Power Grid Failures: CA Wildfires Are Now A Serious Critical Catastrophic Event

by | Oct 12, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Forecasting | 28 comments

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    The death toll continues to rise because of the California wildfires currently scorching across wine country.  With 23 dead and hundreds missing, the fires are labeled as a “serious critical catastrophic event” complete with power grid failures.

    The wind known as the Diablo is picking up again, the air is dry, there is no rain in sight and the killer wildfires that have scorched the wine country of Northern California remain almost completely uncontained. Officials warned Wednesday that some of the big fires could merge making them almost impossible to contain. While thousands have been told to evacuate or prepare to leave their homes, hundreds are missing and 23 are dead.

    There’s now also a probable link between the wildfires and the power grid failure. The huge utility company PG&E acknowledged that the extreme winds late Sunday and early Monday had knocked trees into power lines in conditions conducive to wildfires. “The historic wind event that swept across PG&E’s service area late Sunday and early Monday packed hurricane-strength winds in excess of 75 mph in some cases,” said Ari Vanrenen, a PG&E spokeswoman, in a statement released after the San Jose Mercury News first reported on a possible link between the wildfires and the power grid. “These destructive winds, along with millions of trees weakened by years of drought and recent renewed vegetation growth from winter storms, all contributed to some trees, branches, and debris impacting our electric lines across the North Bay,” she said.

    Officials with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) said they have yet to determine the cause of the fires, which have killed at least 23 people in Napa, Sonoma, Yuba and Mendocino counties. Statewide, 8,000 firefighters are working to contain 22 wildfires that cover 170,000 acres — a collective area larger than the city of Chicago. The worst of the fires are in Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino counties, where 4,500 homes and businesses had been burned at last count.

    The Atlas Fire and the Tubbs fire, which ravaged a Santa Rosa neighborhood, are both a mere 3% contained.  There seems to be little good news for those who have been affected by these fires. If you would like to donate to those in the path of these fires, here are a few suggestions:

    Donate to the Sonoma County Resilience Fund. The fund is overseen by the Community Foundation of Sonoma County and pledges to “focus on the mid- to long-term tasks of recovery and rebuilding, which will include basic needs as well as longer term economic, health and social supports.”

    Donations can also be made to the Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund.

    Donations for both Lake County and Mendocino County are being coordinated by the Savings Bank of Mendocino County.


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      1. Karma is a bitch.

      2. Prayers go out to those who are affected by this destruction.
        Fires are unpredictable and can happen anywhere, but it seems
        California has more than it’s share of disasters.
        Thinking and praying for those who have lost everything.

      3. they have mocked the Word of the Lord for too long

      4. Who cares

        • james green – then who could possibly care about you if the time comes and you are beset? have you ever seen a human or animal burn to death? you would be okay with that? then you are completely out of the loop of noble humanity.

      5. I remember ISIS telling its supporters to set wild fires. This occurred across Europe a few years back. So-called natural disasters – and accidents – may in fact not be so natural.

        • Frank Thoughts

          “If” and I think its likely that ISIS or its bastardized offshoots have started some of these wild fires Uncle Sam would keep a lid on it because defense against it is impossible. Its a modern incarnation of the Japanese balloon incendiary bombs of WWII.

          • Myanmar is demonstrating how to deal with constant Muslim jihad attacks by the Rohingya.

            Myanma has suffered low level constant violent attacks, rapes, robberies etc and now they’ve had enough. Of course the globalists are condemning Myanmar for their actions.

        • ISIS is the CIA.
          How much does the CIA want to hurt you?

      6. Been 16 years since I left California. Last I recall, they were NAZI’s about clearing brush and culling dead trees.

        Serves em right.

        • Guy called into my local talk radio show yesterday! Said he grew up in Calif, been living in Ohio for years – went back to be with his family for a while because their ranch burned to the ground. Said he was SHOCKED because everywhere he was (that wasn’t burned ) the grass was TALL and the dead trees were everywhere (along all roads). Said Calif is out of money and stopped taking care of that stuff! Everything is dry because of no rain and burns easily.

          his theory – Calif is broke and did this on purpose, to get a bailout from the Feds…….

          • i have heard that there are over 300 million dead trees due to the drought and very poor infrastructure that has not been updated in decades – so yes – maybe this was started to get a bailout as you say – horrifying for the people living there – I am sure we will never see the truth in this – too damning

      7. RELAX

        Climate change is a hoax

      8. By by Californ ia

        What are you liberals going to blame it on now ????

        I do feel bad for the normal people.

      9. CA is about the damn last place I would ever live, for so many reasons. Hope all of the sweet, liberals out there enjoy the cookout. . . . .

        • what an inhuman response. do you think the animals are liberals? the trees and water? i live in norcal and i am not a liberal. i would be more likely to help rescue a liberal than i would be to rescue someone who wants people to suffer and die because he doesn’t like them.

          you are a big part of what is wrong on this plane. how could someone wish torture and suffering on another unless he were a psychopath?

      10. Blackened trees matter. Trees are oxygen producers. Cutting, burning and logging affects oxygen production. Lowering oxygen production by default makes it look like carbon dioxide is increasing. We have trouble dealing with root causes because we have burned our roots.

      11. Rural Calif is Trump country. This is all very convenient for La Raza, the Dems and the secessionists etc. I would be very suspicious.

      12. I lived in California for a total of about 7 years at different times, all in the central valley. Worked at Gallo winery a year or so, a few other food harvesting jobs also. I enjoyed my time spent there, got to go to Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia national parks, all spectacular and once in a lifetime trips. Drove through the Sierra mountains numerous times to Reno. Went to a baseball game at Candlestick in San Francisco. The fires are a tragedy, mostly feel sorry for those in the mobile home park.

      13. For those in California who ARE good people, my prayers go out for you. Ever wonder what it is about this country that makes it great? It’s nature. We’ve hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, blizzards, ice and snow, floods and winds, tornadoes; even, on occasion a volcanic eruption. To be an American is to know that someday, somewhere we all will face something greater than ourselves. And yet, we survive, thrive and get back up and fight. The biggest enemy we all have is when we turn on one another.

      14. By 10 am yesterday the sun in Sacramento was red and the sun didn’t cast any shadows. Weird.

      15. So, what comes next? A big quake…

      16. On the topic of the article, I’ve been complaining about emergency systems since the giant storm hit my area.

        The governments (local, county, state and federal) all embraced an internet based communications with the public. Radio and TV periodically transmitted emergency information that consisted of short message that referred you to Internet web sites for further information. This was all wonderful except a few hours after the power went out and cell tower batteries went dead and cable and DSL system hubs went dead there was no internet. So all we had was a battery powered radio telling us essentially to go piss up a rope. A noble exercise in futility.

        In the years since the government has learned nothing, and once the California fires caused tree falls on the right power feeds and communications lines, the internet went dead there too. People didn’t get emergency warnings or information on what roads were open. Many Californians just drove right into fire traps that closed in around them. Without warnings people died in their houses or in their cars.

        The problem is the same in Purto Rico, as it was in Houston and Southern Florida, the government with all their plans and exercises continues to depend on the Internet that fails every time.

      17. I recommend everyone go to the Cal Fire website. Click on the fire map. Follow the flames North of Santa Rosa. Go to the fire just above Ukiah. Bet you didn’t know about this one. MSM not mentioning the 35,000+ acres. The only reason Mendocino County is included in any reports is because we were the ones with the first official death.

        This is all rural, more conservatives than liberals, and probably alot of preppers. In the surrounding areas are regular people who personally KNOW multiple families that have lost their homes.

        I don’t blame people for thinking California could burn to the ground for all they care. However, there are pockets of us that are hurting far more than you can know.

      18. So they’re very quickly going to go from “screw you Trump” to “please help us Mr. President.”

      19. As a 3rd generation Californian, and now gratefully, removed, I say there are many factors at play here. Having read some of these comments, you’d have to put them ALL TOGETHER to literally be correct. Be aware that climate change – as in geoengineering the weather, the very real type that is manufactured by big governments is also a critical force here.
        All too sad, all too in-your-face-real, all too expensive and not a damn thing can be done (mostly because anyone who can make any difference doesn’t have the will to change). The scary part is, the problem is not only in California. These problems are ramping up everywhere. Why? Because evil is real. Purely criminal. Purely evil.


      21. “There’s now also a probable link between the wildfires and the power grid failure. The huge utility company PG&E acknowledged that the extreme winds late Sunday and early Monday had knocked trees into power lines in conditions conducive to wildfires.”

        bullshit bullshit bullshit disinfo. you are toeing the line here. california is being deliberately and systematically fried by the inbreds.

        norcal torch fires; how the firestorms were created


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