Military Just Warned Americans To Expect WAR With North Korea

by | Jul 23, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Experts | 239 comments

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    Although most Americans are aware of the ever increasing tensions between North Korea and the United States, the military is no longer pulling any punches.  Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, suggested Saturday that Americans must be “prepared for the possibility of a military confrontation with North Korea.”

    The United States is now declaring the rogue country’s nuclear program an “urgent threat” by Dunford as well. While speaking at the Aspen Security Forum, a gathering of national security officials in Colorado, Dunford said:

    Many people have talked about military options with words like ‘unimaginable. I would probably shift that slightly and say it would be horrific, and it would be a loss of life unlike any we have experienced in our lifetimes, and I mean anyone who’s been alive since World War II has never seen the loss of life that could occur if there’s a conflict on the Korean Peninsula. But as I’ve told my counterparts, both friend and foe, it is not unimaginable to have military options to respond to North Korean nuclear capability. What’s unimaginable to me is allowing a capability that would allow a nuclear weapon to land in Denver, Colorado. That’s unimaginable to me. So my job will be to develop military options to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

    Some of these experts seem to believe that North Korea is not a threat to the United States, yet simultaneously, these same experts warn us to expect some military force to be used against the defiant regime at some point in the very near future.  Many experts have also warned that North Korea does have the missile capacity to strike the United States right now, while others are skeptical.

    At this stage, Pyongyang does not appear capable of delivering a nuclear weapon on such missiles, but its rapid advancement in the overall weapons systems is deeply worrying to President Donald Trump’s administration. -Politico

    Can North Korea hit the United States with a nuclear weapon?  The state of Hawaii certainly is not taking any chances. The island state is currently preparing for the worst – a nuclear attack by North Korea. Hawaii is on schedule to become the first state in the US to test an “attack- warning” system in the event of a North Korean nuclear missile strike. Starting in November, Hawaii’s disaster warning plan will include a new protocol in case of a nuclear attack, CNN affiliate KNHL reports.

    Governments across the globe seem intent on starting WW3, and we will probably be the last to know when it happens.


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      1. Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Washington would not be a great loss.

        If North Korea nuked those commie states we should give him the American Medal of Freedom.

        Denver too.

        • Denver is an east Kalifornia shit hole.
          The rest of us here could care less about it.

          • Yes We need more war, because the military weapons manufacturing companies (MIC Mafia) just need to make more money and so do the congress folks who have stock in them and that is for sure who donates to most of their campaigns. Its one hand washing the other. As there is ZERO benefit for all other Americans to go to any war. And N Korea has attacked the USA so many times here in the States, Right? Have they? What you mean, they never did, Huh? You mean this is just more War Fraud to fleece Tax Payers. And I am sure all of the Congress’s children signed up to fight over there right? No? Well then is high time we draft all the congresses children and send them over there first then.

            Its time to just start hanging all the Neo-Con war whoreee mongers.

            • Even if there is some truth to what you say, and I believe there is, this one belongs to William Jefferson Clinton, Al Gore and Jimmy Carter. And a special thanks goes to Jimmy for bring Islamic fundamentalism back to the middle east and Barack Hussein Millhouse Benito Obama for spreading to America and really, just all around the world. As much criticism as I could offer W., he and Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld had the middle east in check before he left office. As bad as it is, it didn’t have to be as bad as it got and frankly, Barack did what he did on purpose. I still can’t decide if the other guy’s did what they did on purpose or if they’re all really that stupid. Ultimately, I guess that it all still has the same effect, doesn’t it?

            • What about all the neo-liberal war mongers? Or are they exempt in your view?

            • Your skepticism is admirable but I ask you two things? First – do you believe that Kim has the bomb and is relatively close to a capable ICBM? Second – Is it better to deal strongly with NK now or to allow them to upgrade to the Mutually-Assured-Destruction big boy table?

          • North Korea is probably not suicidal, so they are unlikely to nuke the U.S. If, on the other hand they decided to be, an ICBM would probably be their last method of attack. It would be far easier for them to put a nuke on a ship, or sub, and hit the coast. They may even be able to get one in a shipping container full of junk destined for middle America.

            • NK with M.A.D. status is the option.

          • ColoradoKid lives in Hugo, an eastern Colorado shithole. There he raise two chickens for his leisure time pleasure. He doesn’t know anything about Denver because he has no way to go there. He’s never been there. how does he know.

        • To hell with all the good people who love in those states (sarcasm). Clearly only anti-American live in those states (sarcasm). Must not be any military or hard working American patriots there at all (sarcasm)

          I can’t stand it when people put out blanket statements without facts.

          • good thing you had the sarchasm detector on there, as many of U.S. don’t recognize it anymore. agreeed that there are MANY patriots living here……now, if he was talkin’ about nukin’ DC?…..shouldn’t be ANYone opposed to THAT.

            • I do not want our country nuked. I just want rid of traitors, muslim trash and scum illegals. But I’m dreaming of course. Just keep prepping for every disaster conceivable and we may live.

              • Islam is not the problem. Ignorant evil people are the problem.
                Hitler was christain, does that make all Christains evil?

                • Hitler was, in no way, shape, or form, a Christian.His family was catholic, but he did not participate. he considered Christian to be weak, and preferred the muslim “style” of religion.

                  Read a History book.

                  • Yes indeed Hitler was Catholic, and 95% of the German Catholics supported Hitler back in that time period. However Christianity is surely a war loving breed. They sing cure songs like “On Ward Christian Soldiers Marching off to War”, and teaches jealous and hate and culture destroying. Been like this for centuries, Christians were jealous of the Mayans and killed them off and destroyed all their libraries of knowledge. So much knowledge, it may have set the human race back for centuries, since they keep accurate documents of time and calendars. Imagine how much more we would know today, if all the Mayan libraries were preserved instead of destroyed. Got to hand it to the Christians, they sure know how to hate and worship their jealous God.

                    All Religions needs to be destroyed. Its cult and hate, like Israehell as one of the largest villains in the world today Nation and culture destroying, all to make everyone else their slaves.

                    • The late George Carlin does a great skit regarding religion.

                      “You believe in God”?

                      “You believe in God”?
                      “My God”?

                      When money and power come into the equation all religions find a loop hole in their professed doctrine.

                    • @Crack’dSkull

                      Jealous of the Mayans?!….

                      An occult south american indian tribe that Cut the Hearts out of it’s victims and drank the blood in honor of some snake god?! The Catholic crusaders did the world a favor ridding it of the mayans and aztecs….


                    • Cracksummskulls??more like numb skull! You don’t have a clue and probably living at home with your parents. Are you still sucking welfare off the tax payers? Its idiots like you that put Lenin & Stalin into power…. Get a job & grow up ?

                    • You have obviously been hurt by christians in the past and thats sad because if they are following the bible they are the most peaceful people on earth.

                    • You jackasses hate the truth about Christians eh? well that’s the truth if you like it or not, I’m just the messenger. Just go Google “Christianity and Genocide”, phrase and watch the screen light up. Truth sucks for your ignoramouses. Yep Kevin2 is correct like I am. I would love to see the Mayans chop off your heads and laugh.

                    • LMAO Catholicism And Christianity is the same bullshit! LMAO you guys crack me up!!!

                    • So your telling people to check out the web for the truth eh? You wouldn’t know truth if it bit you in the ass! Knowledge is power& share the knowledge…but you don’t have anything to share? I grew up poor but put myself thru school worked to do it! what’s your pathetic excuse?

                    • You need to crawl out from under that rock, you are b*tshit crazy.

                • Stu….your ignorance is showing. Hitler most certainly was not a Christian.

                  I don’t have the time the waste to point you to the sources that prove you wrong. I won’t do your homework for you.

                  Google is your friend. Lots of sources available. Go look them up before you post such ignorant drivel.

                  • Do yourself a favor, read some TRUE history, not the crap in the (((current history)))books. Remember, the Victor writes the history books. Bootle was truly a Christian, only to be smeared in the (((history))) books.

                    • After re-reading some old papers I copied from Zero Hedge, I realize things are not all as they appear sometimes. for example, in Syria, where we were all freaking out about possible war– Everyone is over there because of the oil, of course, but also, Putin has been trying to allow all the players to have a little piece of the pie. That is why he did not completely obliterate ISIS when he had the opportunity– a little sliver of Syria was left for the US/Saudi Arabia team to build a pipeline through Syria, just as certain parts were left for other factions… They know stuff we don’t know! IT was all there in a Turkey newspaper.. It may seem we are on the brink of war but the leaders of all countries are trying to get the best deals for us as well as themselves.

                  • Catholics and Christians believe Christ is the savior what is the difference. Really is this a joke!!!

                    • Bush said that our way of life in the US is “non-negotiable”– in other words, we NEED the oil to keep things running as usual… so we go destroying other nations and get THEIR oil, since ours peaked in the seventies….

                      Without an abundance of petroleum, the American way of life would come to an end. We need it for everything in modern life– for plastics, construction of cars, to run cars and to heat our homes. But mostly, we need the oil for corporate farms. No corporate farms equals no food. We all starve to death.

                • HITLER was no christian, if you read up you would find that he spoke against christians….

                • Hitler was as Christian as obama. Christians are defined by their actions and not their claims. The same with islam.

                  • Christianity is a religion devised by wolves for sheep to believe in.

                • What an idiot to claim Hitler was a christian! He was into the occult! With leanings toward the muslims because of their hatred of the jewish people.

                • Muslims are all the same at the end of the day. That cult of shit they teach is evil, radical, 8th century mentality of shit.

                • Perhaps you might want to read a bit of the koran. Your presumption that “Islam is not the problem.”, can only be seen two ways: 1) you are ignorant and/or in denial of what islam is. 2) you are a muslim.

                  Ignorance can be cured by truth, and you can find that truth in their words and deeds. Islam is a dark-age political movement masked as a religion, nothing less, nothing more.

                • Stu……You’re a special kind of stupid aren’t you. And Islam is a problem!!

                • Hitler may have claimed to be a christian, but real christians know better

                • WHAT DO I THINK OF SARAH PALIN? She’s STUPID. Also, funny, just as Bush was. Old Bush gave us all a good laugh, as Palin did.

                  What do I think of Michelle Obama? Well, she did appear to have a good figure- she worked out a lot. Perhaps her face wasn’t as pretty as Palin’s but at least, Michelle is SMART!! She went to one of the best Universities in the country. Top grades.

                • I don’t think Hitler was very religious. I think his hatred of the Jews was more ethnic than religious. Hitler is still an enigma after all these years…who knows who e really was and who controlled him. Was probably just a front-man for the deep state Global Elites.

              • Islam is not a problem. Ignorant evil people are part of the problem. Hitler claimed to be a Christian, does that make all Christians evil?
                Stu OUT

                • What have you been smoking Stu? Methamphetamine?

                • LMAO.Did you learn that in skule? Hitler was not a Christian. And, IN FACT, Hitler was a great admirer of the Islamic faith (but he wasn’t Muslim either).

                  • You ALL could use to watch every video on youtube on “Hitler and the Occult” and “Nazi’s and the Occult”….

                    There was NOTHING “CHRISTIAN” about the Third Reich…
                    Nor does it matter what any of them or any “expert” may have claimed….

                    What part of “you shall know them by their fruit” (Words of Christ) is it that seems so many of you do not get?!

                    JS (As in “Just Saying”)

                • Islam is not the problem. The problem is an international (((group))) that successfully lobbies for destructive governmental policies that increase the number of Muslims emigrating to Christian lands. Watch for yourself:


                • Stu- can you please do the world a favor and hang yourself? Fucking retards like you don’t deserve the air your breathe.

                  • Stu and other trolls on various blog sites is the precise reason me and friends never sign up for blog email updates or join a damn org. of any kind to incl patriot groups, churches, social media sites, who are/may be infiltrated with the bad guys (change agent scum) or gov. spy creeps.

            • I would be opposed to hitting D.C. I have to go through there when I vacation down at the Outer Banks!!!!!! It would totally mess up the travel time.

            • That would be reason to celebrate

          • Lot tried to save his city, but was unsuccessful.

          • To quote a “good” communist “a few eggs must be broken in the making of an omelet”. There is more to gain by wiping California out than would be lost should an attack happen.

          • Thank you Kynase! Agreed. I live in Washington state on the east side. Anyone who has lived in this state can tell you that the Westside is predominantly rabid liberal and those of us east of the Cascade mountain range are mostly conservative. Most of the population resides on the west side and subsequently, our legislation often bows to their irrational desires and plans. However, there are prudent, good, and wise people wherever you go. People who love their families and want the best for them. Blanket statements are myopic.

        • We In California grow 70% of the fruits and vegetables that you eat fool!
          We are an advanced victim of Feminism(a political Ideology that is currently destroying the west).
          I speak for millions of hard working, private sector, armed, conservative Americans born in California.
          Knock it Off!!!

          • Don’t forget Proposition 187 [Califonia 1994]


            Our problem is the federal regulatory state- above all else, the fake money hegemon. [The hegemon is real, the money fake].

            Are you morrons suggesting that some States CHOSE to wreck their own living area? Hint- blue states have a high % of (((them))).

          • you are right. I am tired of clowns moving in the woods like a girl in a gun friendly state pointing fingers at other states like CA. I live in NY because i have to.

          • No, CA sucks, sorry. If you stay there, well, thats you fault junior little.

          • I talked to some Cali’s. And there is a small core group just prepped and waiting for that window of opportunity. Even though they are out numbered 10 to 1?

        • I live in California,and I still have to agree with you.

        • F U little johnny stiner, our whole family lives in Cali you are wishing death on good people. Asshole.

          • Fuck CA and their ultra liberal mental nut-jobs out there!! Queers, fruits, he-she’s, mexi’s, blacks, illegals and on and on and on.

        • F U little johnny stiner, our whole family lives in Cali you are wishing death on good people. Stinky Asshole.

          • I am guessing a “stinky” asshole is worse than just being an asshole.

        • John S, don’t be such a jackass. There are a lot of decent people living in those states you mentioned. Yes they have been polluted by the liberal garbage, but still not at all expendable.

          • JS, while I don’t care for the socialist policies either, an awful lot of GOOD people are stuck living in those states. NOT all of them are bleeding hearts.

            • Ya know?!…

              In nearly every book of the Bible… each and every Prophet from Moses to Malachi at some point became so FED UP with the garbage being spewed by the LEFT and RIGHT throughout Israel… that in utter exasperation they all at once (as in at one time) claimed…. O.K….. GOD… I GET YOUR POINT…. YEP…. THEY ALL NEED TO DIE!!! BRING IT!!!

              Habakkuk was obviously at this point when he proclaimed in 3:2….


              Hebakkuk KNEW that GODS WRATH is/was WROUGHT by way of the “MOST RUTHLESS OF ALL PEOPLES ON EARTH”….
              Then later to Jerusalem…. He brought the BABYLONIANS…

              What’s coming to AMERICA… IS and WILL BE “HORRIFIC”!!!

              GODS PATIENCE IS AS AWESOME AS HE…. but, unfortunately…. SO.IS.HIS.WRATH!!!

              He will hand Merica over to her enemies… and EVERYONE WILL BE CUT DOWN!!!
              Over and over in the Good Book…. HE TOLD US SO!!!

              • JS,

                I am a little more hopeful for America! There is a lot of corruption and evil in the land but there are also a lot of ‘salt-of-the-earth’ godly and God-fearing people mixed into the mix.

                I remember during Katrina, how so many people were nodding their heads in approval that New Orleans was getting wiped out because of the evil that existed here. But, for many of us who were going through the great storm, we humbled ourselves and sought His protection and help. We did not necessarily see it as God’s judgment on the people of New Orleans. There are far more ordinary God-fearing people here than there are mockers and scoundrels. Now having said that, there sure is a large concentration of democrats and ‘liberals’ in the area but many of them profess to believe in God too! May God have mercy upon us all! But for the Grace of God, there go I!

                Again, I am reminded of that verse in 2 Chronicles 7:14 (KJV): “14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

                Prayers, fervent and effectual prayers, need to be made again and again by God’s people wherever they are.

                Louisiana Eagle

            • Well, if this guy is warning us Americans to expect war with North Korea.. then when is he going to start talking about EMP’s? Because that is most likely how it will start…

          • Yep,

        • You of course mean the big cities in those states.
          Us rural people are just getting by and are victimized
          by big city Democrats. We won’t miss them.

        • Turn N Korea into a sea of glass … sooner rather than later !!! 🙂

          • DK: I agree, but will we cower/lose with them again, like during the Truman era?

        • Every location on planet Earth is in range of North Korea’s nuclear missiles. The media and government refuse to tell the American people the truth.

        • That’s the US occupied Kingdom of Hawaii to you!

          • ??

          • Read about King kamehamehas river of blood . And long pork. Canibles are people too.?

        • WHY DO AMERICANS HATE THE LORD??..HES telling all his PROPHETS RIGHT NOW,you’ll be destroyed in a NUCLEAR WAR you won’t win,RUSSIA,CHINA,NORTH KOREA,AND a dozen other countries are just waiting to attack america,BRING YOUR TROOPS HOME,all of them,if war starts you’ll be invaded by 11 countries,HOW MUCH AMMO DO YOU HAVE,it won’t be enough…

        • You know, rather than promulgate an idiotic agenda you should first realize that there are good Americans across this nation and bad ones even in whatever idyllic community (or home) you think you live in. But moreover, you overlook the obvious. That being that the little rat-bastard leader of North Korea gets the news as well. Whomsoever decided to make statements like Major General Joseph Dunford’s public and put it onto the media is a traitor. Why not just go wave a flag in the face of a rabid bull? Even if the particular bovine-in-appearance whack-job over there is a demented fool, he still has nukes, still has submarines and has the 4th largest standing army in the world. Which same is literally starving for a fight. C’mon people, should a war break out don’t all of us hope it will be Americans as a whole against those that attack us? Or would your rather pander to your biased and base instincts instead?

          • Base instincts? Are common sense? Are base instincts not survival instincts?Maybe some chose to survive over social experiments? A sure thing maybe ,over a long shot?

        • Not everyone in those states are Liberals. There are guys just like you there. They have jobs and are Stuck there.It stinks

          • ????thats me, stuck here in paradise, its not so bad

        • Wow! There are a lot of great people in those states…not all are socialist scum. You however are un-American to make such statements…heck, not even sure you are human.

          • Define “a lot.” Then define “what is an American?”

            Seems to me the socialists get elected by the majority and the socialists do not believe in the Constitution, or the rule of law, for that matter.

            • I’m disappointed that I actually need to answer this question. In CA in 2016, 5 million people voted for Trump or Gary Johnson, which was 34.9% of the vote. So, right out of the gate you have 5 million. Now let’s assume that that ratio is representative of the entire state population of nearly 40 million…that would give you 14 million in CA alone. Let’s move on:
              WA: 41.7% Trump/Johnson x 7.3M people = 3M good guys & gals
              OR: 43.8% Trump/Johnson x 4.1M people = 1.8M good guys & gals
              HI: 33.7% Trump/Johnson x 1.4M people = .6M good guys & gals
              So, a total of 19.4 million people…

              An American does not wish for the deaths of 53 million other Americans, particularly if 19.4 million of them espouse American ideals, the Constitution and rule of law.

              • Disappointment lies in the self.

              • Also, Maybe you need to start running from the liberal areas. They do not have your best interests in mind.

                • No, I had higher expectations of you…misplaced expectations. I live in a RED flyover…I’m good. Just replying to an ignorant individual who has no clue…as indicated by your initial reply to my post.

        • wow, so you are no better than filthy islam loving fools…..wanting and wishing for americans to die. Since you are like islam, we should hunt you down like a filthy dog.
          WTF kind of person wishes for fellow americans to be wiped away. Not all in those states are bad you fuqtard. There are socialist and commie supporters in every state.
          People like you should never have been born.

        • JS are you in pain?

        • Listen up you little chump.

          There are plenty of God fearing, patriotic and caring men and women in California. Of which, I am one.

          So for your stupid a$$ to comment as you have shows you are part of the problem.

          United we stand, divided we fall.

          Class is in session, go get your late pass and step!

        • NK may well not be much of a threat to CONUS, but they are moving in that direction, thanks to US administrations going at least as far back as Klinton.

          Trump inherited this shit sandwich, and will get the blame for any conflict that arises from it.

          That said, USA has become a bully (only to nations we know can’t effectively fight back).

          OTOH, the rest of the world expects USA to play global cop and pay the freight for their defense, so we SHOULD get some benefit from it. Our NATO “allies” haven’t paid their way for a long time.

        • Watch your mouth I live in Washington and it’s a great state now if they want a nuke Seattle I don’t care

        • Thanks, what a thoughtful comment. I’m sure all the farmers that produce your food and vote Republican really appreciate that.
          Over 3/4 of the land mass in California is as much of a flyover area as Kansas.
          Some of us are not so eager to see people murdered just because of where they live.

          I Hope you and your family stay safe where ever you are.

        • Yes theres lots of smartys in hula land I lived there 38 yrs A strong remnant there And now Im back home “Wash state (: Some hard core preppers here Ready and armed prepped and bloody knees folks Dont get stupid on us now plzzz

        • I lived in Colorado for 35 years and it has changed a lot. But for any of you that think any kind of war with NK would be a good thing, think again! Do you think the two “satellites” that go over US are not EMP? Don’t you think subs can not launch EMP weapons? A single or two EMP weapon would eventually result in a fatality rate of 90%. Do you want that? Let’s tone it down a notch and hope to God that nothing like this happens. God Bless, James
          PS I am the original james

        • I live an hour south of Seattle. If Nkrth Korea took out Tacoma and Seattle, Washinton State would be INSTANTLY a conservative state.

        • Your house first—we have supplied them with the coordinates!

        • Portman has proposed a bill which would make it illegal to critize (((Is real hell))).

          This bill, if past, is a direct assault against Freedom of Speech, and should be opposed without restraint. The bill would give these punks the right to throw anyone in prison for (get this) twenty years and fined $750,000.

          Murderers and rapists have shorter sentences.

          Why worry about Kim, Portman is more dangerous.


        • Agree, those states being ultra left anyway. Would we win against N. Korea? Doubt it, since we haven’t won a war in 72 years anywhere on the planet.

        • yeah, sure, a well thought out comment.

      2. Madness….You will kill millions around the world when every other nation jumps in and fights. It will end the way people live and die forever and life will become a hell on earth, madness…

        • It has happened before and it will happen again and again.

          Oh, does that already include the millions that have been killed in all the current wars around the globe?

      3. War, the ultimate distraction.
        While the TPTB take over everything else.
        What kind of an idiot would use a nuke? Everybody knows no one wins with nukes.

        As much as I have no respect for the Left coast looneys,, we can’t let them melt, with westerly winds,, we all die.

        I say we drop leaflets all ove NK with radio station numbers, internet access points, wifi set ups on the borders, start a movement in their interior by their own people and let their people bring them out of the dark ages.
        Maybe have a big party on the border and offer a few of them come over, feed them, drink with them, plant the seed and send them home. Maybe there wouldn’t have to be a shot fired.
        Yes I know wishful thinking, but better than war.
        Of course that wouldn’t solve the monetary and ultimate control issues that TPTB are trying to keep hidden. And what is the best distraction???
        Oh crap, here we go again.

      4. Yes, when a county asks its citizens to leave a country and restrict travel, some kind of event is coming whether economic or military.

        But, unfolding events such as this is often a staged event
        to bring out a new global aspiration for Global unity.

        Case in point. Gulf War I. President George H.W.Bush’s speech to the country from the Oval office and before Congress to use this time to bring forth A NEW WORLD ORDER.

        Barack Obama said several times that The Old Order is dead.
        Barack Obama was a social engineer. Look at The Muslim Invasion of The U.S.A during his administration and where they were placed to include the invasion form the south of mostly children, and I am excluding Mexico in this narrative.

        What is desired is a person who can bring the world together and solve its problems, like this one. To bring unity. Dissolve national/county/hertiage unity. Install a global outlook(It takes a village). This is a manufactured problem some would say in opinion.

        Question: Why is it a crime to fly the American flag or to display the cross? In America? Something to consider.
        Because our countries leaders has been one of the supporters of it.

        But the foundational beliefs of the country had to be uprooted.

        The upcoming generation will accept a global leader and declare allegiance discarding the sacrifices of their fathers.

        Most of you would call this person the anti-christ.

        But for the world to accept this leader it has to come to a point that it has no other options.

        That means, much fear, death and destruction to come.

        Just my opinion on this matter.

        • Watching and Waiting……I am with you.

        • @ watching and waiting, Agreed!!

      5. How about just stopping the phony bullshit that NK is any threat at all. All to hide the exploding disgust that the American people have for these traitorous warpigs who have taken control of our lives and future. Trump and his handlers trash fake news, everything presented to the public, then threaten war which the fake news cheer unanimously.

        • Yea, their not a threat. We shouldn’t listen to their inbred, psychotic leader who tells us he’s going to nuke the US and that’s their “goal”.

          • Liberty556

            If the US cannot swat out of the sky a North Korean ICBM that is still in its testing phase, and thus doing stopping their testing by closing the classroom, I want a refund on our $500 billion plus military spending.

            No NK is not a threat and they are doing what has worked with previous administrations, shaking the IMF down for money / oil and food. Unfortunately for them this administration is unlike the others and is not paying them off. They are increasing their threats until they get their expected tribute.

            • North Korea learns more from every test. Shoot down their test missiles over the pacific ocean, close the classroom.

          • How retarded Libertard556…

            Because we all know that NK has a desperate desire to be wiped off the face of planet earth in a massive nuclear retaliation.

            The NK leaders are crazy… like a fox. But they are not crazy enough to nuke anyone, unless something like… they get invaded by USA Bigly.

            TP’sTB are certainly aware that many Americans are an emotional bunch… why, just tell them they are going to be attacked (nuked, the hor-er-er-or!), and they’ll fall for it.

            • Their are a million psychotic killers in prison right now. And how many running loose?

              • Don’t move to NK and you will be fine. Just watch out for Amurikas own psychos.

      6. Kim Jung unstable is more of a man than trump will ever be. They both got rich because of their daddies though.

        • “They both got rich because of their daddies though.”

          He turned $100 million into $3.5 billion. That’s a 35X increase, not too shabby considering a shitpile of tradesmen made a shitpile of money building his projects.

          Conversely and unfortunately, virtually everyone I know, with rare exception, would have enjoyed that $100 million.

          • He turned $100 million into $3.5 billion.

            That sure sounds like fractional reserve. . .

            • I read his father left him 1 million. But who knows the truth?

              • Trumps father was worth a little over $400 million when he died. He left each of his four surviving adult children $100 million. Trump turned $100 million into $500 million over the course of 30 years, and in spite of going through four bankruptcies. I guess it takes money to make money. Though he is not a billionaire as he has stated.

                Hopefully Mueller will not secure Trumps tax returns and release them as that truth about him not really being a billionaire will come out if he does. Mueller has no damn business doing that but there’s a good possibility he will. Hope it doesn’t happen as that could get ugly for Trump who is doing the best he can with a punch in the face and a kick in the ass coming at him from every direction as messed up libturds and Dems try to take him down.

                Contrary to popular belief most people born into wealth and left that kind of money actually don’t squander it because they love money too much to do that. They triple their wealth instead, or at least increase it. Very common. That’s what Trump did.

            • No fractional reserve anything. He developed properties. Trump isn’t a banker he’s a builder.

              • Well I was given zero dollars and had to pay for my own education so my return was infinite. Much better I think.

        • Gandhi: You need a big, sharp ENEMA you bozo. I am proud to have voted for TRUMP 2016 & 2020!

          • Don’t get me wrong, I love Trump. But he ain’t no self made man.

      7. £Uck Denver, let it glow.

      8. It takes one to know one, a rogue General calling out a rogue regime. People, enjoy blue skies while you can, this one is going to bite. It is obvious we are unable to stop it. Unable because we are unwilling, unwilling because we are incapable, incapable because we are out maneuvered, out maneuvered because we are unwilling, unwilling because we are incapable. So others will make our decisions for us. Maybe survivors, if there are any, will be able to follow instructions. The bully is in the alley.

      9. There are no commies in Washington John Stiner you ass licker!

        • Anonymous, you say no commies in DC? Whose fantasy world are you from?

        • Really? What about all the Chinese lobbyists running around on Capitol Hill?

      10. Just keep telling North Korea that if anything looking like a missile leaves their air space for U.S. south Korean or Japanese territory that they will become a single piece of glass themselves. They can hide in caves but there will be nothing on the surface to come back to.

        • Jim, I’m pretty sure they know that they’d become glass melted into dirt.
          So why does this nut job keep saying he’s going to do it?

          Or, is he not saying that at all, and the government controlled media is?
          It’s a great way to start a war by saying, “we have to do this before he does it to us.”
          Kind of like, “we need to fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them here.”
          What a tangled web tptb have woven. I’m not sure they even know what to do next.

        • Do you really believe a nuclear exchange on Russia and China’s borders will remain unchallenged? They take us to war to hide themselves from the gallows. But the truth is we do not have the gumption to stop them so the bombs will fall.

        • Jim in Va. and Ketchupondemand, North Korea is a proxy of China. This situation is really between the US and China, NK is just a pawn. Just like, the Ukrainian and Syrian situations are really between the US and Russia.

          These contests/situations are really negotiations regarding the details of the new system that will emerge after this one collapses. China and Russia want a bigger slice of the economic pie.

          As a side note, China and Russia must know that the West is at its weakest at the end of a Ponzie scheme. If they are going to make their move for world leadership/dominance, NOW IS THE TIME.

          Please be advised that we are witnessing the modern day equivalent to the Cuban missile crisis. It is every bit as serious/dangerous as that situation was.

          • Justice

            You make an interesting hypothesis, well thought out.

            “These contests/situations are really negotiations regarding the details of the new system that will emerge after this one collapses. China and Russia want a bigger slice of the economic pie.”

            In regard to Russia, the west in general and the US in specific desire to economical collapse them leaving the US as the sole major power. In this regard Russia desires not necessarily a bigger slice of the pie but rather to maintain its current piece. NK has some bargaining power over China as any Chinese heavy hand can lead to a mass exodus into China. NK’s existence is the buffer that China desires on her border. I completely agree that both see and understand the ponzi scheme that is the US globally dominated world economy. They are using present politics to position themselves in as advantageous position as possible, possibly for mere survival.

            • Kevin2, you state “In this regard Russia desires not necessarily a bigger slice of the pie but rather to maintain its current piece.”

              I totally agree. Do you remember when a very high ranking US official called Russia basically “a gas station?” They were saying that Russia is not a world power, like the Soviet Union was, therefore, their slice of the pie is smaller.

              And when people were discussing whether America was “indespensible?” That we should still get a large wedge of economic pie.

              People must remember the Brenton Woods system was negotiated after WWII and America and Russia were the victorious parties; consequently they shared control of the world until the Soviet Union collapsed.

              I believe a similar negotiation is occurring now, WITHOUT having to fight WWIII to determine ownership shares! We will see if they can negotiate terms without fighting a major war to who gets what.

              What do you think of my hypothesis?

              • Remember Russians are some of the best chess players in the world , Because they can think far ahead? I often debate the fall of the Bolshavics?

              • “What do you think of my hypothesis?”

                I think there is a war on for control of the world and its resources. This war is proxy in the use of violence and direct in economics as sanctions are a weapon of attack. In this respect your correct but the west has no plan whatsoever of sharing control of the world. This is an advancement of the west with the goal of complete capitulation of everyone and everything. Summed up, on one side advancement, the other, survival.

      11. The NK’s are gonna nuke us!!!
        The NK’s are gonna nuke us!!!
        Now buy a bunch of stuff from our advertisers!!!

      12. oy vey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      13. Gee, Slavo must have completely MISSED the rampant purchasing of the major US pork and poultry producers here in the USA. While I do believe the NORK’s Malignant Dwarf, is a true danger, the PRC would have to spend billions of yuan they do not have to try and restore US agriculture outpout for thier citizenry. I don’t see that occurring without FatKim getting deposed by the PRC.

      14. You ass wipes who talk that it would be good for those states to get nuked. MILLION of people suffer and die. You are all sick mother forkers. I hope all of you RINO’s suffer and die real soon, like today

        • They voted for hellery. calif is a sacuntary state. Entire place full of hollywierd idiots,commies and queers. The good folks should have left. I suppose their too stupid? Nope the left and right coast wouldn’t get any sympathy from me. I don’t like this Korea bull crap. We just need to leave the region. Pull up stakes and leave. Tell the UN China & Russia he is your problem you solve it.

          • Old Guy

            “The good folks should have left.”

            You do realize that good folks work, pay their bills, educate their children. They have jobs that allow them to meet their responsibilities. Its unfortunate that they’re economically locked into the likes of NY or California. I was in NJ but was fortunate to have worked on its border and fled. Friends that worked too far inland, stone cold conservatives had no choice but to stay until pension.

            This is the reality of life.

            • The reality of life is people are too financially irresponsible and lock themselves into bullshit. I quit my job in 90 in Idaho and sold my excess stuff and left to another state with 400 bux in my pocket and did great! Sure ya got to start over but if your not a moron it isn’t that hard. People are just too addicted to living beyond their means. Fuck them, if they haven’t left then they deserve thier fate. I’m sure they can sell their place in commieland for a good price but oh noooo, too much stupid debt and one skill wonders. I can move ANYWHERE I want right now but I found a place I like that is ultra conservative and safe. People make their beds, they now have to lay in them (or not)…

              • In fact my wife is from commiefornia (northern) she flat out quit a 90K per year job and now doesn’t have to work. How is that you ask? Because she isn’t a MORON and saved and prepped and sold her house for a nice profit and didn;t live high on the hog. Bought a house here for CASH and still has a nice stash. Oh the irony of a well paid professional that isn’t addicted to shopping and living like a king (queen). No kids, NO debt, NO bullshit, just paid for older cars and a security blanket. Same with me, NO debt, NO payments, paid for cabin and land, we both have a shitload of preps. Imagine that! (if you can)…..

                • Cull the idiots because I’m tired of listening to them whine about how they can’t afford their self induced shit lol.

              • Genius

                Walk away from a blue collar job that with a bit of OT pays $100K / yr with great benefits?

                Thats grossly irresponsible.


            • Calif is in a race to the bottom with Ill. And folks in Ill pack their bags and simply leave. No jobs. the exorbant pension debt has caused such high taxes that folks walk off and leave paid for homes. years ago many folks from Arkansas and nearby states went north to Rockford. In Pocahontas Ar. The starhearld newspaper in the 1960’s mailed more papers to Rockford than it sold locally. Now those folk’s and their children are leaving in droves. Ill loses the equalelent of the population of Peoria every year. If your in Calif look at Ill your next. I cant afford to leave is a lame excuse. I left Randolph County Ark. Because of the liberal socialist folks who where running the show. All they ever did was raise taxes. They put up a 25 million dollar bond issue to finance a chicken processing plant. Folks go millions of dollars in debt to build chicken grower houses. stinking polluting chicken houses. I grew up there but I left and went 200 miles west. Newton and Searcy county’s. poorest county’s in the state. Less than one half of one percent a race other than white. Best thing I ever did for my grandchildren.

        • Dark: Relax, take your prozac and you also need a flaming Enema clearly…

      15. We invaded Iraq because Saddam had “weapons of mass destruction” which our allies also believed to be true. Nothing was found, but the military industrial complex got richer. Now we are told North Korea is developing nuclear weapons which our allies say is true while the press conspires with the government to promote this story. We will go to war so the MIC can once again enrich their coffers while the American tax payer foots the bill with their blood and treasure. A war which could very well be the last straw that causes our teetering economy to collapse.

        There has not been a decade since WW2 that the U.S. has not been in some type of military conflict. The American people are no safer but the powerful few keep getting richer and more powerful. We have been caught in a whirlwind which will eventually tear this country apart. The elite want to destroy this republic as they conspire to form a world government that will bring the control over the people that they have been clamoring for for ages. There is no political recourse left to the people only revolution. Be prepared.

        • Hence the reason for the police state. They watch, ready for the one or the many, that would arise to seek redress. Think massive and spontaneous. The Minuteman reborn. Otherwise you’ll get the Bundy treatment.

          • The bendy treatment, the Waco treatment, the ruby ridge treatment. Organize and die? Even so Lord come soon??

            • Gonna die anyway, might as well die fighting for your freedom. I believe in our Constitution and my God given rights and will not give either up lightly.

      16. The really bad thing about attacking N.Korea is that many millions would die in south Korea, as Seoul is just a few dozen miles from the north Korean border.
        Among those who would die would be some 29,000 USA soldiers and approximately 70,000 more USA citizens that live there.

        Is ruining the fat little shit Kim Jong Un’s day worth this kind of loss? Really? So far Kim’s diarrhea mouth has been the only attack on our country, and, how are we legally the world’s police department? Because we’re “exceptional”?

        • The fact is, NK has been playing this “we’re gonna get you” game for years. It is bluster. Anyone who believes NK is going to nuke Amurika just because, is a retard.

          Now, why attack NK, and give them the excuse to do just that?

          NK has 20,000 plus artillery pieces, plus rocket launchers, plus conventional missiles, buried in hardened bunkers in hill/mountain sides all pointed and SK and Japan. I was reading just the other day how some pentacon perfume prince strategist believes we can wipe those out in a matter of just a couple of hours with massive air-strikes, preventing NK from massively retaliating on SK and Japan… in a pipe-dream.

          Hundreds of thousands, if not millions will die… because idiots in DC want you to believe NK wants to nuke Amurika… just for the hell of it.

      17. Maybe not this, year, maybe not next year, but eventually the usa is going to start something with north korea be it military strikes or trying to take out the leadership; they just can’t let it become a threat to the lower 48.

        and the usa is in the same boat with iran, at some point they will have to confront it too once it starts getting close to being able to fire missles long range.

        Those is the future and it’s the fault of both bushes, bill Clinton and Obama; they had north korea and iran essentially fighting with rocks and sticks but rather than keep them down until their people revolted and overthrew the govts; they enabled them to become nuclear threats.
        yes, those countries would have killed and starved many of it’s own people in that kind of change; but there are always horrific costs when a horrible govt is dealt with; no dealing with both may be horrific for many people that are not their citizens; good thing we waited.

        • Don’t forget Jimmy Carter in his quest to redeem his failed presidency. He’s the main culprit.

        • Where do you people come from? Amurika goes global-coptrotting flexing its muscles like a bully, proclaiming “You WILL do this or else”, and when these countries protest with threats of their own… they’re the “bad guys”.

          And ya just gotta love the magic crystal-balls some of you have (lena) to proclaim that at some point we’re going to have to confront NK and Iran head-on, because…?

          Because if we don’t, they’ll nuke us… because… just for the hell of it… because… they really want to be wiped off the face of the planet in retaliation.

          Iran: Shia – Not apocalyptic.

          Saudi Arabi and it’s coalition: Sunni/Wahhabi – Is apocalyptic.

          Seriously, some of you have the foresight of a sun-baked worm. Just keep an eye on Turkey, and the Sunni/Wahhabi coalition. And when they move on the Shia/Persian countries and assimilate them into a broad Sunni/Wahhabi Caliphate, then you better start worrying. And Israel will rue the day the choices it made.

          • Maybe it comes down too. Either our evil bastards are in charge. Or their evil bastards are in charge?

            • LMAO. NK? In charge of… what? NK?

      18. Another United States Corporation Government and Private Banker Psychopath War-to cover the LEGION of crimes of the most treasonous criminal genocidal vile evil disgusting psychopath controlled government the world has ever known and witnessed. Epic times to be alive to witness the apocalypse, and the treasonous psychopaths power and control of an entire population of dumbed down disease ridden COWARDS, being led willingly to another war and slaughter of their children, once again as history repeats itself in hell….epic, epic, epic times to be alive….Thank you Creator for making me a Witness to this Fallen Angel Freak Show of damned and doomed New Babylon America.

        • Seems about right.

      19. There is nothing funny about writing off portions of our westernmost states, or that of our far east allies, particularly re nuclear yields. Military personnel, their families….. those who actually bear the brunt of these engagements find no levity. Only FOOLS do !!!

        Often it’s fools and arm chair tacticians with no military experience whatsoever who often display this cavalier and nonsensical view. For those who voice such views.. you better pray to GOD, the Great Pumpkin, or whatever you pray to, that no nukes get touched off.
        The untold loss of life will be staggering, the world will be plunged into a severe economic depression.
        As I see it we appear to be at a stage dangerously similar to WW 1, only this time with nukes. I believe we will prevail, but the costs can rapidly escalate beyond tabletop scenarios. You better hope that Sec Tillerson can find a solution, because no madman can be allowed to threaten this nation with Nukes. End.

        • It would seem that the leader of NK would fall into the category of armchair tactician with his cavalier attitudes.

          We don’t need a war right now (or any time really). This time in history seems especially precarious for the reasons you noted.

      20. There is nothing funny about writing off portions of our westernmost states, or that of our far east allies, particularly re nuclear yields. Military personnel, their families….. those who actually bear the brunt of these engagements find no levity. Only FOOLS do !!!

        Often it’s fools and arm chair tacticians with no military experience whatsoever who often display this cavalier and nonsensical view. For those who voice such views.. you better pray to GOD, the Great Pumpkin, or whatever you pray to, that no nukes get touched off.
        The untold loss of life will be staggering, the world will be plunged into a severe economic depression.
        As I see it we appear to be at a stage dangerously similar to WW 1, only this time with nukes. I believe we will prevail, but the costs can rapidly escalate beyond tabletop scenarios. You better hope that Sec Tillerson can find a solution, because no madman can be allowed to threaten this nation with Nukes. End.

      21. Disregarding the fact that governments start wars to hide their fiduciary malfeasance if we look at the words and actions of North Korea over the years it is very likely that Shorty thinks he is a great poker player. Remember they took the Pueblo and Nixon blinked. Clinton opted to pass the problem on to later administrations by negotiating a BS deal where we gave them FRN’s and they gave us the finger. W Bush was too busy building his police state to pay attention to NK and I doubt that Soetoro was sober long enough to sit through a complete security briefing.

        Now the flaccid pipsqueak is testing missiles and no one knows whether or not they are armed. To say that living in South Korea or Japan is rough on the nerves would be the understatement of the year. Whether the action is to take our eyes off of the problems created by the Federal Reserve or a genuine attempt to eliminate a potential threat seems irrelevant as the likelihood of conflict is almost a certainty.

      22. If you have to kick ass then kick ass before they can hit the US. May be little computer thing can be inserted to blow up the NK nuclear arsenal in place. Ooopsy sorry about that looks like they goofed up.

      23. LOL… if a nuke hit the big island of Hawaii… The entire state would just be gone… nothing left. Early warning system… What a joke.

        • Ya, as if Ige and his goons could do anything meaningful or affective

      24. Oh, the sabre, how doth it rattle?
        The cries for war,
        between the sheep and the cattle.

        Stand strong and firm in an iron pose,
        while the leaders run under,
        as the bunker doors close.

        Do not fear of the coming savage and their sages.
        Whom welcome you,
        to the new middle ages.

        • QUOTE~ Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged sword. It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind. And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and the mind has closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry. Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear and
          blinded by patriotism, will offer up all of their rights unto the leader and gladly so. How do I know? For this is what I have done. And I am Caesar.

          • OMG, that is an incredible quote. I have to share this. Thanks

          • “If my Soldiers were to begin to think, not one of them would remain in the Army.”

            -Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor

      25. North Korea has a highly developed cloaking technology and can use it to hide most types of weaponry that can easily go undetected until its too late, which is the whole objective of the cloaking technology.

      26. The west coast is already being nuked. The radiation leaking from Japans melting nukes has and is already there.

        • And this must be covered up . By a North Korean nuke?

      27. This is a good clip: U.S. FORCES PREPARING FOR ALL OUT WAR WITH NORTH KOREA. Notice that at around 2 min Nikki Haley US Ambassador to the United Nations, states that China has a choice to make regarding NK.

        China is NOT helping us with NK because NK is acting on China’s behalf.

        • Also, note that at around 4 min 30 sec they discuss a high altitude (EMP) detonation and its effects.

      28. As America goes broke under international jewish usury its time to propagate another war and attack another country. The internationalist can kill off some more white soldiers,steal some Korean resources,and put north Korea under the petro dollar banking cartel..oy vey it’s a win win for the international Israeli mafia..

        • Yep Bill, Bingo, Short, truthful and precise. Ditto!!

      29. Another Korean War? Can you say Yalu River? War with North Korea? Just stupid.

        War with North Korea would be war with China. Where do you think Pyongyang has been getting all its missile technology from; not to mention the food to feed its people with. Come on, people. All this war- and fear-mongering over a country with the GDP of Texas. And this time, Russia would not be content to sit on the side lines like they did in 1950.

        My Dad was an officer in the U.S. Army when the “Korean Conflict” broke out. Even without nuclear weapons (China would not get the nuclear bomb until 1964.), China was kicking our butts over there.

        So what if Pyongyang get the bomb. The first time they use it on the U.S. or an ally and its World War 3. Doomsday.

        Not that World War 3 would be such a bad thing. The Earth is evil. Nobody would miss it if it were gone.

        • Why does the world speak of missile tech as though it was magic. Damn, the US built the B52 that’s thill flying along with ICBM’s with freaking slide rules and 1950 tech that is nearly 70 years old now.

          Why would anyone question the ability of a small determined country from developing said weapons in 2017?

          It used to be a complex design problem in 1960 to design a spring, an engineer could spend days getting it just right. Now an idiot can download a program off the internet and design a spring in hours with out an engineering degree or prior experience.

          This crap that it will take N Korea years is utterly preposterous.

          • Makes sense to me being someone who has reverse engineered tons o shit over the years

      30. I take it back. North Korea doesn’t have the GDP of Texas. North Korea only has the GDP of Kentucky. At least Kentucky can afford to keep the lights on at night. That is more than Pyongyang can do.

      31. War with North Korea? Oh, come on. The United States is on the verge of complete social, economic and certainly political collapse, and it wants war and more war. And not just war abroad, but war at home (with our militarized police forces). Sick. Insane.

        The U.S. is the biggest debtor nation on Earth. The U.S. is broke and just one CR away from default and bankruptcy. And it has the nerve to continue with this endless saber-rattling? Sick. Insane.

        Any country that stays on a permanent war-footing goes insane. Our military has been in one or another since World War 2, and is in terrible shape. In order to fill its ranks the military now has to take women as combat soldiers. Twenty (20) percent of our military forces are made up of foreigners. Mercenaries. Twenty (20) percent of the homeless here in the U.S. are veterans.

        These endless wars and war-mongering has destroyed the U.S. Our economy is on the verge of collapse. Certainly a retail collapse.

        Look at our cities. Look at Detroit. Look at the states of Illinois, New York, California, Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, and Massachusetts (to name a few) — all within a few years of going bust.

        And yet, all this country can do is lay down one economic sanction after another. Sick. Insane.

        • Seems like our death rattle?

        • I would agree: look at today’s youth and tell me they are good material for the US military in a time of war? What military can sustain a war when it has troops worried about their LGBT rights, or moaning and complaining about how their ‘black lives matter’?

          North Korea wants trade. Trade is the best way to deal with North Korea. Europe does this; Canada does this; China does this; Russia does this. In fact, North Korea represents an amazing economic opportunity right now and is on the cusp of being the next China: smart, disciplined, low-cost workers who can work in the tech sector (in comparison to Africans, who are bitches to try and get to work in a disciplined fashion).

          Korean food is awesome, Korean women are even more awesome. Why would you start a war with that?

      32. To be scared of a one bomb country (one bomb and NK is over) is a little amusing to me. That they can barely get a missile of the launch pad, but somehow will destroy us with an EMP. Amusing.

        What is really going on? Why are we readying to war with NK? We will never get the truth from the federal propaganda media, or the war mongers. The reality is we are the henchmen. We are the NWO. Countries not going along, are our enemies. This has been the case since the 9/11 false flag that was intended to open the doors to war with countries not wanting a NWO. And, we have been tearing them apart ever since.

        But this is different. Because this country can take out its neighboors, as they are one bomb countries as well. This could end in the worst humanitarian disaster of all time. And then the world sees us for who we are, and hates us more than ever. China and Russia currently see us as something they will eventually have to deal with, and this could push them into dealing with us. People have been seeing visions of America’s end since America’s beginning. One of the most interesting is from our first president. The GW vision for America just may come to pass. Very soon!

        • Illegal Mexican already destroyed this country. Mexico bombed us with Mexican restaurants, welfare moms and drug cartels.

          • Good point.

          • They sure do mow laws nicely and lay block pretty good too. For the most part I see Mexicans through the eyes of my Italian ancestors. They’re hard working, Catholic, family orientated with unfortunately a criminal underclass among them. Given two or three at most generations and they’ll blend right in. They will because of the three reasons aforementioned bypass the indigenous African Americans who will continue to remain in last place.

        • Its a distraction, these government assholes dont want us little people paying attention to them because they know we are getting sick of their bullshit,
          The want us scared and compliant not empowered and confident, i say too late, theres enough who are sick and tired of their shit, representAtives who no longer represent and a bureaucracy at all levels that is fucking us

          • you are so right Sir.

          • Good thing for them we are cowards and the NRA disarmed anybody who J-walked from having a gun.

            • Gandhi

              You make up facts to fit your narrative.

              The NRA is the difference between the US, Canada, Australia and the UK. All similar in culture, language and law. Have a carry permit or don’t need one due to Constitutional Carry? Thank the NRA. Have a Bushmaster? Thank the NRA and its foresight of putting a 10 yr expiration in the Clinton 1994 ban.

      33. Have you heard the expression “theatre of war?”

        (((Who))) controls the ordinary types of theatre?

        (((Who))) loves fake pseudo/reality more than anything else?

        Show biz today, coming to a nearby screen. . .

        • The children of Satan?

      34. North Korea and Iran are targeted as they lack a wej-controlled central bank. . .

      35. Go for it, reALLy dont care

      36. The USA is the rogue nation, NOT North Korea!

        • Read some of the reports from escaping North Koreans . A woman got public execution for possession of two South Korean movies . And three generations of her family was sentenced to torture ,starvation , rape , hard labor work camps for those two movies. You are the domestic enemy.

          • So, you are so concerned, you are going to get yer gun, travel to NK, and White Knight to save the NK’ens?

            Then you call someone a “domestic enemy” because they are not of your neocon flavor.

            Yep. You are one of those “super patriots”.

      37. Joy! in the Last day’s There Will be War’s And Rumors of War’s.Bend over Place Your Head Firmly Between Your Leg’s So You Can Kiss your Ass Good Bye

      38. Lots of interesting comments on this post.
        I make just one demand, if we are to go to war
        Congress must pass a law declaring such a war
        and the president must sign it.
        Anything less is criminal.
        We have wasted too many lives and bodies
        due to Democrats and RINOs.
        I hate, despise, and want to kill
        half the American public.
        They want the same fate for me.
        The only thing we have in
        common is a constitution that
        allows us to live together.
        Let’s follow its rules once again.

        • Con gress,,,

        • The US Congress is a huge joke and disgrace and that is both sides of the fence especially the Left. Congress and the Gov’t in general is supposed to be here to SERVE the will of the people, of the citizens. Gov’t is and has been failing us tremendously!

      39. I lived in California off and on for about five years total. The fruit and vegetables were plentiful and priced way below what they sold for after being shipped east. Then I read an article about how the soil out there was deeply poisoned by decades of pesticide use. I try not to think of that as I sit here and eat California plums. Even the pope is pushing gmos.

      40. This is a satanic evil American government because we had all of our rights violated and they kidnapped our 3 kids and we got the documents right here to prove it. There is child trafficking going on by cps and the police and sheriff’s department.

        • Isn’t it obvious?

      41. I don’t usually comment on this site, but today Mr. John Stine pissed me off. I live in Washington State, about 100 miles east of Seattle. In a whole town that is FULL of Patriots.! Mr. John Stine, would you care to come here and call me a Communist to my Face? I dare you.

        • Sect 8,

          Cle Ellum? Teanaway? Ellensberg?

          I used to hunt Elk in the Taneum creek area.
          Welcome to the site!
          Yes those areas are full of patriots,
          but have to deal with Seattle vermin during
          hunting season.
          Know what a Seattle elk is? I don’t
          either, but they look like a Holstein cow.
          It is an old joke and you have to be a local to
          appreciate it.

        • Calm down 8 . We are just pissed you are outnumbered 10 to 1.

        • ?right on bud??

        • Hey Sec 8, relax, pipe down junior and go and change your panties. I am the hall monitor on this site.

      42. It’s a different world today and the US is a fallen empire quickly in decay…anything and everything can and will happen.

        • When I first went to Cali. I met a Cali girl that said she was a native . So I asked her what tribe. I guess we either walked here from China or sailed here from were ever? Maybe the original natives were wiped out by the Chinese walkers. They probably fought hard? But we will maybe never know?

      43. how else will the nwo kill 90% of americas population….

      44. It is ABSOLUTELY insane to even entertain the idea that allowing any state in our union to be nuked is a good thing. We don’t need no little child dictator to handle our problems folks. We deal with them head on as we always do eventually. I don’t agree with liberals or progressives but so long as they are peaceful, I know ‘BIG IF’ then I will also remain peaceful but if they attack me or mine or someone without just cause in my presence then they will be dealt with. No need for outside intervention. I truly hope all the ‘states being nuked as a good thing’ is just venting and nothing more.

      45. I have been reading a lot of literature on Wheat. The major one is “Wheat Belly” by Dr. William Davis. He makes the case that obesity and other health problems of Americans is due to the genetic modifications of wheat. When I started prepping, I purchased about 200 pounds of wheat grain of different types. I also have a lot of wheat pasta. Millet and sorghum don’t have gluten and are low in lectins. I’ve stocked up on both grains and plan to use my wheat as barter (after milling). Has anyone heard of a company making freeze-dried entrees using sorghum/millet pasta as opposed to wheat? Thanks

      46. North Korea is not threat to anyone but South Korea. They are fully aware that any unilateral attack on anyone – including South Korea – will bring the US into the war and they will lose.

        They are also fully aware that any use of a nuclear weapon in any circumstances except in defense against a unilateral United States attack on NK would result in their being obliterated by nuclear means.

        The North Koreans are brutal and ruthless but they are not stupid or crazy. That is a fantasy people bring up who want to start a war.

        Any war between the US and NK, as Dunford stated, would be horrific. Pentagon war games predict 50,000 US casualties in the first 90 days, with a potential for 250,000 US casualties if the war continues. That is ONE QUARTER of the ENTIRE US military!

        This will not be a war like Iraq or Afghanistan where it takes five or ten years to reach 4-5,000 US casualties. This will 5,000 US casualties a WEEK.

        Not to mention a million dead Koreans on each side of the border, starting with Seoul which is within range of NK’s artillery and rockets.

        Anyone who thinks the US can “take out” North Korea easily is ignorant and stupid.

        And as far as the recent claims of a NK “ICBM”, no, it is not. All they did was take a short-range IRBM and add a second stage to it. They can’t guide it or aim it, let alone put a nuke warhead on it. And the rocket as is even with the second stage could only hit somewhere in Alaska, which is 1,500 miles away from the rest of the continental US. Everything else you read about this alleged “ICBM” is bullcrap.

        • And you know these facts how Richard? Did any body ever think maybe we are just trying to scare the nutty bastard by bluffing him? And for you good folks in California, voting Nancy Pelosi in, time after time doesn’t really say alot about your love for this country, if there was so many good conservatives as you say, wtf are you doing on election day? Just saying

        • Ignorant and stupid? Consider the use of Nutron bombs?

        • Who has access to satalite data? Who do we believe? Do North Korean escapies lie to get sanctuary? Truth. Who dares to claim it? We are pawns. Until a higher power intervenes?

        • Agree: Americans totally flipped out when the death rate in the Vietnam war hit 800 a week in the late 1960s; now imagine that being the death rate every half day: that would be the Korean War 2.0. Americans could not psychologically take it and Dunford knows it. He knows he is sitting on a US military that has only one option in a war with North Korea: go for a total obliteration and a campaign that does not exceed a month, or do not attack. The US military and the American public would break after a couple months of very high death rates in any war.

          • The US wouldn’t step foot into NK and shouldn’t. The US death rate peaked during Tet 1968 in which 4200 US troops died between Jan through March for approximately 400 per week. Your point is well made that the casualties would be sufficiently politically prohibitive considering the overall perceived threat.

            NK is a threat to SK but not the USA. If the US which surrounded Russia with anti ballistic missiles can’t shoot down at will any ICBM leaving NK airspace I want a refund on our military budget.

            This is a MIC sales job, nothing more.

      47. I’m going to postulate something here on the nature of this whole saber rattling.

        Say we do hit North Korea? What then?
        This is truly “tin foil hat” theorizing so, let’s do this…
        North Korea hits back. Say that they have the magic EMP devices embedded in their 2 satellites. They detonate them one after the other over the middle of Kansas, the other over the middle of Tennessee, altitude of 200 miles. Just enough lower limit to still cover 100% of the USA, Canada and northern parts of Mexico, entirety of the Caribbean Islands and all those island nations.
        Next up, since they’re already on the worlds’ list of being “not so nice”, they decide to put into action a biological attack – only on those areas that have high population density. NYC, Washington,D.C., San Fransisco, LA, etc, etc. you get the picture.
        Imagine a country with no power (due to the EMP burst) coupled that with a biologic attack on the population…
        Then comes the disgruntled illegals that have been living in these areas for years, stirred up by agitators…

        We’d get screwed. Royally. Think about it – the national debt? Gone. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Americans dead inside of 12 months due to the biologic and starvation. Not to count (but count one must…) of the riots and gang violence that would be over the top and off the chain. We’d be at the 1800’s again in a matter of hours, if not days. Our military would be fighting here in the streets of the USA, as well as in Korea. They’re still fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq, parts of Syria. They’d be totally on their own.

        I know, there’s some here that think that scenario couldn’t possibly play out – but all I ask is that you think about it. Certainly there’s been tests done on EMP and it’s effects, but that’s mostly been classified and restricted to only military hardware. Your common ordinary cell phone does not have rad hardened integrated circuits in them, nor does your computers. Your red-dot sights doesn’t have them. LED’s won’t work. They’re semi-conductor junctions will glow brightly for 2 microseconds then go off…forever. Vehicles won’t run properly or at all – especially those made since at the least 2004 or so. Too many sensors, all solid state. Even if it’s inside a solid metal body – it still has a wire attached to it, that makes it an antenna. If there’s standby current flowing – then it’ll be compromised.

        But, getting back to the subject matter – If we hit North Korea – we’d best be ready for at least a 3 punch strike back. EMP or some such from above, local cells dumping biologics or chemicals in the water reservoirs, public places (shopping malls, food stores, etc.) and the cells formed from others that only want one thing – this Country to fall.
        Be well,

        • North Korean sleeper cells? No , they would never do that to us? We are special. And how did they get in in the first place? We are probably being blackmailed. Trick or treat.?

          • Traitor Hator… you really are an emotional little girl. OMG! OMG! OMG! The N. Koreans are gonna nuke us just because! And, and, and… sleeper cells in Amurika too! We are doomed if do not attack NK!

        • Agree: the US military cannot simultaneously fight within the US and overseas in a major war. That would break the military pronto. And the US is so internally unstable any agitator coud kick things off and set all the cities alight in civil unrest. Think about the morale impact on troops of that:

          CNN: “Washington, D.C. burned for a second night as riots spread into Virginia and the National Guard urged all residents to stay at home.”

          Aboard aircraft carrier: “Yo, Leroy: ain’t dat yo mother who lives in Virginia?”
          Leroy: “Sheeet! I hope ma pregnant sista stay safe.”
          Colonal Whiteman: “Stop watching TV and suit up: we’re going in tonight. The 82nd Airborne are trapped near Pyongyang and don’t have much time left.”
          Leroy: ” What about my sista!!!! Whiteman!!! What about her and this stupid ass war!!!!”
          Whiteman: “The President loves us and wouldn’t ask us to make the sacrifice if he didn’t believe it necessary.”
          Leroy: “Buuuuuu sheet! (lunges at Whiteman).”

      48. Nutron bombs will be used. Arguably the most humane weapon of mass extermination? Feel sorry for the birds and livestock. Not the North Korean government employees. The North Korean starving enslaved peasants. Are probably praying for any end to their misery. Even so Lord come soon??

      49. Why was North Korea allowed to progress this far? They had to have known it would progress to this! Let’s see, start a war, then it progresses to a global nuclear war. Then a global government out of what’s left.

      50. I dont believe that Korea would nuke us or make an EMP attack because they know they would be vaporized.
        Since the truce to end the Korean War, I dont remember N Korea attacking anyone. Do you ?

      51. Too stupid to see that TPTB get exactly what they want courtesy of the controlled manipulated US Military…and they also get rid of the American problem as well…it’s a shame the posters here can’t see beyond their brainwashing. TPTB OWN the upper ranks of the us military, all of them compromised, they are captive because they are blackmailed by their perversions that are held over their heads. They will do exactly what their handlers tell them to do (MIC)…the real Patriots were already purged from the ranks long ago. There is not one flag ranked military man that has spoken sanely in the face of all the US conflicts in 50 years.

      52. The planned destruction is definitely quickening, all out plans to kill off most of the masses are being pushed by the US deep state to enact the final plan of total dominance. A former Cia member close to dying at age 79 says building 7 at the 9-11 complex was set up to collapse by planted charges to demolish the building. He worked in the actual demolition. All offices in building 7 were occupied by Cia controlled related operations. Macron of France is a Rothschild plant, ordering all French citizens to receive vaccinations by next year. America will attempt this also. There is not much time left for Americans to unite toward a response to complete tyranny. How can this nations people be so divided in the face of our own governments plan to annihilate all freedom and justice? That may have already happened in reality.

        • Alijamo:

          Babies are poisoned as soon as they are born. A baby is born with natural immunization from the mother. Women who wish to have healthy babies should stay home to birth. Hospitals are full of germs. And doctors are either corrupt or uninformed. Doctors killed women and their babies with their dirty hands before sterilization was introduced. Doctors are not gods. Don’t give them blind faith.

          Only go to a doctor for trauma, broken bones and the like. They can be helpful in diagnostic questions. There are some diseases that do require a doctor. But healthy people who submit to vaccination or allow their children to be vaccinated are asking to receive poison including Cancer. Yes, I said Cancer. Vaccines are contaminated with Cancer.

          _ ??????


      53. Can’t imagine how ANYONE could think the detonation of a nuke ANYWHERE on US soil would,be a good thing. Just one say in California, would crash the stock market, our banking system would implode overnight/. The dollar would tank and our supply chain would crumble, once the trucks stop rolling, food and fuel dries up. The welfare cards stop working and we are faced with armed insurrection in a host of major cities. With hunger and riots disease would break out somewhere overwhelming an already fragile health delivery system. Washington DC would be chaos, Trump would be under massive pressure to launch an overwhelming response, leading to probable retaliation from China and possibly Russia ( although the smart play by Russia would be to sit out the early fighting) and come in on the side that appears to be winning(which they have done before). If we engage with China, the Middle East goes up like dry kindling, with possible nuclear exchanges between Israel and Iran. There’s a good chance that in this scenario the Indians and Pakistanis go at it and we have a world at war. While speculation I think this scenario has a high probability of occurring. On the other hand attacking Korea pre-emptively is equally fraught with peril. Inevitable war with China and IMO much greater likelihood of Russia siding with China under this scenario. Europe would abandon US should we attack first effectively killing NATO, tempting the Russians to act and clear what they perceive as a threat once and for all. As before the Middle East and Asia would prodably be fighting in a week.
        So what do we do, IMO nothing. Build our defenses and attempt to blunt Korea diplomatically, while a sucky option it is preferable to a world war many of us will not survive.

      54. Ahem…..
        One of Russia’s principal contributions to humanity was the ‘scud in a shipping container’. If anyone here thinks that L’il Kim can’t launch 50 from Long beach, 30 from San Diego, 45 from Chorpus Christi, and 100 from Baltimore at the drop of a hat you are profoundly retarded. All of their work with the exception of the solid fuel SLBMs are scud based. This places ALL of conus under attack threat. Immediately. Period. The REAL issue is why past administrations gave them money,food and oil that they could develop the warheads in the first place.

      55. General Dunford where is the Potassium Iodide being distributed?

      56. Never underestimate human ingenuity when it comes to doing harm. On the surface, North Korea is no match for the United States but that doesn’t mean that they can’t hurt us. We’ll have to expect some kind of retaliation but just how much and how will it come?

      57. I am totally opposed to war with NK. I liked Reagan’s approach to Momar Qaddafi in Libya that kept him quite for years. Which under Killery and McShame another wrong killing look at it now.
        Iraq and Sadamm, wrong killing too.
        Not for killing Assad either.
        In fact, I’m not for implementing any Globalist War Agenda.

        Hell as it turns out in WWII we defended the wrong side, “The Communists”. Heck, look what they have done to this country today aka Cultural Transformation!!
        Sick of what has happened to Our Vets and there post war care!!!!!!
        The Muh Russia is really about stopping DJT from exposing the usurpation of the US Institutions and Political Offices. Just look at Arab Spring and Ukraine but ya gotta look deeply.
        I wish the Military would give a big FU to the war and invade Congress and transport the Constitutional violators to Guantanamo, like today.

        Lying War Pricks!!!!

      58. So. We will now be a war with this upstart Israeli protoge’ puppet in North Korea along with illegals, street gangs, drug cartels. muslims, refugees, BLM and Antifa.

        The military needs to get off its collective butt and start defending the country from enemies DOMESTIC.

      59. It’s VERY stupid to warn them about it!!!!!!!!!

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