What is Coming? Elite Feverishly Building Survival Bunkers: “Fear of Uprising From the 99%”

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    This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at Infowars.com.

    Editor’s Comment: It certainly says something when the individuals with wealth continue to plot their escape from society. Are things crumbling? Teetering on edge? The smart money says get ready to get out.

    But you don’t necessarily need millions to build an underground shelter – this man of modest means built his own – and it isn’t just about underground. The important thing is strategic buffering – keep yourself provided for with the least about of vulnerability to the outside world and the dangerously unstable society in the urban areas as possible. Live as well as you can, prepare your mind and body, and watch for the events that may soon unfold.

    Panicked Elite Buying Bomb-Proof Luxury Survival Bunkers to Escape Civil Unrest, Disasters

    by Paul Joseph Watson

    Panicked members of the elite are buying luxury bomb-proof underground survival bunkers because they fear mass civil unrest might be on the horizon.

    The company behind the construction of the sprawling complexes, Vivos, says the facilities are for the “protection of high net worth individuals” in the event of apocalyptic-style scenarios during which “millions will perish or worse yet, struggle to survive as victims”.

    “Where will you go when pandemonium strikes?” asks a promo for the luxury shelters.

    The biggest facility, called Europa One, is located in Germany and is “one of the most fortified and massive underground survival shelters on Earth, deep below a limestone mountain” and is “safely secured from the general public, behind sealed and secured walls, gates and blast doors”.

    Journalist Lynn Parramore said she also visited another site in Indiana which is a former Cold War communications facility.

    “Built during the Cold War to withstand a 20 megaton blast, within just a few miles, this impervious underground complex accommodates up to 80 people, for a minimum of one year of fully autonomous survival, without needing to return to the surface,” states a promo for the bunker on the Vivos website.

    The main selling point is the location of the facility, which is a “safe distance away from the New Madrid fault line” and therefore a good hideaway to escape a “tsunami-type event”.

    “You go underground and it feels like you’re in a very nice hotel,” said Parramore.

    “This is for wealthy people who are concerned about various disaster scenarios, but a common theme among them is a fear of civil unrest, a fear of an uprising from the 99%,” she added.

    Units in some of the underground shelters, which also come with a year’s supply of food and water, start at around $35,000 dollars but the largest ones sell for upwards of $3 million dollars.

    “There is no assurance that our race will continue, therefore it is our responsibility to do everything we can to survive,” warns the Vivos website, which invites elitists to contact them for further information that is on a “need to know” basis only.

    As we reported last week, millionaires are fleeing Chicago and other major cities due to concerns over racial tensions and rising crime rates.

    “About 3,000 individuals with net assets of $1 million or more,” left Chicago in just the last year alone according to the Chicago Tribune.

    Paris and Rome are also seeing a mass exodus of millionaires, while wealthy elites are also installing panic rooms in their big city apartments due to fears over potential civil unrest and skyrocketing crime.

    Land and remote homes in places like New Zealand are also popular with the global 1%, with realtors citing the threat of worldwide financial instability and domestic disorder as motivating factors behind the purchases.

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    This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at Infowars.com.

    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.


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      1. You do Know That Bunkers and Aircrafts will Not Save You When Jesus Returns

        • Rev.6:15-17 The Sixth Seal: Terror

          15 And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;

          16 And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:

          17 For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?

          Jesus, your best prep.

          • Does jesus have bunker busting bomms or something?

            • He has MOAB bunker busters! They are two part. When they are dropped the front penetrator part decouples from the main body and fires a rocket. The nose cone is made out of tungsten carbide, backed by depleted uranium along with a very high explosive. Once that penetrates and explodes opening the way for the rest of the thin skinned bomb to focus it’s blast into the hole. Even if it doesn’t make it all of the way into your bunker, it will collapse it on you.

              You be dead either way and my brother Satan will be waitin’.

            • Evening Genius! He sure does!

              Mt 28:2 And, behold, there was a great earthquake: for the angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door (of the sepulchre), and sat upon it.

              They’re called Angels. Angels of the Lord.

              You do know why the Angel rolled back the stone??

              NOT to allow the Lord of Glory to walk out. But to let those who were there to go in.

              The Angel said to them,

              Mt 28:6 He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.

              Genius, who or what will hide you from the wrath of the Lamb???

              • I’m not worried about dying, I will move on to my next universal experience whatever it may be. The universal law, the law of nature, karma, whatever you want to call it will continue me on my path. Man made religions and stories are just forms of government that I do not nor will ever follow. There is no such thing as hell, just karma and you will repeat or live out another life as something worse till you pay it. The only rule/law I have is the golden rule, I harm no others and seek truth. I help those deserving of help and am not a sheep. Good to see you are part of the flock lol. Nothing against christians they are mostly good folks but followers of a man made contrived govt. called religion. Lets break down the word ok…. re (to align with something besides the original) leigon (a group of people or belief) Now why would I EVER want to break away from my own being to align myself with some fairy tale story that is meant to take control of myself away? Can you prove whatsoever that any religion is true? So called miracles are the work of the universal intelligence not a figure from a story that was written 300 years after the man supposedly existed. Am I going to hell? I think not, I will just move on to my next adventure in being 🙂

                • Genius, you are in fact really stupid.

                  • Ok sense, how is that? Go ahead, say something smart lol. Is that all you got? Let me have it with your facts :O Go ahead big boy, let me have it all, do not hold back! I want every ounce of truth you have so you can beat my sinner ass into the dirt! I am stupid and you are smart according to your fact finding mission, so go ahead let er rip 😀 (waiting)

                    • (still waiting)

                    • You won’t be mocking God this way. You’ll be begging Him not to throw you away. You better get your shit together.

                    • I’m not mocking god fool. I’m mocking you. Now please provide proof and refute what I said or you are a loser 🙂

                    • The fool said in his heart that there is no God. I do feel rather sorry for you. I’ve read your comments and others who seem to really get off on bashing Jesus. It’s amazing the amount of arrogance you display. No one will be able to convince you otherwise d/t your huge ego in this life and it will be too late for you after you die. Remember that you were told you will.

                    • Really? WOW. There is a creator and universal intelligence (you might call god just as others call allah and etc. god). Bashing jesus? I just pointed out that you cannot prove he existed or was the son of said god. Truth is a huge ego? I point out facts and things for you to consider. If jesus did exsist he was probably enlightened and over the next 300 years the romans made up some shit to calm the population and get everyone under one religious control. Your replies are pathetic and stupid, you have not refuted one thing I have said. You must be a stripper or something because you are good at skirting around things. Take of the skirt and refute me! Once again (WAITING)

                    • (ho hum still waiting)

                    • Genius says: There is no such thing as hell, just karma and you will repeat or live out another life as something worse till you pay it.

                      karma? the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

                      Do you have proof/facts that this karma exists?

                      What were you before you are here? How many previous somethings were you? How much karma will you have to pay?

                      Are two good karmas enough for one bad karma? Just how does this work?

                      I mean this in all seriousness when I say, tell me about it. I will listen.

                    • grandee, look at the post I wrote below while you posted this. I asked to for proof first by the way. There is proof people have previous lives but don’t ask your pastor for that evidence lol.

                    • It’s extremely easy to push Genius’ buttons! Good times.

                    • The Definition of “FAITH”- A set of beliefs, without any facts or proof.


                    • “I will move on to my next universal experience whatever it may be.”

                      Sounds like no less of a fairytale. You might well ask how this universe came into being, but all you really need to know, is that humanity didn’t do it. Yet you call yourself Genius?

                      Thanks for that irony. We could do with the humor.

                  • Havesomesense, your moniker is all wrong. “Sense” is something YOU don’t have. Go troll somewhere else.

                    • You are a puss at heart, I’ll bet.

                    • It IS a “truth” that King James (regarding The King James Bible), had his men, when re-translating it, had them remove any and all verses/statements about Reincarnation (because it would have caused him to lose over half of his kingdom in those times …partially political but you can look it all up with ease).
                      Reincarnation has been overwhelmingly proven to be “something” …and past lives do indeed seem to be a realism, (even though it is “not written” …it USED to be). So, there is at least ONE instance of The Holy Bible (back then was called The Bishop’s Bible) of which there are no known copies of (except under The Vatican ….and they ain’t talkin’).

                  • Genius does not “Buy the Bull” you know Bible. So Who the F*ck gives you the right to tell someone else to believe in your stoopid hoax ghost stories. Everything Genius said was spot on. Just like the settlers here in America in the 1600’s, they tried to have the Church be the Government, you could not vote unless you were a church member in good standing, and they handed out the persecution, Religion is a BS Government tool, that creates its own rule. And they steal from your wages once a week just like the government, and you gladly accept the kool-aid, because its feel good BS. Religion is brain damaging, since it shuts down other parts of the brain to things like excepting reality, cognitive thinking, curiosity, accepting history and science as facts. This is especially brain damaging to younger children who’s brains are just developing. Like eating lead paint chips for communion. So take your Babble BS to some other site. it just shows your low IQ.


                  • I will add, that Religion is the Greatest Cause of Death on the Planet, always has, since they thought religion up. But God loves you!!! Connect the dots dolts. All the fighting it over who’s Big Religious Hoax is more believable than the others Big Religious Fraudulent Hoax.

                    But the Good news for the rest of us is, that the stoopid kill other stoopid people. So here, need some more ammo? Have at it…


                • And hopefully as a way more intelligent species like a dolphin or something 🙂

                  • Spider holes worked out so well for Saddam and Gaddafi huh…

                    Good for them… Let them build em… Hope they can defend em…

                    Or maybe we just park a couple cement trucks in front of the entrance and exit and blow the tires out….

                    Have a nice day won’t you.

                  • A spoiled Persian house cat. Man, that’s the life.

                • Couldn’t have said it better myself. I don’t begrudge anyone what they want to believe, much less belittle them for it as some have done to you, even if it those beliefs revolve around a singular man coming down from the sky to save everyone. I just can’t accept that that’s all there is. It’s been put in such a nice, neat box, hasn’t it? I promise that my idea of “God” is much bigger than the most devout “christian”. And before anyones head pops off, praying, in all forms from meditation to on your knees for hours, is useful and positive for the collective. I find religion fascinating but I’ve always believed it comes down to control and money. (“Forms of government…very interestingly put) It keeps people’s head down in fear and guilt instead of looking up and seeing all the glorious possibilities. After all, how is it at all possible to learn everything we need to learn in one go round this planet?

                  • Well said.

                  • Yes for many life is a hell here because………. dun dun duuuunnnn, they have to pay back karma from a previous life! God Damn imagine that! There is PROOF OF THIS TOO! A lot of people who undergo regressive hypnotism recall past lives! WOW imagine that! I thought they would be in hell? Oh ya that makes no sense back to the subject…… The law of nature/universe is in perfect balance…. you do evil things and in your next life you suffer until the balance is reached then move on. Is not everything (except humans) on this planet in perfect balance? Is not true justice perfect balance? Free will for humans doesn’t mean do this or you will burn forever that conception is so fuckin stupid it is beyond belief! You will pay for the evil you do but not forever and not in some pit of fire like the witch hunters and snake handlers and crusaders and tv evangelists will have you brainwashed into thinking. Noooooooo, that shit was all a made up story by men who wrote the buybull. In fact I seem to recall the pope saying there was no such thing as hell. You see, the warm fuzzy feeling you get from church or praying or whatever is the universe connecting with you BUT it is NOT jesus or so called god with his set of draconian laws for you. People that need religion to get this connection are just brainwashed, you can get it without ANY religion whatsoever! Man just uses it to control people that can’t think for themselves….

                    • I am the one, the only, worship me or burn in hell FOREVER! Ha ha ha ha that is soo fuckin retarded I can’t even express it! Take some mushrooms or something, you will get a HELL of a lot closer to the creator than with a buybull! Are all the native americans your ancestors slaughtered in hell too? Jesus Christ that whole fallacy is so rediculous you have to be a total moron to even consider it……

                    • (uuhh still waiting)

                    • Genius, you can’t change their minds. Most of them were subjected to traumatic mind control programming as young children. Yes, that’s right. Scare children to death with tales of the psychopathic god of the Old Testament/Torah, which was written by men in the desert in Pre-Bronze Age,
                      and then forcefully inform them they will burn in hell…
                      for eternity mind you, if they don’t believe.
                      It works. Now most Christians don’t even know is the people who created the god who liked the sight of infant’s heads smashing against rocks, and the smell of burning flesh, and child sacrifice, created the Federal Reserve, created, funded and carried out the Bolshevik Revolution, which murdered or starved to death 60 million of their fellow Christians, and also responsible for fomenting the Chinese Communist Revolution. It is rather amazing. But hey! if you don’t subscribe to the cult, then you are a poriah in their eyes. No matter how good a person you are.
                      Insanity rules this planet.

                • ” the law of nature, karma, whatever you want to call it will continue me on my path. Man made religions and stories are just forms of government that I do not nor will ever follow”

                  Please re-examine your statement and reply if you manage to discover how you contradicted yourself.

                  • Havesomesense is right, Genius, you are a moron.

                    • Dear stupid, What are you talking about?

                • Actually, the book of Mark was written about 40 years after the death of Jesus.

                  • Actually, the entire New Testament is a culmination of works that were written over a period of NINETY YEARS after when Christ ‘allegedly’ died and then didn’t. 90 years! No bullshit, it’s out there for anyone to look up and affirm as truth.

                • Agree with every thing you said –

                • Genius, Tell me this, who created you?

                  • Deb
                    there is no reason to try to get Genius or anyone else to share your religious beliefs. You can believe he will burn in hell unless he shares your punitive religion, but our Constitution guaranteed his right to religious freedom. He gets a lot of harassment about it on this site. Thank god and greyhound this country is not nor has it ever been a theocracy. Theocracy had always been the worst jackboot regimes in the history of the planet. Genius’ religious ideas in no way impact your freedom to believe in your punitive god. Good luck to you. Prep on.

                • Who was it who said, “religion is the opiom of the masses.” I agree with Genius……

                  • Marie,
                    I hear ya. But some of these “religious” ones sound more like they are on some bad LSD trip instead of in an opium haze! Odd that it is the bad LSD trippers are the ones always trying to force their beliefs on others. Who was it that said “misery loves company”?

                • This sums it up very succinctly:

                  1 Corintians 1:18 the preaching of the cross is to them that perish, foolishness; but to unto us that are being saved, it is the power of God.

                  Do some research, please. For your own sake. There are no less than 39 sources outside of the Bible that were not sympathetic to Christianity that confirm Jesus’ existence. The very way we mark time was split in half!

                  People die all the time for what they believe down thru history to this day, I.e; Muslims. But people aren’t going to die easy deaths much less horrific torturous deaths like 11 of the 12 apostles died for a lie they made up. (Jesus’ resurrection).

                  This isn’t fantasy or a fairytale.. It’s love (while we were still sinners Christ died for us to pay OUR penalty) and justice (a law breaker must answer for his crimes and pay for those crimes) in its purest form.

                  • Tammi and others
                    Please check the plank in your own eyes before you start preaching to others. Lead the hard way… by example. Ultimately you only get to decide for yourself and not sure how many people you folks push away but it is enough to kill Christian churches in this country. Attendance is way down for a reason.

                    • People die for lies every day of the week, not a rational argument.

            • I have been telling this community (and the Yuan lovers) for some time that China MUST devalue its Yuan if it is to compete in Asia with India and in the Americas with Mexico.

              I have said that the Yuan could hyperinflate and will become confetti unless China weaves gold into the currency.

              Here is the first of many major RESETS; but nothing compared to what market forces will do to it if it is ever free floating as required by IMF Rules and not PEGGED !!! 🙂


            • Forget Jebus, he has stood you dopes up for 2000 years.

              Better yet, take charge, and use a Funnel, “5 Gal of Gasoline,” followed by a “Lit Road Flare” down the Air Vent Shafts, into these underground cockroach bunker enclaves. Look for hidden cameras out in the middle of nowhere, that looks over vacant land, then look down for the air vent shafts, and listen closely for the ventilation fan noises. Beware, some “look a like” Vent shafts may just be decoys. So don’t waste your gas down a decoy. Do you hear a fan or air movement over the opening? Bingo.

              A close Video on this was “The Dirty Dozen” Movie 1967, with dozens of stars. A Great Guy Flick.. check it out.


              • That is correct. Jesus said to his disciples, “Verily I say unto you that there be some of you here today that shall not taste of death before my return.”

                Well, that ‘return’ never happened and Jesus is well over 2,000 LATE. So does that give you a hint about The New Testament?

                Isn’t ANYONE HERE aware that The Old Testament clearly states within it that IT IS BASED UPON THE MAZZAROTH.

                What is The Mazzaroth? It is the ANCIENT name for what we now call The ZODIAC. So clearly, The Old Testament openly states that the entirety of it is based upon THE ZODIAC!!!!!!!!

                Here are oodles of “proofs” for you people if you like:

                ht tps://www.google.com/search?q=holy+bible+mazzaroth&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8

                So, since we now know the bible is based upon the zodiac, which is “just a story” …what is the only way to “take” the writing of those who wrote the bible who tell you it is all based upon Zodiacal “stories” of ‘heavenly’ events that only happen “in a story” as The Zodiac moves across the heavens (and then back) each year. It is no more complex or simplistic than that. PERIOD!

                HELL used to be just a quiet, dark place full of lost souls. Satan never existed until several hundreds of years into religion “being built” by Roman Catholics (sorry, but The RC’s lie their asses off and mislead people for cash …BIG CASH)!

                Where is all this info? On your library shelves and college campuses. You don’t think your pastor is going to tell you that in the Book of Job it admits the bible is based on a fallacy …just a gathering of Zodiac myths and stories made up over the ages …to include the three days and nights Christ lay dead. This is when the Zodiac reaches it’s furthest point and the ‘stars’ of that zodiacal sign are not visible for three days and three nights. THEN they reappear and everything starts coming back across (over and over and over and over). This eventually translated into “the sun is going to rise again” and “the light is gaining on the darkness” (because the days of summer get longer with more light and less darkness right)? RIGHT! YOU GOT IT!
                This is alllllllll truth, no bullshit. Stick that in your pipes and smoke it.

                God did NOT “author” a book to guide us. THAT much is “built in” and if it isn’t …you are not of God, leaving one other.

                • If you’re going to quote Jesus, please be accurate. He says nothing about His second coming in those verses. He was speaking of His disciple, John, and what John would later witness through the visions given him on the isle of Patmos as recorded in the book of Revelation.

                  Matthew 16:28 Assurely, I say to you, there are some standing here who shall not taste death till they see the Son of Man coming in His kingdom.

                  Mark 9:1 Assurely, I say to you that there are some standing here who will not taste death till they see the kingdom of God present with power.

                  Luke 9:27 But I tell you truly, there are some standing here who shall not taste death till they see the kingdom of God.

            • G says: Does jesus have bunker busting bomms or something?

              Yep they are called Evangelicals and NeoCons teamed up with the MICM – Military Industrial Complex Mafia to destroy the Planet as quickly as possible.. Their other Co-Conspirators are the Bankers, NATO and the UN. So they can create the New World Order called “Piece-O’-Shit.” over the little people.

              Jeebus sure works in mysterious ways.


              • WWTI
                Evangelicals and neocons know not jeebus… they only know misery and want to destroy happy people.

          • good post.

            • How did that guys company get the inside info as to where said deep cold war bunker in Indiana was located at?

              And Then how is it that while usa taxpayers Paid every cent for it, and probably paid quite a huge tab for it too, is he now allowed to simply buy it for his own personal gain and make a fortune selling 80 costly spaces inside of it?

              Is there any real and honest Lawyer type folk here perhaps?…if Yes? Cannot some type class action suit get filed against such endevors based upon tax payers of usa being royally screwed by such endevors as his is?

              Somehow it should be there is some type lawsuit could be easy to win based on that eh?

              Or at least it should be some form fed crime act violated by him, his firm, and whoever inside fed govnt Sold it to him for such purpous right?

              This is akin to how tax payers fund football stadiums that cost a billion per each stadium now, then the owners and Team owners and entire NFL get to claim they all are a 501 NON profit corp!….and that Is Fact!

              How in world can nfl be non profit when a 30 second tv ad during super bowl game sells for about $100-200 Million per ad run?…

              Now we have this swindle scam and again taxpayers pay while some conected clown profits huge…it is just not kosher eh.

              • Them Guys
                Sure needs a class action lawsuit.
                Another one: Monsanto is being “tried” before the International Peoples Court in Le Hague come October for crimes against humanity and the earth.

          • BINGO.

          • Jeezuss is the biggest hoax of all time.

            • ya and allah and buddah and the rest of them.

              • Buddah told his followers EVERY DAY that HE WAS NOT A GOD. But people do as they damn well please even when they KNOW it is stupid. Just look at Genius. (sorry man, couldn’t resist poking ya once)! 🙂

          • Grandee …agreed. However, what did God tell Moses when he stood on The Red Sea along with thousands Egyptians when Moses pleaded for assistance? God said, “Don’t bug me …DO SOMETHING” …and so it is written the sea ‘parted’ and then ‘unparted’ on His Majesty’s soldiers.
            HE HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES. (But, if you are without God and Christ, you’ll never get to where you want to be when we are done on earth. What is to come will be forever. This is a ‘passing horror’ for the majority.
            My oh my, it is unsettling to think that during THIS year the Sixth Seal may well be unloosed…

        • Lol imagine 80+ rich spoiled people living in luxury. Let’s ponder that one for a moment. They are already spoiled and have a sence of superiority and entitlement. They most certainly have provided themselves with engineers security and medical staff.
          Now what happens in that bunker over the course of a year things will be good after that I think well see a power shift once supplies run low those with natural aggression (security) will start to call the shots. Those that can fix and heal will be more important then some rich person.
          I think there own staff will turn them into prisoners in there own bunker.
          If not…… then locate the entrance camp out and shoot the bastards when they try to come out.

          • My bet is on “Cabin Fever”.

            • HEEEEEEERRREE’S JOHNNY! Power does not like to be shared, I can just imagine the infighting lol. What a fitting end for the psyco freaks 😀

              • Genius, ever seen the movie “The Dirty Dozen”? Remember the scene when all the German officers and their women go down to the basement, get locked in, and then some gas gets poured into the air vents, followed by hand grenades? Now try to imagine that same scene, but with banksters, politicians, etc…..

                  • Genius, good choice on the song. It really fits. Brings back memories too.

          • My guess would be that their staff eliminates them as being too much trouble. If things got that bad.

            • I hope they have good air filters because all the people on the outside will sheet their pants and the smell will be attrocius 😛

              • I bet most security people can’t wait to torture these rich rats to death the first chance they get.

          • Surely you aren’t implying that their minions would turn on them, are you? You think their paid security (the guys who actually have the guns) might decide “I’m sick of taking orders from this arrogant bastard. Wouldn’t mind having his daughter, too.” ?

            A different ‘elite’ would emerge.

          • What I want to know is what will the “elite” do with members of their group who die down in those bunkers? Do they have a morgue? The pictures of these La-Dee-Da high dollar bunkers look so perfect…..

            • One of them has a big ole propane fired body burner (crematorium machine). You can burn 10 at a time in the standard units and it takes about an hour or so.

        • Yes, but who says these people have any faith in God to begin with? Plus, even if you do have faith, there is no saying that the next calamity will be the final fulfillment of Biblical prophesy.

          I would love to have a bunker, as would most of us on this site. However, I think that these bunkers in particular are just a way to exploit those who just want to throw money at the problem of prepping instead of giving it much thought. For me, my bunker would be private and remote, with space for me and a few others in my group and only used at the start of a crisis. The smaller scale would make it a less juicy target than these coffins full of rich bastards and necessary supplies. Yes, they may well have lots of guns inside and a nuclear hardened set of blast doors and an impenetrable roof on the top side. However, they are still susceptible to a backhoe or excavator and some demolition charges set off below ground where the walls are thinner. Breach the walls and invade it with a well trained group of like minded individuals. Better yet, pump in some chlorine gas from a pool supply store and kill the occupants first. Bunkers have their place at the beginning of a disaster, but the longer it goes on, the more likely it is that the occupants will become fairly easy targets.

          • I plan to be partly underground myself but mainly for its survival 50 degree temperature in a cold climate, without energy inputs. It takes a lot of energy to keep a market economy house running. It would likely work fine for a nuclear blast as well. For the golden horde? A death trap.
            A homemade hobbit house as it were, with raised beds in a potager and a food forest. Best I can figure out for that slide into global bankruptcy.
            A pound of luck and I am good. Better than needing a 1000 pounds of luck living in the middle of a city, but not as good as being remote.

            • Bunkers are a deathtrap. A hidden bomb shelter used for storage, or a root cellar built to overpressure specs, would be a very good investment with minimal costs if you are willing to do the work….most are not willing. A earth berm house would be great too if it can be hidden somewhat from public view.

              • Hi Dave,
                Mine is more an earth berm on 2 sides with front and back exits. Buried on two sides. It is invisible from the street, although the garage would be visible until greenery fills in. I am pleased with it and still digging the perimeter footing. Getting close to the truck load of crusher fines, I will have to move.
                Planted a bit of barley this morning!

              • Dave,
                I am willing to make a full root cellar. One shovel full at a time only takes perseverance….
                Making me consider how I could also disappear my truck. Hmmmmmm

        • DustyFae, you do know that Jesus told us that it (the time when He returns) is “not for us to know”.

        • Build the bunkers and stock them well. I could use them for re-supply! (grin)

          You can’t elect a messiah and you can’t escape the God of forever when the time comes.

      2. The political elite wrapped themselves in the Socialist system to milk the people for all they were worth. Now their advisers are whispering in their ears “…the system has corrupted more than we feared and who knows when and where it will break….but when that happens there will be 100 million starved people in just America ripping every home to the ground to find food and water in and near cities…”

        And that people is the reason we plan to bug out…

        • rabbitone

          The socialist system destroying us in foreign affairs. Its the reduction in wealth production (manufacturing) in the developed world and its movement to the developing world. The massive increase in domestic EBT cards and government assistance is a symptom.

          • Kevin2

            You make an excellent point about manufacturing. I have watched the U.S. auto industry implode and shut plant after plant since the 1970s. Recently I watched the payroll numbers and especially manufacturing to see how they added up for 2015. The US in 2015 has added 293,000 waiter & bartender positions and added zero manufacturing workers for the year. So that is another symptom…

            • That can’t be right! We manufacture all kinds of shit! Gmo Crops, toxic waste, sewage, garbage for the landfills, stupid people, nuclear waste, poison water, chemtrails, fiat money, lies, ebt cards, the list goes on forever! We should be the biggest gdp on earth lol….

              • You forgot; hamburgers.
                (Which, the Feds now count as ‘manufacturing’…)

                • ha ha ha, thats funny. Make fries and cokes part of it too! Might as well throw in the shit sandwiches everyone eats also!

                  • Genius, let’s not forget milkshakes. Make mine vanilla.

                • Piper Michael

                  You forgot; hamburgers.
                  (Which, the Feds now count as ‘manufacturing’…)

                  Do you have a link or point me in the right direction to support the above. I would like to include it in some E mails but the critics will want “proof”. Some people have a normalcy bias and default to believing official claims unless irrefutable evidence is presented to the contrary.

            • The huge money in this is not the transfer of wealth from rich to poor individual but rather from wealthy developed nation to poor undeveloped nation. The fallout of this is loss of good employment and is the greatest single driver of domestic socialism.

              Regardless of the question, the answer always supports globalism and limits or outright negates sovereignty and nationalism.

      3. We will find you no matter where you hide…


      4. dig em out of their damn holes

      5. Got a laugh out of this, kinda explains a lot…

        ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-04-13/summarizing-2016-elections-one-sign

        • Eppe, LMAO! That was a damned good one and it does sum everything up.

          • Wealthy running scared, going into deep bunkers is Code words for..They realize now that they have Bit Off far more than they can ever *ew…

            • Them Guys, good to see you back 🙂

            • Ya think?

      6. The number one survival rule is: STAY AWAY FROM CROWDS.

        So why would anybody want to buy a “group” bomb shelter that is just an old salt mine?

        Would you really want to be penned in with other billionaire brats?

        I would rather live in the wilderness where nobody would bomb because there would be nothing there of value anyway.

        • JS, I agree. Stay away from crowds AND stay out of anything underground that someone could think of as shelter. I wouldn’t even go underground ALONE.

        • Gonna suck if your cardkey don’t work.

      7. If you don’t think they (international shus) haven’t figured that the pimple would come to a head, you are not thinking. This, I believe, is the grand scheme. It will allow for mass depopulation. Then they will reassemble and rule the world. I don’t know who is coming out at the end. I put my money on the shus. Ha ha. If you don’t laugh, you’ll die crying.

        • Mclovin, careful with ideas like that. May be hazardous to someone’s health. LOL

          • That’s true Braveheart, 2nd-hand smoke is a Biatch lol

      8. The concentration of wealth has in the last few decades reached such levels that these people have run out of stuff to spend money on.

      9. Im gonna hide in my root cellar , with my homemade brew and canned tomato’s , LMAO .
        What could go wrong ?

        These ultra rich think they can hide , i dont think anyone can hide anywhere really , at least not for long .
        But if spending their money on security and bunkers makes them happy , i say let em do it.
        It creates construction jobs , i’m all for it !

        • Ironically, these very same scenarios were being “played out” during the 50’s. Middle-income families and even the poor (with shovels) were digging thousands of (still good) underground nuclear fallout shelters. In reality, what they built and had within them back then would not have sustained their life nor extended it (save from the initial blast). New England has more of those things than the rest of The USA combined. (I think this is because they were able to ‘chink’ down into solid rock (granite, shale, ‘northern igneous rock and oh, limestone DEEEEEEP hideouts near the coast. (Perfect place to have fill up on ya for an underground pool as long as you don’t need air). Why not just stuff all the zombies into the shelters and weld them in?
          Politicians too…

      10. “About 3,000 individuals with net assets of $1 million or more,” left Chicago in just the last year alone according to the Chicago Tribune.”

        That’s all.?? Firstly, 1 mil in net assets is nothing these days. Secondly, there’s a whole lot of people retiring, many of them moving to warmer climates like Florida and Arizona. 250 retirees a month out of a population of millions is beyond miniscule.!!!!!

        • That’s an incomplete and misleading post isn’t it? Are not most of the people leaving The Windy City due to their LOSS of a job, and so they’ve opted for early retirement? Yes, THAT is what is on the “official registers.” But, you have something there J. (I just ain’t educated enough on that end of things to know what you are trying to point out …exactly). *I wasn’t “jumping you.” 🙂
          Florida AND Arizona are both reporting DROPS in populations. People are getting the hell outta Florida (they fear being without food in a short time and down there isn’t the best place to be in a war …unless you’re a well-trained veteran and are familiar with frigging around swamps and things going bump in the night. 🙂

      11. find the entrance and close it permanently. let it be their tomb.

        • That is what I intend to do to Cheyenne ‘mountain’ facility …all by my lonesome if needs be, but THAT’S MY TARGET (or at least save me a chunk to bring down s’okay)?
          In reality, I thought it would be best to pump all of the nuclear waste out of where the feds have placed it (in OUR backyards to threaten OUR water supplies), pump it into trucks and then just pump it into any and all pipes and vents I can locate using FLIR/IR 2nd Gen. and other tricks of the trade).
          I figure they may need the extra nuke stuff for their reactor(s). Word on parts of the street state they are expecting a possibility of not being able to exit for “generations.”
          Good grief everyone, what in hell, exactly, is coming?

      12. Hammerhead, I’ll be at the BOL with family. Cabin has a full solar system in place as backup can become primary with the flick of a switch. Lifetime supply of firewood for the woodstove all around. Nice deep well with good water and one side of the property borders on a year-round creek. No shooting range needed. Just step out the door, aim, fire! LOL.

        • Sounds nice, Braveheart. Good you have family around.

          • Rebecca, I’ve had this arrangement with them since April 2013. I’ve made numerous trips there over the last 3 years moving supplies into a barn on the property. Most of my stuff is already there. What little I have left with me can be loaded up in only minutes and I’m gone. I know several different routes there and have tested each and every one of them. Also have extra gas cans already full just in case. Far enough form any major cities not to worry.

        • Having electric is nice , but i’ll be ok without it.
          Too many cloudy days here in winter for solar to be worth having so i just plan on being without if things go that way.
          I live at my BOL , only place to hide here the cedar swamp and i like the house better , lol.
          But my cows ? Those bastards like the swamp , another story !

          • In my younger days I built two different homes, both log cabins of appreciable size, and I used the logs from the land to do it. Two years (give or take) later (for each) and they were completed (just working weekends and some nights).
            Neither had power but both had woodstoves (cooking//heating). I can’t say I ever missed having electricity and wow was the lifestyle ever nice and laid back. (I hate a damned TV blaring in the background).
            Lastly, there’s no way you can get yourself far enough away from major cities (as they will travel any distance necessary in an effort to survive, and not one soul can blame a soul for trying). But you can give them hell for not prepping – – and yet many have never heard the word. That’s how good the media is at hiding what’s really going on in the world these days.

      13. They have the money to distance themselves from the masses. If I had the funds I would join them…

        • Would you really want to surround yourself with those kind of folk?

          • Equorial
            I would rather surround myself with self sufficient people. One thing the bunkers suggest is hiding from plague or nuclear meltdown. Fukushima is still spewing.

            • Becky, OH! oic… I would preference being far and away from everyone as possible …which means I don’t have to budge. 🙂

      14. The elite understand all too well the coming collapse.

        The problem is the American people are still in denial, quoting scripture or have no idea of extent of the horror that’s coming.

        Christ told us to occupy until he returns.

        Why aren’t we occupying?

        • I am occupying my mind 🙂 try it, you might like it 😛

          • Genius, that wouldn’t be like ‘Occupy Wall St.’, would it? [JUST KIDDING]

            • Naaah, occupying my mind actually works lol.

              • Genius, LOL. I occupy my own mind also and it always works for me.

        • What out what you say with things like that at this website FreeIllinois! I got my ass chewed out really well for daring to suggest there is anything amiss within the USA and REALLY bitched out for stating that we need to “kill them before they have had time to set it all up to kill us in an afternoon, or less.”
          What do you get for talking like that? Ignored then .

          You see, it is FINE for them to speak it, but it is NOT okay for YOU to speak it. So, if you don’t speak you’ll be fine. I only come here now to (hopefully) speak truths and watch them get “fried” in ignorance.

          I guess I’m a bit like Genius. I know what I want. I know what I’ve seen and what I believe is right. Perhaps we march to different drummers yet neither us would THINK of depriving the other of a damn thing. So, Genius could have my “six” anytime, contrary to the ‘slams’ I’ve seen him take from the other “experts-at-nothing” who post regularly, yet have little chance of survival (but let them find that out for themselves).

          AND …if you are a vet then you are already “too far gone” and brainwashed to be of any help to the people here who are far, far more adept at war and battle than ANY of the frigging combat veterans ever THOUGHT about being.

          Damn, if I had known that I would have trained my ass off to be a civilian keyboard warrior and REALLY HAVE SHOWN THEM during Nam and other ‘theatres’! But, I screwed up and became a brainwashed, 21-yr “no-good, brainwashed, murdering-for-the-government, veteran

      15. I could see the collapse coming. My son, another servant to the rich, didn’t believe it until he noticed that every one of his customers had a BOL in the mountains.

        • All through my military days every now and then the topic of an upcoming war would fill the air, and we’d hear all kinds of stuff from the ranking officers (of those days).

          Now, 40 years later I’m watching it all come together nearly exactly as I was told it would go down. Therefore, I am all ears and paying very, very close attention to every trick in the book that has ever been employed prior to any war involving The USA.

          So far there have been 100’s of indicators, (that we are not supposed to be wise enough to ‘cipher’), that war and mass killings are imminent. But what’s happening in America to quell the possibility of it happening?

          >>>>>> crickets >>>>>>>> <<<<<<>>>>>>

          brought to you by your friendly N.W.O Friends In Blue
          We wish to express our sincere appreciation for NOT doing a damn thing to prevent us from taking absolutely everything of your life and turning it into shambles so that we Muslims can have everything that used to be all yours. YOU ARE SUCH NICE PEOPLE AND WILL MAKE GREAT MEALS OR SEX-SLAVES (NO, WE MEAN TO EAT YOU, NOT TO HAVE YOU COOK)!

      16. Why don’t the oligarchs and banksters just go to the **ultimate** underground location…. Hell?

        It’s where they belong anyway, and they won’t have to worry about running into people that believe in justice, faith or truth. Should be perfect for ’em

      17. I found it interesting that Learjet leftists like James Cameron (Titanic producer, etc.) has moved to an uber-luxe ranch/farm in New Zealand. Google it and go to images to see how disgustingly ostentatious his digs are. One story here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2095239/James-Cameron-leaving-U-S-New-Zealand-farm.html

        So, let me get this right: Hollywierd Learjet leftists, bankster limousine liberals, and Martha’s Vineyard rich socialists destroy the country, then don’t want to hang around in the mess the created. How delicious. How disgusting. How hypocritical.

        You leftists wanted some Orwellian, Pol Pot-ian socialist paradise, you should be forced to stay in the mess you created for the rest of us.

        And oh yeah. Titanic sucked, and was a passel of ignorant leftist prejudices… along with your other stupid movies

        • TEST

          The people at the very top are fascists. They own things, almost everything in fact, they don’t share their wealth, they dictate policy. Socialism and its big brother Communism is the tool of those at the top to control those below them.

          The people you mentioned are mere employees, hired hands of the Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s, Warburg’s. Soros is in the news too much which inferres that he is far down the food chain and there to take the heat.

          Look behind the curtain.

          • Kevin2
            I agree, there are a few who dictate and the public faces who do what they are told to control the masses. Many well off people self-identify with the rich but they are self-deceiving. Those that serve hope they will be taken care of like good puppydogs… something like Schwartenegger took care of the maid, snort.

      18. LMAO !!!

        now even the rats are saying the ship is taking on water

        Bill Clinton Predicts Global “Crisis”

        h ttp://peakoil.com/publicpolicy/bill-clinton-predicts-global-crisis

        and so the very dirt bags that caused the problems
        are gonna step in and solve them ???

      19. Why go underground when top side will be a target rich environment
        Waiting them out will be half the fun

        This is going to be a blast

      20. It doesn’t matter where you run to, the elite can build all the decked bunkers they want, they will still be in the same boat as the rest of us maybe worse because they won’t be able to jet set around the world and do all the important rich things rich people do. It isn’t going to be just the peasants lobbing things at each other but the earth itself is going to be in upheaval. This has been foretold….

      21. Joke of the Day

        Ted Cruz,AMuRIkAn TallyBan

        Call of the Dildos: The Ted Cruz Story

        h ttp://www.dailykos.com/stories/2016/4/13/1514818/-Call-of-the-Dildos-The-Ted-Cruz-Story

        and Tweet of the Day

        “Craig Mazin


        Ted Cruz thinks people don’t have a right to “stimulate their genitals.” I was his college roommate. This would be a new belief of his.
        10:35 AM – 13 Apr 2016

        29,041 29,041 Retweets

        ha ha ha
        religious nut jobs
        they’re everywhere !!!

        • Psychological projection is a sickness, Satori. Get help. And don’t quote the fascists at Daily Kos on this site. It, and you, are NOT welcome.

          And religious nutjobs? Turns out secular humanists and the secular humanist religion is the most nutty of all. And yes, secular humanism IS a religion. The law has defined it as such, and even common sense tells us that religion is anything that tells us where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going (in your case, from slime, for pleasure, and to oblivion. Still a religion.)

          And of course, secular humanists STILL have no answer as to why a country founded on Christian principles became the greatest in history. You would think, since it is so nutty, it would have birthed the nuttiest in history. And for your evolutionary presuppositions, tell me, Einstein: what came first: the eye or the optic nerve – and HOW exactly did that evolve? You don’t have an answer, nor do any of your other secular humanists.

          Turns out the man who is generally credited with giving the US its rules of evidence, in a court of law, was from Harvard in the 1800s. Simon Greenleaf by name… a Jew. Someone had the temerity to challenge him to examine the claims for the resurrection, which he had the intellectual honesty to do (do you?) As a Jew, he ended up a Christian believe after applying the rules of evidence to the case of Christ, and ended up wring The Testimony of the Evangelists as a testament to his conversion to Christianity.

          But all this begs the question: Do you, mon ami, have the intellectual honesty to simply examine the facts? That is the real – and eternal – questionl

          • sorry Test
            Ted Cruz did what he did
            facts are facts
            who reports those facts is of no interest to me
            Ted Cruz is certainly not gonna bring up any of his many indiscretions now is he ???

            he’s a lying sack of crap
            how do I know
            because when I’m not reading KOS or HUFF PO
            I’m on FoX or Breitbart
            I read and consider all sources
            “liberal” or “conservative” are MEANINGLESS terms to me
            I seek facts and reliable information
            the source to me is IRRELEVANT

            (seems you have a problem in this area???)

            Cruz is a religious fanatic
            God is talking to him

            this is always bad news

            and yes
            I have examined the “facts”
            I have done so at length
            even went to the extent of learning a lot of original Greek to do so
            I took an entire year to do an incredibly in depth study of religion

            and I make NO apologies for calling Cruz a nut job

          • TEST. Dunno where you get your info from but the biggest farce around is that America was founded upon Christian principals. Our Founding Fathers did NOT have “religion” …and it was decades before some of the first “christians” started coming into the NorthEast (and down around North Carolina’s shores as well).
            NO PART of America’s origins were borne of any religion …just freedom loving men.
            The proof is all over any public library. Prove it to yourselves.

            • Equorial
              Amazing the latest story about Christian nation blah blah blah. Religious governments are always a jack boot on the people and the Constitution was written to avoid that. England finally gave up forcing the King’s religion on everyone, but that is the background our founding fathers came from. Freedom was the push to greatness, not religion. Even the Bible dismisses those who pray in public instead of in their closet… it will be their only reward and they will not be rewarded in heaven.

          • Just how does one know the absolute facts from an event of over 100 years ago? We only have the written words of writers and not the truths as written by those who were directly affected.

            Since when has anyone written anything that wasn’t ‘tainted’ in some way? Even The Cat In The Hat turned out to be a child molester, and those were just harmless cartoons right! (Not if you do what kids do and only see the pictures at first).

            Works the same way as adults with newspapers or even computer screens. The pics and ‘designs’ are loaded with things 99% never notice (consciously), and follow the subliminals “to a T.”

      22. Seen a bunch of stuff on television about Vivos. As I see things, the bulk of the people they’re recruiting into their communities are the exactly the kinds of people you don’t want: people who don’t know how to work and do no bring a physical attitude to the table.

        One of the first things they say is that they recruit community members based on skills, and that they actively recruit people with military, security, and LEO backgrounds. Problem? Only a small percentage of the people they recruit into a community are going to be capable fighters; very few of them are going to come from outside the military/security/LEO ranks. How does it become a problem? You’re going to have a lot of spoiled rich people in these communities who expect to have a dog to do their barking for them.

        Then there’s the supply level. These communities are fully supplied for approximately one year. After that, you have a bunch of problems. When the freeze dried food runs out, you’re going to have to raise meat animals and crops to adequately feed that community. That means having to go above ground. Very few of the people in the community are going to have the skill set and physical/mental make-up to do this kind of work.

        What’s going to be waiting for them? Groups of survivors who have a significantly higher number of hardened fighters than what you have in the Vivos community. Undoubtedly, they will have already wiped out loads of rich prepper wanna-be’s and captured their stockpiles of weapons and ammo (because the wanna-be’s never bothered to invest any time in actually training to fight).

        One of two things is going to happen. First, the Vivos security apparatus could dig in its heels, try to carry a lot of very wealthy dead weight, and be overrun in the process; the result would be a Vivos community completely wiped out. The security apparatus could just as easily live to fight another day by leaving that very wealthy dead weight to fend for itself (which they can’t and won’t). I’d be more willing to bank on the latter.

        • Wealth is linked to possession of property be it documents like stocks, deeds to real-estate and the like; it depends upon the rule of law. Assuming that things are in such a state of chaos that Thurston Howell III and his wife are in some Neman Marcus decorated ICBM silo for a year one might assume that the “Rule Of Law” is no longer applicable. “I’m rich”. “Says who”?

        • Wouldn’t most of you say that all indicators are that the “good ole boys” (as in rednecks), country girls and just plain “country folk” have the bestest chances to survive. I know many women who can outshoot the majority of men, and each one of them are as country as can be. They also carry concealed daily and to attack them would end up being lethal for their attackers.
          I see all kinds of folks trying to organize, running around gathering supplies (with no clue what they are buying half the time) …and after one glance you KNOW they are going to fail miserably …and yet don’t even think of trying to tell them differently or they’ll likely shoot you, first instinct.
          So, just like Genius, I’m going to sit and watch everyone wipe themselves out while just lying very, very low and sipping on suds & toking on buds. lol… (If I thought my body would still handle it I’d do it dammit). haha….

      23. Pretty picture.

        And the toilet is where?

        • In the bucket half filled with oatmeal. Makes some killer gruel 😛

      24. you might be the worlds richest man or its poorest street sweeper but sooner or later we all dance with the reeper

        • Park ave. leads to skid row

      25. The real elite aren’t busting their asses building fortresses. They have been there and done that.

      26. There will be an air intake…

        • PJ – you got it dead right. Glad someone realized it too. I have written this Robert Vicino a year or so back. In truth?, to apply for a job. I saw and still do see the same fatal flaw as do you. Furthermore, the very siting of the facilities directly near, egress to and from, by rail actually spells their own demise. Simple as all git-out – rail-road ties. Those big ol’ creosote-soaked squared-off beams the rails sit upon. And even if they were not present (many European lines now use concrete) there are plenty of pine tree varieties available to produce a veritable cornucopia of dense, tarry smoke. The air vents may be NBC filtered; however, no filter known can function when sodden and totally impregnated by particulate matter from combustion. The supply of exchange filter would quickly run low or out, the power plant (generators) would have to be cycled to the lowest level as they’d be eating the available oxygen and in very short order the system would collapse. And that is just one design error.

          Water, the deepest wells still draw off whatever available aquifer there may be in the locale. Again, a patient body of humankind drilling their own parallel wells and injecting with any available chemical to contaminate the underground system would also work in a similar manner to the air intake issue.

          There are defeats always possible for any system. And when so done, what will be the outcome for those pale-faced wealthy as they are forced to come out and face the hordes awaiting them? Or worse, simply block them in and never let them depart. That would be a wonderful justice decree. An eternity with their own kind.

        • Yup just pull a CO2 tanker up to it and fill it with CO2. That should make them breathe easier ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….

          • Genius, I’m trying to imagine a bunker full of trolls and doing what you just mentioned…..

          • Better yet a propane truck Hahaha!!!

        • Mix clorox and ammonia and dump it in that intake, unless they have a real good filter system that might cause some issues, if the filter system is real good just fill the in and out with dirt and sticks

          • Kula, The filters they have will filter out that gas BUT not CO2. It will remove all the oxygen from the air and they will crawl around like the worms they are till they finally die! I want a vid of it lol.

            • Sorry everyone, but facilities like the ones you mean, with reactors (such as at Cheyenne Mt), have nuclear power. They produce their own oxygen and so all shafts to the outside have been made something like blood veins, it all only goes one way. (And they’ve tunneled out thousands of vents so if needed they can blow open new holes as fast as you find the older ones.
              One without nukes inside have bottles and bottle of oxygen/nitrogen/???? for a very long-lasting tri-mix that will sustain life indefinitely …’scuba divers’ know the mix I mean. And …saved this for the end, most all of these facilities have also thought you’d try to poison them, and so they have lots and lots of gas masks, air cleaning systems and everything else needed to thwart ANY plan you might try …and your tax dollars paid for every last part that went into making these places.

              Still …where there is a will there is a way. Why not just keep blowing it up until there is nothing but a bloody deep-ass hole full of magma?

        • And they hope none of the peasants who actually built the thing for them survive and remember the project.

      27. when things get that bad why go on living this way under ground crammed in to bunker with others shitting and pissing all over the place to survive till this come back to normal they hope hide like the rats and vermin they really are,when the shtf why bother quality of life will such just save one round for yourself and other in your group better off dead then living in such a way how can you enjoy life being in bunker of cave tunnel scared and worried were your next meal or drink will come from once stuff runs your be wishing for death way i see why prolong the suffering of something they will happen in time man up wimps don,t fear death can run but can,t hide forever i,m not talking about short term disasters just long term one ok to wait out small time under ground

      28. Those plastic lawn chairs in the bunker pic would have to go. When something breaks or runs out, then what?

      29. I will have a quick death.

      30. I guess when its all over its year o
        and mankind if it survives will do it all over again.

      31. “High net worth individuals”
        In other words they aint worth shit
        Fancy tombs if you ask me

      32. The article doesn’t make a lot of sense. The theme is the 1% “wealthy” are buying the bunker hotel rooms. Then the article states the units sell between 35k-3 million. 35k? Not an insurmountable figure. Then the article quotes realtors selling land in New Zealand to the wealthy to hide when the shtf. Where are they from and how wealthy and most importantly how many people? Real estate agents are scamming liars almost to a person.
        What does the number of millionaires moving out of Chicago bolster or even relate to the bunkers? I would guess some not all moved due to developing conditions in Chicago. Some for retirement, family, jobs etc.
        The bunker sale is old news and was advertised before the Ferguson shooting. Poorly written and uses absolutes without supporting facts.
        No doubt the world is crumbling. No doubt people want to be safe and no don’t some wealthy people think the shtf is approaching. Poor article to make the point though entertaining.

        • Copper,
          The fallacy is that these folks are mega rich rather than well off. The people running our politicians will eat these folks for din din and they know it. They aren’t poor yet, but they watched the poor get eaten for breakfast and middle class for lunch. For a long time they thought their wealth made them invulnerable. Not anymore, they now hope it saves their lives. They aren’t the Bigs.

      33. Just think about it. Three weeks into the bunker and something breaks. Fifth week in the bunker and the replacement breaks. Ok now you come out of the bunker and now all you have is hole in the ground with your supplies. Wall-Mart and Lowe’s are closed and nothing left inside to fix you problem.

        Game over! You are screwed. Now you have to figure out how to survive on top of the ground with bands of people looking for anything they can find. And they have a five weeks on there side on how to survive what ever happened and you are at square one.

        Well I’ll take my chances outside in the woods at my BOL.

        They think they will out last what has happened. They will only get fat and lazy under ground with nothing to do but wait to come out. At least when you are outside you can hunt, fish and stay in shape working on things.

        We all know it ain’t going to be easy, but like I said I will take my chances outside.


        • reminds me of that good country song, “I Just Wanna Live Until I Die” (I forget the artist, sorry).

      34. I plan to stay in place with my cats. Been getting more supplies in and started storing water. Yep,I’m gonna sit real pretty like,keep my head down,mouth shut,and gun loaded. I actually feel sorry for these rich folks.I do know when their year of supplies run out,someone is gonna have to go topside to get more. I’ll and I expect,others will be waiting on them. Judgement Day cometh.

      35. Heres a question is like to pose:
        The fires are out the last bullet has been fired all ceos politicians are long dead Hillary’s body has long ago rotted from the noose in which she hanged with what started it / what finished it don’t matter.
        My question? What did it get replaced with ? Never seen anything on the topic of what comes after the dust up ?
        MAC if you have anything on this id sure like to see it

        • beav, I posted that question a while back and had mixed answers. I am pretty much an anarchist (freedom lover) so I want the least govt. period. I think the best answer that would work is a return to tribalism. But the biggest issue was that the sheep would want things to be back to normal. What do you do about those trogladites? That question opens a huge can of worms my man. To have any resemblance of freedom you would have to kill 90% of the population. Jus sayin’

          • Isn’t killing 90% of the populace foremost in The U.N.’s plans for this nation? Yes it is.

            I believe it is pretty safe to assume that should there be a war anywhere near the intensity of what we have been led to believe, then you can rest assured that GLOBALLY the human race will be lucky to see about 5.5% of humans left (surviving not dying). All the others would have gone by the wayside and onward to better things, perhaps, perhaps not.

            With that few people left, “tribal centers” are about all that may exist, if anything. Many will prefer to be alone and on their own with no outside influences of other people. I know I would NOT want any neighbors remotely close, unless they were exemplary in many ways. (Not that I’m perfect in any wise, I’m just an old hermit is all, with a wife who’s an old hermit too). 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • beaver- from an anthropological viewpoint, people would regroup in ways they have historically, depending on what technology is left after the smoke clears. The stages are 1) egalitarian small groups with no defined leader but generally a common core of beliefs, religious or practical. 2)Tribes- a more self identified group with stronger internal sanctions to follow the common core belief. A tribe will still be somewhat egalitarian but starts to develop the “big man”- the guy people follow or put the blame on depending on circumstance. This can manifest as cultish behavior or militia type behavior. Next step is 3) Kingdoms, where there is a recognized chief or leader. I really combined two stages here… but central leadership of a rather dictatorial nature is central to this stage. Pressure to conform to common core beliefs is strong at this stage. THEN, 4)nation states which are more complex forms of governance rising again from common core belief patterns whether that be communism, democracy, isolationism, etc. This stage is the hardest and longest paradigm to reach… because Kings and Princes don’t come down without a fight.
          So, given that societies have collapsed and vanished before and other groups have filled the vacuum using these stages of development, I think history has a good chance of repeating itself. Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond is a very good read on how technology (and disease) affects the progression of who gets to be in charge at any given time.
          Disclaimer- I have a Master’s in Anth.

        • Angry Beaver.

          What is the replacement? That is a major question. Many months ago BI tried to bring that into focus but not a word posted. As we are fractured along many lines as to what to do about the problems we have now, we would be the same as to what was needed to repair the country. Many wanting to hold on to the OLD WAYS. Especially as it pertains to crime and punishment.

          Not to worry AB, we have to get there first so we can get it done and that is not promising.

      36. The very last place I’d want to be when/if shtf is an elite bunker. Now, I might want to vacation in one, just to privately use the indoor pool and sauna and have some peace and quiet. But to share space with a bunch of neurotic (probably) and self important people in a crisis would not be my cup of tea. It would just evolve into a luxury version of the Superdome during Katrina.
        For reasons different than stated, I don’t think folks are going to be trying to flush people out of their hidy holes. Nobody’s going to care. There will be enough looting and killing on the surface to distract the average marauder. Besides for all that, this article is recycled “news” from a few months ago, and is designed to stir the pot of class envy. Here’s something to think about. Anybody here with some supplies and a means to protect them will instantly become enviable in teotwawki. I say, hooray for anyone prepping at all, no matter how small or flawed their plan is. They will be ahead of 90 percent plus of the population in a crisis.

      37. I guess I just don’t get it. Why would a rich person who lives in a mansion and has everything one could wish for decide to go live in an underground bunker? Most of them are very nice looking. Most of them will probably be invaded and the people inside them stripped of everything they have stored and are using. The rich would be going from extreme wealth to tentative camping. They would be living in fear from the people from whom they had taken all of their wealth. They would not be living better. Their families would be living in fear along with them. I mean really why not just do the right thing now? Why not try to make this world a better place for everybody? Then we could all live above ground in peace. I guess that’s a stupid idea huh?

      38. The movie The Postman Seems a good possibility ?

      39. Holy smokes! I do not think I have ever seen a woman as beautiful as that blonde who did this interview.

        I sure hope she is not a nauseating liberal feminazi chick who aborts any fetuses that might get fertilized in her womb by a White guy, because genes as fine as the ones she was blessed with need to be passed on within the White European gene pool.

      40. Don’t care for underground bunkers. Too easy to block the air supply.

      41. citizen says:
        Comment ID: 3550137

        April 13, 2016 at 4:24 pm

        {find the entrance and close it permanently. let it be their tomb.} I agree Especially those goverment places like Mt Weather. They where constructed for the primary goal of Continuation of Government! Really If It gets bad why would we need or want this failed corrupt Goverment to continue?

        • It would make far more sense to destroy these objects so that they will be of no use to “the elites and government biggies.” But you are right, it is far better to allow them to live safe and sound far below the danger.
          And of course, there is no way they thought of getting out of that place and so they have no explosives to blow their way out either. This is what you think eh? Guess they’ll be coming back for a round two within a century or less…

      42. These big ‘community’ shelters always remind me of Dr. Strangelove, the mineshaft gap.
        During the cold war, the Soviets equipped their subways to house hundreds of thousands of their citizens in case of nuclear war/fallout. I don’t know what the duration was to be. Those provisions were neglected during the reign of the oligarchs and since 1998 have been restored and are again maintained by the Russian govt.
        In the 1960’s, in this country, bomb/fallout shelters in homes and communities were common. We even had bomb raid drills fairly regularly. There are still several underground shelter manufacturers here in the USA and it’s not the uber-wealthy buying them. Some of these folks are my customers and so far, nobody I’ve talked to expects to have to stay in their shelter 100% of the time for a year or more, although they potentially could. A year underground would get you through the worst period of radioactivity in the case of multimegaton warheads landing in relative proximity.
        Did anybody else appreciate ‘Blast from the Past’ with Brendan Fraser and Alicia Silverstone?

      43. I get that inkling as well that things would evolve gradually what ever replaces it just remember the more divided we all are the easier it is for someone to come along and exploit that leading once again to manipulation of the masses.

      44. All these comments remind me of a line in the Terminator, (probably the second one where he’s friendly to humans) where the kid asks Arnold,
        “we’re not going to make it are we?” [meaning the human race].

      45. If they have not included mechanics and machinists along with their families, this is doomed to fail. Also spare parts.

        • Hamster,
          Idiots that they are, they don’t notice that they need the entire society to keep things running for them. I am look at 18th century technology to sustain myself. With some 221stcentury knowledge. I may add a simple microscope to my stuff.

      46. There is no place the criminal elite can hide. No hole deep enough.

      47. Checkout Hardened Structures dot com dot au – World Leaders In Military Grade Risk Mitigation : CBRNe : Fortified Eco Homes : Underground Bunkers Shelters : Constructing A More Secure Future.

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