It’s Airborne: Officials Warn That The “Black Death” Plague Could Spread Rapidly

by | Oct 26, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Experts | 27 comments

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    Face masks are placed on children in Antananarivo, Madagascar (AP Photo/Alexander JOE)

    Face masks are placed on children in Antananarivo, Madagascar (AP Photo/Alexander JOE)


    The fears that the “black death” would spread from Madagascar have now taken hold.  As nations grapple with the outbreak of the bubonic plague, nine countries are sounding warnings that the disease is spreading rapidly.

    The deadly plague outbreak that has struck Madagascar’s major cities has yet to “peak” and that could make the spread of this infection into the surrounding regions more likely. Dr. Ashok Chopra, a professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of Texas, told The Sun Online the crisis in Madagascar had yet to peak. He also sounded the alarm to neighboring countries.  Since there are regular flights in and out of Madagascar and this outbreak has so far, been impossible to contain, other nations are now at risk.

    Speaking from Madagascar, Christine South, head of IFRC’s (International Federation of Red Cross) emergency operations, said: “With anything like this there is a possibility that somebody could be infected and get on a plane. We have done preparedness support to some of the neighboring countries.” Tourists have been warned to stay out of Madagascar until doctors can get the plague under control to prevent its spread.

    The outbreak is considered a much bigger threat to the region than in previous years because it has taken on its pneumonic form. That means it is airborne and spread by sneezing and coughing.  Not only that, but the plague has a very short incubation time.  Once exposed, some people will die within 24 hours.


    Experts say the epidemic could still worsen as the death tolls hit 124 and more than 1,300 are left infected.  The World Health Organization (WHO) has now issued alarming warnings in nine countries too.  “If they are traveling shorter distances and they’re still in the incubation period, and they have the pneumonic (form) then they could spread it to other places,” said Chopra.  “We don’t want to have a situation where the disease spreads so fast it sort of gets out of control. Most of the cases in the past have been of the bubonic plague but if you look at this particular outbreak, 70 percent of the cases are pneumonic plague, which is the most deadly form of the disease. If the treatment is not given in a very short period of time these people will end up dying.”

    Both forms of the plague can be cured with antibiotics, but getting treatment quickly is the key to survival.


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      1. I don’t understand WHY they haven’t suspended flights out of Madagascar.

        While the incubation period for some is very short, they can go to bed ok and be dead within 24 hours.

        According to some…
        “The pneumonic plague incubation period is usually one to three days; for bubonic plague, the incubation period is typically two to six days.”

        One can travel quite a distance in six days – with airplanes, cars, ships, etc.

        • Early symptoms of the plague include fever, weakness, abdominal pain, and chills.

          The early symptoms could be mistaken for some other virus.

          • Oh, and this being “flu season” we won’t know if a sick person has the “flu” or the Plague – until it’s too late and it’s spreading all over. Maybe that’s what tptb WANT…to kill the population off.

        • Yeah, this is SO crazy….why aren’t they stopping flights to and from there??? We better keep a close eye on it. Someone on another board said to go out NOW and buy the N95 masks cuz if/when it comes HERE you won’t be able to get any masks. Good idea. I have a few, but am getting more.

      2. But do not dare call it the Black Death. That would pull more triggers than a middle eastern drive for democracy.

      3. Madagascar is a island, and should of been quarantined as soon as these symptoms started to occur. The incompetence of this government & the World Health Organization is unacceptable.

        Shame on these people for putting others in the world at risk!

        • Agree: it seems like it is Ebola 2.0. The WHO has been f-cking the dog and doing silly things like appointing African dictators as ‘Goodwill Ambasadors’ while this crisis gets worse. Ebola was ignored by the WHO Africa office who even actively refused to tell the Geneva office what was going on (apparently because they thought the Geneva office was a hotbed of ‘white privilege, when in fact it was headed by a Chinese woman).

          In stepped Obama who then played the whole PC thing and refused to cancel flights and quarantine infection zones. Then he outrageously flew infected individuals into Western countries.

          Well, here is some white privilege for you: this level of non-white incompetence will kill many more non whites than whites before it is over.

          • WTF is wrong with these idiots? There should be no planes in or out of the damn filth bed of a 3rd world toilet!

            • Let’s hope plane cleaning has improved since the Ebola outbreak and plane cleaners went on strike in October 2014.
              Remember, this article is about airplane cleaning in the U.S. Only the airlines (not the customers) know WHERE the plane traveled to recently.

              Budget cuts and airplane cleaning…
              The plane cleaners at LaGuardia airport “say they’re sometimes exposed to blood and vomit but are NOT equipped with appropriate protective gear.”

              “They say the number of cabin cleaners per job has been reduced by up to half. They also say the time to clean entire planes has been cut from 45 minutes to as little as 5 minutes.”

              ht tp://

        • I don’t think it is ‘incompetence’ at all FTW. Sorry, your heart/mind is in the right place; but, it’s funny that due to playing a morbid online game – Pandemic – I learned one real important and applicable fact. To cause any plague to spread worldwide and wipe out all of humanity, one simple condition has to be met (at least in that ‘game’). Madagascar is the key. Without that island nation becoming infected within a set timespan, you cannot win (wiping out all of humanity). This is no accident, this black death. The WHO could’ve done exactly as you said – shutdown all international departures from that land. The plague had to be given time to reach its maximum lethality. Which it has. God help us all if it mutates and/or pulls a recombinant link to some haemorrhagic fever.

          • I agree 100% “Heartless”, this is NO accident. The ahenda of globalists is population reduction (ie: Georgia Guidestones)
            These New World DisOrder types are true evil !

          • They needed to put an African in charge of the WHO to ensure the response would be incompetent. While the plague was getting out of control, the WHO were cavorting with African dictators. Just as Obama’s job was to shrink the middle class and drain all wealth from the Western world, they first put in place the patsy to take all the heat.

            Any idiot will tell you quarantine is the best approach to a highly infectious disease. But go tell the ‘health experts’ and they will tell you that isn’t right and that it is a violation of human rights. Then they will start going on about transgenders, gays, …

      4. I saw the list of top ten plants for a garden and was surprised the lack of medicinal plant list so I’ll post a top ten medicinal plant list that I would pick. These are not in a priority order.

        1. Lemon Balm – anti-retroviral and anti-bacterial
        2. Milk Thistle – protects and helps regenerate the liver
        3. Echinacea – anti-hepatotoxic
        4. German Chamomille – anti-viral
        5. Licorice – anti-microbia, anti-inflammatory, and anti-hiv
        6. Garlic – anti-biotic and antithrombotic
        7. Galangal – anti-tumour
        8. Golden Seal – anti-malarial and anti-microbial
        9. Lapacho – anti-microbial, anti-mutagenic, and anti-tumour
        10. Qing Hao – anti-malarial

        These are not the only medicinal plants by far. Also research on the acceptable amounts. I have more information on medicinal herbs on my blog.

        • Thyme disinfectant spray (Seventh generation disinfectant spray) in grocery stores, Wal mart also has Eucalyptus spray Odo Ban for surface disinfectant incl furniture, countertops, etc. If you cut yourself or scrape skin, spray OdoBan on wait a few min, then rinse.

          • Good to know they make a thyme spray laura 🙂

            Thymus vulgaris contains a chemical (among others) called

            Thymol – antiseptic, 20 times more active than phenol, and antifungal. it is used for destroying mould, and for preserving botanical and biological specimens, and also in dentistry. Can irritate gastric mucosa.

        • Also Olive Leaf, Colloidal Silver and Oregano oil i think will be much better than other herbs.

        • Another very powerful herbal remedy is Sambucus (Elderflower). It has been scientifically proven to kill flu and other viruses. In the UK it is sold as a liquid remedy by the name of Sambucol. It saved my daughters life a few years ago when she contracted swine flu.

      5. Germ warfare has always been an effective way to kill target groups.
        In the labs of the world, trying to find an effective antidote for
        a “designer” strain of genetically modified bacteria, so it can be
        unleashed on the unsuspecting “target population”, while protecting
        the “designer group” with the antidote injection.
        A killer with no finger prints.

      6. There is always some threat hanging over the heads of common people throughout the world. The criminals in charge could unleash any manner of death to panic any potential uprising such as what is building in these United States with the tax cuts for the wealthy while economic survival for the non wealthy explodes downward in a spiraling unescapable black hole. This whole administration smiles smugly while lying through their teeth knowing the hyper police state aka the plague will unleash total fury against the peons who dare to stand against the beast. Inducing fear is their trademark.

      7. Thieves Essential Oil is available from many sources!

        History: In the 15th century, vast areas of Europe were ravaged by The Black Death. The Plague was an airborne disease that easily affected anyone who came in close proximity with those ill from it. The reaches of its infection, however, was not limited to bodily harm. The pandemic also gave a hard blow to the economy and left many severely poorer than they had grown accustomed to. Legend says that this economic crash pushed a band of spice merchants to become thieves in order to sustain themselves. However, as most of their prospective ‘victims’ were falling or were to fall gravely ill from the fast spreading disease, they had to find a way to protect themselves before think about getting close enough the sick and weak to rob them. So, they blended the essential oils of a handful of potently medicinal ingredients in order to escape the wrath of the Plague as they stole whatever riches they could find in the dying or dead infected Europeans. When the King heard of their looting, they were hunted down and caught for their crimes. Their choices, when the King heard about how they were able to steal from the plagued and live to tell the tale, were to be burned at the stake for their crimes and for suspicion of the usage of witchcraft, or share their secret formula of “immunity”. They chose the latter and their blend, as well as variations of it, is still used today and has been proven by a study at Weber State University in Utah to have antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral, and immune-stimulating properties, even able to kill up to 99% of airborne bacteria.

      8. Could all of the “diseases” just be part of the globalists plan to lower the population of the earth, as they so often talk about?

        • Of course it’s part of the plan. All the Elitists need is a few million drones to serve them by keeping things going.

      9. gear up people NOW with all the food water weapons and ammo you can get your hands on NOW

      10. Ebola could have spread rapidly too, but it didn’t no matter how much they tried to scare us with it.

        This will be the same, nothing more than a local problem that will cause little problems outside of Madagascar, so few they will be considered a medical curiosity if and where they happen.

      11. Air travel should be restricted temporarily. In addition to antibiotics, Large doses of vitamin C and cloves of chopped raw garlic (taken with water) will kill bacteria. I have been taking raw garlic and vitamin C for years, have never had a cold or flu.

      12. Here’s another low-cost cleaner & disinfectant. Mix rubbing alcohol & vinegar, any ratio (usually half & half but use what you have), spray/wipe then wait 10 minutes. Good for counters & general cleaning. It can also be used to freshen clothes if needed. The vinegar smell disappears.

        This easy recipe misted on sleeping bags freshens them. Alternative: dilute fabric softener in spray bottle. Mist, let air dry. Sniff; repeat until musty smell is gone. Both methods help people w/allergies but test this for your family member well before a trip.

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