Vaccine Virtue Signaling And The Cult Of Woke

by | May 17, 2021 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting | 7 comments

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at Alt 

    All tyrannical systems need a large contingent of cheerleaders in order to survive and thrive; a group of exploitable and devout acolytes that will carry the torch and evangelize the masses with the ideology of control. Without this aggressive percentage of the population, totalitarians cannot remain in power. In the US and most of the west, leftist ideologues have filled this role nicely. They claim they are fighting for the rights of the downtrodden but their actions speak much louder than their words.

    They have supported and viciously defended nearly every draconian measure that governments and corporate elites have enacted in the past few years. They supported mass censorship of conservatives and moderates by Big Tech companies. They supported national lockdowns which destroyed hundreds of thousands of small businesses and violated the constitutional rights of millions of Americans. They continue to support unscientific mask rules which have been proven to achieve nothing tangible in terms of preventing viral spread. They support the use of “vaccine passports” which would effectively cut non-vaccinated people out of the normal economy and normal society and drive them into poverty. And, now they are all over the web trying to propagandize for the jab.

    We know these unhinged creatures by many names, including social justice warriors, snowflakes, puritans, leftists, Marxists, communists, globalists, collectivists, narcissists, etc. Basically, they are some of the worst people on the planet, and while they usually drone on about “institutional racism” that doesn’t exist, or a rape culture that doesn’t exist, or a patriarchy that doesn’t exist (though I’m starting to wonder if maybe we should start one), they have now found a new love in the covid “crisis”.

    But before I address the Woke Cult and their perverse relationship with the establishment, I have to ask a basic question about the “vaccine” which no one in the mainstream seems to be asking:

    Why should we take an experimental mRNA vaccine for a virus that 99.7% of people outside of nursing homes will easily survive?

    This question alone usually explodes the heads of vaccine cultists. Most of them for some reason still believe the death rate of covid is “3% or more”. Why do they peddle this nonsense? Well, I would note that the mainstream media NEVER discusses the death rate of covid; they instead let people make assumptions based on things they have heard in the past from entities like the World Health Organization or the CDC.

    The 3% stat appears to have come from PREDICTIONS made by the WHO in January of 2020 before the virus had fully hit the US, as well as a preliminary study by Lancet. These predictions were pushed forward by the Imperial College of London, a globalist institution that created the complex mandate and lockdown models that nations across the world are now using to control the public. Their models were so utterly wrong that it is bewildering to anyone familiar with statistical theory or medical management.

    As it turns out, the death rate for covid is a mere 0.26% of those infected (it was never 3%) and we have known this for quite some time. Nursing home patients with preexisting conditions make up around 40% of all deaths. Over 80% of all deaths were people over the age of 65. And, according to the CDC, at least 30% of all covid hospitalizations were due to complications associated with severe obesity.

    So, if you are not over 65 and you are not a disgusting fat body, then you have very little to worry about from covid statistically. If you are over 65 and you are fat, then you have around a 0.26% chance of dying if you become infected. If you are over 65, fat, and live in a nursing home, then maybe you should be worried.

    The bottom line is, covid is a non-threat to the vast majority of people, but there is a large group of obsessives out there that seem to want to be afraid of it anyway, or, they just want us to be afraid.

    The virtue-signaling around the vaccines is growing increasingly bizarre. There are numerous YouTube videos, TikTok videos, articles, and social media posts by people smugly proclaiming their jab status as if they have just been touched by the hand of God as the chosen ones. Furthermore, the idolization of medical frauds like Dr. Anthony Fauci is cringeworthy. If you don’t believe me you can see some examples below:

    It appears that the SJWs are trying real hard to normalize covid vaccines by manufacturing a consensus. If everyone is doing it, then you might get left out and isolated from the crowd, and that’s a scary thought, right?

    Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but I’m detecting some serious desperation behind this astroturf movement against “anti-vaxxers”. No one listens to the cult of woke, no one likes them and no one trusts them to be informed or honest in their agenda. Yet, they wield considerable power in our society because they are being backed by governments and corporations. Their relationship to the establishment is symbiotic.

    This is not to say any of these people are aware of the underlying agenda. The mindset behind vaccine virtue signaling could be attributed to some base frailties the average leftist suffers from:

    First, they have a habit of relying on the government and the system, in general, to provide for their feelings of normalcy. That is to say, they worship the covid vaccine partly because they see it as their ticket to appeasing the government and being given access to certain comforts. Sadly, they don’t realize that those comforts can be taken back anytime they want if they were not so cowardly.

    In my county residents here have been ignoring the covid mandates for most of the past year. No one wears the masks. No one is using social distancing. And over 70% of the population is not vaccinated. The consequence? Only 17 deaths in the past year, most of which were people with preexisting conditions, and we have been free the whole damn time because we chose to be.

    Second, leftists always argue from a position of “the majority”, even when they are not the majority. Covid is a tool, like a psychological crowbar used to leverage compliance, because the presumption is that it is a threat to everyone. And, if everyone is threatened by the same bogeyman, then everyone is part of the same monolith, the same collective. And if everyone is part of the same collective, then everyone must fight that bogeyman together in unity. If you do not work with the collective, that means you are working against the collective.

    “We live in a society”, the leftists arrogantly spit and sneer, “which means you must do what WE say is best for everyone”.

    As I already thoroughly outlined above, covid is not a threat to everyone. It’s not even a threat to more than 0.26% of people. We do NOT “live in a society”, at least, we don’t live in their society or under their rules. They don’t care about saving lives, this is just the excuse they need to exert control. Control is what they most desire.

    How do I know this? Look at the mania surrounding the very existence of anti-lockdown activists and “anti-vaxxers”. Look at how much they talk about us. They can’t stop themselves. Why do these people care so much whether or not we take the vaccine? If it actually works, then they are perfectly safe from us, and when we all die horrible deaths from covid they can say “we told you so”.

    What they really fear is that we are right and they are wrong. The science is certainly on our side and has been for the duration of the pandemic. The WHO was wrong, the CDC was wrong, the Imperial College of London was wrong. The anti-lockdown activists were closer to the mark than all of them combined. The masks have been proven to be uselessThe lockdowns have been proven to be useless. The death rate predictions were proven to be highly exaggerated. And, now the very need for the vaccines is in question.

    In terms of the recent mainstream media narrative, we can draw a couple of conclusions: For one, the vaccine rollout is not going according to plan. Every day the media is awash in stories about “vaccine hesitancy” and what the government needs to do about it. This tells me that far too many Americans are refusing the shot, so, the propaganda is being turned up to eleven.

    I suspect the vaccine virtue signaling is a part of that campaign, or it is at least being encouraged by the establishment. Don’t you want to be on the right side of history? Don’t you want to be on the “side that cares about people”? Or do you want to be on the “selfish side”, the side that wants to kill grandma, the side that is racist and sexist and nasty and icky?

    Another easy conclusion we can draw from the media is that this is not going away and the establishment intends to press the issue if we continue to defy them. I have seen the suggestion of “force” only gingerly broached in the past, but recently the narrative is becoming more aggressive. The word “force” is appearing more often. The media seeks to remind us that under that law, the establishment could make us take the vaccine. The message? We might as well get the vaccine now so that we can avoid any unpleasantness later.

    We all know this is eventually going to end in war, but the elites need a huge ratio of pro-mandate people to effectively subjugate liberty-minded individuals. They don’t have it and it shows.

    Woke adherents see all of this same propaganda every day; they hear the message loud and clear: The system is indicating that the vaccines will be mandatory whether by government declaration or by corporate requirement. So, leftists are scrambling to show their allegiance to their god (the state), and they act as good little foot-soldiers to gain extra virtue points.

    There are many reasons not to accept an experimental vaccine, some of them scientific and some of them based on principle. I would simply point out that many virologists have spoken out on the safety of these vaccines including a former VP of Pfizer, Dr. Michael Yeadon, who along with his peers concluded that NO ONE should take the mRNA vaccines until further testing is done, otherwise there is considerable danger of long term health effects including autoimmune disorders and infertility.

    The mRNA gene therapy push is at its core a giant experimental trial using the masses as unwitting test subjects. We really have no idea what the consequences will ultimately be, but I have a feeling that within a couple of years we will see the results and it will not be pretty. There is a reason why governments are making it legally impossible to sue vaccine producers for vaccine side effects.

    Beyond the many health concerns, there is the problem of incrementalism. One vaccination alone might not be a big threat. Maybe it’s a gamble that doesn’t end in snake eyes for most people. But what about the next one? And the next one? What about the next 20 jabs? There are now half a dozen different mutations of covid being mentioned by the government and the media as being potentially resistant to current vaccines and more dangerous than the first iteration of the virus.

    This is surely a lie, but it drives home the reality that the mandates are meant to go on forever. If we accept them now, they will never end. Just because you are vaccinated today does not mean you will be free tomorrow.

    And, with each new vaccine there arises the specter of vaccine passports. And with vaccine passports there arises the specter of complete government micro-management of people’s lives. Sure, you can choose to not get vaccinated, but the system is going to make certain you suffer for it until you can’t survive without the jab. The vaccine is a stepping stone to tyranny disguised as empathy and duty to your community.

    The woke cult adores this kind of environment, however. This is the type of dark slimy cave they like to nest in. The need to control others is an aberration, a mental deficiency common to psychopaths, but in the new world, the control freaks are given justification and free rein. The striking irony here is that these people like to control, but they also like to BE controlled. They find comfort and safety in their chains. The world is a scary place, and being independent within it takes courage, mental fortitude, and a willingness to learn from our mistakes so that we gain wisdom and experience in the process.

    The platitudes and pontificating of the leftist mob are an attempt to avoid the tribulations of real life; their submission to the state no matter how dubious or evil is an attempt to feel safe from their own irrational fears, their weaknesses, and their inadequacies. As the author Robert Anton Wilson once said:

    The obedient always think of themselves as virtuous rather than cowardly.”


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      1. By now, the people who have been successfully propagandized or believe the official fear-mongering, have voluntarily received their “vaccines”. But that not enough for the State, it is manipulating the vaccinated to act as troops for the State to get the rest of us to be vaccinated too. Local gov’ts, public schools, MSM, business sponsors, even some churches, you name it, are being called on to organize the vaccinated community and help the gov’t “finish the job”. I have not and will not receive the jab, and I exercise my individual rights and don’t wear a mask.
        The good news is I see more and more people not wear masks either. They’re starting to see all the ridiculous gov’t “information” does not make sense, is contradictory, is down-right false, and they’re getting tired of it. That one still has to wear masks, be socially distant (what a silly contrived term), and perform all the other public rituals even after receiving the vaccine is proving the whole program is manifestly untrue, and even more so because many of the vaccinated are getting covid?!?!
        If you want the vaccine then get it, no one is stopping you, but stop annoying the rest of us.

      2. These covid cult members act as if they are so much better than the rest of us. Their holier than thou attitude makes me want to puke! They can keep their so called virtue signaling to themselves for all I care.
        I’m just grateful I am not a member of the covidians cult nor is it a group I ever want to be associated with in any way, shape,or form!

      3. I would dare say that most of these morons will eventually end up being victims of their own stupidity. Once the effects of the “vaccine” kick in, most of the woke culture won’t be “woke” anymore.
        In fact, they’ll most likely be asleep…….. permanently.?

      4. Remember folks that we are now all responsible for other people’s woes. If someone else gets sick, it is our fault because we are all such evil and selfish people. Yes, no longer does anyone have to take any responsibility for their own actions – their woes are OUR responsibility. How on Earth do any of us make it through each day while carrying around the guilt and shame of knowing that WE are all the cause of others ills and misfortunes??

      5. You just can’t get through to the wokies. I mean, what kind of a fucking world do we live in when I am looked upon as a bad person when I refuse to take an experimental gene therapy for an “illness” which more than 99% of people survive?
        Common sense does not appear so common anymore.
        When looking at our society nowadays, it appears as though the many years of programming the masses has,unfortunately, been very successful.?

      6. While generally a good article on COVID-1984, Smith dishonestly uses the same psychological warfare techniques to tack on and whitewash some serious racist and sexist patriarchal baggage and claim ‘patriarchy’ doesn’t exist.

        The leftists would want conservatives to uphold overtly a culture of corruption they defend covertly, that ugly middle ground that erases the leftist-rightist divide as at the end of the day, sociopaths and psychopaths are just sociopaths psychopaths.

        Why is wokeism so powerful? Because like COVID-19, its based on serious problems addressed only with virtue signalling and encouraged to fester for social gain.

        Why are so many whites on board with wokism? Because most whites AREN’T racist and sexist but know so many who are, know the real talk that goes on in ‘safe’ company.

        Just as masking and social distancing are virtue signalling that allows COVID-19 to beat herd immunity and never resolve, so power seeking whites of the alt-left and alt-right feel the pain or deny the pain of their victims according to ideology but never want to stop the abuse.

        Institutional racism does exist. Rape culture does exist. They exist because abusive patriarchy exists. Trying to excuse those things under the banner of fighting COVID-1984 is the same kind of psychological trickery as promotes COVID-1984.

        Epstein and Weinstein got away with what they did for so long, not just because they worked for the Deep State, but because elements across society including the Deep State tolerated and excused sexual abuse of women.

        Most real men don’t consider mysogyny male privlege, and before assault laws became pro-criminal, a-holes could expect real men to correct them to bloody pulps without fear of cops, courts, or secret societies exacting revenge.

        In Canada, a swathe of the senior Army command is being removed for condoning and enabling sexual harassment and abuse.

        A few years before that, an Canadian Air Force colonel murdered a female officer and had been conducting home invasions and assaults of female neighbors.

        How many warning signals were blind-eyed because of this textbook case of institutional sexism, in what should be one of a society’s most trusted institutions?

        The U.S. military is no different, with scandals coming to light every few years and little being done to clean up. ‘Tailhook’ never ended, just went deeper underground, and any bodies better kept hushed up than in Canada.

        Hints appear in the news; a suspicious female suicide early in Iraqi Freedom, a female marine sergeant goes missing, a missing-at-sea female sailor. Makes you wonder.

      7. Unfortunately the adverse side-effects are real, my neighbor got stevens Johnson Syndrome. I would highly recommend if thats down their blockchain domain is vaccinedetox.btc, they’ve done brilliant work!

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