What Is Your Back-Up Country?

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Do you LOVE America?


    If you’re one of those doom and gloomers taking in your daily dose of pessimism porn, then you’ve likely considered what you might do at the onset of an economic, political or societal collapse. For most, the plan is to either bunker down at your current location, or if you have the means available, to bug out to a rural area away from the zombie mass attacks.

    Those with limited resources at their disposal must plan on making do right here in the US as the SHTF.

    But, as we previously pointed out, there are many a millionaire (and billionaire) out there that are also preparing in the event the worst happens. To set the record straight, so that we focus on the issue at hand as opposed to the class warfare often resulting from pointing out that the rich are planning their getaways, roughly 80% of millionaires are self made. That means 8 out of 10 made their money the hard way as opposed to acquiring it via an inheritance, so they are more or less just like us (except with lots more money).

    And just like the rest of us, they want to protect their families and their wealth in the event of a serious catastrophe. In a recent article brought to our attention by 20smoney, the author asks When will the U.S. go the way of Rome?

    In it, the author discusses the challenges facing our nation and points out an interesting topic of discussion amongst friends:

    The other day while out to dinner with a number of tech investors and entrepreneurs the conversation turned to a disturbing subject. “What is your back-up country?” These people weren’t kidding. Property was being purchased. Contingency plans were being made.

    Those with foresight are preparing now. Many sense something is amiss and if it means spending a portion of their wealth on contingency plans to ensure their survival, they’ll do it.

    As we pointed out in What are the safe haven nations?, your choices for where to go if you plan on leaving the U.S. are pretty limited.

    According to Gerald Celente, Australia, Canada and New Zealand may sustain the massive global hit that’s coming our way. Prices in these countries are comparable to the US though, so you’ll need to have a pretty penny saved up in order to create a decent back up location if you don’t plan on outright moving there as a primary residence.

    Other countries that have been thrown into the mix by various individuals like Doug Casey, Marc Faber and Jim Rogers include Argentina, Singapore, Costa Rica, Panama and other countries in the Caribbean and South American regions. The Southern and Central Americas, it seems, remain as safe havens today just as they did prior to World War II when Jews who had a sense of what was to come emigrated from Germany to safer locales.

    One benefit of looking south as opposed to north or at Australia/New Zealand is the cost of living. Though some countries have experienced their own real estate appreciation, asset prices are nowhere near as over-blown as they are in what are considered “western” nations. In addition, the cost of living for essentials like food, energy and medical care are significantly lower in countries like Costa Rica and Panama, plus you can get a killer view of the ocean for a decent price.

    Though no country is perfect, and many will likely be victims of the global depression, if you have the means available, considering an international exit should be at the top of your list if you’re worried about a massive US collapse. Don’t worry, you won’t be the only doomer looking for a way out.

    If you are interested in international bug out plans or primary residences and businesses outside of the US, take a look at the following web sites.

    Sovereign Man provides news, lifestyle tips, emigrating offshore and business information.

    International Living is well known for those looking to go global. We highly recommend and can attest to the quality of their “Owners Manuals” for countries like Ecuador and Costa Rica. (Just do a search for the “owners manual” for your country of choice)

    Well known investor Doug Casey can be of assistance if you are interested in Argentina and surrounding areas.


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      1. Due to global warming Australia’s food growing regions are turning to desert. The weather patterns that use to bring rains to the southeastern part of the country have shifted south. Most of the rain now falls over open ocean. They will have to import an increasing amount of their food in coming decades. For that reason you might jump out of the frying pan and land into the fire, as the saying goes. Costa Rica and Panama–malarial mosquitos!! No thanks. Canada and Argentina look most attractive to me. They are both large countries with vast natural, unspoiled resources. The population isn’t so large so there’s still space to spread out and have some land to grow your own food. The question is…will they want us? During a global economic meltdown I doubt any countries that are weathering the storm will allow a sudden influx of economic refugees into their struggling countries. I’m not ready to give up on the USA and living here. That’s way I’m prepping so I can withstand a 10 year or so economic downturn similar to what Japan experienced. This is just my personal feeling…I doubt our society will falling into violence revolution. Most Americans will not turn out for one single protest, much less a prolonged campaign with casualties to change the government. Americans just don’t do that, and where seeds of rebellion have been sown over the years the FBI has effectively ripped the seedlings from the soil before they can grow into anything.

      2. Belize is very nice and citizenship cheaply purchased.  But I would assume I would need to go by land, so Canada first.  I cannot imagine trying to drive through Mexico in a SHTF scenario.  Regarding Asia, Singapore is more expensive than New Zealand, but the rest of SE Asia is very low cost and nice.   And English goes a lot further than in South America.  Bush can have his ranch in Paraguay.

      3. I’ll stay right here,I have a water well,food,guns,ammo,more ammo,cooking supplies,etc.
        If there are any “mass zombie attacks”,they will have a life span of about 5 minutes if their agenda is to kick in the doors of gun owning Americans.
        My guess is that Blacks will be reeeeeaaaaallllly polite to white folks when the current system collapses and they are no longer on the federal endangered species list.

      4. you gotta go to a place nobody else -i mean absolutely nobody else – wants. this was the mormon philosophy for picking utah. it seemed to work for them.

        so ,with this in mind,   i think the ideal places would be northern greenland  central antartica or the central sahara desert.

        so bye bye – i’m outa here.

      5. don’t forget the 30% tax on money leaving the country….

      6. Even though about ten of us could probably kick the remaining few mexicans out of Mexico and have that land I would rather stay here in America and water the liberty tree if that’s what it takes.

      7. 41 foot South on HC 41 sailboat with wind gen., 1KW of pv panels, H2O maker, small back up Honda gen/dive compressor, stoked to the gills with provisions, ball cap & flip flops with heavy metal in bottom of boat.  And one Hooter’s girl that whats to learn how to sail.

      8. Thanks Tom.  I was waiting for a “sail away” comment.  Nice work on the Hooters girl but isn’t it customary to bring a K9?  She might steal your stuff, Max wont.

      9. I live in Australia, on the east coast in queensland and I have made some interesting observations. Once you move 100 km west of the capital Brisbane the population is almost entirely anglo saxon, a far cry from the melting pot of races in the city. Water is everywhere in dams, rivers and in the aquifa 80 feet down. Climate is mild, lots of sun and lots of very small towns, 200~500 pop.

        Just out of an average town, unimproved 80 acre blocks can be had for $100k with property tax (rates) about $500/year. Roads are good in all directions, lots of small farms growing salad vegitables, wheat, etc. The first point though is the clincher IMO. A population composed of white folk with the same culture is very cohesive. The imigrants from bosnia, vietnam, sudan, lebanon, etc etc, don’t like the bush and all live in the city, concentrating near the inner city if they can afford it.

        That is the greatest threat to our survival I believe, people from war torn countries blend in quite well when there is an abundance of free money to be had, but remove the wealth and I believe they will quickly revert to their preditory natures. The behaviour needed to survive in the sh¤tholes they left behind.

      10. Back to New England first , New Hampshire or Northern Maine , wait to see witch way the wind is blowing then if needed head to Canada .  Maine does have a big problem of Somalian citizens living in Lewiston . Over 40,000 call it home now forcing out those who have called lewiston home for generations and taking over much of the city. If they spread out over the state and rioted it could be very unhealthy to stay in Maine . One of the Islands off the coast could be an alternative.

      11. Yes, I still say:  “Pick a state!”  No need to flee.  There’s no place better than to live in one of the “free states” that support your right to self defense and generally have a population that is self-sufficient:

        1 Idaho
        2 Montana
        3 Oregon
        4 Washington
        5 Wyoming
        6 Utah
        7 South Dakota
        8 North Dakota

      12. Woofie doesn’t eat fish.  I’m not bringing 10 ft. Trinka & no tops allowed.  No unnecessary equipment.  Anchoring out to far for shore liberty.  Besides, she doesn’t have a passport.
        Spear gun in special tool locker and extra sails for collecting rain water.

      13. You forgot one; Number 9 Alaska!

        Be careful what you wish for.  I recall the story of a German family who saw the writing on the wall back in the early 30s and looked for a place to ride out the storm.  They ended up moving to a deserted island in the Pacific that absolutely nobody cared anything about, far off the beaten path.  The name of the Island?


      15. We’ll stick it out here, here being IA.  As fate would have it my job took us from  a big city to a small town in Iowa.  We built a home in the country on 40 acres of timber and a small field for a large garden with a private well of course.  We  have guard dogs and lots of ammo and various guns.  Bring it.

      16. The best place if you had the money would be an island of 20 or 30 acres up North. Islands in the Caribbean have poisonous snakes and things. Islands are expensive, but you could grow a garden and it would be protected. You’re going to have to have a lot of food ready and you’ll have to grow gardens. You’ll need firewood. An island would provide all of this. In fact you wouldn’t have to leave the island. You got to feel sorry for all the city people. What will they do? Could you imagine a city of 2 million with roads blocked and now way to grow food. People will be begging for food.

      17. Though  things may be hunky dory in a lot of foreign countries, right now, come a collapse of the US, which will certainly affect most of the civilized world, I suspect ex-pats will have a target on their back as the locals circle the wagons.   Remember “Yankee Go Home” ?   When your dollar won’t buy diddly, your social security check stops, how, exactly, does one survive ?

        No, I stay right where I am….were I have family and neighbors I’ve known for a lifetime ( both the good AND the bad ), where I preps are, where I speak the language, where I know the customs, and where the family cemetery has room for me.  No bunch of snakes in DC or NYC or wearing blue helmets is forcing me out of my State…..which is not to say I’ll survive….but they better already have the second guy hired, because the first one to show up will be in a world of hurt.

      18. Back-Up Country? None. Call me whatever, my roots go back to Jamestown. My forefathers shed blood for this country. They stuck it out and so will I, even after the rifling is burned out of my weapon and my ax is broken. Then I’ll take my first & finial pull on the moonshine jug, have a good Kentuck tobacco smoke and find out if there is anyone else that wants to dance.

      19. K9 replaced by  H&K45  twist-on  can.  SOC  approved!  She can’t swim w too much AG anyway.   If u don’t like the neighborhood pull anchor, move & look 4 better spear fishing w fins.  fire wood not required.   I’ll buy some limes 4 the tequila.

      20. My top two picks would be New Zealand and Iceland.

        Iceland may seem like an odd choice, but supposedly it’s pretty mild…they also have a lot of geothermal energy available…and if I get bored, I can hunt for elves.

        Yes, elves.

        54% of the population of Iceland believes that elves live in the country.

      21. If you’re looking for cheap land in Canada, check out the province of New Brunswick. Land can be had for a few hundred an acre. The economy is depressed, but recovering. The springs can be wet and cold, but it’s pretty far away from major urban areas, though still with access to a couple big cities, if needed. There are no legal complications for Americans to buy and own land in Canada: it’s just like buying in the US.

      22. I have to agree with blackjack. Pick a state,the states he mentioned are gun loving and they are are soon to pass anti federal gun confiscation laws in those states including Georgia,Texas,Arizona,and New Mexico. However in a shtf scenario your local police,militia,and gangs will become warlords and control the highways when the govt loses its grip in power. The question is how and when you will leave. If you plan to leave the nation or state you better do it now time is running out. When the shtf there will be no means of transportation because your local militarized police,militia and gangs will control it. So better travel no then wait when the shtf.

      23. I pick the good old USA. Being on your own turf gives you a big advantage. Here at home I know the systems, geography, waterways and the lingo. Here in the USA I also know I’m only going to have to fight 21 to 27% of the population.

        That same 21 to 27% of the population will also be the first to die. In another country that number could be 100% of the population against you.

        Think of it this way, if you can’t do a TA on your own community, how the hell will you do it in another country? How will you get your weapons and ammo into the country? What makes you think it will be any better in another country?

        Economically, so goes America, so goes the world. If we go down, the world goes down.

        Its funny I’m just sitting here watching a new reality show call The Colony, its about surviving after a pandemic. Strange no one has a gun.

      24. OK, an assortment of responses.

        Still a lot from those who look upon “TSHTF” as some singular event (as if CNN reporters announce the tshtf and bedlam is on the agenda henceforth starting tomorrow).

        Let’s see … we have the sailboat guy Tom (hint Tom… any country you go to, there are two things to consider …. first immigration wants to keep tabs on you. 2nd is that customs is salivating at the prospect of taxing your boat and will keep close tabs on it. Enjoy being viewed as a rich gringo).

        Another common response is the “bug” out brigade. Bug out to Idaho,Canada, Alaska, outback OZ (as in fly infested Dubbo?) …. or where ever somewhere North (my word for you is COLD! 

        How many of you who responded have ever gone to another removed place and seriously investigated relocating there and working for a living. Or even bringing in substantial property (e.g. sailboat, a container of personal belongings)?

        Do that, spend some time actually living as a local somewhere foreign (or somewhere frigging cold). Then post will your experiences.

        Hey… I think it’s great some folks have a plan B. Only I’m not too impressed with the level of sophistication from what I’ve read so far.       

      25. South america ,
        Went there about 3 years ago  and it was a blast .They have Fruit and vegatables everywere .chicken and pigs running around everywere . The fishing is outstanding !   People live pretty humble lives down there.  Gettiing a fully automatic weapon isint  that hard either ! Hint(Get to know the Cigar Manufacturers and do there tours and mingle with them afterwords drinking and sampling the  cigars) .You meet some afluent people there  and there is always something  going on . Remember that cash is King. The last night i was there i splurged and went into the bigger town and had a steak dinner at one of the recomended Restaurant. Although there seasoning is differant ,I ate that steak like it was my last .As i was sitting in the restaurant i asked the waiter were does the meat come from and he laughed at me and he pointed to a window and said look out there.I took a look and saw about 50 head of cattle grazing across the street .Ijust wanted to make sure what i ate was actual beef you know ! By the way , their Cold Beer, similiar to Corona beer because it taste like it, is about 50 Cents a bottle .It had a latin name on it but dam if it wasnt tasty . 

      26. Live and die in the USA.  I can’t always pick when or where but it will be here in America.

        I would rather have the cowards leave anyway. I  want someone who loves this  country  at my back.

      27. If things got so bad here that leaving was the only realistic choice, I’d have to go to Canada.  Very few people, lots of hunting and fishing (30 pound steelhead anyone?), PLUS, they make the GREATEST WHISKEY IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD——-CROWN ROYAL.

        We talk about “prepping” and “surviving” all the time.  The thing is, it’s not just about prepping or surviving.  It’s about doing it well.  If you hate the food you’re eating, what’s the point?

        I have news for you.  I tried to figure out what would happen with an economic collapse, resulting supply chain breakdown.  The answer?, no food in the grocery stores.  So, if I’m gonna feed myself by other means than the grocery store, it should be much easier to do it right now, right?  Just to see…………

        I’ve been working for two months to change our diets to totally non-GMO, organic food.  REAL FOOD.  Not fucked with by scientists or corporate board members.  It’s hard work.  I’m glad I did this now, because if you were trying this for the first time in the middle of a disaster, you would die of starvation, no question about it.

        I am now (mostly) successful.  Learn where your food comes from and how to feed yourself.  If you wait until the crash to meet your local farmers, they’ll just shoot at you.  It takes a lot more than 50 cans of spam in the basement.

      28. You can run, but you can’t hide. And you just might run into the fire. Better to stand and fight then die a thousand deaths like a coward. 

        Join the Revolution!  
        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( http://revolution2.osixs.org )

      29. I’m a three year legal resident of a Pacific Island nation.  I work for a contractor to the US Government..  Since I earn well below the $92,400 foreign earned income allowance, I pay no federal income tax.  After paying my stateside debts, I have about $1200 a month to buy precious metals.  If we should become cutoff from the US ala something like the collapse of the USSR, we have plenty of coconuts, breadfruit and fish to eat.  We have an extensive water catchment system.  Of course, we won’t have fuel to run the power plant but I believe we’d manage well enough.  The big problem I forsee could be our being at the mercy of a foreign government.  This particular nation has very strong ties to the US as a result of WWII.  That said,  I doubt the government’s loyalty to America.  My plan:  keep buying PMs, and 22k jewelry.  Keep monitoring the situation with an eye toward flexibility.  NZ looks good for a refugee, though SE Asian countries are also a possiblity.  My greatest fear is not poverty, but an all powerful and corrupt US government run by Leftist radicals.

      30. JV, I’d have to disagree with you.  Purchase some Jameson & take the test.   Better yet, do it with a Montecristo #9.  Bravo Zulu to you for growing your own food now, very wise.   

      31. if you guys haven’t seen the documentary obama deception you got to see Gerald Celentes is in it. You won’t believe how sick the corruption really is…. i thought it was bad just from reading this site the last year but, I was horribly surpringly humbled….it goes way back plus it goes into crystal clear detail of the new world order with proof after proof to back it up!

        spread the word fast, it is our only hope and Mac you should make this required viewing for everyone that comes to this site

      32. No matter where you go, there you are!

      33. The wife was born in Colombia but is a naturalized Canadian Citizen. Our daughter was born in Canada so she is a dual citizen, Canada & US. The son-in-law is Scottish, a citizen of the UK. I was a landed immigrant in Canada for 5 years and have been living continuisuly with a Canadian Citizen spouse since we moved to the US. I already have the paperwork to return to Canada. For us it’s one quick stop at a Canadian Consular Office on the US side of the border. If we are in between 8:00 & 11:00 AM, the son-in-law and I will have travel documents permitting our entry into Canada as residents by 5:00 PM that same day.

        Be very carefull of your assumptions about Canada. The average Canadian doesn’t think very highly of the United States or US Citizens; they have been screwed-over by the US Government too many times. (Where have I heard that one before???) Buying property there as an investment or a vacation home is verydifferent from showing up at the border with the obvious intention of residing there permanently. In a SHTF situation they AREN’T going to let you in ….. period. Not unless you have “Landed Immigrant” status and the proper documentation.

        If you have the proper Landed Immigrant status and you show up at the border with a car load of guns & ammo; then you are going to have one of two choices, 1) go back where you came from or 2) turn your guns in at the border. Get caught with an unregistered firearm in Canada and you can spend 10 years in the pen.

        Not saying that we wouldn’t consider returning to Canada under the right circumstances, but we would much prefer to remain in the US. Make real damn sure that you know exactly what you are getting yourself into and that you have been previously approved for residence before you show up at a foreigh port of entry.

        If you don’t speak the language; I definately wouldn’t think about moving there.

        God Bless & good luck to all ……… I have the feeling that we’re all going to need it in the VERY near future.

      34. Well, Im not going anywhere..but my kids and wife are, and im not saying where. But my wife is from another country, and we have a support sysytem there and a place to live. This was planned out over 5 years ago.
        I have enough of what i need here to stand my ground, and dont need any collateral damage coming for my kids or wife ( i dont need the distraction)
        If standing up for our liberties gets to an absolute no win situation , if by than i get out with the skin on my back , I will find a way to make it to where i have secured my family, but not until i seek those that intend on doing me or this country wrong..they will pay in the cross hairs.
        Si Vis Pacum Parabellum….if you wish for peace, prepair for war

      35. “I would rather stay here in America and water the liberty tree if that’s what it takes.”
        +1 oneshotkill
        “Live and die in the USA.  I can’t always pick when or where but it will be here in America.”
        I would rather have the cowards leave anyway.  I want someone who loves this country at my back.”
        +1 youcancallmeray
        God Bless You Patriots.  I’ll be here; dying beside you if needs be.  I’ll be damned if I will abandon the country that I love.  I’m all about surviving – believe me.  I also understand the duty of laying down my life, if it comes to that, for liberty and freedom in this country.  If not us, then who?  Run and hide?  Let others fight and die for your liberty?  Or just run from the fight altogether and hide like a scared animal.  Band together and fight!  If it’s worth loving, it’s worth risking your life for!

      36. Cal,

        Have been “live aboard” for years & have traveled to MANY countries.  Enough said.

      37. Just started watching “The Colony” last night.  Recommend it for all preppers as it deals with issues that would have to be confronted in a SHTF scenario.  Funny that no one on the show has a firearm, but they still use what ever violence they have to in order to steal from each other.  It might be a good show to watch in case they come up with something you haven’t thought of.  Also, it looks like they’re in America to me…..

      38. JV The show is filmed on the Gulf Coast, not sure if its Al., Fl., Ms. or La. Like I said in my post last night, no guns. I’ve read that there are 80 million legal gun owners in the US, and they own approx. 256 million firearms and 12 trillion rounds of ammo. No other country in the world can boast those kinds of numbers in the hands of law abiding citizens. I’ll stay right here with my brothers and sisters in arms. 

      39. Patriot, I saw your post yesterday, and then the show came on so I decided to watch.  One rifle would have stopped the raiding party that beat the crap out of those guys to steal all their medical supplies.  Already, I don’t like that one guy who’s a loafer either.

      40. Ok, JV lets stop right there. I don’t want to see the site degraded or become like the mindless population watching their reality shows.  I watched the Colony to see if I could pick up something I didn’t already know.

        The first mistake they made was not begging for food & water as soon as they encountered the other group. Second mistake was not securing and hiding their supplies.

      41. Take those friggin’ reality shows and shove them up your ass. If that’s the only place you can get “situational awareness” and skills, you’re toast. Could haves, would haves and should haves is only hindsight. You better find someone who has talked the talk & walked the walk and learn. Pisses me off because bullshit like this lurer’s people into spending their hard earned buck$ on useless gear and hideaways. I can name some well known “Patriot” names that have preyed on out of staters in Idaho that ripped “preppers” off with land deals.

      42. Thanks to America exporting its rancid social model, many places you mention suffer from the same social ills as the US. Canada’s major cities – Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa – all have the same problems with gangs and crime and slime. These places in a major crisis will be unstable: just look at Toronto’s history of riots.

        I would recommend Scandinavia, some places in Asia where there is strong social harmony, but everywhere else will buckle when empire America goes down. Canada depends on the majority of its trade with the US and does not have the means to survive without US trade.

      43. Excellent article today at dollarcollapse named “what should I do”.  Jim Sinclair has good read also concerning this subject. 

      44. I just couldn’t help but comment on the Colony…what a joke! Clearly just another attempt on the part of the Discovery channel to sell advertising time. There was nothing of benefit that was illustrated in the hour of time I wasted (I won’t bother watching another episode) except what NOT to do. When the small golden horde returned to take whatever they wanted, in the real world they would have simply killed them all and looted their supplies. Instead of thinking through what needed to be done to protect (hide) themselves and their small cache of supplies, they decided they would go out and face a group of twenty with an absurd resistance of three members with a couple of pipes. Pepper spray would have been they least of their problems as a real group of bad guys would have just simply killed them, took everything they had, and moved on. Probably the only lesson available is one that I would hope many of you would already have grasped by now…have a plan, be as inconspicuous as possible, avoid confrontation but when you need to fight then have a plan and a serious weapon. You don’t bring a pipe to a gunfight and you don’t tell people what you have, let alone that you have food, water and medicine. You would benefit far more from reading http://www.survivalblog.com instead of spending one more second in front of the boobtoob watching the Colony.

      45. What is Your Back-up STATE here?

      46. My personal state of backup is well prepared!

      47. so, Texas then   🙂

      48. Current state:  Texas, U.S.A
        Backup state:    Republic of Texas

      49. My back up state is my state of mind.

      50. Comments…..If the UN has their way you won’t need to worry about a back up country because we will all be the same. As in under the control of the UN.  There are many powerful people who have been working behind the scenes since WW2 to move our laws and thinking toward a place where this would be possible.  I see teens and twenties at work who think this is fine  or ok or a good idea. They have been conditioned in school that this is to be expected and will be ok. They are the future voters ( if we get to vote then)!!

      51. Some of the most beautiful women in the world come from Ukraine, and they all warm up to Americans rather nicely compared to the rest of the world…even though the country of Ukraine is poverty stricken and law rules with an iron fist, I see Ukraine in my very near future should the ‘SHTF’

      52. I have seen the wonderful Ukrainian women of which you speak!  American women leave much to be desired by comparison, no question about it.  Your reasons for traveling to Ukraine are valid and undeniable sir.  Have at it!

      53. Comments….. wish you GOOD LUCK in Ukraine ! Those woman are nice to Americans because they want to have better life and go to USA… They are nice to you because they see you as way to come here ,you can be old ugly losser nothing matter you have that ticket – american citizenship that is what is this niceness about…If this is how you walue yourself  – sad for you. If you want to stay in Ukraine be carefull that place it is not safe …Good Luck you will need over there..  I’m traveling all over Europe every summer and I  used leave there so I known and believe me Ukraine is not safe place and about those beatifull women you can find them everywhere but they will be strong and real and honest but it looks that you prefer some no opinion barbie…

      54. To Monika, Yes all your words are true, relax though I wasn’t really 100% serious it was more of a joke to get people to laugh…and that’s not really nice to say about the women of Ukraine, they are not just ‘no opinion barbies’ and if you look in my original comment you will even see that I had said the country is dangerous and by no means a safe place to stay.

        Truth be told I would rather be anywhere in Europe then in America right now. I threw Ukraine out just because those are the only women overseas that I have seen that I know 100% they are from that country and not some sort of scam. Yes, they do want out of Ukraine however that doesn’t necessarily mean they want INTO America, they will go anywhere in the world with you, so maybe my tactic would be Ukraine first, find the right woman THEN find the perfect European country for both of us.

        And Johnny V, thanks for the backup and support my man. I’ll be sure to bring home atleast one or two of them for you two then we can flee America to safer more stable grounds happily…cheers

      55. Why wasn’t Missouri on any of your lists for the USA?  I will stay here where there is plenty of water, trees, abundant wildlife.  Our community consists of mainly farmers, beef and dairy and we all own guns (and know how to use them).    Best of all, the community here is awesome; love your neighbor as thyself… yep… thats our motto.  When SHTF, our community will be just that.  We will all step in to protect what is ours and even help new people. 

      56. H…  I watched the videos, all 12 of them.  I believe this process would take years, if not decades to occur.  Missouri is the best alternative to anywhere in the US, stated over and over by our Military and this video confirms it.

      57. I was born in Boone County Hospital.  Missouri used to be a great place, but I disagree with your conclusion.  It is no longer the place to go.  You are merely being told that by people, who are themselves, planning to go elsewhere.

        Think about it.  The whole midwest and great plains of the USA has been taken over by corporate farmers.  That means that all of the ground there has been skeezed up with petroleum based fertilizers, pesticides, and any number of other pollutants.  Once they stop spewing the oil all over the ground, it’ll be a desert within two years.  The military might pick Missouri, but that’s only because it’s roughly equidistant from the borders.  They aren’t planning on FEEDING THEMSELVES there.  They’re planning on trucking the food in from somewhere else.

        Further, what sources of fresh water do you have?  The Oglalla aquifer? at the rate that’s being drained?  The Missouri or Mississippi rivers?  Both of those are hopelessly polluted for virtually their entire lengths.

        Get the hell out of there and go somewhere that you can make a stand and be at least halfway sure that you’re not being polluted to death from the inside out.

      58. Johnny V… you are way off base!  There are no “corporate” farms around me for a 100 mile radius.  I am not in the boothill, but in Southwest Missouri outside of Springfield.  We have freshwater springs, our own water well, creek and numerous ponds.  My family are cattle ranchers and have been here over 30 yrs.  All of our neighbors are folks I know and went to school with.  But go ahead, tell people that, because we dont want some arrogant, ignorant people coming here anyway!  We all grow our own food, eggs, meat, milk… and we are good at it. 

      59. I’m not off base.  There is nothing to see in Missouri.  There is nothing to see in Washington either.  Ever hear of the “downwinder’s club”?  That’s all the folks living downwind of the old Hanford nuclear bomb site.  Cancer rates through the roof.  Kids born with no arms and three peckers.  No one should go there.  You should all get out while the getting is good.  Go to the big cities, that’s where all the food is!

      60. Comments….Don’t come to Australia,the sign says,We are full,fuck off.

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