Shadow Government Bunkers: Security Heightened at Underground Storage Facilities

by | May 9, 2011 | Emergency Preparedness | 233 comments

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    As we’ve noted before on a number of occasions, the US government is preparing for Unlikely Events Like War, Catastrophic Collapse of Society, and Even Asteroids and the Pentagon and Military are Actively War Gaming ‘Large Scale Economic Breakdown’ and ‘Civil Unrest’. In addition to security and law enforcement implications, it doesn’t take much of a stretch of the imagination to come to the conclusion that war gaming these scenarios takes into account continuity of government directives, which means that elite members of reserve government elements need a place to go if the SHTF.

    The fact that bunkers exist is no secret, and as was pointed out in the aforementioned articles, there are many of them around the country. Rumor has it that the government has built literal underground cities spanning hundreds of thousands of square feet, complete with everything from nuclear power generation to facilities capable of manufacturing just about any modern day product. The idea is that in the event of a global cataclysm, the human race would be able to survive and thrive, without losing the technological advancements achieved over the last couple of centuries.

    The following pictures come to us from a truck driver who has regularly delivered goods to bunker facilities. Most interesting is this individual notes that up until recently, security at these facilities has been somewhat lax and there was never really a visible law enforcement presence. The pictures below show parts of the inside of an underground bunker, as well as a newly visible Department of Homeland Security presence. What this means is for the reader to decide.

    It is also important to mention that not all bunker facilities are wholly owned by the United States government. Many, like the one in Springfield, Missouri depicted in the video at the bottom of this article, are reportedly owned by private interests. These facilities have been carved out inside of existing mines and their purpose is not exactly clear, other than they are designed for housing large groups of individuals and/or supplies for extended periods of time – and they’re quite secure and almost impenetrable without heavy duty blasting equipment once the doors are shut.

    For those who have researched continuity of government programs, you’re likely aware that in the event such actions need to be taken because portions of the US government have been decapitated, a secondary government infrastructure sits in waiting to take control. From the standpoint of emergency planning, plans for continuity of government are an important consideration in a free society. The problem, of course, is that the public is completely in the dark about COG directives and who will take over. From what we have been able to gather, COG doesn’t mean exactly what we think it might mean, which is to ensure survival of our fundamental principles as outlined by the US Constitution. Rather, it is believed that in the instance that our elected government falls apart, the replacement would be a self-appointed group of governors, complete with law enforcement and military, that would take control of day-to-day operations. Due to the secrecy surrounding COG, it is impossible to know what plans lie ahead, but private, unelected interests certainly will have a hand in any new government – much like they do now.

    These private interests would include wealthy conglomerates who would likely be the only ones (for the exception of government directly) capable of building extensive bunker facilities like the ones shown below.

    We must assume that the government and these private conglomerates will be acting in their own interests during a worst-case scenario. Thus, while those underground bunker facilities are peppered throughout the nation, it’s reasonable to assume that very few, if any, of those supplies will be delivered to those outside of the COG programs.

    Unless you’re one of the chosen few, you’re on your own.

    Editor’s Note: Large food manufacturers and other companies have been known to outsource storage of food, products, records, etc. to underground facilities. This may be the case with some of these underground cave facilities. Again, this is a conclusion that must be left up to our readers because we are operating with incomplete information.

    Via Godlike Productions:

    I delivered at an underground storage facility in Lenexa Ks (south west suburb of Kansas City Ks) today and this is what I saw.

    Funny thing is I have delivered to these facilities many times and have never even seen so much as a cop.

    Today was different and a little strange.

    The author goes on to further discuss the DHS presence, which is odd, especially if the facility is privately owned.

    Pictures via Photobucket:

    It is unclear whether this particular facility is managed, funded and controlled directly by DHS because it is near a government facility:

    Or, whether the facility is privately managed. The following sign shows private companies operating in and around the facility:

    What is clear, is that Department of Homeland Security (not your average private security company) has a presence in the area:

    And they are not simply cruising the side roads, but directly entering the bunker facilities (this particular vehicle entered the bunker facility via the left entrance):

    Truck driver responsible for this photos Enters one of the caves / bunkers (Note train tracks on right):

    If you think your preparedness closet and storage facility are stocked with ample food, tools, and supplies, consider how much these guys can load up into one of these caves. Whatever they’re planning for, it’s going to be for the long haul:

    The above storage facility is reportedly located in Kansas City, KS.

    Below, you can take a video tour of a bunker facility located in Missouri. Like the Kansas cave, these are extensive facilities designed for housing large amounts of supplies – and people:

    Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory: Apocalypse 2012 includes discussions of alleged Denver airport underground bunkers, the private bunker construction industry, and the expeditious nature in which the US government and others are building these facilities:

    This report has been published in the interest of keeping our readers informed. While natural or man-made disasters can strike anytime, we strongly believe that an imminent disaster that has the foreknowledge of our government, or elements therein, will be spotted by individuals who see something and say something to the rest of the public. It’s the truck driver who regularly enters these facilities and sees something out of the ordinary, or the security guard, or the law enforcement officer, or the passerby, that will be our canary in the coal mine. Our goal is to bring you credible information and evidence as it happens. What you do with that information is up to you.

    Sourced via God Like Productions. Pictures sourced via Photo Bucket. Our thanks to Live Free or Die for bringing the video and this story to our attention via Before It’s News.


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      1. So now we know something is bound to happen, the only question is . . . when?

        • I remember when thinking this sort of stuff when I was fifteen and supposedly brain dead and a waste of skin. I win ,it took about 20 years but I win!!!

          • When I use to tell others that somethings up, they said oh your just paranoid. I know something is going to happen I can feel it how about you. 

            • feel the same way

        • YouTube Planet X and you will see.

        • are u people stupid or what to be hardened storage facilities in the event of an apocolypse they would have to be  several hundred feet down to almost a thousand. these places are barely 90 feet below ground. to cool and maintain any lower you woild need massive cooling systems that would strain the local grid to no belief. dooms day shelters whata crock. im in there all the time its a stable environment to age cheese and wines with very low energy usage due to the natural insulation from the limestone rock. more and more countries are doing this because the cost of energy is and never will be as low as it once was. so in a nutshell its economic sensibility… 

          • Why do they need Homeland Security, for cheese?

            • The government stores paper documentations in facilities like that. Due to the fact at 100 ft below ground its a perfect environment to store documents and other supplies. As a result they don’t have to pay for high utilities to keep the facility at the right temps. Large companies do the same thing. Its secured because the documentations and products have to be protected like anything else. Large corporations do the exact same thing.

              • Having the Govt. let tax payers pay to have FatherLand Security patrol it is not only a waste of Money but what is a Govt. Agency like Homeland Security doing protecting Private documents of Private Companies? If you have ever been in there then Obama certainly is an Islamic Fraud of a President! Although these places are great for storing Papers (which are not used in storage anymore)these are also great places to Store Computer Media, Wine, Cheese and a whole lot of different kinds of Food as well as securing People in the Bunkers which go down even further into the ground and any underground facility would have extra Bracing just to make sure they don’t cave in, so it would not be that much more trouble to Brace them from Bombing Impacts!

          • With all due respect, are you a trained facilities engineer ro just guessing at what you wrote? I’m an electronics engineer so things like cooling large areas underground is not my expertise. BUT I have lived in KC all my life and have owned companies who did business with literally hundreds of companies located in these huge number of caves mostly made by nature. The KC area is on the edge of the ancinet Ozark mountain chain. Geology is part granite and part limestone. Over millions of years glaciers melting rushed billions of gallons of water underground eventually dissolving huge amounts of limesonte into the Missouri river leading to the Mississippi river the the gulf. Back then (millions of years ago) glacier melt caused all of these above and below ground rivers to be HUGE. 100 times, or more, the size of current rivers. We’re on the edge so the underground caves have pretty much dried up leaving pristine caves to be cleaned up, concrete added to walls and ceilings plus steel rebar etc. yielding an unbelievable amount of CHEAP but good dry 58 degree storage space. Why Kansas City? It’s just topography. Go into the Ozarks and the caves are still smaller, damp, moldy and basicly smelly messes. These are the caves many bought from shysters as armageddon escpae caves. They were shown photos of Kansas City caves but sold caves that were maybe four feet high, lots of running water, lots of snakes! and close t ounusable for anything. These con artists seem to have disappeared from YouTube along with the money of trusting people who thought they were following trained survivalists into well stocked large dry caves in southern Missouri.

            Yes, you do have to draw a lot of air in and out. Apparently it is not a big deal as I have called on many customers in them over the years and they said the rent average one dollar per square foot. It was originally just storage (all income tax hard copies from 1913 forward are down there for example) storing of bulky but cheap items like sand, cement, etc. But with inventiveness many made some of the caves “feel” as if you above ground! Today, a typical office complex will have sky blue painted ceilings, forest scenes on walls and big screen TV screens behind fake windows. One day your office can overlook the foothills of Denver and the next day be in Chicago. It is really amazing!

            Going down into these caves spread over a 100 mile radius (there are many more further out but the area centered on KC are the “quality” caves) you either take an elevator (some big enough for semis) or drive yourself down a spiraling corkscrew road that can leave you dizzy after a 100 360 degree turns before ending up 800 feet underground. The owner of the KC Chiefs football team owns millions of square feet of these storage caves and it’s a big portion of his fortune. He recognized the potential early buying land when it was 10% of what it is today. Semis and even trains! come and go by the hundreds all over the KC area every day. I worked 800 feet underground for the Atomic Energy Commission in the 60’s. It was so huge you lost all feeling of being underground. Are there levels? Yes. Does secret government stuff go on in some of the caves. I’m sure it does. “Secret government stuff” goes on all over the country!

            But in my days “in the caves” I never saw government operations beyond things like IRS recorde storage and skeleton crews of about every government organization that exists. I was told the government has a “skeleton government” set up should the surface ever become a sheet of glass. That was before the days of DHS, FEMA etc. Are these new departments set up in some of these caves I’m sure they are. KC has almost a limitless amount of cave space for rent. Need an extra million square feet? No problem. Put up the cash, sign a contract then give them a year to dynamite out a LOT of sandstone then add power, heating etc. I’d guess not much heating is needed as they leave the open spaces “as-is” all at 58 degrees. I never sensed a lack of fresh air – it was just always chilly unless you were in one of the finished offices. Virtually all storage is unheated as 58 degrees is about perfect for storage of most items. Moving untreated airto and from the surface can’t be that difficult or expensive (I would think). I think the heated offices were all heated with electricity. Some of these cave complexs (like the Hunt complex) are absolutely huge. Some are like small cities. You better have a guide or a map. There is actually a maze of streets with the streets named.

            BTW – some of these sealed caves contain billions of gallons(?) of natural gas. North America has more natural gas than the rest of the world combined. BUT the government for their own reasons have kept 99.9% off limits since gas was first discovered. Thus what could be free energy for all of us remains locked away. I can think of no common sense reason to withhold the immense natural energy resources of North America from the people other than to “control” us or at least charge us major dollars for what should be free.

            Anyway, to answer your basic question I’m not an expert but I have worked in these caves, called on customers in these caves and know them pretty well. I have friends who own cave complexes. I think they pretty much stop around 800 feet down as that is about how far down the glacier melt underground rivers were that washed away limestone. Plus I was told by an engineer who does run systems like air that the 58 degree temperature “band” begins about 100 feet underground then begins to heat up after 1,000 feet. At ten thousand feet down temperatures are 140 degrees and oil drill bits have to be water cooled. So for storage and office space you use what is there naturally and stays around 58 degrees all by itself. Everything is VERY stable. Go down into the Southern Ozarks and that’s not the case. The land is still moving and water still moving huge amounts of limestone. There are a few commodities like spring water and gravel from the rocks but rocky land deep in the Ozarks is just hilly and secluded. Not much use but it will be in another 100 million years when their caves have expanded to be like those in Kansas City. Kansas City caves finished washing away most sandstone millions of years ago. “Building out” a cave complex turning it into viable storage is usually cheap ans imple. With the remaining rock being granite you have pretty “rock solid” empty caves to work with. Flatten the floors and clean up the ceilings and walls. Add concrete and steel as needed plus add paint and light for the faqnicer caves (there are a few that even have fiber optic light pipes bringing in natural light from the surface.

            Our caves generate lots of conspiracy theories when someone comes across them for the first time. But they’ve been a plain old business since at least before 1930 and grows every year. It is tough to beat a dollar a square foot constant temperature storage/office space. About 15,000 people every day go down into these caves to work. I was just sent an article from a Russian magazine of conspiracy theories (guess they havce some paranoid people too!) where the author had discovered KC cave entrances using Google Earth and decided they must be “underground cities preparing for armageddon after destroying Russia”. Where the heeeck did the guy figure that out!! I’m trying to find an e-mail address to send them info on what our caves really are. Sorry, just boring storage caves. Now ask me about the Plum Island (New York) germ warfare research facility they are fighting to keep it from being moved to Kansas State University. Now THAT is soemthing to get me paranoid living not too far from where the lab would be. Read about Plum Island then decide if you’d like to have it in your state! We already have Leavenworth prison and more hard core prisoner prisons than any other state (what happens if level nine EQ knocks all the walls down!!). It is stuff like that keeping local KC natives worried. Not storage caves full of old tax records. More info? gyantis at gmail dot com

          • Lol I work for the company that owns that so called government bunker In a couple of the pics. It’s a freaking cold storage facility for God sake. Homeland security frequently visits our 100+ sites since 9/11 since we do store food for super markets and we refrigerate with anhydrous ammonia. There was one truck driver on YouTube that posted a video when he visited our Carthage, Missouri site saying it was a government conspiracy and why were they storing Americans food underground. All I said on that video was put ur meth pipe down and just keep driving a truck cause they sure dont hire truck drivers for their brains now do they!

        • we know something is bound to happen, great. even the brainwashed idiots know something isnt right. so if we all know, why is it never spoken about except online? I just had a serious 3 hour conversation with someone about sandy hook, biological warfare through “vaccines” and why the govt wants to scare us into submission and take away our guns while pretending that everything is such a tragedy but love prevails… what comes out of that last part? nothing.

      2. Comments…..something is up,maybe a nuclear attack coming?

      3. when the dust settles, i’l be waiting for them when they come out

        • me 2 dude they wont get away this bullshit… M.Fuckers start a war then run and hide so we can take the brunt of it ,,,, fuck em all…

          • Isn’t what they have done in every war? Send their children and grandchildren to the front lines first and we will see how bad they want a war.

        • you will have company . they will not get away !

      4. I’ve been having this feeling lately that something big is going to happen and soon. Everyone I have talked to has been having problems sleeping. I don’t know if that is a sign of things coming or what.

        • You are not alone. Keep your head up and pay attention. Prepare for the worst but hope for the best 🙂
          So many troubled hearts out there, afraid for their futures and their children’s futures. So many in poverty and have uncertain feelings about ever rising above that state. And the rich keep getting richer, more powerful, able to change the laws and constitution, or ignore either one, and, when they take away quality education, decent healthcare, worker’s rights to a fair wage, when they tax us relentlessly yet pay very little tax themselves, the rest of us see all we feel patriotic about slipping away like it was all just a lie told to us to use us for profit in one way or another. That’s unsettling to say the least. The American dream is a marketing campaign the government tries to sell us, but it’s a scam.

        •’s a year and half later. What happened? Did I miss it?

          • No, you didn’t miss it; Odumba got reelected.

      5. Once upon a time our government told its citizens to build themselves secure bunkers and stock them for their families because of the nuclear threat. These days american citizens are more concerned about their cable service being interupted then what is going on in the world around them – unless of course it directly impacts their comfort level.

        Our government (and other wealthy entities) have been building the biggest, best bunkers they can for many many many years. Preppers have been doing the same for about the same amount of time, just that we don’t have the resources they do. And come to think of it, I wouldn’t want to have to try to rotate their preps…just sayin’. 🙂

      6. Its interesting that survivalist are viewed as a fractional extremist group when the government and elite are doing the same thing, only far better, with far more resources, and possibly with knowledge of what is to come. 

        Don’t second guess your choices to be a prepper!

        • not with ‘far more resources”, our frigging resources. Who’s money pays for this stuff??? OURS!

          • 90% of KC caves are privately owned developed and paid for by wealthy industrialists. Like the Hunt family that owns the KC Chiefs. They own millions and millions of square feet of cave space. Only 20% developed. Like to rent some? They are running sales! More caves than the world can ever possibly use.

      7. Keep in mind they have been digging deep underground in the mountains for years. Nobody knows whats gonna happen…nuclear attack? Nobody in the world want to start a nuclear war. Also if America crashes and the govt hides underground…they cant stay under there forever, because then either Chinese or whoever will invade us and force all people out of the huge bunker. Doesnt matter how it looks, it still not safe for them.

        • Magnix

          You don’t get it do you? Other countries have their “elite” as well as underground bunkers.

          Underground bunkers are located throughout the world. No one will be invading anyone. They will not have too, they will all have what they want and that is a less populated world.

        • There most definitely is a group of people who do want to start a nuclear war, and they have every intention of exterminating everyone they deem “useless eaters.” However, China and Russia probably know where all of these bunkers are, and they have missilea accurate enough to take them all out. Low-yield nuclear warheads or even large fuel-air bombs will cave them in, or collapse all the access points and ventilation shafts, killing everyone inside. At some point, they will have to come out, and that will be when they are vulnerable.

      8. This COG thing is kind of fun, because underground cities and secret passages are just plain cool.  But the government’s operations are pretty wasteful and useless now in a non-SHTF scenario, good luck to them when trying to rule the world from deep underground after the SHTF. 

        • They will not care about what’s left on top. The ones left out will destroy themselves – there will be no food, water. As you can see now the water supply is being destroyed. What do you think all of these oil spills are about?

          When they emerge from their underground haven – more than likely only a few hardy survivors will be alive and those are the ones who when the destruction began will head for the hills and not to FEMA or any other collection point.

          This is a horrible movie and we are the cast. Get that and understand it.

      9. In order for those bunkers to serve their purpose, their guests must:
        1. Either live somewhere near the bunker or,
        2. Be informed of when to be ready for evacuation.
        If the above two do not apply, then it would be silly to try to reach to some bunker.
        A nuclear attack will occur in a matter of minutes. An earthquake or a tsunami will not warn us, and an asteroid crash will destroy all possible routes.
        My opinion is that whatever the purpose and the event, all residents will receive their call some days earlier.
        Be safe guys

      10. These appear to be some of the Kansas underground salt and/or limestone mines. Typically used for archival storage of various documents, etc. for corporate america bacause of constant temperature/humidity conditions (i.e., stable, year-round temp and humidity) Nothing terribly sinister/diabolical/etc. to be seen here. Google it.

        • I have not only lived in the Grater Kansas City area for most my life I have delivered and picked up from whith-in the cave shown here –
          two things these caves are right off of a major interstate across the street from a casino and right under worlds of fun/ocean of fun (kind of like 6 flags)they are temp controled and have thier own power source (the missouri river is not more than 400 feet from the openings- U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have spent decades and millions if not Billions on making sure this area can never flood. it has been widely known that the army has war supplies deep in the mountain as one can see millitary equiptment being brought in by truck and rail and older equiptment being shiped out.
          it makes sense for the government to attempt to insure the continuity of government – we all know that it done through stregnth and full bellies. It is also a proven fact that in times of high stress if a government provides food, shelter and at least a measure of security they will ensure the backing of the local peoples.

          • I urge you and everyone to watch the documentary available on the website It may answer many questions.

        • ah yeah jeff . try looking on google earth these bunkers are not just in kansas . they are world wide and all o ver the us. try doin your homework before opening your mouth . you don`t know jack !

        • how much storage space do they need




        • I live right on top of one of these Kansas City cave complexes used to store old records, rock, salt etc. They used to pay me a dollar a year for underground storage rights until I signed a 99 year lease for $25. “Move along folks, nothing to see here”.

          BUt, the five extra secret basement levels of Denver airport, the hundreds of miles of secret underground trams, the Royal Family owning a HUGE hanger right on the edge of the north edge of the airport with just a single road going to it plus a 10,000 foot private air strips AND paranoid Obama ordering a high speed underground extension of the tram system be drilled 60 miles! to Cheyenne Mountain near Colorado Springs (DEN would be a death trap as people above would fill all the air shafts with concrete) so the true elite would hop on a tramand head south leaving measily billionaires who each paid a million dollars for their safety spot at DEN left to watch concrete flow down the air shafts.

      11. Continuity of Government?  Who wants that to continue?
        I think whatever the elites are afraid of is an event that will pull all of the people together against them.  They fear a populace without fear of them.
        In America, every Man governs himself.  That is the Law of the Land.  It is not possible for my government to collapse, nor to be continued by some low life politician in a luxurious hole in the ground.
        If it is my fate to have my body killed by the actions of these COG idiots, oh well.  My positive energy will live on somewhere else.  I am not going to worry about it, nor can I stop it.
        In the near future, I suspect, the people will once again work together on a local level without corporate interference.  That is not a time to fear, but to rejoice in your new freedom.
        The only thing that can come from a complete collapse of the corporation and its financial system is FREEDOM.

        • Like your thinking. God “the One” is who desides who will stay and who will go. And if we go that where we will if not HOME 🙂

        • Well said! Could it be “powers” ABOVE who and what we consider “The American Government”? “Me thinks yes!”.

          We see and hear the babbling and lies of those who claim to speak for you and for millions of others when, in fact, they speak only for the miniscule few in number but all powerful followers of Lucifer. They follow and worship Lucifer even if their minds tell them they act out of personal greed and that which tempts all men who possess hearts of pure evil.

          Their wishes for mankind they believe is recent of thought and mind but their true nature as the fellow human beings they still are no matter how evil they may be comes from the mists of time immemorial in which Lucifer never relents and never releases those he has as eternal followers. But that time and such people are near their end at least upon this world. Lucifer will soon be forever banished from the strangulation he has, unbeknownst to all but a few, had on, without exception, all of humanity.

          Look up the dictionary definition of the word Nazism. Nazi does NOT equal or even mean “Hitler”. It is the marriage of Big All Controlling All Encompassing Government with Big All Controlling All Encompassing Corporations. Government no longer exists to serve the people and do needed and good things they cannot do for themselves but instead the people exist as serfs (a.k.a. slaves) to serve government (actually the combined entity of “Big Government/Big business”), obey the, by definition, Nazi rulers, willingly surrender your God given inalienable personal rights to them as they so wish and so command. They will not be satisfied until they believe they own the very soul of every human being on planet earth.

          It’s been predicted by minds much wiser than I possess that we now have no choice but to pass through a period of great trial and tribulation to be able to finally drive the metal spikes through the heart of the beast ending his reign on this planet forever more. This will require great suffering as well as massive loss of life but it is said the resistance of “The Powers That Be” is already so great and will grow to unfathomable size when finally faced with extinction at the hands of “the mass of men” that there IS NO OTHER POSSIBLE PATH.

          Let me be among the fallen as I more wish that lives of those younger than me finally prosper and live in true liberty and peace. These same individuals of great wisdom predict that at the end of this time of tribulation and the joyous extinction of the (by definition) Nazi overlords (as the existance of Nazism will be forever banned from our shared planet) that truly free men and women will chose to live and work together in a more local and cordial manner for their common good.

          No one will ever again be able to impose their will upon others. The thousand years of enlightenment whose coming is predicted in the bible will begin much to the accolades of every soul on earth. I know this period of trial and tribulation will soon be upon us. Only by complete surrender of your very soul will you be able to avoid it. Those of wisdom say “this will not happen”. When confronted with the finality of such an horrendous choice they will in unison chose possible death of themselves and others in great numbers knowing the thousand years of true peace will soon be at hand for all of mankind.

          Yes, true FREEDOM of the soul of mankind and true freedom for all who dwell together is near at hand! I too am beyond elation and willingly accept the trials and tribulation that will soon begin knowing what awaits mankind afterwards.

          Your couldn’t have stated our universal longing for true and everlasting FREEDOM better without having spoken for God Himself. Perhaps you were but man never knows when words they utter are their own or of their Father. Either way I can only say “Amen” to your wise predictions. Thank you so very much!

      12. I have not been sleeping well either, and I usually chock it up to the change of seasons.   But, there something else, and with all that flooding right in the middle of the New Madras Fault area plus the scheduled disaster training ops of the government in the area.  Lots of think about.

        • Barker?

      13. After they all crawl into their hole in the ground…we the citizens of this country, seal the entrance and exits..they want to bury their heads in the sand over what they have created,, thay can feel what its like to stay buried

        I got my own bunker..i would never want to be down in a hole with any of them

        • You’re a smart person

      14. The real kicker is who’s paying for it!  Precious bodily fluids & spring water.  Off note:  Do you think we would have heard from #1 about the mission if ST6 didn’t accomplish that mission?  Sounds to me that he needed the ratings, the SEALS did what they were told to do & #1 won.  Or did he?  Did we?

      15. Depends on the female stock.

      16. Hm, interesting thought. I think I would like all of our super rich, the elitists and politicians stuck down a hole. I don’t know who on earth would think they would try to take over after the fact but it gives me warm fuzzies thinking about all the dumbasses who got us in this mess out of site and out of mind. We would just have to make sure they stayed that way 😉

      17. Yes sir, please sir, the asteroids are coming, you must seal yourselves in the bunker.

        What’s that? Yes, of course I’ll let you know when it’s safe to come out.

      18. Does Hooters have a bunker?  That gave me nightmares!

      19. Yes, but that second crowd would probably have fun together!

      20. I wonder if you all feel like I do….   Worked my a** off for nearly my entire life, paid my taxes which were wasted and diverted to secret projects like these.  So, when and if the SHTF, the arrogant elite sashay into these fully equipped bunkers, while we at the surface face God knows what.  In this completely unfair world, we, the people who have supplied the elite with all their underground edens, will soon get our reward.  Death, alone and with no assistance from our elected scum politicians.  I can face reality, but I wonder if they have any conscience at all.

      21. More proof, the government lies and manipulates film, pictures and text to meet their adgenda or what they feel they want to portray, even complete with bullshit excuses as to why,..

        notice too..not only was Hillary removed, but the other girl in the back ground,, got the BS excuse why why the other person..? yeah its all cant trust anything they show us

      22. Sorry I ment to say “the media” sure the white house does it too

      23. Same shit new day…

        GMAFB – Alas, predictions are tricky, especially about the future – Yogi Berra

      24. Comments…..If you were to look through the “Popular Science” magazines of the forties there were visions of undersea cities, earth orbit cities.  Fear brought about the A-bomb shelters of the 50s and 60s. 
             The question I’ll ask is how long could the average person live  underground…12 – 18 – 24 months??  Forget those numbers.  The U.S. Navy spends much time and money to weed OUT strong young men who would not last three months underwater.
             The C.O.G. scares me for two reasons: unelected people will be making the rules as they see fit.  This is ‘marshal law’.  Second this will not be the reset some have mentioned.  This is the N.W.O. ,period.  
              As has been written earlier underground bunkers only make sense if “they” know beforehand what is coming or are involved in causing what is coming. 
              These are perilous times.  Those who come to this website, men, women, young and old,  your words mean much to me.  We will never share the same fenceline: we do share the desire to survive and there be a better world for our children.  Be Well

      25. Comments…..  Name your own poison.  Civil unrest, natural disaster, terrorist atack, EMP blast, nuclear fallout–the list goes on and on. To many who read these blogs, they have probably already preped as best they can. But for the masses, this isn’t going to turn out well.  To some degree, we’re all screwed–some more than others.  There’s not to many other ways to look at it.

      26. No montana mike, they just set the bar high.  We can see, we just have artificial light. & we hear real well.

      27. Bunkers won’t save them. There’s power in the blood of Jesus.

      28. Greaseman:  I agree,  America is over and done; all the good industry has been sent elsewhere, and it’s not coming back.  The corporate fascists running this country are more worried about the kind of light bulbs people are using than building our railroads and infrastructure back up.  Raising a family is useless as the economy degrades.  Endless no win wars since Korean war are supported by the dumb masses who vote for jerks running for various offices.  Few stand up for anything  incl. the masses of homeless and unemployed.  All we can do is live for self/family and best to live in smaller communities/towns if you can, but most of us can’t for various reasons.

      29. I don’t see what all the fuss is about. What we see here are big underground warehouses. The advantage (over standard above-ground buildings) being they are cheaper to maintain at a constant temp because of all the natural insulation. Makes them real fine for storing frozen food and such. I’ve been in more than a dozen of these caves in four different states and really, all they are is big grocery warehouses. So, yes, the gov could be renting space in some of them, or maybe even have a few big caves all to themselves. And they (the gov) could use them as part of a COG plan. So what? This probably isn’t worth getting upset over.  Besides, Manos hit the nail on the head with his comments. The people who are supposedly gonna ride out armageddon in these things will have to be notified when it’s time to go and then they will have to get there. If and when that time comes, don’t think the idiots in gov can keep the evac order a secret- we’ll know too. And even if we don’t have our own hidey hole, we’ll at least know the big shoe is about to drop. In the meantime, don’t sweat the small stuff. We’ve NBA playoffs to think about….GO THUNDER!

      30. @SmokinOkie yer smokin’ something…wanna share (I ain’t smokin’ no Okie, though — gotta be better’n that!)? I’ve had a hard time paying for my own preps for the last ten years…let alone paying for the COG folks to eat lobster and live free of radiation. You won’t know when the shoe drops…go watch the game.

        GMAFB – nope no apologies, nada…never

      31. Major John Reisman:
        [briefing the dozen] Shoot any officers you see in there.

        Victor R. Franko:
        Who? Ours or theirs?

        Maj. Gen. Worden:
        This war was NOT started for your private gratification, and you can be damned sure it’s not being run for your personal convenience, either!

      32. SmokinO – I agree 100%.   Good call.  Plus, those caves are good for growing mushrooms.
        GA Mom – That was funny.  Thanks!  I can’t imagine being Mr. Pelosi!

      33. Ok, I dont want to rain on the parade, but I grew in Kansas City. MO in general is known as the cave state, it has more natural occuring caves than any other state in Union. Kansas City has more underground storage than any other city in the Union. Kansas City is also one of the biggest transport hubs in the Union too. I believe it is second in capacity in all forms of commercial transport, train, truck and air. There is also an international duty free zone located there too. My folks have purchased underground storage space from the spent salt mines located there, it is a common thing to be able to get. Dont get me wrong, I do think there is federal govt mass storage there, it only makes perfect sense that if the commercial interests find the storage capacity and geographic location desirable, why wouldnt the Feds? I would have to imagine there are uncountable tons of goods there. Im not so sure about habitable underground cities, humidity levels in those man made caves is amazingly high and there simply is not a dehumidifier big enough and power available in enough abundance to be realistically feasible, but for pure storage of survival goods on a Federal level, I have no doubts.
        Just to add some more fuel to the fire, MO as a state recieves more DOD dollars for manufacture of military goods than any other single state and it used to, I dont about now, have more Nuke Wareheads in subteranean silos than any other single state also. Just look at a US Map, the ideal location geographically just cant be disputed, especially when you consider the still thriving manufacturing in KC and StL, realative to other manufacturing cities. The Auto Companies have gutted other cities, but continue to actually expand in MO.

        My point is simple, I just dont think it as nefarious of a conspiracy as some of you are dreaming of. There is definitely Fed Survival activity going on there, and it has been for a long long time.

        p.s. go look up the movie The Day After. It is based around nuke war and KC for very good reason. 1983 folks, many years ago it was known.Comments…..

        • I agree I go to the Carthage cave every night of the week three times a night there is no Govt activities going on there I have been all over it it is a hub for transporting goods to other companys that need differant products from differant supplers in one load.
          I have seen the tennis courts and every thing that is there.The company I work for leases over half of it.

        • this is why everybody else has to show you idiots from mo everything . if you had the common sense to look at rock raven and mt weather and the other thousands of priv ate and mil bunkers buing currently and previous rebuilt bunkers all over the us. , you might understand your statements are wrond and very stupid . you folks in mo have never been to bright .

      34. wow, security so tight that people can film the exterior and interior of the facility.  Sounds totally plausible to me.  

      35. Welcome back Okie.

      36. I live in the area (general) of the Kansas facility. I didn’t realize there was one in Lenexa…but I can guess where it is. The vehicle shown in the pictures is, I’d be willing to bet, driven by a guy or gal whose house I pass when I’m going to get coffee every day. I see that exact vehicle in the driveway of the home. It’s been parked there for at least 4 years. If there is a connection between DHS and this facility it has been going on for awhile.

      37. Comments…..Get ready !!! recently on a local morning (gma)news channel . I heard THAT GAS PRICES WERE GOING DOWN BY ONE DOLLAR at the pump…and gave all sorts of bullcrap reasons, My daughter and wife were sitting in the room with me,and i flipped of the news caster,and screamed    LIES, LIES, ALL LIES..     DAD!!!!!     Then on a local raido station two day later i heard the same  crap, except!!!  prices were going down by fifity cents per gallon? why ? why? why? Has anyone else heard this  BS  on the raido  or on your local propaganda tv…  They always pump you up right before the fall…The sheeple believe anything their told …I heard one of the liberal hosts of  local  chicago radio recently proclaiming!!! gas prices would be coming down  real 50 cents per july???What does he know? something is a foot people.

        • It’s almost the middle of 2013. Did you guys change the date of when the world is going to end? Stay in your caves… You belong there.

      38. Major John Reisman:
        You know what to do, feed the French, shoot the Germans and buy the Greek bonds!

      39. Let’s face it, the bureaucrats do not give a crap about us, they’re only concerned for their own wellbeing and for their families.
        By the way, the potential for some abusive government taking over after some collapse/war is enough reason to always stay armed!
        It’s much more difficult to abuse people if 100 million are armed.
        Our founders were no dummies & the older I get, the more I realize it

        • smart statement dave…..i feel the exact same .

      40. Is this where all the stolen American taxpayer money is going?
        not the American taxpayer money stolen to give to the illegal criminal aliens, thats deferent stolen American taxpayer money.

        Most likely, the American taxpayer money that should have repaired our crumbling infrastructure. 

      41. Wow, what a horribly done article. First these underground wearhouses have been around since the 80’s folks. They were old mines that were converted to wearhouses, offices, ect when the mine companies figured out that if they sold the open space they could make money rather than let it sit abandoned.

        Also, the security is not heavy with in the least. Seen heavier security in the local hospital parking garage. truckers were able to film the inside of the mines with no probmlems, didn’t see any security other than the frame showing two cars. Noticed private vehicles parked inside the mines though.

        The government does not mine or make mines to convert to underground storage facilities. the facilitiy was a mine…you can tell by the support columns.

        As to location…wearhouses need to be centralized for thier goods. There is nothing odd about the locations.

        Also, I didn’t see any huge steel blast doors, or anything to indicate it was an “end of the world” vault. 

        Sorry guys but it’s noting more than an old mine that was sold off as storage and office space to make money. 

        • My son and family lived by those caves in KS. Last year, in the winter, my son took his kids in there to be out of the weather and play ball. I’ve been in those exact caves and you just drive right in. Zero security. This article might be a little hyped. There are office buildings built all along the walls. It is a constant temperature. Kind of a neat place and so big you can easily get lost.

        • u have no clue rachel . try looking up mt raven rock and mt. weather and thousands of newer bunkers bing built all over google earth worldwide . again . do your homework or shut up

      42. Don’t these idiots know that we will seal the entrances once “they” enter or pick “them” off as they exit?

      43. Comments…..Bill…. thanks, just more confirmation!!!

      44. Bill:  who says little mr. pelosi is getting any (smarter) or wants any. 

        Sorry Manos, nothing personal.  Do well.  We like you and your people.  I have been your way many times.

      45. I’m not a religious person, but I’ll remind you to “not covet that which is Ceasar’s….”.  You can find ample supplies at your nearest Costco.  You will never be admitted to one of these shelters.  You are not friends with the people who run these things.  Your family will not be let in (no matter how cute your daughter is…).  

        Depend on yourself and your neighbors.

      46. VRF, I’m right with you brother!  I can’t afford what they have in those photos, but with 21+ years of commercial construction, I figure that I can construct a pretty nasty surprise for someone!  They’ll get me and I know it, but they’ll work real hard………I promise……..

      47. Comments…..This is to funny I used to work at one of those cave complexes. There is only 6 vending machines inside the complex. No massive food storage. What is stored inside is miles and miles of papers from all over the government. Thats a huge nara storage center along with other private firms. Also Homeland security has offices in those caves and has its papers stored there and thus has to protect the site. Whats really there is your history, veteran records, federal justice records etc. If the government printed it, it will some day end up in one of these caves. Why because the caves are cheap climate control and are very vast. Most of the east coast nara storage is moving to these kansas caves. Yes the caves could hold lots of people if there was no papers in them, but there is no food, no water, and no air filters. Be a good place to sit out a tornado though.

      48.    I suspect that if a COG plan was ever implemented for real, the overlords would have trouble justifying their continued existence. I finde it hard to believe that many people would want to bunk with Hillary, Meshall, or Nancy for any length of time. A little of their personalities would go a long way and pretty much any remedy would seem justifiable.

      49. Well here’s one I can get in on. The name of the company is Commercial Distribution Center Inc. And these, “quote” bunkers are nothing more than played out limestone mines. I had to go and look at the pictures I have to make sure, but it’s them. The last I heard back in 1994 there was 740 acres of underground space. (there might be more now they were still mining back then) Those pillars are there to support the 17’ ceilings. They were in process of developing the mines for temperature and climate controlled storage. A commercial venture. I was told that there was a large film archive there. I use to deliver frozen food there to a cold storage facility/distributor. I was told the government has dry storage there too, but so can anyone. As far as a place to hide out in an apocalyptic occurrence? NOT ME, NOT ON A BET!!! It’s not a bunker, it’s a mine that that is being reuted as a storage facility. What a novel idea. I have seen everything that is in these pictures. The truck driver should be asked who he was making a delivery to. I know there are commercial signage all over the place there and yet you don’t see one in any of the pictures, HUMMM.  FooFoo……….

      50. Well here’s one I can get in on. The name of the company is Commercial Distribution Center Inc. And these, “quote” bunkers are nothing more than played out limestone mines. I had to go and look at the pictures I have to make sure, but it’s them. The last I heard back in 1994 there was 740 acres of underground space. (there might be more now they were still mining back then) Those pillars are there to support the 17’ ceilings. They were in process of developing the mines for temperature and climate controlled storage. A commercial venture. I was told that there was a large film archive there. I use to deliver frozen food there to a cold storage facility/distributor. I was told the government has dry storage there too, but so can anyone. As far as a place to hide out in an apocalyptic occurrence? NOT ME, NOT ON A BET!!! It’s not a bunker, it’s a mine that that is being reuted as a storage facility. What a novel idea. I have seen everything that is in these pictures. The truck driver should be asked who he was making a delivery to. I know there are commercial signage all over the place there and yet you don’t see one in any of the pictures, HUMMM.  FooFoo……….

        • hammerun , try using your computer besides cartoons and stuff for a change . look on google earth . these bunkers are being built currently worldwide , and cold war ones are being restored at mt weather in va , and raven rock in penn . do your homework before inserting foot or worse in mouth .

      51. For a heads up on what’s coming , and what to do, go to There is still time to prepare.

        • Really? What’s going on?

      52. Those caves will become their tomb and they’ll be the lucky ones.

        Undeniable sign(s): And those in the northern hemisphere experience three cold days of darkness while those in the southern hemisphere experience scorching heat.

        The writing is on the wall in many languages.

      53. Excellllennnt…..Amusing…….Those in the bunkers are nothing but middle management……..A false sense of security for them…..nothing more than a token….To carry out their GREAT WORK…..The 12 pieces of silver will be clad in copper and nickel….ONLY……..The security will be worth less than that…in the END……[or not]……..word for word…………………..A fortiori……………………………..322

      54. Yes its been going on for years, but for diff reasons and the early 60’s on a camping holiday in No Ark…noticed TWO  parallel rail tracks winding around the ridge we were driving on…TWO tracks!!  so we followed on a newly graded gravel road until we came upon a gated barbwire fence..but in the distance you could see the TWO tracks entering the mountain ridge,  large opening with what looked like at the time refrig units inside???????  two tracks prob indicate a turntable?? huge inside mtn facility over 40+ yrs ago.

      55. When things look bad, and it looks like you’re not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb mad dog mean. Cause if you run out of Botox for all of them pant suits in the bunker and you give up, then you neither live nor win, that’s just the way it is.  Slap hot iron to any wounds.  We’ll show them wrinkled faces.  Nothing personal…..

      56. anonymous,

        Don’t worry, no offence taken. Besides i know very well the damage been done. Thanks for your support.


      57. Comments…..It is a hard thing to think about what will happen if the trucks stop rolling, the citys will be scenes of desperate refugee flight.
        Can coal fuel this nation? And at what cost?
        How would the world turn if oil were as expensive as before the exploitation of  rock oil, that intoxicating stuff born in the bowels of the earth itself.
        Beware of those enclaives that are already on ration cards, and begin to feel the loss of puchasing value of those ration cards.
        Some cards can only be used to purchase food, pop and candy. No booze or cigarettes, nor lottery tickets can be used with the ration card. However, some regions have a cash back feature.
        The ration card is also being used by ‘square’ citizens.
        If you are on a ration card, learn to live without it, or have your ration reduced and you either rob, steal, or starve to survive.
        Cut out the luxurys like booze and cigarettes now, or at least learn how to brew, or buy a good beer from a local brewer just once in a while.
        Save that in the form of three day bug out bag, shelter tech…enough gear to go on a three day trip to a safe enclave.
        Get out and get fit enough to walk 10 miles in a day, or 50 miles a day on a bike. Get tough, average citizens are sloppy.  Some bad guys are big, so get ready to hit first and hit hard for the knock out, and never forget that a strong man that is quick can be deadly.
        I suggest getting a gun, large caliber, and learn to draw and fire the weapon safely in a critical situation. Ruger has out their version of the colt 1914 45acp. It is the man killing standard, and is powerful enough to kill a beef cattle at close range with one shot. Less tv (and internet) and more range time. And counter ambush plans while in bivuac areas is aways a good idea.
        I exepect agricultural area to be a good place to be, but metropolices will become a nightmare. I am 60 mins from chicago, and it is a worry to me.  I can only suggest certain roads to block, and others to be cut with construction equipment to make it impassible by wheeled or tracked road machines.  The bike path to gary may get scary, but that is not to say that there are not other abandoned rail road beds that criss cross this land that may be safe to travel on.
        If you have some friends in the country, do make prior arangements. Be good enough to them to be accepted as one of the family.
        Dont forget about your dumb freinds that arent getting prepared.
        If you love them, dont leave em out!
        good luck, everone.

      58. Maybe Barrack (Barry Soetoro) Obama’s REAL birth certifiate from Kenya is hidden in one of thos bunkes. Comments…..

      59. Those bunkers are their tombs.Comments…..

      60. Guess what. I can drive a dozer. We just find the places an d cover them up for good… C-Ya elite dildos. Simple.

      61. I got the chance to tour one of Americold’s facilities just outside Carthage, MO a few years back.  It was quite impressive.  Old limestone mine that had been converted to food storage.  They keep food for USDA, and quite a few commercial companies like Campbells, and such.  They did flash freezing of fresh turkeys for Butterball.
        Place had a bunch entrance “portals” for trucks that pulled into a big, underground parking lot ( like the one in the article pic ), then they could back up to roll up doors that opened into the warehouse area.  Also had a train rail entrance…the track was set below floor level so fork trucks could enter right off the floor.
        Set of corporate offices in there for Americold, including an indoor tennis court ( that local folks could rent time to play on ).  I think it was 4-500acres underground, and they were still mining part in the back.  They used big ammonia based chiller plants on the surface above, and piped the refrigerant down for use in the frozen areas……the rest, they simply use the natural earth temps.  Was impressive to see the amount of food stacked to the ceiling in the place.d
        If you’ll Google Americold, you’ll see they have quite a few places around the country.

      62. Manos: Ti ginete stin ellada?  Vlepo ta elliinika nea, alla then ta katalaveno ola.
        Don’t worry Manos, George (the American) will solve all of Greece’s problems.

      63. If they are ever entombed by an earthquake do not dig them out….

      64. “I delivered at an underground storage facility in Lenexa Ks (south west suburb of Kansas City Ks) today and this is what I saw.
        Funny thing is I have delivered to these facilities many times and have never even seen so much as a cop.”

        Maybe I missed it, but does the truck driver say what he was delivering the day he took the photo and what he was delivering the “many times” he had been there before? If not, why not?

        If no measures are taken to prevent photos being taken, how “secretive” could it really be?


        Just read your post. Very interesting. Doesn’t sound too sinister 😉

      65. After they seal themselves in the bunkers, we should bury the bunkers so they can’t get out. Forget breaking in, that would be like digging up a septic tank.

      66. As for housing the people who will run the government after a disaster, why do they assume this will be the case? They may have the military now, but if they’re in a hole in the ground, how can they control the military, or anyone for that matter. They may never come out of their caves. They may become entombed in their caves.  How do they know what reaction they will find when they are ready to come out? Military or otherwise?  We may have formed a whole new government by then.  I guess they just want to survive the worst and will deal with the other stuff as it happens.

      67. MM,
        Nope, nothing sinister…..just REALLY nice, cheap storage space, and lots of it.  But if the S_does_HTF, the folks in Carthage, MO are flat SET UP for food ! ahahaaaaaaaa

      68. Burt G,

        Little George, as he is called, will solve Greece’s problem.
        It’s the Greeks that i’m worried of.
        It’s the only time that i regret every day, cause i voted him back in the 2009 elections.
        But fool me, once, fool me twice …etc.

        Be safe

      69. Ball Of Confusion (That’s What The World Is Today)  

        give it up government we are on to your lies  
        give it up media we are on to your lies  


      70. I have been in one of these wherehouse facilities in Kansas City, MO and they are pretty neat.  I remember it was hot outside but really cool inside.  I’m thinking that a government facility would have big doors on the enterance and exit.  The government may have them somewhere but these are not it. 

      71. Don’t worry mankind misses the piece of mind and safety of living in a cave, so he wants go back live in one.

      72. Population will be the last to know-expendable direct labor to the curren system is all your viewed as .Just like soldiers in the military, made to be used and if need be die for the goal .

      73. Comments…..well when the time comes that all the elite and their government puppets run and hide in their bunkers at least we will have all the shit in one pile. And it is at that point that we lock them into the box that they placed themselves. Lock the doors shut and cave in the entrances Buried alive a fitting end to the bastards.


        And ya’ll be asking where 3.2 TRILLION disappeared to from Dept. of Defense…the Pen-tuh-gawn???

        (my best homey imitation..hey, I’m Tenneasee bred!!)

      75. What is a wherehouse?

        • I’m not sure but I think a wearhouse is sort of like a big closet where you store clothes only it’s an entire house. 😉

      76. Interesting to learn that these are probably just storage areas.  I couldn’t imagine the high and mighty ever consenting to live in a cave long term – they are not exactly the camping types.  I could, however, see these caves as holding areas for the more “undesirable” people among us – that is to say, those who ask too many questions….It is unfortunate that we have lost so much trust in our govt. that we are now suspicious of it’s every move.

      77. Darn, I hope the big one isn’t coming so soon.  Oh well.  Bunkers won’t stop the virus and eventually the food and water stored inside will run out.

        Magnix @ 
        May 9th, 2011 at 12:16 pm
        I recall a scripture of God?? telling people they can not even hide in the cave…they will be found …can’t find it now.

      79. I think it is wonderful that these people are stealing from tax payers to build their own tombs. Maybe if they dig a little bit deeper they will reach straight into the depths of hell closer to their master.

      80. Reminds me of an REM song.

        The world is collapsing
        Around our ears
        I turned up the radio
        But I can’t hear it
        When I got to the house
        And I called you out
        I could tell that you had been crying, crying
        It’s that same sing song on the radio
        Makes me Sad.

        REM actually had a few appropriate songs – they also had a song called “It’s the end of the world as we know it”. 

        How fitting.

        I know they have been working on these underground facilities for decades….BUT…I still believe they are using a technology from Tesla to take out those rocks so precisely!!

      82. Just the fact that TPTB are talking about pole shift and other catastrophes with out giggling, proves that something’s coming!   place of refuge 2012 dot com

      83. Comet ELEnin comes….by August most will know what is going to happen.
        best of luck to all, except the gov…


        But, Show Me State…isn’t all the humidity bad for STS and LTS??

        We are advised to put things in our buckets to aleviate any moisture.

      85. The Government really cares about us!  That’s why they are stockpiling all this food.  For US!

        P.S.  Have you seen the news headlines today about cell phone texts?  I just can’t wait to get my first text from my bff, obama.  I’m so glad that the U.S. government is getting access to my cell phone.

      86. Ignorance is bliss.  I noticed nothing on the “Today Show” or “Good Morning America”.  2012 may come early ……

      87. I been trying to get you all on here to look more at this type of thing and not just the money crap for a few months now. I believe that TPTB know what’s coming and have known for a long time. I also believe that TPTB are doing what they are doing financially cause they just wantr to be able to keep the fraudulent system going long enough until all this breaks loose then let it all fall off the cliff together at the same time. That’s why they are doing things they know will m ake it worse….just keep the beast alive by any means possible until TSHF (earth changes/weatherf/outer space weather) and then let it all crumble together…’s why i have been trying to get people to look at the natural disaster stuff, cause I believe that will be the catalyst for SHTF and until then they will make sure the dollar holds on to life, albeit life support

      88. Wow, amazing the lack of knowledge about these old mines/caverns and the supposed elite.

        If we consider these to be bunkers and they are expressly for the elites, then they will seal themselves to complete doom. In order to have a functioning after disaster existence, there must be a fairly large breeding population. It has been estimated that there needs to be a minimum of 1000 seperate bloodlines. If this disaster is world-wide, better figure no immigration to get to this number. Menopausal and post-menapausal women had better have a critical skill-set or they don’t get an entry ticket.

        Now consider the vast need for thousands of skill-sets and the absolute need for Ed Nortons and Ralph Kramdens. You know these folks; they willingly do the myriad of skut labor jobs so needed for any society to function. Even the idea of a large military presence is silly. Except for Corp of Engineers, the military has little to offer in critical skills for any “Day After” scenario. As others have pointed out, these caves aren’t secret and have been widely reported on over the last several decades. And CoG contingency efforts have been in place for decades too. Paranoia and simmering rage accomplish nothing. Plan, prep and look after your own. Keep in mind that the more elaborate the efforts, the greater the complexity and ergo the more prone it is to failure. Think KISS (keep it simple stupid). I mean think about it. We have all heard of $80 hammers and $400 toilet seats. Problems and potential problems aren’t solved by throwing vast amounts of money at them and brain power doesn’t get the job done. Those who can – do. Those who can’t – teach, regulate and legislate.

        • Over theedge: you are a silly little boy who’s disdain for women menopausal or not sha naturist ignorance. Woman have always been the backbone the strength in all wars. Woman have strength that most men do not. Men are the complainers all hospital staff knows that. Grow up quit insulting the people who made your life possible.Learn your history of who rebuilds after devestation hits. Men in general don’t function well after trauma. Woman have enormous skills and I’m in awe of a woman’s strength

      89. Comments…..on may 21st 2011 judgement day will begin. it will last until oct.21 5 months. nothing will survive pray for salvation. if these stories are true and the elite will go to these bunkers, pity them let the lord lead you trust in him.

      90. @ JJ…the Scripture that you’re referring to is in Revelations 6 verse 15-17 “The kings of the earth, and world leaders and rich men, and high-ranking military officers, and all men great and small, slave and free, hid themselves in the caves and rocks of the mountains, and cried to the mountains to crush them.  “Fall on us”, they pleaded “and hide us from the face of the one sitting on the throne, and from the anger of the Lamb, because the great day of their anger has come and who can survive it?”

        • Thanks MB…if I didn’t get back to ya, May 10th was the night the ladder came apart as I tried to scramble up to the shed loft and broke my damn toes as I tried to catch myself– or at least not fall on my hip…

          I’m fine now..healed beautifully.

      91. Could all of you just take a deep breath and try to think of any nation that has lost all electricity, water, trucks, fuel, sewage in history (other than from the US bombing them silly).
        There hasn’t been any, so why do you all believe that is inevitable here?
        The ONLY TWO WAYS that such a shut down could occur is by an EMP (delivered by Russia or China), or an all out nuke war.
        An economic collapse, even the worst type, wouldn’t do it.
        Relax a little.

      92. Most people think they can store enough in their homes. I don’t think so. Even 6 months of supplies is not enough. This bunker is the way to go. Unfortunetly, they don’t let the suckers in the bunker.

        Memo to America:

        If you’re tired of being treated like a sucker, stop acting like a lolli-pop.

        Wake up America. It’s time…
        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( http://www.revolu­tion2.osix­ )
        “Spread the News”

      93. Have you been on the Jeopardy Show Mcfrolie?

      94. How many of thousand years will it take for the radiation levels to fall to low enough levels for these turkeys to be able to come up out of the ground to see day light?

      95. What happens to those elites when after they seal themselves into their caves, the so-called “poor saps” who are left outside the doors take some dynamite or something and blow the rocks above those doors and seals all those crooked politicians and their sluts inside. What are they gonna turn into…Morlocks…just like the Jules Verne novel titled The Time Traveler.

      96. Well if the New Madrid hits, I don’t believe I would wish to be in their cave. How safe is a large pile of rocks falling and crushing the very cave that is supposed to be protecting someone? Not very.

      97. Here is something to ponder…  Why would they build these underground facilities in the New Madrid Seismic Zone?  That does not make any sense.  Springfield, MO and Carthage, MO are both in Southern Missouri.  Anyone have any thoughts on that?

      98. Looks as though the Government officials and the Elites have an excellent survival plan going on in all the underground caves, now bunkers.  Hummmmm guess that will be their graves when the New Madrid fault goes ballistic.

      99. The USG and DoD have moved our Force Protection Alerts up in response to AQ threats IFT the reported killing of Osama… least, that’s what they told us.

      100. Okie said (waaaay up there…)

        “What we see here are big underground warehouses. The advantage (over standard above-ground buildings) being they are cheaper to maintain at a constant temp because of all the natural insulation”

        This. Right here.

        I work around enterprise-sized networks and computers all day long. I know, not very conducive to a SHTF situation, is it? I’ll cover that later.

        Anyway, in the course of my equipment and their activities, I wind up with a metric shedload of magnetic (LTO-4) backup tapes. 

        Each week, a nice guy in a truck stops by my work and picks up the load of tapes. He then drives them off to the storage facility… in a really big artificial cave. 

        Now – compare my pile o’ tapes. While respectable by business standards, it ain’t crap when compared against the titanic pile of tapes, papers, and other media the the government generates. They gotta store all that stuff somewhere.

        Oh, hell – see a small slice of it for yourself:

        Note that Iron Mountain is only one of many companies that do this, and that they’re a private company. These guys have backup *data centers* (think: racks upon racks of servers) that big businesses can rent, either periodically or on-demand.

        Now mind you, this isn’t saying that the government isn’t building some sort of gov’t continuance bunker or three (you know, like that one in West Virginia, the Greenbriar, I think?), but honestly, I’m willing to wager that the vast majority of these holes are built to store one thing… records.

        * (For the record,  my career has also included serving in the first Gulf War, being an Ironworker, a teacher, and an engineer. All that, coupled with a childhood growing up in the Ozark hills with very rural parents, a current pile of firearms that would scare every ounce of crap out of my granola-crunching neighbors, and a nasty habit of going outdoors as often as feasible, even if it isn’t hunting season…? yeah, I think between all that and the preps, I should do okay. Not perfectly, but certainly okay. My neighbors? Not so much.)

      101. Comments…..Lighten up everyone
        Those caves you saw are perfect storage areas for vintage wines!!!!!!!!!!!
        The gov’t has been secretly collecting outstanding tasting and superb wines and keeping them in storage for later consumption.

      102. While there are things going on exactly as you say, the Lenexa, KS. facility is for storage of gov’t records and is U.S. gov’t owned. Nothing sinister here, just an attempt at good record keeping.

      103. I grew up in a home that was built over these caves. The subdivision is called Gracemore and its adjacent to a theme park called Worlds of Fun. EVERYONE in KC knows about these caves. They are not secrative in the least. The caves provide excellent storage facilities due to their near constant tempatures. There are marathon runs and paint ball facilities in the caves. They are clearly marked and there are semis constantly going in and out. This story is a hoax.

      104. KAYNINE,
        We took a short and quick trip to down home here (mom and stepdads farm in hometown) where we are from for what we believe will be our last visit to family for a long time or maybe last ever…..we feel curtain is dropping real soon. Anyway on the way down we stopped at a place in Grand Haven, MI that said had the lowest gas prices. In waiting on Shell and the girls to get out of the bathroom the cashier and I talked about the amnount of business they have been doing…they always have a line of cars out onto the shoulder of the highway with the lowest gas prices. Anyway she told me (last Sunday on Mother’s day) that her store manager/owner told her that gas was going down by .50 real soon

        your forgetting or unaware of the Sun causing an EMP….which in this very crazy sun cycle 24 we are in, it is very possible. FEMA has already been studying and running EMP tests and doing computer generated models of death rates inside 12 months in rural and urban areas…trust me I know.

        The US navy, according to John Moore, has adopted some maps that are real similiar to some prophetic maps of what some thing the future America will look like and many believe that Southwest MO and Northwest AR is a safe haven…the new madrid is more along the MO border with AR and TN and then north

      105. This storyline is NOT a hoax….it was just done on the wrong under ground area is all

      106. The river floods will probably raise the price of gas for quite some time. 
        I see it’s starting over there again Manos.  Rolling black outs are being threatened in response to threatened demonstrations.  Looks like a stand off.

      107. In the event that they do use these caves for retreat bunkers, will the people going in be issued a set of those cool Fred and Wilma Flintstone outfits? Seems it would only be appropriate….yabba dabba doo!

      108. Comments…..The facility in question is called Meritex. It is a privately owned commercial underground storeasge facility. The Kansas City area is riddled with these type of business;. they were started as gravel mines, most of them in the 20′ and 30’s. I worked at the largest of them for 20 years. Locted under the Worlds of Fun amusment park it spans more than 900 acres underground.  I was the maintenance and construction manger and can say there is no government involvment in the mines. All of them have one function and that is to make money for the operators and owners. They build and lease space to many different companies. The Meritex facilty leases space to the Nation Archives which require a federal security presence. The one in Indepencance MO. has a Social Security storage center and has a federal security element at well. All Federal buildings, whether gov’t owned or rented from private sources have a security detail provided by home land security. One of the guys lives down the strreet from me. After 20 years of wandering around in these places, building these places and attending planning sessions and staff meetings in these places I can assure everyone there is no nefarious government intention to these places.

      109. Comments…..Oh, a few more observations. One, in all the “caves” in Kansas City I have been in ther are NO “massive doors to be shut in an emergency. Some have gates but most have nothing at the entraces. The one I worked at installed gates to keep trespassers out after business hours i.e. drunks, offroaders, kids and thieves.
        Two. It is true there are “caves in the Springfield, Carthage and St. Louis ares but engineering studies have repeatedly proven that these manmade mines or “caves” are safe to be in during an eathquake

      110. Comments…..OK the last one. this is getting ridiculous. Seriously, Tesla energy to take out the rocks so precisely? WTF! I have been present during the rock removal. They use good old ANFO and dynamite. Come on folks lighten up and look around. Use the noggin the the good Lord gave you!

      111. Yes something is going to happen.  When?  We don’t know for sure.  I know so many don’t want to hear this as they choose to be unbelievers, but God’s Word (The Bible) tells us in detail what is going to happen during the great tribulation.  Jesus told us that no man would know the date or time of His return, but He did tell us the signs of His coming so that we could be prepared and ready.  Every single thing that is happening in our country and in the world with the escalating wars and natural disasters is foretold in the Bible.  Every single prophecy the Bible foretold has come to pass except for the very next one to be fulfilled.  The Rapture.  Yes many will laugh and scorn this right up until it happens when millions all over the world just suddenly disappear.  They may indeed be building these underground bunkers and stock piling food and supplies for whatever may come and yes the fear of something big and terrible that is about to happen is growing.  For those who have become believers in Jesus Christ we have peace in knowing that whatever The Lord allows in our lives before He raptures us home we will be with Him in Glory through all eternity.  There may indeed come massive earthquakes, etc. etc. before we’re taken home, but who gets to decide who is important enough to take shelter in these underground cities while everyone else is left to try and survive on their own?  Will it be worth it to them to know their fellow countrymen who were just as worthy to live as they were be able to live with themselves?  I choose to make sure I am right with my Lord and allow Him to give me peace in whatever may come next. Comments…..

      112. Comments. There is a dark star in our solar system. It has been dected there since 1978. It is said to be quite large, about the same size as Saturn. It’s due to come close to the earth in about 4 Mos. It won’t hit us but it is said that the tail of it will desvastate the entire planet. This is one theory and can be proved. There is another theory concerning earthquakes. It has been also proven to be true and it may happen anyday now. None of this is a secrect, it’s all over the computer. We are in deep do do folks. ….

      113. I read a comment above referring to bureaucrats don’t care about us, the people, and it occurred to me, when was the last time the people cared enough to feed a starving family right in their own neighborhood, never mind Africa. Not caring isn’t exclusive to bureaucrats or politicians, is it?

        The Federal government, which is foreign to the United States of America.

        The Federal government, which is foreign to the United States of America, which is located in the District of Columbia, which is not part of the United States and which is in fact controlled to a great extent by the international bankers which created the… Federal Reserve and by the laws and rules of the United Nations, whereby this Federal Washington D.C. state or country, has set itself up as a control over the United States of America as a quasi-government.



      115. Well, of course they have these bunkers…built with OUR tax money!! The Bible states these evil people will beg to have the rocks & caves collapse on them, and they will!!! These “safe” underground places will become their tombs. Gee, what a shame……

      116. Yes..BJ @12:42.. This thread’s replies are all over the place.  Do not allow yourselves to be turned away from the very real concept of “Continuity of Goverment” being planned by our government.  To be sure the government is not preparing for your well being. 
              Please reread the first two paragraphs of Mac’s comments at the very top of the page. 
              So unless you believe the old saying ” I am from the government and here to help you” continue your personal preps. 
              Continue to develop a close community of like minded individuals.  Be Well 

      117. Isaiah 2:17-19 “The pride of man will be humbled and the loftiness of men will be abased; and the LORD alone will be exalted in that day, but the idols will completely vanish.  Men will go into caves of the rocks and into holes of the ground before the terror of the LORD and the splendor of His majesty, when He arises to make the earth tremble.”
        Revelation 6:15-17 “Then the kings of the earth and the great men and the commanders and the rich and the strong and every slave and free man hid themselves in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains; and they said to the mountains and to the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the presence of Him who sits on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb; for the great day of their wrath has come, and who is able to stand?”

      118. I think we need to keep our eyes on the Madrid Fault line.  FEMA purchased 1 billion dollars of emergency preparedness food and their contracts had to be filled by March 29th, 2011 which they have been.  Then they ordered 350,000 FEMA camp handbooks and they needed them by the end of April (not to mention all the body bags they purchased).  So now on May 16th through the 20th they are going to simulate a 7.7 magnitude earthquake (training) and incorporate 8 other states which will be somewhere on the Madrid Fault.  I could go on and on about this but I won’t.  But I think we all could be in for a wild ride.  Hold on to your britches and keep your eyes wide open!!

      119. @BJ: Greetings! I can vouch for the NW Arkansas area, since that’s where my hometown is located. 🙂 It’s right on the edge of Tornado Alley, but other than that, it’s a great place to live (and live out anything nasty). Lots (and I mean *lots*) of natural caves, awesome scenery, little snow (it gets a bit cold, but not too awful bad). 

        The folks are friendly, and mostly conservative in politics (I think Fayetteville, with the UofA campus, is about as left-leaning as it gets). I wouldn’t depend on a steady supply of deer post-SHTF though – everybody hunts out there. 🙂

        The nearest big towns to it would be Tulsa OK, Springfield, MO, and Little Rock… the closest is Tulsa, a 90-minute drive away.  Land is relatively cheap, though farming would be a bit tough (some places in the Ozarks are steep enough to allow one to sell both sides of the same acre.)

        Rambling aside?

        I’m very certain that there are CoG facilities – they’ve had ’em since the 1950s, and world+dog knows this. OTOH, I doubt that the majority of the sites mentioned are it. Consider that the government, while slow and bloated, certainly isn’t collectively stupid. They’re going to park bunkers somewhere that few if any people will ever guess at, outside of the folks actually working there and (maybe) the folks who built it.  

        Now in a real SHTF situation, would they actually serve their purpose? Depends on how big the turd that strikes the fan blade. Moderate stuff, like economic collapse or a minor revolt? Certainly – CoG would carry on relatively well. In a full-on TEOTWAWKI situation? Pfft! Whatever… they’ll be powerless to do much of anything without an army to command (what with said army either dead like most civilians, or too busy looking after their own families). 

        Either case, it holds no real interest. Why? Because when the SHTF, everyone will be too occupied with staying alive to really care all that much, and the bunker supplies will eventually run out, and they’ll have to come outside. What awaits them outside is a totally different story.

      120. The people who will be in these holes will be the scum of the earth. We can only hope that they get sealed in and can’t get out.

      121. 1.) Barry Sotor is a druggy and a homo illegal alien cia controlled president… do the research.

        2.) just buy some Bar B Que sauce – theirs gonna be plenty of fresh pork for the grill within 14 days of the shtf… most stores will be bare by day 3!

      122. It’s called a DUMB Base , there are over 160 of them all over the UNITED States!
        The largest is under the Denver Air port!

      123. Comments…..  Great place for all those politicians to be..underground.Now if we can only come up with an giant headstone that would be fitting.What can one honestly say about the people who purposely(for selfish reasons,wealth) ruined the greatest country in the world.I hope their sewage system backs up on them and fills the bunker with an odor of what really lives there.

      124. who is funding this shit?Comments…..

      125. No big deal!
        These caves have been around for as long as I can remember. Lots of businesses in these climate controlled spaces. You can store stuff there also. I’ve worked in there and it gets smelly due to the diesel exhaust. Verizon pagers work in the caves, I know! There are several “Subtropolises” around the Kansas City metro area and this is only one. I have seen City PD cruise through on occasion but that was before DHS.
        Hell!, Open up shop. There is space available. I would prefer to see the sunshine though and have a place to park the car or van on the job. Just think about it for a moment. Would you like to be stuck down there for weeks or months. No thanks dude! I’ll take my chances up on the top side and be mobile.

      126. That brings up another snippet. More and more companies are turning to PES and JIT (just in time), maintenance. Well, it may make your bottom line look more attractive but from a “boots on the ground” view, it sucks. Take Fukushima for example. The Japanese weren’t prepared for what happened and those waiting for their JIT parts from Japan were shut down. How much does that cost?
        If you lose certain components and don’t have replacement parts on the shelf, You’re done. That is why 3 is 2, 2 is 1 and 1 is none. Second source suppliers are also nice if these parts are designed into the system as generic and can be obtained from several sources.
        Most of our high tech equipment relies on overseas suppliers. This is bad because if we ever have a REAL conflict, procurement will become difficult if not impossible. That is what bothers me the most. We have limited our ability to produce high value added goods due to the out sourcing over the years. There is no way to ramp up in a short period of time. JIT sucks! I refuse to bury my head in the sand, (or cave), and invite all of you to think outside the box.

      127. What bothers me the most is my fortune cookie never has the right winning numbers to the looto. 

      128. The elite are indeed planning on riding out a disaster of their own making in their (OUR) underground cities.  They plan on leaving us “useless feeders” (their term for anyone who isn’t one of THEM) on the surface to “brace for impact”.  Everyone needs to prepare NOW-
        They have been on a steady course of building underground facilities, spraying us with various bio-weapons in order to further depopulate “THEIR” planet, and deceiving the populace into believeing none of this is actually happening.  Let me assure you that it is.  It is a proven fact.   Anyone who says differently is being paid to do so-
        In the overall scheme of things – it’s the ole GOOD vs EVIL – the final bout so-to-speak.  It’s all in the Bible.  The play by play has been duly recorded for us by John in the book of Revelation.  My favorite part is Chapter 6 where we are told that the rich and mighty as well as generals and even princes will hide in caves among the rocks of the mountains… in vain.  You can’t hide from God. 

      129. Comments…..I can’t believe how many brain- washed drone dumb asses actually think this is for extra storage for gov’t documents!!   hahahahaha!

        Proof that flouride is poison…hey, in these bunkers they will have a vaccine for hangnails, too!   Take the shot, it’s good for you!  hahahahhahhahahahahhaha!  Good grief!

      130. luci–don’t hide your feelings! Show a little more passion!
        In all seriousness, the gov may have places where they think they’ll ride out the collapse but it ISN”T the caves in the videos. I don’t doubt that the PTB plan on sneaking off to some bunker or compound somewhere. They probably have some pretty elaborate set-ups already in place at several locations around the world. But the point most of the doubting commenters is making is that these caves in the videos are not those bunkers. Too many of us have been in them and seen them and they are NOT set up for armageddon hidey holes. Granted, some of the caves could be converted for their use but they probably don’t need them considering what they already have in many other places in the US and elsewhere. I think most folks on this site would agree that the gov has their nefarious plans, including places to ride out the collapse or WW3 or whatever is coming. All we’re saying is: these aren’t those bunkers. We’ve been in them many times and they’re just storage warehouses. Now if somebody has some really cool footage of an actual secret NWO hide-out, I’d love to see that! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go get this nasty hangnail taken care of! 🙂

      131. RocketMan–Tang shipment delayed by trucker strike in Indonesia (you didn’t think we were buying American Tang, did you? That stuff is too expensive) Will send replacement order of orange gatorade asap. Also: #1 insists that you not, repeat NOT aim hubble at nudist colony on Spanish coast during next live transmission. You may have started an international incident.   Houston out.

      132. @Ray Lopez

        who’s funding this? We are..all of us are funding it, your tax dollars at work

      133. Houston.  Gatorade good too.  Orange only.  We’re too busy watching purky Pippi Middleton on yacht right now.  Good show pip, pip.  Dave, what are you doing?  I can lip read.

      134. Hey luci in the sky with diamonds:  “Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don’t you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?”  Woof woof, woof woof wooF.

      135. A government that requires ‘bunkers’ to segregate and secure them form the governed, requires of the governed to convert such fully occupied installations into crematoriums.

      136. This website will “Definitely” convince the “Nonbelievers” of underground well established suits that they rent from 50k for an individual and up…
        And this one to convince u that they will and can make it happen and they do know how and when.

      137. there’s caca in there!

      138. Suppose these bunkers are indeed for some event, and suppose that this event happens.
        Probably 99% of the fauna and flora of the planete will become extinct.
        So after some period (months, years, or decades), the elites or their ancestors, will leave the bunkers and climb up to the earth.
        Have they considered how are they going to survive?
        And most important, given what we are living today, who the hell are they going to suppress for their own pleasure?
        Or maybe they are planning to save some thousands of poor workers, for future use?
        Just a few personal thoughts.

        I hope some day we will see a better dawn for us and our kids.


      139. Have you been watching the dirty dozen again James?

      140. Plans are in place – once their all in, steel and concrete will be poured.

      141. Hey Brandon-

        Nope. Not me.  Not sure who Judi Curmi is, or why she feels compelled to try and “mix and match” her modern colloquialisms with the Word of God as if by inserting the words “I AM” within her own diatriabe might fool readers into thinking these words were the Lords…

        Nope.  Not my style my man.  

        -The original “Dad”

        May 12th, 2011 at 1:24 pm
        Is this our “Your Daddy”  ??

      142. JohnnyV-

        I always find it amusing when someone offers a self-depricating caveat, and then goes on to give advice on that same topic of which they just claimed ignorance of.    
        Jonny V
        May 9th, 2011 at 8:48 pm
        I’m not a religious person, but I’ll remind you to, “not covet that which is Caeser’s

        Kind of like me stating, “I’m not a 5-star chef, but let me remind you that, “this is how you properly make Creme Broule.” 

        By putting that phrase in quotes, you were implying that this was verbatim from scripture.  It isn’t.  The paraphrase you were looking for was referring to Jesus’ retort to the pharasees who were trying to trap him regarding the remittance of the imperial tax to Caesar.  You can read more about it in Matthew 22, Mark 12 and Luke 20.  

        Regarding “Coveting” the Word of the Lord teaches us that we are to covet nothing of our neighbor’s possessions.  You can refer to those instructions in the Ten Commandments.

        Feel free to share all of your knowledge & experience on this board, but please leave the heavy, “religious” lifting to those of us who are properly equipped to do so.
        My best,

        PS (The real question I have is, “why aren’t you religious?”)

      143. Comments…..why worry about shyt you cant control…

      144. Well, it is 100 miles from my front gate to my front door… and no people within a 300 mile radius of my front door.  We are off the grid, underground as well as above and are ready for whatever.  Where I am now is not there, however I can be there in no time and soon will be there permanently.  Tis’ my place of total peace and tranquility.  I’m sure it would be found in time, so be it.  If you happen upon me you are welcome, however be of a peaceful nature, if not, don’t bother to stop as I do perceive the essence of all things, and will know you for what you are.  As the trespassing signs go, “No Trespassing, survivors will be prosecuted”.   Peace be with all and safe journeys in all our travels.

      145. Thanks for stopping in Dad…was wondering about ya. I seen that signed “your daddy” and immediately thought of you but didn’t think the writing sounded like you. But had to ask, it’s not like I see things signed “your daddy” on the internet every day  🙂

      146. re

      147. BJ, any possibility that it was a set up?  All places that I have stayed, the maids leave door open, usually in two’s which is probably quicker, interior door locked from inside, know who has checked out before cleaning or service.  I haven’t stayed at that many 5 stars.  Looks like one, quacks like one.  Aflac.  He was in a rush to fly out but the higher you are the more free fall time you get.

      148. Rev 6:15
        And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;

        Rev 6:16
        And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:


        Rev 6:17
        For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?

      149. All around the Kansas City area are caves–mined for limestone (gravel/rock).  When they are finished mining they are turned into office/warehouse spaces with many being quite nice (but for the lack of natural light!) with streets, lighting, parking areas, etc.  Because they are environmentally neutral with cool temps and low humidity, they are great for long-term storage–of all sorts of things from foodstuffs, electronics, paper items and you see from the photo above that the National Archives utilize them as well.  Many art museums around the country also use caves for storage of their art in an optimal environment.  I suppose the gov’t could be putting some special places in caves, but it’s more likely that the gov’t vehicles are around because of the archives.

      150. Certainly gives you something to think about.
        Like a couple of other people have said, we haven’t been sleeping well for a while now, really restless most nights, and here in the UK, unusually warm for April and May. 20+ degrees? Come on, for the UK that is SUMMER TEMPS.
        Plus when you think of the global picture, New Zealand, earthquake and recently a tsunami, Japan earthquake and massive tsunami, massive fires in Europe in the early spring which are uncommon, horrific tornados in the US and flooding etc. The weather is already showing signs of going nuts. Here in the UK we’ve not had rain in central England now for 8 weeks. We are talking March, April and May. This is spring time when it usually thrashes down with rain.
        The weather is far from right presently across the globe.

        Then you look at the global political stage. Look at all the middle east countries. They are all rebelling and revolting up against their own individual controlling bodies, and all hell is kicking off with those poor guys. Why should all these people be suddenly up in arms against their governments? All at the same time? Unusual in itself surely.

        The past 6 – 8 months on all fronts across the globe have seen some pretty violent weather and some pretty strong political uprisings and feelings.

        Is this the start of it?

      151. Well now, it would seem to me that the earth runs on cycles or would appear to do so.  Science has so stated.  All sorts of nasty things from space hit the earth and we survive.  We survive just about most everything. 

        The one thng that drives us all nuts is the politicians in Washington.  I especially like the thought that a so called “European Power Figure” is now at Rikers Island for his crimes in the US.  So much for being one of the “Elite”.  They actually dragged the varmint off of his jet at the airport.  I can think of several more that should go to places like Rikers Island! 

        As for the sleepless nights, I too have them but I attribute them to those idiots in Washington who are supposd to be running this country.  STRESS – – – STRESS—STRESS—-pretty much what we get from them.  So one just needs to be prepared for what ever comes their way.  Be it an earthquake, a plane crashing into the local Toot-N-Tote, or a massive prison break.  WE thin we have problems, but humanity has been treating itself like this for 2000 years. 

        Have faith, for HE will always be there for us. 

      152. Open a Swiss Gold Savings account and be prepared for the financial collapse!  Comments…..

      153. “Toot N Tote”  Ha Ha Ha Ha… sounds good to me! Do they sell Becks?

      154. Been a while from my last visit…. (Gun Slinger, are you done pissing people off at Zero Hedge?)
        Don’t worry about the bunkers. When “they” go down….”we” fill the openings with cement.
        Don’t back down to these tyrants…get ready to fight back! They’re gona be eating their own shit here, REAL SOON.

      155. Me and my wife since the end of last year have had a lot of troubles sleeping, weird pains that wake us in the night, irregular bathroom cycles, like in some day waking up every hour to use the restroom, other days my poor wife gets excruciating pains during the night. I have the same symptoms and we both in the last 3 months are suffering from excesive fatigue with extreme body aches, join pains etc. Something is going on folks, dont pay attention to the debunkers who dont want the people to know the truth.

      156. Reality check…there are warehouse spaces like this all over the Kansas City area.  It’s cheap naturally climate controlled warehouse (or office) space made from converted mines.  Many of these spaces are used for records storage by big companies and likely government entities as well.  If there’s a government lease in there it’s no wonder there’s a Federal Protective Services presence…since we offed Bin Laden the security at all Federal facilities (and rentals) has been significantly upgraded.
        Good news is that there are lots of vacancies if you want to rent one of these spaces in the KC area.  I’ve got clients in several of these facilities and there are a number of reasons besides protection through mass, easily controlled access and climate control to rent one…one company I know of is a radio technology company and they put their lab there so there aren’t any stray radio emissions…another client has a worm farm because it’s dark.
        Pretty cool facilities even if the real answers are more mundane than the above speculation.

      157. You need to think beyond the length of your arm, this is not the 1950’s. The name of the game is controlled slavery of the masses, look back into history as far as you like all nations used this system. We, in North America have willingly volunteered, signed up into the system with out understanding (birth certificates number,drivers license number,social security number, bank account numbers, credit card numbers…etc, etc) these are all contracts of control over YOU. “The borrower is a slave to the lender”…think about it , each time you sign your name for anything, YOU are the borrower and the slave to the lender, make no mistake about it.Our country has borrowed countless dollars to other countries on your name and a pound of flesh will betaken from YOU and after a short time of hardship YOU the people will line up willing, like crying babies, YOU will do anything to get your soother back. By this time ownership of more than your body is required, your soul also. The electronic age is here, YOU have embraced it with both arms and total control over YOU at the touch of a key. Open your eyes, think beyond the length of your arm, not only does your life depends on it your very soul is in the balance, otherwise DOA is for eternity!

      158. You can run, you can hide, IT IS OVER HUMANS, do you still not get it? We are all history – Look how we have trashed this earth and destroyed it by NOT living in harmony with anything. Mother nature is done with our civilization and every human will be gone from this earth soon… Mother nature will heal the earth and be ready for the next civilization. Hopefully NOT HUMAN. Choose to ignore mother nature and she will and has replied on a grand scale. Get your heads out of your behinds, look and see, it is over.

      159. why does this has to happen next year (2012)! i just had a newborn son 2 weeks ago! why obama! why goverment! save me! my family! please!!! please!!!!! we have great ideas!! save the people!!!! the bunkers are big enough!!!!! please!!!! please!!! i beg of you!!!!!!


        You Heard It First From Charlie Frost!

      161. Check out Radius Engineering in Terrell,Tx. Yes,the government is preparing and spending our tax dollars to save themselves.

      162. Yes… It’s all about to happen!

        Don’t worry about bunkers. They are tombs. Those who hide…. Should.

        The Divine is not external! Look within yourself & know that YOU ARE. And that this carries great responsibility. YOU have all the keys to survival. Find Love, courage & compassion. Help others too as well. Abandon your fear & anger! Embrace a new future … It is about to begin.

        Expect the unexpected, open your minds & be ready.

      163. One thing everyone freaking out about this is not taking into account is the fact that although our Federal govt may be building and stocking these “bunkers,” they cannot possibly be doing it only for there own welfare. Last time I checked our officials are still elected and the longest time a president can be in power is 8 years. I guess it sucks for anyone not reelected or out of term. You would think that if this was some big conspiracy, a disgruntled former elected official might have spilled the beans a little. Or, just maybe the security might be tighter than to allow a trucker in and out with detailed pics.

        Is it re y possible that they are building these structures as a legitimate and logical means to allow our society to exist past a devastating or cataclysmic event?

        If the government is preparing than I say they got something right for a change. We all should be preparing. There is not a conspiracy hiding around every corner and every member of the government is not a power-mad lunatic bent on ruining society and enslaving all of us. Get a grip.

        “Those who see enemies everywhere, often fail to see friends when they are needed most.”

        • interesting

        • I agree I think allot of you are getting ahead of yourselves. Is something coming??? the answer is yes but I truly think it’s going to be something greater than any of our understanding. Now unfortunately there is going to be a bit of chaos and frustration, but if you look in your personal lives do you not first get frustrated with your life before it changes. I think it is good that you all are thinking outside of the box but hatred of something that is a natural eveloution of the human mind is ridiculous. We are going to have to change our barriers of religious and political views, stop the god like value of the monitary system. Get away of your murderous ape like mindset and realize that we are better than the problems we have put in front of ourselves. We have all done this to ourselves there is class because of the systems we have set up. Advancements in science, quantum mechanics, and counciousness have proven that we are reaching a new era are you aware that we have developed anti matter and learned how to excell and retard time. And have developed the string theory that is only plausible until now because of the advancements in science. And in turn is creating a new forms of spirituality that has allot to do with conciouness. None the less you are all thinking too much about the problems and are like always putting someone to blame. We are all human we are all capable of greater. One solid energy we are all made of the same thing. Research your sciences and your progress learn people you wrap yourselves in meaningless things I recommend documentaries called zeitgeist moving forward, waking life, what the bleep do we know down the rabbit hole. Insted of giving up in yourselves and your species realize that all can be healed. We can fix this guys look inside of yourselves give in to kindness stop worrying about negative. Water can be purified,trees can be grown, love for fellow man can be restored. But It does not happen by hatred but understanding. you place your responsibilities on your gods your political groups and continue to be slaves to yourselves and your own minds we are all to blame so stop pointing out problems and figure out solutions. I can only lead you horses to water but you will only drink if your thirsty enough. Science has always been the most misrepresented throughout history the greatest minds only realized until they were gone. The earth was flat at one time, and the solar system revolved around god, we split the atom, we discovered the world, we flew to the moon although most of you crazies probably think thats not true either. We created art and, language, and math and science. Give yourselves credit stop worrying about money and politics and worry about life and it’s quality. Stop being ugly……… Empower yourselves we created god and are god we are creators of universe think about it but most importantly just think….. realize none of us know everything, but should constantly strive to do so.

          • VERY well put.

            Unfortunately, it went over everyone’s head.

      164. I’m on the truck with my husband and we have delivered to these cave before….you would be amazed at the inside of them

      165. Only God can deside who can be survived. No one can escape Gods will.

      166. It’s no hoax, there getting ready for something really big like Yellowstone volcano which is over due for it’s massive eruption. They say it will blast out 2.2 trillion tonnes of ash, this stuff is so deadly you can’t inhale it, it will cover the whole globe within a week. Just google Yellowstone volcano or on You Tube & watch a documentary, it’s going to happen & there’s nothing they can do to stop it!!!!!!

      167. What is the proper rod for welding those big door closed. That would be COG for sure.

      168. Let the feds fill the bunkers with every type of resource imaginable. After the economy collapses the public will find these sites and they will cover the air intakes and every person inside will attempt to leave gasping for their next breath of air, and when they do they will have to face the street justice of all of the people that were left behind. I give it 30 days tops and you will be able to just walk right up and help yourself to a lifetimes supply of food and necessities if you can stand the stench of the bodies just outside of each of these sites.

      169. Wow Jakepi! You’re pretty intense! Probably not a bad idea though.

      170. Okay, so I’ll agree that secret bunkers do exist in this country. Whole secret cities? Unlikely. A couple would be believable, but not many. Unfortunately, I’m here to debunk this specific bunker idea. The pictures of that bunker you have is not fortified, whatsoever.
        It’s simply an office and industrial complex built out of abandoned limestone mines. You don’t need much security clearance to get in, you can easily find many articles about it by googling “underground Kansas City”.
        The Department of Homeland security I can’t explain, however, the naturally strong limestone and year long 60 temperature make it very attractive to store computers and documents, which is the most likely reason why the DoD is renting out space.

      171. Well if they think? they gonna Destroy the world,, Then pop there head’s out after & Say we will put thing’s rite? Personally I would wait for Them too Get in inside then block them in!! forever!! in the save my own ass cave’s & smoke em!? out! then chain them? up until they rot to death, Goverment’s King’s & Queen’s around the globe are in on it!! bury them alive is way too good for them!!

      172. seriously. yesterday i was at the liqour store. with some friends. this train came by with a huge load of big white things ,that kind of looked like big airplane wings!.but we realized looked so unfamilure and the form was so strange.. we coundlt figure it out! and there were so many! someone came up with the idea of them being underground bunkers!…

      173. to those that live near these mo bunkers or local stuff that have never spent hardly anytime out of your state you need not apply because you dont even have enough sense to even look on google earth and see the new bunkers being built worldwide . you are expressing youe ignornce and inexperience of dumb youth . grow up and show up . read more and find out whats real and travel and see for yourself . you know nothing .

      174. bottom line your cell towers are in reality hooked to haarp along with the very heavy thick wires that are like magic appearing on extension wires everywhere along the bottom.
        never seen them before until the past 4 or 5 yrs. they are going to create such havoc everywhere around the world using all haarps together along with the haarp ships they will create natural disasters {that are NOT natural at all} just a bunch of psychos that want us dead and the planet to themselves when they use haarp to create earthquakes in the ocean it will create tidal waves. and then of coarse they will be slamming us with earthquakes in every major city, what do you think all the cameras are for so the psycho’s can masterbate while they watch us die or they will tell us the sun will explode or the will say that an asteroid will collide with earth no matter what they say it was them using haarp on us we need to jail them all before they kill us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      175. So I’ve worked in what some people just call “the caves”… Kansas City mo. Businesses rent space for storage and some business are ran in these space. One thought on the Homeland Security vehicle ….Truck bring product and supplies from all over the US and you guessed it Mexico. More than one attempt at someone smuggling very large amounts of majijuani from Mexico somehow on our supplie trucks. Of course you never hear about it but it happens everyday. Not saying the government doesn’t also use some space there but it’s not all government owned or ran.

      176. Revelation 6:15-16

        New King James Version (NKJV)

        15 And the kings of the earth, the great men, the rich men, the commanders,[a] the mighty men, every slave and every free man, hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains, 16 and said to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb!

      177. People what you are seeing here is the federal agencies of NARA and AIRE. These caves are dry and cool (the same temperature all the time summer, winter, spring and fall) they store papers here. Anyone and I mean anyone can visit, to look up your family tree or research old dockets from days gone by.

      178. The Lenexa ks complex is located at renner blvd and 95th. It’s called meritex. Lots of offices in there mine being one. The national archives stores old videos and documents. I have hiking a lot in the surrounding hills and caves no one has ever approached me so I really doubt that anything to secretive is going on in there. The national archives section is not that large

      179. For all you who have commented here on what is about to happen please take note. One year ago I applied to an ad in the locate newspaper. I have extensive medical and EMS skills and am a medical practitioner. as the ad indicated the Government (FEMA DHS) were looking for individuals to be part of their CERT Program. (Communitywide Emergency Response Team) I started the program and was amazed at what the government is preparing for. Some of our training with governmental overwatch was to partipate in crowd control, EMS, Civil Unrest, Logistics, drills where there was to be no police, fire, or EMS services in a crisis. Government figures there will be none due to the fact all emergency services will be non existant because all service providers will be home seeing to the safety of their families. Ok it gets better….. We are being trained (currently)to police greocery stores Banks, and even gasoline stations for unrest. In our up coming training in April it will involve as a memo indicated 2 warehouses, 12 refigerated trucks, public holding areas for due processing and segrigation. We are given the oppertunity to take (as part of the program) a tactical gun course by trained “Men in Black” government trainers. So is this were all the ammo is being bought up for by the Gov’t?? If I was not part of this I never would have believed it. In my government backpack is a flashlight, vest, green hard hat labeled “CERT”, black sharpie, medical equipment, simple manual and a few odds an ends. The black sharpie is for…I= Immediate…D= Delayed…T= terminal…whew! What ever it is it is going to be bad.

      180. I’ve been to these and many other “caves” delivering goods.. They are not caves, they are mines. Companies mine out the the calcium lime then once they are done, lease out spaces to cold storage facilities. Its cheaper to run these cold storages underground. If you ever looked at the internal structures, and shallow depth. You wouldnt stand a chance aganst a 200lb bomb let alone anything more powerful. Air vents and shafts if not completely open only have a few rebar sticks.. Calm down people, trust me, loud mouth, dumbass truck drivers are the last people they are going to tell about these things. Show me a truck driver who delivers to norad.. Anyway happy trucking, 10-fer

      181. There are multiple cave sites in KC and Springfield, MO. Both sites are very secure. You are escorted in and out by armed security. There are blast doors at the Springfield site however they are in certain areas. Emergency management was sent to both sites to pickup supplies during EM training drills. Yes, they rent out areas and as long as you have permission, you are permitted in the cave. Again, you are escorted however I don’t blame them. The caves go into the ground for many many miles and there are vast numbers of alcoves. In KC we saw construction trucks using the caves to store equipment not in use. Record storage is huge within these sites as well. The temp does not get above 70 degrees even in the hottest summer days and the humidity is very low. There are some areas with heavy duty doors on large tracks. None of them were ever open when we were there. Do I believe that military or government supplies or surplus is being stored? Why not. The sites are perfect for climate control. Most entrances are built below ground level or facing certain directions and the 2 sites I have been to had only one “drivable” entry point.

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