20. Grannyb

        It only seems like it is moving faster because you get your information quicker.  Turn off the computer for a week and it will slow down a lot. 

        As for giving money to the corporation, I am against it.  I haven’t filed a tax return since I read the law and determined there was no law that required me to.  That was the early 90’s.

        If you want to file something, file an extension for six months.  The money will buy a lot more for you now than it will then. 

        If you believe the S will hit the F within the next three years, quit filing tax returns unless you get a refund.  Change your W-4 to minimize what they steal from you.  It will take a lot longer than that before the thieves could ever take anything from you.  If you deal with them correctly, they will never come.  Besides, the IRS will be one of the first bureaucracies to die.  It will die immediately after the Federal Reserve that created it.

        Some would say don’t pay at your own peril.  I say continue to feed the beast to the peril of us all.

        You can learn more about the tax scam at the link below


      21. morphe

        that’s ridiculous.  I am in no way responsible for anything a politician or banker does, and I certainly will not pay their debts.  Your comment is like blaming an armed robbery on the victim because he followed the directions of the guy with the gun to his head.

        I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am not a financially responsible party for debts of the United States.  The debts are worth no more than the FRNs they are denominated in.  They are a commercial fiction. 

      22. Brian, I’d recommend “Collapse” DVD (or instant watch on Netflix) and “The Long Emergency” book by James Kunstler.
        Y2K was all about a possible computer malfunction, which was taken care of by an army of programmers, so we arrived into year 2000 without a glitch.
        Today’s situation is completely different. We, the people, running out of money and resources.
        We have no choice but to go back to basics in our lifestyles or we will not survive. Sorry, the party is over.
        You’re not alone with your other half being in denial, I have a good friend who wants to hear nothing about it, says it stresses her out, she can’t deal with it, she’d rather not know. I gave up trying to talk to her, after all, I am only responsible for saving myself.
        Your situation is different. Good luck.

      23. Dave,

        They can track everything you do with a credit card, but I wouldn’t worry about the government seizing gold.  First of all, they didn’t seize all of the gold before.  Only that which was used as money.  The goal was not getting gold, it was killing real money and getting it out of circulation. 

        There are very few gold coins, and they are not competing as transactional currencies.  What are they gonna do, make people turn in their jewelry?  I don’t even think a politician is stupid enough to piss off that many women at the same time.

        The truth is, the government never confiscated any gold lawfully.  All it did was outlaw the use of money by threat of force and demand of anyone willing to do it to go and trade it for paper.

        The question is, why do people continue to consider that same government as legitimate?  It hasn’t belonged to them in a long time.


        Buy Phils or Maples not Eagles. All are ‘legal tender’ (Gold and Silver) Technically a case could be made they are the property of the issuing govt  and you only are entitled to use them. (Ahh that’s a little vague, but fishin’ requires drinkin’ and I been doin both today) And yes indeed, they know what you bought if you used your cc.
        How much would they bother confiscating?
        Ahh, Mr. Dave, our records indicate you still hold a one tenth ounce five dollar face Gold Eagle. Could we have it…Please. (OR ELSE!) 

      25. @ GC…Thanks! I appreciate the good advice! Just spent the evening with my sister, comparing our purchase lists, bug out and hunker down plans, etc. We’ve been prepping for over 2 years, and some of her questions were the same as mine. So thanks for your help!

        BTW, did anyone else lose access to this site today?? Tried to log on earlier this evening but got my provider’s search page – like SHTFPlan didn’t exist!

      26. @Granny,
        I’ve lost access to this site several times for long periods of time the last few days.

        I’d love to hear your method of not voluntarily letting the man steal your money all these years?

      27. @Dave – I was at the bank awhile back when the manager just blurted out “don’t buy anything with your debit or credit card that you don’t want them (wink) to know about”. What will happen prior to them coming for a neighborhood is they will simply run a report to see who has what. She told me anyone with authority can run a report on your purchases. I would use the ATM machine or go into the bank and get cash.

        The problem is you have to have a background check with the ATF every time you buy a weapon.

        Gold – Yes they know what you have purchased and when you purchased it Dave. If you can, move or find a place in the country, dig a hole and bury it. Map it to your GPS and walk away.

        I want to make a point about gold and silver that isn’t talked about much. When the SHTF the value of gold and silver will be what you decide it should be for the trade. I may ask for 20 bars for a box of 45ACP ammo and if you want the ammo you’ll give me the silver. The value won’t be determined by our government but by us because we will have lost all trust in them any way. IMHO only.

      28. This post goews out to everybody who is afraid of confiscation of gold.  The only danger of this that exists is that you will tell the government goons that you have gold.  If you have it put away somewhere safe, where nobody can find it, then, there shouldn’t be a problem.  Also, I suggest that it be kept in a container lined with lead.  I heard that the government has instruments that they can use froim the street to determine whether you have the stuff.  Peace.

      29. GA Girl
         forget the lord, he’s never provided anything and never will, you better put a rain barrel under every down spout for washing and flushing toilets and put away a few hundred gallons of water to drink and cook with.  Dave CC purchases can be tracked, hope you’re buying plenty of silver also, it’ll be safer to pull out a
         silver  Eagle than an ounce of gold once the SHsTF, also easier to change

      30. Brian,

        I would go to http://www.survivalblog.com and look at some of the articles under Economics and Investing.  Just scroll down from the top of the main page and you will see them.  They are at the end of the submitted articles of the day.  That has helped me.  There are links to well respected sites (Forbes, Wall Street Journal, etc) that have articles telling how bad things are.  You can go to the day before’s articles too by scrolling down to the previous day. This might give your wife the “proof” she needs to understand.

        Good luck! 🙂

      31. As long as americans have food stamps, unemployment, tax credits, social security, medicare, easy bankruptcy, section 8, ect, then things will not explode here. 

        Hmmm.  But pray tell what happens when the free money dries up? ( which is most certainly will)   What happens then? 

        No wonder Ted Kennedy didn’t want to be around to see it fall apart. 

      32. @ Brian:
        The biggest factor in motivating me was a special on National Geographic about a 2 week ice storm that shut down Quebec and Ontario a few years back. All the financial reasons for prepping came later.
        Two books that got me on board were ‘Financial Armageddon’ by Panzner and ‘The Coming Great Depression’ by Dent. Both written before ’08.
        On YouTube a video called ‘The Day the Dollar Died’ by Damon Vickers really spelled things out.

        @ Dave
        What about buying gold coins at a local coin shop ? I have made small gold and larger junk silver purchases this way, in cash, no paperwork.

        I too started prepping for Y2K, until I spoke to a bud doing Y2K fixes as a programmer. He said they were putting in ridiculous amounts of hours and were very successful with patches. Turned out he was right.

        As far as not ‘paying the man’, send Wesley Snipes a letter and see how it’s working out for him. He’s due to be released from prison in July 2013.

      33. Want to prepare for t all? Watch the movie “The Road”.
        Whatever they needed is what you’ll need.
        Simple; fire making, water purification, guns. knives.

      34. Comments…..The planned implosion of the world is almost complete. As the world crumbles under a mountain of debt created out of thin air. The last nail is fuel prices, which have been planned to go up significantly as of right now. The Middle East turmoil will not subside, as the cost of food will rise as shortages and the manipulation of commodity prices continue. When oil hits $150-$250/barrel, and gas hits $4.50-$5/gallon, you best be prepared for the collapse.

        Gerald is correct, this is all going down as most of the poeple of the US watch their sporting events and sitcoms on TV with no clue, or not believing it could happen to their country, but believe me when I tell you when hyperinflation hits, which it will soon, as the faith in the dollar crumbles, it will be an overnight change in lifestyle that will change society forever!

        I have moved to Ecuador, where food and pure water is abundant, as The Valley of Longevity has the energy of the ancient people of the Incas. You best be prepared with food,water, and shelter first, then silver to barter for goods and services. Get into a small community of people who will share and help each other. But the most important thing one can do is find ones inner self, clear the negative karma, and believe in ones heart that the divine light of all creation will be watching over you, for what is going to happen to our planet soon, will dwarf the economic collapse!

        Earth is rebirthing as is humanity. Once we connect up to her we will truly be free as is our destiny. Believe in your heart, and visualize a perfect planet, and breathe in the love of the universe, and exhale the compassion to all living beings, and that will set us free!

      35. i have read all your comments  above,   and  i feel some of you would want to team up with others in your area   to get   heirloom seeds,   and  ground  prepped somewhere   for a garden.   locate   fruit trees in country,  all this besides what u have already prepped.  are any   of you out there  storing barrels of gas.   I have 12    55 gal.  plastic   full   and  PRI-G   stabilizer  stored,  it revitilizes  old gas,  and just ordered  2     bikeberry     motors  for a couple of bikes,  and  i have  2- 250 cc   yamaha  cycles.   so if u plan on just   riding bikes,  its ok,   but i am old and bad knees,  but  great eye sight,  and  strong  trigger finger, as well as the living bible  ready.  have any of u  looked at having a  rocket  mass cook stove  ready,    or   a bio- sand water  system,   55 gal  drum,   sand  charcoal    and use  rain water  in it.   also,   get several  zero water filters,   to filter   pre-filtered  rain water.  if u are in the nashville area,   call me as  i have  barrels for sale.  as well  as a 9.2   acre   plot  over looking the  chetham co.  game reserve  for sale  cheaper than normal.  615-636-8071

      36. Dave – Here’s what I just went through……  My wife and I bought 12 half ounce gold coins with numismatic value in 2007.  All were pre 1932 coins.  We purchased them from Lear Financial (Now called Lear Capital).   The guy we bought them from went to our church and we totally trusted him for what he was saying.  Lear takes their cut at time of purchase and then when selling them back they gave us full pricing.  We doubled our money.   Yea.  He was very adamant about us keeping them because he totally believes that in a couple years gold bullion will be illegal to own.  There’s no way in hell the guberment will go house to house taking gold.  Too much bloodshed.  What they believe is that they will simply make it illegal to trade with it.  His take on the whole thing is that if you own numismatic coins they won’t bother with them because that’s what (they) own and (they) won’t make it against the law to have what (they) have as investments.      That is the story I got.  Is it true????  Who knows.   I trust my friend and he says that Lear is working hard to follow the laws/rumors and what ever they can to protect their investors and investments.     We still sold the coins back.  Now were getting a check (FRN’s) for just under nine grand.  Our plan is to turn it back into PM’s but mostly silver.   Are we doing the right thing?  Once again, who knows.  Our reasoning is that we didn’t want coins with numismatic value because we wanted that percentage of the value to be in actual metals.  Not some value placed on the coin by someone else.   That’s our take on things.  We will probably spend some of it on more supplies too.    Sometimes I feel like it’s all a crap shoot anyway on what to do.   Hope that helps.

        Be safe!

      37. “How many of you really believe the water will go off if we have a total economic collapse in the US?  For how long?  That is what I am concerned about most.  I live in a small town and there are no wells on the property.  It would be a long haul uphill from a creek that lots of people would probably flock to.  EMP scares me the most.  I know I have to trust the Lord to provide.  I also think I need to do as much as I can.  Hubby is not on board about going all out such as making a well or something now.  He is OK with storing stuff.  He is skeptical partly because of Y2K.  I ended up throwing a lot of stuff away.  I am really trying to rotate this time.”

        GA girl,

        I’m not sure that the water would always quite coming down the pipes in all shtf situations but it would probably become very undrinkable. The plants which “purify” your water have to have several people around the clock to keep them running, so if those workers don’t show up, or can’t get supplies, the water will become dirty very fast, if not stop coming altogether. In some situations, for instance wear it requires pumping and not gravity to flow the water, if electricity was lost the water will stop running.
        Also, water plants have many electronic devices and complex systems like SCADA to moniter water, inject chlorine, switch pumps on and off etc. so if electricity goes down they don’t have pure manual backups, once the generators run out of fuel. I would imagine a big EMP event would do great damage to all that electronic stuff as well. You could call your water plant and ask them for a “school tour” or something and go find out how your system works. That would give you some ideas.

        I’m a construction manager and we build new, and upgrade existing, water and waste water  treatment plants.

        God bless.

      38. “Consider the latest union protests in Wisconsin. It was portrayed by the media as a partisan issue – a fight between republicans and democrats. But had a democrat governor been forced to take similar action, the unions would have been in the streets protesting anyway.”
        DEMS would not have given tax breaks to corporations before asking for worker concession….and they wouldn’t try and sell public utilities on no bid contracts.  Mac, I respect this blog, please don’t color this story in a way that makes WI or DEMS look bad.  This is about Walker and his Koch handlers.

      39. For those of you who have not secured a REALLY good, portable system of water filtration, you need to look at this. I bought one last year. There is a demo video attached to this link from TED TV. It’s called the Lifesaver 4000. The safety, and specs of this thing far exceed anything I’ve found in the stores, including Katadyn, which I also have. It’s not a cheap unit, and it ships from the UK to the Carolinas, to where ever you are. I think mine ran me about $195 at the time, with one filter.

        It’s a damn sturdy unit, and just beautifully designed. Do check it out. You can literally filter water from the nastiest, mammal-bathing waters on the planet, into something pure, safe and drinkable.


        I would absolutely take the time to scour your neighborhood for any kind of water source. If there is a local river that you know a million people will flock to first, find a more secluded alternative. Even golf course water hazards. The unit above is rare in the sense that it will also filter out the chemicals used to treat the greens of courses. Usually, you have to take an extra precautionary step to treat the water first, then filter it.

        In any case, share this with those you know. It’s the best I’ve found, and well worth the $195 if it saves sves you from a bacaterial infection.

      40. And in regards to building a fire without matches, I’m attaching one of the best blog posts I’ve seen on the subject. This is truly, creative stuff. You might just want to print this one off and stick it in your car’s glove box. The site itself really has some good, alternative survival type stuff, but with an interesting angle on maintaining your lifestyle. Not just hard core, stranded in the desert type stuff. I like it. Check it out:


      41. WOW! I know I am new/green to all this, but I would of never dreamed that a water filter that small would run 200$ Is that even really big enough for a family? Or shoud a person with family look for something bigger?

      42. BJ

        All it takes to exit the system is to quit using their numbers and forms and stop taking any benefits.  The IRS and government does not recognize people, only corporate entities like Social Security trusts.  They can’t tax the Man, only the number. 

        I have nothing for it to steal.  All property is registered to a private Family Trust.  I hold title as Trustee, identified as such on the Title, to the family vehicles and all other property not “requiring” registration has been donated to the Trust and documented as such.  Any claim for any of the Trust property must be made against the Trust, not the beneficiaries which are all the members of my family, because I don’t own it.  The terms of the Trust need not be revealed TO ANYBODY OR ANYTHING AT ANY TIME.  If ANYBODY asks, the terms of the Trust forbid revealing the terms of the Trust.  If they insist, I have prepared a Trust document setting rules the Trustee must follow for settling disputes against the trust that I can give them.  The rules bypass the courts and put the final decision on ALL matters not involving injury to a Man or Woman to the Trustee. 

        Once property is registered with the government, to government property such as a Social Security Number, they own it.  They never steal property from you, they administrate their trust.  Quit using their trust and make your own to use.  One that your own and control.

      43. BJ, it’s all based on the longevity of the filter, rated in liters. The ‘4000’ represents 4000 liters (1056 gallons). So you’ll have to make your calculations based on daily consumption. I think they also had a 6000 unit, or you can purchase a second, replaceable filter.

        The unit doesn’t have to be big. That’s right, size does not matter in this case! Ha! The idea, is to collect a bucket of water from a chosen source, then use then pour a bottles-worth into the unit. Just pump, and pour.

        The compact size lets you hit the road. And if you know of local sources of water, you can just focus on getting there. Or take a couple of collapsible buckets with you, to bring back to the family.

        They’re all rated based on what they’ll filter out, at the safest level. This one removes all Bacteria, Viruses, Cysts, Parasites,and Fungi from all sources of water, according to the box. This is your military+ grade of filtration.

        About the only time you’ll find yourself SOL, is in the case of nuclear contamination.

        Anyway, I think the name Lifesaver says it all. Very easy to use also.

      44. Certainly there are two types of collapse… The one we see most is like The Road or The Book of Eli.  Great movies/books and worst case scenario.  As was One Second After.  A more probable type is happening right now in Argentina: A fall from prosperity to hyper inflation and shortages with rampant crime. I read Mac’s blog and this blog regularly. http://ferfal.blogspot.com/2008/10/thoughts-on-urban-survival-2005.html p

        Ferfal is great and builds his blog around questions.  He has excellent ideas on weapons and preps. Americans are strong.  Besides a Mayans doomsday or WW3, we are going to oust Obama in 2012 and rebuild. Until then, a dollar collapse is possible and you can bet on hyperinflation.  Read Ferfal and Mac and support their sponsors. …..

      45. GC,
        So you’ve never had a job? Aren’t we all given a ss# and have to have it to work?
        I am obviously lost?

      46. Actually, so as not raise attract the attention of ‘the hoard’, keep a few empty sports bottles in your go-bag, to fill and return to the family. Depends on your situation, and your sense of safety at the time.

        I also keep the Lifesaver in that same go-bag, and the Katadyn in my primary vehicle. You never know what will hit when, and this way you’re covered. It also saves you from having to maintain a huge stockpile of bottled water everywhere you go. Nothing practical about dealing with that if you find yourself in a ‘Road’ situation.

        Best of luck, BJ. But look on Amazon or at REI for some of their better filtration units. A good one can be had in the $80-90 range, suitable of rivers and lakes and such. The bottle above just takes it that much further. The video demo will convince you of that, I’m sure.

      47. Speaking of 2012 and elections……anyone notice no one is campaigning yet? No one is even making a hat full of major names for sure to be running?
        I think it has been crazy the amount of time they spend these days campaigning…..BUT in the 08 election they were in the ring and campaigning more than 2 years ahead of time…we are only 20 months away and no one seems to really be into it…..under normal circumstances I would be happy, under theses circumstances I find it eery and anomolous

      48. GMAFB: there are no “food stamps” any more.  It’s a Debit Card that gets charged up monthly.  Nobody can “trade” food stamps any more.  (For those of you not old enough to remember, there were once actual government printed coupons, similar to FRNs but not the same, that were issued to food stamp recipients.  No longer.
        There is a big push to try and get farmers markets in urban areas to allow “food stamp” users to buy veges, etc.  But most farmers want no part of that racket.  Cash. please.
        Has anyone seen the start of a dual “currency” pricing system, where sales are priced in FRNs (Federal Reserve Notes, i.e.: “legal tender” as well as CAG (Constitutional Silver – pre-1964 90% silver coinage, as prescribed in the Constitution?)  Actually, technically, a purchase in silver would be recorded as XAG, but technically that is the three letter triglyph for pure silver, by weight, not US coin sliver, which is a 90% alloy.
        There is nothing illegal at all about quoting prices in both “currencies.”  You pay less at many gas stations for a “cash” purchase, versus credit or debit (digidollars), so why not have dual pricing to reflect the real value of pre-64 silver coinage?  Yes, there is a law stating that both clad coins and pre-64 coins are both legal tender coinage.  But there is also an IRS stricture that when you sell pre-64 coinage for FRNs, you are selling a “collectible” and not merely handing over money.  So, pricing items as barter for pre-64 “collectible” silver coins is totally legal.
        I encourage anyone selling anything to consider offering the item(s) for sale with prices in both FRNs (our current legal tender currency) and pre-64 silver coin (dimes, quarters and half dollars are the most common – older silver dollars, even the 1923 “Peace” dollars, carry a mark-up over their “junk” silver value.  Note that nickles never were technically a Constitutional currency, as except for a brief period during WW II, they never contained any silver.  Pennies are interesting, in that the first coins created by the US government were copper pennies (the “fugit” cent designed by a fellow named Benjamin Franklin).  But even these have been debased, as they have been copper clad zinc disks since 1982 (although a portion of the pennies minted in 1983 were copper, not all were).
        Anyway, bottom line: consider starting dual pricing, and restoring silver coinage to daily use!

      49. Also the sun showed up a whole 2 days early in AK according to one person. This also was reprorted in another place but that it was coming up daily at earlier than scheduled too by like 15 minutes? Cornell observed some anomolies with the moon as of late and has been studying it, and can’t say for sure, but is running the anomolies against theories of another planet having entered our solar system and the effects it would have on us. Two of the effects would be what’s happening with the moon and the sun going off schedule from axial and pole shifts that the planet in the solar system would cause….interesting stuff to say the least

      50. Couple of thoughts here…After reading for a while and e-mailing Mac about the subject, I started in buying 1 oz silver rounds and a small amount of junk silver about a year ago.  My stash has grown and now I treat it the same way I was going to treat a Roth IRA.  It’s part of my overall financial plan, and I’ve come to feel really good about it.  Can’t recommend buying silver highly enough.  If you don’t have any, now is the time to start down at your local coin dealer, skip the crazies on the internet.

        As far as money flowing to the man in the street goes, well that shit stopped a little over 30 years ago.  We’ve been fighting over scraps ever since, and if you make $35,500 per year or less, you are part of the very bottom wage earners in the nation.  We have to help each other, none of these rich assholes (or their tax breaks) is going to be providing us a good job any time soon.  I think a second economy is a good idea.

      51. Dave—
        The last time they confiscated gold it was from “persons”. I am not a “person” in their colored language. If you used a credit card, then yes, they know everything you do.

      52. I used to have a job up until a few years ago.  I replaced my income with an internet business and will never work for a corporation again.  Sometimes I will pick a up a contract for web work, but if a tax form is required I give them a modified W8BEN, without a number.  I have one on file with Clickbank for affiliate sales.  If the company will not take it, I will not work for it.  It’s policy is to violate the law and my rights.  One of my rights is to avoid contracting with criminals who try to force me to violate the law and submit improper forms.

        I was issued a Social Security Number at the age of 16.  I was forced to obtain it to go to work for McD’s in high school in the 70’s.  I do not use the number for any purpose.  If a private company wants one, such as Walmart, I will just make one up and punch it in.

        They don;t track the people, only the numbers they own. 

        I don’t sign any documents for anyone, and if I am forced to put a sig on something I always designate it with “rep”, to indicate I am acting in a representative capacity and not personally liable for the signature.

        Just quit asking for permission from anybody to do anything, especially the government.  If asked to produce something like a drivers license or Social Security Number by an officer, just tell them you do not have any government property in your possession.

        The government will never give you freedom.  You have to stand up and take it for yourself.  There are no political solutions to be found and the government offers no protection for you or your property.

        Live and Be Free.

        No law is broken without an injury occurring.

      53. @ allen

        This forum is about as close as many of the posters want to get to each other. They don’t realize that the Great Shift is primarily about one thing which is finally overcoming internal Fears and breaking out of the “me first” world, and joining forces with others, i.e. friends, relatives, “neighbors” and community.

        It’s the ONLY way they will make it to the other side. THE ONLY WAY!

        They may think they can hide in the cellar or shooting their way out of danger until the dust clears but that is a romantic fantasy formulated in a delusional mind from watching too many movies. When their home is overrun by those who will rape and pillage their body’s and provisions, and their house is burned to the ground then it will be too late. They may take a few down in the process and die “heroically” but dead they will be.

        It will be those who snap out of denial now, and there’s a few in that department here who are quite capable, who will seek out others and band together, embracing the opportunity to open up and share knowledge and resources (rather than hoarding both selfishly). They are the one’s who will have a chance by nourishing themselves and their loved ones.

        It’s always been about overcoming selfishness and greed; the lesson for all of us. We have the classic example seen through the actions of our government, who is simply and innocent reflection of the quality of the collective of the people who brought them on board..

        Maybe “gods creation” was right after all. Maybe the one’s who fear teaming up with others should have their C. Pills on hand so when the door is knocked down and the hungry vampires and demons stampede in and overwhelmingly devour their prey, there’s an “easy” way out.

        There’s a reason “United we stand, Divided we fall” has great historical value.
        Once again, Unification of like minded individuals coming together as one (tribe) will be the safety net for those who choose thriving rather than surviving or dying.

        There’s still time, but don’t wait until you are running down the street screaming “Will anybody help me?”

      54. EuroAm

        You are right. 

        The PTB have done everything possible through their control of the media to make the people fear each other.  They fear the people as a group, but not as individuals.

        Unfortunately, they will probably get exactly what they want.  The people will kill each other and they can keep their hands clean no matter how dirty the soul.

        The people have been so divided for so long that it will take a lot to pull them together and defeat the evil.  The prognosis is not good.


        I come here to learn and occasionally like to share things…so here, from a christian blog…

        XXXXXXXX says:
        February 25, 2011 at 6:51 pm
        Got a call today from a very dear friend of mine. He travels extensively and has lots of friends in pretty important places. He was in contact with a friend of his that owns a bank in Texas. He confided to my friend that his bank will be closed in 60 to 90 days due to a bank holiday. Not sure if that means it will be closed temporarily or if until the currency has been exchanged for another. Just proves what all here have been expecting and preparing. People are going to get blindsided because they have not heeded the warnings that have been given and trusting in a false government who claims to be able to fix anything


        Gods Creation
        February 25th, 2011 at 9:5

        Bingo–because you drove my car and killed someone while speeding in my car doesn’t make me a murderer!

      57. Comments…..Being prepared for what is coming means different things to everyone. Some have talked about the Y2K mess and the frenzy of food,generators,and metals storage. I tried to explain to many in those days that the cows will still give their milk,the apples will still grow on the trees, the fish will swim the rivers and those fence jumping elk will still run through our yard.  One of my neighbors had a plan on how to get ready for Y2K to spare his wife and two children. He helped them by killing them and himself just before the event.  I wish I would have known about his plans because I would have spent some time with him. Paying or not paying our taxes or stockpiling food and guns also is far from prepared. Greed by the banksters, corporations and even the family man who works under the table has caused our nations folly. Lust for more and more is everywhere I turn and the chickens have come home to roost. Jesus said ” Will I find any Faith when I return’. Well that is how one starts to be prepared.  j.m.o.


        Hey, Allen…howdy…Springfield for 57 years and taught in Cheatham County a while…now in Ky.
        Small world!


        Ga Girl…I have the instructions cut down for household use of pool shock if you need them…calcium hypochlorite…indefinite shelf life, cheap, no storage like bleach that gets old, and doesn’t hurt your stomach like bleach.
        I also have alum, coffee filters, pool shock, you can boil, and Berkey for back up.


        February 26th, 2011 at 9:59 am
        WOW! I know I am new/green to all this, but I would of never dreamed that a water filter that small would run 200$ Is that even really big enough for a family? Or shoud a person with family look for something bigger?

        I do know my Berkey came with 3 free sports bottles (2 are in our BOB) and they were recommeded by Haitian volunteers saying they worked for the water there…good enough for me. $209 and we love the Berkey…filters good for 6000 gallons.


        Old Soldier–you are very naive—the poster is correct…food stamps are sold and bartered..
        I have cashiered and do not ask for ID..the necessary pin # is all that’s needed…I know of a deaf drug addict…she barters well for her drugs.

      62. Thank you for posting the Lifesaver Bottle link!! I bought the FirstNeed XL Dlx. but will pick a couple of these up as it filters down better than the FirstNeed. Remember there are almost zero virus issues in NA., South of NA there are many. These types of communications/posts is what we should all be sharing as it really adds value and with so much experience floating around on this site we all need this level of sharing.

      63. regarding PREP and the Y2K response.

        that is not different this time and Prepping is a waste of time.

        I prepped for Y2K. bought a house in the country, stored food, etc.

        when Y2K failed, a “friend” asked me how I felt about all the money I had spend.

        initially, I felt rather stupid. then the answer (for me) came to me.

        it was this.

        I felt the same way about that money spent on Y2K as about the Thousands of Dollars I spend every year on Fire Insurance on my House, Medical Insurance on my Health, and Auto Insurance on my car.

        now, honestly, every year my house does not burn down, or my car is not wrecked, or I dont get cancer or a broken leg, all that insurance money is wasted. right?

        but you know, I am okay that my house did not burn, my car did not get wrecked and that I am healthy.

        and I will probably pay all those premiums again this year.

        and hope that I stay healthy and my house does not burn down.


      64. JJ….  I buy my open pollinated corn from farmer in olienda, near springfield and just ordered  soft red wheat   for  biscuits    and gravey.  I live in the donalson area,  but have a bug out home overlooking cheatham co   20,000   acre game reserve.  then we have centerhill  lake,  old hickory, and of course next to my house in nashville, percy priest lake.   small world,  need barrels?

      65. Comments…..You bet your bippy…food stamp cards, EBT, can be bartered….You buy me milk, bread, eggs, fruit, and veggies…and I’ll give you 1/2 the price in cash so you can get your beer, cigs, and oxyie 80’s………

      66. Gods Creation……the IRS will catch up with you. Your arguments for not paying taxes have no legal basis and have been lost in every tax evasion case. Tax evasion and failure to file are serious criminal offenses.

      67. People are waking up, and that’s why we are seeing people “acting up” so much.

        Gold may or may not be useful to you. Most of us don’t have enough “wealth” to protect. If I’m hungry and I have sandwich, your gold is worth nothing to me, but it MIGHT get you out of the country. My advice (take it for what you paid for it), is look at your last receipts. If you have a need all of the time for a certain item, get three. Look around and ask yourself “what is NOT here, that I might need in an emergency?”. Get it. WATER (you can survive quit awhile without food, but you NEED water), food storage is a good thing (necessary, but hard to do), but also hardy clothes, hardy shoes, glasses, prescriptions, tools (cooking and a good knife), cash (not a ton, much some), lights, matches, blankets, plastic bags, personal hygeine, towels, 5 gal gas tank, sunscreen, toothbrushes, pet food, shovel, needle and thread – HOARD these things and hide them, hopefully ready to move if you need to. Forget “health” insurance, unless you’re dependant. If you use milk, get dried milk. Grow a plant or a garden, if you can. Buy America, if you can. Don’t overshop, but better than undershopped. Teach the kids not to waste. Protect the pictures that you want to save in a protected and high place. Heat source is my biggest problem (money problem).

        Maybe your wife is right, don’t give up the farm to buy gold – it’s nice to have a coin to pass it over to the kids. I’m thinking that she isn’t right, but do you have to convince HER to get prepared? Maybe not. Save the money for DVD’s and the energy to convince her. Take care of yourself (health), first. Buy things that you will use, society collapse or not. Make preparations for both of you as best you can. Have you ever been in a disaster? Maybe you could show her the government preparedness websites – no one knows for certain what’s going on behind closed doors anyway. Maybe she will join with you. Either way you are disconnected from the system a bit and giving the government less to do (and screw up) and it gives you a few days before you have to hunt rats for food 🙂 Make a list of the most necessary, RIGHT NOW. Don’t panic or worry, just keep working on it – do your best. Taxes? I don’t know - think the long term for yourself.

        I just about convinced myself that we wouldn’t have a total collapse, but I think that Obama is warning us with the “rolling blackouts”. Or maybe he’s a conspiracy theorist.

        Lend a hand, if you can.

      68. Yeah, Wesley Snipes is hangin out in the pokey right now (2nd trip too) for following the same tax advice as GC.  I think I’ll continue to file and not take any stupid chances trying to cheat.  Those IRS fuckers never let go.

      69. JJ,

        How much pool shock would you use for household use?


      70. @EA,
        Wow…spot on and exactly what Shellie and I have been thinking and feeling the last month. You said exactly what I wanted to and just wasn’t as good with words. On other sites like American Preppers state of Michigan site I kind of blasted some for this whole mindset. I mean I understand the whole OPSEC to a degree but so many preppers we have met on line so far have this unbelieveable stingy, its all ours mentality, go it alone, trust absolutely no one, I am going to go guns a blazin and shoot anyone and everyone…HA! I wonder what percentage would actually be able to do that when time came to?…and to us that just isn’t the right way and it isn’t the spirit and attitude that, like you said, historically that has won….what kind of people or civilization is that? I hope I never ever have to shoot anyone and would only do it in the absolute last desperate effort sort of thing. And that would probably be to save my wife and/or children….what good am I to them if I am dead or gone?
        Now some could easily say that Shellie and I as new comers to this whole scene just want to team up and meet people cause we have nothing….but the truth is, we really believe that people are going to have to come together and fight this together. And yeah we know nothing about survival anything…..but you put me with a group of people in person being taught something and I am a freakin sponge, and when it interests me, like this does obviously,  I can’t get enough. Leave me to myself and books and/or internet and I can tell you right now with my learning style/temperament and personality I am not going to make it very far.  But to me the right spirit about this and attitude of heart and mind is community, and team work, togetherness. We have been to several different boards and I have put ads on Craigs list and still they hide 🙁 When I talked to the pastor last week about getting a group started in the church (I even have a list made up of talents needed int he group) he said I will pray about it with the elders 🙁
        Anyway I was really glad to read the things I feel and think from some one else, especially some one I consider greater than me in knowledge and experience.  🙂

      71. Be VERY careful with the calcium hypochlorate. It has been known to decompose. If it does it can be lethal as clorine gas at 1000 parts per million is deadly.

        Make sure it is stored in an outside shed that is away from the house and well venilated.

        SHTF Water

      72. This is a message of help for Brian. go to the website above, and order the book. The book will explain things in terms your wife can understand. A free DVD is included that lays it all out in full living color. Epiphany #2 for your wife. The third item is the book “Crash Proof” – get those three things and you will have done all you can do to help your wife.

        You can reach me @ [email protected] Had the same problem with my wife, but now she is a big proponent of getting prepared, getting ready…time is running out.

      73. In case anyone is interested, there is a website, I think Freedom Connector, to meet other people and create groups in your area. Maybe you’ll meet someone.


      74. The money will never stop…
        it is the flood we have to worry about…

      75. @ BJ

        You have much to offer a group. Keep your attention on that and you’ll be fine. It may seem to be a struggle at first, but once you get up to speed, you’ll find that others will come to you for help. That’s when the ball starts to really gain momentum as do your responsibilities to that group. But you already understand the fundamental mechanics of your role and that’s the high octane inspiration and information that will fuel your Soul. Do your best to stay away from people that fiercely resist the inevitable, even preppers. Stress is a contagious dis-ease and boy oh boy will it be infecting and affecting many Americans to some degree. Not everyone’s going to make it. But it’s their choice. Listen to your heart, give it nourishment and in return it will delicately survey the landscape and point the way that will support you, your family and group.

        It’s like a treasure hunt. It should be an adventure and exciting. You’ve already got the map, so you’re not lost, just follow where it leads you. One step at a time. And most importantly, Don’t Doubt and Trust your instincts.

      76. LoL at the treasure hunt….thanks EA, thanks a lot  🙂

      77. The most damage the democrats and other statists can do is to make it difficult to sell gold and silver so that you can’t easily get some FRNs to take to the grocery or pay your massive tax burden.

        That was the whole point of the 1099 requirement in the so called Obamademnazicare bill which is all about facism and not healtcare.

      78. many of u young people are using the  abeiviations   like   frn’s      that  i dont understand.   what does it mean


      79. Brian,
        Go to http://inflation.us/videos.html and have your Wife watch the video called “The Dollar Bubble”. After that, have watch “Meltup”.

        If that doesn’t help to convince her? Divorce! j/k.

        Good luck.

      80. @Allen
        FRN means Federal Reserve Notes, dollars.

        I am a little scared of the pool shock.  Do you or anyone else think my Pur water pitcher can purify water enough from a local creek or the tap if the poop hits the fan?  I could stock up on filters.  My biggest concern is getting enough water to purify.

        My other big concern is getting enough synthroid medication to stockpile.  Advise?

      81. Dennis……..Thanks so much for a heads up on this Lifesavor water bottle. I actually have been doing some internet searching since you mentioned it and I actually found one on Ebay BRAND NEW with filter for less them 100.00. I can not wait to get it. Now I need a couple more filters and I’m good to go…..Many Many Thanks.

        This is the kind of info I need. I think many of the people need to share ideas on collecting / prepping. I need a forum where I can bounce ideas off other members. All of us NEWBIES really need solid ideas on prepping and what to prep, not just gloom & doom the sky is falling….tell us what we need to do to prepare.  

        I have done a lot in the 2 years that I have been prepping but all in all I do not want to find out after TSHTF that I forget something important.

        Keep the idea’s coming.
        Many Thanks to all……..

      82. REVENUEGUY,

        I have not evaded any lawful tax, nor have I ever failed to file anything I have a requirement to file.  If you think otherwise, show me the law you base that opinion on.

        I have read the law and made my determination.  Nobody can make it for me, or challenge the one I have made.

        You have made your determination based on fear.  I do not fear the IRS.  If it believes I owe something to it, it must also produce a law.  Thus far, it has failed to do so upon my repeated request, and anybody else who has asked.

        I think I will keep what I earn and use it to support my family.  You can continue to support the fraud  if you so choose, but it is not in my best interest to do so.

      83. about gold…..all you need to do is go to the fofoa site and read the blog for the last few years…..thats all u need to know. gold won’t be confiscated and its likely value will end up between 15k and 75k an ounce

      84. Brian,

        the best videos to have somebody watch would be the “Crash Course” series by Chris Martensen on youtube.

        If you want a book, check out “return of the great depression” by Vox Day

      85. Gods creation;  The IRS might not get you, they are busy and you might escape their notice.  But if they get on to you and if you don’t change your ways you will go to court and if they think you have intentionally defied the law you will go to jail.  You are simply wrong if you think the law is not on their side.  I worked with a man who truely believed he could fight the IRS and after about five years of fighting them he was finally sentenced to 3 years in prison.  The sad thing is that the IRS got their money or at least most of it because they forced his employer to withhold enough to cover current and past taxes due.  He went to jail because the IRS wanted to prove a point to the many clueless people out there who think there is a loophole in the law.  In your case it sounds like you can be charged with identity theft as well.  Good luck.

      86. Have seen quite a few very good posts in this thread, like the one from European, and a surprising number of bad ones as well.

        “I am not a financially responsible party for debts of the United States”

        Worth repeating

        IRS: the way I view the IRS situation; sometimes one is forced to do some type of work that requires reportings to the IRS (W-2 work, 1099’s etc). My rule is that IF you are doing something that generates IRS reporting, then you should play their game. Best thing is avoidance..attempt to get paid in cash with no paper trail. I prefer NOT to request payment in silver or gold because some ppl might have antennas going up from that. Use the cash payments to buy gold/silver if that’s what you want.

        Credit cards: never use for transactions requiring security or that could have behavioral analysis value.

        Obama: it is stupid to think that replacing one president for another president is going to help the US in any way. If you have not figured it out yet…THERE IS ONLY ONE PARTY IN THE US. Please stop be clueless

        Prepping: removing yourself from the US may prove to be the best form of prepping; get a passport, learn your way around outside the bubble, establish foreign bank accounts (especially get this done before the 2013 law goes into effect); then again, the more ppl that STAY in America, the better for those of us who didn’t.

        Liberal vs Conservative: another distinction made by people who have no understanding of politics and prefer ignorance to true understanding; the real distinction is Rich vs everyone else; media prefers to frame debate in Lib/Con terms in order to camouflage the true nature of American politics. It is in their interest to divide the population from each other rather than have ppl figure out that corporate power and wealth disparity are the true sources of conflict.

      87. @GAGIRL,
        My wife has the same concern as far as synthroid for her thyroid…not sure how to go about trying to get a dr to let her have 6 months to a year of that stockpiled?

        There are websites/forums out there that have all that info, but to me they are so dang big they in and of themselves are overwhelming and you can literally get lost. That’s my problem, I just don’t learn very well that way….for example I could never I mean NEVER EVER take on line college courses. I am a traditional sit in class with other humans and human interaction to learn….I guess I am a 39 year old dinosaur

      88. GC, you’ll learn to fear the IRS as soon as they figure out you owe them money.  I got on the wrong side of those fucks once, and believe me, it’s worth it just to file your taxes and shut up.  They will turn your life into a living hell.  I’d rather owe money to the mexican mafia than those IRS goons.

      89. You folks who need to stockpile medication should talk to your doctor and tell them you want to order a 12 month supply to save money.  Find a mail order place that fills in bulk and just say it’s to save $$.  A side benefit is it probably will save you money. 

        Of course when you are down to 60 days left you would need to do it all over again.  But at least you’ll have a good supply in the interim.

        Our government makes me absolutely sick.  That you all even have to worry about this is ridiculous.  If they’d managed this country right we’d be in good shape instead of worrying about doomsday.

        Don’t forget that your fish & pets need antibiotics :)  Lots of them.

      90. @GA Girl

        I’m not big on using the Pool Shock either. While there are a few (not many) brands which are only calcium hypochlorite (I have yet to find a story with any) there are a lot of types of Pool shock with poisionous ingredients that WILL be fatal anyone who drinks them (it’s meant to sterilize the pool in any event). It’s important that you do your homework if you decide to go that route.

        As far as using a Pur/Brita filter, it is NOT a water purifier. It explicitly says so on the packaging/instructions (I read mine a week or two ago). However, you CAN always boil the water. Boiling water doesn’t take out toxins, but it kills microbes. I have water filters (I bought some for $20 each, including a spare filter that will filter about 200+ (800 liters) a piece. I prefer to buy an inexpensive filter, and several of them, than have one. Remember the rule of prepping, two is one, and one is none (meaning if one breaks, etc. you have nothing).

        I also have a Brita filter. In the beginning, I’ll boil my water (as long as I have the fuel to responsibly do so, to kill the microbes, then filter the water with the Brita to remove the toxins (that’s what the Cabon filter does), and improve the taste. When I have to, I’ll use the water purifiers (katadyn, berkey, etc. type).

        I hope that answers your question. Boiled water will still taste bad, and still have heavy metals, etc, so just remember that. I suggest using cocoa/cider, etc. Also boiled water tastes flat, but it helps to dump it back and forth between two containers. Take care guys.

      91. @EVERYONE,
        I personally would love to see the IRS debate continue, only because I find it interesting and want to understand it better…if you do please remember no matter how smart and intellectual you are, please keep it in laymens terms  🙂

        Where would you suggest going? Canada will become the same as America very soon….but no one wants to talk about it, not even anyone here. Central America? I have heard many talk the last few years about the attraction of places like Panama and Costa Rica.

      92. I feel most of the above is male bovine excrement. Have you no faith in the resourceful, hard working, smart American to overcome adversity as we have for over two hundred years ??? The pendulum will swing back to prosperity. Stop whining and get off your tail and get busy !!!!

      93. GA Girl:  Read SHTF WATER at SHTF America. That should help you with your water problems.

        BJ: Why go anywhere? In the USA your rights are derived from Nature’s God. In Canada, your rights are derived from the Magna Carta and subsequent negotiated documents that eroded the divine rights of Kings.

        My rights come from Nature’s God. King of Kings.

      94. Comments…..  The interesting times are going to be when the masses figure out that the problems we are having as a nation isn’t aren’t a political issue, they are an economic issue. The haves, versus the have nots.  And the have not’s are getting their asses kicked. 
           I haven’t seen one crooked bankster even brought up on any kind of charges.  Everyone knows what they did was crooked, and they still got ridiculous bailaouts paid by the taxpayer, and miliiion dollar bonuses.  This is too much.
           But, we still have our congressional leaders telling us we are going to have to “buck up” and get used to hard times.  Why don’t they tell that to the bankers.  These 30-40 billion dollar budget cuts are a joke.  Our leaders are a joke.
           As a society, I see people getting to their last good nerve.  it’s all going to come unglued soon.  When the everyday guy wants some payback–look out. it’ll be coming to a neighborhood near you soon.

      95. FEAR? Did someone mention the IRS?
        You mean the freedom fighters who frequent this site would actually donate their hard earned fiat dollars to the criminal “Enforcer” wing of the corrupt Mafia FED? Say it isn’t so.

        Imagine taking those soon to be worthless dollars and going this direction…


      96. Alright! I can finally post again….anyone else getting that red block with a message saying upgrades are taking palce and it won’t let you post?

        I was more or less just interested in what his opinion would be on where to go….heck I don’t have a job and cant afford the things I need right here and now….like prop taxes due real soon….much less be able to afford to move, albeit out of the country….LoL Reminds me of all my friends and family that have just so nonchalantly over the last several years tell me (as if I don’t know) how terrible the state of Michigan is and how crazy I am for not moving, as if it costs nothing to do so and having a job already lined up isn’t necessary as well. And nevermind the fact that most jobs that are going to pay relocation costs are going to be the ones that also require degress…blah blah blah

        No DK, I was jsut curious what his answer was going to be….however I disagree with you. We don’t have rights and freedoms anymore…we the people kissed them away a long time ago…..like over the last 90-100 years. We kicked God out of American politics and culture as well. We only now have government granted privleges. Freedoms can’t be taken away, only given away. Privleges can be given and taken away from the grantor….government. No this is America in name only anymore….a huge shell game, a paper tiger, house of cards

      97. GC, ever read the XVIth Amendment? So just go along with your misguided efforts to avoid paying taxes.
        Who knows, at the tax sale your neighbors might get some swell deals on your stored survival goods.
        Yes folks I am a bottom feeder. I buy my clothes at used clothing stores and garage sales. Same for tools. My only duty is self and the Constitution. You choose to lose and if I have the money (major big if), I will be the first in line to scavange through your stuff and pay pennies on the dollar.
        Your self-imposed tax problems are my opportunities. Although I think taxation has grown out of control, the only way to avoid these taxes is poverty. Take it from me, poverty isn’t all its cracked up to be.
        What few jobs that are created in rural Ak tend to be few and short-term with plenty of folks competing for them. Fortunately, those who get the jobs buy surplus crap I bought when I was a good little consumer. Unfortunately, my purchase costs were substantially higher than their resale price. As an example, back when the family was here, we bough t canning jars for $6-9 a case. Now that I’m alone, I have no need of 60+ cases, I’ve been getting $3/case when they sell. For the time being, cash is the currency of the day. Better a 50-65% loss and get some cash than get nothing. Please remember, the jars are pretty worthless without lids and rings.
        There has been no noticeable change in the earth’s rotational period. Idiots fail to understand time-zones. For instance in Ak, the Ak timezone is 45+ degrees wide. The sun travels 15 degrees an hour. Ergo the sun comes up 3 hours earlier in the far east compared to the far west edge of the time-zone.
        Before food stamps, we had abundant foods. Plain packaged commodities each family had to go pick up from the outlet agent. And yes, back in the day abundant foods were bartered for cash and other goods. The more things change, the more they stay the same, only more-so.
        The problem with abundant foods was limitted selections. This is it, take it of leave it. Oh, and the food processers were cut out of the action. Just the basics: cheese rather than cheesey-doodles, flour instead of cookies, etc. No soda pops!
        The abundant foods program was good for ag. Domestic markets rather than overseas. Because it was basics only, the profits stayed closer to the farmer rather than the current elaborate marketting plan that brought ready-to-eat to the table. But then again, we wouldn’t have near the profits available for health maintenance if we forced the drones to eat wholesome foods. Oh, and just like in the Mediterranean and Middle East when profits are the domain of the traders only, the time will come when few will be able to afford the food basics.
        Just go into a store and compare shelf space to basic goods vs processed foods. Look at the nutritional food labels. Pay more for less. Example: I took a can of Campbells Cream of Mushroom soup out of the pantry. It is over a year old. $1.10 with a total caloric value of 250 calories. In winter and with my physical exertions expended, I need 4500 calories minimum. 4500/250@$1.10= $19.80/day. This is why processed food is and remains only a seasoning item. After the last food buying exercise, even pasta is dropped from the grocery list, $10.95 per 6# of elbow macaroni. I can make pasta far cheaper. Granted, grocery costs are far higher in rural Alaska.
        All the evidence points to major increases in food costs. We haven’t seen the increases due to oil prices. Everything we depend on is linked directly to fuel prices because we just have to have a New Zealand Fuji apple rather than locally grown food. For several years, we operated a market garden. Good food produced locally and we lost our asses. We ate good at low cost, but bills gotta be paid and without my off-farm income, we would have gone bankrupt. Couple of other local farmers warned us before hand that people want packed, processed food. We had to learn for ourselves the expensive way.
        Time is a precious commodity. I’m inclined to think that time is running out. Access to food and other goods will decline with increased costs and no raises in income. But you all do what you’re gonna do.
        The maximum effective range of an excuse is zero meters. Whining and ranting might provide some emotional comfort, but are completely non-productive. Do or do not, there is no try. “I tried” is just an excuse. Admitting “I failed” is the first step towards correcting poor judgement. The first step in the problem solving format is to “correctly identify the problem.” Have you? Your lack of success is not my problem nor is your success my enrichment. Fix your own problems before you speak of mine.
        Celente has shown the probabilities in this article. Should his timing be off matters little. The destination is pretty well etched in stone. Believe what you will. Just remember, belief systems require that any and all evidence to the contrary of your belief system must be refused or risk loss of faith. In my ministry, I have found few that can reconcile the perception of loss of faith. Ergo, “God will provide” seems to be the common consensus. In daily life, I see the same belief exhibitted towards the PTB by most Americans. They are the experts and they will fix it. 
        Right or wrong, we shall see. I was bestowed with a brain and the capacity to observe, analyze and act. Whatever would make me think that faith without works is enough? We have choice; choose wisely.

        “There has been no noticeable change in the earth’s rotational period. Idiots fail to understand time-zones. For instance in Ak, the Ak timezone is 45+ degrees wide. The sun travels 15 degrees an hour. Ergo the sun comes up 3 hours earlier in the far east compared to the far west edge of the time-zone”.

        Lots of very smart people, smarter than I, maybe you too, think otherwise. Lots of research showing up on youtube and I know Cornell University has been finding some very interesting things while they have been studying anomolies with the earth, sun and moon.
        This is a little unrelated, but check out the barcarroler on youtube and watch his videos he puts out every few days and earthquake watches. The Cornell study is a little more geared towards the moon and alignment of planets. Anyway lots of pretty interesting things going on out there that are getting so hard to hide and deny anymore that little by little the MSM is even starting to let little tid bits out to the public about it, which I find hilarious. They little by little start to report on something that they had prior scoffing of and now all the sudden it really exists and it’s new news….LMBO

      99. EA,
        I read Bob’s stuff over at the international forecaster…..good stuff

      100. Comments…..Hmmm. the manufacturers store the calcium hypochlorite in warehouses…when’s the last time we heard of an explosion…you say there’s is a climate controlled environment??
        So is my 8 X 8 ft pantry…nice and cool.

        So, here goes…
        MAKE THE








        Now for the specifics of my Berkey filtration system..
        MS2 – Fr Coliphage
        Exceeds Purification Standards – 99.999%
        Bromofore, Chloroform, Dibromochloromethane

        Removed to below detectable limits – 99.99999%
        Pathogenic Bacteria Parasites and Cysts
        E. Coli, Klebsiella, Pseudomonas,
        Aeriginousis, Giardia, Cryptosporidium
        Removed to non-detectable levels – 100%
        Inorganic Minerals:
        Removed to non-detectable levels – greater than 99.9999999%
        Heavy Metals
        Lead, Mercury, Aluminum, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper
        Greater than 95% reduction
        Fertilizers and Related Byproducts
        Nitrates and Nitrites
        Greater than 85% reduction
        at 19mg. per liter
        With the addition of the Berkey PF-2 fluoride filter you can reduce Fluoride Greater than 95%
        More water test documents


        Kewl, huh?

      102. JJ,
        I swear I was born in Iowa, but sometimes I think I must of been born in Missourri………..the “show me state”

        “make the bleach second”??? 1/4 cup of solution……solution of what?
        So you have two different things going on here? and then you add them together?

        Sorry….see why I don’t do well learning things on line…….lol

      103. Kewl, huh?

        I couldn’t tell ya?? It could be russian or greek for all I know…LoL

      104. JJ: The receipe for pure water is 1/4 teaspoon for 1 gallon of water so the five drops is probably about right. A liitle more you are concerned with parasites from outside water sources.

        The danger with calcium hypochlorate is not an explosion, but  decomposing into gas. That danger is very real. You should not store it in the house. Why put yourself and your family at risk?

      105. Comments…..  Nice post  there overtheedge.   you make some great points. But it still amazes me how some people, with indesputable facts, can still cling to any given belief tthat  they have.  I can’t count how many people I’ve talked to that think just because something hasn’t happened to them, it can’t happen.  The normalcy bias is alive and well. 
            Lately, I’m surprised when I don’t get surprised about what’s happening in the world. I guess I’ve become jaded, expecting something bigger to happen each day. I have a bad feeling that soon, even as jaded as I am, I’m going to get a bad surprise , when something really bad happens, that I didn’t see coming.  good luck alll, and keep prepping and watching–times are getting interesting.

      106. @DaveyBoy
        What brand of filter for $20 and where to buy?  Thanks.

        The only thing I really know to do so far about synthroid is:
        1.  Save all meds when they change the dosage and you have some left.
        2.  When my dosage was upped last, I still have several refills left of the lower dose.  Legally they are still mine and I can get them filled.  I tried it and it worked.  I have one month of the lower dose in my stockpile.  I may try to get more soon.  It is a lower dose, but better than none.  I read on armageddon medicine site that you might be able to take one every other day to stretch it out.  We might not feel as good, but it would probably keep us alive and functioning.

      107. Greaseman, I heard it when I was attending college (later in life) a few years back.  The new American dynamic is that people can be shown (or confronted) with indisputable facts, and still cling feverishly to whatever their pre-existing beliefs are.
        At the time, the reference point used was that Bush and Cheney told a bunch of bald-faced lies to get the country to go to war in Iraq.  Later on, I was disappointed to see Colin Powell get all the way out of government with disgust over the issue (I had defended Bush/Cheney in class).  Powell was an army vet, so I didn’t have all that much respect for him (I was a Marine), but Powell’s word was obviously far better that the word of any draft-dodging politician (BOTH Bush and Cheney answer to that description).  When he left, I knew beyond any doubt that Bush/Cheney and all the neo-cons were the worst scum the world had ever seen.
        Some people however, cannot bring themselves to think about (much less analyze) ANY of their positions.  Instead, they scream out the mantras that the MSM (Fox, MSNBC, etc,) has taught them and clamp their hands over their ears.
        To answer your question, “yes”, there are many “bad surprises” coming in the near future.  We (the American citizens) have put our faith in politicians, and those politicians (all of them, R’s and D’s) have sold us straight down the river.

      108. JJ, you aren’t living in WA state are you?  Just trying to make sure we’re not related…….No big deal……

      109. @BJ Panama now off the list due to recent banking agreements with US.
        In general, the places everyone talks about are the ones I would avoid. Just like “Swiss bank account” being about the worst place to put money since everyone knows about them.

        Agree re Panama and others. Honduras has the only Republic-oriented constitution and they follow it. Property rights, personal rights, all incorporated into their rule of law. Chile is also an outstanding option. If you can jump the immigration hurdles, NZ is awesome, even with their current earthquake problems. For more central America feel “on the fly” and real time, visit http://www.thebigmozey.com

      111. Comments…..overtheedge: great post, truth on steroids there. You crammed a lifetime of knowledge into that short post – thanks!

      112. folks, the majority of the populaton is ill prepared for much of anything-soley dependant on Government . Yhose on social security, diasability ,medicare or medical ,Welfare,foodstamps are the ones that will do what they are told . Unfortunately once you are thier its very difficult to get out, If your 65 years old and al lyou have to live on is social scecurity, your life is totally dependant on the Government period. You will be amazed at how the people who are in the system will cater to what Government tells them to do .just cut off a social secutiy check for one month or intentially dont send one and see what happens ?People will panic, cant pay theier rent or thier bills and in deep trouble in only 1 months time. Cut off peoples healthcare and they are as good as dead in many cases . Its simple to see the influence and power Government has over those peoples lives. Its really sad because for many that is all thier is available . The deal is america is basically broke .All of these collages that have top football and sports teams are nothing but state corporate business, you have a problem when a school is paying millions for a coach  but turning away poor students , houston we have a problem !!!!   The decline will occur and it has been planned .the excessive spendimng and the skyrocketing debt  and all of the borrowing  and tricks is catching  up .  Remeber whem the united states and other Natiosn forgave the debt on third world Nations some years back ? How was that paid for ? do You know ? It was paid for by the internation al NBanks and the IMF , who take your american dolalrs through inflation and Gas prices to pay off that debt .The american people now pay for this through Taxation, Inflation and higher oil . with higher oil prices, who is makeing the money ? do you think its the middle east oil fields ? No ,doyou think its th etruck driver delivering the oil or the shipping of it ? No, Its Government taking the money from you and us americans are used to pay thier debts like slaves because we are in the dollar system . anyways, This thing is about to get ugly because All known paper money systems in our hiastory have failed withen  300 years .Americas money system is due to a rest once again  so the system can basicall ygo into default  by a Depression and a new monirary system is developed for it to do another 200 years plus run before it must reset again .We have less than 10 years left on this current system . The longer they do QE1 and QE2 and soon to be  QE3 wikll mean the fall will even be further and the pain much more intence .They are taking us to the very brink to a system collapse  and it will be far worse than most anybody imagined, it could last years most people will lose all . A depression in this day and age will be worse than the one in the 1930’s.We have double the population and more debt ever known in our history and everything cost a lot more to live . Thier has to be a hugh kill off of the population  either through wars or other events . for all of you out thier dependant on the Government for your very life, they may not always be thier for you in a great time of trouble or revolt or finacial crisis ,My advise is to stock up on medications, water and some food if you can. The amount of deaths from people not getting medications  in a just a few months will be many millions and staggering, mor ethan hospitals can handle .Get your supplies if you want to live longer  is all im saying .Nothign worse than seeing family members dieing because you cant get the medications to save thier lives, we can only watch them suffer and pass away . Then the hatred will grow and the Revolution begins !

      113. I heard somewhere that if everyone in the USA had their checks Taxed at 100%,, we wouldnt even put a dent in the interest of this countries debts.
        isnt that just ducky?

        I think they are just re arranging chairs on a ship they know is going under. Its just a matter of time, and a short time at that
        better get your house in order, best be prepped for at a min. 1 year, and have a plan to move forward thru that year into a different way of life and providing food and water for you and yours..

        our dollar aint worth squat, and as the “worlds reserve currency” different countries are already headging a way to pull out.

      114. the dollar is done end of story . Nations like india have just made a new bank to accept and exchange with chionese money only-no more dollar .They are starting to wise up about this dollar scam  we have going  on .china is even seking land and property’s form the united states as collaterial to keep purchaseing american treasuries .because they know that the dolalr is a piece of paper backed by nothign but a promise . This borrowong and delaying can only go for so long, the fiddlers going to get paid .  qe3 will be coming this summertime as the debt continues .  My sisters hisband is a mechanic .He bought a home 3 years ago for 168,000 dollars, its a new 3 bedroom 1,500 square foot home , The original owner bought it a year before and had to sell it because thier child had severe health issues ,He boughtti for 322,000. He said the original owner was sick when he found out how much he paid for it .Well my sisters husnads next door neighbor had a bigger home, built the same year and it was 1,7000 square foot double story home, it was selling for 425,000 4 years back, My sister called me and said they are sick, they found out that home sold net to them for 123,000 dolalrs! The oriignal ownrs went through a divorce and the home was empty for  year . The home priced dropped 302,000 dollars in price in 4 years time !!!!!!!!!!!!  I told them the houseing prices still have a ways to to go -i said another 15 to 20% and we should see bottom  .The houseing sector is a lot worse than what the media is saying and the banks arent saying a word.

        I remember a friend of mine 3 or 4 years ago was desperate to get a home .His wife was pregnant and at that time it was hard to buy a home because prices were so high, he though he had a good deal and bought this 10 year old home for 225,000 . I talked to him on friday and he said the house across from him sold for 90,000 dollars .

        anyways, you all get he point here .they inflated the houseing market and everybody was makeing money and was told better get a home or you wont be able to afford one later and then the houseing boom occured and they are upside in thier homes and will be for many -many years .

        Hi Jonny—I’m a Tennessee girl for 57 years…the illegal Mexicans in my hometown urged our move 30 miles north to southern Kentucky.

        Been here for 3 and 1/2 years…I like being in the country, yet only 5 miles from center town…but it is really not a place for job opportunities here…unless you go to Bowling Green, or even further to Clarksville, Tn.

      116. Buying a tractor today….can’t wait to get it home and get busy.


        February 27th, 2011 at 10:47 pm

        Okay, here goes,
        ~~First you must make the solution….
         1 heaping tsp of shock to 2 gallons of water

        ~~now, with the solution, make the bleach….
        1/4 cup of solution to 6 quarts of water

        ~~now, with the bleach, purify your drinking water…5 drops of bleach to a gallon of water.

        When finished, you will have pool shock still in the container used for storage; a 6 qt bleach bottle; and a gallon of drinking water.
        This method will provide for you for a very long time.

      118. Complete collapse is months away.

      119. I hope I get my tax return before the complete collapse or maybe just the goobermeant shut down!  Then I’ll start up my own business selling no. two pencils out on the street.

      120. Isn’t it ironic that…

        In the Middle East the PEOPLE are protesting against the overly Oppressive GOVERNMENT…

        While in the Mid-West it’s the GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES who are protesting against the overly Generous PEOPLE!

      121. Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster–I just have to say to those that want to know why preppers don’t want to give away their locations, and what they have–for starters, I think most of us already are planning on providing for family, friends and/or neighbors.  I am, anyway.  I’m not advertising to them, but I have been keeping them in mind.  But am I going to put out on the Internet where I am and what I’ve got?  Are you kidding?  For all I know, I might be dealing with a bunch of serial killers!  We don’t really know the other people on the other end of the keyboard.  To tell a stranger where I live and what I have makes about as much sense to me as a person walking down the street yelling, “Hey, I’m John Doe, I bank at Main Street Bank, my account number is 12345678, and I have 50 grand in that account!”  But, that’s just my opinion, take it for what it’s worth.

      122. Dboy: Offshore banking locations? San Marino, Liechenstein, Cyprus. If Cyprus is good enough for the Russian Mafia, its good enough for you. Or better still, your offshore corporation in Monaco and your corporate banking account in Switzerland.

        Just saying.

      123. @D Kidd
        know anything about Peru’ and its banking possibilities?
        2.9 per our dollar at this time or around there..
        could you get say 8 grand at a time converted over to sole and end up with about 23G in preuvian currency?

        and on another ?
        if you end up putting money into another currency in another country, and it comes down to a total collapse here..how would you get to that country to get your money or to live there if there is no way to get there?

        just thinking out loud, any one want to answer this? this is a sincere question ..looking for real answers

      124. Just to update
        Peruvian currency to USD = 2.77… I knew it was close to 2.9

      125. I would buy the Norway Krona before any other paper. 

      126. Thanks JJ,
        Now I get it ….LoL

      127. Wha kind of shock do you buy JJ??

      128. I am a Deputy Sheriff and work two jobs to take care of my family. My one job is off duty work at a grocery store. At the begining of the month I watch as life long welfare receipiants by shrimp, high dollar meats and numerious other foods you and I cannot afford. When the collapse happens and it will from what I see, there will be very ugly people on the streets. I’m getting my family out of the city in the next two – three months and encourage others to do the same. This cannot be stopped so prepaire, PLEASE!!!!!!!!

      129. My new investment strategy:
        I have chicken and they love wheat and corn. Every two weeks I buy a back of cleaned wheat and a bag of cleaned corn. Cost is about $20. The chickens only eat about a bag a month but I’m buying 4 bags a month. The wheat will keep for 10 years, easy. The corn, 5 years easy. When I get enough to start rotating I’ll back off.
        Basically, if you’re a farm kid, you know about wheat and corn. You don’t even have to cook it. You can just eat it. But, you can cook it and make it a little easier to chew. It may not make you happy but it will help keep you from waking up dead.
        Anyone who is worried about this stuff and doesn’t know how to start, start here. Take $20 and go to the feed store. Buy a 50# bag of wheat and a 50# bag of corn. Thats 100 pounds of edible grain. You can grind it, boil it, or just eat it.
        I’ve become damn fancy on how I’m doing my store what you eat, eat what you store and I’m almost COMPLETELY out of debt. $17,000 to go! For more information on this stuff, go to http://thesurvivalpodcast.com and read up.
        Nobody has to be dependent on the government. Get your SHTFPlan together today.

      130. So….I guess you all are saying that it is a little too late to plan that 2 week vacation I’ve been wanting to take….haha

        My vacation will be in my garden playing with my new tractor.

      131. What kind of tractor?  Any attachments?


        You’re welcome BJ…the first just didn’t copy well.  I had a pool for 13 years….and never had any trouble with any products I used.
        Storing problems?? Not that I know of and I cared for that pool, cleaned, shocked, creepy crawler, cleaned coping, even swapped a diving board for making a stone flower bed for my friend who filled in her pool with rock..nope, I’m not a regular girl.
        I took it up, hauled it home and DH installed it.

      133. JJ,
        can you give me a suggestion on name brands of shock?

        Don’t know…took it out of the bag and it’s in a plastic container with the measuring devices…all prepping sites say any pool supplies store…but this calcium hypochlorite SHOULD BE THE ONLY ACTIVE INGREDIENT IN the shock…I am glad I don’t have old bleach to worry about, no storing space needed, cheaper than bleach, and I won’t be harming my stomach.


        For those not sharing locations to others…sincerely, when this happens, I sincerely am thinking in terms of protecting what we have from the neighbors…that serial killer from Oregon or Utah coming to get my preps??

        He better have a real big tank because I think the first thing to go will be gas.

        Most I read thinks the financial collapse will be due to gas shortages..so there ya go!!

      136. JJ: Survival locations? That’s easy! Small towns in the Rocky Mountains, or in the plains to the east of them with a good source of water, away from the maddening crowds. Dress warm. Very warm. Move late this Spring or early this Summer.

        Get away from the coasts. Get away from  the Mississippi. The West is best because it has the fewest people and the most resources for survival. If you are locked into the East, stack the ammo boxes high.

        Very High.

      137. Tom…… a John Deere 1010 Tractor. No attachments with it but I already have a set of hares….looking for a rotary mower and planter with 3pt hitch. I can plant by hand…no big deal for the size garden I’m planting. 

        Can’t wait to plant some of those Heirloom seeds I bought a couple of months ago.

        The warm sunshine (south east) this last week has given me SPRING FEVER. Planted flowers and a couple of fruit trees this past weekend.  

      138. Great article, thank you.
        Regarding solutions:
        Dear Reader, please consider what Walter Burien is doing over at http://www.cafr1.com . As you may know he traded in derivatives for 30 years, has a gift for comprehending the big numbers in government financial statements, and is educating people about the fact that collective “government” now literally owns controlling interests in all the Fortune 500 companies and more through thousands of investment accounts held at the municipal, county, state and federal levels.
        The proof is revealed in the “Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports” in the public domain. Thus when government bails out various corporate entities, taxpayers are unknowingly simply rescuing government investment portfolios. Naturally, no one explains this to the public; they only get the usual half-truths, lies and obfuscation from New York and Washington D.C.. The profits from these government investments are not shared with the very taxpayers whose money was used to create them.Fascism, American style.According to Walter, “taxes” account for a mere third of the money collective government takes in; the rest is obscene levels of profit from investments, carefully not talked about in the mainstream media. All the talk of “budget deficits” does not take into account the “profits from investment” revealed only in the CAFRs that every level of government issues as required by law, and are in the public domain for anyone to look at. States “going broke” is only partly true; yes, they are usually spending more than their budget funds. However, the profits outlined above are carefully not mentioned to the public. The purpose? To scare the public into putting up with their present tax burden, and to prepare for more because, after all, “the government is going broke and needs our money”. It is identical to me pulling my empty pocket inside-out and saying to you “See? I’m broke! Please give me money!” while every other pocket is stuffed full with one hundred dollar bills. Walter Burien explains what I’ve stated here in a new 1 hour 14 minute online documentary he created called “The Only Game In Town”. A 48-hour pass costs $3.00 available here: http://cafr1.com/ViewNow.htmlI watched it twice. Walter ends his video proposing a smart simple way to address the issue of taxes: create “Tax Retirement Funds” (“TRFs”) that are financed by a small percentage of the profit that every level of government is already making.
        Walter’s contact info is on his site; he is very available.
        May Truth Prevail…

      139. Very nice Tina.  Real tractors/trucks don’t have spark plugs.  Keep an eye on the farm sales for pull toys for pto.  Keep the H20 out of the full fuel tank. 

      140. For internal US bugout locations, I would first check rainfall data, soil data, and water quality data from an Aggie university (they tend to be the best places to get the research because of their grad student slaves). Agree that anything east of the Mississippi River is no-go. West of that use factors above, plus population data, locations of military installations, locations of FEMA bunkers (yes the data is available), and locations of current or historical nuke silos.
        NZ: some may qualify for their “expert” Visa program

      141. Dboy,
        Could you explain your last line?

        Some of y’all talk like up and moving is like going to the dang gas station around the corner??? What kind of jobs have y’all got anyway???  Even if I was working right now, I can’t even imagine trying to move my family somewhere in any time real soon. That takes a long time to plan out, there’s the job aspect, selling a home, buying or building a home and adding debt is a pretty stupid thing to do IMO. Sorry, but it’s just drustrating as all get out to listen to talk about up and moving like it’s nothing.

        On a different note, I have wanted to start my own business for some time now. This has come from years of having very unfullfilling jobs and always wondering why I couldn’t just find a job and be happy with it until a few years ago some things dawned on me. I had a great business idea in college and my business teacher loved it, but I have never done it….no capitol or good enough credit to get those kinds of loans. Now I think I have an even better idea and one I think I would love….still have the capital problem and the lack of knowledge on the “start up” part. But I think a survival gear and food store would be really cool, fun and rewarding.

      142. Great article!!  Thanks cause I can rarely find Celente anywhere on the Internet.

      143. In response to the questions about stockpiling synthroid….  it is relatively inexpensive to fill without insurance if you get the generic version.  my doctor recently increased my dosage, wrote me a prescription for a 6 month supply.  you can fill the entire amount at once as long as you don’t use your insurance. 


        A real CRIME WAVE kind of war… between the “HAVES” and “HAVE-NOTS” ; and there are more “HAVE-NOTS” than “HAVES” ; ;0) this is gona be fun…

        All courtesy of UNCLE SAM!

        remember : “YOU KEEP – WHAT YOU KILL!”

        arm up stock up prepare… cause it’s gonna get real ugly real soon.

      145. @TEKROANIN,
        Where in this social “WAR” do you think the US military, martial law, infragard, FBI, CIA, & FEMA camps come in to play……enquiring minds and all??

      146. @GA Girl:

        Regarding the $20 (Actually 22), water filters, here is a link to where you can get them online. They are normally around $40 or so, but the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (“Mormons”), sell the bottles at a reduced rate. You do not have to be a member of the Church to buy from the “Distribution Center,” and IIRC there is no sales tax or shipping on items ordered online. I have a number of options for water filtration/purification, and this was just one layer I went with, and found at a price that was reasonable to me. Since there are many missionaries sent around the world, I think this was at first a program to whole sale water filters to missionaries going to  countries with water issues, but that’s only a guess. In any event it’s now open to be bought by anyone, so feel free to make use of the resource or not. Ultimately I hope to one day have a largeer filtration system, but I’m not super worried about water in the meantime. (We do have a river nearby and a well on our neighbor’s property).

        Anyway, here’s the link:


      147. wow, I am scared….I have only been prepping for a month now.  Need so much …Not able to leave nj .  I feel like I am doomed.  Only the lord can
        help me through this.  None of my friends or husband will listen to me.  They think I am crazy…Loosing it , they say.  I don’t have a gun or know how to use one.  Live in suburbia…  , close to camden and philadelphia.
        Those people will be showing up to steal what they can.  I am consumed with fear and anxiety…help with words of encouragement.

      148. kate, it does sound like you’re in a bad fix, however; it seems like you have the best words of encouragement, “Only the lord can help me through this” that should be a pretty rock solid start as everything here is only temporary anyway.
        You might want to look into pepper spray too?
        Or keep a can of wasp spray handy?
        A dog can be nice to have around too, for more than one reason.
        That you expect “something” to happen at least means you won’t be as surprised as the others when it does happen.

      149. Excellent website.  I just got turned on to it.  Thank you for doing such a great job!

      150. “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”
        o Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear.

        “A man was chased over a cliff by a tiger. He managed to stop his fall by clinging to a hanging vine. As he looked down, he saw that it was a hundred-foot drop to the river. At the edge of the cliff the tiger loomed hungrily and a mouse was slowly gnawing at the vine just above his head. As he looked at the face of the cliff he saw a rare flower vibrant with color and sweet scent. He smiled, plucked the flower from the cliff and remarked—How wonderful! To find such a rare flower in this time of year.”

      151. Brian.  Get >  Patriots- A novel of the coming collapse.  It woke my wife up!

      152. amerika is 64 trillion in real debt!!! the pentagon stole 3.6 trilion from you on 9/11… the usa amerika is already bankrupt… she went belly up in 2008 folks… right now she’s surviving on printer press life support and she will die as soon as they print off all the money they can – completly destroying the value of the dollar!

        china and russia are already dumping dollars, have been for a while now… they know the score!

        get out of the dollar into commodities now while its cheap… guns ammo gas gold silver  foods water etc etc

        it’s only a matter of time now… only a matter of time… it’ll happen when it happens… remember CANADIAN TROOPS AND MEXICAN TROOPS ARE NOW LEGALLY ALLOWED TO ENTER THE UNITED STATES AS PEACE KEEPERS… AS OF LAST WEEK!!! SO LEARN TO SAY F. U.!!! IN MEXICAN NOW!!!  Chinga tu madre !!!

        arm up stock up prepare, predator or prey the choice is yours!

      153. I would hate to be a crooked politician, greedy corporation or Oil company when things collapse because they will probably be hunted down and summarily executed for their crimes against humanity. People are sick and tired of being taken advantage of. Plain and simple. 

      154. CDN troops?  Why, they’ll cross the border and head directly to Walgreen’s & Harbor Freight to get the bargains!
        Us Canadians are your cousins, really, at least my family tree crosses the border, I can’t imagine our two nations in a fight, if so, then a hockey game will probably break-out.
        If ya’all decide to come here to get away, just pick up a Tim’s cup, (you will find them everywhere), then head to the nearest gas station or Canadian Tire and get a TO Maple Leafs or Habs ball cap or toque.  You’ll fit right in!
        Prep on
        Oh, and yeah, I do have my stack of crisp CDN $10 bills too, they’re pretty purple.  🙂

      155. Hey Michelle in NB!  I’m all about heading north when the SHTF.  I’ve been studying up on episodes of “Trailer Park Boys” so I can learn about Canadian culture, and prepping my insides with plenty of Crown Royal.  I’ve got some buddies that live in BC, and hoping they’ll have me when it all goes to shit!

      156. Kate,
        Time to build your faith.  We all should.  We could have all the preps in the world, but moth and rust destroy.  Thieves come.  The unthinkable happens, and it can be taken from us anyway. 

        Be sure about your salvation, and what happens when you die.  That will give you peace in thinking about the worst that could happen.  Study Psalm 62 (there is a beautiful song by Aaron Keyes named after that psalm) and memorize it…..

        The 2nd and 3rd verses:

        Find rest, my soul, in God alone
        Amid the world’s temptations;
        When evil seeks to take a hold
        I’ll cling to my salvation.
        Though riches come and riches go,
        Don’t set your heart upon them;
        The fields of hope in which I sow
        Are harvested in heaven.

        I’ll set my gaze on God alone,
        And trust in Him completely;
        With every day pour out my soul,
        And He will prove His mercy.
        Though life is but a fleeting breath,
        A sigh too brief to measure,
        My King has crushed the curse of death
        And I am His forever.

      157. ABSOLUTELY!!!!
        This is the way they want it so that they can not only “Justify” the declaration of Martial Law but also to help you decide that the only way to fix the global problems is with a “Global Government”!
        If you think a “Global Government” is the answer to all the worlds problems, You clearly do NOT have the capability to think for yourself and rightfully deserve everything that will happen to you and yours as punishment for your lack of sense when the going gets tough.

      158. Kate worry not, get U some pepper spray or bear spray if U really feel mean and nasty squirt for the eyes and nose then useing a long sharp stick or spear depending upon wheather U want them to run away or assume room temperature apply it to the approperate tender parts of their body. Note be prepaired to run very fast if Ur attacker gets control of Ur long stick or spear! Axman

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