Britain Draws Up A Plan For War With North Korea

by | Oct 9, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting | 63 comments

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    While the United States remains distracted and divided, Great Britain draws up plans for an upcoming war with North Korea. Tossing major issues aside, Americans have all but forgotten that the world stands on the precipice of World War 3.

    While the left is focusing on implementing more gun control and the right is worried about what athletes do during the national anthem, Britain is drawing up plans for a massive war with the rogue nation of North Korea. Britain is preparing for war in the event that the communist regime conducts another successful missile test and the United States responds with a strike.

    North Korea is being closely watched right now, especially since the recent ratcheting up of tensions. Amid fears it could launch another long-range missile test on Tuesday to mark the anniversary of the founding of its ruling party, some countries refuse to take the threat lightly. And bellicose rhetoric from Donald Trump has heightened tensions in the region in recent months, prompting British officials to draw up military plans for a response to a break out of hostilities  it was reported.

    According to the Daily Mail, part of the wartime preparations include the deployment of the Navy’s newest aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, before it has undergone flight trials. “We have plenty of ships to send… the Type-45 destroyers, the Type-23 frigates. Britain’s new aircraft carrier could be pressed into service early if things turn south,” a senior Whitehall source told the newspaper. Details of Britain’s secret operation plan have emerged after Donald Trump warned that “only one thing will work” when it comes to dealing with North Korea’s antics.

    The tyrannical fascist in power in North Korea, Kim Jong-Un, has continued nuclear and rocket tests despite widespread condemnation and sanctions.

    HMS Queen Elizabeth, which arrived at its home in Portsmouth in August after extensive sea trials, is not due to enter service until 2020. But the possible move to deploy it ahead of schedule drew comparisons with the start of the Falklands War. “In the Falklands, we had to react to an event and HMS Illustrious was accelerated to respond,” a Navy source told the Mail. “This was a reaction to protect British territory, however. In this case [North Korea], the UK would be part of a united global coalition. We would see what support we could give.

    Sir Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary, said last week that the UK should increase its military spending in the face of growing threats from states such as North Korea. Last month, Sir Michael told the BBC that Britain was at risk from Pyongyang’’s long-range nuclear missile programme. “The US is fully entitled to defend its own territory, to defend its bases and to look after its people, but this involves us, London is closer to North Korea and its missiles than Los Angeles,” he said.


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      1. Hmmm I think The FAT, gay boys time is a coming boys and girls…

        • They are just now drawing up plans?

          They should have had plans in place since 1953.

          More bullcrap.

          • I had never heard of this new weapon, before today.

            South Korea’s New “Blackout Bomb” Can Paralyze The North’s Power Grid

            “The weapon is a graphite bomb – otherwise known as a “blackout bomb” – which South Korean officials say will be capable of shutting down North Korea’s entire power grid.

            Blackout bombs were first used by the US in Iraq in the 1990 Gulf War and work by releasing a cloud of extremely fine, chemically treated carbon filaments over electrical components. The filaments are so fine that they act like a cloud, but cause short circuits in electrical equipment.

            As points out, North Korea tends to celebrate the Oct. 10 holiday with military parades and aggressive rhetoric. But this year’s festivities could include new provocative weapons tests.

            “The Kim regime usually uses these sorts of occasions to demonstrate some show of strength — in this current climate a missile test is a likely result,” says Dr Genevieve Hohnen, lecturer in politics and international relations at Edith Cowan University.”

            ht tp://

      2. Hopefully if it looks like the intire world is coming after whon phat phuk, China will decide that it is in their best interest to remove him. It would be great if they decided to police their own neighborhod, even if we have to assist behind the scene.

        • Interesting the similarities between China and N Korea and the USA and sanctuary california,,,,
          Petulant crybaby communist regimes

          • That’s really low comparing NK to California. Nothing is as bad as California.

            • Ha! Funny,,,
              Yea, guess i owe NK an apology eh!

              • Nailbanger, you were right the first time. Nobody owes NK a damn thing. No apology necessary or even justifiable.

            • ??


            • Don’t forget New Jersey, the other California cesspool.

      3. Our homeland was pretty much spared in the last two World wars, I don’t think we will be that lucky with the next one. Get prepped

        • Thats what I have been saying for years, its interesting how many people think it will never happen here,
          I live in Hawaii, most of these oblivious baboons dont see just how vulnerable we are, i know lots of folks on both sides of that coin, those who say never, and those who are armed up and ready to go if we have to.
          The reality is that we could be overrun by China etc, its possible, and in my opinion, this would be one of those strategic targets similar to Guam etc,,,in WW2 the battle in the Pacific came awful close to our shores, the Japanese were definitely trying, if Midway etc had turned out differently the whole thing could have gone a very different direction.
          I dont think N Korea has a prayer, but the larger conflict that could come out of a miscalculation could change the names on the map all over.
          No control of any of it, but interesting to watch this all, and quite eye opening to watch normalcy bias and the ignorance of the masses.

      4. If hostilities escalate to the point of war, deploying large , slow and vulnerable warships to theater will be a suicide mission. With advanced and lethal anti ship missile it would be disastrous but perhaps an excuse to hit back with tactical nukes. However with China and Russia both sharing borders with NK,they would never allow The USA and allies to have free reign. Recipe for WW3 and the Norks know this.

      5. It’s all a ploy to delay brexit and to say it MUST be delayed and or not to happen! There’s not a damn thing those tea tippers can do , they are disarmed !!

      6. Sabre rattling by Britain using a plastic sword. Both the labour and tory parties have sacrificed the military to political expedience.

        (1) There are no fighters for The Queen Elizabeth carrier, and they have to be the VSTOl version as there is no capault for fixed-wing aircraft.

        What did they do with the Harrier jump jet? Dumped it and bought untried American jets which will need special adaptations to operate from the QE carrier. Not one jet is curently operational.

        (2) Plenty of other ships? The Royal Navy has 19 frigates and destroyers in total, only about 1/3 will be available at any one time.

        So, one unproven and unequipped carrier and up to six other ships is the best Britain could manage. Logistics will be the problem and the supply lines will, at best, be stretched to breaking point.

        The Navy would be in the same position as the British army was in Iraq and Afghanistan. Under-equipped, under-supported and not enough men or equipment.

        Britain can barely manage a token presence, let alone go to war with another nation. Oh and Britain’s premier arms manufacturer is laying off skilled staff…go figure.

        • You are forgetting a few things. Nobody loves a good war like the British. Not just LOVE but get downright jiggy for it. I remember the joyous atmosphere prior to the invasion of Iraq, and later, the war on Libya.

          The British will be there and up for it, with bells on. Quietly, the alliances and political appointments are being made. Notice how Sikhs are being placed in key positions in the defence structure: that is indicative that India will be a key ally. Boris Johnson is on the cusp of becoming prime minister: a Churchill-like figure, ‘Bojo’ is totally up for war. Don’t forget the British have been training the Chinese for many years now.

          Don’t forget the British will need bodies to do the dying on the battlefields. And there they are: legions of Muslims, Africans and Indians. Posh white boys will do the command and control from the UK while the battle groups will go to theatre with their Muslims, Africans and Indians. The theatre will be very hot, as in radioactive, so it is better to use these ‘folks’ to get the dose. The Muslims already have battle experience from the Middle East so they are ready to go. Most of the schools in the major cities are blacks and Asians of fighting age. The bodies are there for WWIII. The Great British Bake-Off is sooner than you think!

          • Frankie, can you honestly see “legions” of Muslims fighting an essentially American war by siding with Britain? Get real you silly old man!

            Bo Jo a Churchillian leader? He’s a buffoon who dare not set foot outside the confines of Westminster for fear of being lynched by the population at large (think Liverpool). Everywhere he goes outside London he causes dissent.

            Methinks you’ve completely misread the mood of Britain. There was no mass joy from British folk when they were unwillingly involved in America’s illegal wars.

            Millions of people demonstrated against involvement in Iraq and Libya. Blair’s “dodgy dossier” and the subsequent inquiry vilifying him completely undermines your facile comments re that particularly odious war! Cameron has yet to face a similar inquiry for his foray into Libya – but, eventually,he will.

            Show me the proof of your statements, if you can, and I’ll throw in another couple of sovereigns to the 5 already on offer which, so far, you haven’t been able to claim because you lied. You silly old man!

            • I have never met a Brit who isn’t into a little ‘argy bargy’ and the ‘New Brits’ are just as bad with the love of violence (acid attacks, knifings etc.). So, yeah, I think they are up for it.

              Bojo and Jacob Reece Mog command huge support amongst the youth population who want a restoration to trad values (Queen, country, serve in the Forces, fight Johnny Foreigner etc.).

              Bojo’s life has almost mirrored Churchill’s: his love of the classics, his breadth of historical knowledge, erudition, his service to the public. To win a major war one needs the right spirit. And that can only be held in the heart of the right leader. Bojo is that leader.

              • Bo-Jo’s life has almost mirrored Churchill’s? Which planet do you reside on? The only similarity to Churchill is that he (Johnson) was born in America! He may be well educated, but that doesn’t make him clever. The man has no honor. Remember, as a journalist, he was sacked for falsifying a quotation! He has cheated on his wife numerous times and is currently working against May behind her back. He might make a good Republican though.

                At least Churchill volunteered to fight for his country (and did so). Johnson wouldn’t know one end of a weapon from the other. Remember, he also has Turkish blood in his makeup which is a pungent mix for potential treachery

                Most British people (young and old) view Johnson as an amiable buffoon. You can’t have an amiable buffoon running a country.

                And as for Rees-Mogg…clever yes. Patriotic probably. Leadership material…debatable. And anyway, the British have a long standing distrust of Catholics so that precludes him. That’s why Blair didn’t profess his love of papism until he left office. He knew that he’d be out on his ear if he had of done so.

                And why haven’t you done a rebuttal on my earlier reply? Because you can’t. You’re a congenital fantasist living, by the sounds of it, in the 1950’s.

      7. When lines are drawn with the US / UK militarily on one side look out. Practically speaking thats half the words military.

        • The biggest problem as i see it is the fact that for decades the US etc have given in to a regime throwing a tantrum like a spoiled little kid, they have sent them aid, given them $, they keep giving them concessions,
          Now, Trump is like to hell with this crap,
          And everybody is whining that hes going to get us into WW3
          He has been in office for 5 minutes in the grand picture yet its all his fault that these so called leaders have enabled and caused this problem. I love how simple minded the masses are, truly stupid.
          Hopefully the stupid are amongst the first to go

        • Is This The Geopolitical Shift Of The Century?
          “The geopolitical reality in the Middle East is changing dramatically.

          The impact of the Arab Spring, the retraction of the U.S. military, and diminishing economic influence on the Arab world—as displayed during the Obama Administration—are facts.
          The emergence of a Russian-Iranian-Turkish triangle is the new reality.

          The Western hegemony in the MENA region has ended, and not in a shy way, but with a long list of military conflicts and destabilization.”
          ht tp://

          This new “alliance” (Russia, Iran and Turkey) makes me think of the book of Ezekiel 38-39.

          Also mentioned in Ezekiel is the alliance of the “young lions” of Tarshish (England) – United States, Canada and Australia.

        • K2 – US and UK practically half the world’s military? UK ranks number 9. Check before making such an incorrect statement.

          For years British forces have been more than decimated under governments of different political hues.

          Yes, the US has the most extravagantly funded forces, but do its troops have the ideological self belief of yore? That could be a moot point judging by the defeatist voices and lack of national confidence aired on this site.

          • And the US is how much? US military spending, a rough estimate of capability accounts for 37% of the entire worlds military spending. Add in 9% for the UK and its 46%. As I said, practically.

            Militaries fight with technology and in that arena the US reigns supreme, relative to NK is laughable. No one is invading NK.

            • Once more you’re being disingenuous. Massaging statistics to meet your spurious agenda (whatever that may be) proves nothing.

              Militaries may well fight with technologies – that doesn’t necessarily mean that those technologies will always win. Unless your advocating the end of humanity? The idiot in chief seems to prefer this option.

              Look at Vietnam. Look at Afghanistan. Even the technological might of Rome was defeated due to a lack of self belief. Britain, after WWII, lost its empire due to self doubt. All empires are doomed to suffer decline, even the American empire.

              Wars are fought with and for ideological beliefs. Do you believe in fighting a war when the two protagonists are each led by potential sociopaths?

              • Wombat

                “Look at Vietnam. Look at Afghanistan.”

                I never said occupy. South Korea does that and it can get real messy. The technology does win the military conflict. The political aftermath, the reverse of “War Is Politics By Other Means” implies that “Politics IS War By Other Means”. The US could precision bomb North Korea with impunity thus rendering its offensive capability within a week or less. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere within 100 miles from the DMZ.

                • K2 – Didn’t McArthur suggest using nukes? Now that was using technology when only a handful of countries had it. Where did that get him? Wiser council prevailed. The original Korean war is still on hold.

                  Precision bombing is not as precise as the military would have you believe. Stop believing your own propaganda. Koreans, like the Viet cong, dig deep. You’d have to have a heck of a lot of MOAB’s to reach women and children buried that deep so that they stay buried.

                  And misquoting Klauswitz just doesn’t cut it!

      8. As I stated in my earlier comment, this is sabre rattling using a plastic sword and this article is nothing more than a concoction of what ifs thrown together by an amateur journalist who cannot be bothered to do 5 minutes of basic research.

        The Royal Navy is NOT sending its new aircraft carrier to North Korea (or anywhere else, for the foreseeable future) After all, what’s a toothless, voiceless watchdog worth?:

        I’ve always been guided by these wise words:

        “I keep six honest serving men
        (They taught me all I knew);
        Their names are What and Why and When
        And How and Where and Who.”

        – Rudyard Kipling –

        ht tps://

        ht tp://

      9. Makes you wonder how any humane country could befriend the madman.

      10. Jim Rickards thinks the war will happen next year. See about halfway thru the Greg Hunter interview at

      11. Off topic, but re. the NFL kneeling issue, if black lives matter – and they do – *why don’t these NFLers protesting HANG AROUND TO RAISE THE CHILDREN THEY FATHER?? The biggest predictor of social pathology is the absence of fathers.

        You want to kneel, gentlemen? ***Try kneeling at the alter and MARRYING the women you impregnate. *** Give these kids a FATHER, which in turn will give these kids a future. Otherwise, you are just posturing, and utter hypocrites.

        • Speaking of which: new definition of the word/ confusion /

          A. Father’s Day in the ghetto

      12. Lets assume by some chance that this works. The NK missiles are thwarted by US interception missiles, the NK forces see the standard of living in SK and surrender; what’s next? SK has a huge population to feed and incorporate into their economy. Wages in SK will likely significant drop and with it political instability increases. China feeling threatened looks at a potential hostile border. A massive workforce has now just joined the globalist labor pool driving manufacturing out of the US.

        The above is if it works. This is the best scenario.

      13. Speaking of off-topic (grin), California, with 115,738 homeless, now accounts for about 21 percent of America’s total homeless population. Due to legal settlements against vagrancy laws, about 72.3 percent of California’s homeless are unsheltered, usually living in tent cities.

        Suggestion: house all these homeless in the zillion room mansions of the commie Hollywierd Learjet leftists, just like they did in the French Revolution. Just a thought. Google Michael Moore mansions (NINE properties!) or George Clooney mansions, then click on images, if you would like to identify some choice digs for the homeless.

      14. Only a matter of time now.

      15. If NK does a rocket miss-fire and it lands in Putin’s back yard that would be a game changer.

      16. My Canadian friends are chortling over another coalition request. They are too busy reorganizing softwood lumber sales, the purchase of fighter aircraft, pipeline construction, the auto manufacturing sector, their airline manufacturing. They wonder what benefits come from being a friendly ally of USA Inc. They say we brought this on ourselves so leave them out of this one, eh. I can sympathize with their feelings. Trade wars with allies and then ask them for help with the real war. My friend said they may reconsider if Congress declares this one. But for another deep state war he says nope, that is your baby, deal with it yourselves.

        • Canada will be there: you have no choice and you have your military already alligned with India.

          Maybe a draft is required to get numbers up but remember: Canada was in the first Korean War and that War was never declared over. Canada is a protagonist.

          I would recommend get jogging, lose that double chin and the pot belly.

      17. The leader of NK in the pic above, what a joke! He looks like a overfed child with his haircut like so many seen in the US. That is a military strategist? What a scam! A cartoon balloon above the old geezer on the right with his eyes closed has been edited out. It says this idiot is freaking nuts.

        • Or, please please please i hope they dont shoot my family with a grenade launcher

      18. Given that the US hasn’t won in Afghanistan after 17 years of fighting an illiterate army of 30,000 or so armed with small arms….North Korea might just win.

        • The poppy fields fund our military and intelligence organizations.
          It’s our cash cow. That’s why we are there my friend.
          Why would you want to “win” if you could reap the benefits of that?
          After the Taliban was more or less defeated, guess what?
          All of the sudden, Al-Queda suddenly reappeared to keep us there a little longer.
          THEN, ISIS appeared in Afghanistan. Am I getting your attention yet?
          They “move” the terrorists around to justify why we are in certain locales.

      19. another aircraft carrier – fully operational or not – can be of great assistance …. a carrier makes the perfect centerpiece for anti-sub patrolling & hunting – a war with NK will be include hunting down their diesel fleet hiding in the coastal shallows around the Pacific ….

      20. I don’t see why the UK would get involved in this. I don’t see any British dog in this fight.

      21. The Pneumonic Plague Killed 50 Million People in the Middle Ages and Now It’s Back

        Madagascar – The plague is usually spread by fleas on rats. Former outbreaks were in rural area. The form of the plague is now being spread by coughing. This time, patient zero (thought to have malaria) traveled through the biggest city on public transit. A “large cluster of infections” has broken out among his contacts.

        ht tp://

        • All rats have fleas,
          4 legged rats and 2 legged rats

          • Senators and lawyers should all be required to wear flea collars then.

      22. North Korea has been asking the U.S. For an official cease fire since 1951.
        The Jew banksters run U.S. Has consistently refused.
        Does ny yank wonder why?
        Course not, 90% of them can’t even spell dumbfuckistan, let alone find it on a map.
        Also those dumb Brits have a big shiny aircraft carrier with no planes coz the wonderfully clever rip off merchants at Lockheed Martin keep upping the price and not delivering.

      23. Britain Draws Up A Plan For War With North Korea

        It’s nice to see the “adults” in Government know how to ratchet down the tensions with North Korea. ?

      24. They should send Prince Harry over there.
        The guy that failed the helicopter pilot exam multiple times.
        He rides in an Apache as a “co-pilot”.

      25. Maybe we could get the Israelis to fight a proxy war for us, for a change.
        The limeys will send the usual token force to make it look like they are with us.
        Don’t expect anything from Germany. Rickards seems to think it will kick off in 6-8 months.
        After its over we have to switch to a new monetary system because we will be bankrupt
        beyond repair.

      26. UK also has a plan for war with IRAN & Russia & china etc…

      27. England with war plans? Sound like an oxymoron. The white english don’t get enough sodomy by arabs now they crave asian dongs. Just send your muzzies thell fix those chinks.

      28. The UK will be almost irrelevant in a war with NK. Unless they send their ships early, the war is likely to either be lost or a stalemate and adding their ships late in the game will be irrelevant.

        The war with NK will be fought primarily by the South Korean military and perhaps a few tens of thousands of US troops if they can get there in time. The 20,000-odd US troops already there are likely to be dead in the first 72 hours. Pentagon war games estimate 50,000 US troops dead in the first ninety days. That’s if the US can even send another 25-50,000 troops. The US doesn’t have them to send. Barely a couple of brigades and one light division might make it over there.

        Don’t even think about it – TTG

        Basically, if the SK military can’t contain the NK attack in the first weeks, the war will be mostly lost. If NK can break through SK lines and seize Seoul, the war is effectively lost. If SK can break through into NK territory, and China pours troops into northern NK and set up a defensive line, the war is lost.

        Even if SK manages to decisively beat NK and start occupying much of NK, the North will foment an insurgency which will go on for a decade or more. This also amounts to a loss.

        Short of the US blanket nuking North Korea, it’s very hard to see how the US/SK can “win” the war. Neither the US nor China want to go to WWIII over NK.

        And I don’t see the US OR NK using nukes initially until one side or the other is losing badly.

        And NK will not waste any nukes on either Japan or trying to attack the US mainland. That would be a stupid waste of their most important strategic assets and would only result in the aforesaid blanket nuking. The North Koreans are not suicidal. They won’t do it.

        • The problem is one of pre-emptive strike. NK could make a move first if they thought there was a taskforce in place to strike. They would need to blitzkreig as that would be the only option in which they have advantage. The first 3 days would make it or break it. The psychological advantage would be in their favor as the US population could not handle the casualty rates and the cognitive dissonence of losing thousands of US soldiers. ALL wars are psychological. It is not the casualties that matter but the perception of the value of those casualties. Western countries place far greater value on their soldiers and thus can’t handle the sort of casualties a WWIII would produce.

      29. Not heard a military action over nk here ,were still having afternoon tea a and watching the world go down in a heap while you Yankees do all the work.dickxxxds

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