Black Death: ‘It’s 100 % Likely’ It Spreads To The UK And A ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ Ready To Decimate The World

by | Nov 14, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Experts | 22 comments

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    The death toll in Madagascar due to the plague has jumped for the first time since health officials claimed the infection was in the beginning stages of control.  With the new uptick in those who died, the fear that the disease will spread to the United Kingdom has been confirmed as “100 percent likely.”

    The plague death toll has now shown signs that it’s picking up speed again.  Official figures reveal 165 people have now lost their lives in Madagascar’s “worst outbreak in 50 years.” Recent data shows a 15 percent jump in fatalities over just three days, coupled with scientists concerned that the black death has reached a “crisis” point. Ten other African countries have also been placed on high alert, warning that an outbreak could occur at any time.

    At least 2,034 people have been infected down by a more lethal form of the black death so far in the country, which lies off the coast of Africa, according to WHO statistics. Some experts fear the disease (which is so deadly because it is airborne) could mutate and become untreatable during this year’s outbreak – which is expected to blight Madagascar until April. Others worry the plague will go beyond mainland Africa and eventually reach the US, Europe, and Britain.  The plague spreads easily and can kill within 48 hours.  That would leave millions more vulnerable to the outbreak, and create a short supply of life-saving antibiotics.

    According to the Daily Mail, experts warn the outbreak of plague in Madagascar this year is being fueled by a strain more lethal than the one which usually strikes the country.  This form of the pneumonic plague is airborne, easily spread by a cough or a sneeze, and has been responsible for two-thirds of all infections this year. The bubonic form of the plague, responsible for the “Black Death” in the 14th century strikes the country each year and infects around 600 people. But with over 2000 alread infected by pneumonic plague (and counting) health officials aren’t willing to quit sounding alarms just yet.

    Paul Hunter, a professor of health protection at the world-renowned University of East Anglia, was the first expert to predict the plague could travel across the sea. He previously said: “The big anxiety is it could spread to mainland Africa, it’s not probable, but certainly possible, that might then be difficult to control. If we don’t carry on doing stuff here, at one point something will happen and it will get out of our control and cause huge devastation all around the world.” There is always a risk with travel that the disease will spread globally, Hunter added.

    “We don’t want a situation where the disease spreads so fast it gets out of control. We are talking about it spreading in days rather than weeks.”  But Hunter is adamant that a well-developed country could manage the plague should a global outbreak occur. Hopefully, most will never have to find out how well another country can manage this infection.

    A few health experts have warned that there is no threat to the UK, however, some have warned the plague outbreak will certainly spread to the region. Richard Conroy, the founder of Sick Holiday, has sent a chilling warning to UK authorities. Conway is saying it’s “only a matter of time” before the disease arrives on British soil. Conroy warned it is inevitable that the plague will spread due to the vast movement of people across the globe. “I believe that it’s 100 percent likely that plague will arrive in the UK once more – it’s just a question of ‘when’, not ‘if’. And it’s not an exaggeration to say that this is a real threat – a ticking time bomb that’s waiting to decimate the world,” Conroy continued. “With the current outbreak still remaining treatable with antibiotics, however, the current risk is low.”


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      1. If I may remind everyone, the plague has already been reported here in The U.S. Southwest and one report in Chicago Illinois. Perhaps not this certain lethal strain, but is here.

        Anybody want to bet, that this is a direct depopulation operation in that part of The World.

        • Hate to say it but that part of the world could use some depopulation,,,

          • Nail B: gotcha so many cars everywhere can’t hardly drive w/o traffic grid. Bio weapon by globalist agendas to depop the planet via drones.

        • “Ticking Time Bomb’ Ready To Decimate The World”

          More than likely it is a ticking time bomb for Africa (as designed); not unlike AIDS. Personally, I believe that the plague was deliberately introduced into the populations of Madagascar and Equatorial Africa to decimate the indigenous people in the land. Eliminate the population and the natural resources are up for grabs.

          I told this community YEARS AGO that Africa was AWASH in Oil & Gas and I specially named Madagascar as the next frontier, where this outbreak of plague originated.

          Yeah, its in the Archives. 🙂

          • BS theory. Africans will only be targeted once they absorb EU and the US and wipe out whites.

        • “Black Death” has such a nice ring to it.

        • Not only is plague present in the desert southwest, but you’ll also encounter another killer, Hantavirus. Humans may become infected with hantaviruses through contact with rodent urine, saliva, or feces. Some strains of hantaviruses cause potentially fatal diseases in humans, such as Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome.

          Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome is found in North America. It is an often fatal pulmonary disease. In the United States, the causative agent is the Sin Nombre virus carried by deer mice. Prodromal symptoms include flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough, muscle pain, headache, and lethargy. It is characterized by a sudden onset of shortness of breath with rapidly evolving pulmonary edema that is often fatal despite mechanical ventilation and intervention with potent diuretics. It has a fatality rate of 36 percent.

        • Nailbanger, The so called experts say the whole world is over populated. Do you want to depopulate yourself. You would be doing the world a favour and so would those suggesting or agreeing with depopulation would commit suicide or volunteer to be the first to be murdered. You would all be leaders and the world would be a better place. But no, you only want other people to die.

      2. During the time of the Black Death in Europe, thieves would loot the read bodies. However, while everyone else would get sick, the thieves stayed healthy. This was due to them using what became known as Thieves Oil. It was a combination of essential oils that they would smear on themselves.


          There are countless versions of the same tonic, generally consisting of vinegar and strong, aromatic herbs, any of which would be antiseptic, in their own right.

          Some are used in perfumery, and get very valuable, depending on who is making it, and when.

        • That plague was spread by fleas, and if that oil was smeared was on your skin fleas were probably less likely to bite you.

      3. They hate us. TPTB want us dirt people dead. We’re doooomed!

      4. The picture of the hand…appears on pg. 1146 of the AAOS “Orange book” for EMT Certification, in the Chapter for Environmental Emergencies, specifically about hypothermia and frostbite, not contagious diseases…

      5. Much of Europe let the illegals flood in against the peoples desire to keep them out. Who would want to live in the UK, France, Germany and the other countries where Muslims have poured in? That plague is comparable to the dark continents spread of contagious disease.

      6. It’s emotionally-satisfying to play the blame game, to pin it on the social cause or people group, who I particularly dislike.

        But, I think this would have happened, spontaneously —

        These conditions aren’t caused by neglect, but when everyone is satisfied. Even if it’s mediocre. The third worlders could have been kept from outright starvation, thanks to sacks of soy-and-corn gruel.

        If you could read this, you had electricity and (more-or-less) potable water, at the flick of a lever.

        It will be pooled at the edges of civilization, and stink after Thanksgiving dinner. That will be clarified and used to irrigate the commons, through a purple line, and they’ll tell you not to touch it. (Some of the discount soda brands have been smelling stale, imhblo.)

        The Ebola scare, in TX, was 3yrs ago, already. The wealth and risk were spread around, evenly, so that everyone, no matter how undeserving, was entitled some second world level of treatment. That includes you and me.

      7. You know it is vaccine season again when the plague stories start up. The disease that cannot be cured and kills practically anyone that can get it, that is having an “outbreak” is the Marburg virus, which has infected a total of SIX, (6) people. Since it is only spread via exchange of bodily fluids, it is a great big nothing. It is going nowhere.
        The Bubonic plague however has infected about 20,000 people in Madagascar, with very few deaths because it can be treated with antibiotics and people are on the lookout for it. Neither disease is a threat until you give all the characteristics of Marburg to the plague by having them in the same article and then not being clear about anything.

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      9. What the writer of this article probably means is that the population of the world will be ‘devastated’. Devastate is an indefinite term, could mean a million will die, could mean five billion will die. ‘Decimate’ is a specific term. Decimate means that every tenth person will be killed, not every eleventh or every ninth person, and not passively –‘will die’– but actively –‘will be killed’, as in slaughtered or executed or murdered. Decimate is what the Romans did when a military unit failed to fight valiantly, the superior officers would command that each soldier draw a number and every tenth soldier would be executed. That did not devastate the unit but terrified those who were not executed into fighting better next time, at least that was the idea. Devastate is something very different and is more suitable to describing what is likely to happen if a plague becomes rampant in the UK. The meanings of words are important, and we need to use our language correctly. If we can’t do that very well, our reasoning and numerous other aspects of our lives will also be more likely to be in error.

      10. I must have missed it buried in all the hype but what is the cause of this Black Death outbreak? Was it created in a lab? Why do these kind of things happen so frequently in Africa and not so much in other places” Is it because the victims are black? Look at the Ebola out break, the zika scare with shrunken heads, the high rate of autism in blacks after being vaccinated, the Flint water poisoned with lead and many other incidents. Why do these things happen in only in poor neighbourhoods with mainly black populations? Is it they are inferior and undesirable like the Jews in Hitler’s Germany? If so what group of undesirables will be next so the world won’t be over populated? Is this following the this pattern “problem, hysterics, solution?” Who is going to profit from this solution like some did in the other scares?

        So far all the only death figures I have seen come from WHO. Can they be trusted? Aren’t they the ones that pushed tetanus vaccines loaded with a chemical which causes miscarriages so babies won’t be born onto Africans and Central America women and girls. Aren’t they the ones that said glyphosate was harmless until overwhelming evidence forced them to change their story and other deceptions?

      11. People scream how RAYSIS it would be to quarantine Madagascar. Right up until it makes an appearance in their neck of the woods. Of course, by then it’s too late.

      12. Sounds like the time has come to both napalm and nuke the whole country to save the rest of the world.

      13. I am sorry to say that Africa is doomed. Europeans “raped it” and still are. But when Westerners left a country, indigenous “war lords” rose up to seize power. A good example is the Congo. Belgian King Leopold was jealous of the UK and even Germany going into countries and taking their wealth during the 1800s, the height of Colonialism. He discovered that the Congo was rich in coffee and rubber ( natural rubber,,,,artificial rubber was not in production, yet)…Leopold sent in troops into the Congo who “took over”. Thus the BELGIAN Congo was born.( read the book “King Leopolds Ghost”) This lasted until Leopold died. Belgium tortured the locals to produce first coffee then rubber. If they did not produce their quota, their left hand was chopped off. Curiously this is “celebrated” in Belgium. There is an arch, built by Leopold called the Arch of the Left hand !!!…Any way I would like to say that after Belgium left The Congo, that the people were left in peace. Such is not the case. Local “war lords” have killed and maimed thousands. We now see the horrible conditions of the children who are forced to work in the cobalt mines in the “Democratic Republic of Congo”…LOL…..So, what with the AIDS epidemic…(25% of Africans have AIDs or are HIV positive…the ones that use condoms…REUSE them)….and The Black Plague and lets not forget Ebola which originates from Africa…its just a matter of time….Africa is doomed….

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